Lincoln County, Tennessee Basics:

Lincoln County Tennessee - Government Site

Population: 33,472
Area: 570 square miles
County seat: Fayetteville
Area code(s) in use: 931
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 80.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 14.9%
Median household income: $40,904
Persons in poverty: 16.4%
Home ownership rate: 74.4%
Mean travel time to work: 27.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bedford  Franklin  Giles  Limestone (AL)  Madison (AL)  Marshall  Moore  

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Map of the Lincoln County area

Our detail map of Lincoln County shows the Lincoln County, Tennessee boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lincoln County, Tennessee

  Airports     show all on map

Fayetteville Municipal Airport, Lady Jane Airport, Wilks Airport (historical)

  Bends     show all on map

Cheatham Bend, Derrick Bend, Henry Bend, Hovis Bend, Lucinda Bend, Marshall Bend, Mitchell Bend, Morgan Bend, Pitts Bend, Pitts Bend, Suggs Bend, Sumners Bend, The Quarter

  Bridges     show all on map

Abd Bridge, Cowley Bridge, Dickey Bridge, Eldad Bridge, Hobbs Bridge, Mulberry Bridge, Shiloh Bridge, Stone Bluff Bridge, Sumners Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Belleville Volunteer Fire Rescue, Blanche Volunteer Fire Rescue, Booneshill Volunteer Fire Rescue, Dellrose Volunteer Fire Rescue, Elora Volunteer Fire Rescue, Fayetteville City Hall, Fayetteville Fire Department, Fayetteville Fire Department Station 2, Fayetteville Pumping Station, Flintville Volunteer Fire Rescue, Harms Mill Hydroelectric Station, Lincoln County Courthouse, Lincoln County Fire Rescue Petersburg, McBurg Community Center, Molino Volunteer Fire Rescue, Mulberry 409 Fire Department, Park City Volunteer Fire Rescue, Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department, Vanntown Volunteer Fire and Rescue

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Abernathy Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Allsup Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Armstrong Cemetery, Armstrong-Cole Cemetery, Arnold Cemetery, Ashby Cemetery, Ashby Cemetery, Ashby Cemetery, Ashby Cemetery, Ashby Cemetery, Ashby-Warden-Groce Cemetery, Austin Cemetery, Baggerly Cemetery, Barnes Cemetery, Bates Cemetery, Baxter Cemetery, Beard Cemetery, Bearden Cemetery, Beasley Cemetery, Beavers Cemetery, Benson Cemetery, Benson Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Beverly Cemetery, Blair Cemetery, Blake Cemetery, Blanche Cemetery, Bledsoe Cemetery, Bledsoe Cemetery, Booneville Cemetery, Boonshill Cemetery, Bostick Cemetery, Brady Cemetery, Brady Cemetery, Bray Cemetery, Bruce Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Buntley Cemeteries, Burns Cemetery, Butler Cemetery, Caldwell Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Carpenter Cemetery, Carpenter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Cary Cemetery, Cathey Cemetery, Center Point Cemetery, Chapman Cemetery, Childress Cemetery, Childs Cemetery, Clarke Cemetery, Clarke Cemetery, Cole Cemetery, Cole Cemetery, Collier Cemetery, Colter Cemetery, Commons Cemetery, Concord Cemetery, Conger Cemetery, Conner Cemetery, Conwell Cemetery, Copeland Cemetery, Corder-McCullock Cemetery, Corpier Cemetery, Cowen Cemetery, Crabtree Cemetery, Crane Cemetery, Crawford Cemetery, Crawford Cemetery, Cross Cemetery, Cumberland Cemetery, Cunningham Cemetery, Cunningham Cemetery, Cunningham Cemetery, Damron Cemetery, Daniel Cemetery, Dave Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Derrick Cemetery, Dickey Cemetery, Dunlap Cemetery, East Cyruston Cemetery, Elora Cemetery, Ewing Cemetery, Fanning Cemetery, Fanning Cemetery, Farrar Cemetery, Fayetteville Cemetery, Ferguson-Thornton Cemetery, Fife Cemetery, Flintville Cemetery, Flintville Cemetery, Ford Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Franklin Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Fullerton Cemetery, Gains Cemetery, Gase Cemetery, Gatlin Cemetery, Gattis Cemetery, George Cemetery, George Cemetery, George Cemetery, George Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gilbert Cemetery, Giles Cemetery, Gill Cemetery, Golden Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Greer Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Grills Cemetery, Groce Cemetery, Gum Springs Cemetery, Gunter Cemetery, Hairston Cemetery, Halbert Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Hancock Cemetery, Hancock Cemetery, Hanks Cemetery, Harkins Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris-Jean Cemetery, Hastings Cemetery, Hayes Cemetery, Hedgpeth Cemetery, Henderson Cemetery, Hereford Cemetery, Hester Cemetery, Hester Cemetery, Higgins Cemetery, Holman Cemetery, Holman Cemetery, Hopkins-Eastland Cemetery, Hovis-Gregory Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Hudson Cemetery, Hulsey Cemetery, Hunter Cemetery, Hunter Cemetery, Isom Cemetery, Isom Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jared Cemetery, Jean Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnston Cemetery, Keith Cemetery, Kelso Cemetery, Kent Cemetery, Kilpatrick Cemetery, Kilpatrick Cemetery, Kimes Cemetery, King Cemetery, Kirkland Chapel Cemetery, Land Cemetery, Landess Cemetery, Lane Cemetery, Lay Cemetery, Lebanon Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Lincoln Cemetery, Logan Cemetery, Lovett Cemetery, Loyd Cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery, Major Cemetery, Malone Cemetery, Mansfield Cemetery, Marsh Cemetery, Martin-Chitwood Cemetery, Marys Grove Cemetery, McAdam Cemetery, McBurg Cemetery, McClellan Cemetery, McClure Cemetery, McCollum Cemetery, McDaniel Cemetery, McDaniel Cemetery, McDaniel Cemetery, McDaniel Cemetery, McDaniel-Parks Cemetery, McEwen Cemetery, McFerrin Cemetery, McGee Cemetery, McGee-McCartney Cemetery, McGee-Waggoner Cemetery, McLean Cemetery, McNeal Cemetery, Mead Cemetery, Medium Cemetery, Melton Cemetery, Merrell Cemetery, Merrett Cemetery, Metcalf Cemetery, Milam Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moorehead Cemetery, Moores Chapel Cemetery, Morgan Cemetery, Morgan Cemetery, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Moyers Cemetery, Mulberry Cemetery, Muse Cemetery, Neeley Cemetery, New Grove Cemetery, Nichols Cemetery, Noles Cemetery, Norris Cemetery, Old City Cemetery, Old Orchard Cemetery, Olds Cemetery, Pamplin Cemetery, Pamplin Cemetery, Pamplin Cemetery, Park Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Parks Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Patton Cemetery, Phagan Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Pigg Cemetery, Pigg Cemetery, Pigg Cemetery, Pitt Cemetery, Pitts Cemetery, Pitts Cemetery, Pitts Cemetery, Pitts Cemetery, Pitts Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant View Cemetery, Porch Cemetery, Prospect Cemetery, Prosperity Cemetery, Pryor Cemetery, Pryor Cemetery, Pylant Cemetery, Rambo Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Ratlief Cemetery, Rawls Cemetery, Redd Cemetery, Rees Cemetery, Renegar Cemetery, Renegar Cemetery, Renfro Cemetery, Rhea Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Rocky Springs Cemetery, Roden Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Roper Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery, Routt-Wells Cemetery, Rowland Hill Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Rutledge Cemetery, Sandlin Cemetery, Sandlin Cemetery, Scott Cemetery, Shady Grove Cemetery, Sharp Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Shofner Cemetery, Shull Cemetery, Silvester Cemetery, Simms Cemetery, Simms Cemetery, Slater Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Snoddy Cemetery, Solomon Cemetery, Solomon Cemetery, Southworth Cemetery, Stephens Cemetery, Stephens-Carter Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stiles Cemetery, Stiles Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Sugg Cemetery, Sullivan Cemetery, Sullivan Cemetery, Sulser Cemetery, Sumner Cemetery, Swinebroad Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor-Gray Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thomison Cemetery, Thomison Cemetery, Thorpe Cemetery, Tipps Cemetery, Towry Cemetery, Towry Cemetery, Travis Cemetery, Tuley Cemetery, Turney Cemetery, Turney-Jacob Cemetery, Unity Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Wakefield Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Ward-Ashby Cemetery, Warren Cemetery, Warren Cemetery, Washburn Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Welch Cemetery, Wells Cemetery, Wells Hill Cemetery, Whitaker Cemetery, Whitaker Cemetery, Whitaker Cemetery, Whitaker Cemetery, Whitaker Cemetery, Whitaker Cemetery, White Cemetery, White Cemetery, Whitworth Cemetery, Wicks Cemetery, Wiles Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Woodroof Cemetery, Wright Cemetery, Wylie Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Zimmerman Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Belleview Division (historical), Boonshill Division (historical), Cash Point-Blanche Division (historical), Fayetteville Division (historical), Flintville Census Designated Place, Flintville Division (historical), Mulberry Division (historical), Park City Census Designated Place, Petersburg Division (historical)

  Churches     show all on map

Antioch Church, Beech Grove Church, Beech Grove Church, Boonshill Church, Boonshill Church (historical), Brogan Street Baptist Church, Browns Temple Church, Buckeye Church, Caldwell United Methodist Church, Calvary Church, Camargo Church, Carmel Church (historical), Cash Point Baptist Church, Christian Church, Church of Christ, Concord Church, Concord Church, Concord Church (historical), Cumberland Church, Cumberland Church (historical), Cyruston Church of Christ, Elk Valley Church (historical), Fayetteville First Baptist Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Flintville First Baptist Church, Friendship Church of Christ, Friendship State Line Church, Gethsemane Church (historical), Gregory Chapel, Gum Springs Church, Hannah Gap Church, Haysland Church, Hickory Hill Church, Holman Chapel (historical), Howell First Baptist Church, Howell Hill Baptist Church, Kelly Creek Church, Kelly Creek Church, Kelso Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Kirkland Chapel, Lebanon Church, Lewter Chapel, Liberty Church (historical), Lincoln Baptist Church, Loyd Chapel, Lucy Memorial Church, Macedonia Church, Marches Zion Church, Mary Chapel, Mays Chapel, McBurg Church of Christ, McBurg United Methodist Church, Medium United Methodist Church, Moore Chapel (historical), Mount Hebron Church, Mount Moriah Church, Mount Olivet Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mulberry First Baptist Church, New Grove Church, New Hope Baptist Church, Northside Church, Oak Grove Baptist Church, Oak Hill Church, Parks City Baptist Church, Petersburg Church of Christ, Petersburg Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Prospect Baptist Church, Prosperity Church, Providence Church (historical), Roland Hill Church (historical), Saint Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Shiloh Church, Simmons Chapel, Smith Chapel, Stewart Chapel, Stony Point Church, Suggs Church, Suggs Church (historical), Swan Creek Church, Unity Church, Unity Church (historical), Washington Temple, West End Baptist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Whitaker Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Chennault Ford, Clarks Ferry (historical), Clarks Ford, Old Dam Ford, Roper Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Carter Lake Dam, Childress Lake Dam, Lincoln Lake Dam, Louis Lake Dam, Rambo Lake Dam, Rebecca Lake Dam, Steelman Lake Dam, Timber Lake Dam, Whitaker Lake Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Boone Falls

  Flats     show all on map

The Barrens

  Gaps     show all on map

Bowden Gap, Stamp Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Donalson Hospital (historical), Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Crowley Island, Dickey Island, Goat Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Tucker Pond (historical)

  Locales     show all on map

Aqua Valley Farms, Boureois Farm, Bradford Farms, Bradley Farms, Brannon Cotton Farm, Briarwood Farms, Buchanan Crossing, Buckeye Farm, C and C Farm, Camp Dunroamin, Cedar Ridge Ranch, Chapman Farm, Circle G Farm, Circle P Farms, City Farms, Civilian Conservatino Corps Camp TVA Number 33 (historical), Coldwater Farms, Coneflower Farm, Deer Valley Farm, Double J Farms, Drach Farm, Dragonfly Farm, Duncan Farms, Dunns Store (historical), Fayetteville Golf and Country Club, Fayetteville Pumping Station, Gill Farm, Graham Farms, Hamilton Livestock Farm, Helton and Holder Dairy, Howards Mill (historical), Lamarsons Plantation (historical), Laue Farm, Lincoln County Fairgrounds, Lincoln County Farm (historical), Maddox Farm, Marty Farms, McAlister Farms, McClain Farms, McNatt Farm, Milners Switch, Mineral Springs Farm, Moorehead Farms, Motlow Farms, Nickle Creek Sod Farm, Park City Shopping Center, Peddlers Hill Dairy, Pitcock Farm, Posey Farm, Rabirge Farm, Raby Brothers Farm, Seals Farm, Sharwa Farms, Shields Gin (historical), State Line, Stonecreek Farm, Sunset Acres Farms, Sweet Dixie Farms, Three Oaks (historical), Triple Bar Ranch, Triple T Dairy, Underwood Farm, Willow Springs Farm

  Mines     show all on map

Lincoln County Highway Department Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Mulberry-Washington-Lincoln Historic District, Petersburg Historic District, South Elk Street Historic District

  Populated Places     show all on map

Belleview, Belleville, Bidwell, Blakeville, Blanche, Bledsoe, Booneville, Boonshill, Brighton, Bucks Mill, Camargo, Cash Point, Champ, Chestnut Ridge, Coldwater, Corder Crossroads, Creson, Crystal Springs, Dellrose, Douglas, East Cyruston, Eastwood Estates, Egam, Elk Mill Village, Elmwood Terrace, Elora, Fayetteville, Flintville, Gattistown, Gethsemane (historical), Goshen (historical), Greenwood Estates, Gum Springs, Hamilton Mill, Harms, Hendersons Subdivision, High Point Subdivision, Highland Rim, Highland Rim Falls Subdivision, Hilldale Estates, Howell, Howell Hill, Hughey, Jerusalem, Kelso, Kirkland, Liberty, Lincoln, Lockes Mill, Madden Homes, Marys Grove, Mayberry Courts, McBurg, Millville, Mimosa, Molino, Mulberry, New Dellrose, New Hope, Park City, Park City Heights, Pearl City, Petersburg, Plada Heights, Plainfield Subdivision, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Grove Subdivision, Prospect, Red Oak, Rolling Hills, Rozells Mill, Shady Grove, Skinem, Smithland, Southcrest Subdivision, Southgate Subdivision, Sulphur Springs, Sycamore Swamp, Taft, Taylortown, Three Oaks, Vanntown, Wells Hill (historical), West Cyruston, Westbrook, Woodlawn Subdivision, Yukon

  Post Offices     show all on map

Beardens Post Office (historical), Bellville Post Office (historical), Bidwell Post Office (historical), Blanche Post Office (historical), Booneville Post Office (historical), Boonshill Post Office (historical), Brighton Post Office (historical), Camargo Post Office (historical), Cash Point Post Office (historical), Champ Post Office (historical), Chestnutridge Post Office (historical), Coldwater Post Office (historical), Cyruston Post Office (historical), Deford Post Office (historical), Dellrose Post Office, Ego Post Office (historical), Elora Post Office, Fayetteville Post Office, Flintville Post Office, Goshen Post Office (historical), Harms Post Office (historical), Horton Post Office (historical), Howell Post Office (historical), Hughey Post Office (historical), Kelso Post Office, Lincoln Post Office (historical), McBurg Post Office (historical), McDowells Mill Post Office (historical), Millville Post Office (historical), Molino Post Office (historical), Mulberry Post Office, Norris Creek Post Office (historical), Oregon Post Office (historical), Petersburg Post Office, Renegar Post Office (historical), Renfrows Station Post Office (historical), Roperton Post Office (historical), Smithland Post Office (historical), Stonesboro Post Office (historical), Taft Post Office, Towry Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Carter Lake, Childress Lake, Circle H Ranch Lake, Lincoln Lake, Louis Lake, Oakwood Acres Lake, Rambo Lake, Rebecca Lake, Steelman Lake, Timber Lake, Whitaker Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Backbone Ridge, Crystal Ridge, Happy Ridge, Hickory Ridge, Icy Bank Ridge, Pea Ridge, Skeet Ridge, Stone Dye Hills, The Narrows, Tonie Stone Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Ashby School (historical), Bellview School (historical), Bellville School (historical), Benson School (historical), Bethel School (historical), Black Bottom School (historical), Blanche Chapel School, Blanche School, Boonshill Elementary School, Boonshill School, Camargo School, Cash Point School (historical), Center Ridge School, Central High School, Charles Bagley School, Coldwater School, Corders Crossroads School (historical), Crystal Ridge School (historical), Dellrose School, Egam School (historical), Eighth District Elementary School, Elizabeth Training School (historical), Elora School (historical), Fairmount School (historical), Fayetteville Elementary School, Fayetteville Junior High School, Flintville Elementary School, Flintville Junior High School, Harms School (historical), Hazeland School, Highland Rim Elementary School, Holman Chapel School, Howell Hill School (historical), Howell School (historical), Howell School (historical), Icy Bank School (historical), Johnson School (historical), Kelso School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Lincoln County High School, Lincoln School (historical), Lindsay Valley School, Mary Chapel School, Marys Grove School, McCracken School (historical), Medium School, Medium School (historical), Mimosa School (historical), Molino School (historical), Moores Chapel School (historical), Mulberry School (historical), Petersburg Elementary School (historical), Prospect School (historical), Quick School (historical), Robert E Lee School, Shady Grove School (historical), Sheep HIll School (historical), Simmons Chapel School, Taft School, Vann School, West End High School

  Springs     show all on map

Cave Spring, Cottrell Spring, Dollar Spring, Gum Spring, Gum Spring, Keith Spring, Kelso Spring, Locker Spring, Mud Spring, Nixon Spring, Oliver Spring, Roper Spring, Sand Spring, Spout Spring, Tilda Hole, Twin Springs, Vinsons Mill Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Bailey Branch, Barham Branch, Big Huckleberry Creek, Big Hungry Branch, Birch Creek, Bradshaw Creek, Buchanan Creek, Buckeye Creek, Buckeye Creek, Campers Branch, Cane Creek, Carpenter Branch, Carr Creek, Chicken Creek, Coldwater Creek, Commons Branch, Cooper Branch, Corder Spring Branch, Cotton Mill Branch, Cottrell Spring Branch, Craighead Creek, Crystal Springs Branch, Cunningham Branch, Cunningham Branch, Donneby Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dukes Creek, Dyer Branch, East Fork Leatherwood Creek, East Fork Mulberry Creek, Eslick Branch, Flynn Branch, Gattistown Branch, Gimlet Creek, Gingerbread Creek, Gum Springs Branch, Hamestring Branch, Hancock Branch, Hannah Gap Branch, Harbin Branch, Harper Branch, Hayes Branch, Henderson Branch, Hester Branch, Hog Branch, Honey Branch, Huckleberry Branch, Jenny River, Johnson Branch, Johnson Branch, Jones Branch, Lane Branch, Leatherwood Creek, Lees Creek, Little Cane Creek, Little Huckleberry Creek, Little Norris Creek, Little Swan Creek, Louse Creek, Maddox Branch, Mason Branch, McAfee Creek, Merrill Branch, Mire Branch, Molino Creek, Morton Branch, Mud Spring Branch, Mulberry Creek, Mulepen Creek, Norris Creek, O'Neal Branch, Oliver Spring Branch, Patterson Branch, Pinhook Branch, Pinnel Creek, Pleasant Valley Creek, Puncheon Camp Branch, Reed Branch, Reed Hollow Branch, Routt Branch, Rowe Branch, Scott Branch, Shelton Creek, Sherrill Branch, Short Branch, Short Creek, South Fork Indian Creek, Stephens Creek, Stewart Creek, Stiles Creek, Sulphur Spring Branch, Swan Creek, Taft Branch, Tanyard Branch, Teal Hollow Creek, Templeton Branch, Thompson Branch, Trotters Branch, Tucker Creek, Turney Branch, Union Branch, Union Camp Ground Branch, Wabash Creek, Walker Branch, Washburn Branch, Wells Creek, West Fork Indian Creek, West Fork Leatherwood Creek, West Fork Mulberry Creek, Williams Branch, Woodard Branch, Wyatt Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bane Hill, Buffalo Hill, Cathcart Hill, Copperas Hill, Gaunt Hill, Gould Hill, Hazelwood Hill, Howell Hill, Locker Hill, Mansfield Hill, McCrady Hill, Meetinghouse Hill, Peddlers Hill, Potato Hill, Red Hill, Rogers Hill, Scott Hill, Slip Hill, Stamp Hill, Sugg Hill, Talley Hill, Taylor Hill, Tuley Hill, Wagoner Hill, Whitt Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Locke Swamp, Whiteoak Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

WEKR-AM (Fayetteville), WIXC-AM (Fayetteville), WYTM-FM (Fayetteville)

  Valleys     show all on map

Albright Hollow, Ashby Hollow, Ballard Hollow, Barnes Hollow, Barnes Hollow, Beard Hollow, Beech Hollow, Blair Hollow, Blankenship Hollow, Bledsoe Hollow, Blindman Hollow, Bonner Hollow, Bryant Hollow, Bryant Hollow, Bugger Hollow, Bugtussle Hollow, California Hollow, Carpenter Hollow, Cold Spring Hollow, Cowley Hollow, Crabtree Hollow, Creson Hollow, Cunningham Hollow, Dave Hollow, Dickey Hollow, Dolan Hollow, Duckworth Hollow, Epps Hollow, Epps Hollow, Fanning Hollow, Franklin Hollow, Fuss Hollow, Giles Hollow, Gin Hollow, Good Hollow, Grider Hollow, Gunner Hollow, Hames Hollow, Hampton Hollow, Harrison Hollow, Helton Hollow, Hog Hollow, Hopper Hollow, Hornet Hollow, Hutchinson Hollow, John Moore Hollow, Kate Hollow, Keith Hollow, Kent Hollow, Long Hollow, Long Hollow, Luna Hollow, Martin Hollow, Martin Hollow, Martin Hollow, McDill Hollow, McGee Hollow, McKinney Hollow, McNeece Hollow, Millville Hollow, Mitchel Hollow, Moore Cove, Moorhead Hollow, Mullins Hollow, Omohundro Hollow, Paint Hollow, Patton Hollow, Percy Hollow, Pigg Hollow, Pisgah Hollow, Pitt Hollow, Poorhouse Hollow, Porter Hollow, Possum Hollow, Redd Hollow, Reed Hollow, Reed Hollow, Reed Hollow, Robertson Hollow, Robinson Hollow, Roe Hollow, Sawyer Hollow, Sheep Hollow, Sheffield Hollow, Shingle Hollow, Smith Hollow, Smith Hollow, Snow Hollow, Sorghum Hollow, Spurlock Hollow, Steam Mill Hollow, Stevenson Hollow, Stillhouse Hollow, Stoneborough Hollow, Taylor Hollow, Teal Hollow, Templeton Hollow, Terrapin Hollow, Thomas Hollow, Thompson Hollow, Twitty Hollow, Union Hollow, Waggart Hollow, Warren Hollow, Wells Hollow, Wells Hollow, Winford Hollow,

Lincoln County, Tennessee Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLincoln County White population 30,15830,158  
BlackLincoln County Black population 2,3432,343
MixedLincoln County Mixed population 569569
American IndianLincoln County American Indian population 201200
AsianLincoln County Asian population 134133
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLincoln County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3333

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State population table
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