Maury County, Tennessee Basics:

Maury County Tennessee - Government Site

Population: 82,059
Area: 613 square miles
County seat: Columbia
Area code(s) in use: 931
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 84.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.8%
Median household income: $45,603
Persons in poverty: 15.8%
Home ownership rate: 70.7%
Mean travel time to work: 27.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Giles  Hickman  Lawrence  Lewis  Marshall  Williamson  

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Map of the Maury County area

Our detail map of Maury County shows the Maury County, Tennessee boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Maury County, Tennessee

  Airports     show all on map

Askey Field Airport, Glendale Field Airport, Haynes Haven Farm Airport, Hunter Airport, Maury County Airport, Mule Patch Airport, R & S Buzzard Airport

  Bends     show all on map

Alexander Bend, Brickhouse Bend, Cannon Bend, Cheek Bend, Cheek Bend, Cole Bend, Delk Bend, Greenfield Bend, Harlan Bend, Jackson Bend, Jones Bend, Parsons Bend, Rieves Bend, Roberts Bend, Sowell Bend, Tugas Bend, Vaughan Bend, White Bend, Whitworth Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Carpenters Bridge, Commodore D Loveless Bridge, Craig Bridge, Edmondson Bridge, Howard Bridge, Hughes Bridge, Rutherford Bridge (historical), Scribners Mill Bridge, Sowell Mill Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Columbia City Hall, Columbia Fire Department, Columbia Fire Department Station 2, Columbia Fire Department Station 3, Columbia Fire Department Station 4, Columbia Fire Department Station 5, Culleoka Fire Department, East Maury Rural Fire Department, First Call Ambulance Service Maury, Hampshire Fire Department Station 5, Maury County Courthouse, Maury County Public Library, Maury County Rural Fire Department, Maury Regional EMS, Mount Pleasant City Hall, Mount Pleasant Fire Department, Mount Pleasant Fire Department Station 2, Mount Pleasant Public Library, Mynders Fire Department Station 6, Riverside Recreation Center, Santa Fe Volunteer Fire Department Station 4, Spring Hill Fire Department Station 1, Spring Hill Fire Department Station 2, Theta Community Center, Theta Volunteer Fire Department, Williamsport Volunteer Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adkison Cemetery, Aiken Cemetery, Akers-Brown Cemetery, Akin Ridge Cemetery, Alderson Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Alexandria Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Allmond Cemetery, Amis Cemetery, Amis Cemetery, Andrews Cemetery, Andrews Cemetery, Arlington Cemetery, Ashton Cemetery, Ashworth Cemetery, Atkinson Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Ballanfant Cemetery, Baty Cemetery, Baxter Cemetery, Beech Hill Cemetery, Benjamin Watkins Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Bills Cemetery, Birkett Hill Cemetery, Black Cemetery, Blackburn Cemetery, Blackburn Cemetery, Blackman Cemetery, Blair Cemetery, Blanton Chapel Cemetery, Blowing Spring Cemetery, Booker Cemetery, Bowen Cemetery, Bowman Cemetery, Boyd Cemetery, Braden Cemetery, Brady Cemetery, Branch Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Broom Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Bruce Cemetery, Bryant Station Cemetery, Buckner Cemetery, Buford Cemetery, Bumpass-King Cemetery, Bunch Cemetery, Burney Cemetery, Bynum-Williams Cemetery, Byrd Cemetery, Caldwell Cemetery, Caldwell Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Catheys Cemetery, Cave Spring cemetery, Cecil Cemetery, Cecil Cemetery, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Central Cemetery, Chaffin Cemetery, Chaffin Cemetery, Charter Cemetery, Chavers Cemetery, Cheairs Cemetery, Cheek Cemetery, Cherry Cemetery, Childress Cemetery, Childress Cemetery, Chrite Cemetery, Church Cemetery, Church Cemetery, Clymore Cemetery, Clymore Cemetery, Coffey Cemetery, Cohea Cemetery, Coleman Cemetery, Conner Cemetery, Cook-Caughron Cemetery, Cooke Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Cranford Cemetery, Crosby Cemetery, Cross Bridges Cemetery, Cross Cemetery, Crows Cemetery, Daimwood Cemetery, Daniels Cemetery, Daniels Cemetery, Davidson Cemetery, Davis-Mitchell Cemetery, Dawson Cemetery, Delk Cemetery, Derryberry Cemetery, Derryberry Cemetery, Dickey Cemetery, Dickson Cemetery, Dillehay Cemetery, Dobbins Cemetery, Dodson Cemetery, Dodson Cemetery, Dooley Cemetery, Dowd Cemetery, Dowell cemetery, Doyle Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, English Cemetery, Ervine Cemetery, Erwin Cemetery, Estes Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Everett Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Farrar Cemetery, Farris Cemetery, Finch Cemetery, Fitzgerald Cemetery, Fitzgerald Cemetery, Fitzpatrick Cemetery, Fitzspatrick Cemetery, Fleming Cemetery, Fly Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Fountain Creek Cemetery, Friendship Cemetery, Galloway Cemetery, Gardner Cemetery, Garrett Cemetery, Garrett Cemetery, Gaskill Cemetery, Giddens Cemetery, Gilbreath-Morrow Cemetery, Gill Cemetery, Gilliam Cemetery, Gilmer Cemetery, Glenwood Cemetery, Godwin Cemetery, Gooch Cemetery, Gooding Cemetery, Goshen Cemetery, Granberry Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Greenfield Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Griffin-Love Cemetery, Grimes Cemetery, Hackney Cemetery, Harbison Cemetery, Hardison Cemetery, Hardison Cemetery, Hardison Cemetery, Hardison Cemetery, Hardison Cemetery, Hargrove Cemetery, Harlem Cemetery, Harmon Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harvey Cemetery, Haynes Cemetery, Hays Cemetery, Haywood Cemetery, Haywood Cemetery, Herring Cemetery, Hight Cemetery, Hight Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hills Chapel Cemetery, Hilltown Cemetery, Hogan Cemetery, Holcomb Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holt Cemetery, Hopewell Cemetery, Hopkins Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Howard Chapel Cemetery, Howell Cemetery, Hubbell Cemetery, Hughes Cemetery, Hunter Cemetery, Hunter Cemetery, Hunter-Kittrell Cemetery, Hurt Cemetery, Isom Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jennings Cemetery, Jocobs Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnson-Oakley Cemetery, Johnsons Chapel Cemetery, Johnston Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Kelley Cemetery, Kinderhook Cemetery, Kinnard Cemetery, Kittrell Cemetery, Kittrell Cemetery, Kittrell Cemetery, Knob Creek Cemetery, Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster Cemetery, Lanton Cemetery, Lasley Cemetery, Lasting Hope Cemetery, Lawrence Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Leftwich Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Lindsey cemetery, Litton Cemetery, Lockhart Cemetery, Loftin Cemetery, Loftin Cemetery, Logue Cemetery, Love Cemetery, Love Cemetery, Lovett Cemetery, Lovett Cemetery, Lumsden Cemetery, Maguire Cemetery, Matthews Cemetery, Matthews Cemetery, McCains Cemetery, McKee Cemetery, McKennan Cemetery, McKennon Cemetery, McKissick Cemetery, McKnight Cemetery, McKnight Cemetery, Meadow Lawn Memorial Garden, Miller Cemetery, Mills Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Morrow Cemetery, Morton Cemetery, Mount Ararat Cemetery, Mount Evergreen Cemetery, Mount Nebo Cemetery, Mount Wesley Cemetery, Murphey Cemetery, Murphey Cemetery, Murphy Cemetery, Neale Cemetery, Neapolis Cemetery, New Ramey Cemetery, Oakley Cemetery, Oakley Cemetery, Old Brick Church Cemetery, Old Camping Ground Cemetery, Old Cathey Cemetery, Old City Cemetery, Old Knob Creek Cemetery, Old Love Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Peay Cemetery, Peeler Cemetery, Perry Cemetery, Perry-Pillow Cemetery, Peyton Cemetery, Philadelphia Cemetery, Pillow Cemetery, Pisgah Cemetery, Pleasant Mount Cemetery, Polard Cemetery, Polk Cemetery, Pollard Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Potts Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Pratt Cemetery, Puckett Cemetery, Pugh Cemetery, Pulliam Cemetery, Ragan Cemetery, Rail Cemetery, Ramsey Cemetery, Redding Cemetery, Reeses Chapel Cemetery, Renfro Cemetery, Richardson Cemetery, Rieves Cemetery, Ring Cemetery, Rise-Warden Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Rock Springs Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery, Rose Mont Cemetery, Roundtree Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Santa Fe Cemetery, Secrest Cemetery, Sewell Cemetery, Sewell Cemetery, Shane Cemetery, Sharp Cemetery, Sharp Cemetery, Shaw Cemetery, Sheboss Cemetery, Sheepneck Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Shires Cemetery, Shires Cemetery, Shyes Cemetery, Slaughter Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Chapel Cemetery, South Point Cemetery, Sowell Cemetery, Sowell Cemetery, Spain Cemetery, Spencer Hill Cemetery, Spring Hill Cemetery, Stephenson Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Strayhorn Cemetery, Street Cemetery, Tankersley Cemetery, Tate Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Terrell Cemetery, Theta Cemetery, Theta Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Timmons Cemetery, Todd Cemetery, Turnbo Cemetery, Undeerwood Cemetery, Vaughan Cemetery, Vestal Cemetery, Vestal Cemetery, Voorhies Cemetery, Voorhies Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Walker-Spatswell Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Watts Hill Cemetery, Webster Cemetery, Wells Cemetery, Wells Cemetery, West Cemetery, West Point Cemetery, White Cemetery, Whiteside Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williamsport Cemetery, Williamsport Cemetery, Winn Cemetery, Winn Cemetery, Wisener Cemetery, Wisner Cemetery, Witherspoon Cemetery, Woody Cemetery, Workman Cemetery, Wortham Cemetery, Wright Cemetery, Zion Cemetery, Zollicoffer Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Columbia Division (historical), Culleoka Division (historical), Fountain Heights Division (historical), Lower Rutherford Creek Division (historical), Poplar Top Division (historical), Santa Fe Division (historical), Spring Hill Division (historical), Upper Big Bigby Division (historical)

  Churches     show all on map

Akin Church, Alexandria Church, Antioch Church, Beech Grove Church, Beech Hill Church, Berea Church, Bethany Church, Bethany Church (historical), Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel Church, Bethel Church, Bethel Church, Bethel Methodist Church, Bethlehem Church, Bigbyville Methodist Church, Birkett Hill Church (historical), Blantons Chapel (historical), Blue Spring Church, Browns Chapel, Calvary Church, Catheys Creek Church, Cave Spring Church, Cedar Hill Church, Central Church, Chestnut Ridge Church, Claiborne Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Concord Cumberland Presbyterian Church (historical), Cooks Chapel (historical), Craft Memorial Church, Cross Bridges Church, Eastside Church, Ebenezer Church, Enterprise United Methodist Church, Ephesus Church, Evergreen Cumberland Presbyterian Church (historical), Fairview Church, Fairview Church, Fairview Church, First Baptist Church of Columbia, First Baptist Church of Mount Pleasant, First Cumberland Church, First United Methodist Church, Flint Valley Church, Fly Church, Foster Chapel (historical), Fountain Creek Church, Friendship Church, Friendship Church, Garden Street Presbyterian Church (historical), Gholston Church (historical), Gilmer Hill Church, Glendale Church, Glenn Chapel, Glenwood Church, Godwin Chapel Church, Goshen Church, Grace Church of the Nazarene, Gravel Hill Church, Greenfield Bend Church of Christ, Halls Chapel Church of Christ, Hampshire Baptist Church, Hatton Chapel (historical), Hebron Church (historical), Henderson Chapel, Hill Town Church, Hopewell Church, Hopewell Church, Hunters Chapel (historical), Johnson Chapel, Johnson Chapel, Jones Presbyterian Church (historical), Kettle Church, Knob Creek Church, Lanton Church, Lasea Church (historical), Lasting Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church (historical), Liberty Christian Church (historical), Liberty Church, Lot Chapel, Lucketts Chapel (historical), Lytles Creek Meeting House (historical), Macedonia Methodist Church (historical), Manasseh Church (historical), McCains Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Moore Chapel, Moore Chapel (historical), Mount Ararat Church (historical), Mount Bethel Church, Mount Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mount Lebanon Church, Mount Nebo Church, Mount Olivet Methodist Church (historical), Mount Tema Church, Mount Wesley Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Neapolis United Methodist Church, New Hope Church (historical), New Lasea Church, New Macedonia Freewill Baptist Church, New Ramah Church (historical), New Smyrna Church, New Zion Church, Old Brick Church (historical), Old Lasea Church, Orrs Chapel, Perry Hill Church, Philadelphia Church, Phillippi Church, Pisgah Church, Pleasant Garden Methodist Church (historical), Pleasant Heights Church, Pleasant Mount Church, Pleasant Union Church, Port Royal Church, Porters Chapel United Methodist Church, Rainbow Church, Reece Chapel, Riverview Church, Roberts Chapel (historical), Rock Springs Church, Rocky Glade Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Lukes Church, Saint Marks Episcopal Church (historical), Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Salem Church, Salem Church (historical), Shanes Church (historical), Sharp Corner Church, She Boss Church, Shiloh Church (historical), Smith Chapel, Smiths Chapel (historical), Smyrna Church, Smyrna Cumberland Presbyterian Church (historical), South Point Church, Spencer Hill Church, Theta Baptist Church, Theta Church of Christ, Theta United Methodist Church, Trinity Church, Union Church, Union Grove Church, United Meeting House (historical), Viola Church, West Point Church, West Point Church, Westbrook Church, Westminster Church, Williamsport Baptist Church, Williamsport Presbyterian Church (historical), Williamsport United Methodist Church, Willis Chapel, Zion Chapel (historical), Zion Presbyterian Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bratton Bluff, Bull Bluff, Cave Bluff, Church Bluff, Dorsett Bluff, Hicks Bluff, Morrow Bluff, Peddler Bluff, Pipkin Bluff, Sellers Bluff, Willie Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Bookers Ferry (historical), Colemans Ferry (historical), Davis Ford, Delk Ford, Gordon Ferry (historical), Holland Ford, Hunters Ford, Interchange 37, Interchange 46, Piner Ford, Southall Ford, Suck Island Ford

  Dams     show all on map

Arrow Lake Dam, Big Oak Dam, Bobs Lake Number One Dam, Bobs Lake Number Two Dam, Campbell Lake Dam, Greens Mill Dam (historical), Hooker Chemical Company Dam F, Hooker Chemical Dam A, Hooker Chemical Dam B, Hooker Chemical Dam C, Hooker Chemical Dam D, Hooker Number Six Dam, Hooker Tailings Pond Number Ten Dam, Hunter Lake Dam, Laura Lake Dam, Lost Acres Dam, Millers Lake Dam, Monsanto Number Fifteen Dam, Monsanto Number Twelve Dam, Monsanto Number Two Dam, Monsanto Tailings Pond Number Five Dam, Monsanto Tailings Pond Number Four Dam, Monsanto Tailings Pond Number Nine, Monsanto Tailings Pond Number Ten, Monsanto Tailings Pond Number Three Dam, Presnell Tailings Pond Dam, Riverside Dam, Stauffer Chemical Dike Number Nineteen, Stauffer Chemical Dike Number Seventeen, Stauffer Globe Pond Dam Number Twenty-one, Tailings Pond Number Eight Dam, Tailings Pond Number Eleven Dam, Tailings Pond Number Seven Dam, University of Tennessee Experimental Farm Lake Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Rattlesnake Falls

  Gaps     show all on map

Bigby Gap, Cox Low Gap, Kettle Gap, Pig Pen

  Hospitals     show all on map

Kings Daughters Hospital (historical), Maury Regional Hospital, Pillow Infirmary (historical)

  Islands     show all on map

Baptizing Island, Branch Islands, Cundiff Ford Island, Delk Island, Dorsett Island, Finch Island, Greenfield Island, Hooper Island, Marsh Ford Island, Old Trap Island, Suck Island (historical), Sycamore Patch Island, Tates Island, Wright Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Brookside Lake, Burcham Pond, Quarry Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Ashtons Mill (historical), Bigby Hollow Golf Course, Blackburns Mill (historical), Camp Scout Haven, Campbell Plaza Shopping Center, Campbells stand (historical), Caruthers Mill (historical), Century, Cheatham Mill (historical), Coffeys Mill (historical), Cross Bridges, Darks Mill, Fountain Creek Mill (historical), Fountain Creek Station (historical), Glenns Store (historical), Graymere Golf and Country Club, Greens Mill (historical), Harris Crossroads, Hurts Cross Roads, Lindseys Crossroads, Lockridge Camp Ground (historical), Maury County Farm (historical), Maury County Shopping Center, McCormack Crossing, Middle Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station, Monsanto, New Hope Community Center, Northway Shopping Center, Oglebys Mill (historical), Partons Mill (historical), Primms Corner, Rourkes Mill (historical), Shady Brook Mall Shopping Center, Sharps Corner (historical), Sheboss Place, Sowells Mills (historical), Sowells Upper Mill (historical), Spring Hill Station, Stillhouse Hole, Tennessee Hill, Tennessee Orphans Home, University of Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station, West Columbia Substation

  Military     show all on map

Columbia Arsenal (historical), Fort Mizner (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Arrow Lake Mine, Davis Mine, Ewing Mine, Gilliam Mine, Hardison Mine, Harlan Kelley Mine, Hatcher Mine, Kittrell Mine, Maury County Airport Mine, Murphy and Rone Mine, Parks Mine, Sellers Mine, Speed and Harmon Mine, Speed Mine, Taylor Mine, University of Tennessee Mine, Victor Mine, Virginia-Carolina Mine, Ward-Gilliam Mine, West Mine, Wisner Mines

  Parks     show all on map

Betty Lee Park, Eva Gilbert Park, Fairview Park, Gardenia Park, Howard Field Park, Maury County Park, Mount Pleasant Little League Park, Pillow Park, Pop Geers Park, Woodland Park, Woodlawn Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Arkland, Armour Village, Arrow, Ashwood, Athendale, Beech Grove, Bel Air, Ben (historical), Bethel, Bigby (historical), Bigbyville, Broadview, Bryant Station, Campbells Station, Canaan, Capers (historical), Carpenters (historical), Carters Creek, Cartersville, Chantay Acres, Chapel Hill, Chartersville, Columbia, Columbia Gardens, Concord (historical), Creek Side, Cuba (historical), Culleoka, Dooley (historical), Dukes Store (historical), Enterprise, Fairview Heights, Field Crest, Fikes Mill, Flint Valley (historical), Fly, Forrest Hills, Fountain Heights, Frierson Town, Gant, Glendale, Godwin, Graymere Manor, Greenfield Bend, Hampshire, Hardison Mill, Hardy Acres, Highland Heights, Highland Park, Hill, Hill Town, Hollywood, Hopewell, Idlewild, Isbell, Isom, Jackson Heights, Jameson, Jonesboro (historical), Kedron, Kettle Mills, Kinderhook, Kleburne, Kraus (historical), Lanton, Lasea, Latta (historical), Leatherwood (historical), Lebanon Heights, Lees Corner, Leftwich, Lickskillet (historical), Loco (historical), Lovetown, Match, Mayberry (historical), McCains, McKnight, Mill Seat, Morganville (historical), Mount Joy, Mount Nebo, Mount Pleasant, Mount Tema, Mowd (historical), Natco, Neapolis, Needmore, New Flys Village, New Hope, New Town, Oakland (historical), Park Station, Philadelphia, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Hills, Poplar Creek, Poplar Top, Porters, Pottsville, Rally Hill, Rankin, Red Row, Ridley, River Heights, Riverside, Rock Springs, Rockdale, Rolling Fields, Royal Oaks, Sandy Hook, Santa Fe, Satterfield (historical), Sawdust, Scotts Mill, Screamer, Scribner, Seth, Sharon Park, Siglo, Southern Hills, Southport, Sowell Ford, Spencer Hill, Spring Hill, Stiversville, Sulphur Springs (historical), Sunnyside, Taylorsville, Theta, Union Grove, Water Valley, West Haven, West Meade, Westwood, Williamsport, Zion

  Post Offices     show all on map

Ashwood Post Office (historical), Beechland Post Office (historical), Bigbyville Post Office (historical), Broadview Post Office (historical), Bryant Station Post Office (historical), Bunchs Mill Post Office (historical), Chartersville Post Office (historical), Columbia Post Office, Culleoka Post Office, Dark Mills Post Office (historical), Ettaton Post Office (historical), Fountain Creek Post Office (historical), Frierson Post Office (historical), Glendale Post Office (historical), Glenns Store Post Office (historical), Godwin Post Office (historical), Groveland Post Office (historical), Hampshire Post Office, Hardisons Mills Post Office (historical), Hopewell Post Office (historical), Hurts Crossroads Post Office (historical), Kedron Post Office (historical), Kettle Mills Post Office (historical), Kinderhook Post Office (historical), Lanton Post Office (historical), Lasea Post Office (historical), Leftwich Post Office (historical), Lipscomb Post Office (historical), Loco Post Office (historical), Match Post Office (historical), Mount Pleasant Post Office, Parks Station Post Office (historical), Pleasant Grove Post Office (historical), Pulliam Post Office (historical), Rally Hill Post Office (historical), Rockdale Post Office (historical), Santa Fe Post Office, Saw Dust Valley Post Office (historical), Southport Post Office (historical), Spring Hill Post Office, Terry Post Office (historical), Theta Post Office (historical), Timmons Post Office (historical), Union Post Office (historical), Watch Post Office (historical), Water Valley Post Office (historical), Williamsport Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Rutherford Hills

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Arrow Lake, Badger Spring Lake, Big Oak Lake, Bobs Lake Number One, Bobs Lake Number Two, Campbell Lake, Collins Lakes, Hooker Chemical Company Pond F, Hooker Chemical Pond A, Hooker Chemical Pond B, Hooker Chemical Pond C, Hooker Chemical Pond D, Hooker Number Six Tailings Pond, Howells Lake, Hunter Lake, Ingram Lake, Laura Lake, Lost Acres Lake, McKissick Lake, Millers Lake, Monsanto Number Fifteen Lake, Morrow Lake, Orphans Home Lake, Presnell Tailings Pond, Sparkman Lake, Stauffer Chemical Tailings Pond Number Nineteen, Stauffer Chemical Tailings Pond Number Seventeen, Stauffer Globe Pond Number Twenty-one, Stauffer Pond Number Twenty, Tailings Pond Number Eight, Tailings Pond Number Eleven, Tailings Pond Number Five, Tailings Pond Number Four, Tailings Pond Number Nine, Tailings Pond Number Seven, Tailings Pond Number Ten, Tailings Pond Number Ten, Tailings Pond Number Three, Tailings Pond Number Twelve, Tailings Pond Number Two, University of Tennessee Experimental Farm Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Aiken Ridge, Akin Ridge, Booker Ridge, Booker Ridge, Burr Ridge, Chert Bank Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Lusk Ridge, Pea Ridge, Persimmon Ridge, Pisgah Ridge, Whiteside Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alpine Academy (historical), Amis School (historical), Ashwood Seminary (historical), Athendale Academy (historical), Athendale School (historical), Beech Grove School (historical), Beechcroft School (historical), Beechland School (historical), Bethel School (historical), Branham and Hughes Military Academy (historical), Brown Elementary School, Bryant Station School (historical), Campbell Station School (historical), Canaan School (historical), Carver- Smith High School, Cave Springs School (historical), Center Star School (historical), Central High School, Chapel Hill School (historical), College Hill Elementary School, Columbia Atheneum (historical), Columbia Female Conference College (historical), Columbia Female Institute (historical), Columbia Military Academy (historical), Columbia State Community College, Concord School (historical), Cookes School (historical), Corner School (historical), Cross Bridges Academy (historical), Cross Bridges Junior High School, Cuba School (historical), Culleoka Academy (historical), Culleoka Institute (historical), Culleoka School, Dry Creek School (historical), Dry Fork School (historical), Ellmore School, Elmo School (historical), Elmwood Academy (historical), Enterprise School (historical), Ettaton School, Flint Valley School (historical), Fountain Creek Male Academy (historical), Fountain Heights School (historical), Gant School (historical), George W Martin School (historical), Godwin School (historical), Goshen Seminary (historical), Graham School, Greenwood School (historical), Halcyon Hall (historical), Hampshire School, Harlen School, Harris and Graham School (historical), Hay Long Elementary School (historical), Hay Long High School (historical), Highland Park Elementary School, Hills Chapel School, Hoover-Mason School (historical), Howard High School (historical), Howard Institute (historical), Ingleside Academy (historical), J R Baker Elementary School, Jackson College (historical), James E Woody Elementary School, Johnson School, Jones Academy (historical), Kings Daughters Hospital School, Lebanon Heights School (historical), Lees Corner School (historical), Macedonia School, Mangrem Academy (historical), McCain Academy (historical), McCrowerys Corner School (historical), McDowell Elementary School, Mercer Hall (historical), Moore Institute (historical), Mount Joy School (historical), Mount Pleasant Academy (historical), Mount Pleasant High School, Mynders School, Nazareth Academy (historical), Neapolis Academy (historical), Nebo Academy (historical), New Hope School (historical), Nicholson School (historical), Oak Hill School (historical), Park Station School (historical), Perry Hill School (historical), Philadelphia School (historical), Pigg School (historical), Pisgah View School, Pleasant Grove Academy (historical), Pleasant Mount Academy (historical), Pleasant Union School (historical), Poplar Creek School (historical), Porters School (historical), Pottsville School, Ravencroft Male Academy (historical), Richland Seminary (historical), Riverside Elementary School, Robertson Male High School (historical), Rockdale School (historical), Rocky Glade School (historical), Samaritan School, Sandy Hook School (historical), Santa Fe College (historical), Santa Fe Masonic Academy (historical), Santa Fe School, Santa Fe School (historical), Skipper Hill School (historical), Spring Hill Elementary School, Spring Hill Female Academy (historical), Spring Hill High School, Spring Hill School (historical), Stephens School, Sullivan School (historical), Sylvan Heights School, Theta School (historical), Theta School (historical), Union Grove School, Union School (historical), Water Valley School (historical), Wayside Female Academy (historical), Webster School (historical), Westbrook School, Whitthorne Jr High School, Williamson School (historical), Woodrow School, Woodward Academy (historical), Zion School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Badget Spring, Balar Spring, Bigby Spring, Blowing Spring, Blue Spring, Bullock Hollow Spring, Cave Spring, Cave Springs, Covey Spring, Dickson Spring, Galloway Spring, Ingram Spring, Morgan Spring, Murphy Spring, Pillow Spring, Pond Spring, Smith Spring, Sulphur Spring, Thomas Spring, Whitehead Spring, Woody Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adkison Branch, Aenon Creek, Alf Loftin Branch, Allen Branch, Baker Slough, Baptist Branch, Bassham Branch, Bear Creek, Beard Branch, Beckum Hollow Branch, Beech Creek, Bell Branch, Big Bigby Creek, Black Branch, Brush Creek, Byrd Branch, Camp Branch, Campbells Station Branch, Carters Creek, Catheys Creek, Cave Spring Branch, Cavespring Branch, Cedar Creek, Charter Branch, Cold Branch, Coleman Branch, Collins Branch, Covey Branch, Crockett Branch, Crooked Creek, Curry Branch, Dale Branch, Daniel Branch, Derryberry Branch, Dobbins Branch, Dog Branch, Dog Branch, Dog branch, Double Branch, Dowell Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork, East Fork Curry Branch, East Fork Greenlick Creek, East Fork Little Bigby Creek, Elam Branch, Falls Creek, Fitzgerald Branch, Flat Creek, Fountain Creek, Fox Branch, Gaskill Branch, Gin Branch, Gipson Hollow Branch, Glenn Branch, Globe Creek, Goat Hollow Branch, Goose Creek, Goose Creek, Grassy Branch, Grassy Branch, Greasy Branch, Greenlick Creek, Haley Branch, Hampshire Creek, Harlan Branch, Harvey Branch, Hastings Branch, Helms Branch, Hill Branch, Holmes Branch, Hopewell Branch, Hotspur Branch, Howells Mill Branch, Hurricane Creek, Indian Camp Branch, Isbell Branch, John Branch, Johnson Branch, Johnson Branch, Jones Branch, Kettle Branch, Kincaid Branch, Kinderhook Branch, Knob Creek, Leipers Creek, Little Bigby Creek, Little Carters Creek, Little Flat Creek, Little Terrapin Branch, Long Branch, Long Tom Branch, Loves Branch, Lusk Branch, Lytle Creek, Mahon Branch, McClain Branch, McClanahan Branch, McCutcheon Creek, McKay Branch, McKissick Branch, McMeen Branch, Mingo Branch, Nancy Branch, Negro Creek, North Prong Double Branch, Oakley Mill Branch, Oakley Mill Creek, Page Branch, Patterson Branch, Pettys Branch, Pigg Branch, Pogue Hollow Branch, Poplar Creek, Potts Branch, Pumpkin Creek, Pumpkin Creek, Quality Creek, Raines Hollow Branch, Ranel Branch, Roberts Bend Branch, Rocky Branch, Romantown Branch, Rutherford Creek, Scotts Creek, Sewell Branch, Shade Loftin Branch, Sheepneck Creek, Silver Creek, Smith Branch, Smith Branch, Snow Creek, South Fork Fountain Creek, South Prong Double Branch, Sowell Branch, Sparkman Branch, Stockard Branch, Sugar Creek, Sugar Fork, Terrapin Branch, Terrell Branch, Thomas Branch, Turkey Creek, Walden Branch, West Fork Big Bigby Creek, Whiteside Branch, Wiley Branch, Willet Branch, Wollard Branch, Worley Hollow Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Allen Hill, Baxter Hill, Bingham Hill, Buzzard Roost, Church House Hill, Collins Hill, Crews Hill, Dean Hill, Elam Hill, English Hill, Flanigan Hill, Foster Hill, Foxall Hill, Ginger Hill, Golston Hill, Gravel Hill, Gray Hill, Green Hill, Griffin Hill, Hayes Hills, Hicks Hill, Hughes Hill, Hunter Hill, Institute Hill, Ivy Point, Jackson Knob, Johnson Hill, Kansas Hill, Kinzer Hill, Little Hill, Littlejohn Hill, Loftin Hill, Lofton Hill, Lyman Hill, McClanahan Hill, Monument Hill, Mount Annie, Mount Ida, Mount Nebo Hill, Negro Hill, Nelson Hill, Nodgrass Hill, Oil Well Hill, Perkins Hill, Perry Hill, Potato Knob, Rainey Hill, Reservoir Hill, Rockdale Hill, Second Knob, Tea Hill, The Knob, Thompson Hill, Toombs Hill, Vestal Hill, Watts Hill, Webster Knob, Wisner Hill

  Towers     show all on map

WKOM-FM (Columbia), WKRM-AM (Columbia), WMCP-AM (Columbia), WXRQ-AM (Mount Pleasant)

  Valleys     show all on map

Akin Hollow, Aleck Pogue Hollow, American Hollow, Bailey Hollow, Barker Hollow, Beard Hollow, Beasley Hollow, Beckum Hollow, Biggen Hollow, Braden Hollow, Brady Hollow, Bullock Hollow, Cantrell Hollow, Cave Spring Hollow, Chaffin Hollow, Clark Hollow, Clayton Hollow, Cooper Hollow, Covey Hollow, Cox Hollow, Craig Hollow, Cranford Hollow, Dark Hollow, Delk Hollow, Dodson Hollow, Dog Hollow, Dorton Hollow, Dugger Hollow, Ewing Hollow, Fields Hollow, Fleming Hollow, Fly Hollow, Forked Deer Hollow, Fortner Hollow, George Hollow, George Pogue Hollow, Gilmer Hollow, Gipson Hollow, Godwin Hollow, Grapevine Hollow, Greenbriar Hollow, Grindstone Hollow, Guthrie Hollow, Harris Hollow, Haywood Hollow, Hogan Hollow, Holt Hollow, Hood Hollow, Ingram Hollow, Ivy Hollow, Jenny Patch Hollow, Johnson Hollow, Jones Hollow, Kelley Hollow, Kennedy Hollow, King Hollow, Kittrell Hollow, Knowles Hollow, Kyle Hollow, Limekiln Hollow, Love Hollow, Martin Hollow, Mayhorn Hollow, McKibbon Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mitchell Hollow, Neeley Valley, Nellums Hollow, Pennywinkle Hollow, Petty Hollow, Pickard Hollow, Poor Farm Hollow, Ragsdale Hollow, Rails Hollow, Rails Hollow, Raines Hollow, Reed Hollow, Roach Hollow, Scott Hollow, Scribner Hollow, Sellers Hollow, Shannon Hollow, Sheepneck Hollow, Shelby Hollow, Shop Hollow, Shouse Hollow, Skelly Hollow, Smith Hollow, Standfield Hollow, Steam Mill Hollow, Stockard Hollow, Strong Hollow, Sutherland Hollow, Tanyard Hollow, Taylor Hollow, Terrell Hollow, The Kettle, Thompson Hollow, Tunnel Hollow, Voss Hollow, Walters Hollow, Warren Hollow, Watson Hollow, Watson Hollow, Wheeler Hollow, Whiteside Hollow, Wildcat Hollow, Williams Hollow, Wiltshire Hollow, Worley Hollow,

Maury County, Tennessee Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMaury County White population 69,34069,339  
BlackMaury County Black population 10,25710,257
MixedMaury County Mixed population 1,5591,559
AsianMaury County Asian population 574574
American IndianMaury County American Indian population 328328
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMaury County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 8282

Additional population tables :
State population table
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