Rutherford County, Tennessee Basics:

Rutherford County Tennessee - Government Site

Population: 274,104
Area: 619 square miles
County seat: Murfreesboro
Area code(s) in use: 615
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 89.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 27.9%
Median household income: $55,105
Persons in poverty: 13.0%
Home ownership rate: 68.2%
Mean travel time to work: 26.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bedford  Cannon  Coffee  Davidson  Marshall  Williamson  Wilson  

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Map of the Rutherford County area

Our detail map of Rutherford County shows the Rutherford County, Tennessee boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Rutherford County, Tennessee

  Airports     show all on map

Baker Field Airport, Cedar Glade Aerodrome, Ellis Field Airport, Gibson Airport, Long Meadow Airstrip, Mc Donald Airport, Murfreesboro Municipal Airport, Smyrna Airport, Stones River Airport, Stonewall Airpark, Triune Airfield, Versailles Aerodrome

  Basins     show all on map

Blue Sink, Lamb Bottoms, The Gulf

  Buildings     show all on map

Almaville Fire Department Station 1, Almaville Fire Department Station 2 Headquarters, Almaville Fire Department Station 3, Alumni Center, Alumni Gym Pool, Alumni Memorial Gym, Ambulance Service of Murfreesboro, Beasley Hall, Boutwell Dramatic Arts Building, Christiana Volunteer Fire Department, City Center, Clement Hall, Cope Administration Building, Corlew Hall, Deere Hall, Eagleville Volunteer Fire Department, Ellington Human Sciences Building, Empact Ambulance Service, Felder Hall, First Call Ambulance Service Ruther, Forrest Hall, Fosterville Fire Hall, Fosterville Midland Fire Department, Gore Hall, Gracy Hall, James Union Building, Jones Hall, Judd Hall, Kirksey Old Main, Kittrell Volunteer Fire Department, La Vergne City Hall, La Vergne Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, La Vergne Fire Department Station 2, La Vergne Fire Department Station 3, La Vergne Rescue Unit, Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters, Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department Substation, Lavergne Rescue Unit Number 1, Lifeguard Ambulance Service of Tennessee Rutherford, Med Stat EMS Rutherford, Murfreesboro City Hall, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 2, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 3, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 4, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 5, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 6, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 7, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 8, Murfreesboro Fire Department Station 9, Murfreesboro Public Library, Murphy Athletic Center, Nicks Hall, Oaklands Mansion, Peck Hall, Regional Ambulance Service, Rockvale Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Rockvale Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Rutherford County Agricultural Center, Rutherford County Courthouse, Rutherford County EMS, Rutherford County Rescue Squad, Rutherford Volunteer Fire Department, Rutledge Hall, Salem - Blackman Volunteer Fire Department, Saunders Fine Arts Building, Sims Hall, Smith Hall, Smyrna Airport Fire Department, Smyrna CB Rescue Unit, Smyrna City Hall, Smyrna Fire Department Station 1, Smyrna Fire Department Station 2, Smyrna Fire Department Station 3, Smyrna Fire Department Station 4 Headquarters, Smyrna Fire Department Station 5, Southeast Rutherford Volunteer Fire Department, Todd Library, Voorhies Industrial Studies Building, Walter Hill Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Walter Hill Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Walter Hill Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Wood Hall, Woodmore Cafeteria

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adkerson Cemetery, Akin Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Alford Cemetery, Alsup Cemetery, Arnett Cemetery, Arnold Cemetery, Ashley Cemetery, Barber Cemetery, Barlow Cemetery, Barnes-Coleman Cemetery, Baskin Cemetery, Baskin Cemetery, Bass Cemetery, Bass Cemetery, Batey Cemetery, Batey Cemetery, Batey Cemetery, Batey Cemetery, Baugh Cemetery, Beesley Cemetery, Bell Cemetery, Bell Cemetery, Bellah Cemetery, Benevolent Cemetery, Bennett Cemetery, Bennett Cemetery, Benson Cemetery, Bevins Cemetery, Big Creek Cemetery, Bigg Cemetery, Bingham Cemetery, Black Cemetery, Blackman Cemetery, Blackman Cemetery, Blackman Cemetery, Blair Cemetery, Bone Cemetery, Boring Cemetery, Bowen-Snell Cemetery, Bowling Cemetery, Bowman Cemetery, Bowman Cemetery, Boyd Cemetery, Bradleys Creek Cemetery, Brandon Cemetery, Brashears Cemetery, Brittain Cemetery, Brothers Cemetery, Brothers Cemetery, Brothers Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Broyles Cemetery, Buchanan Cemetery, Burk Cemetery, Burleson Cemetery, Burns Cemetery, Burrus Cemetery, Butler Cemetery, Butler Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Cannon Cemetery, Carlton Cemetery, Carlton Cemetery, Carnahan Cemetery, Carothers Cemetery, Carson Cemetery, Carson Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Castleman-Bruer Cemetery, Chadwick Cemetery, Charleton Ford Cemetery, Chrisman Cemetery, Christiana Cemetery, Christopher Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clay Cemetery, Clay Cemetery, Cocke Cemetery, Coleman Cemetery, Coleman Cemetery, Coleman Cemetery, Comer Cemetery, Comer Cemetery, Compton Cemetery, Cook Cemetery, Cook Cemetery, Cook Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Covington Cemetery, Covington Cemetery, Craddock Cemetery, Crawford Cemetery, Creech Cemetery, Cripple Creek Cemetery, Daniel Cemetery, Daniel Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, DeJarnatt Cemetery, Delbridge Cemetery, Dement Cemetery, Dement Cemetery, Dewitt-Smith-Jobe Cemetery, Dickson Cemetery, Dill Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Dilton Cemetery, Donnell Cemetery, Donnell Cemetery, Downing Cemetery, Downing Cemetery, Drake Cemetery, Drenan Cemetery, Dunaway Cemetery, Dunaway Chapel Cemetery, Dunn Cemetery, Dunn Cemetery, Dunn Cemetery, Dyer Cemetery, EAdes Cemetery, Eagleton cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Elam-Snell Cemetery, Elliott Cemetery, Elrod Cemetery, Emery Cemetery, Erwin Slave Cemetery, Eskridge Cemetery (historical), Espey Cemetery, Estes Cemetery, Etter Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Farris Cemetery, Fathera Cemetery, Fellowship Cemetery, Fergus Cemetery, Fergus Cemetery, Fleming Cemetery, Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher Cemetery, Floyd Cemetery, Floyd Cemetery, Floyd-Alexander Cemetery, Fosterville Cemetery, Fox-Hoover Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Fuller Cemetery, Fuqua Cemetery, Gaines Cemetery, Gambell Cemetery, Garrett Cemetery, Garrett Cemetery, Garvin-Rowlett Cemetery, Gilmore Cemetery, Glen Cemetery, Glenn-Windrow Cemetery, Glymp Cemetery, Gooch Cemetery, Goodman Cemetery, Goodman Cemetery, Gowen Cemetery, Grant Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Gum Cemetery, Guy Cemetery, Haley Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hallyburton Cemetery, Hardeman Cemetery, Harp Cemetery, Harrell Cemetery, Harrell Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harrison Cemetery, Harrold Cemetery, Hartman Cemetery, Hayes Cemetery, Haynes Cemetery, Haynes Cemetery, Haynes Cemetery, Haynes Cemetery, Haynes Cemetery, Haynes Cemetery, Henderson Cemetery, Herrod Cemetery, Herrod Cemetery, Hicks Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hill-Roulhac Cemetery, Holden Cemetery, Holden-Gordon Cemetery, Holland Cemetery, Holloway Cemetery, Hoover Cemetery, Hoover Cemetery, Hoover Cemetery, Hoover Cemetery, Hoover Cemetery, Hoover Cemetery, Horway Cemetery, Howland Cemetery, Howland Cemetery, Howse Cemetery, Huddleston Cemetery, Hudson Cemetery, Huff Cemetery, Hughes Cemetery, Isaac Miller Cemetery, Ivie Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jackson Ridge Cemetery, Jacobs Cemetery, James Cemetery, Jameson Cemetery, Jamison Cemetery, Jamison Cemetery, Jarmen Cemetery, Jarmen Cemetery, Jarratt Cemetery, Johns Cemetery, Johns Cemetery, Johns Cemetery, Johns Cemetery, Johns Cemetery, Johns Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones-McElroy Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Keeble Cemetery, Kelley Cemetery, Kelley Cemetery, Kelton Cemetery, Kelton Cemetery, Kerr Cemetery, Kimbro Cemetery, Kimbro Cemetery, King Cemetery, King Cemetery, Kittrell Cemetery, Knox Cemetery, Lamb Cemetery, Lannom Cemetery, Lasater Cemetery, Lawrence Cemetery, Lawrence-Yeargin Cemetery, Leanna Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Lenoir Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Liddon Cemetery, Lillard Cemetery, Lindsey Cemetery, Livenston Cemetery, Long Cemetery, Love Cemetery, Love-Davis Cemetery, Lovorn Cemetery, Lovorn Cemetery, Lowe Cemetery, Lowe Cemetery, Lowe Cemetery, Lowe-Daniel Cemetery, Lyon Cemetery, Lytle Cemetery, Lytlel-Banks Cemetery, Mabry Cemetery, MacGowan Cemetery, Major Cemetery, Malone-Henderson Cemetery, Manire Cemetery, Mankin Cemetery, Mankin Cemetery, Mann Cemetery, Manning Cemetery, Manor Cemetery, Manor Cemetery, Mapleview Cemetery, Marable Cemetery, Marlin Cemetery, Marrs Hill Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Mason Cemetery, Mason Cemetery, Mason Cemetery, Mathes Cemetery, May Cemetery, Mayfield Cemetery, McBride Cemetery, McClanahan Cemetery, McClaren-Marable Cemetery, McCord Cemetery, McCord Cemetery, McCrary Cemetery, McDaniel Cemetery, McDowell Cemetery, McFadden Cemetery, McFarlin Cemetery, McKee Cemetery, McKnight-Wright Cemetery, McLaughlin Cemetery, McNeil Cemetery, McPeak Cemetery, Miles Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Millersburg Cemetery, Milton Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell-Moore Cemetery, Morgan Cemetery, Morton Cemetery, Morton Cemetery, Morton Cemetery, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Murray Cemetery, Nance Cemetery, Naron Cemetery, Neal Cemetery, Neal-Wade Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Nelson-Peebles Cemetery, Nevin Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, Newman Cemetery, Nipper Cemetery, Noe Cemetery, Norman Cemetery, North Cemetery, Northcutt Cemetery, Nunn Cemetery, Odell Cemetery, Old City Cemetery, Ott Cemetery, Owen Cemetery, Owen Cemetery, Owen Cemetery, Owen Cemetery, Owen Cemetery, Owens Cemetery, Palmore Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Parrot Cemetery, Pate Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery (historical), Peak Cemetery, Pearcy Cemetery, Pearson Cemetery, Peyton Cemetery, Phillips Cemetery, Philpott Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Pitts Cemetery, Pitts Cemetery, Pleasant View Cemetery, Pope Cemetery, Pope Cemetery, Pope Cemetery, Potts Cemetery, Potts Cemetery, Potts Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Prater Cemetery, Prater Cemetery, Primm Cemetery, Prosperity Cemetery, Pruett Cemetery, Puckett Cemetery, Putnam Cemetery, Ralston Cemetery, Raney Cemetery, Ransom Cemetery, Ransom Cemetery, Ray Cemetery, Ray-Cooke Cemetery, Raylor Cemetery, Ready Cemetery, Reed Cemetery, Reed-Woods Cemetery, Reeves Cemetery, Reinhardt Cemetery, Richardson Cemetery, Ridley Cemetery, Ridley Cemetery, Ridout Cemetery, Ring Cemetery, Ring Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Robinson-McMillian Cemetery, Romans Cemetery, Roselawn Cemetery, Ross Cemetery, Ross Cemetery, Rowland Hill Cemetery, Rucker Cemetery, Rucker Cemetery, Rucker-Pitts Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Sagely Cemetery, Sam Davis Cemetery, Sanders Cemetery, Sanders Cemetery, Sanders Cemetery (historical), Sanford Cemetery, Sanford Cemetery, Saunders Cemetery, Scales Cemetery, Scott Cemetery, Searcy Cemetery, Searcy Cemetery, Seminary Cemetery, Seward Cemetery, Sharber Cemetery, Sharp Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Short Cemetery, Short Cemetery, Sikes Cemetery, Simpson Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smotherman Cemetery, Smotherman Cemetery, Smotherman Cemetery, Smotherman Cemetery, Sneed Cemetery (historical), Snell Cemetery, Snell Cemetery, Snell Cemetery, Snell-Newman Cemetery, Spann Cemetery, Spence Cemetery, Spence Cemetery, Steagall Cemetery, Stones River National Cemetery, Stroop Cemetery, Sudberry Cemetery, Swain Cemetery, Swain Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Templeton Grove Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Todd Cemetery, Todd Cemetery, Todd Cemetery, Toombs Cemetery, Toombs Cemetery, Tucker Cemetery, Tucker Cemetery, Tucker Cemetery, Tucker Cemetery (historical), Tune Cemetery, Vaugh Cemetery, Vaugh-McClaren Cemetery, Vaughan Cemetery, Vaught Cemetery, Vaught Cemetery, Vernon Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Walden Cemetery, Waldron Cemetery, Waller Cemetery, Walpole-Garner Cemetery, Walterhill Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Ward cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Wards Grove Cemetery, Warren Cemetery, Washington Cemetery, Watkins Cemetery, Watson-Rowland Cemetery, Watson-Vaughn Cemetery, Weatherly Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Welch Cemetery, West Cemetery, Westbrook Cemetery, White Cemetery, White Cemetery, White Cemetery (historical), White-Lowry Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams-McLain Cemetery, Williford Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Windrow Church Cemetery, Windrow Community Cemetery, Witherspoon Cemetery, Wood Cemetery, Wood-Adcock Cemetery, Woods Cemetery, Works Cemetery, Wrather Cemetery, Wray-Covington Cemetery, Yandell Cemetery, Yeargan Cemetery, Youree Cemetery, Youree Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Almaville Division (historical), Christiana Census Designated Place, Christiana Division (historical), Eagleville Division (historical), Kittrell Census Designated Place, Kittrell Division (historical), Lascassas Census Designated Place, Lascassas Division (historical), Murfreesboro Division (historical), Rockvale Census Designated Place, Smyrna Division (historical), Walterhill Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Antioch Church, Antioch Church, Asbury Church (historical), Beech Grove Church, Begsley Lane Church, Bellwood Baptist Church, Bethel United Methodist Church, Bethlehem Church, Big Creek Church, Bilbro Street Church of God, Blackman Church, Bradley Creek Church, Bradley Creek Missionary Church, Brandon Chapel, Brandon View Baptist Church, Brown Chapel, Camp Ground Church, Cedar Grove Church, Cedar Grove Church, Cedar Grove Church, Cedar Grove Church, Cedar Grove Church, Central Christian Church, Cherry Grove Church, Christiana Church of Christ, Christiana Presbyterian Church, Christianship Ministries Gathering of Disciples, Concord Church, Concord United Methodist Church, Crescent Church, Cripple Creek Church, Cummings Baptist Church (historical), Donnel Chapel, Dunaway Chapel, Eagleville Baptist Church, Ebenezer Church, Ellis Chapel (historical), Emery United Methodist Church, Fellowship Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Floraton Church (historical), Florence Baptist Church, Florence Church (historical), Fosterville Baptist Church, Fosterville Church of Christ, Fosterville Presbyterian Church, Gloriana Church, Gowens Mission (historical), Gray Chapel, Green Hill Church, Hatties Chapel Church, Haynes Chapel, Hickory Grove Church, Hickory Grove Church, Holly Grove Church, Israelite Primitive Baptist Church, Jackson Ridge Church, Jefferson Pike Church, Jerusalem Church, Kedron Church, Lascassas Baptist Church, Leanna Church of Christ, Lebanon Church, Liberty Church (historical), Lillard Chapel, Little Bethel Church, Little Bethel Church, Main Street Church of Christ, Mars Hill Church, Midland Baptist Church, Midway Church, Millersburg Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Hermon Church, Mount Pisgah Presbyterian Church (historical), Mount Pleasant Church, Mount Tabor Church, Mount Vernon Church, Mount View Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Zion Church, North Boulevard Church of Christ, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Overall Church, Patterson Baptist Church, Phillippi Church, Pleasant View Church, Powells Chapel, Prosperity Church, Providence Church, Ranson Church, Rehobeth Church, Republican Grove Church, Rock Hill Church, Rock Spring Church, Rock Spring Church (historical), Rockvale Church, Rocky Fork Church, Rocky Fork Church, Rucker Baptist Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Salem Methodist Church, Science Hill Church, Sharpsville Church, Short Creek Baptist Church, Silver Springs Baptist Church, Smyrna Church, Smyrna Presbyterian Church, Smyrna United Methodist Church, Stewart Creek Church, Stones River Church, Taylors Chapel, Thompson Church (historical), Trimble Church, Walnut Grove Church, Walnut Grove Church, Walnut Grove Church (historical), Walter Hill Church, Wards Grove Church, Wayside Church, Wilson Hill Church, Wilson Line Church, Woodbury Road Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Mason Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Gooch Ford, Interchange 62, Interchange 64, Interchange 70, Interchange 78, Interchange 81, Interchange 89, McFaddens Ford, Nashs Ford (historical), Perrys Ford (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Browns Mill Dam, Mathews Lake Dam, Sterling Farmer Dam, Todds Lake Dam, Todds Lake Number Two Dam, Walter Hill Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Alvin C York Veterans Administration Medical Center, Middle Tennessee Medical Center, Smyrna Hospital (historical), Stonecrest Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Lockwood Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Alexanders Mill (historical), Bowmans Mill (historical), Bradley Mill (historical), Buchanans Mill (historical), Cave Mill (historical), Charletons Mill (historical), Clarks Shopping Center, Coronado Square Shopping Center, Country Village Shopping Center, Cummings Mill (historical), Elams Mill (historical), Fate Sanders Boat Dock, Fishers Mill (historical), Foxfire Farm, Geogetown Square Shopping Center, Gregory Mill (historical), Halls Mill (historical), Hoovers Gap, Jackson Heights Shopping Center, Jackson Ridge Camp Ground (historical), Johns Mill (historical), Jones Mill (historical), Lanes Store (historical), Lytles Camp Ground (historical), McPeaks Mill (historical), Memorial Village Shopping Center, Mercury Plaza Shopping Center, Military Park Brannons Redoubt, Murfreesboro Country Club, Murfreesboro Wastewater Treatment Plant, Murfreesboro Water Treatment Plant, Neals Mill (historical), Norman Camp Grounds (historical), Northfield Court Shopping Center, Northfield Crossing Shopping Center, Northside Plaza Shopping Center, Old Jefferson, Old Nashville Crossing Shopping Center, Outlets Limited Mall Shopping Center, Overalls Camp Ground (historical), Plaza South Shopping Center, Puckett Store, Ransoms Mill (historical), Rock Springs, Rutherford County Farm (historical), Rutherford County Landfill, Sam Davis Home, Smith Mill (historical), Smyrna Golf Course, Smyrna Square Shopping Center, Smyrna Town Center Shopping Center, Smyrna Village Shopping Center, Stewart Creek Boat Ramp, Stones River Country Club, Stones River Mall Shopping Center, Stones River National Battlefield, Stones River Plaza Shopping Center, The Corners, Tilfords Mill (historical), Van Moors Mill (historical), Wards Mill (historical), Widow Wrights Mill (historical), Windrows Camp Ground (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Battery Cruft (historical), Battery Mitchel (historical), Demi-Lunette Davis (historical), Demi-Lunette Garfield (historical), Fortress Rosecrans (historical), Lunette Crittenden (historical), Lunette Gordon Granger (historical), Lunette McCook (historical), Lunette Negley (historical), Lunette Palmer (historical), Lunette Reynolds (historical), Lunette Rousseau (historical), Lunette Stanley (historical), Lunette Thomas (historical), Redan Van Cleve (historical), Redoubt Johnson (historical), Redoubt Scofield (historical), Redoubt T J Wood (historical), Sewart Air Force Base (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Murfreesboro Quarry, Rutherford County Highway Department Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Agricultural Center Ball Park, Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village, East Fork Recreation Area, Fall Creek Recreation Area, Fate Sanders Recreation Area, Floyd Stadium, Gregory Mill Dam Park, Hurricane Creek Recreation Area, Jefferson Springs Recreation Area, Jones Field, Jones Mill Public Use Area, Lamar Hill Access Area, Mono Recreation Area, Nice Mill Dam Recreation Area, Oaklands Park, Old Fort Park, Poole Knobs Recreation Area, Smith Baseball Field, Smyrna Recreation Park, Stewart Creek Public Use Area, Stones River National Battlefield, West Fork Recreation Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Aberdeen Park, Almaville, Asbury Prk, Ashwood, Barfield, Barfield Meadows, BAttlefield Meadows, Battleground Estates, Beasley Road, Belle Mead, Bethel, Bethel, Big Springs, Blackman, Blansett Meadows, Bluefield, Brian Manor, Briarwood, Broodwood, Brookhill, Browns Mill, Brownview Acres, Bunker Hill, Burns Place, Butler Estates, Canebrake, Cedar Grove, Cherry Hill Estates, Cherry Lane Acres, Christiana, Colonial Estates, Colonial Village, Compton, Compton Meadows, Concord, Confederate Glen Estates, Cooks Corner, Country Park, Creekmont, Creekside, Creekwood, Crescent, Crestwood, Davis Meadows, Deerfield, Delay Estates, Dillton, Dixieland, Donnell Chapel, Double Springs, Eagleville, Eastwood, Elils Ranch Acres, Emery Estates, Emmitt Heights, Esquire Estates, Estes Acres, Fairfield Estates, Fairmont, Farmington Estates, Fieldcrest, Floraton, Florence, Fosterville, Fox Camp Meadows, Foxland Forest, Foxridge, Franklin Road Estates, Georgetown, Glaze, Glendale, Glenrose Park, Green Acres, Green Meadows, Greenbriar, Greenwood, Gum, Gum Road Subdivision, Hales Camp, Halewood Hills, Halls Hill, Harbor Isles, Haynes, Haynes Haven, Henry Lane, Hickory Grove, Hickory Hills, Hilltop, Hillwood Estates, Hooper Acres, Indian Springs, Jackson Ridge, Jamestown, Jefferson Pike, Jefferson Springs, Jernigan Subdivision, Jerrerson Farms, Joneswood, Jordan Acres, Joyceland, Joywood, Juniper Acres, K C Subdivision, Key Estates, Kimbro Heights, Kings Estates, Kittrell, Kittrell Heights, La Vergne, Lake Farm Estates, Lamb, Lascassas, Lascassas Colonial Acres, Lascassas Villa, Leanna, Lillard Farm Estates, Link, Little Hope, Little Ranch Acres, Loafers Corner, Lofton, Mankinville, Manson Manor, Manson Park, Marathon Trail, McAndore Estates, McFarlin, McNeil Farms, Meadow Lane, Midland, Miller Estates, Milton, Mona, Morningside Acres, Morrow, Mount Olive, Mount Olive (historical), Mount Olivet (historical), Mount Tabor, Mount Vernon, Mount View Estates, Murfreesboro, Murphree, Neal Circle, Nestledown Estates, New Las Casas (historical), Northpointe Hall, Oak Hill, Oak Valley, Oakland Estates, Oakwood, Oakwood, Old Fosterville (historical), Old Millersburg (historical), Old South Estates, Overall, Overall Acres, Palmer Acres South, Palmer Heights, Park Manor, Parkwood Estates, Paschal Estates, Patterson, Pioneer Estates, Plainview, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant View, Pointed Side Acres, Ponderosa, Quail Ridge, Quail Run, R T Estates, Ravenwood, Regency Park, Reidhurst, Reynolds, Ridgecrest Acres, Ridgefield, Ridgefield, River Shores, Riverbend, Riverdale, Riverview, Riverwood, Rockdale, Rocksprings, Rockvale, Rocky Fork, Rosewood Park, Rosswood, Rowland Estates, Royal Court, Rucker, Sagefield, Salem, Sandhill, Sawyer Subdivision, Scotland Acres, Shadowbrook, Sharpsville, Shiloh, Short Creek, Silver Hill, Smyrna, Snell (historical), Southern Aire, Southern Meadows, Southwood Estates, Steeplechase Meadows, Stone Ridge, Stonebrook, Stones River Homes, Sunnyside, Tarrytown Estates, Timberlake, Tulip Hill Estates, Twin Springs, Two Hills, Valley Green Acres, Valleyview, Versailles, Wade, Walnut Ridge, Walter Hill Estates, Walterhill, Watson, Weakley Hills, White Haven, Williamsburg, Windrow, Winstead (historical), Yearwood Addition, Yorktown, Young Subdivision

  Post Offices     show all on map

Allisona Post Office (historical), Almaville Post Office (historical), Carlocksville Post Office (historical), Christiana Post Office, Compton Post Office (historical), Crescent Post Office (historical), Dillton Post Office (historical), Donnels Post Office (historical), Eagleville Post Office, Floraton Post Office (historical), Florence Post Office (historical), Fosterville Post Office, Gum Post Office (historical), Halls Hill Post Office (historical), Hoover Post Office (historical), Independant Hill Post Office (historical), Jefferson Post Office (historical), Jordans Valley Post Office (historical), Kittrell Post Office (historical), La Vergne Post Office, Lascassas Post Office, Link Post Office (historical), Midland Post Office (historical), Millersburgh Post Office (historical), Milton Post Office, Murfreesboro Post Office, Overall Post Office, Patterson Post Office (historical), Puckett Post Office (historical), Rockvale Post Office, Rockyfork Post Office (historical), Rucker Post Office (historical), Smyrna Post Office, Snell Post Office (historical), Versailles Post Office (historical), Walterhill Post Office (historical), Wayside Post Office (historical), Windrow Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Browns Mill Lake, Mathews Lake, Sterling Farmer Lake, Todds Lake, Todds Lake Number Two, Walter Hill Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Cedar Ridge, Long Ridge, Pannell Ridge, Teal Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Almaville School (historical), Arentt School (historical), Barfield School (historical), Bellwood christian Academy, Bellwood Elementary School, Bethel School, Bethel School, Bowring School (historical), Bradley Academy (historical), Bradley Elementary School, Brinkley School (historical), Buchanan Elementary School, Buchannan School, Burk School (historical), Cedar Grove Elementary School, Cedar Grove School (historical), Central High School, Central Middle School, Christiana Elementary School, Christiana High School, Christiana Middle School, Christiana School, Christiana Seminary (historical), Coleman Elementary School, Crichlow Grammar School, Daniel McKee Speical Education School, David Youree Elementary School, Dillard School, Eagleville High School, Eagleville School, East End School (historical), Eaton College for Women (historical), Emery School, Fosterville Institute (historical), Fosterville School (historical), Franklin Road Christian School, Garrett School (historical), Gladeview School, Halls School, Happy Hill School, Henderson School (historical), Hickory Grove School (historical), Hobgood Elementary School, Hollandale School (historical), Holloway High School, Homer-Pittard Campus School, Jefferson Seminary of Learning (historical), Jordan School (historical), Kingwood School (historical), Kittrell Elementary School, La Vergne Elementary School, La Vergne High School, La Vergne Middle School, La Vergne Primary School, Lascassas Academy (historical), Lascassas High School, Lawrence Chapel School (historical), Little Hope School, Lock School, Lone Oak School (historical), McFadden Elementary School, Middle Tennessee Christian School, Middle Tennessee State College, Midland School, Midsylvania Female Academy (historical), Milton Female Academy (historical), Milton High School (historical), Milton Male and Female Academy (historical), Milton Seminary (historical), Mitchell Neilson Elementary School, Mitchell Neilson Primary School, Mooney School (historical), Mount Pleasant School, Mud Flat School (historical), Murfreesboro Female Academy (historical), Murfreesboro Female Seminary (historical), Murfreesboro Seminary (historical), Murray School, Nolan School (historical), Northfield Elementary School, Oak Grove School (historical), Oakland High School, Patterson School (historical), Precitt School (historical), Reeves Rodgers Elementary School, Riverdale High School, Rock Springs Elementary School, Rockdale School (historical), Rockvale Elementary School, Rosenwald School, Roy Waldron Junior High School, Rucker Seminary (historical), Rutherford College (historical), Saint Rose of Lima School, Salem Male Academy (historical), Seminary School, Shiloh School (historical), Silver Hill School (historical), Silver Springs School, Smyrna Elementary School, Smyrna Fitting School (historical), Smyrna High School, Smyrna Middle School, Smyrna Primary School, Smyrna Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Smyrna West Elementary School, Soule College (historical), Spring Creek School (historical), Stewartsboro Elementary School, Tennessee Baptist Female Institute (historical), Tennessee College (historical), Thurman Francis Junior High School, Union University (historical), Walter Hill Elementary School, Walter Hill High School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Big Spring, Blue Sink Spring, Carrick Spring, Cheatham Spring, Double Spring, Dripping Spring, Fox Camp Spring, Gwyn Spring, Head of River Spring, Holden Spring, Jefferson Spring, Johns Spring, Jones Spring, Overall Springs, Rock Spring, Sand Spring, Shiloh Spring, Snail Shell Cave Spring, Sulphur Spring, Ward Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Andrews Creek, Armstrong Branch, Bear Branch, Big Springs Creek, Bradley Creek, Bushman Creek, Buzzard Branch, Cheatham Branch, Christmas Creek, Concord Creek, Coops Branch, Cripple Creek, Double Springs Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Fork, Dry Fork Creek, East Branch Hurricane Creek, East Fork Stones River, Fall Creek, Finch Branch, Harts Branch, Henry Creek, Hurricane Creek, Hurricane Creek, Hurricane Creek, Hutton Creek, Jarman Branch, Kelley Creek, Kelly Creek, Knox Branch, Lees Spring Branch, Long Creek, Lytle Creek, Lytle Creek, Maxwell Branch, McElroy Branch, McKnight Branch, Middle Fork Stones River, Minkslide Creek, Murray Branch, Olive Branch, Overall Creek, Panther Creek, Puckett Branch, Puckett Creek, Reed Creek, Rock Spring Branch, Rocky Fork Creek, Short Creek, Sinking Creek, Sinking Creek, Spring Creek, Stewart Creek, Trimble Branch, Wades Branch, West Fork Stones River, Windrow Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Knob, Bare Knob, Barfield Knobs, Bett Ray Hill, Blackman Hill, Brady Knob, Britton Hill, Buzzard Roost, Casons Knobs, Church Knob, Claxton Hill, Cole Knob, Driping Spring Hill, Epps Hills, Fain Hill, Flag Hill, Garrett Knob, Gibbs Knob, Gowen Knob, Grindstone Knob, Hickory Hill, Hickory Knob, Hudson Hill, Indian Mountain, Jarrett Knob, Leathers Hill, Locust Knob, Marshall Knobs, Mingle Hill, Moor Hill, Nebo Knobs, Peaks Hill, Persimmon Knob, Pilot Knob, Pilot Knob, Pinnacle Hill, Prater Hill, Prewitts Knob, Red Hill, Rowling Hill, Rucker Knob, Sanford Knob, Scales Mountain, Smith Hill, Soapstone Hill, Sophie Hill, Townsel Hill, Vaughters Knob, Versailles Knob, Wallace Hill, Wolf Hill

  Towers     show all on map

WGNS-AM (Murfreesboro), WMOT-FM (Murfreesboro), WMTS-AM (Murfreesboro), WSVT-AM (Smyrna)

  Valleys     show all on map

Armstrong Hollow, Broyles Hollow, Burk Hollow, Dismal Hollow, Douglas Hollow, Eaton Hollow, Fox Hollow, Haunt Hollow, Jacob Hollow, Kelton Hollow, Mason Hollow, Rutledge Hollow, Taylor Hollow, Todd Hollow,

Rutherford County, Tennessee Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteRutherford County White population 222,024222,024  
BlackRutherford County Black population 35,90835,907
AsianRutherford County Asian population 8,7718,771
MixedRutherford County Mixed population 6,0306,030
American IndianRutherford County American Indian population 1,3711,370
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderRutherford County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 274274

Additional population tables :
State population table
Tennessee population by county