Brooks County, Texas Basics:

Brooks County Texas - Government Site

Population: 7,175
Area: 943 square miles
County seat: Falfurrias
Area code(s) in use: 361
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 60.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 9.5%
Median household income: $21,445
Persons in poverty: 38.6%
Home ownership rate: 66.3%
Mean travel time to work: 17.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Brooks County area

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Places in Brooks County, Texas

  Airports     show all on map

Brooks County Airport, Cage Ranch Airport, CIG 402 Heliport, El Coyote Ranch Airport, Superior Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Plano de Choche

  Buildings     show all on map

Brooks County Detention Center, Brooks County Fire Marshal's Office, Brooks County Highway Patrol, Brooks County Sheriff's Office, Ed Rachal Memorial Library, Falfurrias Police Department, Falfurrias Volunteer Fire Department, Heritage Museum

  Cemeteries     show all on map

El Lucero Cemetery, La Mesa Cemetery, Longoria Cemetery, Old Town Cemetery, Pedro Garza Zamora Cemetery, Pedro Jaramillo Cemetery, Perez Cemetery, Perez Cemetery, Perez Cemetery, Rancho Nuevo Cemetery, Vallerreno Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Airport Road Addition Census Designated Place, Cantu Addition Census Designated Place, Encino Census Designated Place, Flowella Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

First Baptist Church, New Covenant Church

  Dams     show all on map

Hauser Dam, West Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Barroso Pasture, Barroso Trap, Botella Trap, Cuchilla Pasture, El Aceitero Trap, Fant Pasture, Huisaches Trap, Loma Blanca Pasture, Los Muertos Pasture, Lucero Pasture, Lucero Trap, Maguelles Pasture, Marrana Pasture, Mineral Pasture, Padrones Pasture, Palomas Pasture, Patitos Pasture, Patricio Pasture, Pinole Trap, Pita Pasture, Quiteria Pasture, Remuda Pasture, Vargas Pasture, Viboras Pasture, Zacahuistle Pasture

  Lakes     show all on map

Burro Lake, Cayetano Lake, La Hedionda Lake, La Redonda Lake, Laguna Salada, Laguna Salada, Mesquite Lake, Quiteria Lake, Round Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Aba Guadalupe Windmill, Agua Dulce Windmill, Agua Dulce Windmill, Agua Nueva Windmill, Alameda Windmill, Alta Mesa Camp, Alto Colorado Ranch, Alto Verde Windmill, Avispa Windmill, Bacera Windmill, Baile Camp, Barroso Camp, Benado Windmill, Betty Lou Windmill, Blanco Windmill, Blanco Windmill, Bonita Windmill, Buena Suerte Windmill, Buena Suerte Windmill, Buenos Aires Windmill, Burro Windmill, Cachucha Windmill, Cados Negros Windmill, Cage Ranch, Camp Vista Windmill, Caramayola Windmill, Carrizo Windmill, Catanes Windmill, Catravo Windmill, Cayetano Windmill, Certificad Windmill, Chaparosa Windmill, Chivo Windmill, Chocolate Windmill, Chorro Windmill, Cograge Windmill, Conicula Windmill, Cotulla Windmill, Coyote Ranch, Coyote Windmill, Crudo Windmill, Cuatro Esquinas Windmill, Cuchillo Windmill, Cuero de Venada Windmill, Cuero Windmill, Cuervitos Windmill, Dos Pilas Windmill, El Alto Windmill, El Azul Windmill, El Ballo Windmill, El Baņo Windmill, El Cinco Windmill, El Coyote Windmill, El Dorado Windmill, El Maromero Windmill, El Naranjo Windmills, El Norte Windmill, El Novillo Windmill, El Perdido Windmill, El Querido Windmill, El Rancho Windmill, El Toro Windmill, El Yano Windmill, Embarque Windmill, Encinal Windmill, Encino Ranch, Encino Viejo Windmill, Escondida Windmill, Escondido Ranch, Escondido Windmill, Esperanza Windmill, Fant Windmill, Faustino Windmill, Franciso Windmill, Gallo Windmill, Garcias Windmill, Gardner Ranch, Gato Windmill, Gonzalena Windmill, Gragenitos Windmill, Guajalote Windmill, Guanajuato Windmill, Guerritas Windmill, Hollywood Camp, Huella Windmill, Huisaches Altos Ranch, Humble Windmill, Indian Ranch, Ingleses Windmill, Ingleses Windmill, Jassos Gate Windmill, Jimmy Windmill, Justo Windmill, Kelsey Windmill, La Becerra Windmill, La Blanca Windmill, La Blanca Windmill, La Calichera Windmill, La Cochera Windmill, La Colcha Windmill, La Fruta Windmill, La Javalina Windmill, La Loba Windmill, La Magada Windmill, La Merienda Windmill, La Mota Ranch, La Mula Windmill, La Novia Windmill, La Pela Windmill, La Posita Windmill, La Presita Windmill, La Sulfurosa Windmill, La Taza Windmill, La Visnaga Windmill, Laguna Windmill, Lagunitas Windmill, Laiva Windmill, Las Avispas Windmill, Las Burras Windmill, Las Coyotas Windmill, Las Flores Windmill, Las Hormigas Windmill, Las Liebras Windmill, Leon Cito Windmill, Leoncitas Windmill, Lindero Windmill, Llano Windmill, Llano Windmill, Llave Windmill, Los Aceiteros Windmill, Los Caballos Windmill, Los Cuates Windmill, Los Cuervos Windmill, Los Guicaches Windmill, Los Huesos Windmill, Los Medanos Windmill, Los Muertos Windmill, Los Tajos Windmill, Los Tajos Windmill, Louisiana Windmill, Lucero Windmill, Machos Windmill, Madrigueras Windmill, Maguelles Windmill, Mala Suerte Windmill, Mala Suerte Windmill, Maria Windmill, Mariposa Ranch, Marrano Windmill, Medio Windmill, Mesquites Windmill, Miguas Windmill, Mike Windmill, Miller Ranch, Mirasol Windmill, Montana Windmill, Monte Alto Windmill, Monterrey Windmill, Morales Windmill, Mota Bonita Windmill, Mota Chica Windmill, Mota del Tacon Windmill, Northe Windmill, Novia Windmill, Novia Windmill, Novillo Windmill, Number Eight Windmill, Number Nine Windmill, Number One Windmill, Number Ten Windmill, Number Two Windmill, Numero Uno Windmill, O K Windmill, Old Barrosa Windmill, Old Coyote Windmill, Old Town Windmill, Palomas Ranch, Palomas Windmill, Palomas Windmill, Palomos Windmill, Peņa Windmill, Pens Windmill, Perdido Windmill, Perez Ranch, Petal Windmill, Petroteros Windmill, Piedra Windmill, Pita Pens, Plato Windmill, Posita Windmill, Posita Windmill, Potrios Windmill, Presnall Windmill, Prieto Windmill, Punta Monte Windmill, Quick Windmill, Quiotes Windmill, Quiteria Windmill, Rachal Siding, Rancho Nuevo Windmill, Rancho Nuevo Windmill, Rancho Nuevo Windmill, Realitos Windmill, Retama Windmill, Rodeo Windmill, Salto Windmill, San Cristobal Windmill, San Juan Windmill, San Juan Windmill, San Pedro Windmill, San Pedro Windmill, San Tomas Camp, Sancudo Windmill, Santa Maria Windmill, Sharps Windmill, Skipper Ranch, Soledad Windmill, Sorillo Windmill, South Vargas Windmill, Sulphur Windmill, Tacon Windmill, Tanque Alegre Windmill, Tecolote Windmill, Tejon Windmill, Teneja Windmill, Tepeguaje Ranch, Tia Rosa Windmill, Tio Hilario Windmill, Tres Aguajes Windmill, Treviņo Windmill, Trieste Windmill, Tula Windmill, Tule Windmill, Una de Gato Windmill, Uracas Windmill, Vargas Windmill, Vargas Windmill, Venada Windmill, Viboras Windmill, Wagenschein Ranch

  Oilfields     show all on map

Alta Mesa East Oil Field, Alta Mesa Oil Field, Cage Gas Field, Chamberlain Oil Field, Encinitas Oil Field, Flowella Oil Field, Gyp Hill Oil Field, Kelsey Bass Oil Field, Mariposa Oil Field, Palo Blanco Oil Field, Pita Oil Field, Pita West Oil Field, Rachal Oil Field, Santa Fe Oil Field, Scott and Hopper Oil Field, Tres Encinos Oil Field, Viboras Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

La Colonia Park, Pleasant Park, West Side Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Airport Road Addition, Airport Road Addition Colonia, Alto Colorado, Belmares Trailer Park Colonia, Cantu Addition, Cantu Addition Number 1 Colonia, Cantu Addition Number 2 Colonia, Encino, Falfurrias, Flowella, Hartland, La India, Noria Willie, Papalote del Norte, Rachal, Rush Addition Colonia, Tacubaya, Victory Place Colonia

  Post Offices     show all on map

Encino Post Office, Falfurrias Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Cabas Lake, Hauser Lake, Laguna Madre, Medio Lake, Moreno Lake, Prieta Tank, West Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Brooks Sixth Grade Campus, Central Ward Junior High School, Encino School, Encino School, Falfurrias Elementary School, Falfurrias High School, Falfurrias Junior High School, Lasater Elementary School, Lasiter School

  Springs     show all on map

Blood Springs, Charco de Late Spring, Charco Salado Spring (historical), Palo Blanco Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Arroyo Baluarte, Calosa Creek, Cibolo Creek, Laborcitas Creek, Palobla Creek, Una de Gato Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Gyp Hill, Quiteria Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KPSO-AM (Falfurrias), KPSO-FM (Falfurrias)

  Wells     show all on map

Agua Dulce Well, Alto Bonito Well, Berenda Well, Blanco Well, Calichosa Well, Chapeno Well, Chorro Well, Chorro Well, Corner Well, Esmeralda Well, Franks Well, Heldeno Well, Juan Well, La Dicha Well, La Luz Well, La Mocha Well, La Parra Well, La Venada Well, Las Hormigas Well, Lindero Well, Llanito Well, Llano Well, Llescosa Well, Longorlliano Well, Los Compadres Well, Medio Well, Mil Pesos Well, Mojado Well, Narvaez Well, New Pens Well, Nogales Well, Old Pens Well, Puerta Colorada Well, Ramon Well, Raviosa Well, Salt Well, San Andres Well, San Juan Well, San Pedro Well, Sandia Well, Texas Well, Tres Puertas Well, Trosada Well, Venado Well, Viboras Well, Wheeler Well,

Brooks County, Texas Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteBrooks County White population 7,0177,017  
BlackBrooks County Black population 6564
American IndianBrooks County American Indian population 4343
AsianBrooks County Asian population 2928
MixedBrooks County Mixed population 2221
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderBrooks County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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