Hunt County, Texas Basics:

Hunt County Texas - Government Site

Population: 87,056
Area: 840 square miles
County seat: Greenville
Area code(s) in use: 903
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 81.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.3%
Median household income: $45,170
Persons in poverty: 19.4%
Home ownership rate: 71.6%
Mean travel time to work: 29.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Hunt County area

Our detail map of Hunt County shows the Hunt County, Texas boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Hunt County, Texas

  Airports     show all on map

Bishop Field Airport, Caddo Mills Municipal Airport, Card Aerodrome, Chambers Airport, Commerce Municipal Airport, Fly-N-Ski Airport, Flyers Field Airport, Flying 'T' Ranch Airport, Flying M Airport, Glenmar Airport, Henington Airport, Jacobia Field Airport, Magee Airport, Majors Airport, Meadowview Airport, Mynatt Field, Phillips Flying Ranch Airport, Presbyterian Hospital of Commerce Heliport, PSF Heliport, Skinner Airport, Taylor Airport, Thorny Woods Airport, Weedfalls Airport, Weese International Airport

  Bays     show all on map

Ash Cove, Duck Cove, Elm Cove, Hawk Cove, Hickory Cove, Kitsee Inlet, Mulberry Cove, Mustang Cove, Rabbit Cove, Red Bird Cove, Sycamore Cove, Waco Bay, Walnut Cove, Wichita Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Screech Owl Reach

  Bridges     show all on map

Duck Cove Bridge, Tawakoni Causeway, White Point Causeway

  Buildings     show all on map

American Cotton Museum, American Medical Response / Hunt County Emergency Medical Services, Audie Murphy Room, Caddo Mills Fire / Rescue - First Responders, Caddo Mills Police Department, Campbell Volunteer Fire Department, Cash Fire Department - First Responders, Celeste Police Department, Celeste Volunteer Fire Department, Commerce Fire Department, Commerce Police Department, Commerce Public Library, Greenville Fire Department Station 1, Greenville Fire Department Station 2, Greenville Fire Department Station 3, Greenville Fire Department Station 4, Greenville Police Department, Hunt County Constable's Office Precinct 1, Hunt County Constable's Office Precinct 2, Hunt County Constable's Office Precinct 3, Hunt County Constable's Office Precinct 4, Hunt County Courthouse, Hunt County Emergency Medical Services Station 3, Hunt County Jail, Hunt County Sheriff's Department, Iron Bridge Pumping Station, Katy Depot, Leonard Public Library, Lone Oak Police Department, Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department, Merit Fire Department, Quinlan Police Department, Quinlan Volunteer Fire Department, Tawakoni Area Public Library, Texas A and M University - Commerce Campus Police Department, Texas Forest Service Greenville Office, Union Valley Volunteer Fire Department, W Walworth Harrison Public Library, West Tawakoni Police Department, West Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department, William and Medora Camp House, Wolfe City Police Department, Wolfe City Public Library, Wolfe City Volunteer Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

Arm Point, Arrow Point, Autumn Point, Black Point, Finger Point, Fire Point, Hail Point, Ice Point, Rain Point, Rainbow Point, Smoke Point, Snow Point, Spring Point, Stone Point, Strong Point, Thunder Point, White Point, Wind Point, Wood Point, Wrist Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Barnhart Boles Cemetery, Boyle Cemetery, Brecheen Cemetery, Brigham Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Celeste Cemetery, Center Point Cemetery, Donelton Cemetery, Dry Creek Cemetery, Du Laney Cemetery, Dugan Cemetery, East Mount Cemetery, Elm Creek Cemetery, Etter Lake Cemetery, Forest Park Cemetery, Graham Point Cemetery, Hail Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hart Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Hope Cemetery, Hopewell Cemetery, Hopkins Number 1 Cemetery, Hopkins Number 2 Cemetery, Josephine Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Kingston Cemetery, Kuykendall Cemetery, Lane Cemetery, Lebanon Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, McBride Cemetery, McWright Cemetery, Memoryland Memorial Park, Merit Cemetery, Money Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Needmore Cemetery, Nicholson Cemetery, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Onstot Cemetery, Paynetown Cemetery, Rosemound Cemetery, Scatter Branch Cemetery, Shady Grove Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Simmons Cemetery, Sonora Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Sullivan Cemetery, Twin Oak Cemetery, Van Sickle Cemetery, Weiland Cemetery, Wesley Church Cemetery, Westbrook Cemetery, Williams Chapel Cemetery

  Channels     show all on map

Caddo Inlet, Caddo Jake Reach, Cowleech Reach, Medicine Man Reach, Moon Head Reach, Red Bear Reach, Towash Reach, White Bread Reach, White Deer Reach, Wounded Man Reach

  Churches     show all on map

Battle Ax Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel Church of God in Christ, Campground Church, Caney Church, Carter Temple Church, Cash Baptist Church, Cedar Grove Church, Church of Christ, Church of God, Crosstimbers Church, Donelton Church, Elm Church, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, England Grove Church, First Baptist Church, First Church of the Nazarene, First Pentecostal Church of God, First Presbyterian Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Friendship Church, Goodwill Baptist Church, Grace Fellowship Church, Grace Presbyterian Church, Highland Terrace Baptist Church, Hillside Church of Christ, Honey Creek Church, House of Prayer Church, Humboldt Church, Lakeview Church, Living Word Praise Chapel Church, Lone Oak Baptist Church, Mineral Heights Baptist Church, Mount Bethel Church, Mount Bethel Church, Mount Elem Baptist Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church, New Jerusalem Baptist Church, North Baptist Church, Old Concord Church, Palestine Church, Paradise Church, Park Street Baptist Church, Peniel Church of the Nazarene, Plainview Church, Prairie Valley Church, Presbyterian Church, Price Temple Church of God in Christ, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Riley Grove Church, Saint John Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Joseph Baptist Church, Saint Williams Catholic Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Shiloh Church of God in Christ, Southside Baptist Church, Sunset Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, True Vine Baptist Church, Webb Hill Church, Wesley Chapel Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westview United Methodist Church, Williams Chapel

  Dams     show all on map

Adams Lake Dam, Ashmore Lake Dam, City of Caddo Mills Lake Dam, Dam Number 2, Dam Number 3, Dam Number 4, Dam Number 5, Dam Number 6, Dry Creek Ranch Lake Number 1 Dam, Dry Creek Ranch Lake Number 2 Dam, Greenville Club Lake Dam, Greenville Reservoir Number 3 Dam, Greenville Reservoir Number 4 Dam, Greenville Reservoir Number 5 Dam, Hefley Lake Dam, Hutchins Dam, Ivy Lake Dam, Louisiana and Arkansas Rr Lake Dam, Marion Lake Dam, Rollins Lake Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 1 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 10a Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 2 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 3 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 4 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 5 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 59 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 6 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 60 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 61 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 62 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 63 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 64a Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 65 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 67 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 69 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 7 Dam, T Dam 7, Wolfe City Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Wolfe City Reservoir Number 2 Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Glen Oaks Hospital, Hunt Regional Community Hospital at Commerce, Hunt Regional Medical Center at Greenville

  Lakes     show all on map

Roundhouse Pool

  Locales     show all on map

Burrow, Camp Pierce, Center Point, Crossroads Shopping Center, Highmound Park Training Track, Meadowview Community Center, Sand Hills Golf Course, Shady Grove Community Hall, Stringtown Community Center, Tawakoni Golf Club, Van Sickle Community Center

  Military     show all on map

Majors Army Air Field (historical)

  Oilfields     show all on map

Armour Oil Field, Bay City Oil Field, Weiland Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Arm Point Park, Betts Park, Bicentennial Park, Carver Park, Graham Park, Hanchey Park, Jones Park, Kevin Kipper Memorial Stadium, Lake Tawakoni State Park, Lyndon Baines Johnson Park, Lytal Stadium, MHW Park, Norris Park, Phillips Field, Red Bear Park, Red Deer Park, SRA Park, Tawakoni Wildlife Management Area, W C Cotton Stadium, West Arm Park, Wind Point Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Aberfoyle, Ardis Heights, Boles Home, Burrow, Caddo Mills, Campbell, Cash, Celeste, Center Point, Chalmers, Clinton, Commerce, Concord, Dixon, Durham, Fairlie, Floyd, Greenville, Harlow, Harris, Hawk Cove, Hendrix, Hetty (historical), Hickory Creek, Hickory Hollow, Hogeye, Jacobia, Jardin, Kellogg, Kenser, Kingston, Kitsee Ridge, Lane, Lone Oak, McCroskey, Meadowview, Merit, Mexico, Midway, Mineral Heights, Mount Bethel, Muddig, Neylandville, Peniel, Pleasant Valley, Podo, Quinlan, Reavilon, Scatter Branch, South Sulphur, Stringtown, Tidwell, Union Valley, Van Sickle, Wagner, Weiland, West Tawakoni, White Rock, Whitehead, Wieland, Wolfe City

  Post Offices     show all on map

Caddo Mills Post Office, Campbell Post Office, Celeste Post Office, Commerce Post Office, Greenville Post Office, Lone Oak Post Office, Merit Post Office, Point Post Office, Quinlan Post Office, Wolfe City Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams Lake, Ashmore Lake, City of Caddo Mills Lake, Dry Creek Ranch Lake Number 1, Dry Creek Ranch Lake Number 2, Greenville Club Lake, Greenville Reservoir Number 3, Greenville Reservoir Number 4, Greenville Reservoir Number 5, Greenville Reservoir Number Five, Greenville Reservoir Number Four, Greenville Reservoir Number Six, Greenville Reservoir Number Three, Hefley Lake, Hutchins Lake, Ivy Lake, Lake Tawakoni, Louisiana and Arkansas Rr Lake, Marion Lake, Reservoir Number One, Reservoir Number Two, Rollins Lake, Soil Conservation Service Site 1 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 10a Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 2 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 3 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 4 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 5 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 59 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 6 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 60 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 61 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 62 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 63 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 64a Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 65 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 67 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 69 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 7 Reservoir, Wolfe City Reservoir, Wolfe City Reservoir Number 2, Wolfe City Reservoirs, Wolfe City Reservoirs

  Ridges     show all on map

Graham Point, Hooker Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

A E Butler Intermediate School, Albert C Williams Elementary School, Austin School, Bland Elementary School, Bland High School, Bland Middle School, Bowie Elementary School, Bowie School, C B Thompson Middle School, Caddo Mills Elementary School, Caddo Mills High School, Caddo Mills Middle School, Campbell Elementary School, Campbell High School, Carver Elementary School, Carver High School, Celeste Elementary School, Celeste High School, Celeste Junior High School, Commerce Elementary School, Commerce High School, Commerce Middle School, Crockett Elementary School, D C Cannon Elementary School, Douglas School, Dunbar School, East Texas State College, Floyd School, Ford High School, Gena Mae Wishard High School, Greenville High School, Greenville Intermediate School, Greenville Middle School, Houston Elementary School, Houston School, Joe Martin Early Childhood Center, Lakeview Alternative School, Lamar Elementary School, Lamar School, Lone Oak Elementary School, Lone Oak High School, Lone Oak Middle School, New Horizons Alternative School, Norris School, Prior Elementary School, Quinlan Public School, Travis Elementary School, Van Vleck High School, Washington School, Wolfe City Elementary School, Wolfe City High School, Wolfe City Middle School

  Springs     show all on map

Allen Springs (historical), Babb Springs, Black Cat Springs (historical), Hooker Springs (historical), Riley Springs (historical), Smith Springs (historical), Stewart Springs (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Arr Branch, Bearpen Creek, Block Branch, Bois d'arc Creek, Briar Branch, Brushy Branch, Brushy Creek, Burk Branch, Caddo Creek, Caney Creek, Cedar Creek, Clendining Creek, Cowleech Creek, Cowleech Fork Sabine River, Cowmiech Creek, Cowskin Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dunbar Creek, Dunn Creek, East Caddo Creek, East Fork Pecan Creek, Elm Creek, Elm Creek, Fannin Creek, Farber Creek, Foster Creek, Gates Branch, Hale Creek, Head Creek, Hickory Creek, Hickory Creek, Holder Branch, Honey Creek, Horse Creek, Hughes Creek, Hurst Creek, Jones Creek, Lee Creek, Little Creek, Little Wolf Creek, Long Branch, Long Branch, Loring Creek, Lynn Creek, McGrew Branch, McWright Branch, Middle Caddo Creek, Middle Fork Turkey Creek, Middle Sulphur River, Muriel Branch, Mustang Branch, Mustang Creek, Odell Branch, Oyster Creek, Payne Creek, Pecan Branch, Pecan Creek, Pool Branch, Rainbow Creek, Rays Creek, Renfro Creek, Sand Branch Number Two, Sandy Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Simmons Branch, South Fork Sabine River, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Tidwell Creek, Timber Creek, Turkey Creek, Warren Branch, Watson Branch, West Caddo Creek, West Caney Creek, West Fork Turkey Creek, Willow Oak Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Pen Creek

  Towers     show all on map

KEMM-FM (Commerce), KETR-FM (Commerce), KGVL-AM (Greenville), KIKT-FM (Greenville), KTAQ-TV (Greenville), KTAQ-TV (Greenville)

  Trails     show all on map

Lake Tawakoni State Park Trail,

Hunt County, Texas Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteHunt County White population 75,73975,738  
BlackHunt County Black population 7,4007,399
MixedHunt County Mixed population 1,6541,654
American IndianHunt County American Indian population 1,0451,044
AsianHunt County Asian population 958957
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderHunt County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 174174

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