Jim Hogg County, Texas Basics:

Jim Hogg County Texas - Government Site

Population: 5,261
Area: 1136 square miles
County seat: Hebbronville
Area code(s) in use: 361
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 63.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 9.8%
Median household income: $36,919
Persons in poverty: 12.0%
Home ownership rate: 71.9%
Mean travel time to work: 27.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Brooks  Duval  Starr  Webb  Zapata  

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Map of the Jim Hogg County area

Our detail map of Jim Hogg County shows the Jim Hogg County, Texas boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Jim Hogg County, Texas

  Airports     show all on map

Jim Hogg County Airport, Puesta Del Sol Airport, Puesta Del Sol Airport, San Rafael Ranch Airport, Zachry Ranch Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Jim Hogg County Courthouse, Jim Hogg County Fire Department Station 2, Jim Hogg County Jail, Jim Hogg County Public Library, Quality Care Ambulance Service

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Greenhill Cemetery, New Hebbronville Cemetery, Old Hebbronville Cemetery, Ramirez Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Guerra Census Designated Place, Hebbronville Census Designated Place, Las Lomitas Census Designated Place, South Fork Estates Census Designated Place, Thompsonville Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Catholic Church, First Baptist Church, Hebbronville Assembly of God Church, Saint James Episcopal Church

  Locales     show all on map

Agapito Windmill, Agua Blanca Windmill, Agua Buena Windmill, Agua Dulce Windmill, Agua Negra Windmill, Agua Verde Windmill, Aguajes Windmill, Alazan Windmill, Alegreias Windmill, Alta Vista Ranch, Alta Vista Windmill, Alto Windmill, Alto Windmill, Alto Windmill, Armstrong Ranch, Arroyo Windmill, Atole Windmill, Azucar Windmill, Balderas Altas Windmill, Balderas Windmill, Ballo Windmill, Baluarte Ranch, Barbacoa Windmill, Barrelosa Windmill, Berrendo Windmill, Blanco Windmill, Blanco Windmill, Borradita Windmill, Borregos Ranch, Borregos Windmill, Brazil Windmill, Brazil Windmill, Buena Suerte Windmill, Buena Vista Windmill, Bueno Vista Windmill, Buenos Aires Windmill, Buenos Aires Windmill, Caballos Windmill, Cabeza de Toro Windmill, Calavazas Windmill, Camino de Fierro Windmill Number 1, Camino de Fierro Windmill Number 2, Camote Windmill, Canello Windmill, Cantera Windmill, Carranza Windmill, Casa Blanca Windmill, Casa Verde Windmill, Catoroe Windmill, Cepres Windmill, Chapote Windmill, Chapote Windmill, Chapote Windmill, Charco Largo Windmill, Charco Nuevo Windmill, Charco Windmill, Chicharon Windmill, Chili Pitien Windmill, Chorrito Windmill, Cinco de Mayo Windmill, Cisterna Alta Windmill, Coloraditas Windmill, Colorado Windmill, Colorita Windmill, Coma Windmill, Como Windmill, Conejos Windmill, Conejos Windmill, Copa Windmill, Copa Windmill, Corrales Windmill, Corrales Windmill, Coyotes Windmill, Creek Windmill, Cuatro de Julio Windmill, Cuatro de Julio Windmill, Cuervo Windmill, Descalso Windmill, Dos Casas Windmill Number One, Dos Casas Windmill Number Two, Dusty Downs Racetrack, Ebanito Windmills, El Camino Windmill, El Gallo Windmill, El Jardin Windmill, El Javalin Windmill, El Monte Windmill, El Norte Windmill, El Nuevo Windmill, El Nuevo Windmill, El Sauz Windmill, El Toro Windmill, Escobas Ranch, Escobedo Windmill, Esperanza Windmill, Esteritos Windmill, Estrella Windmill, Farris Windmill, Frijole Windmill, Frijole Windmill, Frijollio Windmill, Gallina Windmill, Gas Well Lilly Windmill, Georgies Windmill, Golondrina Windmill, Granjeno Windmill, Gravel Windmill, Guadalupe Windmill, Guadalupe Windmill, Guerra Windmill, Guilita Windmill, Gutierrez Alto Windmill, Gutierrez Windmill, Hayes Windmill, Huella Windmill, Huisache Windmill, Huisache Windmill, Huisache Windmill, Indiana Windmill, Jaboncillo Windmill, Jardin Windmill, Josefina Windmill, Juido Windmill, Kaffie Ranch, Kelsey Bass Camp, La Esquina Windmill, La Huerta Windmill, La Loma Windmill, La Particion Ranch, La Retama Windmill, Las Comas Windmill, Las Cuatas Ranch, Las Cuatitas Windmill, Las Flores Windmill Number One, Las Flores Windmill Number Two, Las Mojadas Windmill, Las Mujeres Windmill, Lavor Windmill, Lenarderos Windmill, Leoncitos Windmill, Libre Windmill, Liebre Windmill, Little Jardin Windmill, Little Medanito Windmill, Llano Windmill, Llano Windmill, Lobo Blanco Windmill, Lolo Windmill, Loma Vista Windmill, Loma Windmill, Loma Windmill, Los Caballos Windmill, Los Corrales Windmill, Los Negros Windmill, Lova Windmill, Lovon Windmill, Lyton Ranch, Mala Suerte Windmill, Mama Windmill, Manuel Windmill, Manuel Windmill, Maria Stella Windmill, Marino Windmill, Marranos Windmill, Marrina Windmill, Martinez Windmill, Me Campbell Ranch, Medanito Windmill, Medanito Windmill, Medanito Windmill, Medano Windmill, Medieros Windmill, Melargo Windmill, Mescalito Windmill, Mesquite Windmill, Middle Windmill, Miralejos Windmill, Mirasoles Windmill, Mocho Windmill, Moritas Windmill, Nochesitas Windmill, Noria de Llano Windmill, Norte Windmill, Norte Windmill, Norte Windmill, Novillo Windmill, Nuevo Windmill, Nuevo Windmill, Old Medanito Windmill, Ormigas Windmill, Pablo Blanco Windmill, Paisano Windmill, Paisano Windmill, Palacios Windmill, Palito Blanco Windmill, Palo Blanco Windmill, Palo Blanco Windmill, Palomas Ranch, Palomas Windmill, Papalote Nuevo Windmill, Papalote Windmill, Patato Windmill, Paycomo Windmill, Pee Wee Windmill, Pefina Windmill, Peņa Windmill, Peņa Windmill, Pero Grande Windmill, Perrito Windmill, Pinto Windmill, Pita Windmill, Pita Windmill, Pitalla Windmill, Plato Windmill, Plato Windmill, Plato Windmill, Posita Windmill, Posito Cerca Windmill, Poso Windmill, Pump Jack Windmill, Quemado Windmill, Ramirez Windmill, Ramirito Ranch, Ranchito Windmill, Rancho Viejo Windmill, Rancho Viejo Windmill, Realero Windmill, Recuerdo Windmill, Reforma Windmill, Reposa Ranch, Retama Windmill, Retama Windmill, Rey Windmill, Rincon Windmill, Rodeo Windmill, Rodeo Windmill, Rodeo Windmill, Rosita Windmill, Sacatones Windmill, Salada Windmill, Salado Windmill, San Carlos Windmill, San Carlos Windmill, San Felipe Windmill, San Francisco Windmill, San Guadalupe Windmill, San Javier de Ajuera Windmill, San Juan Windmill, San Juan Windmill, San Juan Windmill, San Juan Windmills, San Lazaro Windmill, San Manuel Windmill, San Pablo Ranch, San Pablo Windmill, San Pedro Windmill, San Pedro Windmill, San Pedro Windmill, San Pedro Windmill, San Pedro Windmill, San Rafael Ranch, San Rafael Windmill, San Rafael Windmill, San Tomas Windmill, Sand Windmill, Santa Josefa Windmill, Santa Lucia Windmill, Santa Rita Windmill, Santa Teresa Windmill, Santo Domingo Windmill, Sarita Windmill, Senisoco Windmill, Serita Windmill, Soledad Windmill, Soledad Windmill, Sorio Windmill, Square Tank Windmill, Sube Vaja Windmill, Sufrimiento Windmill, Taco Windmill, Tasajal Windmill, Tegulero Windmill, Tequileras Windmill, Tia Nena Windmill, Tiradores Windmill, Toedgar Windmill, Toro Windmill, Trampa Colorado Windmill, Trampa Verde Windmill, Tres Esquinas Windmill, Tres Lagunas Windmill, Tres Mesquites Windmill, Vaquias Windmill, Venada Brazil Windmill, Venada Ranch, Venada Windmill, Venado Windmill, Verendo Windmill, Verrando Windmill, Viente dos Windmill, Weil Ranch, Windmill Number Seven, Yeguas Windmill, Yeguas Windmill

  Oilfields     show all on map

Armstrong Oil Field, Colorado Oil Field, East Oil Field, La Fevre Oil Field, Las Animas Oil and Gas Field, Prado Oil Field, Randado Oil Field, South Manila Oil Field, Yeager Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Gruy Stadium

  Populated Places     show all on map

Agua Nueva, Cuevitas, Guerra, Hebbronville, Humble Colorado Camp, Las Lomitas, Las Lomitas A Colonia, Las Lomitas B Colonia, Las Lomitas C Colonia, Randado, San Antonio Viejo, South Fork Colonia, South Fork Estates, Thompsonville

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Carreta Tank

  Schools     show all on map

Hebbronville Elementary School, Hebbronville High School, Hebbronville Junior High School

  Springs     show all on map

Albercas de Abajo Spring, Alberquitas Springs (historical), Hinojosa Springs (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Mesquite Creek, Noriacitas Creek

  Towers     show all on map

KCFL-FM (Hebbronville)

  Valleys     show all on map

Arroyo del Gato, Arroyo los Palos

  Wells     show all on map

Alto Bonito Well, El Cuero Well, Las Animas Windmill,

Jim Hogg County, Texas Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteJim Hogg County White population 5,1455,145  
MixedJim Hogg County Mixed population 3736
BlackJim Hogg County Black population 3231
American IndianJim Hogg County American Indian population 2626
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderJim Hogg County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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