Starr County, Texas Basics:

Starr County Texas - Government Site

Population: 61,669
Area: 1223 square miles
County seat: Rio Grande City
Area code(s) in use: 956
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 44.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 8.5%
Median household income: $24,653
Persons in poverty: 39.9%
Home ownership rate: 79.1%
Mean travel time to work: 21.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Brooks  Hidalgo  Jim Hogg  Zapata  

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Map of the Starr County area

Our detail map of Starr County shows the Starr County, Texas boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Starr County, Texas

  Airports     show all on map

Diamond O Ranch Airport, Falcon State Park Airport, Rio Grande City Municipal Airport

  Bays     show all on map

Government Cove

  Bends     show all on map

Garceņo Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Roma-San Pedro International Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

La Carista Volunteer Fire Department, La Grulla Volunteer Fire Department, La Rosita Branch Library, La Rosita Volunteer Fire Department, LaBorde House, Store and Hotel, Rio Grande City Fire Department, Roma Branch Library, Roma Fire Department, Roma Historical Museum, Salineno Volunteer Fire Department, San Isidro Fire Department, South Texas LifeStar Ambulance Service, Starr County Courthouse (historical), Starr County Jail, Starr County Public Library, Stat Emergency Medical Serives

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Agua Dulce Cemetery, Buena Vista Cemetery, Cementerio San Antonio de Escobares, Chapeno Cemetery, Coyote Cemetery, Elizondo Cemetery, Garcia Cemetery, Gonzales Cemetery, Juarez Cemetery, La Paz Cemetery, Longoria Cemetery, Los Arrierous Cemetery, Los Garzas Cemetery, Montalvo Cemetery, Naranja Cemetery, Olivares Cemetery, Olmos Cemetery, Rancho Viejo Cemetery, Rojas Cemetery, San Jose Cemetery, San Vicente Cemetery, Santa Cruz Cemetery, Santa Elena Cemetery, Santa Maria Cemetery, Soledad Cemetery, Solizes Cemetery, Tangue Allegre Cemetery, Uņa de Gato Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Airport Heights Census Designated Place, Alto Bonito Heights Census Designated Place, Amada Acres Census Designated Place, Anacua Census Designated Place, B and E Census Designated Place, Barrera Census Designated Place, Benjamin Perez Census Designated Place, Buena Vista Census Designated Place, Camargito Census Designated Place, Campo Verde Census Designated Place, Casa Blanca Census Designated Place, Casas Census Designated Place, Chaparrito Census Designated Place, Chapeno Census Designated Place, Delmita Census Designated Place, East Alto Bonito Census Designated Place, East Lopez Census Designated Place, El Brazil Census Designated Place, El Castillo Census Designated Place, El Cenizo Census Designated Place, El Chaparral Census Designated Place, El Mesquite Census Designated Place, El Quiote Census Designated Place, El Rancho Vela Census Designated Place, El Refugio Census Designated Place, El Socio Census Designated Place, Elias-Fela Solis Census Designated Place, Escobar I Census Designated Place (historical), Eugenio Saenz Census Designated Place, Evergreen Census Designated Place, Falcon Heights Census Designated Place, Falcon Village Census Designated Place, Falconaire Census Designated Place, Fernando Salinas Census Designated Place, Flor del Rio Census Designated Place, Fronton Census Designated Place, Fronton Ranchettes Census Designated Place, Garceno Census Designated Place, Garciasville Census Designated Place, Garza-Salinas II Census Designated Place, Guadalupe-Guerra Census Designated Place, Gutierrez Census Designated Place, H. Cuellar Estates Census Designated Place, Hilltop Census Designated Place, Indio Census Designated Place, Jardin de San Julian Census Designated Place, JF Villarreal Census Designated Place, La Carla Census Designated Place, La Casita Census Designated Place, La Casita-Garciasville Census Designated Place (historical), La Chuparosa Census Designated Place, La Escondida Census Designated Place, La Esperanza Census Designated Place, La Loma de Falcon Census Designated Place, La Minita Census Designated Place, La Paloma Ranchettes Census Designated Place, La Puerta Census Designated Place, La Rosita Census Designated Place, La Victoria Census Designated Place, Lago Vista Census Designated Place, Las Lomas Census Designated Place, Loma Linda East Census Designated Place, Loma Linda West Census Designated Place, Loma Vista Census Designated Place, Longoria Census Designated Place, Los Alvarez Census Designated Place, Los Arrieros Census Designated Place, Los Barreras Census Designated Place, Los Ebanos Census Designated Place, Los Villareales Census Designated Place, Manuel Garcia Census Designated Place, Manuel Garcia II Census Designated Place, Martinez Census Designated Place, Mesquite Census Designated Place, Mi Ranchito Estate Census Designated Place, Miguel Barrera Census Designated Place, Mikes Census Designated Place, Moraida Census Designated Place, Narciso Pena Census Designated Place, Netos Census Designated Place, Nina Census Designated Place, North Escobares Census Designated Place, Northridge Census Designated Place, Old Escobares Census Designated Place (historical), Olivia Lopez de Gutierrez Census Designated Place, Olmito and Olmito Census Designated Place, Pablo Pena Census Designated Place, Palo Blanco Census Designated Place, Pena Census Designated Place, Quesada Census Designated Place, Rafael Pena Census Designated Place, Ramirez-Perez Census Designated Place, Ramos Census Designated Place, Ranchitos Del Norte Census Designated Place, Rancho Viejo Census Designated Place, Regino Ramirez Census Designated Place, Rivera Census Designated Place (historical), Rivereno Census Designated Place, Roma Creek Census Designated Place, Salineņo Census Designated Place, Salineno North Census Designated Place, Sammy Martinez Census Designated Place, San Fernando Census Designated Place, San Isidro Census Designated Place, San Juan Census Designated Place, Sandoval Census Designated Place, Santa Anna Census Designated Place, Santa Cruz Census Designated Place, Santa Rosa Census Designated Place, Santel Census Designated Place, Sunset Census Designated Place, Tierra Dorada Census Designated Place, Valle Hermoso Census Designated Place, Valle Vista Census Designated Place, Victoria Vera Census Designated Place, Villarreal Census Designated Place, West Alto Bonito Census Designated Place, Zarate Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Primera Iglesia Bautista Church, San Ignacio de Loyola Church

  Dams     show all on map

Alvarez Lake Dam, Dam Number 1, Dam Number 2, Dam Number 3, Dam Number 4, Dam Number 5, Dam Number 6, Dam Number 7, Falcon Dam, Guerro Lake Dam, International Falcon Lake Dam, La Casita Dam, Lower Ellison Lake Dam, Mangus Lake Dam, Munoz Lake Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 1 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 2 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 3 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 4 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 5 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 6 Dam, Soil Conservation Service Site 7 Dam, Texas No Name Number 54 Dam, Upper Ellison Lake Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Starr County Memorial Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Fronton Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Cobby Lake

  Levees     show all on map

Casa Banco Number 90, El Barrito Banco Number 93, El Refugio Banco Number 92, La Chicharra Banco Number 94, Los Adjuntas Banco Number 91, Los Fresnos Banco Number 145, San Francisco Banco Number 60, Santo Domingo Banco Number 55, Santos Banco Number 95, Valadeces Banco Number 130, Villarreales Banco Number 136, Yzaguirre Banco Number 58

  Locales     show all on map

Agua Leguas Windmill, Agua Poquita Windmill, Alto Bonito Windmill, Alto Windmill, Alto Windmill, Benadito Windmill, Bentsen Ranch, Borrachito Windmill, Borrego Windmill, Brazil Windmill, Buena Vista Windmill, Buenos Aires Ranch, Camp Garcia, Casa Blanca Windmill, Casa Yankee Ruins, Chapeno Gaging Station, Chivo Windmill, Cinca de Mayo Windmill, Coma Windmill, Diamond O Ranch, Division Windmill, El Brazil Windmill, El Cerrito Windmill, El Golto Windmill, El Negro Ranch, El Negro Ranch, El Negro Windmill, El Salado Windmill, El Toro Ranch, Falcon Dam Station, Fort Ringgold Historic District, Garza Windmill, Granjenitos Ranch, Juanitas Ranch, La Brisa Ranch, La Libertad Ranch, La Precita Windmill, La Purisma Windmill, La Taca Windmill, Lanarine Windmill, Las Comas Windmill, Las Comitas Ranch, Las Escobas Ranch, Las Islas Ranch, Las Minas Windmill, Leoncitos Windmill, Lobitos Windmill, Loraleno Windmill, Los Magueyes Windmill, Mancia Ranch, Mercedes Windmill, Moriea Windmill, NRL Field Station, Old Encinitos Windmill, Pablito Windmill, Paleta Windmill, Papalote Blanco Windmill, Papalote Guajolota Windmill, Plant Windmill, Realito Windmill, Registre Windmill, Rodeo Windmill, Roma Historic District, Sagunada Ranch, Salado Windmill, Samano Ranch, San Antonio Windmill, San Eduardo Windmills, San Felipe Windmill, San Ignacio Windmill Number One, San Ignacio Windmill Number Two, San Jose Windmill, San Juan Windmill, San Luis Windmill, San Valentine Windmill, Sanbenito Ranch, Santa Barbara Windmill, Sordo Windmill, Tecomate Windmill, Tia Ramona Windmill, Tigre Windmill, Tiradores Windmill, Venadito Windmill, West Loraleno Windmill

  Oilfields     show all on map

Barbacoas Oil Field, Borosa Oil Field, Boyle Oil Field, Braulia Oil Field, Cameron Oil and Gas Field, Davenport Oil Field, El Benadito Oil and Gas Field, El Javali Oil Field, Flores Gas Field, Garcia Oil Field, Garcia Oil Field, Hinde Oil Field, Janal Gas Field, Kennard Oil Field, La Reforma Oil and Gas Field, La Union Oil Field, Lockhart Oil Field, Marks Oil Field, North Rincon Oil and Gas Field, North Sun Oil Field, Remco Oil Field, Rincon Oil Field, Ross Oil Field, Sixto Oil and Gas Field, Strong Oil Field, Sun Oil Field, Yturria Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Falcon State Park, Fort Ringgold Historic Site, Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area - La Grulla Unit, Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area - Prieta Unit, Main Plaza, San Juan Plaza

  Populated Places     show all on map

A T Martinez Colonia, Airport Heights Colonia, Ala Blanca Colonia, Alamante (historical), Alto Bonito, Alto Bonito Colonia, Alto Bonito Heights Colonia, Amada Acres Colonia, Anacua Colonia, Arkansas City, Arredondo Colonia, B and E Colonia, Barrera Colonia, Bella Vista Colonia, Benjamin Perez Colonia, Buena Vista Colonia, Buena Vista Plaza Colonia, Camargito Colonia, Campo Verde Colonia, Campobello Colonia, Campobello Number 2 Colonia, Canales Colonia, Cantu Colonia, Casas Colonia, Chaparrito Colonia, Comitas (historical), Cortez Colonia, De La Cruz Colonia, De La Garza Colonia, De los Santos Colonia, Delmita, Doyno West Side Number 2 Colonia, E Lopez Colonia, East Alto Bonito Colonia, El Arroyo, El Bosque Number 1 Colonia, El Bosque Number 2 Colonia, El Bosque Number 3 Colonia, El Bosque Number 4 Colonia, El Castillo Colonia, El Cenizo Colonia, El Centro, El Chaparral Number 1 Colonia, El Chaparral Number 2 Colonia, El Mesquite Colonia, El Quiote Colonia, El Rancho Vela Colonia, El Refugio, El Refugio Colonia, El Sauz, El Socio Colonia, Elodias Colonia, Escobares, Escobares Number 1 Colonia, Eugenio Saenz Colonia, Evergreen Colonia, Falcon Heights, Falcon Village, Falconaire Colonia, Flor del Rio Colonia, Florentino Sosa Colonia, Flores Brothers Colonia, Fourth Site Colonia, Francisca Colonia, Francisco Rodriguez Colonia, Fronton, Fronton Ranchettes Colonia, Garceno, Garcia's Colonia, Garciasville, Garza Addition Colonia, Garza-Gutierrez Colonia, Garza-Salinas Colonia, Garza-Salinas Number 2 Colonia, Gloria Colonia, Guadalupe Guerra Colonia, Guerra Colonia, H Cuellar Estates Colonia, Hackberry Colonia, Hillside Terrace Colonia, Hilltop Colonia, Humberto Y Saenz Colonia, Indio Number 1 Colonia, Indio Number 2 Colonia, J F Villareal Colonia, J L Garcia Colonia, Jardin de San Julian Colonia, Javier Ramirez Colonia, Joseph Griggs Colonia, Kelsay, La Carla Colonia, La Casita, La Chaparosa Colonia, La Escondida Colonia, La Esperanza Colonia, La Gloria, La Grulla, La Hacienda Colonia, La Lomita Colonia, La Puerta, La Puerta Number 2 Colonia, La Reforma, La Rosita, La Victoria, Lago Vista Colonia, Las Escobas, Las Flores Colonia, Las Lomas, Las Palmas Colonia, Leal Colonia, Live Oak Estates Colonia, Loma Alta Colonia, Loma Linda East Colonia, Loma Linda West Colonia, Loma Vista Colonia, Loma Vista Number 1 Colonia, Longoria Colonia, Los Alvarez, Los Barreras, Los Ebanos Colonia, Los Ebanos Number 2 Colonia, Los Garzas, Los Olmos Colonia, Los Saenz, Los Velas, Los Villareales, M Munoz Colonia, Manuel Garcia Colonia, Manuel Garcia Number 2 Colonia, Manuel Munoz Colonia, Margarita Addition Number 1 Colonia, Margarita Colonia, Mesquite Number 1 Colonia, Mesquite Number 2 Colonia, Mesquite Number 3 Colonia, Mesquite Number 4 Colonia, Midway Colonia, Miguel Barrera Colonia, Miguel Garza Colonia, Mikes Colonia, Mirasoles Colonia, Mireles Colonia, Mitchell Colonia, Montalvo Hills Colonia, Moreno Colonia, Morida Colonia, Munoz Colonia, Munoz-Garcia Colonia, Narciso Pena Colonia, Nina Colonia, North Escobares, North Escobares Ranchettes Colonia, North Santa Cruz Colonia, Northridge Colonia, Old Santa Elena, Olivarez Colonia, Olivia Lopez de Gutierrez Colonia, Olmito and Olmito Number 2 Colonia, Olmos, Pablo Pena Colonia, Palo Blanco Colonia, Pedro Campos Colonia, Pena Number 1 Colonia, Pena Number 2 Colonia, Quesada Colonia, Rafael Pena Colonia, Ramos Addition Number 1 Colonia, Ramos Colonia, Ranchitos del Norte Colonia, Rancho Viejo Number 1 Colonia, Rancho Viejo Number 2 Colonia, Rancho Viejo Number 3 Colonia, Ratcliff, Rau-con Drive-In Number 2 Colonia, Regino Ramirez Colonia, Remolino, Reyna Colonia, Rincon, Rio Grande City, Rivera Colonia, Rivereno Colonia, Robberson, Robinson Colonia, Rodriguez Number 1 Colonia, Rodriguez Number 2 Colonia, Roma, Roma Creek, Roma Creek Number 1, 2 and 3 Colonia, Roma-Los Saenz, Rosita, Salinas Colonia, Salineņo, Salmon Colonia, Sammy Martinez Colonia, San Carlos, San Fernando Colonia, San Isidro, San Jose Colonia, San Juan Colonia, San Roman, Santa Anna, Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Number 2 Colonia, Santa Elena, Santa Margarita, Santa Rosa Colonia, Santel Colonia, Share 52 Colonia, Solis Colonia, Sunset Colonia, Tamez Colonia, Tierra Dorada Colonia, Tierra Linda Colonia, Trevinos Colonia, Trevinos Number 1 Colonia, Triple R Colonia, Triple R Number 1 Colonia, Valle Hermosa Colonia, Valle Vista Number 1 Colonia, Valle Vista Number 2 Colonia, Venecia Colonia, Viboras, Victoria Colonia, Victoria Vera Colonia, Villa de Frontera Colonia, Villa de Martinez Colonia, Villareal Colonia, Villareales, West Alto Bonito Colonia, Zarate Colonia

  Post Offices     show all on map

Delmita Post Office, Falcon Heights Post Office, Garciasville Post Office, Grulla Post Office, Rio Grande City Post Office, Roma Post Office, Salineno Post Office, San Isidro Post Office, Silverio de la Pena Drugstore and Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alvarez Lake, Charco del Rucio Tank, Cirildo Tank, El Leoncito Tank, Falcon Reservoir, Garbancillo Tank, Guerro Lake, International Falcon Lake, Kelsey Lake, La Casita Lake, Lake Kimberly, Los Charcos Tank, Lower Ellison Lake, Mangus Lake, Monterrey Tank, Munoz Lake, San Idelfonso Tank, San Jose Tank, Soil Conservation Service Site 1 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 2 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 3 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 4 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 5 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 6 Reservoir, Soil Conservation Service Site 7 Reservoir, Upper Ellison Lake

  Schools     show all on map

A S Canavan Elementary School, Barrera Elementary School, Grulla Elementary School, Grulla Elementary School, Grulla Middle School, Grulla Middle School, Hinojosa Elementary School, Immaculate Conception School, Immaculate Conception School, John and Olive Hinojosa Elementary School, La Union Elementary School, La Union Elementary School, North Grammar Elementary School, North School, Ringgold Elementary School, Ringgold Middle School, Rio Grande City Community Based Alternative School, Rio Grande City High School, Roma Accelerated Learning Academy, Roma High School, Roma Intermediate School, Roma Middle School, Roque Guerra Junior Elementary School, San Isidro Elementary School, San Isidro Elementary School, San Isidro High School, San Isidro High School, Scott Elementary School, Vera Elementary School, West School, Ynes B Escobar Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Charco al Monte Spring (historical), El Suaz Springs, Indian Springs, Salado Springs, Santa Theresa Springs (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Arroyo del Tigre, Arroyo Garceņo, Arroyo Grande, Arroyo la Minita, Arroyo Morteros, Arroyo Quemado, Arroyo Quiote, Caņada Honda, Del Puerto Creek, El Chapote Creek, El Sauz Creek, Garcias Creek, La Burrita Creek, Las Blancas Creek, Las Escobas Creek, Los Barrosos Creek, Los Negros Creek, Los Olmos Creek, Olmitos Creek, Ramirez Creek, Remadura de Charco Largo Creek, Remadura de Sandia Creek, Retamoso Creek, Salado Creek, Saremente Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Gongora Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KBMI-FM (Roma), KCTM-FM (Rio Grande City)

  Trails     show all on map

Falcon State Park Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Arroyo de los Mudos, Arroyo de Magueyes, Arroyo los Morenos, Arroyo Roma

  Wells     show all on map

Chapote Well, El Saucito Well, Juarez Well, La Pita Well, Palagana Well,

Starr County, Texas Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteStarr County White population 61,05261,052  
American IndianStarr County American Indian population 185185
MixedStarr County Mixed population 123123
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderStarr County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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