Duchesne County, Utah Basics:

Duchesne County Utah - Government Site

Population: 19,245
Area: 3241 square miles
County seat: Duchesne
Area code(s) in use: 435
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 86.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.3%
Median household income: $55,724
Persons in poverty: 10.2%
Home ownership rate: 75.0%
Mean travel time to work: 22.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carbon  Daggett  Summit  Uintah  Utah  Wasatch  

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Map of the Duchesne County area

Our detail map of Duchesne County shows the Duchesne County, Utah boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Duchesne County, Utah

  Airports     show all on map

Duchesne County Hospital Heliport, Duchesne Municipal Airport, Hanna Heliport, Roosevelt Municipal Airport, Stillwater Heliport, Thunder Ridge Airpark

  Areas     show all on map

Big Meadow, Hancock Cove, High Uintas Primitive Area, Lightning Park

  Basins     show all on map

Bear Wallow, Brown Duck Basin, Brown Duck Basin, Clay Basin, Coyote Basin, East Basin, Four Lakes Basin, Garfield Basin, Gilbert Creek Basin, Harmston Basin, Hidden Valley, Jepp Basin, Krebs Basin, Lake Basin, Lake Basin, Little Basin, Lower Basin, McAfee Basin, McDonald Basin, Murdock Basin, Naturalist Basin, Ottoson Basin, Painter Basin, Pole Creek Sink, Shotnick Basin, Squaw Basin, The Crescent, The Hens Nest, The Hole, The Hole, Tonigut Basin, Upper Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Blackhawk Bench, Blue Bench, Cowboy Bench, Hair Bench, Harmston Bench, Kersha Bench, Nephi Bench, North Myton Bench, Page Bench, South Myton Bench, West Bench, Wilbur Bench, Yellow Ledges

  Bends     show all on map

Big Bend, Hell Hole, Pulley Bend, Swasey Hole

  Bridges     show all on map

Clover Creek Bridge, Lower Dry Gulch Bridge, Lower Vinta Canal Bridge, Miners Gulch Bridge, Miners Gulch Campground Bridge, Rock Canyon Bridge, Shale Creek Bridge, Sheep Bridge, Smokey Springs Bridge, Twin Pats Bridge, Uinta River Bridge, Upper Moon Lake Canal Bridge, Upper Uinta Canal Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Altamont Fire Department, Duchesne County Sheriff's Office, Duchesne Fire Department, Fruitland Fire Department, Myton Fire Department, Neola Fire Department, Roosevelt Fire Department, Roosevelt Police Department, Tabiona Fire Department, Utah Highway Patrol Section 5 Roosevelt Office

  Canals     show all on map

Blackhawk A Lateral, Blackhawk Canal, Bluebell Lateral, Bridger Ditch, Bypass Canal, C Canal, Cedarview Canal, City Canal, Dodd Ditch, Dry Gulch Canal, Duchesne Feeder Canal, F Canal, Farm Creek Canal, Farnsworth Canal, Gray Mountain Canal, Hancock Lateral, Hicken Ditch, Hidden Valley Canal, Jasper Pike Canal, Jepp Thomas Canal, Knight Ditch, Lake Fork Canal, Lake Fork Extension Canal, Lake Fork Western Canal, Lateral Number 1, Lateral Number 1, Lateral Number 2, Lateral Number 2, Lateral Number 2 1/2, Lateral Number 3, Lateral Number 3, Lateral Number 4, Lateral Number 4, Lateral Number 5, Lateral Number 5, Little Blackhawk Canal, Little Farm Creek Canal, Lower Pleasant Valley Canal, Martin Lateral, Midview Ditch, Midview Lateral, Moon Lake Canal, Murray White Canal, New Hope Canal, North Ditch, North Fork Dry Gulch Canal, North Lateral C Canal, North Lateral Lake Fork Canal, Number 1 Canal, Page Canal, Pahcease Canal, Pahcease Canal, Payne Canal, Pioneer Canal, Pleasant Valley Canal, Pole Creek Canal, Powerplant Canal, Purdy Canal, Red Cap Canal, Rhoades Canal, Riverdell Canal, Rocky Point B Canal, Rocky Point C Canal, Rocky Point Canal, Roosevelt Lateral, Sheehan Lateral, South Boneta Canal, South Ditch, South Lateral, South Lateral C Canal, South Lateral Lake Fork Canal, State Road Lateral, Tabby Canal, Uintah Canal, Uintah Number 1 Canal, United States Lake Fork Canal, Upper Pleasant Valley Canal, Uteland Canal, Yellowstone Extension Canal, Yellowstone Feeder Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Lookout Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Altamont-Mount Emmons Cemetery, Altonah Cemetery, Bluebell Cemetery, Boneta-Mountain Home Cemetery, Cedarview Cemetery, Duchesne Cemetery, Fruitland Cemetery, Ioka Cemetery, Myton Cemetery, Neola Cemetery, Old Loka Cemetery, Roosevelt City Cemetery, Strawberry Cemetery, Tabiona-Redcliff Cemetery, Talmage Cemetery, Upalco Cemetery, Utahn Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bluebell Census Designated Place, Neola Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Community Presbyterian Church, Faith Lutheran Church, First Baptist Church, Jehovahs Witnesses Arcadia Congregation, Jehovahs Witnesses Roosevelt Congregation, Roosevelt Baptist Church, Roosevelt Christian Assembly, Saint Helens Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bad Land Cliffs, Mount Albert, Red Cliff, The Point, Timber Point

  Dams     show all on map

Big Sand Wash Dam, Brown Duck Dam, Browns Draw Dam, Cedarview Dam, Chepeta Dam, Clement Lake Dam, Cliff Lake Dam, Crescent Lake Dam, Deer Lake Dam, Drift Lake Dam, East Timothy Dam, Five Point Lake Dam, Fox Lake Dam, Grant Hansen Reservoir Number Three Dam, Heller Lake Dam, Island Lake Dam, Kidney Lake Dam, Lake Atwood Dam, Lower Chain Lake Dam, Midview Dam, Milk Lake Dam, Moccasin Lake Dam, Moon Lake Dam, Papoose Lake Dam, Red Creek Dam, Starvation Dam, Superior Lake Dam, Twin Pots Dam, Upper Chain Lake Dam, Upper Stillwater Dam, Water Lily Lake Dam, Wigwam Dam, Yellowstone Power Diversion Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Bear Park, Bennion Park, Brinton Meadow, Center Park, Cow Park, Daniel Flat, Davis Park, Dead Horse Park, Dutchmans Flat, Flea Flat, Jackson Park, Jefferson Park, John Starr Flat, Knolly Flats, Lambert Meadow, Little Meadow, Long Park, Mill Flat, Mill Park, Orson Bedground, Rye Patch, Sadies Flat, Seventyseven Flat, Tarwood Flat, Towanta Flat, West Park, Winchester Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Ashley National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Anderson Pass, Bald Mountain Pass, Bluebell Pass, Cleveland Pass, Cyclone Pass, Dead Horse Pass, East Basin Pass, Farm Creek Pass, Fox Queant Pass, Gunsight Pass, Hades Pass, Mountain Sheep Pass, North Pole Pass, Porcupine Pass, Roberts Pass, Rocky Sea Pass, Trail Rider Pass, Tungsten Pass, Tworoose Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Uintah Basin Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Allen Lake, Allen Lake, Allred Lake, Amy Lake, Anderson Lake, Arta Lake, Aspen Lake, Atwine Lake, Audry Lake, B-29 Lake, Baum Lake, Bear Lake, Bedground Lake, Bench Lake, Betsy Lake, Big Dog Lake, Big Lake, Bills Lake, Black Lake, Blue Lake, Bluebell Lake, Blythe Lake, Bollie Lake, Bonnie Lake, Boot Lake, Bowden Lake, Brinkley Lake, Brook Lake, Brooks Lake, Bud Lake, Butterfly Lake, Cabin Lake, Carl Lake, Carolyn Lake, Carrol Lake, Castle Lake, Center Timothy Lake, Chain Lakes, Cirque Lake, Clements Lake, Cleveland Lake, Cleveland Lake, Continent Lake, Craig Lake, Crater Lake, Crescent Lake, Dale Lake, Davis Lakes, Daynes Lake, Dean Lake, Diamond Lake, Dime Lake, Divide Lake, Docs Lake, Doll Lake, Doug Lake, East Carroll Lake, East Slide Lake, East Timothy Lake, Echo Lake, Elbow Lake, Emerald Lake, Evermann Lake, Fall Lakes, Farmers Lake, Farney Lake, Faxon Lake, Fehr Lake, Fern Lake, Fish Hatchery Lake, Fourth Chain Lake, Fox Lake, Francis Lake, Frog Lake, Gatman Lake, Gem Lake, Gem Lake, Gladys Lake, Governor Dern Lake, Grandaddy Lake, Grayling Lake, Hades Lake, Hayes Ponds, Heart Lake, Helen Lake, Hidden Lake, Hoover Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hyatt Lake, Island Lake, Jack and Jill Lakes, Jean Lake, Jeff Lake, Jodie Lake, Jordan Lake, Kidney Lakes, Kings Lake, Krebs Lake, Lake Boreham, Lake George Beard, LaMarla Lake, Lambert Lake, Larvae Lake, LeConte Lake, Ledge Lake, Lightning Lake, Lily Lake, Lily Pad Lake, Lily Pad Lake, Lily Pad Lakes, Little Dog Lake, Little Lake, Little Superior Lake, Lodgepole Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Carroll Lake, Lower Chain Lake, Lower Ottoson Lake, Lower Rock Lake, Maba Lake, Margie Lake, Margo Lake, Marsell Lake, Marshall Lake, McKune Lake, Meadow Lake, Mid Lake, Middle Chain Lake, Middle Rock Lake, Milk Lake, Milk Lake, Mirror Lake, Mohawk Lake, Moosehorn Lake, Morat Lakes, Mud Lake, North Star Lake, Oke Doke Lake, Olga Lake, Ouray Lake, Packard Lake, Painter Lakes, Palisade Lake, Pass Lake, Pearl Lake, Phinney Lake, Picture Lake, Picturesque Lake, Pine Island Lake, Pinto Lake, Point Lake, Pole Creek Lake, Pot Holes, Powell Lake, Pyramid Lake, Queant Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Range Lake, Rasmussen Lakes, Reader Lakes, Reconnaissance Lake, Red Cliff Lake, Roberts Lake, Rock Lake, Rock Lakes, Rosalie Lake, Rudolph Lake, Samuels Lake, Scout Lake, Scudder Lake, Sea Lion Lake, Shadow Lake, Shale Lake, Shaler Lake, Shamrock Lake, Shepard Lake, Slide Lake, Sonny Lake, Spider Lake, Splash Dam Lake, Squaw Lake, Stewart Lake, Summit Lake, Survey Lake, Swasey Lakes, Tadpole Lake, Taylor Lake, Thompson Lake, Three Lakes, Timothy Lakes, Toquer Lake, Triangle Lake, Tungsten Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Ponds, Tworoose Lake, Uintah Lake, Upper Carroll Lake, Upper Ottoson Lake, Upper Rock Lake, Verlie Lake, Verrill Lake, Walcott Lake, Walk-Up Lake, Wall Lake, Water Lily Lake, Weeping Ledge Lake, West Timothy Lake, White Miller Lake, Wigwam Lake, Wild Goose Lake, Wilder Lake, Wilderness Lake, Workman Lake, Wyman Lake, Young Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Aspen Campground, Avintaquin Campground, Bald Mountain Campground, Baum Ranch, Beaver Dam Campground, Big Meadow Forest Service Station, Big Sand Lake Campground, Big Spring Recreation Area, Boreham Memorial, Brinton Meadow Guard Station, Butterfly Campground, Camp Steiner, Castle Cliffs Campground, Crystal Ranch, Defas Dude Ranch, Del Monte Mine, Dry Gulch Cattle Camp, Dry Gulch Ranger Station, East Portal, Farm Creek Grazing Enclosure, Fisher Ranch, Five Point Forest Service Station, Grandview Trailhead, Grandview Transfer Camp, Hades Campground, Hades Recreation Site, Indian Canyon Guard Station, Indian Canyon Guard Station, Indian Ranger Station, Iron Mine Campground, Lake Fork Corral, Lake Fork Forest Service Station, Lake Fork Guard Station, Mill Flat Campground, Miners Gulch Campground, Mirror Lake Campground, Mirror Lake Guard Station, Moon Lake Campground, Moon Lake Group Site Campground, Moosehorn Campground, Mountainwest Mobile Home Campground, Myton Pumping Station, Nutters Corral, P X Ranch, Pass Lake Trailhead, Peatross Ranch, Pole Creek Campground, Remund Ranch, Reservoir Campground, Riverview Campground, Robbins Ranch, Rock Creek Corral, Rock Creek Ranch, Rock Creek Resort, Sheep Camp Corral, South Fork Campground, Splash Dam Campground, Starvation Campground, Stockmore Ranger Station, Swift Creek Campground, U-Bar Ranch, Uinta Canyon Campground, Uinta Canyon Forest Service Station, Uinta Canyon Summer Homes, Uinta Canyon Summer Homes, Uinta Park Guard Station, Uinta Picnic Area, Uintah Canyon Youth Camp, Uintah Powerplant, Upper Stillwater Campground, Wandin Campground, Wilderness Area Overlook, Yellow Pine Campground, Yellowstone Bridge Campground, Yellowstone Campground, Yellowstone Corral, Yellowstone Guard Station, Yellowstone Ranch, Zeagher Cabin, Zeagher Cabin

  Mines     show all on map

Castle Peak Mine, Frank Mine, Paint Mine, Pariette Mine, Payne Mine, Raven Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Monument Butte Oil Field, Nutter Canyon Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Avintaquin Wildlife Management Area, Big Sand State Park, Currant Creek Wildlife Management Area, Lake Canyon Wildlife Management Area, Mirror Lake Recreation Site, North Fork Park, Rabbit Gulch Wildlife Management Area, Red Creek Wildlife Management Area, Skitzy Wildlife Management Area, Sowers Canyon Wildlife Management Area, Starvation State Park, Wildcat Wildlife Management Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Strawberry Pinnacles

  Populated Places     show all on map

Altamont, Altonah, Arcadia, Bluebell, Boneta, Bridgeland, Cedarview, Duchesne, Fruitland, Hanna, Ioka, Monarch, Moon Lake Lodge, Moon Lake Resort, Mount Emmons, Mountain Home, Myton, Neola, Roosevelt, Tabiona, Talmage, Upalco, Utahn

  Post Offices     show all on map

Hanna Post Office, Roosevelt Post Office

  Reserves     show all on map

High Uintas Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Ant Reservoirs, Big Sand Wash Reservoir, Big Sand Wash Reservoir, Brown Duck Lake, Browns Draw Reservoir, Butte Reservoir, Cedar View Reservoir, Chepeta Lake, Clement Lake, Cliff Lake, Coleman Reservoir, Crescent Lake, Deer Lake, Drift Lake, East Cart Hollow Reservoir, East Timothy Lake, Five Point Lake, Fox Lake, Grant Hansen Reservoir Number Three, Hancock Reservoir, Heller Lake, Island Lake, Kidney Lake, Lake Atwood, Lower Burnt Mill Spring Reservoir, Lower Chain Lake, Lower Lake, Milk Lake, Moccasin Lake, Moon Lake, Mud Spring Reservoir Number 1, Mud Spring Reservoir Number 3, Myton City Reservoir, Nephi Pond, Papoose Lake, Papoose Lake, Red Creek Reservoir, Red Creek Reservoir, Sheep Reservoir, Snyder Reservoir, Spruce Springs Reservoir, Starvation Reservoir, Superior Lake, Timothy Creek Reservoir, Twin Pots Reservoir, Upper Chain Lake, Upper Stillwater Reservoir, Water Lily Lake, Wigwam Reservoir, Yellowstone Power Diversion Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Argyle Ridge, Big Ridge, Blacktail Ridge, Burnt Ridge, Cottonwood Ridge, Cottonwood Ridge, Dry Ridge, Fossil Ridge, Horse Ridge, Lightning Ridge, Little Horse Ridge, Long Ridge, McAfee Ridge, Minnie Maud Ridge, Monarch Ridge, Pine Nut Ridge, Pine Ridge, Tower Ridge, Tub Ridge, Wagon Road Ridge, Wild Horse Ridge, Wilkin Ridge, Windy Ridge, Windy Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Altamont High School, Altamont School, Duchesne High School, Duchesne School, East School, Myton School, Neola School, Roosevelt Junior High School, Roosevelt Middle School, Tabiona High School

  Slopes     show all on map

The East Slope, The West Slope

  Springs     show all on map

Aspen Spring, Beaver Spring, Beer Spring, Bennion Spring, Big Bend Hollow Spring, Big Draw Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Birch Spring, Birch Spring, Birch Spring, Blank Spring, Boundary Spring, Buffalo Spring, Bull Elk Creek Spring, Burnt Mill Spring, Burnt Mill Spring Number 2, Burnt Ridge Spring, Cart Hollow Spring, Center Fork Spring, Chidester Springs, Cold Spring, Corner Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cow Spring, Coyote Spring, Crystal Creek Spring, Currant Spring, Dry Gulch Spring Number 1, Dry Gulch Spring Number 3, Dry Gulch Spring Number 5, East Slope Spring, Elk Spring, Fawn Spring, Fence Spring, Freestone Spring, Gooseberry Spring, Grants Spring, Grits Spring, Hackamore Spring, Henry Spring, High Line Spring, Howard Spring, Jackass Larson Spring, Lake Spring, Lightning Killed Bull Spring, Limekiln Spring, Little Mud Spring, Little Water Spring, Log Hollow Spring, Lower Burnt Mill Spring, Lucky Spring, Marshall Springs, McKune Spring, McKune Spring, Meadow Spring, Mill Spring, Mine Hollow Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mugwump Spring, Murray Springs, Nutters Spring, O'Driscoll Spring, Olsen Spring, Pigeon Milk Spring, Pigeon Water Spring, Pine Spring, Pinto Spring, Pipe Spring, Preece Spring, Puppy Spring, Ray Spring, Red Bedground Spring, Red Cedar Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Russell Spring Number 1, Russell Spring Number 2, Russell Spring Number 3, Saddle Spring, Saddle Spring, Sagers Spring, Santaquin Spring, Sick Cow Spring, Slope Spring, Smokey Spring, Snake John Spring, Snyder Spring, Split Spring, Steer Spring, Sulphur Spring, Tonigut Spring, Trail Ridge Spring, Trail Spring, Transfer Spring, Twin Spring, Uinta Spring, Upper Cart Hollow Springs, Warm Springs, Weasel Spring, Whiskey Spring, White Mule Spring, Wilbur Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Antelope Creek, Argyle Creek, Atwine Creek, Atwood Creek, Avintaquin Creek, Benson Creek, Big Trough Creek, Blind Stream, Bluebell Creek, Brown Duck Creek, Buffalo Creek, Bull Elk Creek, Cabin Creek, Carter Creek, Center Fork Gilbert Creek, Clements Creek, Cliff Creek, Clover Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cripple Creek, Crystal Creek, Currant Creek, Dry Fork, Dry Fork, East Basin Creek, East Fork Duchesne River, East Fork Farm Creek, East Fork Rock Creek, East Fork Whiterocks River, Fall Creek, Farm Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fivemile Creek, Garfield Creek, Gilbert Creek, Hades Creek, Half Moon Creek, Hominy Creek, Johnson Creek, K P Creek, Kersha Creek, Krebs Creek, Lake Fork River, Little Deer Creek, Milk Creek, Mill Fork, Minnie Creek, Mule Creek, Nine Mile Creek, North Fork Gilbert Creek, Ottoson Creek, Oweep Creek, Owl Creek, Petty Creek, Pigeon Water Creek, Poison Creek, Pole Creek, Red Creek, Right Fork Farm Creek, Rock Creek, Salt Creek, Sand Creek, Shale Creek, Shale Creek, Sixmile Creek, Slate Creek, South Fork Avintaquin Creek, South Fork Rock Creek, Sowers Creek, Spring Branch Creek, Squaw Basin Creek, Squaw Creek, Strawberry River, Swift Creek, Swift Creek, Tabby Creek, Timothy Creek, Uinta River, West Fork Avintaquin Creek, West Fork Dry Gulch Creek, West Fork Duchesne River, West Fork Farm Creek, West Fork Farm Creek, West Fork Rock Creek, West Fork Whiterocks River, Yellowstone Creek, Yellowstone River

  Summits     show all on map

Anthro Mountain, Bald Knoll, Blacktail Mountain, Brown Duck Mountain, Buck Knoll, Butcher Knife, Castle Peak, Castle Rocks, Cedar Mountain, Cleveland Peak, Crow Knoll, Currant Creek Mountain, Dry Mountain, East Grandaddy Mountain, Explorer Peak, Farm Creek Peak, Flat Top, Flat Top Mountain, Flattop Butte, Goose Egg Peak, Gray Head Peak, Grey Wolf Mountain, Horner Knoll, Kings Peak, Lake Fork Mountain, Mount Agassiz, Mount Emmons, Mount Lovenia, Murdock Mountain, Pole Mountain, Red Knoll, Round Mountain, Sheep Knolls, South Kings Peak, Spread Eagle Peak, Squaw Peak, Steamboat Mountain, Tabby Mountain, The Mesa, The Nipple, Todd Hill, Twin Knolls, Twin Knolls, Washs Nipple, West Grandaddy Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

KUUU-FM (Neola)

  Trails     show all on map

East Fork Pinto Lake Trail, Fish Creek National Recreation Trail, Highline Trail, Shale Dugway, Skinner Cutoff Trail, Slope Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

East Portal Duchesne Tunnel, Hades Rhoades Tunnel, Stillwater Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Alkali Canyon, Anderson Hollow, Antelope Canyon, Arnolds Canyon, Avintaquin Canyon, Barberra Hollow, Bear Gulch, Benson Draw, Bertha Hollow, Big Bear Canyon, Big Bend Hollow, Big Draw, Big Hollow, Big Piney Canyon, Big Rough Canyon, Big Sand Wash, Big Sulphur Canyon, Bills Draw, Birch Bottom Canyon, Blackburn Hollow, Blind Canyon, Bowen Canyon, Britt Canyon, Broad Hollow, Brown Draw, Brundage Canyon, Bull Hollow, Bulls Canyon, Bumper Canyon, Calf Hollow, Camp Draw, Cart Hollow, Cat Canyon, Cataract Gorge, Chimney Hollow, Chokecherry Canyon, Chokecherry Canyon, Chuck Hollow, Clem Hollow, Clement Hollow, Clement Hollow, Coal Mine Draw, Cockey Hollow, Colby Canyon, Corral Hollow, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Hollow, Cottonwood Wash, Cow Canyon, Cow Hollow, Coyote Canyon, Coyote Draw, Crow Canyon, Currant Canyon, Daddy Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Davis Hollow, Deathtrap Canyon, Desbrough Canyon, Dick Hollow, Dipping Vat Hollow, Draper Hollow, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Mountain Hollow, East Cart Hollow, East Dry Canyon, East Fork Sams Canyon, Ethlen Wash, Finger Canyon, First Canyon, First Canyon, Fivemile Canyon, Flat Ridge Canyon, Freds Draw, Garden Hollow, Garden Wash, Garder Canyon, Gate Canyon, Gilsonite Draw, Golden Stairs Canyon, Grass Hollow, Grass Hollow, Grassy Hollow, Gundy Hollow, Hades Canyon, Half Moon Hollow, Hardinger Draw, Harmston Canyon, Hells Canyon, Henry Olsen Draw, Hicken Hollow, Hoodoo Canyon, Horse Ridge Canyon, Indian Canyon, Jack Canyon, Jenson Canyon, Jolie Hollow, Jones Hollow, Jones Hollow, Kuntz Hollow, Lagoon Canyon, Lake Canyon, Lake Draw, Lance Canyon, Larsen Hollow, Leers Canyon, Left Fork Antelope Canyon, Left Fork Indian Canyon, Left Fork Lake Canyon, Left Fork Wagstaff Hollow, Linley Hollow, Lion Hollow, Lion Hollow, Little Bear Canyon, Little Bear Hollow, Little Sulphur Canyon, Little Valley, Log Hollow, Logge Canyon, Lost Canyon, Mackentire Draw, Marsell Canyon, Matilda Canyon, Mill Canyon, Mill Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mine Hollow, Miners Gulch, Monument Gulch, Mud Spring Draw, Nephi Draw, Ninemile Canyon, North Franks Canyon, North Lost Hollow, North Maxie Canyon, North Twin Hollow, Nutters Canyon, Painter Draw, Parley Canyon, Pearl Canyon, Peterson Gulch, Peterson Hollow, Petes Canyon, Pinnacle Canyon, Pole Canyon, Quitchampau Canyon, Rabbit Gulch, Raspberry Draw, Raspberry Hollow, Red Narrows, Reserve Canyon, Right Fork Antelope Canyon, Right Fork Grass Hollow, Right Fork Indian Canyon, Right Fork Lake Canyon, Right Fork Log Hollow, Right Fork Mill Hollow, Road Hollow, Road Hollow, Rock Canyon, Rosie Hollow, Rough Canyon, Rough Canyon, Rough Hollow, Rough Hollow, Rude Hollow, Sadies Hollow, Saleratus Wash, Sams Canyon, Sams Wash, Sand Wash, Sand Wash, Sand Wash, Santaquin Draw, Seep Hollow, Seth Hollow, Simmons Canyon, Sink Draw, Skitzy Canyon, Slab Canyon, Slide Canyon, Sorens Cove, South Lost Hollow, South Twin Hollow, Sowers Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Hollow, Spring Hollow, Spring Hollow, Sterling Hollow, Sulfur Draw, Tabby Canyon, Tabby Swale, Timber Canyon, Timber Canyon, Timber Draw, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon, Trail Hollow, Trail Hollow, Trail Hollow, Trapper Canyon, Twin Hollow, Twin Hollow, Vans Canyon, Wagstaff Hollow, Warren Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Hollow, Water Hollow, Wedge Hollow, Weeint Hollow, Wells Draw, Wide Hollow, Wilbur Canyon, Wild Horse Draw, Wire Fence Canyon, Witch Hollow, Wolf Den Hollow, Wolf Hollow, Wood Canyon, Wright Draw, Y Canyon, Zimmerman Wash

  Wells     show all on map

Castle Peak Well

  Woods     show all on map

Cracker Grove, Round Grove,

Duchesne County, Utah Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteDuchesne County White population 17,68617,686  
American IndianDuchesne County American Indian population 866866
MixedDuchesne County Mixed population 443442
BlackDuchesne County Black population 9696
AsianDuchesne County Asian population 7776
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderDuchesne County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 5857

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