Rutland County, Vermont Basics:

Rutland County Vermont - Government Site

Population: 60,938
Area: 930 square miles
County seat: Rutland
Area code(s) in use: 802
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 89.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 26.9%
Median household income: $48,968
Persons in poverty: 13.0%
Home ownership rate: 69.3%
Mean travel time to work: 20.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Addison  Bennington  Washington (NY)  Windsor  

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Map of the Rutland County area

Our detail map of Rutland County shows the Rutland County, Vermont boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Rutland County, Vermont

  Airports     show all on map

Fair Haven Municipal Airport, Hulett Landing Strip, Mach Personal Strip, Rutland - Southern Vermont Regional Airport, Velco Heliport

  Basins     show all on map

The Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Atwater Bay, East Bay, Hall Bay, Indian Bay, Red Rock Bay, Warner Cove

  Bends     show all on map

Maple Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Brown Covered Bridge, Coggman Bridge, Colburn Bridge, Cooley Covered Bridge, Dean Bridge, Depot Covered Bridge, Float Bridge, Gorham Bridge, Hammond Covered Bridge, Kingsley Covered Bridge, Sanderson Bridge, Twin Bridge (historical)

  Buildings     show all on map

Ames Memorial Hall, Belden Dock Light (historical), Benjamin Place Light (historical), Benson Fire Department, Benson First Response, Benson Town Hall, Brandon Area Rescue Squad, Brandon Fire District 1, Brandon Free Public Library, Brandon Town Hall, Calvin Coolidge Library, Castleton Free Library, Castleton Town Hall, Castleton Volunteer Fire Department, Center of Rutland Fire Department - McKinley Station, Center Rutland Fire Department, Chaffee Art Center, Chittenden Town Hall, Chittenden Volunteer Fire Department, City of Rutland Fire Department, Clarendon Town Hall, Clarendon Volunteer Fire Association Station 1, Clarendon Volunteer Fire Association Station 2, College of Saint Joseph Playhouse, Community Historical Museum of Mount Holly, Danby - Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Danby - Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Danby Town Hall, Eagle Tavern (historical), East Wallingford Fire Department, Fair Haven Fire Department, Fair Haven Free Public Library, Fair Haven Rescue Squad, Fair Haven Town Hall, Fair Haven Town Hall, Finney Tavern (historical), Frederic D Barstow Memorial Library, Gilbert Hart Library, H H Baxter Memorial Library (historical), Hubbardton Fire Department Station 1, Hubbardton Fire Department Station 2, Ira Town Hall, Ira Volunteer Fire Department, Killington Fire And Rescue Station 1, Killington Fire And Rescue Station 2, Lawrence Recreation Center, Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility - Rutland, Mendon Town Hall, Middletown Springs Fire Department, Mount Holly Library, Mount Holly Town Hall, Mount Holly Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Mount Holly Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Mount Holly Volunteer Rescue Squad, Mount Tabor Town Hall, Norman Rockwell Museum, Old Bowman Tavern (historical), Pawlet Public Library, Pawlet Town Hall, Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department, Pittsfield Town Hall, Pittsfield Volunteer Fire Department, Pittsford Fire Department, Pittsford Fire Department - Fire Service Training, Pittsford First Response Squad Incorporated, Pittsford Town Hall, Poultney Fire Department, Poultney Rescue Squad, Poultney Town Hall, Proctor Town Hall, Proctor Volunteer Fire Department, Regional Ambulance Service, Rutland City Hall, Rutland County Courthouse, Rutland Free Library, Rutland Historical Society Building, Rutland Historical Society Museum, Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce, Rutland Regional Medical Center Health Science Library, S L Griffith Memorial Library, Saint Joseph College Library, Senior Citizens Center, Sherburne Town Hall, Sherburne Volunteer Fire Department, Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Snody Dock Lighthouse, Sudbury Town Hall, Tinmouth Town Hall, Tinmouth Volunteer Fire Department, Vermont Police Academy Library, Vermont State Southwest Regional Library, Walker Memorial Library, Wallingford Fire Department Station 2, Wallingford Town Hall, Wallingford Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Wells Volunteer Fire Department, Incorporated, West Haven Volunteer Fire Department, West Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department, West Rutland Fire Department, West Rutland Free Library, West Rutland Town Hall, Wilson Castle

  Canals     show all on map

Tinmouth Channel

  Capes     show all on map

Cedar Point, Cones Point, Gallup Point, Mason Point, O'Brien Point, Page Point, Prospect Point, Stony Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adams-Elbow Cemetery, Allen Campbell Cemetery, Ames Cemetery, Anthony Family Cemetery, Baird Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Foley Cemetery, Barden Cemetery, Bardwell Cemetery, Barnard Cemetery, Bartholomew Cemetery, Blackner-Hazelton Cemetery, Blissville Cemetery, Blossom Cemetery, Bradley Family Cemetery, Brandon Town Cemetery, Briggs Cemetery, Broughton-Martin-Hidiway Cemetery, Brown O'Rourke Cemetery, Bullard Cemetery, Bump Cemetery, Burton Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Carlton Cemetery, Carter Street Cemetery, Carver Falls Cemetery, Catholic Cemetery, Cavanaugh Cemetery, Cedar Crove Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Center Rutland Cemetery, Cheney Hill Cemetery, Church of Our Saviour Cemetery, Clarendon Flats Cemetery, Congregational Burial Yard, Cook Cemetery, Crampton Cemetery, Crown Point Road Monument Cemetery, Crystal Beach-Town Farm Cemetery, Culver Cemetery, Daniel Williams Grave, Darling-Rising Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Dillingham Cemetery, Doty Cemetery, East Clarenden Cemetery, East Hubbardton Cemetery, East Pittsford Cemetery, East Poultney Cemetery, East Wells Cemetery, Edmunds Cemetery, Eggelston Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Fair View Cemetery, Fifield Cemetery, Finney Cemetery, Fiske Cemetery, Forestdale Cemetery, Foster Hill Cemetery, Galick Farm Cemetery, Gardner-Sheldrick-Horton Cemetery, Gates Cemetery, Gilbert-Cook-Goodrow Cemetery, Greeley Cemetery, Green Family Cemetery, Green Hill Cemetery, Hackett Dam Cemetery, Hager-Bourne Cemetery, Hawkins Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hill-Roberts Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hitchcock Cemetery, Horton Cemetery, Hortonville Cemetery, Hortonville Cemetery, Hosford Crossing Cemetery, Hosford Tomb, Hubbardton North Cemetery, Hulett Cemetery, Hydeville Cemetery, J Adams Road Cemetery, Jewish Cemetery, John Brown Cemetery, Joseph Wait Cemetery, June Cemetery, Keep Cemetery, Laurel Glen Cemetery, Lillie Hill Cemetery, Lincoln Cemetery, Lydias-Wheelerville Road Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Maple Street Cemetery, Matteson Cemetery, McOmber Cemetery, Mettawee Valley Cemetery, Mount Holly Cemetery, Mount Tabor Cemetery, Mountain Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, New Mechanicsville Cemetery, Noble Cemetery, North Main Cemetery, Northam Cemetery, Northeast Cemetery, Old Burying Ground, Old Cemetery, Old Cemetery, Old Cemetery, Old Cemetery, Old Marsh Cemetery, Old Mechanicsville Cemetery, Old North Half Cemetery, Old Poultney Cemetery, Old South Half Cemetery, Old West Street Cemetery, Otis Cemetery, Packer Cemetery, Page Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Parmenter Cemetery, Parsons Cemetery, Pelsue-Jarvary Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Street Cemetery, Pleasant View Cemetery, Pleasant View Cemetery, Potter Cemetery, Poultney Cemetery, Quaker-Nichols Farm Cemetery, Quaker-Staples Farm Cemetery, R Adams Road Cemetery, Read-Old Four Corners Cemetery, Red School House Cemetery, Ressegrie Family Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Rubbs Cemetery, Rutland Jewish Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saint Alphonsus Cemetery, Saint Bridgets Cemetery, Saint Dominicks Cemetery, Saint John Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Raphael Cemetery, Saint Stanislaus Kostka Cemetery, Samuel Pardee Cemetery, Sargent Cemetery, Sawyer Cemetery, Scottsville Cemetery, Shipee Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Southard-Munson Cemetery, Sowle Cemetery, Spafford Cemetery, Stafford Cemetery, Staples Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stiles Cemetery, Sugar Hill Cemetery, Sugar Hollow Cemetery, Tabor Cemetery, Tabor Cemetery, Tarbellville Cemetery, Tenney Cemetery, Tinmouth Cemetery, Town Cemetery, Townline-Saunders Cemetery, Traverse Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Wallace Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, West Clarendon Cemetery, West Hill Cemetery, West Street Cemetery, Wetmore Cemetery, Wheeler Cemetery, Whipple Hollow Cemetery, Wilkins Cemetery, Willow Brook Cemetery, Wolfe Cemetery, Wood-Clement Episcopal Cemetery, Wood-Norton Cemetery, Woodard Cemetery, Woodruff Cemetery, Woodward-Wilder Cemetery, Young Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Benson Census Designated Place, Brandon Census Designated Place, Castleton Census Designated Place, Fair Haven Census Designated Place, Pittsford Census Designated Place, Wallingford Census Designated Place, Wells Census Designated Place, West Rutland Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Advent Christian Church, Alliance Church of Rutland, Brandon Baptist Church, Calvary Bible Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ the King Roman Catholic Church, Church of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Clarendon Congregational Church, Corner Church, East Wallingford Baptist Church, Federated Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Congregational Church, First Methodist Church, Grace Congregational Church, Immaculater Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church, Ira Baptist Church, Messiah Lutheran Church, Middletown Springs Community Church, Mill Village Chapel, Mission Chapel, Mount Saint Joseph Convent, Mountain of the Lord Church, Old Baptist Church, Pawlet Community Church, Pittsford Congregational Church, Poultney United Methodist Church, Rutland Jewish Center, Saint Annes Catholic Church, Saint Dennis Church, Saint Dominicks Catholic Church, Saint John Episcopal Church, Saint Joseph Novitiate, Saint Josephs Convent, Saint Matthews Church, Saint Patricks Church, Saint Pauls Universalist Church, Saint Peters Roman Catholic Church, Saint Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Sherburne Church of Christ, Sudbury Congregational Church, The Synagogue, Tinmouth Methodist Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Union Chapel, Union Church (historical), Union Church of Proctor, United Church of West Rutland, Wallingford Congregational Church, West Pawlet United Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Arnolds Ledge, Barber Ledge, The Great Ledge, The Ox Bow, Wallace Ledge

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 2, Interchange 3, Interchange 4, Interchange 5

  Dams     show all on map

Austin Pond Dam, Beaver Pond Dam, Burr Pond Dam, Carver Falls Dam, Center Rutland Dam, Chittenden Dam, Chizmar Dam, Colton Pond Dam, Eddy Pond Lower Dam, Glen Dam, Glen Lake Dam, Howard Dam, Inman Pond Dam, Kent Pond Dam, Lake Bomossen Dam, Lake Ninevah Dam, Lefferts Dam, Little Pond Dam, Munger Dam, Northeast Developers Dam, Old Marsh Pond Dam, Parsons Mill Dam, Patch Dam, Pine Pond Dam, Proctor Dam, Rutland City Reservoir Dam, Said Dam, Schiff Dam, Schmidt Dam, Sheldon Dam, Sherburne Corporation Site 1 Dam, Star Lake Dam, Sunrise Lake Dam, Upper Eddy Pond Dam, Walker Pond Dam, Youngs Brook Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Center Rutland Falls, Sutherland Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Swale Meadow

  Forests     show all on map

Aitken State Forest, Brandon Municipal Forest, Calvin Coolidge State Forest, Castleton Municipal Forest, Fair Haven Municipal Forest, Mount Carmel State Forest, Okemo State Forest, Proctor Village Municipal Forest, Proctor Village Municipal Forest, Rutland City Forest, Rutland Municipal Forest, Rutland Municipal Forest, Wallingford Municipal Forest, West Rutland Municipal Forest, West Rutland State Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bloodroot Gap, Devils Den, Sherburne Pass, Telephone Gap, The Elbow, The Narrows, Wetmore Gap, Willard Gap

  Glaciers     show all on map

Ice Beds

  Hospitals     show all on map

Caverly Preventorium (historical), Eden Park Nursing Home, McKerley Health Care Center, Rutland Regional Medical Center, Vermont Sanatorium

  Islands     show all on map

Fox Island, Halls Island, Neshobe Island, Rabbit Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Beaver Meadow, Beaver Meadows, Beaver Pond, Beebe Pond, Big Mud Pond, Billings Marsh, Black Pond, Breese Pond, Bullhead Pond, Burnell Pond, Burr Pond, Butler Pond, Chipman Lake, Coggman Pond, Cooks Pond, Danby Pond, Doughty Pond, Dunklee Pond, Echo Lake, Eddy Pond, Elfin Lake, Fifield Pond, Halfmoon Lake, High Pond, High Pond, Hinkum Pond, Huff Pond, Johnson Pond, Jones Mill Pond, Lake Bomoseen, Lake Saint Catherine, Lefferts Pond, Lily Pond, Lily Pond, Little Lake, Little Mud Pond, Little Rock Pond, Long Hole, Lost Pond, Mill Pond, Moscow Pond, Mud Pond, Mudd Pond, Muddy Pond, North Pond, Olympus Pool, Patch Pond, Perch Pond, Pico Pond, Piedmont Pond, Roach Pond, Rocky Pond, Root Pond, Said Pond, Sargent Pond, Schoolhouse Marsh, Smith Pond, South Pond, Spring Lake, Spring Pond, Star Lake, Strong Swamp, Sugar Hollow Pond, Sunset Lake, Tiny Pond, Walker Pond, Wallingford Pond, Warrior Lakes

  Locales     show all on map

Andys Camp, Bayonne Camp (historical), Beechwood Camp, Big Branch Picnic Grounds, Big Branch Shelter, Big D Campground, Black Branch Recreation Site, Blossoms Corners, Bomoseen State Park Campground, Brimstone Corners, Camp Awanee, Camp Betsey Cox, Camp Kinni Kinnic, Camp Sangamon, Camp Sky Bird, Camp Sunrise, Camp Twin Lake, Camp Windsor, Carmel Camp, Chittenden Brook Campground, Churchhill House Ski Area, Claycreek Farm, Colony Club, Diamond Run Mall Shopping Center, Eagle Rock Camp, Forestdale Iron Furnace, Greeleys Mill (historical), Green Mountain Camp, Green Mountain Golf Course, Green Mountain Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Greenwall Shelter, Griffith Shelter, Half Moon State Park Campground, Iroquois Land Family Campground, Killington Basin Ski Center, Killington Gateway, Killington Golf Course, Killington Ski Area, Lake Bomoseen Campground, Lake Saint Catherine Golf Course, Little Rock Pond Shelter, Lost Pond Shelter, Lula Tye Shelter, Mendon Fish and Game Club, Mountain Meadows Ski Touring Center, Mountain Top Club, Neshobe Golf Course, Old Job, Old Job Shelter, Old Maid Place Lighthouse (historical), Otter Creek Campground, Park Meadows Camping Area, Peru Peak Shelter, Pico Peak Ski Area, Pico Peak Winter Sprorts Area, Pico Trail Shelter, Pitts Ford (historical), Pittsford Mills (historical), Rolston Rest Shelter, Rutland City Swimming Pool, Rutland Country Club, Rutland Golf Course, Rutland Mall Shopping Center, Rutland Plaza Shopping Center, Smoke Rise Family Campground, Stephen A Douglas Birthplace, Summit, Sunnyside Shelter, Tucker Johnson Shelter, White Rocks Picnic Grounds

  Military     show all on map

Fort Mott (historical), Fort Ranger (historical), Fort Rutland (historical), Fort Vengence (historical), Fort Warren (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Danby Marble Quarry (historical), South Wallingford Limestone Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Benson Village Historic District, Bird Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Blueberry Hill Wildlife Management Area, Boczek Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Bomoseen State Park, Bomossen Wildlife Reserve, Bradbury State Park, Brandon Swamp Wildlife Management Area, Brandon Village Historic District, Castleton Village Historic District, Crown Point Road Monument, Danby Village Historic District, East Poultney Historic District, Fair Haven Green Historic District, Gifford Woods Natural Area, Giffords Woods State Forest Park, Hubbardton Battle Monument, Hubbardton Battlefield, Hubbardton Battlefield Wildlife Management Area, Lake Saint Catherine State Park, Lew Newall Wildlife Management Area, Main Street Park, Marble Street Historic District, Marsh Pond Wildlife Management Area, Middletown Springs Historic District, Northwood Park, Otter Creek State Wildlife Management Area, Pine Hill Park, Pittsford Green Historic District, Plymsbury Wildlife Management Area, Pond Woods Wildlife Management Area, Poultney Main Street Historic District, Rutland Courthouse Historic District, Rutland Downtown Historic District, Tinmouth Channel Wildlife Management Area, Tinmouth Historic District, Valley Park, Village Green, Wallingford Main Street Historic District, Ward Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Whipple Hollow Wildlife Management Area, White Rocks National Recreation Area, Whites Playground

  Pillars     show all on map

The Pinnacle

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alfrecha, Avalon Beach, Bassett Development, Belmont, Benson, Benson Landing, Billings Mobile Manor, Blissville, Blue Ridge Acres, Bomoseen, Bowlsville, Brandon, Brewers Corner, Brookside Trailer Park, Brookwood Estates, Burnham Hollow, Butternut, Castleton, Castleton Corners, Center Rutland, Centerville (historical), Chasanna Acres, Chippenhook, Chittenden, Clarendon, Clarendon Springs, Cold River, Cold Spring, Colonial Estates, Countryside Estates, Crystal Beach, Cuttingsville, Danby, Danby Four Corners, Durgy Hill Heights, East Clarendon, East Hubbardton, East Pittsford, East Poultney, East Wallingford, East Wells, Eastridge Acres, Fair Haven, Florence, Forest Dale, Gorhamtown, Grandview Acres, Grangerville, Green Acres, Healdville, Heritage Hill Development, Hortonia, Hortonville, Hubbardton, Hyde Manor, Hydeville, Ira, Killington, Killington Heights, Killington Village, Marolin Acres, Mendon, Michigan, Middletown Springs, Mount Holly, Mount Holly Heights, Mount Pleasant, Mount Tabor, Mountain View Estates, Neshobe Beach, New Boston (historical), North Chittenden, North Clarendon, North Pawlet, North Sherburne, North Shrewsbury, Pawlet, Pierces Corner, Pinecrest Acres, Pinnacle Ridge, Pittsfield, Pittsford, Point of Pines, Poultney, Proctor, Prospect Hill, Ransomvale, Russellville, Rutland, Scottsville, Sherburne Center, Shrewsbury, South End, South Poultney, South Sherburne, South Wallingford, Stacy Crossroads, Sudbury, Sugar Hollow, Sugarwood Hill, Tarbellville, Telemark Village, The Woods, Timber Hill Estates, Tinmouth, Tupper, Wallingford, Wells, West Castleton, West Haven, West Pawlet, West Rutland, West Tinmouth

  Post Offices     show all on map

Belmont Post Office, Benson Landing Post Office (historical), Benson Post Office, Bomoseen Post Office, Brandon Post Office, Castleton Post Office, Center Rutland Post Office, Chippenhook Post Office (historical), Chittenden Post Office, Clarendon Post Office, Clarendon Springs Post Office (historical), Cold River Post Office (historical), Cuttingsville Post Office, Danby Four Corners Post Office, Danby Post Office, East Clarenden Post Office, East Hubbardton Post Office (historical), East Pittsford Post Office (historical), East Poultney Post Office, East Wallingford Post Office, Fair Haven Post Office, Florence Post Office (historical), Forest Dale Post Office, Healdville Post Office, Holden Post Office (historical), Hortonville Post Office (historical), Hubbardton Post Office, Hydeville Post Office, Ira Post Office (historical), Killington Post Office, Mendon Post Office (historical), Middletown Springs Post Office, Mount Holly Post Office, Mount Tabor Post Office (historical), North Clarendeon Post Office, North Pawlet Post Office (historical), North Sherburne Post Office (historical), North Shrewsbury Post Office (historical), Pawlet Post Office, Pittsfield Post Office, Pittsford Mills Post Office (historical), Pittsford Post Office, Poultney Post Office, Proctor Post Office, Rutland Post Office, Saint Catherine Post Office (historical), Sherburne Center Post Office, Shrewsbury Post Office (historical), South Poultney Post Office (historical), South Wallingford Post Office, Sudbury Post Office (historical), Tinmouth Post Office (historical), Wallingford Post Office, Wells Post Office, West Castleton Post Office (historical), West Haven Post Office (historical), West Pawlet Post Office, West Rutland Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Coolidge Range

  Reserves     show all on map

Big Branch Wilderness, Peru Peak Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Austin Pond, Beaver Pond, Burr Pond, Chittenden Reservoir, Colton Pond, Combination Pond, Glen Lake, Howard Pond, Inman Pond, Kent Pond, Lake Hortonia, Lake Ninevah, Loves Marsh, Lower Eddy Pond, Old Marsh Pond, Pine Pond, Reynolds Reservoir, Rutland City Reservoir, Sheldon Pond, Sugar Hollow Pond, Sunrise Lake, Upper Eddy Pond, Youngs Brook Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Porcupine Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Sledge Length Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Addison Rutland Supervisory Union, Aiken School, Arnold School, Bangall School, Barstow Memorial School, Benson Village School, Bradley School, Brandon State School, Brown School (historical), Bump School, Burr Pond School, Castleton Hubbardton Elementary School, Castleton State College, Castleton Village School, Center School, Christ The King School, Clarendon Elementary School, College of Saint Joseph, Community College of Vermont, Currier Memorial School, Dana School (historical), District School Number 15, Dyer School, Fair Haven Grade School, Fair Haven Union High School, Furnace School, Goodnough School, Green Mountain College, Havenwood School, Hill School, Howard Hill School, Hydeville School (historical), Killington Mountain School, Lincoln School, Longfellow School, Lothrop School, Mettawee Community School, Middletown Springs Elementary School, Mill River Union High School, Mount Holly Elementary School, Mount Saint Joseph Academy, Mountain View Christian Academy, Mountain View Community School, Neshobe School, North Breton School, Northam School, Northeast Primary School, Northwest Primary School, Old Center Rutland School (historical), Otter Valley Union High School, Park Street School, Parsons School, Pawlet Village School, Pierpoint Primary Learning Center, Poultney Elementary School, Poultney High School, Proctor Elementary School, Proctor Junior / Senior High School, Rutland Area Christian School, Rutland Central School District Office, Rutland City School District Office, Rutland County Grammar School (historical), Rutland High School, Rutland Intermediate School, Rutland Learning Center, Rutland Middle School, Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union, Rutland South Supervisory Union, Rutland Southwest Essential Early Education Program, Rutland Town Elementary School, Saint Mary's School, Saint Peters School, Saint Stanislaus Kostka School, School Number 1, Sherburne Elementary School, Sherburne Valley School, Shrewsbury Mountain School, Stafford Technical Center, Stony Point School, Success School, Sudbury Country School, Swale School, Tinmouth Elementary School, Turnpike School, Turnpike School, Vermont Achievement Center, Vermont Police Academy, Wallingford Village School, Webster School, Wells Village School, West Pawlet School, West Rutland School, Whipple Hollow School, White School (historical), Willow Brook School

  Springs     show all on map

Boiling Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Arnold Brook, Baker Brook, Baker Brook, Basin Brook, Beaudry Brook, Beaver Brook, Bee Brook, Big Black Branch, Big Branch, Big Hollow Brook, Billings Brook, Bresee Mill Brook, Brewers Brook, Brimstone Brook, Bully Brook, Bumps Brook, Caryl Brook, Castleton River, Clarendon River, Clark Hollow Brook, Coggman Creek, Cold Brook, Cold River, Coy Brook, Dry Brook, East Creek, Eddy Brook, Endless Brook, Fall Brook, Falls Brook, Feller Brook, Finel Hollow Brook, Flower Brook, Freeman Brook, Furnace Brook, Giddings Brook, Gould Brook, Green Brook, Guernsey Brook, Gully Brook, Hampshire Hollow Brook, Hayes Brook, Hewitt Brook, Homer Stone Brook, Horton Brook, Hubbardton River, Indian River, Ira Brook, Jimmy Dean Brook, Joe Smith Brook, Johnson Brook, Jones Brook, Kent Brook, Kettle Brook, Kiln Brook, Lake Brook, Lavery Brook, Lewis Brook, Little Black Branch, Little Brook, McGinn Brook, Meadow Brook, Mendon Brook, Mendon Brook, Michigan Brook, Middle Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Mill River, Moon Brook, Morrill Brook, Mount Tabor Brook, Mountain Brook, Mud Brook, Mussey Brook, Neshobe River, North Branch Cold River, North Breton Brook, North Brook, North Fork Madden Brook, Patch Brook, Pond Hill Brook, Purchase Brook, Puss and Kill Brook, Quimby Brook, Roaring Brook, Roaring Brook, Russell Brook, Sargent Brook, Shaw Hill Brook, Slab Bridge Brook, Snow Brook, South Branch Tweed River, South Brook, South Fork Madden Brook, Steam Mill Brook, Sucker Brook, Sucker Creek, Sugar Hollow Brook, Taylor Brook, Ten Kilns Brook, Tenney Brook, Three Shanties Brook, Townsend Brook, Train Brook, Tweed River, Vail Brook, Weatherby Brook, Wells Brook, West Branch Tweed River, Willow Brook, Windfall Brook

  Summits     show all on map

Austin Hill, Baker Peak, Bald Hill, Bald Hill, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Peak, Barber Mountain, Barker Hill, Barker Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bear Mountain, Biddie Knob, Birch Hill, Bird Mountain, Bissell Hill, Bloodroot Mountain, Blue Ridge Mountain, Blueberry Hill, Blueberry Hill, Boardman Hill, Buckball Peak, Bull Hill, Burt Hill, Button Hill, Castle Hill, Cedar Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Chaffee Mountain, Cherry Knoll, Clark Hill, Clark Mountain, Cleveland Hill, Cobble Knoll, Cole Hill, Colvin Hill, Comtois Hill, Coons Den, Copperas Hill, Corporation Mountain, Cox Mountain, Coy Mountain, Danby Hill, Daves Peak, Deer Leap Mountain, Deer Leap Rock, Dorset Mountain, Dorset Peak, Doubleday Mountain, Doughty Hill, Dutch Hill, Eagle Rock, East Mountain, East Mountain, Eaton Hill, Edgerton Hill, Edmunds Peak, Fan Hill, Farr Peak, Fayette Mountain, Fish Hill, Flat Rock, Forbes Hill, Ganson Hill, Graham Hill, Grandpa Knob, Granite Hill, Green Hill, Green Mountain, Hadley Hill, Hammond Hill, Hateful Hill, Hawk Hill, Haynes Hill, Haystack Mountain, Hedgehog Hill, Hedgehog Knoll, Herrick Mountain, Highgo Hill, Homer Stone Mountain, Hooker Hill, Howard Hill, Indian Hill, Ingalls Hill, Jockey Hill, Killington Peak, Kline Hill, Knights Hill, Lead Mine Mountain, Liberty Hill, Lily Hill, Lincoln Hill, Lion Hill, Little Killington, Little Pico, Little Wilcox Peak, Long Hill, Long Hill, Ludlow Mountain, Mendon Peak, Middle Mountain, Miller Hill, Moosehorn Mountain, Morgan Mountain, Mount Carmel, Mount Hamilton, Mount Hoag, Mount Holly, Mount Nickwaket, Northeast Mountain, Oak Hill, Old Knob, Orcutt Hill, Parker Hill, Parris Hill, Pete Parent Peak, Pico Peak, Pine Hill, Pine Hill, Pine Top, Plum Hill, Pond Hill, Pond Mountain, Proctor Hill, Quimby Mountain, Rams Head, Robinson Hill, Rock Hill, Roger Hill, Round Hill, Round Mountain, Round Pinnacle, Russell Hill, Saddle Mountain, Saint Catherine Mountain, Sargent Hill, Sargent Hill, Sawyer Rocks, Scott Mountain, Seager Hill, Shagback Mountain, Shaw Hill, Shaw Mountain, Sheldrick Hill, Shrewsbury Peak, Signal Hill, Simonds Hill, Single Hill, Smith Peak, Snowden Peak, South Buckball Peak, South Hill, Spaulding Hill, Spoon Mountain, Spooner Hill, Spruce Knob, Spruce Knoll, Spruce Top, Stiles Hill, Stiles Mountain, Stony Hill, Tadmer Hill, Taylors Pinnacle, The Cape, The Cobble, The Darning Needle, The Fox Cobble, The Pattern, The Purchase, Thousand Acre Hill, Tinmouth Mountain, Town Hill, Town Hill, Walnut Hill, West Hill, White Rocks, Wilcox Hill, Wilcox Hill, Wilcox Peak, Wilder Mountain, Willard Mountain, Wilmouth Hill, Woodchuck Hill, Woodlawn Mountain, Zion Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Beaver Meadow, Beaver Meadows, Black Swamp, Brandon Swamp, Cedar Swamp, Cranberry Swamp, Drowned Lands, Elbow Swamp, Horton Marsh, Long Swamp, Smalley Swamp, Walker Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

WFTF-FM (Rutland), WHWB-AM (Rutland), WHWB-FM (Rutland), WIUV-FM (Castleton), WJJR-FM (Rutland), WRUT-FM (West Rutland), WRUT-FM (West Rutland), WRVT-FM (Rutland), WSYB-AM (Rutland), WVER-TV (Rutland), WVNR-AM (Poultney), WZRT-FM (Rutland)

  Trails     show all on map

Baker Peak Trail, Bloodroot Mountain Trail, Bomoseen Hiking Loop, Bucklin Trail, Canty Trail, Chittenden Brook Cross-Country Ski Trail, Chittenden Brook Trail, Circle Trail, Daniel Coffey Memorial Trial, Glen Lake Trail, Green Mountain Trail, Half Moon Pond Trail, Homer Stone Trail, Juggernaut Trail, Keewaydin Trail, Lake Trail, New Boston Trail, Old Job Trail, South Pond Trail, Telefon Trail, Vermont State History Trail, Wetmore Gap Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Bullfrog Hollow, Clarendon Gorge, Clark Hollow, Finel Hollow, Hampshire Hollow, Hubbardton Gulf, Morse Hollow, Rush Hollow, The Gulf, Whipple Hollow,

Rutland County, Vermont Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteRutland County White population 59,29359,292  
MixedRutland County Mixed population 792792
AsianRutland County Asian population 366365
American IndianRutland County American Indian population 183182
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderRutland County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Vermont population by county