San Juan County, Washington Basics:

San Juan County Washington - Government Site

Population: 15,791
Area: 174 square miles
County seat: Friday Harbor
Area code(s) in use: 360
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 94.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 44.8%
Median household income: $52,712
Persons in poverty: 11.2%
Home ownership rate: 69.4%
Mean travel time to work: 15.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the San Juan County area

Our detail map of San Juan County shows the San Juan County, Washington boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in San Juan County, Washington

  Airports     show all on map

Blakely Island Airport, Burden Field-(Rabbit Run) Airport, Center Island Airport, Clam Harbor Airport, Decatur (Jones) Airport, Decatur Shores Airport, Deer Point Airport, Fishermans Bay Seaplane Base, Friday Harbor Airport, Friday Harbor Seaplane Base, Friday West Airport, Lopez Island Airport, Orcas Island Airport, Roche Harbor Airport, Roche Harbor Seaplane Base, Rosario Seaplane Base, Spieden Island Airstrip, Stuart Island Airpark, Stuart Island West Airport, Waldronaire Airport, Wilding Farm Airport, Windsock Airport

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Friday Harbor Watershed

  Bars     show all on map

Argyle Shoal, Barnacle Rock, Belle Rock, Blakely Island Shoal, Center Reef, Chicken Rock, Clements Reef, Danger Rock, Danger Rock, Danger Shoal, Dot Rock, Elwha Rock, Fritz Point, Giffin Rocks, Gull Reef, Halftide Rocks, Harbor Rock, Harbor Rock, Hope Reef, Kellett Ledge, Lawson Rock, Leo Reef, Lydia Shoal, McArthur Bank, Middle Bank, Minnesota Reef, Mouatt Reef, North Pacific Rock, Parker Reef, Reid Rock, Rock Point, Salmon Bank, Sentinel Rock, Shark Reef, Shirt Tail Reef, Spencer Spit, Spindle Rock, Sunken Rock, Turn Rock, Undertakers Reef, Undertakers Reef, West Bank

  Bays     show all on map

Active Cove, Aleck Bay, Andrews Bay, Argyle Lagoon, Barlow Bay, Blind Bay, Brigantine Bay, Buck Bay, Buoy Bay, Cascade Bay, Coon Hollow, Cowlitz Bay, Davis Bay, Davis Bay, Deadman Bay, Deer Harbor, Doe Bay, Dolphin Bay, Eagle Cove, East Sound, Echo Bay, Enterprise Bay, Evans Cove, Ewing Cove, False Bay, Fish Creek, Fisherman Bay, Fishing Bay, Fossil Bay, Fox Cove, Friday Harbor, Garrison Bay, Grandmas Cove, Griffin Bay, Grindstone Harbor, Guthrie Cove, Hicks Bay, Hoffman Cove, Horseshoe Bay, Hudson Bay, Hughes Bay, Hunter Bay, Indian Cove, Jakles Lagoon, Jasper Bay, Jensen Bay, Jones Bay, Judd Bay, Kanaka Bay, Kansas Cove, Lonesome Cove, Lopez Sound, Lovers Cove, Mackaye Harbor, Mail Bay, Massacre Bay, McArdle Bay, Merrifield Cove, Mitchell Bay, Mosquito Bay, Mud Bay, Mud Bay, Mulno Cove, Mya Cove, Nelson Bay, North Bay, North Bay, Old Town Lagoon, Open Bay, Outer Bay, Parks Bay, Picnic Cove, Post Office Bay, Prevost Harbor, Reads Bay, Reef Bay, Reid Harbor, Roche Harbor, Rocky Bay, Rolfe Cove, Rowboat Cove, Seversons Bay, Shallow Bay, Ship Bay, Shoal Bay, Shoal Bight, Smallpox Bay, Smugglers Cove, Snoring Bay, Squaw Bay, Swifts Bay, Sylvan Cove, Telegraph Bay, Thatcher Bay, Third Lagoon, Watmough Bay, West Sound, Westcott Bay, White Beach Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Chin-Chin-Tse-Tung, Crescent Beach, Flint Beach, Fourth of July Beach, Green Bank, Jackson Beach, Kimple Beach, North Beach, South Beach, South Beach, Terrill Beach, White Beach

  Buildings     show all on map

Friday Harbor Fire Department, Islands Convalescent Center, Lopez Island Community Center, Lopez Island Historical Museum, Lopez Island Library, Orcas Island Historical Museum, Orcas Island Library, San Juan County Courthouse, San Juan County Courthouse Annex, San Juan County Fire District 2 / Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Station 22 Westsound, San Juan County Fire District 2 / Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Station 23 Rosario, San Juan County Fire District 2 / Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Station 24 Deer Harbor, San Juan County Fire District 2 / Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Station 25 Olga / Obstruction Pass, San Juan County Fire District 2 / Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Station 26 Orcas, San Juan County Fire District 2 / Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Station 27 - Doe Bay, San Juan County Fire District 3, San Juan County Fire District 3 Cape San Juan, San Juan County Fire District 3 Little Mountain, San Juan County Fire District 3 Roche Harbor, San Juan County Fire District 3 San Juan Island Fire Department, San Juan County Fire District 4 Lopez Island Fire and Emergency Medical Services Station 41, San Juan County Fire District 4 Lopez Island Fire and Emergency Medical Services Station 42, San Juan County Fire District 4 Lopez Island Fire and Emergency Medical Services Station 43, San Juan County Fire District 4 Lopez Island Fire and Emergency Medical services Station 44, San Juan County Fire District 5, San Juan County Fire Protection District 2, San Juan County Sheriff's Office Friday Harbor, San Juan County Sheriff's Office Lopez Island, San Juan Historical Museum, San Juan Island Emergency Medical Services, San Juan Island Library, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Whale Museum

  Capes     show all on map

Alden Point, Bazalgette Point, Bell Point, Bellevue Point, Broken Point, Caldwell Point, Cape Saint Mary, Cattle Point, Charles Point, Davis Point, Davison Head, Deer Point, Delacombe Point, Diamond Point, Eagle Point, Eagle Point, Fauntleroy Point, Fishery Point, Flat Point, Foster Point, Green Point, Haida Point, Hanbury Point, Hankin Point, Iceberg Point, Indian Point, Johns Point, Johnson Point, Kangaroo Point, Kings Point, Lawrence Point, Limberry Point, Limestone Point, Little Island, Low Point, Madrona Point, McCracken Point, Neck Point, Pear Point, Pile Point, Pioneer Park, Point Caution, Point Colville, Point Disney, Point Doughty, Point George, Point Hammond, Point Hudson, Point Joe, Point Kimple, Point Thompson, Rolfe Cape, Rosario Point, Sandy Point, Sperry Point, Steep Point, Sunset Point, Toe Point, Turn Point, White Point, Wiggins Head

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Afterglow Vista Mausoleum, Lopez Union Cemetery, Olga-Doe Bay Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Samish Tribal Designated Statistical Area

  Channels     show all on map

Boat Channel, Boundary Pass, Careen Creek, Harney Channel, Haro Strait, Inner Passage, Johns Pass, Lopez Pass, Middle Channel, Mosquito Pass, New Channel, North Pass, Obstruction Pass, Peavine Pass, Pole Pass, President Channel, Rosario Strait, San Juan Channel, Spieden Channel, Spring Passage, Thatcher Pass, Upright Channel, Wasp Passage

  Churches     show all on map

Eagle's Rock Christian Fellowship Church, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Friday Harbor Presbyterian Church, Friday Harbor Seventh Day Adventist Church, Islands Community Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Lopez Island Community Church, Orcas Island Community Church, Orcas Island Seventh Day Adventist Church, Saint David's Episcopal Church, Saint Francis Parish Catholic Church, Saint Francis Xavier Mission, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bald Bluff, Humphrey Head, Kellett Bluff, Lawson Bluff, Spieden Bluff, White Cliff, White Cliffs

  Dams     show all on map

Ayer Reservoir Dam, Boyce Dam, Boyd Lower Reservoir Dam, Boyd Middle Reservoir Dam, Burton and Louthan Dam, Cascade Lake Dam, Durhack Dam Number Five, Durhack Dam Number Four, Durhack Dam Number One, Durhack Dam Number Seven, Durhack Dam Number Six, Durhack Dam Number Three, Durhack Dam Number Two, Duroucher Dam, Erickson Dam Number One, Erickson Dam Number Two, Fowler Reservoir Dam, Gagne Dam, Goodrow Dam, Gould Dam, Grant Dam, Halsey Dam Number One, Halsey Dam Number Three, Halsey Dam Number Two, Heidenreich Dam, Hilen Dam, Humes Dam, Johnson Dam, Lawson Dam Number One, Lawson Dam Number Two, Lawson Lake Dam, Lehman Pond Dam, Margos Lake Dam, Martins Lake Dam, Morehouse Dam, Mountain Lake Dam, Oberholtzer Dam, Pratt Dam, Roache Habor Lake Dam, Sams Dam, San Juan Island Dam Number One, San Juan Island Dam Number Two, Schaefer Lake Dam, Schuman Dam, Smith Dam, Sportsman Lake Dam, Sundstrom Dam, Tourtleback Lake Dam, Trout Lake Storage Dam, Trout Lake Water Supply Dam, Turek Dam, Utter Dam, Warrack Dam Number One, Warrack Dam Number Two, Woods Reservoir Dam, Zylstra Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Cascade Falls, Cavern Falls, Hidden Falls, Rustic Falls

  Harbors     show all on map

Port of Friday Harbor

  Islands     show all on map

Adolphus Island (historical), Aleck Rocks, Alegria Island, Armitage Island, Bare Island, Barnes Island, Barren Island, Battleship Island, Bell Island, Big Rock, Bird Rock, Bird Rocks, Black Rock, Blakely Island, Blind Island, Blind Island, Boulder Island, Brown Island, Buck Island, Cactus Island, Cactus Islands, Canoe Island, Castle Island, Cayou Island, Cemetery Island, Center Island, Charles Island, Clark Island, Cliff Island, Cluster Islands, Colville Island, Coon Island, Crab Island, Crane Island, Deadman Island, Decatur Island, Dinner Island, Doe Island, Double Island, Ewing Island, Fawn Island, Flattop Island, Flower Island, Fortress Island, Freeman Island, Frost Island, Geese Islets, Goose Island, Gordon Island, Gossip Island, Gossip Islands, Gull Rock, Guss Island, Hall Island, Harnden Island, Henry Island, Iceberg Island, Iowa Rock, James Island, Johns Island, Jones Island, Justice Island, Little Patos Island, Little Sister, Little Sucia Island, Lone Tree Island, Long Island, Lopez Island, Low Island, Low Island, Matia Island, McConnell Island, Mummy Rocks, Nob Island, North Finger Island, North Peapod, O'Neal Island, Oak Island, Obstruction Island, Orcas Island, Patos Island, Peapod Rocks, Pearl Island, Picnic Island, Pointer Island, Pole, Posey, Posey Island, Puffin Island, Ram Island, Reef Island, Reef Point, Richardson Rock, Rim Island, Ripple Island, San Juan Island, San Juan Islands, Satellite Island, Secar Rock, Sentinel Island, Shag Rock, Shaw Island, Shipjack Island, Skipjack Island, Skull Island, Skull Island, Skull Island, Skull Rock, Small Island, South Finger Island, South Peapod, Spieden Island, Stuart Island, Sucia Island, Sucia Islands, Sunken Rock, Swirl Island, The Pointers, The Sisters, Tift Rocks, Trump Island, Turn Island, Twin Rocks, Utah Rock, Victim Island, Waldron Island, Wasp Islands, Whale Rocks, White Rock, Willow Island, Yellow Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Day Lake, Egg Lake, Flahertys Pond, Flat Point Lake, Henderson Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hummel Lake, Killebrew Lake, Martin Lake, Mountain Lake, Osprey Pond, Schaefer Lake, Spencer Lake, Summit Lake, Tharald Pond, Three Corner Lake, Twin Lakes, Zyistra Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Albert Jensen and Sons Marina, American Camp, American Campsite, Bay Head Marina, Belle Rock Light, Blakely Island General Store Marina, Brandts Landing Eastsound Marina, Cattle Point Light, Cayou Quay Marina, Davidson Rock Light, Deer Harbor Marina, English Camp, Fisherman Bay Sewage Treatment Plant, Friday Harbor Ferry Landing, Friday Harbor Sewage Treatment Plant, Islands Marine Center Marina, Jacobson's at Orcas Landing, James Island State Park Boat Dock, Jones Island Marina, Leo Reef Light, Lieber Haven Resort and Marina, Lime Kiln, Lime Kiln Lighthouse, Lopez Ferry Landing, Lopez Island Transfer Station Solid Waste Facility, Lopez Islander Marina, Lopez Village, Mackaye Harbor Public Dock, Oceanographic Laboratories, Odlin County Park Campground, Old American Legion Hall, Old American Legion Hall, Olga Marina, Orcas Ferry Landing, Orcas Island Golf Course, Orcas Island Transfer Station Solid Waste Facility, Orcas Island Yacht Club, Patos Light, Pole Pass Light, Roche Harbor Resort Marina, Rosario Resort Marina, San Juan Island Transfer Station Solid Waste Facility, San Juan Island Yacht Club, San Juan Park Campground, Seattle Yacht Club Friday Harbor Outstation, Seattle Yacht Club on Henry Island, Shaw Ferry Landing, Shaw Island County Park Campground, Shipyard Cove Marina, Snug Harbor Marina Resort, Spencerís Landing Marina, Turn Point Lighthouse, Turn Rock Light, Warbass Way Marina, Wasp Passage Light, West Beach Resort Campground and Recreational Vehicle Park, West Sound Marina

  Mines     show all on map

Dolphin Bay Quarry, Elco Pit, Friday Harbor Quarry, Sea Island Shale Pit

  Parks     show all on map

Agate Beach County Park, Circle Park, Clark Island State Park, Doe Island Marine State Park, Dot Rock State Park, Freeman Island State Park, Iceberg Island State Marine Park, James Island State Park, Jones Island State Park National Wildlife Refuge, Lime Kiln Point State Park, Matia Island State Park, Moran State Park, Odlin County Park, Olga Marine State Park, Pickett's Monument, Posey Island State Park, San Juan Island National Historical Park, San Juan Park, Shaw County Park, Shaw Island County Park, Skull Island State Park, Spencer Spit State Park, Stuart Island State Park, Sucia Island State Park, Turn Island State Park, Victim Island State Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Davidson Rock, Ship Peak

  Populated Places     show all on map

Argyle, Beach Haven, Buckhorn, Camp Orkila, Decatur, Deer Harbor, Doe Bay, Dolphin, Eastsound, Friday Harbor, Islandale, Lakedale, Lopez, Oaks Mobile Home Park, Olga, Orcas, Port Stanley, Prevost, Richardson, Roche Harbor, Rosario, Sea Acre, Shaw Island, Thatcher, Town and Country Mobile Home Park, Waldron, West Beach, West Sound, Yacht Haven

  Post Offices     show all on map

Deer Harbor Post Office, Eastsound Post Office, Friday Harbor Post Office, Lopez Island Post Office, Orcas Post Office, Shaw Island Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Ayer Reservoir, Boyd Lower Reservoir, Boyd Middle Reservoir, Carefree Lake, Cascade Lake, Fowler Pond, Lawson Lake, Lehman Pond, Margos Lake, Roche Harbor Lake, Schaefer Lake, Sportsmans Lake, Tourtleback Lake, Trout Lake, Woods Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Hidden Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Children's House Montessori School, Decatur Island Schools, Friday Harbor Elementary School, Friday Harbor High School, Friday Harbor Middle School, Griffin Bay Learning Center, Lopez Elementary School, Lopez Island Children's Center, Lopez Middle and High School, Orcas Christian School, Orcas Island Elementary School, Orcas Island High School, Orcas Island Middle School, Salmonberry School, Shaw Island Elementary School, Spring Street International School, Stillpoint School, Stuart Island Elementary School, Waldron Island School

  Seas     show all on map

Northwest Straits, Salish Sea

  Springs     show all on map

Cold Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Cascade Creek, Cold Creek, Moran Creek, Paul Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Ben Nevis, Biological Hill, Blakely Peak, Brown Rock, Buck Mountain, Cady Mountain, Chadwick Hill, Decatur Head, Diamond Hill, Double Hill, Entrance Mountain, False Summit, Little Mountain, Little Summit, Lofgren Mountain, Lookout Hill, Lopez Hill, Lundberg Mountain, Mount Cement, Mount Constitution, Mount Dallas, Mount Finlayson, Mount Little, Mount Pickett, Mount Stuart, Mount Woolard, Orcas Knob, Osprey Hill, Raccoon Point, Rosario Hill, San Elmo, Tiptop Hill, Turtleback Mountain, Upright Head, Watmough Head, Young Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Cranberry Marsh

  Towers     show all on map

KAFE-FM (Bellingham), KBCB-TV (Bellingham), KISM-FM (Bellingham), KLYN-FM (Lynden), KVOS-TV (Bellingham)

  Valleys     show all on map

Beaverton Valley, Crow Valley, San Juan Valley,

San Juan County, Washington Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSan Juan County White population 14,97014,969  
MixedSan Juan County Mixed population 363363
AsianSan Juan County Asian population 221221
American IndianSan Juan County American Indian population 126126
BlackSan Juan County Black population 9594
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSan Juan County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1615

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