Braxton County, West Virginia Basics:

Braxton County West Virginia - Government Site

Population: 14,511
Area: 511 square miles
County seat: Sutton
Area code(s) in use: 304
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 76.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.5%
Median household income: $31,623
Persons in poverty: 20.2%
Home ownership rate: 75.3%
Mean travel time to work: 32.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Calhoun  Clay  Gilmer  Lewis  Nicholas  Webster  

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Map of the Braxton County area

Our detail map of Braxton County shows the Braxton County, West Virginia boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Braxton County, West Virginia

  Airports     show all on map

Braxton County Airport

  Bays     show all on map

Blue Hole

  Bridges     show all on map

Buffalo Creek Bridge, Bulltown Bridge, Gassaway Veterans Memorial Bridge, Gerald R Freeman Bridge, Kenton Meadows Senior Bridge, Little Kanawha River Bridge, Sutton Truss Bridge, Sutton/Gassaway Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Braxton County Courthouse, Braxton County Emergency Ambulance Service Authority, Braxton County Emergency Ambulance Service Authority, Braxton County Sheriff's Office, Burnsville Police Department, Burnsville Public Library, Burnsville Volunteer Fire Department, Central Regional Jail, Chapel Volunteer Fire Department, Flatwoods Community Volunteer Fire Department, Flatwoods Police Department, Frametown Volunteer Fire Department, Gassaway Police Department, Gassaway Public Library, Gassaway Volunteer Fire Department, Mountain Lakes Amphitheatre, Servia Volunteer Fire Department, Sutton Police Department, Sutton Public Library, Sutton Volunteer Fire Department, West Virginia Division of Forestry Braxton County Field Office, West Virginia State Police Troop 3 Sutton Detachment

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Baker Ridge Cemetery, Barrett Cemetery, Bealls Mill Cemetery, Big Run Cemetery, Boone Cemetery, Bourn Cemetery, Braxton County Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Camden Hill Cemetery, Canfield Cemetery, Carr Cemetery, Casto Cemetery, Centralia Cemetery, Chop Fork Cemetery, Currycomb Cemetery, Cutlip Cemetery, David Hamrick Memorial Cemetery, Dickey Cemetery, Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery, Ellison Cemetery, Elmira Baptist Church Cemetery, Engel Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Fisher Cemetery, Fisher Cemetery, Fleming Cemetery, Frame Cemetery, Frame Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Goad Cemetery, Green Hill Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hamner Cemetery, Hamner Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, High Knob Church Cemetery, Highwood Cemetery, Hoover Cemetery, Houston-Carr Cemetery, Jack Cemetery, James Cemetery, K of P Cemetery, Keener Cemetery, Knawl Creek Cemetery, Kniceley Cemetery, Kraft Cemetery, Little Kanawha Memorial Gardens, Mick Cemetery, Middle Run Cemetery, Mollohan Cemetery, Morrison United Methodist Church Cemetery, Morton Family Cemetery, Mount Hebron Cemetery, Moyers Cemetery, Murphy Cemetery, New Fairview Cemetery, Newville Cemetery, Otter Cemetery, Point Cemetery, Ratcliff Cemetery, Riffle Cemetery, Right Hand Fork Cemetery, Shaver Cemetery, Starkey Cemetery, Stone Run Cemetery, Strange Creek Cemetery, Stumble Run Cemetery, Sutton Cemetery, Sutton Cemetery, Ware Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Bender Run Church, Berry Chapel, Bonny Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Bug Ridge Church, Charity Church, Cutlip Church, Eakle Church, Elizabeth Chapel, Elizabeth Chapel, Elk River Church, Eureka Church, Fairview Church, Falls Run Church, Frame Chapel, Granny Creek Church, Green Hill Church, High Knob Church, Jackson Memorial Church, Jerusha Church, Joppa Church of the Brethren (historical), Kanawha Chapel, Keeners Ridge Community Church, Knawl Creek Church, Little Otter Church, Long Run Church, Loyd Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, Maggie Hoover Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South, Morrison Church, Mount Harmony Church, Mount Hebron Church, Mount Nebo Church, Mount Olive Church, Olive Chapel, Pleasant Dale Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Polemic Run Church, Providence Church, Richmond Church, Rocky Dale Church, Saint Michaels Church, Simpson Church, Spruce Fork Church, Spruce Grove Church, Stone Run Church, Strange Creek United Methodist Church (historical), Stump Chapel, Sugar Creek Church, Sunrise Church, Tichnel Church, Union Chapel, Unity Church, Upper Sleith Church, Waldeck Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Courthouse Rock

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 46, Interchange 51, Interchange 57, Interchange 62, Interchange 67, Interchange 79

  Dams     show all on map

Burnsville Lake Dam, Saltlick Creek Structure Number Eight Dam, Saltlick Creek Structure Number Four Dam, Saltlick Creek Structure Number Nine Dam, Saltlick Creek Structure Number Seven Dam, Saltlick Creek Structure Number Six Dam, Sutton Dam

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Wine Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Braxton County Memorial Hospital

  Locales     show all on map

Bakers Run Camping Area, Bee Run Campsite, Bee Run Picnic Area, Berry Siding, Brock Run Camping Area, Camp Run, Cutlips Mill (historical), Earls Siding (historical), Exchange, Flatwoods Factory Outlet Stores, Gillespie Mill (historical), Holly Junction (historical), Hopkins Station (historical), Huffman Mill (historical), Hutchinson Mill (historical), Kanawha Run Camping Area, Ramp Run, Riffle, Saltlick Bridge, Spriggs Mill (historical), Tamarack

  Parks     show all on map

Bee Run Recreation Area, Burnsville Lake Wildlife Management Area, Elk River Wildlife Management Area, Riffle Run Recreation Area, Sutton Downtown Historic District

  Populated Places     show all on map

Arnett, Bakers Run, Belfont, Bison, Bonnie, Bower, Braxton, Bulltown, Burnsville, Canfield, Caress, Centralia, Chapel, Chapman, Clem, Clickton (historical), Copen, Corley, Cutlips, Davison (historical), Dessie, Dingy, Dutch, Elmira, Fairbanks, Falls Mill, Flatwoods, Flower, Frametown, Gassaway, Gem, German (historical), Gillespie, Gip, Glendon, Gregory, Heaters, Herold, Hettie, Holly, Holstead (historical), Home, Hope (historical), Hyers, Joppa, Knawl, Laurel Fork, Letch, Little Birch, Little Otter, Lloydsville, Mark (historical), Marpleton, McNutt, Meadville (historical), Middle Run, Milroy, Napier, Newville, Orlando, Palmer, Pembroke, Progress (historical), Rockton, Rollyson, Rosedale, Servia, Shadyside, Sleith (historical), Strange Creek, Sutton, Tague, Tate, Tesla, Thrash (historical), Twistville (historical), Vernon, Wildcat (historical), Wilsie

  Post Offices     show all on map

Atkinson Post Office (historical), Belfont Post Office (historical), Bender Post Office (historical), Bliss Post Office (historical), Bonnie Post Office (historical), Bower Post Office (historical), Braxton Post Office (historical), Brush Post Office (historical), Bulltown Post Office (historical), Burnsville Post Office, Byrne Post Office (historical), Camp Run Post Office (historical), Canfield Post Office (historical), Caress Post Office (historical), Carlisle Post Office (historical), Centralia Post Office, Chapel Post Office (historical), Clem Post Office (historical), Confluence Post Office (historical), Copen Post Office, Corley Post Office (historical), Cushing Post Office (historical), Custis Post Office (historical), Cutlips Post Office (historical), Daly Post Office (historical), Davison Post Office (historical), Delta Post Office (historical), Dessie Post Office (historical), Dingy Post Office (historical), Doctorsville Post Office (historical), Draper Post Office (historical), Duck Creek Post Office (historical), Dutch Post Office (historical), Elmira Post Office, Elreno Post Office (historical), Exchange Post Office, Fairbanks Post Office (historical), Falls Mill Post Office, Flatwoods Post Office, Flower Post Office, Fox Post Office (historical), Frametown Post Office, Gassaway Post Office, Gem Post Office, German Post Office (historical), Gip Post Office (historical), Glendon Post Office (historical), Gregory Post Office (historical), Heaters Post Office, Hermione Post Office (historical), Herold Post Office, Hettie Post Office (historical), Holly Post Office (historical), Holstead Post Office (historical), Home Post Office (historical), Hoover Post Office (historical), Hope Post Office (historical), Hurl Post Office (historical), Hyer Post Office (historical), Jennings Post Office (historical), Knawl Post Office (historical), Leota Post Office (historical), Letch Post Office (historical), Levi Post Office (historical), Link Post Office (historical), Little Birch Post Office, Little Otter Post Office (historical), Lloydsville Post Office (historical), Mark Post Office (historical), Marpleton Post Office (historical), McNutt Post Office (historical), Middle Run Post Office (historical), Milroy Post Office (historical), Morgan Post Office (historical), Morley Post Office (historical), Napier Post Office, Newville Post Office, Oras Post Office (historical), Palmer Post Office (historical), Perkins Mills Post Office (historical), Polemic Post Office (historical), Riffle Post Office, Rockton Post Office (historical), Rollyson Post Office (historical), Sadie Post Office (historical), Salt Lick Bridge Post Office (historical), Servia Post Office (historical), Sleith Post Office (historical), Stonecoal Post Office (historical), Stop Post Office (historical), Strange Creek Post Office, Supply Post Office (historical), Sutton Post Office, Tague Post Office (historical), Tate Post Office (historical), Tesla Post Office, Thrash Post Office (historical), Twistville Post Office (historical), Two Lick Run Post Office (historical), Vernon Post Office (historical), Wade Post Office (historical), Wildcat Post Office (historical), Wilsie Post Office, Wire Bridge Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Birch Lake (historical), Burnsville Lake, Sutton Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Barker Ridge, Buck Ridge, Bug Ridge, Curry Ridge, Hamric Ridge, Harper Ridge, Keener Ridge, Middle Ridge, Middle Ridge, Morrison Ridge, Poplar Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Back Fork School (historical), Barbecue Run School (historical), Braxton County High School, Braxton County Middle School, Burnsville Elementary School, Burnsville School (historical), Cedar Creek School (historical), Cleveland School (historical), Crites Mountain School (historical), Davis Elementary School, Dumpling Run School (historical), Engel School (historical), Flatwoods Elementary School, Frametown Elementary School, Green Hill School (historical), High Knob School (historical), Hines School (historical), Hutchinson School (historical), Knawl Creek School (historical), Knawl School (historical), Little Birch Elementary School, Little Knawl Creek School (historical), Long Run School (historical), Longshoal School (historical), Lower Big Run School (historical), Lower Sleith School (historical), McCauley Run School (historical), Mudlick School (historical), Peyton Riffle School (historical), Piper School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Rider School (historical), Riffle School (historical), Riffle School (historical), Singleton School (historical), Skidmore School (historical), Squires School (historical), Stonecoal School (historical), Sutton Elementary School, Trace School (historical), Upper Big Run School (historical), Walker Fork School (historical), Warner School (historical), Windy Run Grade School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Skinner Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Anthony Fork, Bakers Run, Barbecue Run, Barn Run, Bear Run, Bear Run, Bee Run, Bee Run, Bee Run, Beech Fork, Bender Run, Benny Run, Bens Run, Berry Fork, Big Fork, Big Run, Big Run, Big Run, Big Run, Bills Fork, Birch River, Blowntimber Run, Boggs Fork, Bower Run, Brady Fork, Bragg Run, Brock Run, Browns Run, Browns Run, Brush Camp Run, Brush Fork, Brush Run, Brushy Branch, Brushy Fork, Buckeye Creek, Buckeye Fork, Buena Branch, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Creek, Buffington Run, Bull Fork, Burns Fork, Burns Run, Cabin Run, Canoe Run, Canoe Run, Canoe Run, Carpenter Fork, Carpenter Fork, Chop Fork, Cloat Run, Clover Fork, Coolspring Run, Coon Creek, Coon Run, Coplin Run, Corbett Run, Cowskin Fork, Cunningham Fork, Cutlips Fork, Davis Run, Diatter Run, Dry Fork, Dry Fork, Dry Fork, Duck Creek, Dumpling Run, Elliott Run, England Run, Fall Run, Falls Run, Fisher Run, Flatwoods Run, Flesher Run, Frame Fork, Frame Run, Gate Fork, Givens Fork, Granddaddy Run, Granny Creek, Grass Run, Grasslick Run, Gravel Fork, Gulf Run, Hemp Patch Run, Hog Fork, Holly River, Hughes Fork, Hyers Run, Joes Fork, Kanawha Run, Keith Run, Kennedy Run, Knawl Creek, Laurel Creek, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Run, Laurel Run, Laurelpatch Run, Leatherwood Run, Left Fork Falls Run, Left Fork Holly River, Left Fork Knawl Creek, Left Fork Laurel Run, Left Fork Wolf Creek, Leopard Run, Lick Creek, Limestone Run, Little Birch River, Little Buffalo Creek, Little Knawl Creek, Little Lynncamp Run, Little Otter Creek, Little Trace Run, Long Fork, Long Run, Long Run, Long Run, Longshoal Run, Lower Flatwoods Run, Lower Keener Lick, Lower Mill Creek, Lower Mill Run, Lower Rockcamp Run, Lower Sleith Fork, Lynncamp Run, Marsh Run, McCauley Run, McCoy Run, Middle Run, Mill Creek, Mill Fork, Millstone Run, Moss Run, Mudlick Fork, Mulberry Run, O'Brien Fork, Oil Creek, Old Woman Run, Oldlick Creek, Oldlick Run, Paddys Run, Panther Fork, Panther Fork, Papaw Run, Pawpaw Run, Peebles Run, Perkins Branch, Perkins Fork, Pickles Fork, Pigeon Run, Pigeonroost Fork, Pigeonroost Fork, Piper Fork, Pistol Run, Plank Run, Plantation Fork, Plantation Fork, Polemic Run, Posey Run, Pretty Run, Rader Run, Ramp Run, Red Buck Fork, Riffle Run, Right Fork Big Fork, Right Fork Cedar Creek, Right Fork Flatwoods Run, Right Fork Holly River, Right Fork Little Kanawha River, Right Fork O'Brien Fork, Right Fork Saltlick Creek, Right Fork Saltlick Creek, Road Run, Road Run, Road Run, Robinson Run, Rock Run, Rockcamp Run, Ross Fork, Rush Fork, Saltlick Creek, Scott Fork, Seng Run, Shaver Fork, Short Run, Skidmore Run, Slab Fork, Slabcamp Run, Slide Run, Spring Run, Sprive Run, Spruce Fork, Spruce Fork, Spruce Fork, Stone Run, Stonecoal Run, Stony Creek, Stouts Run, Straight Fork, Straight Fork, Strange Creek, Stumble Run, Sugar Creek, Sulphur Run, Sycamore Run, Tague Fork, Tar Fall Run, Tate Creek, Toler Fork, Toms Run, Trace Run, Trigger Gut Fork, Triplets Run, Triplett Fork, Twolick Run, Twomile Fork, Tyler Run, Upper Keener Lick, Upper Mill Creek, Upper Mill Run, Upper Sleith Fork, Venison Fork, Walker Fork, Walnut Fork, Wane Fork, Westfall Fork, Wildcat Run, Williams Run, Wilson Fork, Windy Run, Wolf Creek, Wolfpen Run, Wolfpen Run, Wolfpen Run, Wyatt Run

  Summits     show all on map

Boar Knob, Buck Knob, Cedar Knob, Coon Knob, Davis Knob, Eli Taylor Knob, Fisher Knob, Gabel Knob, Green Hill, High Knob, High Knob, Hog Knob, James Knob, Kings Knob, Little Birch Mountain, Long Knob, Moon Hill, Pine Knob, Pleasant Hill, Potato Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Sugar Knob, Sugar Knob, Teeny Knob, Ware Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

WCKA-FM (Sutton), WSGB-AM (Sutton)

  Valleys     show all on map

Baker Hollow, Bee Hollow, Belknap Hollow, Brushy Hollow, Carter Hollow, Coon Hollow, Howell Hollow, Ice Hollow, Shock Hollow,

Braxton County, West Virginia Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteBraxton County White population 14,23514,235  
MixedBraxton County Mixed population 131130
BlackBraxton County Black population 7372
American IndianBraxton County American Indian population 4443
AsianBraxton County Asian population 2929
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderBraxton County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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