Lincoln County, West Virginia Basics:

Lincoln County West Virginia - Government Site

Population: 21,658
Area: 437 square miles
County seat: Hamlin
Area code(s) in use: 304
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 70.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 8.1%
Median household income: $34,066
Persons in poverty: 26.9%
Home ownership rate: 79.2%
Mean travel time to work: 34.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Boone  Cabell  Kanawha  Logan  Mingo  Putnam  Wayne  

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Map of the Lincoln County area

Our detail map of Lincoln County shows the Lincoln County, West Virginia boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lincoln County, West Virginia

  Airports     show all on map

Crazy Horse Airport

  Bridges     show all on map

Hartland Coal Haul Bridge, Harts Creek Bridge, Little Coal River Bridge, Ranger Beam Span Bridge, West Hamlin Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Alum Creek Public Library, Alum Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Duval District Volunteer Fire Department, Guyan River Volunteer Fire Department, Hamlin Police Department, Hamlin Volunteer Fire Department, Harts Volunteer Fire Department, Lincoln County Courthouse, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Lincoln Emergency Medical Services, Lincoln Emergency Medical Services Harts Substation, Lincoln Emergency Medical Services Yawkey Substation, Mud River Volunteer Fire Department, West Hamlin Police Department, West Hamlin Volunteer Fire Department, West Virginia State Police Troop 5 Hamlin Detachment

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Adkins Cemetery, Albright Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Arnold Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Barker Cemetery, Barrett Cemetery, Bays Cemetery, Bear Branch Cemetery, Bear Knob Cemetery, Beckelheimer Cemetery, Beech Grove Cemetery, Bell Cemetery, Bell Cemetery, Bias Cemetery, Bias Cemetery, Bishop Cemetery, Black Cemetery, Black Cemetery, Brewster Cemetery, Browning Cemetery, Browning Gap Cemetery, Brumfield Cemetery, Brumfield Cemetery, Brumfield Cemetery, Brumfield Cemetery, Bulger Cemetery, Burks Cemetery, Calloway Cemetery, Cartwright Cemetery, Chaney Cemetery, Chapman Cemetery, Chapman Cemetery, Coal Branch Church Cemetery, Cummings Cemetery, Curry Cemetery, Dalton Cemetery, Davidson Cemetery, Dean Cemetery, DeHaven Cemetery, Dial Cemetery, Dial Cemetery, Dial Cemetery, Dotson Cemetery, Duty Cemetery, Duty Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Egnor Cemetery, Egnor Cemetery, Egnor Cemetery, Elkins Cemetery, Elkins Cemetery, Elkins Cemetery, Ferrell Cemetery, Ferrellsburg Cemetery, Flowers Cemetery, Forks of Coal Memorial Park, Franklin Cemetery, Frye Cemetery, Frye Cemetery, Frye Cemetery, Fulks Cemetery, Goldsberry Cemetery, Goode Cemetery, Griffith Cemetery, Griffith Cemetery, Griffith Cemetery, Hager Cemetery, Hager Cemetery, Hager Cemetery, Hamlin Cemetery, Hampton Cemetery, Harless Cemetery, Harveys Creek Cemetery, Hatfield Cemetery, Hazlette Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Holstein Cemetery, Hunter Cemetery, Isaac Cemetery, Jeffers Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Keck Cemetery, Keesee Cemetery, Lambert Cemetery, Lambert Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Linville Cemetery, Linville Cemetery, Linville Cemetery, Lovejoy Cemetery, Lucas Cemetery, Lucas Cemetery, Lucas Cemetery, Lunsard Cemetery, Lynn Cemetery, Mann Knob Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, May Cemetery, May Cemetery, Maynard Cemetery, McCallister Cemetery, McClure Cemetery, McComas Cemetery, McComas Cemetery, Meadows Cemetery, Meadows Cemetery, Meadows Cemetery, Meeks Cemetery, Midkiff Cemetery, Midkiff Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Murphy Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Nelson Cemetery, Noah Sias Cemetery, Orchard Hill Memorial Gardens, Owen Cemetery, Parsons Cemetery, Parsons Cemetery, Pate Cemetery, Pauley Cemetery, Pauley Cemetery, Payne Cemetery, Pea Ridge Cemetery, Peck Cemetery, Peterson Cemetery, Peyton Cemetery, Peyton Cemetery, Peyton Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Plumley Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Rakes Cemetery, Ramey Cemetery, Ray Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Roy Cemetery, Ryan Cemetery, Ryan Cemetery, Ryan Cemetery, Ryan Cemetery, Sanders Cemetery, Sanson Cemetery, Saunders Cemetery, Saunders Cemetery, Saunders Cemetery, Seites Cemetery, Shepherd Cemetery, Sias Cemetery, Sloan Cemetery, Sloan Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Spears Cemetery, Spears Cemetery, Spry Cemetery, Spurlock Cemetery, Spurlock Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Stowers Cemetery, Stowers Cemetery, Stowers Cemetery, Stowers-Adkins Cemetery, Stroud Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Toney Cemetery, Trace Fork Cemetery, Trent Cemetery, Triplett Cemetery, Vance Cemetery, Vickers Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, Watts Cemetery, Wellman Cemetery, White Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Workman Cemetery, Works Cemetery, Yeager Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Alum Creek Census Designated Place, Harts Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Aarons Creek Church, Atenville Church, Bear Branch Church, Bear Creek Church, Beech Grove Church, Berry Branch Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Big Laurel Church, Buffalo Church, Camp Branch Church, Chapman Church, Church of Christ, Church of God, Coal Branch Church, Cobb Creek Church, Curry Chapel, East Fork Church, Eden Church, Elizabeth Church, Fourmile Church, Green Shoals Church, Guyan Church, Harvey Creek Church, Joes Creek Church, Left Fork Church, Liberty Church, Little Harts Church, Little Laurel Church, Lower Tenmile Church, McClarity Branch Church, Middle Creek Church, Middle Fork Church, Mildred Church, Montana Church, Mount Moriah Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Myra Methodist Church, New Bethel Church, Palermo Methodist Church, Peaceful Valley Church, Pine Grove Church, Pine Grove Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Porter Fork Church, Sand Fork Church, Sandy Gap Church of God, Scary Church, Sod Church, Sumerco Church, Sycamore Grove Church, Tenmile Church, Toms Fork Church, Trace Fork Church, Union Church, Upper Tenmile Church, Walnut Grove Church, Welcome Home Church, West Hamlin United Methodist Church, Whitten Church, Yawkey United Methodist Church

  Dams     show all on map

Bells Fishing Lake Dam, Lees Fishing Lake Dam

  Gaps     show all on map

Drum Gap, Rocky Gap, Rocky Gap, Sandy Gap, Union Gap, Whetstone Gap

  Lakes     show all on map

Harts Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Buck Knob Lookout Tower, Gartin Knob Lookout Tower, Hunters Point, Mud, Sand Creek

  Parks     show all on map

Big Ugly Wildlife Management Area, Hilbert Wildlife Management Area, Upper Mud River Wildlife Management Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Pinnacle Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alkol, Allen (historical), Atenville, Bernie (historical), Bolin (historical), Bowles, Bradyville, Branchland, Bulger, Cuzzie, Dollie, East (historical), Eden Park (historical), Ferrellsburg, Fork Junction, Fourteen (historical), Fry, Garretts Bend, Gill, Griffithsville, Hager, Hamlin, Harts, Hubball, Irene, Jenks, Kinder (historical), Lattin (historical), Leet, McCorkle, Midkiff, Minerva, Myra, New Hamlin, Palermo, Pleasant View, Portersville, Price, Priestley, Ranger, Redwing, Rockville, Sheridan, Sias, Snowden, Sod, Spears (historical), Spurlockville, Sumerco, Summit, Sweetland, Tango, Toney, West Hamlin, Wewanta, Woodville, Yawkey

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alfred Post Office (historical), Alkol Post Office, Amy Post Office (historical), Atenville Post Office (historical), Bernie Post Office (historical), Bowles Post Office (historical), Bradyvillee Post Office (historical), Branchfield Post Office (historical), Branchland Post Office, Bulger Post Office (historical), Caldona Post Office (historical), Cane Branch Post Office (historical), Charity Post Office (historical), Clarice Post Office (historical), Coalville Post Office (historical), Cuzzie Post Office (historical), Dollie Post Office (historical), East Post Office (historical), Easy Post Office (historical), Falls Mill Post Office (historical), Ferrellsburg Post Office, Fez Post Office (historical), Fourteen Post Office (historical), Garretts Bend Post Office (historical), Gill Post Office (historical), Greenshoal Post Office (historical), Griffithsville Post Office, Hager Post Office (historical), Hamlin Post Office, Harts Post Office, Hubball Post Office (historical), Jefferson Post Office (historical), Jenks Post Office (historical), Joes Post Office (historical), Kid Post Office (historical), Kinder Post Office (historical), Lattin Post Office (historical), Laurel Creek Post Office (historical), Leet Post Office (historical), Lovejoy Post Office (historical), Marigold Post Office (historical), Maynard Post Office (historical), McCorkle Post Office (historical), Midkiff Post Office, Minerva Post Office (historical), Mirth Post Office (historical), Mud Post Office (historical), Myra Post Office, Palermo Post Office, Pen Post Office (historical), Portersville Post Office (historical), Priestley Post Office (historical), Ranger Post Office, Redwing Post Office (historical), Sand Creek Post Office (historical), Sheridan Post Office (historical), Sias Post Office, Sioto Post Office (historical), Smith Post Office (historical), Snowden Post Office (historical), Sod Post Office (historical), Spears Post Office (historical), Spurlockville Post Office (historical), Sugartree Post Office (historical), Sumerco Post Office, Sweetland Post Office, Sycamore Grove Post Office (historical), Tango Post Office (historical), Toney Post Office (historical), Train Post Office (historical), Vere Post Office (historical), West Hamlin Post Office, Wewanta Post Office (historical), Woodville Post Office, Yawkey Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Lees Fishing Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Bryan Ridge, McComas Ridge, Pea Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Atenville Elementary School, Bear Branch School (historical), Berry Branch School (historical), Big Branch School (historical), Big Creek School (historical), Branchland Elementary School (historical), Broad Branch School (historical), Brushy Fork School (historical), Bulger School (historical), Burger School (historical), Chandler School (historical), Childers School (historical), Coal Branch School (historical), Collins School (historical), Connelly School (historical), Copley Trace School (historical), Curry Chapel School, Cuzzie School (historical), Dan Bias School (historical), Dial School (historical), Dollie School (historical), Dry Branch School (historical), Duval Elementary / Middle School, Duval High School (historical), Ely School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Ferrellsburg Elementary School (historical), Fez School (historical), Frances Creek School (historical), Garretts Bend School (historical), Griffithsville Elementary School (historical), Guyan Valley High School (historical), Guyan Valley Middle School, Hager School (historical), Hamilton Creek School (historical), Hamlin Elementary School (historical), Hamlin High School (historical), Harts High School (historical), Harts Intermediate School, Harts Primary School (historical), Harvey Creek School (historical), High Top School (historical), Highland School (historical), Hubball School (historical), Isaac School (historical), Island Creek School (historical), Kentuck Fork School (historical), King Creek School (historical), Laurel Fork School (historical), Laurel School (historical), Leet School (historical), Lefthand School (historical), Limestone School (historical), Lincoln County High School, Lower Big Creek School (historical), Lower Coon Creek School (historical), Lucas School (historical), Mann Knob School (historical), Martin School (historical), Maul Fork School (historical), McCorkle Pre-School Center (historical), Middle Creek School (historical), Midkiff Elementary School (historical), Midway Elementary School, Miller School (historical), New Hope School (historical), Nye Valley School (historical), Orchard Branch School (historical), Pea Ridge School (historical), Pine Grove School (historical), Pleasant View Elementary School (historical), Ranger Elementary School, Road Fork School (historical), Sand Creek School (historical), Sand Fork School (historical), Scary School (historical), Second Fork School (historical), Sias School (historical), Spurlockville School (historical), Stinson School (historical), Sunnydale School (historical), Tango School (historical), Thompson Branch School (historical), Toney School (historical), Trace Fork School (historical), Union Gap School (historical), Upper Buckeye School (historical), Upper Laurel School (historical), Walker School (historical), Webb School (historical), West Hamlin Elementary School, Whitten School (historical), Woodville School (historical), Yeager Career Center

  Streams     show all on map

Aarons Creek, Abbott Fork, Angel Branch, Arm and Hammer Branch, Back Fork, Barkcamp Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Creek, Bear Fork, Bearwallow Branch, Beaver Pond Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Branch, Beech Branch, Berry Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Deadening Creek, Big Fork Sand Creek, Big Harts Creek, Big Horse Creek, Big Laurel Creek, Big Ugly Creek, Bill Frye Branch, Billy Creek, Bluelick Branch, Boardtree Run, Bobby Creek, Bowman Fork, Bridge Branch, Broad Branch, Browns Branch, Brumfield Branch, Brushy Fork, Bryant Fork, Buck Branch, Buck Branch, Buck Fork, Buckeye Fork, Buffalo Creek, Burns Creek, Camp Branch, Camp Creek, Caney Branch, Canoe Tree Fork, Carpers Branch, Chaney Fork, Charley Trace Fork, Chestnut Oak Creek, Coal Branch, Cobb Creek, Coleman Creek, Connelly Branch, Coon Branch, Coon Creek, Cooper Branch, Copley Branch, Cowhide Creek, Curry Branch, Daniel Branch, Davis Trace Branch, Denison Fork, Dick Fork, Dog Pool Branch, Dogbone Branch, Donley Fork, Doss Fork, Dotson Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Fork, Dry Run, East Fork Fourteenmile Creek, Elias Fork, Elkins Branch, Ely Fork, Ezekiel Branch, Falls Branch, Falls Creek, Fez Creek, First Fork, Flat Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourteenmile Creek, Fuquay Creek, Furnett Creek, Gartin Fork, Gilles Branch, Gordons Branch, Grassy Fork, Green Shoals Branch, Grider Fork, Hager Fork, Hamilton Creek, Hampton Creek, Hanging Rock Branch, Harless Fork, Harvey Creek, Harvey Fork, Hayzlett Fork, Heck Branch, Hense Branch, Hollybush Branch, Honey Branch, Horse Fork, Horseshoe Branch, Hungry Creek, Island Creek, Ivy Creek, Jaynes Branch, Joes Creek, Josh Branch, Kentuck Fork, King Rough Hollow, Lake Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Creek, Laurel Creek, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurelly Branch, Left Fork Broad Branch, Left Fork Mud River, Lefthand Creek, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Fork, Lick Fork, Lick Log Branch, Little Buffalo Creek, Little Deadening Creek, Little Harts Creek, Little Laurel Creek, Little Sulphur Creek, Little Sulphur Creek, Little Ugly Creek, Long Fork, Lower Twin Branch, Lowgap Branch, Mahone Creek, Maul Fork, McClarity Branch, McComas Branch, Meadow Branch, Merritt Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Mud River, Mile Branch, Milk Branch, Mill Branch, Molly Branch, Mudlick Branch, Mudlick Fork, Mullins Branch, Nelson Fork, Ninemile Creek, Old House Branch, Old House Branch, Onemile Creek, Owl Creek, Paddy Branch, Panther Branch, Parsner Creek, Patters Run, Peters Cave Fork, Peyton Branch, Pigeon Branch, Pigeon Branch, Pigeonroost Creek, Pigeonroost Fork, Piney Fork, Plum Branch, Porter Fork, Pot Fork, Pound Fork, Pratt Branch, Pretty Branch, Ranger Branch, Red River Fork, Reuben Branch, Richs Branch, Right Fork Hungry Creek, Right Fork Laurel Creek, Road Branch, Road Fork, Road Fork, Roadfork Branch, Rock Branch, Rock Creek, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Fork, Rockpen Branch, Rocky Run, Roses Run, Ruffie Branch, Sally Fork, Sams Branch, Sand Creek, Sand Fork, Sand Fork, Sandlick Branch, Sandlick Branch, Scary Creek, Second Fork, Senging Branch, Short Bend Branch, Short Bend Fork, Simon Creek, Sixmile Creek, Skinned Poplar Branch, Slab Creek, Slash Branch, Sleepy He Branch, Spears Fork, Spears Fork, Spicewood Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Steer Fork, Steve Branch, Stinson Branch, Stonecoal Branch, Stout Creek, Straight Fork, Straight Fork, Strailey Branch, Sugartree Fork, Sulphur Creek, Sulphur Spring Branch, Sulphur Spring Fork, Sulphur Spring Fork, Sulphur Springs Fork, Sulphur Springs Fork, Sycamore Fork, Sycamore Fork, Tackett Fork, Tango Branch, Tantrough Branch, Tenmile Creek, Thomas Branch, Thompson Branch, Tincture Fork, Tiny Creek, Toms Branch, Toms Fork, Tony Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Creek, Trace Fork, Trace Fork, Trace Fork Mud River, Tucker Fork, Turkeypen Run, Twomile Creek, Twomile Creek, Uncles Branch, Upper Twin Branch, Upton Branch, Valley Fork, Walker Branch, West Fork Big Harts Creek, Wolf Branch, Wolpen Branch, Zirkle Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Bear Knob, Blue Knob, Buck Knob, Cove Knob, Flag Knob, Green Shoals Mountain, Mann Knob, Squirrel Knob, Stowers Knob

  Tunnels     show all on map

Pinnacle Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Baker Hollow, Barker Hollow, Barn Hollow, Bell Hollow, Buckeye Hollow, Burrel Hollow, Charley Hollow, Coal Hollow, Durg Frye Hollow, Fawn Hollow, Franklin Hollow, Gritter Hollow, Hurricane Hollow, Jack Hollow, Lambert Hollow, Lick Hollow, Lick Log Hollow, McClure Hollow, Meadows Hollow, Middle Hollow, Mudlick Hollow, Offard Hollow, Oliver Hollow, Pigpen Hollow, Ryan Hollow, Sandlick Hollow, Saw Pit Hollow, Schoolhouse Hollow, Short Bend Hollow, Shuff Hollow, Sperry Hollow, Stone Coal Hollow, Tramrod Hollow, Turtlelick Hollow, Wolfden Hollow,

Lincoln County, West Virginia Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLincoln County White population 21,42021,419  
MixedLincoln County Mixed population 152151
BlackLincoln County Black population 4343
American IndianLincoln County American Indian population 2221
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLincoln County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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