McDowell County, West Virginia Basics:

McDowell County West Virginia - Government Site

Population: 21,333
Area: 533 square miles
County seat: Welch
Area code(s) in use: 304
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 61.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 5.7%
Median household income: $22,972
Persons in poverty: 33.5%
Home ownership rate: 75.9%
Mean travel time to work: 26.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Buchanan (VA)  Mercer  Mingo  Tazewell (VA)  Wyoming  

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Map of the McDowell County area

Our detail map of McDowell County shows the McDowell County, West Virginia boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in McDowell County, West Virginia

  Airports     show all on map

Welch Municipal Airport

  Bends     show all on map

Big Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Big Sandy Truss Bridge, D C Perry Memorial Bridge, Eckman Overhead Bridge, LT Sara Blanche Vance Bridge, Twin Branch Pony Truss Number 1 Bridge, Twin Branch Truss Number 2 Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Anawalt Police Department, Anawalt Volunteer Fire Department, Berwind Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Berwind Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Bradshaw Police Department, Bradshaw Public Library, Bradshaw Volunteer Fire Department, Coalwood Caretta Volunteer Fire Department, Davy Police Department, Davy Volunteer Fire Department, Federal Correctional Institution McDowell, Gary Police Department, Gary Volunteer Fire Department, Iaeger Police Department, Iaeger Public Library, Iaeger Volunteer Fire Department, Jan - Care Ambulance Service Incorporated Welch, Keystone Police Department, Keystone Town Hall, Keystone Volunteer Fire Department, Kimball Police Department, Kimball Town Hall, Kimball Volunteer Fire Department, Marquee Cinemas McDowell 3, McDowell County Courthouse, McDowell County Emergency Ambulance Authority Station 2, McDowell County Emergency Ambulance Authority Station 3, McDowell County Emergency Ambulance Authority Station 4, McDowell County Jail (historical), McDowell County Public Library, McDowell County Sheriff's Office, McDowell Volunteer Fire Department, Northfork City Hall, Northfork Police Department, Northfork Public Library, Northfork Volunteer Fire Department, Panther Volunteer Fire Department, Raysal Volunteer Fire Department, Roderfield Volunteer Fire Department, Stevens Correctional Center / McDowell County Corrections - Stevens Facility, Stevens Correctional Center / McDowell County Corrections - Welch Facility, War Police Department, War Public Library, War Volunteer Fire Department, Welch City Hall, Welch Police Department, Welch Volunteer Fire Department, West Virginia State Police Troop 6 Welch Detachment, Wideners Ambulance Service

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adams Cemetery, Algoma Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Atwell Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Blankenship Cemetery, Blevins Cemetery, Bowles Cemetery, Brant Cemetery, Buckeye Cemetery, Candy Cemetery, Cline Cemetery, Cline Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Day Cemetery, Deskins Cemetery, Estep Cemetery, Estep Cemetery, Estep Cemetery, Hagerman Cemetery, Haggy Cemetery, Hartwell-Berwind Cemetery, Horn Cemetery, Horne Cemetery, Hunt Cemetery, Hurley Cemetery, Iaeger Memorial Cemetery, Justice Cemetery, Keen Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Kennedy Cemetery, Kennedy Cemetery, Knob Cemetery, Lester Cemetery, Lester Cemetery, Lester Cemetery, Lockhart Cemetery, Lockhart Cemetery, Lockhart Cemetery, Lockhart Cemetery, Lomax Cemetery, Lowe Cemetery, Matney Cemetery, Meadows Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mounts Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, Mullins Cemetery, New Belcher Mountain Community Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Old Belcher Mountain Community Cemetery, Payne Cemetery, Payne Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Puckett Cemetery, Reed Cemetery, Riffe Cemetery, Robert Cemetery, Robert Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Rockhouse Cemetery, Roe Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Rowe Cemetery, Rowe Cemetery, Rowe Cemetery, Sparks Cemetery, Sparks Cemetery, Stacy Cemetery, Stacy Cemetery, Stacy Cemetery, Steele Cemetery, Sullivan Cemetery, Trap Fork Cemetery, Vance Cemetery, Vance Cemetery, Wimmer Cemetery, Wimmer Cemetery, Woods Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bartley Census Designated Place, Berwind Census Designated Place, Big Sandy Census Designated Place, Crumpler Census Designated Place, Cucumber Census Designated Place, Maybeury Census Designated Place, Pageton Census Designated Place, Raysal Census Designated Place, Roderfield Census Designated Place, Vivian Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Anderson Memorial Presbyterian Chapel, Bee Branch Church, Bnai Israel Synagogue, Boyds Church, Calvary Church, Church of Christ, Church of God, Clay Church, Coalwood Community Church, Community Church, Court Street Methodist Church, Ebenezer Presbyterian Church (historical), Elkhorn Church, Endwell Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Greenbrier Fork Church, Harmon Branch Church, High Knob Church, Houston Methodist Church, Keystone Baptist Church, Keystone Baptist Church, Keystone Methodist Episcopal Church, Kimball Church, Little Flock Church, Little Holiness Church, Little Rock Church, Little Vine Church, Little Zion Church, Lovely Zion Baptist Church (historical), Mary Lou Church, Masks Chapel, Memorial Presbyterian Church, Midway Shiloh Temple, Mount Airy Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Ebenezer Church, Mount Nebo Baptist Church, Mount Olive Church, Mountain Home Church, Myrtle Valley Church, North Welch Church, Northfork Baptist Church, Northfork Presbyterian Church, Pilgrim Rest Church, Pine Grove Church, Saint James Baptist Church, Shiloh Church, Short Ridge Church, Simms African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Temple Emanuel, Union Church, Welch Pentecostal Holiness Church, West Welch Church of God, Zion Pentecostal Tabernacle

  Dams     show all on map

Anawalt Lake Dam, Belcher Branch Coal Refuse Disposal Dam, Berwind Lake Dam, Buzzard Branch Dam, Dalton Branch Dam, Dry Fork Slurry Impoundment Dam, Grapevine Branch Refuse and Impoundment Dam, Keystone Refuse Dump Mine Number 1 Dam, Laurel Branch Dam, Mill Branch - Pageton Dam, Mod Branch Dam Number Five, Mod Branch Dam Number Four, Mod Branch Dam Number One, Mod Branch Dam Number Three, Mod Branch Dam Number Two, Tug Fork Impoundment Dam, Twin Branch Dam Number One, Twin Branch Dam Number Three, Twin Branch Dam Number Two

  Forests     show all on map

Panther State Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Dogwood Gap, Indian Gap, Low Gap, Maxwell Gap, Turkey Gap, Wimmer Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Grace Hospital (historical), Stevens Clinic Hospital (historical), Welch Community Hospital

  Locales     show all on map

Black Wolf Links Golf Course, Camp Big Creek, Olga Number 2 Lookout Tower, Panther Lookout Tower, Shawnee Mountain Lookout Tower, Thirtyone Camp (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Anawalt Lake Wildlife Management Area, Berwind Lake Wildlife Management Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Algoma, Alpheus, Anawalt, Antler, Apple Grove, Asco, Ashland, Atwell, Avondale, Bartley, Beartown, Berwind, Big Four, Big Sandy, Bishop, Black Wolf, Bottom Creek, Bradshaw, Brewsterdale, Canebrake, Capels, Caretta, Carlos, Carswell, Cherokee, Christianburg (historical), Clark (historical), Clear Fork Junction, Coalwood, Crumpler, Cucumber, Dan, Davy, Eckman, Effler, Elbert, Elkhorn, English, Ennis, Erin, Excelsior, Faraday, Filbert, Garland, Gary, Gilliam, Havaco, Hemphill, Hensley, Hix (historical), Hull, Iaeger, Isaban, Jackson Flats, Jacobs Fork, Jed, Jenkinjones, Johnnycake, Johnstown, Jolo, Keystone, Kimball, Krollitz, Kyle, Landgraff, Leckie, Lex, Lila, Litwar, Lomax, Longpole, Maitland, Marine, Marytown, Maybeury, McDowell, Mohawk, Mohegan, Monson, Nacols, Newhall, Northfork, Pageton, Panther, Paynesville, Peapatch, Powhatan, Premier, Raysal, Ream, Rift, Rockridge, Roderfield, Rolfe, Sandy Huff, Six, Skygusty, Squire, Superior, Switchback, Thorpe, Twin Branch, Union City, Upland, Vallscreek, Venus, Vivian, War, Warriormine, Welch, Wilcoe, Wilmore, Worth, Wyoming City, Yerba, Yukon

  Post Offices     show all on map

Algoma Post Office, Anawalt Post Office, Antler Post Office (historical), Asco Post Office, Ashland Post Office, Avondale Post Office, Bartley Post Office, Beech Fork Post Office (historical), Berwind Post Office, Big Four Post Office (historical), Big Sandy Post Office, Bradshaw Post Office, Brewsterdale Post Office (historical), Canebrake Post Office, Capels Post Office, Caretta Post Office, Cirrus Post Office (historical), Clausen Post Office (historical), Coalwood Post Office, Crumpler Post Office, Cucumber Post Office, Davy Post Office, Dearing Post Office (historical), Deegans Post Office (historical), Drake Post Office (historical), Eckman Post Office, Effler Post Office (historical), Eight Post Office (historical), Elbert Post Office, Elkhorn Post Office, English Post Office, Ennis Post Office (historical), Excelsior Post Office (historical), Filbert Post Office, Garland Post Office (historical), Gary Post Office, Gilliam Post Office (historical), Havaco Post Office, Hemphill Post Office, Hensley Post Office, Horsepen Post Office (historical), Iaeger Post Office, Jenkinjones Post Office, Jolo Post Office, Keystone Post Office, Kimball Post Office, Krollitz Post Office (historical), Kyle Post Office, Landgraff Post Office (historical), Leckie Post Office, Lex Post Office (historical), Lila Post Office (historical), Litwar Post Office (historical), Lomax Post Office (historical), Longpole Post Office (historical), Maitland Post Office (historical), Marytown Post Office (historical), Maybeury Post Office (historical), McDowell Post Office, Mile Branch Post Office (historical), Mohegan Post Office (historical), Nacols Post Office (historical), Newhall Post Office, Northfork Post Office, Pageton Post Office, Pan Post Office (historical), Panther Post Office, Paynesville Post Office, Powhatan Post Office, Premier Post Office, Raysal Post Office, Rift Post Office (historical), Ritter Post Office (historical), Rockridge Post Office (historical), Roderfield Post Office, Sandy Huff Post Office (historical), Serpell Post Office (historical), Six Post Office (historical), Skygusty Post Office, Squire Post Office (historical), Strother Post Office (historical), Superior Post Office, Susanna Post Office (historical), Switchback Post Office, Terry Post Office (historical), Thorpe Post Office, Tidewater Post Office (historical), Twin Branch Post Office, Vallscreek Post Office, Vivian Post Office, War Post Office, Warriormine Post Office, Welch Post Office, Wilcoe Post Office, Wilmore Post Office (historical), Worth Post Office, Yerba Post Office (historical), Yukon Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Algoma Coal Impoundment, Grapevine Branch Refuse Bank Lake, Jenkinjones Impoundment, Keystone Refuse Impoundment, Lake Berwind, Pageton Refuse Impoundment, Vallscreek Slurry Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Baker Ridge, Bee Ridge, Big Stone Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Estep Ridge, Kewee Ridge, Peach Ridge, Puckett Ridge, Snake Ridge, Sourwood Ridge, State Line Ridge, Totten Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Anawalt Elementary School, Baker Ridge School (historical), Bartley Elementary School (historical), Bee Branch School (historical), Berwind Elementary School (historical), Big Creek High School, Billips School (historical), Bowman School (historical), Bradshaw Elementary School, Bradshaw Junior High School (historical), Bradshaw School (historical), Browns Creek District High School (historical), Brushy School (historical), Bull Creek School (historical), Carlos School (historical), Collins School (historical), Davis School (historical), Dunbar High School (historical), Estep School (historical), Estep School (historical), Fall River Elementary School, Gary Elementary School (historical), Grapevine School (historical), Greenbrier School (historical), Hagerman School (historical), Hemphill-Capels School (historical), High Knob School (historical), Iaeger Elementary School, Iaeger High School, Iaeger Intermediate School, Jewell School (historical), Jolo School (historical), Justice School (historical), Keystone Elementary School (historical), Keystone-Eckman Negro High School (historical), Kimball Elementary School, Laeger Elementary School, Lester School (historical), Little Creek School (historical), Longpole School (historical), Low Gap School (historical), Maitland-Superior Junior High School (historical), McDowell County Adult Learning Center, Mcdowell County Alternative School (historical), McDowell County Career and Technology Center, McDowell County Vocational School, McKinley School (historical), Mount View High School, Mount View High School, Mount View Middle School (historical), Mountain Top Baptist Academy, New High School, Newhall Elementary School (historical), Northfork District High School (historical), Panther Elementary School (historical), Phoenix Center Alternative School, River View High School, Roberts School (historical), Roosevelt School (historical), Sandy River Middle School, Shady Grove School (historical), Shortridge School (historical), Southside K Through 8, Switchback Elementary School (historical), Three Forks School (historical), Trace Fork School (historical), Trap Fork School (historical), Twin Branch Pentecostal Academy, War Branch School (historical), War Elementary School (historical), War Junior High School, Welch Elementary School, Welch Middle School (historical), Welch Nazarene Christian Academy, Wimmers School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Abbcamp Branch, Adkin Branch, Adkins Branch, Aldrich Fork, Atwell Branch, Badway Branch, Ballard Harmon Branch, Barrenshe Creek, Bartley Creek, Beartown Branch, Bearwallow Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Branch, Beech Fork, Belcher Branch, Belcher Branch, Betsy Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Creek, Birchlick Branch, Bottom Creek, Bradshaw Creek, Briar Branch, Browns Creek, Brushy Fork, Buck Fork, Bull Creek, Burk Creek, Buzzard Branch, Clark Branch, Clear Fork, Clear Fork Branch, Coalbank Branch, Coalbank Fork, Coon Branch, Coon Branch, Coontree Branch, Crane Creek, Crane Creek, Crane Trace Branch, Cub Branch, Cub Branch, Cub Creek, Cucumber Creek, Dauss Fork, Dave Branch, Davy Branch, Daycamp Branch, Deep Branch, Deerskin Branch, Desolate Branch, Dog Fork, Dons Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Fork, Dry Monday Branch, Duskins Branch, Elias Branch, Elkhorn Creek, Fishtrap Branch, Fourpole Creek, Franks Branch, George Branch, Grapevine Branch, Grapevine Branch, Greenbrier Fork, Groundhog Branch, Harman Branch, Harmon Branch, Harmon Branch, Harris Branch, Harris Branch, Hensley Creek, Hite Fork, Honeycamp Branch, Horse Creek, Horsepen Creek, Huntingshirt Branch, Hurricane Branch, Hurricane Branch, Indian Grave Branch, Ison Fork, Ives Branch, Jacobs Fork, Jed Branch, Jenny Branch, Jim Branch, Johnnycake Branch, Johns Branch, Johns Knob Branch, Jump Branch, Kewee Creek, Larken Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Left Fork Bull Creek, Left Fork Crane Creek, Left Fork Davy Branch, Left Fork Mill Creek, Left Fork Sandlick Creek, Left Fork Trap Fork, Leftwich Branch, Leslie Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Little Creek, Little Cub Branch, Little Daycamp Branch, Little Fork, Little Fork, Little Indian Creek, Little Jenny Branch, Little Slate Creek, Little Slaunch Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Longpole Creek, Loop Branch, Low Gap Branch, Lower Hensley Creek, Lower Trace Fork, Lower Twin Branch, Lower Twin Branch, McClure Branch, Meathouse Branch, Meathouse Fork, Meetinghouse Branch, Meredith Fork, Middle Fork Big Creek, Middle Fork Bradshaw Creek, Middle Fork Panther Creek, Middle Trace Fork, Milam Branch, Mile Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Millseat Branch, Mitchell Branch, Mod Branch, Mohawk Branch, Moorecamp Branch, Mountain Fork, Mud Fork, Mudhole Branch, Mudlick Branch, Negro Branch, Newson Branch, North Fork Big Creek, North Fork Elkhorn Creek, North Fork Trace Fork, Oak Branch, Oldhouse Branch, Oozley Branch, Open Fork, Orchard Branch, Panther Creek, Panther Fork, Perry Camp Branch, Peters Branch, Pigeonroost Branch, Pruett Branch, Puncheoncamp Branch, Puncheoncamp Branch, Riffe Branch, Right Fork Crane Creek, Right Fork Harman Branch, Right Fork Little Slate Creek, Right Fork Sandlick Creek, Right Fork Sandy Huff Branch, River Laurel Branch, Road Fork, Road Fork, Road Fork, Rock Branch, Rock Narrows Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rough Branch, Sams Branch, Sandlick Creek, Sandy Huff Branch, Shabbyroom Branch, Shannon Branch, Short Branch, Shortpole Branch, Slaunch Branch, Slaunch Fork, Snakeroot Branch, Snipe Branch, South Fork Slaunch Fork, South Fork Tug Fork, Spice Creek, Spice Creek, Spice Laurel Branch, Split Fork, Split Tree Branch, Stacy Branch, Stonecoal Branch, Straight Branch, Straight Branch, Straight Fork, Sugarcamp Branch, Tantrough Branch, Taylor Fork, Tea Branch, Threefork Branch, Toms Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Fork, Trail Fork, Trap Fork, Turkey Branch, Turkey Gap Branch, Turnhole Branch, Twin Branch, Upper Belcher Branch, Upper Shannon Branch, Upper Trace Fork, Upper Twin Branch, Vall Creek, Vance Fork, War Branch, War Creek, Whetstone Branch, White Oak Branch, Windmill Gap Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Zacks Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Belcher Mountain, Bradshaw Mountain, Hensley Knob, High Knob, Johns Knob, Pine Knob, Shawnee Mountain, Sheep Knob, Stone Steps

  Towers     show all on map

Coalwood Lookout Tower, Olga Lookout Tower, Olga Number 3 Lookout Tower, WELC-AM (Welch), WELC-FM (Welch), WXEE-AM (Welch)

  Tunnels     show all on map

Twin Branch Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Angle Hollow, Barlow Hollow, Deadman Hollow, Depot Hollow, Elbow Hollow, Greenbrier Hollow, Jailhouse Hollow, Johnnycake Hollow, Johnson Hollow, Pink Hollow, Rocky Poplar Hollow, Sal Gibson Hollow, Thirtyone Hollow,

McDowell County, West Virginia Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMcDowell County White population 19,07219,071  
BlackMcDowell County Black population 1,9841,983
MixedMcDowell County Mixed population 235234
American IndianMcDowell County American Indian population 4342
AsianMcDowell County Asian population 2121
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMcDowell County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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