Ritchie County, West Virginia Basics:

Ritchie County West Virginia - Government Site

Population: 10,243
Area: 452 square miles
County seat: Harrisville
Area code(s) in use: 304
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 79.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 12.0%
Median household income: $35,634
Persons in poverty: 20.3%
Home ownership rate: 77.8%
Mean travel time to work: 27.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Calhoun  Doddridge  Gilmer  Pleasants  Tyler  Wirt  Wood  

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Map of the Ritchie County area

Our detail map of Ritchie County shows the Ritchie County, West Virginia boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Ritchie County, West Virginia

  Bridges     show all on map

Harrisville Bridge, Holbrook Bridge, Hushers Run Girder Bridge, Larry Hacker Memorial Bridge, Third Run Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Cairo Volunteer Fire Department, Ellenboro Volunteer Fire Department, Harrisville Police Department, Harrisville Volunteer Fire Department, Pennsboro Police Department, Pennsboro Public Library, Pennsboro Volunteer Fire Department, Ritchie County Ambulance Authority Incorporated Station 41, Ritchie County Ambulance Authority Incorporated Station 42, Ritchie County Ambulance Authority Incorporated Station 43, Ritchie County Courthouse, Ritchie County Public Library, Ritchie County Sheriff's Office, Smithville Volunteer Fire Department, West Virginia Division of Forestry Ritchie County Field Office, West Virginia State Police Troop 4 Harrisville Detachment

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Auburn Cemetery, Ayers Cemetery, Beckner Cemetery, Betheny Churchyard, Broadwater Cemetery, Buck Run Cemetery, Burnthouse Cemetery, Buzzard Cemetery, Cunningham Cemetery, Douglas Cemetery, Elfritz Cemetery, Ellenboro Cemetery, Fairmont Cemetery, Fox Cemetery, Frederick Cemetery, Goose Creek Cemetery, Hardman Chapel Cemetery, Hatfield Cemetery, Haught Cemetery, Heck Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Indian Creek Churchyard, Ingram Ridge Cemetery, International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, King Knob Cemetery, Lamb Cemetery, Layfields Cemetery, Lynch Cemetery, Mason Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Metz Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mountain Cemetery, Moyers Cemetery, Nutter Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Pullman Churchyard, Reeves Cemetery, Rexroach Cemetery, Riddles Chapel Cemetery, Six Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Swisher Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Westfall Cemetery, White Oak Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Bear Run Church, Beason Church, Bethany Church, Bethel Chapel, Big Run Church, Cairo Church, Cedar Grove Church, Chevaux de Frise Church, Church of Christ, Davisson Chapel, Deem Chapel, Fairview Church, Glendale Church, Gnat Run Church, Goose Run Church, Hardman Church, Highland Church, Hurshers Church, Indian Creek Church, Ingram Church, King Knob Church, Log Church, Mole Hill Chapel, Morris Chapel, Mount Olivet Church, Mount Pisgah Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, North Fork Church, Oil Ridge Church, Pine Grove Church, Pine Grove Church, Pine Low Gap Church, Poplar Church, Pullman Church, Riddles Chapel, Ritchie Church, Rockcamp Church, Saint Williams Church, Smith Chapel, Smithville Baptist Church, Spruce Creek Church, Spruce Grove Church, Victory Church, Walnut Grove Church, White Oak Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Barcus Ayers Ford, State Ford

  Dams     show all on map

Bonds Creek Structure One Dam, Harrisville City Reservoir Dam, North Bend Golf Course Area Lake Dam, Number One West of Cornwallis Dam, Pullman Structure One Dam, Reservoir Run Dam

  Gaps     show all on map

Pine Low Gap

  Locales     show all on map

Browns Mill (historical), Combs, Enoch Leggett Mill (historical), Hall, McKinney Mills (historical), North Bend Golf Course, Pritchards Mills (historical), Silver Run Station, Sugar Grove Mill (historical), Thursday

  Oilfields     show all on map

Volcano Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

North Bend State Park, Ritchie Mines Wildlife Management Area, Sand Hill Wildlife Management Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Admiral (historical), Auburn, Beatrice, Beech Grove, Berea, Burnt House, Cairo, Cantwell, Chevaux De Frise, Cisco, Cokeleys, Cornwallis, Dutchman, Ellenboro, Eva, Finch, Five Forks, Fonzo, Girta, Glendale, Goffs, Hannahdale, Harrisville, Hartley, Hazelgreen, Highland, Holbrook, Iris (historical), Lamberton, Laurel Junction (historical), Lawford, League, Lone Valley, Long Run, Low Gap, Macfarlan, Mahone, Mellin, Mountain, Nutter Farm, Oil Spring, Oxbow, Pennsboro, Petroleum, Pew Hill, Pike, Prunty, Pullman, Racy, Riddle (historical), Riverside, Rusk, Rutherford, Sandhill, Six Hill, Slab, Smithville, Stanley, Star Settlement (historical), Toll Gate, Trilby (historical), Washburn, White Oak

  Post Offices     show all on map

Admiral Post Office (historical), Auburn Post Office, Beatrice Post Office (historical), Beech Grove Post Office (historical), Beeson Post Office (historical), Berea Post Office, Burnt House Post Office, Cairo Post Office, Cantwell Post Office (historical), Cisko Post Office (historical), Cokeleys Post Office (historical), Combs Post Office (historical), Cornwallis Post Office (historical), Cunninghams Mills Post Office (historical), Donohue Post Office (historical), Ellenboro Post Office, Ellsworth Post Office (historical), Eva Post Office (historical), Finch Post Office (historical), First Post Office (historical), Fonzo Post Office (historical), Girta Post Office (historical), Goffs Post Office (historical), Goose Creek Post Office (historical), Goose Neck Post Office (historical), Hannahdale Post Office (historical), Harrisville Post Office, Hartley Post Office (historical), Hazelgreen Post Office, Highland Post Office, Holbrook Post Office (historical), Horace Post Office (historical), Iris Post Office (historical), Juno Post Office (historical), Kickapoo Post Office (historical), Laurel Junction Post Office (historical), Lawford Post Office (historical), League Post Office (historical), Lemmon Post Office (historical), Lowman Post Office (historical), Macfarlan Post Office, Mahone Post Office, McDougal Post Office (historical), Mellin Post Office (historical), Mountain Post Office, Null Post Office (historical), Nutterfarm Post Office (historical), Oxbow Post Office (historical), Parkers Mills Post Office (historical), Pennsboro Post Office, Petroleum Post Office, Pike Post Office (historical), Pritchard Post Office (historical), Prunty Post Office (historical), Pullman Post Office, Racy Post Office (historical), Riddle Post Office (historical), Rocket Post Office (historical), Rush Run Post Office (historical), Rusk Post Office (historical), Rutherford Post Office (historical), Sinnetts Mills Post Office (historical), Smithville Post Office, Spruce Post Office (historical), Stanley Post Office (historical), Thorpe Post Office (historical), Thursday Post Office (historical), Toll Gate Post Office, Trilby Post Office (historical), Vilas Post Office (historical), Washburn Post Office (historical), White Oak Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Pennsboro Water Supply Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Bean Ridge, Hulderman Ridge, Oil Ridge, Pigskin Ridge, Pleasant Ridge, Union Ridge, Victory Ridge, Wilson Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alum Fork School (historical), Bartlett School (historical), Beeson School (historical), Bell School (historical), Big Run School (historical), Brushy Peak School (historical), Buck Run School (historical), Buffalo School (historical), Buky Run School (historical), Bunnell Run School (historical), Cabin Run School (historical), Cain Run School (historical), Cairo Elementary School (historical), Cairo Middle School (historical), Camp Run School (historical), Cedar Grove School (historical), Chestnut Grove School (historical), Cloudy School (historical), Cokeley School (historical), Creed Collins Elementary School, Daisy Westfall Cokeley Technical Center, Den Run School (historical), Ellenboro Elementary School, Elm Run School (historical), Elm Run School (historical), Fairmont School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Grass Run School (historical), Hall School (historical), Harrisville Elementary School, Hartley School (historical), Highland School, Indian Run School (historical), Indian Run School (historical), Ingram School (historical), Jackson School (historical), King Knob School (historical), Leatherbark School (historical), Lick Run School (historical), Lone Valley School (historical), Low Gap School (historical), Lower Addis Run School (historical), Lower Bear Run School (historical), Lower Cabin Run School (historical), Lower Island Run School (historical), Lower Lynncamp School (historical), Lower Otterslide School (historical), Lower Oxford School (historical), Lower Whiteoak School (historical), Meadow Run School (historical), Mitchell School (historical), Moonrise School (historical), Mount Harmony School (historical), Mount Vernon School (historical), Mount Zion School (historical), Nutter Farm School (historical), Nutter Form School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Oil Ridge School (historical), Oxbow School (historical), Pennsboro Middle School (historical), Phillips School (historical), Pine Grove School (historical), Pine Grove School (historical), Pleasant Ridge School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Red Ben School (historical), Ritchie County High School, Ritchie County Middle School, Ritchie Mine School (historical), Rockcamp School (historical), Short Run School (historical), Smith Run School (historical), Smithville Elementary School, Stewart Run School (historical), Straight Fork School (historical), Tarkiln School (historical), Taylor School (historical), Toll Gate High School (historical), Union Ridge School (historical), Upper Addis School (historical), Upper Bear Run School (historical), Upper Devil Hole School (historical), Upper Lynncamp School (historical), Upper Otterslide School (historical), Upper Whiteoak School (historical), Victory School (historical), Victory School (historical), Walnut Hill School (historical), Wass School (historical), Wass School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

William Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Addis Run, Adds Run, Alum Fork, Back Run, Bear Run, Bear Run, Bear Run, Bear Run, Bearwallow Run, Beason Run, Bee Run, Beech Fork, Beech Run, Big Cave Run, Big Knot Run, Big Run, Big Run, Big Run, Blacks Run, Bobs Fork, Bonds Creek, Bone Creek, Bridge Run, Broadtree Run, Brush Run, Brush Run, Brushy Fork, Brushy Fork, Buck Run, Buck Run, Buffalo Run, Buky Run, Bunnell Run, Burton Run, Buzzard Run, Cabin Run, Cabin Run, Cain Run, Camp Run, Camp Run, Cedar Run, Charleys Run, Chevaux de Frise Run, Coal Run, Coburn Run, Coffield Run, Combs Run, Comfort Run, Conrad Run, Cow Run, Crab Run, Cunningham Run, Daves Run, Davis Run, Davy Cain Run, Den Run, Devilhole Creek, Dog Run, Douglas Run, Dry Run, Dry Run, Dungeon Run, Dutchman Run, Elliotts Run, Ellison Run, Elm Run, Fox Run, Gillespie Run, Gnat Run, Goose Run, Goose Run, Grass Run, Hardmans Fork, Heavener Fork, Henry Run, Hickory Run, Hitchcock Run, Horner Run, Hushers Run, Indian Creek, Indian Run, Irish Run, Isaac Fork, Jesse Cain Run, King Knob Run, Lamb Run, Laurel Fork, Laurel Run, Laurel Run, Law Run, Layfields Run, Leatherbark Creek, Leatherbark Run, Left Fork Bone Creek, Left Fork Dutchman Run, Left Fork Macfarlan Creek, Left Fork Slab Creek, Left Fork Spruce Creek, Left Fork White Oak Creek, Lick Run, Lick Run, Lick Run, Little Beason Run, Little Devilhole Creek, Little Indian Run, Little Painter Run, Little White Oak Creek, Lizzies Roost Run, Long Run, Long Run, Long Run, Lost Run, Louthers Run, Low Gap Run, Lynn Run, Lynncamp Run, Lynncamp Run, Maberry Run, Macfarlan Creek, Marietta Run, Marsh Run, McGregor Run, Meadow Run, Middle Fork, Middle Fork Leatherbark Creek, Moyers Run, Mudlick Run, Myers Fork, Nutter Fork, Oil Spring Run, Otterslide Creek, Owl Run, Painter Run, Pantherlick Run, Patton Run, Pepper Fork, Plum Run, Poplarlick Run, Prunty Run, Red Oak Run, Right Fork Big Run, Right Fork Bone Creek, Right Fork Gillespie Run, Right Fork Slab Creek, Right Fork Spruce Creek, Right Fork White Oak Creek, Road Fork, Rock Run, Rockcamp Run, Rocklick Run, Rocky Fork, Rocky Run, Rush Run, Seng Run, Sheep Run, Short Run, Silver Run, Slab Creek, Slaughterhouse Run, Smith Run, Spring Run, Spruce Creek, Star Fork, Stewart Run, Straight Fork, Straight Fork, Straight Fork, Straight Run, Sugar Run, Sugar Run, Sugarcamp Run, Taylor Summers Run, Third Run, Turkey Run, Turtle Run, Twolick Run, Upper Cabin Run, Wass Run, Whiskey Run, White Oak Creek, White Oak Run, Wigner Run, Wildcat Run, Wolf Run, Wolf Run, Wolfpen Run, Wolfpen Run, Xddox Run

  Summits     show all on map

Campbell Hill, King Knob, King Knob, Vesper Knoll

  Tunnels     show all on map

Tunnel Number 19

  Valleys     show all on map

Brooks Hollow, Long Bottom, Poverty Hollow,

Ritchie County, West Virginia Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteRitchie County White population 10,10010,099  
MixedRitchie County Mixed population 7271
BlackRitchie County Black population 3130
American IndianRitchie County American Indian population 1010
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderRitchie County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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