Albany County, Wyoming Basics:

Albany County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 37,246
Area: 4274 square miles
County seat: Laramie
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 95.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 48.1%
Median household income: $42,882
Persons in poverty: 26.2%
Home ownership rate: 50.7%
Mean travel time to work: 12.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carbon  Converse  Jackson (CO)  Laramie  Larimer (CO)  Natrona  Platte  

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Map of the Albany County area

Our detail map of Albany County shows the Albany County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Albany County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

Evans Airport, Laramie Regional Airport, Rays Airpark, Robbins Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Snowy Range Natural Area

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Basin, Big Basin, Big Judson, Coverdale Basin, The Big Hollow

  Bends     show all on map

Lower Soap Holes, Soap Holes

  Bridges     show all on map

McGill Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Albany County Sheriff's Office, Albany County Volunteer Fire Department, Big Laramie Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Big Laramie Valley Volunteer Fire Department Station 4, Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Garrett Fire Zone Fire Department, Laramie Fire Department Station 1, Laramie Fire Department Station 2, Laramie Fire Department Station 3, Laramie Peak Fire Zone Fire Department, Laramie Police Department, Little Laramie Fire Department, Medicine Bow National Forest Laramie Ranger District Fire Engine Crew, Rock River Volunteer Fire Department, Tie Siding Fire Department, Vedauwoo Fire Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol District 1 Division J

  Canals     show all on map

Adams Ditch, Albany Ditch, Alsop Ditch Number 1, Alsop Ditch Number 2, Battin Ditch, Bellamy Ditch, Bellamy Ditch, Bellamy Ditch Number 1, Bellamy Ditch Number 2, Bellamy Ditch Number 2, Biddick Ditch, Black Water Ditch, Black Water Ditch, Bliler and Boswell Ditch, Bluff Ditch, Bosler Ditch Number 3, Bosler Ditch Number 3, Boughton Canal, Burg Ditch, Bush and Holliday Ditch, Bush Ditch, Caldwell Ditch, Carroll Alsop Ditch, Carroll Ditch Number 1, Carroll Ditch Number 2, Christensen Ditch Number 2, Davis Brothers Ditch Number 1, Domick Ditch, Dowlin Ditch, Dunn Ditch, Dutton Creek Ditch, Dutton Creek Reservoir Supply Ditch, Fisher Ditch, Fork of North Canal, Fox Creek Ditch, Haley and Hoge Ditch, Harran Ditch, Hecht and Ferrall Ditch, Homer Ditch, Ione Ditch, James Lake North Canal, Joe Ditch, John McCreary Ditch, John White Enlargement Ditch, Johnston Ditch, King Ditch, King Ditch Number 1, King Ditch Number 2, Lake Hattie Canal, Lake Hattie Supply Canal, Lake Hattie Supply Ditch Number 2, Last Chance Ditch, Lone Tree Ditch, Mammoth Ditch, Mansfield Ditch, Markle Ditch, Monolith Ditch, North Canal, North Fork Ditch Number 2, Northrop Ditch Number 5, Northrop Ditch Number 7, Oasis Canal, Old Channel Ditch, Old King Ditch, Olsen Ditch, Park Ditch, Park Ditch, Parker Ditch, Pioneer Canal, Pioneer Lateral, Poverty Flat Ditch, Richards Ditch, Riverside Ditch Number 1, Riverside Ditch Number 2, Snake Ditch, Sodergreen High Line Ditch, South Canal, South Side Ditch, Stewart Canal, Straus Ditch Number 2, Stuck Creek Ditch, Symes and Deerlove Ditch, Table Mountain Ditch, Taylor Ditch, Victoria Ditch, Whites Rock Creek Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Green Hill Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Albany Census Designated Place, Centennial Census Designated Place, Fox Park Census Designated Place, The Buttes Census Designated Place, Woods Landing-Jelm Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Open Air Chapel

  Cliffs     show all on map

Foote Creek Rim

  Dams     show all on map

Alvie Number One Dam, Bar M Number 1 Dam, Bar M Number 2 Dam, Bar M Number 3 Dam, Beery Number 2 Dam, Bell and Scranton Number 1 Dam, Bell and Scranton Number 1 Dam, Bell and Scranton Number 2 Dam, Bell Dam, Berry Dam, Bliss Number 1 Dam, Brown Number 1 Dam, Canon Number 1 Dam, Canon Number 2 Dam, Canon Number 3 Dam, Canon Number 4 Dam, Canon Number 5 Dam, Cashs Home Dam, Cavender Dam, Cavender Dam, Chris Klein Dam, Coal Bank Dam, Columbus Dam, Cooper Dam, Duck Creek Number 1 Dam, Dutton Dam, Ella Reservoir Dam, Gillespie Dam, Glade Dam, Grant Creek Dam, Grazing Number 1 Stock Dam, Harman Dam, Harney Creek Dam, Home Dam, Hundred Springs Dam, Hutton Lake Dam Number 3, Iron Mountain Dam, Iron Mountain Number 1 Dam, Joe D Dam, Johnson Dam, Kafka Number 1 Dam, Kennedy Number 1 Dam, King Number 1 Dam, Lace Dam, Lake Hattie Dam, Lake Owen Dam, Lime Creek Dam, Little Brooklyn Lake Dam, Little Pierce Dam, Lone Tree Dam, Lone Tree Number 1 Dam, Lost Creek Dam, M G Dam, Millbrook Number 2 Dam, Mule Creek Dam, Newell Dam, Nickerson Dam, Old Smuggler Dam, Parker Number 1 Dam, Patrick Ryan Number 3 Dam, Phillips Number 1 Dam, Pinto Dam, Rob Roy Dam, Shellhart Fish and Stock Dam, Sid Number 1 Dam, Soda Lake Draw Number 1 Dam, Sportsman Dam, Strong Number 1 Dam, Strong Number 4 Dam, Sturgeon Number 1 Dam, Sturgeon Number 3 Dam, Sundby Dam, Sundby Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Three Mile Dam, Twenty Mile Number 1 Dam, Two Bar Number 1 Dam, Weaver Dam, Wellbaum Dam, Wheatland Number 2 Dam, Wheatland Number 3 Dam, Whiskey Number 1 Dam, Whites Dam, Williams and Blunk Number 1 Dam, Williams Number 1 Dam, Williams Number 2 Dam, Williams Number 3 Dam, Willow Creek Dam, Woodhouse Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Duck Creek Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Chimney Park, Cottonwood Park, Coyote Flat, Davidson Flats, Flume Creek Park, Fortymile Flat, Grindstone Park, Harris Park, Hay Park, Johnson Flat, Kenyon Park, Libby Flats, Long Flat, McKechnie Meadow, North McKechnie Meadow, Optimist Park, Sommers Flat, T B Flat, Ullman Park, Undine Park, Washington Park, Wheeler Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Medicine Bow National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bull Gap, Cameron Pass, Cannonball Cut, Ellison Pass, Fackler Pass, Morton Pass, Mule Creek Pass, Reed Pass, Snowy Range Pass, Sunrise Pass

  Guts     show all on map

Alsop Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Ivinson Memorial Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Alsop Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Badger Lake, Bamforth Lake, Barber Lake, Bear Lake, Bellamy Lake, Big Charlie Lakes, Black Jack Lake, Brady Lake, Brooklyn Lake, Caldwell Lake, Carroll Lake, Class Lake, Cooper Lake, Crescent Lake, Cutthoat Lake, Diamond Lake, Downey Lakes, Dry Lake, Dunn Lake, Fishhook Lake, Foote Creek Lake, Gelatt Lake, Gibbs Pond, Glacier Lakes, Hailey Lake, Hanging Lake, Hardigan Lake, Highway 130 Lake, Horse Creek Lakes, Hourglass Lake, Howell Lake, James Lake, Jeep Lake, Klondike Lake, Knadler Lake, Lake Hattie, Lake Ione, Lake Mildred, Lake Owen, Leazenby Lake, Lewis Lake, Libby Lake, Little Brooklyn Lake, Little Carroll Lake, Little Gelatt Lake, Little Long Lake, Long Lake, Lookout Lake, Lori Lake, Lost Lake, McGill Lakes, Meadows Lakes, Meeboer Lake, Meiser Lake, Mill Pond Lake, Miller Lake, Mirror Lake, Mortenson Lake, Nelson Pond, North Gap Lake, North Twin Lakes, Osterman Lake, Pilger Lake, Pinchot Lake, Porter Lake, Rainey Lake, Reservoir Lake, Rex Lake, Rhodes Lake, Ring Lake Number 1, Ring Lake Number 2, Rock Creek Lakes, Round Lake, Rush Lake, Russell Lake, Sandy Lake, Scott Lake, Sevenmile Lakes, Shelf Lakes, Silver Run Lake, Snow Bank Lake, Soap Holes, Soda Lake, Soda Lake, Soda Lakes, Sodergreen Lake, South Gap Lake, Sportsman Lake, Steamboat Lake, Swastika Lake, Swedes Cabin Lake, Telephone Lakes, Teri Lake, Towner Lake, Twelvemile Lake, Twin Buttes Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Mountains Lake, Upper Silver Run Lake, Watt Lake, Webb Lake, West Carroll Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Adam Boyd Ranch, Arrowtail Ranch, Atkinson Ranch, Atkinson Ranch, Ballard Ranch, Banzhof Ranch, Barber Lake Picnic Ground, Basin Ranch, Bath Brothers Ranch, Bath Ranch, Bell Ranch, Bell Ranch, Bennett Place, Bennett Ranch, Berner Ranch, Best Ranch, Biddick Ranch, Big Laramie Stage Station, Bob Garett Cow Camp, Bookout Ranch, Borgemans Ranch, Bosewll Creek Campground, Bosler Ranch, Boswell Ranch, Brooklyn Lake Campground, Brooklyn Lake Guard Station, Browns Landing, Browns Ranch, Burnett Cow Camp, Camp Grace, Camp Holiday, Campus Mall, Carlin Ranch, Carroll Ranch, Centennial Ranger Station, Chimney Park Camp, Chimney Rock Ranch, Cinnabar Park, Clark Park, Cole Ranch, Coles Ranch, Colores, Como Bluff Fish Hatchery, Cooper Ranch, Cram Ranch, Croonberg Ranch, Curry Ranch, Curtis Gulch Campground, Dalles Ranch, Davis Ranch, Davis Ranch, Diamond Ranch, Dobson Ranch, Dodge Ranch, Double Four Ranch, Double X Ranch, Douglas Creek Campground, Dry Park, Dunn Ranch, Dunn Ranch, Eike Ranch, Engen Ranch, Erickson Ranch, Esterbrook Campground, Evans Creek Campground, Fanning Ranch, Farley Ranch, Fellhauer Ranch, Five Mile Ranch, Flag Ranch, Fletcher Park, Forbes Ranch, Fort Sanders (historical), Fourlog Park, Fox Park, Foxpark Work Center, Frazer Ranch, Friend Park Campground, Furgeson Ranch, Garrett, Gearhart Ranch, Gramm, Greaser Ranch, Griffith Ranch, Hanks Sawmill, Harnden Ranch, Harris Ranch, Harry Brown Ranch, Harson Ranch, Hat Park, Heward Ranch, Hidden Valley Picnic Area, Higby Ranch, Higginson Homestead, Higgmson Homestead, Holiday Ranch, Holmes Campground, Hunt Ranch, Hunzicker Ranch, Illinois Creek Campground, Indian Guide Ranch, Indian Talking Rocks, Iron Mountain Camp, Jankovsky Ranch, Jelm P O, Jenkins Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, K P Ranch, Kennedy Ranch, Kennedy Ranch, Keystone Guard Station, Keystone Ranger Station, King Brothers Ranch, Kisler Ranch, Kite Ranch, Lake, Lake Creek Resort, Lake Owen Campground, Laramie Country Club, Laramie Peak Scout Camp, Laramie Plaza, Lawrence Ranch, Laycock Shearing Pens, Lembcke Ranch, Leroy Bridge, Lewis Lake Campground, Libby Creek Picnic Ground, Libby Flats Observation Shed, Loban Ranch, Lower Blair Picnic Area, Loyd Ranch, Lucy Ranch, Lundberg Ranch, Maddock Ranch, Maloin Ranch, Markley Ranch, Marshall, May Ranch, McCue Ranch, McGill Ranch, McGill Ranch, McKechnie Ranch, McKechnie River Ranch, McNees Ranch, Meadow Spring Ranch, Medicine Bow Ski Area, Mellody Ranch, Middle Crow Camp, Miller, Miller Lake Campground, Miller Ranch, Mine Camp, Mirror Lake Campground, Monolith Goforth Ranch, Monolith Hunziker Ranch, Monolith Ranch, Mountain Meadow Ranch, Muddy Park, Nash Fork Picnic Ground, Nelson Park, Newell Ranch, North Albany Club, North Fork Campground, North Fork Observation Point, Oasis Ranch, Odd Fellows Shopping Center, Old Kamp Place, Old Northrup Ranch, Olson Ranch, Orton Ranch, Otto Lumber Camp, Ox Yoke Ranch, Page Ranch, Palmer Ranch, Pelton Creek Campground, Percy Park, Perue Ranch, Pickerall Ranch, Piper Ranch, Pole Creek Campground, Pole Mountain Ranger Station, Pole Mountain Work Center, Porter Ranch, Rainbow Inn, Rawhide Park, River Ranch, Riverside Ranch, Robertson Ranch, Roosevelt Camp, Ropers Cabin, Russell Ranch, Rutherford Ranch, Schmale Bros Ranch, Scott Ranch, Short Ranch, Snowy Range Lodge, Sodergreen Ranch, Sprague Ranch, Spring Creek Ranch, Strom Ranch, Sturgeon Ranch, Sugarloaf Recreation Area, Sutherland Ranch, Table Mountain Ranch, Taylor Ranch, Telephone Spring Picnic Area, Tennant Ranch, Tetsc Ranch, The Big Hollow, The Fill, The Peach Orchard, The Summit, Tie City Campground, Tie Siding, University of Wyoming Agronomy Farm, University of Wyoming Camp, University of Wyoming Dairy Farm, University of Wyoming Science Camp, Upper Blair Picnic Area, Upper Nash Fork Campground, Vedauwoo Campground, Vedauwoo Glen, Warren Livestock Summer Camp, Warren Livestock Summer Camp, Warren Sheep Camp, Weaver Ranch, Webbers Mill (historical), Webbers Sawmill (historical), Wessel Ranch, White Ranch, Whitney Ranch, William Boyd Ranch, Willow Creek Ranch, Willow Park, Windmill Ranch, Wright Ranch, Wright Ranch, Yellow Pine Campground

  Mines     show all on map

Albany Development Company Mine, Albany Number One Claim, Albany Placer Mine, American Mine, Annie Mine, Big Chief Mica Mine, Box Elder Area Mine, Carroll Pit, Cassa Area Mine, Cassa Area Mine, Centennial Mine, Centennial Ridge Mine, Cliff Mine, Cliff Mine, Cobar Number One Mine, Columbine Mine, Como Bluffs Mine, Cowboy Claim Number One, Crescent Lode Number One, Dell Mine, Desert Rose Mine, Dixie Queen Claim, Douglas Mine, Duchess Mine, Easterling Pit, Empire Mine, Fairview Claim-Tenderfoot Mountain Mine, Florence Mine, Golden Key Mine, Grizzly Creek Prospect, Halleck Canyon Area Mine, Halleck Canyon Area Mine, Halleck Canyon Mine, Hanna Number One Mine, Harney Creek Valley Mine, Home Placers Mine, Hub Load Claim, Independence Mine, Inversion Cabin Prospects, Ione Prospect, Jelm Mountain Area Mine, Jelm Mountain Mine, Jenkins Project Mine, Justin Pit, Kansas Group - Keystone Holmes Area Mine, Kay Pit, Kentucky Derby Area Mine, Keystone Mine, Keystone Mine, Keystone Mine, King Solomon Claim, Lake Creek Mine, Lake Creek Mines, Lake Owen Mafic Complex Mine, Lake Resort Area Mine, Laramie Range Mine, Libby Creek Mine, Linscott Claim, Long Jack Claim, Magnolia Lode, Many Values Prospect, Marshall Area Mine, Maudem Group Mine, Maudem Group Mine, May Deposit, McGill Anticline Mine, Middle Downey Lake Mine, Monolith Portland Midwest Company Mine, Moores Gulch Mine, Morning Star Claim, Muscovite Claim Mine, New Rambler Mine, Nipper Number Four Claim, Nipper Number One Claim, Nipper Number Two Claim, North Downey Lake Mine, North Iron Mountain Mine, Owen Creek Area Mine, Palmer Canyon Mine, Pazeka Lake Mine, Pelton Creek Mine, Platinum City Mine, Plumbago Canyon Mine, Pyramid Mine, Pyramid Prospects Number One, Pyramid Prospects Number Three, Pyramid Prospects Number Two, Queen Mine, Rambler Mine, Red Mountain Gypsum Mine, Red Mountain Mine, Riverside Ranch Mine, Rock Creek Mine, Rock Creek Mine, Roff Deposit, Sand Creek Mine, Shanton Mine, Sheep Creek Mine, Sheep Creek Mine, Sheep Mountain Mine, South Downey Lake Mine, South Walker-Sullivan Mine, Sportsman Lake Mine, Spring Creek Mine, Sterling Limestone Quarry, Sunshine Mine, Taylor Deposit, Taylor Mine, Tuffa Pit, University Quarry, Utopia Mine, Weddle Claims Mine, West Dale Creek Mine, Woods Mine, Wyoming Copper Company Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Herrick Oil Field, Little Laramie Oil Field, Quealy Dome Oil Field, Rex Lake Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge, Bennet Hill, Devils Playground, Elk Park, Friend Park, Friend Park, Happy Jack Winter Sports Area, Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Pelton Park, Sybille Game and Fish Experimental Unit, Wallis Recreation Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Ames Monument, Eagle Rock, Gray Rocks

  Plains     show all on map

Laramie Plains

  Populated Places     show all on map

Albany, Binford, Bosler, Bosler Junction, Buford, Centennial, Collins (historical), Cooper Lake, Dale Creek, Deerwood, Foxpark, Gramm, Harmony, Harper, Hatton, Hermosa, Hirsig, Howell, Jelm, Keystone, Laramie, Little Medicine, Lookout, Millbrook, Mountain Home, New Jelm, Point of Rocks, Red Buttes, Reed Place, Rock Creek (historical), Rock River, Sherman, Squaw Place, The Buttes, Tie Siding, Toltec, West Laramie, Wilcox, Woods Landing, Wyocolo, Wyoming

  Post Offices     show all on map

Albany Post Office (historical), Gramm Post Office (historical), Holmes Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Laramie Mountains, Mine Hills, Sherman Mountains, Snowy Range

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alvie Number One Reservoir, Bar M Number 1 Reservoir, Bar M Number 2 Reservoir, Bar M Number 3 Reservoir, Beery Number 2 Reservoir, Bell and Scranton Number 1 Reservoir, Bell and Scranton Number 1 Reservoir, Bell and Scranton Number 2 Reservoir, Bell Reservoir, Berry Reservoir, Bliss Number 1 Reservoir, Brown Number 1 Reservoir, Canon Number 1 Reservoir, Canon Number 2 Reservoir, Canon Number 3 Reservoir, Canon Number 4 Reservoir, Canon Number 5 Reservoir, Cashs Home Reservoir, Cavender Reservoir, Cavender Reservoir, Cavender Reservoir, Chris Klein Reservoir, Coal Bank Reservoir, Columbus Reservoir, Cooper Reservoir, Creighton Lake, Dover Reservoir Number 2, Dry Reservoir, Duck Creek Reservoir, Dutton Creek Reservoir, Dutton Creek Reservoir, Eggleston Reservoir, Ella Reservoir, Gillespie Reservoir, Gillespie Reservoir, Glade Number 2 Reservoir, Goforth Reservoir, Grant Creek Reservoir, Grazing Number 1 Stock Reservoir, Harman Reservoir, Harney Creek Reservoir, Home Reservoir, Hundred Springs Reservoir, Hutton Lake, Hutton Lake, Iron Mountain Number 1 Reservoir, Iron Mountain Reservoir, Joe D Reservoir, Johnson Flat Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Kafka Number 1 Reservoir, Kennedy Reservoir Number 1, King Number 1 Reservoir, King Reservoir Number 1, Lace Reservoir, Lake George, Lake Hattie, Lake Hattie Reservoir, Lake Owen, Leah Reservoir, Lime Creek Reservoir, Little Brooklyn Lake, Little Pierce Reservoir, Lone Tree Number 1 Reservoir, Lone Tree Reservoir, Lone Tree Reservoir Number 1, Lone Tree Reservoir Number 2, Lost Creek Reservoir, M G Reservoir, Millbrook Number 2 Reservoir, Millbrook Reservoir Number 1, Millbrook Reservoir Number 2, Moore Reservoir, Mule Creek Reservoir, Newell Reservoir, Nickerson Reservoir, Old Smuggler Reservoir, Parker Number 1 Reservoir, Phillips Number 1 Reservoir, Phillips Reservoir, Pinto Reservoir, Post Lake, Priet Reservoir, Red Reservoir, Rice Reservoir, Rob Roy Reservoir, Shellhart Fish and Stock Reservoir, Sid Number 1 Reservoir, Soda Lake Draw Number 1 Reservoir, Soldier Creek Reservoir, Sportsman Reservoir, Strong Number 1 Reservoir, Strong Number 4 Reservoir, Sturgeon Number 1 Reservoir, Sturgeon Number 3 Reservoir, Sturgeon Reservoir Number 1, Sturgeon Reservoir Number 2, Sturgeon Reservoir Number 3, Sunby Reservoir, Sundby Reservoir Number 2, Three Mile Reservoir, Trapper Spring Reservoir, Twenty Mile Number 1 Reservoir, Twentymile Reservoir, Twentytwo Mile Reservoir, Two Bar Number 1 Reservoir, Upper North Crow Reservoir, Weaver Reservoir, Wellbaum Reservoir, Wheatland Reservoir Number 2, Wheatland Reservoir Number 2, Wheatland Reservoir Number 3, Wheatland Reservoir Number Two, Whiskey Number 1 Reservoir, Whites Reservoir, Williams and Blunk Number 1 Reservoir, Williams Number 1 Reservoir, Williams Number 2 Reservoir, Williams Number 3 Reservoir, Willow Creek Reservoir, Willow Creek Reservoir, Woodhouse Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bluegrass Ridge, Boulder Ridge, Carcass Ridge, Centennial Ridge, Chalk Hills, Chimney Ridge, Horseshoe Ridge, Lower Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Tree Ridge, Tony Ridge, Upper Pine Ridge, Van Horn Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Antelope Creek School, Beitel School, Bromley School, Buckeye School, Centennial School, Cozy Hollow School, Dunn School, Hanks School, Harmony School, Kennedy School, Lincoln School, Little Medicine School, Millbrook School, Nellie Iles School, Pickerall School, Prager School, Quealy School, River Bridge School, Rock River Elementary School, Rock River High School, Rock River Junior High School, Saint Lawrence School, Sand Creek School, Shaffer School, Slade School, South Sybille School, Sprague Lane School, Stanton School, University of Wyoming, Washington School, Whiting School

  Springs     show all on map

Ambler Spring, Artillery Spring, Asbestos Spring, Ayres Spring, Barrel Spring, Bellmore Spring, Boswell Spring, Box Spring, City Springs, Cottonwood Spring, Dead Horse Spring, Fortymile Spring, Government Spring, Kite Spring, Laycock Spring, Lindsey Spring, Mud Springs, Pinto Spring, Pope Springs, Sevenmile Spring, Simpson Springs, Soldier Spring, Soldier Spring, Solomon Springs, Stumpf Spring, Sybille Springs, Telephone Spring, Three Tree Spring, Trapper Spring, Wagon Wheel Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Anderson Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Arapaho Creek, Arrowhead Creek, Ashenfelder Creek, Ashley Creek, Austin Creek, Badger Creek, Badger Creek, Bar M Creek, Barrel Spring Creek, Bean Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Beaver Jimmy Creek, Bell Creek, Bert Creek, Bird Creek, Bishop Creek, Bone Creek, Boswell Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Box Spring Creek, Brandel Creek, Browns Creek, Brumley Creek, Brush Creek, Brush Creek, Buckeye Creek, Bull Camp Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Run Creek, Camp Creek, Canon Creek, Canteen Creek, Canyon Creek, Cherry Creek, Chokecherry Creek, Claude Irvine Creek, Coalbank Creek, Cold Creek, Collins Creek, Collins Creek, Cooper Creek, Corduroy Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cruikshank Creek, Curitan Creek, Dale Creek, Dave Creek, Davidson Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Desert Creek, Dickey Creek, Dipping Vat Creek, Dodge Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duck Creek, Dutton Creek, Eagle Creek, East Bluegrass Creek, East Fork Cottonwood Creek, East Fork Devils Gate Creek, East Shell Creek, East Walbright Creek, East Windy Creek, Eggleston Creek, Elk Creek, Evans Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Felix Creek, Fence Creek, Fish Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flattop Creek, Flume Creek, Forest Creek, Fortymile Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fox Creek, Friend Creek, Garlock Creek, Gates Creek, George Creek, Gold Run Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Government Creek, Gramm Creek, Grant Creek, Grant Creek, Greasewood Creek, Green Creek, Grizzly Creek, Grouse Creek, Halleck Creek, Hand in Hand Creek, Hansen Creek, Harney Creek, Hay Creek, Hecht Creek, Heidrich Creek, Horse Creek, House Log Creek, Illinois Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Iron Mountain Creek, Jackrabbit Creek, Jelm Creek, Jim Creek, Jim Creek, Joe Creek, John Creek, Johns Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, June Creek, Kelly Creek, Kenyon Creek, Keystone Creek, Kloer Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Owen Creek, Lefthand Luman Creek, Lewis Creek, Libby Creek, Lindsey Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Creek, Little Fish Creek, Little Halleck Creek, Little Laramie River, Little Pinto Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lost Creek, Maggie Creek, Magpie Creek, Manse Creek, Mary Cooper Creek, McFarlane Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Fork Branch, Meiser Creek, Middle Branch Middle Lodgepole Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Cottonwood Creek, Middle Fork Little Laramie River, Middle Fork Mill Creek, Middle Sybille Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mowberg Creek, Muddy Creek, Muddy Creek, Muddy Ford Creek, Mule Creek, Mullen Creek, Nash Fork, Negro Creek, Nellis Creek, North Branch Boxelder Creek, North Branch Crow Creek, North Branch Middle Lodgepole Creek, North Cottonwood Creek, North Creek, North Fork, North Fork Cherry Creek, North Fork Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Duck Creek, North Fork Gramm Creek, North Fork Little Laramie River, North Fork Little Medicine Bow River, North Fork Luman Creek, North Fork Pelton Creek, North Fork Squirrel Creek, North Prong South Fork Little Medicine Bow River, North Sybille Creek, One Cabin Creek, Onemile Creek, Owen Creek, Owl Creek, Park Run, Parsons Creek, Pass Creek, Pelton Creek, Pine Creek, Pinto Creek, Plumbago Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Porter Creek, Potato Creek, Prager Creek, Preacher Creek, Preemption Creek, Pump Creek, Red Mountain Spring Creek, Rees Creek, Reservoir Creek, Roaring Fork, Robinson Creek, Rogers Creek, Running Water Creek, Rush Creek, Sally Creek, Salt Creek, Saltlick Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Saylor Creek, School Creek, School Creek, Schoolhouse Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Shanton Creek, Sheldon Creek, Shell Creek, Shellrock Creek, Shorty Creek, Siebolt Creek, Silver Run Creek, Silver Tip Creek, Simpson Springs Creek, Sips Creek, Smith North Creek, Snow Creek, Soldier Creek, Soldier Creek, Soldier Creek, South Branch Crow Creek, South Creek, South Fork Cherry Creek, South Fork Cooper Creek, South Fork La Bonte Creek, South Fork Little Laramie River, South Fork Little Medicine Bow River, South Fork Mill Creek, South Fork Pinto Creek, South Fork Spring Creek, South Horseshoe Creek, South McFarlane Creek, South Prong South Fork Little Medicine, Sprague Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Squirrel Creek, Stink Creek, Stove and Timber Creek, Strain Creek, Stratton Creek, Strong Creek, Sturgeon Creek, Sunrise Spring Creek, Telephone Creek, Tepee Creek, Thirtytwo Creek, Three Cripples Creek, Threemile Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Tuttle Creek, Tweety Creek, Two Bar Creek, Two Cabin Creek, Wallrock Creek, West Bluegrass Creek, West Dry Creek, West Fork, West Fork Dale Creek, West Fork Iron Mountain Creek, West McFarlane Branch Creek, Whistler Creek, White Swan Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Windy Creek, Woods Creek, Zeigler Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Albany Peak, Bald Mountain, Baldy Mountain, Bar M Mountain, Bare Knob, Bear Head Mountain, Beaver Mountain, Bell Mountain, Bengough Hill, Big Hill, Bills Mountain, Bisbee Hill, Black Mountain, Blacktail Peak, Blue Jay Mountain, Boot Heel, Brandel Mountain, Britania Mountain, Browns Peak, Brumley Mountain, Buck Point, Buck Point, Bull Camp Peak, Bunker Hill, Camelback Mountain, Castle Rock, Castle Rock, Chalk Bluff, Collins Peak, Corner Mountain, Cow Creek Mountain, Crystal Hill, Dirty Mountain, Douglas Point, Douthitt Mountain, Dummy Hill, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Peak, Eagle Top, Egbert Hill, Elliott Point, Elmers Rock, Flat Top, Flattop Mountain, Fortymile Peak, Goat Mountain, Gold Hill, Government Peak, Graveyard Hill, Greasewood Knoll, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Green Top Mountain, Guide Rock, Harmon Heights, Haystack Peaks, Horatio Rock, Horse Mountain, Indian Guide, Indian Head Rock, Indian Head Rock, Indian Peak, Iron Mountain, Iron Mountain, Jack Squirrel Peak, Jaybird Peak, Jelm Mountain, King Mountain, Lake Hill, Lake Mountain, Laramie Peak, Limestone Rim, Markley Hill, Medicine Bow Peak, Menter Hill, Menter Knob, Moonshine Peak, Muddy Mountain, Mule Creek Mountain, Natural Fort, Overton Mountain, Peggy Rock, Pilot Hill, Pine Mountain, Pinnacle Peaks, Pinto Rocks, Pitcher Hill, Poe Mountain, Point Crawford, Poland Hill, Pole Mountain, Poor Mans Peak, Powell Mountain, Ragged Top Mountain, Red Buttes, Red Hill, Red Hill, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Resse Mountain, Reynolds Hill, Ring Mountain, Rock Mountain, Round Mountain, Round Top, Sellers Mountain, Sevenmile Hill, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Rock, Sherman Hill, Signal Hill, Slick Mountain, Smith Mountain, Somber Hill, South Mountain, Split Rock, Spruce Mountain, Steamboat Rock, Strouss Hill, Sugar Loaf, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sunset Hill, Table Mountain, The Buttes, The Divide, The Limestone, The Spur, Three Sisters, Turtle Rock, Twelvemile Hill, Twin Buttes, Twin Mountain, Van Ortwick Hill, Windy Peak, Yaunt Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

KCGY-FM (Laramie), KIMX-FM (Laramie), KLDI-AM (Laramie), KOWB-AM (Laramie), KRQU-FM (Laramie), KUWR-FM (Laramie)

  Trails     show all on map

Brady Rock Trail, Buford Trail, Circle Trail, Horse Creek Trail, Lakes Trail, Lincoln Trail, Overland Trail, Overland Trail, Pole Mountain Trail, Ridge Camp Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Hermosa Tunnel, Wheatland Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Bear Canyon, Big Bear Canyon, Big Draw, Box Canyon, Bradbury Gulch, Bridge Draw, Buckland Draw, Cathy Draw, Centennial Valley, Chokecherry Gulch, Clark Draw, Cottonwood Draw, Coyote Canyon, Croonberg Draw, Curry Draw, Curtis Gulch, Day Draw, Deep Gulch, Dirty Woman Draw, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, East Plumbago Draw, East Prong Green Canyon, Elk Horn Draw, Fallas Draw, Frenchy Draw, Gilmore Gulch, Government Gulch, Government Gully, Green Canyon, Hall Gulch, Halleck Canyon, Hangout Wash, Harvey Trail Draw, Hay Canyon, Hay Canyon, Hay Draw, Hells Canyon, Hidden Gulch, Horsethief Gulch, Jack Rabbit Canyon, Jock Draw, Johnson Flat Draw, Katie Brown Canyon, Lincoln Gulch, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Draw, Mart Miller Draw, McNees Draw, Menter Draw, Merril Draw, Mertz Draw, Moonshine Gulch, Moonshine Gulch, Moore Draw, Moores Gulch, Murphy Canyon, Nine Draw, North Sybille Canyon, Old Maids Draw, Onemile Draw, Paradise Canyon, Parsons Canyon, Pine Tree Draw, Plumbago Canyon, Pole Draw, Pollock Draw, Post Canyon, Post Draw, Prospect Gulch, Rattlesnake Draw, Red Draw, Ringrose Draw, Roger Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sheep Draw, Slate Draw, South Fork Tree Draw, Spencer Draw, Spring Gulch, Spruce Gulch, Stove Draw, Stovepipe Canyon, Tall Timber Draw, Telephone Canyon, Thirtytwo Canyon, Timber Canyon, Timber Canyon, Tower Canyon, Tree Draw, Twentymile Draw, Twentytwo Mile Draw, Two Cabin Draw, Waechter Canyon, Wallace Draw, Ward Gulch, West Plumbago Draw, West Prong Green Canyon, White Hound Canyon, Wildcat Draw, Wildcat Gulch, Willow Gulch, Windmill Hollow, Yankee Draw

  Wells     show all on map

Bluegrass Wells, Monolith Well Number 1, Monolith Well Number 3, Monolith Well Number 5, Monolith Well Number 7, Red Hill Well,

Albany County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteAlbany County White population 34,37834,378  
AsianAlbany County Asian population 1,0061,005
MixedAlbany County Mixed population 819819
BlackAlbany County Black population 633633
American IndianAlbany County American Indian population 372372
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderAlbany County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3737

Additional population tables :
State population table
Wyoming population by county