Fremont County, Wyoming Basics:

Fremont County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 41,090
Area: 9184 square miles
County seat: Lander
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 90.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 21.9%
Median household income: $48,565
Persons in poverty: 15.2%
Home ownership rate: 71.4%
Mean travel time to work: 19.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carbon  Hot Springs  Natrona  Park  Sublette  Sweetwater  Teton  Washakie  

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Map of the Fremont County area

Our detail map of Fremont County shows the Fremont County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Fremont County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

Bridger Creek Airport, Dubois Municipal Airport, Hunt Field Airport, Lost Cabin Airport, Riverton Memorial Hospital Heliport, Riverton Regional Airport, Shoshoni Municipal Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Buffalo Plateau, Glacier Primitive Area, Havely Rock Garden, Indian Grove, Petrified Forest, Wind River Roadless Area

  Basins     show all on map

Alkali Basin, Antelope Basin, Bear Basin, Beaton Pocket, Bomber Basin, Buffalo Basin, Buffalo Wallows, Caldwell Basin, Cony Basin, Countryman Basin, Crow Creek Basin, Crow Creek Basin, Crows Nest, Cyclone Basin, Dutton Basin, East Fork Basin, Enos Basin, Five Pockets, Harvey Basin, Horse Creek Basin, Jenkins Basin, Joe Johns Basin, Jules Bowl, Little Popo Agie Basin, Maxon Basin, Meyer Basin, Mormon Basin, Muskrat Basin, Nolen Pocket, Paradise Basin, Ramshorn Basin, Red Basin, Red Basin, Sage Creek Basin, Saint Lawrence Basin, Shoshone Basin, Soap Holes, Stough Creek Basin, Stratton Hollow, Sweeney Basin, West Bridger Basin, Whiskey Basin, Young Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Shotgun Bench

  Bends     show all on map

Devils Hole

  Bridges     show all on map

Sheep Bridge, Sheep Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Dubois Sheriff's Office, Dubois Volunteer Fire Department, Dubois Volunteer Fire Department, Fremont County Emergency Medical Services, Fremont County Emergency Medical Services Dubois, Fremont County Fire Protection District, Fremont County Fire Protection District Atlantic City Fire Department, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 1 Riverton, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 10 Hudson, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 11 North Portal, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 12 Fort Washakie Fire Department, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 14 Shoshoni, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 2 Lysite, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 3 Lander Rural Station 1, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 3 Lander Rural Station 2, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 4 Missouri Valley, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 5 Morton - Kinnear, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 6 Crowheart, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 7 Pavillion, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 8 Midvale Station 1, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 8 Station 2, Fremont County Fire Protection District Battalion 9 Atlantic City, Fremont County Fire Protection District Headquarters, Fremont County Sheriff's Office Lander, Fremont County Sheriff's Office Riverton, Jeffrey City Volunteer Fire Department, Lander Police Department, Lander Volunteer Fire Department, Riverton Fire Department, Riverton Police Department, Riverton Regional Airport Fire Station, Riverton Volunteer Fire Department, Shoshone National Forest Washakie Ranger District Fire Engine Crew, Shoshone National Forest Wind River Ranger District Fire Engine Crew, Shoshoni City Police Department, Shoshoni Volunteer Fire Department, Wyoming Fire Academy

  Canals     show all on map

Aragon Ditch, Arapahoe Ditch, Arnold Ditch Number 1, Badger Wasteway, Beaver Dam Ditch, Big Corral Ditch, Big Cottonwood Ditch, Blackburn Ditch, Blair Ditch, Blue Hill Lateral, Brown Ditch, Brown Jug Ditch, Burlington Ditch, Burnt Ranch Ditch, Carson Ditch, Cemetery Ditch, Circle Ditch, Coolidge Canal, Coolidge Ditch, Deshaw Ditch, Diamond Ditch, Dinwoody Canal, Double Ditch, Dry Creek Canal, Dutch Flat Extension, Emigrant Ditch, Enterprise Ditch, Enterprise Supply Ditch, Fivemile 52 Drain, Fivemile Lateral, Fivemile Main Lateral, Flat Ditch, Gaylor and Warnock Ditch, Graham and Farmsley Ditch Number 1, Graham and Farmsley Ditch Number 2, Graham Ditch, Grant Young Ditch, Grant Young Ditch, Green Ditch, Hansen Drain, Hansen Drain Extension, Harris Ditch, Hayes Ditch, Holmes Number 1 Ditch, Hurtado Ditch, Independent Ditch, Johnstown Ditch, Lannigans Ditch, Lateral P-27.0- A, Lateral P-27.0- B, Lateral P-27.0- C, Lateral P-27.0- D, Lateral P-28.2, Lateral P-31.7, Lateral P-31.7- B, Lateral P-32.8, Lateral P-34.0, Lateral P-34.9, Le clair Canal, Le Clair Drain, Lefthand Ditch, Leseburg Ditch, Lost Wells Lateral, Lyons Ditch, McIntosh Beaton Ditch, Meadow Creek Canal, Mill Creek Drain, Millard Ditch, Miller Ditch, Miller Ditch, Miller Ditch, Miller Red Creek Canal, Mission Ditch, Muddy Ridge Canal, National Ditch, Nicol Table Mountain Ditch, North Fork Ditch, North Fork Ditch Number 1, North Fork Ditch Number 2, North Fork Ditch Number 5, North Fork Diversion Canal, Norton Ditch, Ocean Drain, Paralda Ditch, Pavillion Drain, Pavillion Main Lateral, Pilot Canal, Pilot Drain, Ray Canal, Rinker Ditch, Riverton Number 2 Canal, Rock Creek Ditch, S G Drain, Samuel P Large Ditch, Sand Butte Lateral, Sand Gulch Lateral, Sandstone Ditch, Schlichting Ditch, Sharp Nose Drain, Sheep Camp Drain, Sioux Ditch, Springs Drain, Standish Ditch, Sub-Agency Ditch, Sunnyside Drain, Table Mountain Ditch, Table Mountain Ditch Extension, Taylor Ditch, Taylor Ditch Extension, Tweed Ditch, Walker Ditch, Warren Drain, Willow Creek Canal, Winchester Ditch, Wind River Canal, Wind River Canal, Wise Ditch, Wyoming Canal, Wyoming Central Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Eagle Point, Sand Point, Stoney Point, Washakie Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Aragon Cemetery, Arapahoe Catholic Cemetery, Arapahoe Cemetery, Burnaugh Cemetery, Chavez Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Dubois Cemetery, Friday Cemetery, Grave of N B Kinnear, Hurtado Cemetery, Indian Cemetery, Lake View Cemetery, Le Clair Cemetery, Little Popo Agie Cemetery, Lost Cabin Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Red Man Cemetery, Saint Michael Cemetery, Shakespare Cemetery, Wallowing Bull Cemetery, White Plume Cemetery, Willow Cemetery, Yellow Calf Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Arapahoe Census Designated Place, Atlantic City Census Designated Place, Boulder Flats Census Designated Place, Crowheart Census Designated Place, Ethete Census Designated Place, Fort Washakie Census Designated Place, Jeffrey City Census Designated Place, Johnstown Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Blessed Sacrament Church, Latter Day Saints Church, Missouri Valley Church, Roberts Mission, Saint Edwards Church, Saint Helen Church, Saint James Church, Sunnyside Church, Union Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Barbers Point, Beaver Rim, Brown Cliffs, Castle Rock, Cedar Rim, Indian Point, Lincoln Point, Norton Point, Red Canyon Rim, Sharks Nose, Sherwood Point, Stratton Rim, Suicide Point, Wolf Point

  Crossings     show all on map

French George Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Alkali Dam, Auer Dam, Battle Axe Dam, Bitterroot Number 1 Dam, Bonneville Dam, Boysen Dam, Boysen Dam, Bull Lake Dam, Bull Lake Dam, Burlington Reservoir Dam, Christina Dam, Daniel F Hudson Dam, Day Ore Pad Dam, Day South Dam, Debatable Dam, Diversion Dam, Diversion Dam, Dome Rock Dam, Double Diamond Number 1 Reservoir Dam, East Dam, Enlargement of Grandy Dam, Enlargement of Nielson Dam, Enlargement Pearl Dam, Enterprise Dam, Estella Dam, Grieves Dam, Hays Dam, Johnson Dam, Kirk Dam, Lake Cameahwait Dam, Le clair Diversion Dam, Love Dam, Middle Cottonwood Dam, Muskrat Number 1 Dam, Ocean Lake Habitat Number 5 Dam, Ocla Dam, Okie Dam, Pacific Dam, Pacific Number 2 Dam, Percy Dam, Pilot Butte Dam Number 1, Prarie Dam, Ray Dam, Roberts Number 2 Dam, Rock Dam, Rongis Detention Dam, Sand Mesa Number 1 Dam, Sand Mesa Number 2 Dam, Shoshone Lake Dam, Silver Creek Dam, Snyder Creek Detention Dam, Trail Lake Control Dam, Trail Lake Dam, Upper Cottonwood Dam, Upper Rock Creek Dam, Washakie Dam, Waterworks Number 3 Dam, Wind River Diversion Dam, Worten Meadow Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Bomber Falls, Brooks Lake Creek Falls, Bull Lake Falls, Lake Fork Falls, Popo Agie Falls, Twilight Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Agate Flats, Alkali Flats, Amoretti Park, Basin Creek Meadows, Bayer Park, Big Meadows, Bighorn Flat, Bills Park, Burnt Meadow, Burro Flat, Deacon Flat, Deacon Meadows, Deer Park, Deer Park, Dickinson Park, Downs Fork Meadows, Dundee Meadows, East Cottonwood Park, Elk Meadow, Esmond Park, Geyser Creek Park, Gill Meadows, Gill Park, Goat Flat, Goldman Meadows, Government Meadows, Grannier Meadow, Hay Meadow, Hays Park, High Meadow, Hobbs Park, Hofftowe Meadows, Hough Meadow, Johnson Meadow, Kirkland Park, Lenagon Meadows, Little Long Park, Lizard Head Meadows, Long Meadows, Lower Hudson Meadow, McGraw Flats, McIntosh Meadows, McLean Meadows, McMahone Park, Merriam Meadows, Mexican Flat, Morrison Meadows, Mosquito Park, Mountain Meadows, Neff Park, Norkok Meadows, Omera Meadow, Onion Flats, Onion Meadows, Pendergraft Meadow, Pinto Park, Ram Flat, Ranger Park, Reed Meadow, Round Park, Sagebrush Park, Sandord Park, Shangrila Meadows, Sheep Creek Park, Stampede Meadow, Taggart Meadows, The Meadows, Three Forks Park, Townsend Park, Twin Parks, Upper Hudson Meadow, Washakie Park, Washakie Park, Waynes Hole, Wild Horse Meadow, Wildhorse Flats, Wilson Meadows, Wise Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Adams Pass, Backpackers Pass, Batrum Gap, Bear Creek Pass, Bear Cub Pass, Bear Pass, Birdseye Pass, Black Rock Gap, Blaurock Pass, Bonneville Pass, Bonney Pass, Bowles Pass, Bull Elk Pass, Christina Pass, Coal Chute Pass, Cony Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Cougar Pass, Crooks Gap, Cyclone Pass, Davis Pass, De Pass, Devils Gap, East Fork Pass, Elsie Col, Glacier Pass, Hay Pass, Indian Pass, Indian Pass, Indian Pass, Jackass Pass, Lankin Gap, Marston Pass, No Mans Pass, Photo Pass, Quaking Asp Gap, Scenic Pass, Sheridan Pass, Sioux Pass, South Pass, Summit of the Original South Pass, Sweetwater Gap, Tepee Pass, Union Pass, Weiser Pass, White Pass, Windy Gap, Windy Gap

  Glaciers     show all on map

Bull Lake Glacier, Continental Glacier, Dinwoody Glacier, Dinwoody Glaciers, Downs Glacier, DuNoir Glacier, Fremont Glaciers, Gannett Glacier, Gooseneck Glacier, Grasshopper Glacier, Heap Steep Glacier, Helen Glacier, Hooker Glacier, Knife Point Glacier, Lower Fremont Glacier, Sacagawea Glacier, Upper Fremont Glacier, Washakie Glacier

  Guts     show all on map

Ice Slough, Rush Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Homestead Living Hospital, Lander Regional Hospital, Morning Star Manor Hospital, Riverton Memorial Hospital, Showboat Retirement Center, Westward Heights Nursing Home

  Islands     show all on map

Bush Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Alice Lake, Alkali Lake, Alpine Lake, Alpine Lakes, Angle Lakes, Ann Lake, Atlantic Lake, Baer Lakes, Baptiste Lake, Bear Lake, Beauty Lake, Bertha Lake, Big Milky Lake, Blanket Lakes, Blue Lakes, Blueberry Lake, Bob Lakes, Boday Lake, Bog Lakes, Boggy Springs Pond, Bomber Lake, Boone Lake, Boot Lake, Boulder Lake, Brooks Lake, Burnt Timber Lake, Calvert Lakes, Camp Lake, Campbell Lake, Carmody Lake, Carson Lake, Cathedral Lake, Circle Bar Lake, Cirque Lake, Clendenning Lake, Cliff Lake, Cliff Lake, Cloverleaf Lake, Cony Lake, Cook Lake, Coyote Lake, Crater Lake, Crater Lake, Crystal Lake, Cub Lake, Daley Lake, Darren Lake, Deacon Lake, Dead Horse Lake, Deadman Lake, Deep Creek Lakes, Dennis Lake, Dinwoody Lake, Dinwoody Lakes, Dinwoody Lakes, Dish Lake, Don Lake, Double Lake, Downs Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Dutch Oven Lake, East Echo Lake, Echo Lake, Echo Lakes, Elk Lake, Elk Lake, Elk Lake, Eloise Lake, Emerald Lake, Enos Lake, Ferry Lake, Fiddlers Lake, Fish Lake, Florence Lake, Froms Lake, Frozen Lake, Funnel Lake, Gap Lake, Gaylord Lake, Golden Lake, Golden Lake, Golden Lake, Goose Lake, Grass Lake, Grassy Lake, Grassy Lake, Grave Lake, Green Lake, Green Lake, Gustave Lake, Hatchet Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, High Meadow Lake, Honeymoon Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Ice Lakes, Ice Lakes, Ink Wells, Island Lake, Jug Lake, Kanaugh Lake, Kirkland Lake, Kisinger Lakes, Klondike Lake, Lake Heebeecheeche, Lake Julia, Lake Kagevah, Lake Louise, Lake Louise, Lake of the Woods, Lake Polaris, Lake Solitude, Leg Lake, Lewis Lake, Lewiston Lakes, Little Bob Lake, Little Milky Lake, Little Moccasin Lake, Little Moss Lake, Little Valentine Lake, Little Washakie Lake, Loch Leven, Lonesome Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Louis Lake, Lower Baer Lake, Lower Jade Lake, Lower Silas Lake, Lydle Lake, Mackinaw Lake, Macon Lake, Martin Ponds, Marys Lake, Mendarrin Lake, Middle Lake, Mile Long Lake, Milky Lakes, Moccasin Lake, Moon Lake, Moose Lake, Moraine Lake, Morgan Lake, Moss Lake, Movo Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Murray Lake, Murray Lake, Mystery Lake, Native Lake, Noel Lake, Ocean Lake, Old Ram Lake, Papoose Lake, Paradise Lakes, Pass Lake, Pelham Lake, Perry N Boday Lake, Petes Lake, Phillips Lake, Phillips Lake, Picket Lake, Pie Lake, Pinto Park Lake, Raft Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Ramshorn Lakes, Red Lake, Red Wing Lake, Ring Lake, Roaring Fork Lake, Roberts Lake, Rolff Lake, Ross Lake, Sand Lake, Sandra Lake, Sheep Lake, Shoe Lake, Shoshone Lake, Shoshone Lake, Simpson Lake, Smith Lake, Snow Lake, Snowband Lake, Snowbridge Lake, Soapstone Lake, Soda Lakes, Sonnicant Lake, South Fork Lakes, Spearpoint Lake, Spider Lake, Squaw Lake, Squirrel Lake, Star Lake, Steamboat Lake, Stough Creek Lakes, Stough Lake, The Dry Lakes, The Sinks, Thumb Lake, Tigee Lake, Tomahawk Lake, Torrey Lake, Trail Lake, Trail Lake, Trail Lake, Tri-county Lake, Trout Creek Lake, Turquoise Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Upper Baer Lake, Upper Brooks Lakes, Upper Cathedral Lake, Upper Dinwoody Lake, Upper Golden Lake, Upper Jade Lake, Upper Paradise Lake, Upper Phillips Lake, Upper Ross Lake, Upper Silas Lake, Valentine Lake, Vernal Lake, Virgin Lake, Washakie Lake, Watkins Lakes, West Echo Lake, Wilson Creek Lakes, Windy Lake, Woods Gulch Pond, Wykee Lake, Yahtic Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Adams Ranch, Allen Ranch, Anderson Homestead, Anderson Homestead, Arapahoe Ranch, Arthur Ranch, Auer Ranch, Bader Homestead, Bain Cabin, Baldwin Creek School, Bargee Ranch, Bean Ranch, Beaver Creek Counting Pens, Beck Cow Camp, Berger Ranch, Bergstedt Ranch, Birdseye Ranch, Birdseye Station, Black Rocks, Blue Holes, Bow and Arrow Ranch, Bowman Ranch, Boysen Camp, Bradford Ranch, Brandau Ranch, Bringolf Ranch, Britain Ranch, Brooks Lake Campground, Brooks Lake Lodge, Bruce Campground, Bruce Picnic Area, Brush Corral, Bull Lake Lodge, Burgess Ranch, Burnt Ranch Historical Monument, Canning Ranch, Cannonball Ranch, Canoys Cabin, Carpenter Ranch, Chapman Homestead, Clay City Ruins, Claytor Ranch, Cm Ranch, Coolidge Turnout, Countryman Ranch, Cow Camp, Croft Ranch, Cross Cow Camp, Cross Ranch, Custom Mill, Davison Ranch, De Ranch, Delfelder, Delfelder Hall, Diamond Hook Ranch, Dickinson Creek Campground, Dickinson Park Guard Station, Double Cabin, Double Cabin Campground, Double Cabin Forest Service Station, Double Diamond Ranch, Double Dives, E A Ranch, East Fork Elk Winter Pasture, East Fork Elk Winter Pasture Headquarters, East Fork Guard Station, Eastman Place (historical), Eight Lazy Y Ranch, Ellis Ranch, Engle Ranch, Eversole Ranch, Falls Campground, Farlow Homestead, Farmers Siding, Fiddlers Lake Campground, Finley Ranch, Fish Ranch, Fisher Tie Camp, Flagg Ranch, Flying T Ranch, Fort Stambaugh Historical, Fremont County Youth Camp, Fuller Ranch, Fuller Ranch, Fuller Ranch, Gate, George Homestead, Gibbs Place (historical), Gilespie Place, Givens Homestead, Glade Ranch, Goedicke Ranch, Government Ditch Camp, Government Meadows Windmill, Graham Ranch, Granger Ranch, Green Cabin, Grieves Homestead, Grieves Ranch, Griffith Ranch, Grives Ranch, Gustin Homestead, Hadsell Ranch, Hall Ranch, Hancock Ranch, Happy Spring Sheep Camp, Harris Bridge, Harris Ranch, Harrison Ranch, Hart Ranch, Hat Ranch, Hay Ranch, Henry Place (historical), Henton Ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch, High Acres Ranch, Highland Meadow Ranch, Holland Place, Horse Creek Ranger Station, Houg Ranch, Hough Cabin, Howard Ranch, Hudson Siding, Hyde Homestead, Jack Ranch, Jamerman Ranch, Jenson Ranch, Joe Wimmer Homestead, John Kirk Ranch, Johnson Camp, Johnson Place (historical), Jones Ranch, Kanson Ranch, Kindt Ranch, Laird, Lava Creek Ranch, Leisner Cabin, Lewiston, Linn Ranch, Livingston Cabin, Logan Gulch Oil Well Number 1, Logan Gulch Oil Well Number 2, Long Creek Ranch, Louis Beach Campground, Louis Lake Campground, Louis Lake Guard Station, Louis Lake Picnic Area, Louis Lake Resort, Love Ranch, Lucky Mac Camp, Lucky Mac Uranium Mill, Lybyer Ranch, Macfie Pens, Macfie Ranch, Mack Ranch, Mail Camp Ranger Station, Marinville Ranch, Mathisen Ranch, Matteson Ranch, McIntosh Ranch, McIntosh Ranch, McKenzie Windmill, McKinney Ranch, McWilliams Homestead, Meeks Ranch, Meigh Ranch, Merriam Ranch, Mexican Place (historical), Middle Fork Guard Station, Miles Ranch, Murphy Ranch, Myers Ranch, Myers Ranch, Nawlin Meadow Patrol Cabin, Neble, Nichols Ranch, Obert Homestead, Old Halter and Flick Ranch, Ore Ranch, Paradise Valley Community House, Parker Ranch, Picard Ranch, Pickett Ranch, Pilot Butte Power Plant, Pine Bar Ranch, Pinnacle Campground, Pinnacle Height Summer Home Group, Pinnacles Camp Ground, Popo Agie Campground, Porter Cabin Cow Camp, Posey Ranch, Poston Ranch, Puddle Springs Ranch, Quien Sabe Ranch, Ramage Ranch, Ramsey Homestead, Ramshorn Guest Ranch, Rate Homestead, Rate Sheep Camp, Red Flat Cow Camp, Ring Lake Ranch, Riverton Country Club, Roberts Sheep Camp, Robinson Shearing Pens, Rock Ford, Rocker A Ranch, Rocking Chair Cow Camp, Rocking Chair Ranch, Saint Lawrence Ranger Station, Saint Marys Station (historical), Scarlett Ranch, Sheer Ranch, Shelter House, Sheridan Creek Guard Station, Sherlock Homestead, Sherlock Shearing Pens, Shipley Ranch, Shotgun Ranch, Siddons, Simmerson Place, Sinks Canyon Campground, Slide Windmill, Smith Sawmill, South Pass Ski Tow, Split Rock Ranch, Spring Mountain Cow Camp, Squaw Creek Shopping Center, Stage and Pony Express Station Site, State Game and Fish Checking Station, Stratton Ranch, Sweetwater Guard Station, T Cross Ranch, Table Mountain Community Hall, Thompson Ranch, Timberline Ranch, Tin Cup Mine, Torrey Lake Ranch, Trail Lake Ranch, Triangle C Ranch, Union Pass Cow Camp, University of Missouri Geology Camp, Upper Milford School, Utzinger Ranch, Valley View Store, Vincent Cabin, Waynes Creek Range Experiment Station, Webb Ranch, Weiser Ranch, Westfall Ranch, Whiskey Basin Ranch, Whitehead Ranch, Wilderness, Wilkinson Ranch, Wilkinson Sheep Sheds, Williams Ranch, Williamson Corrals, Wind River, Wind River Ranch, Wingfoot Pens, Wyoming Penitentiary Farm, Yellowstone Cow Camp, Yellowstone Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

Abernathy Claim, Abernathy Deposit Number Four Mine, Abernathy Deposit Number One Mine, Abernathy Deposit Number Three Mine, Abernathy Deposit Number Two Mine, Absaroka Mountains Number Five Mine, Absaroka Mountains Number Four Mine, Absaroka Mountains Number One Mine, Absaroka Mountains Number Three Mine, Absaroka Mountains Number Two Mine, Airline Number Two Mine, Al Claim Group Mine, Alkali Butte Mine, Amanda Mine, Anderson Mine, Anderson-Hawke Mine, Andria A, B, C and D Mine, Andria Mine, Andria Two Mine, Antelope Ridge Area Number One Mine, Antelope Ridge Area Number Three Mine, Antelope Ridge Area Number Two Mine, Arabic Number Seven Mine, Arm Group Mine, Atlantic City Iron Mine, B and H Group Mine, B H Mine, B Seventeen-Eighteen Mine, B. T. W. Number Eighteen Mine, Baby Number One Mine, Bachelor Mine, Bald Mountain Area Mine, Baldwin Creek Mine, Barquin Coal Mine, Barr Mine, Barrett Creek Mine, Bart Mine, Bearspring Area Mine, Beatrice Mine, Beaver Creek Deposit, Beaver Divide Area Mine, Beaver Divide Mine, Beaver Divide Mine, Beaver Rim Annex Mine, Bebe Claims, Bell Mine, Betty Mae Claims, Big Bertha Mine, Big Bull Number Three Mine, Big Eagle Mine, Big Horn Claims Mine, Big Horn Number One Mine, Big Nugget Claim, Bill Eykamp Number Two Mine, Blarco Mine, Blue Buck Number One Number Mine, Blue Feather Mine, Blue Hole Creek Mine, Blue Star Number Twenty Mine, Bobcat Group Mine, Bobcat Mine, Bobcat Number Eighteen Mine, Bonanza Mine, Bonneville Mill Mine, Bray-Kile Claim, Bridger Mine, Brower Mine, Bull Ridge Mine, Bullion Mine, Bullrush Mine, Bullrush Number Two Mine, Bum Steer Number One Mine, Burr Mine, Bus Rus Mine, Butte Mine, C and B Number Two Mine, C and L Claims, Cal Mine, Cal Number Fifteen Mine, Cal Number Seven Mine, Canary Number Two Mine, Cannel Number Nine Mine, Caribou Mine, Carissa Mine, Casper Creek Mine, CDM Number One and Hardluck Number 1-B Mine, Cherry Creek Mine, Cheyenne Strip Mine, Cinch Claim Number Fourteen Mine, Circle Ridge Anticline Number Five Mine, Circle Ridge Anticline Number Four Mine, Circle Ridge Anticline Number One Mine, Circle Ridge Anticline Number Three Mine, Circle Ridge Anticline Number Two Mine, Claim Number One Mine, Clark Number Three Mine, Clark Number Two Mine, Cliff Number Four Mine, Cliff Number One Mine, Clyde Bret Mine, Clyde Mine, Clyde Mines, Clyde Number Five Mine, Clyde Number Three Mine, Clyde, A, B, A-1, A2C Mine, Cocharn Mine, Coco Underground Number One Mine, Columbia Geneva Mines, Comet Tungsten Mine, Common School Section Lease Mine, Concetta Palicichio Mine, Congo Incline Mine, Connant Creek Mine, Continental Mine, Continental Section Sixteen Mine, Coohow Number One Mine, Coors Claims, Copper Chief Gold Mine, Copper Glance Group Mine, Copper Mountain Number One Mine, Copper Mountain Number Two Mine, Cotton Ferguson Mine, County Line Claims, Crooks Gap Mine, Crooks Gap Mine, Crooks Gap Mine, Crusher Number 1-35 Mine, D and M Number One Mine, D-One Mine, Dallas Anticline Number One Mine, Dawn Claim, Day Mine, Day Number Twenty-six Mine, Dee 1-2 Mine, Dee Number One Mine, Dee Number Six Mine, DePass Mine, Derby Anticline Mine, Deseret Number One Mine, Diana Mine, Dick Number Eighteen Mine, Dick Number Fifteen Mine, Dick Number Five Mine, Dick Number Fourteen, Dick Number Nine Mine, Dick Number Nineteen Mine, Dick Number One Mine, Dick Number Seven Mine, Dick Number Twenty-one Mine, Dick Number Two Mine, Dickie Springs-Oregon Gulch Number One Mine, Dickinson Mine, Diehl Mine, Discovery Number One Mine, Donna Lee Mine, Downey Mine, Dry Lake Area Mine, Dubois Claim Mine, Dubois Number One Mine, Duncan Mine, Dunne Mine, E Pits, E-Twenty Claim, Eagle Number Five Mine, Eagle Numbers Two and Four Mine, East Fork Mine, East Fork Mine, East Fork Sheep Creek Number One Mine, East Fork Sheep Creek Number Two Mine, East Fork Wind River Mine, Ellsworth Claim, Emily Mine, Empire State Mine, Ethete Number One Mine, Ethete Number Two Mine, Eu-Ro Number One Mine, Eureka Group Mine, Eureka Two Mine, Eureka-Imperial Mine, Fannie Number Four Mine, Fanny May Mine, Federal American Open Pit, Federal Numbers 10-13 Mine, Findlay Springs Mine, Fire King Deposit, Fort Washakie Hot Spring Mine, Franciscan Claims, Franklin Mine, Frasier-Lamac Mine, Fremont Jade Quarry, Fremont Ridge Mine, Fuller Number Two Mine, Garfield Mine, Gas Hills Mine, Gas Hills Project Mine, Gem Number One Mine, George Mine, George Mine, George Number Eleven Mine, George Number Fourteen Mine, George Number Six Mine, George Number Thirteen Mine, George Number Twelve Mine, George Number Two Mine, Gold Dollar Mine, Gold Nugget Mine, Golden Goose Number Four Mine, Golden Goose Number One Mine, GR Claims, Graham Ranch Pit, Gray Ghost Group Mine, Green River Mine, Green River Mine of Western Nuclear, Ground Hog Group Mine, Groveland Number One Mine, H G F Number Seven Mine, Hades Number Seventeen Mine, Hale Number One Mine, Hayes Number Seven Mine, Hays Mine, Hazel Number Four Mine, Hazel Number Three Mine, Heald Mine, Helen May Mine, Helt Claims Mine, Hesitation Number One Mine, Hidden Hand Mine, Hoodoo Creek Claims, Hope and Star Mine, Hope Number One Mine, Hope Number One Mine, Hope Number Two Mine, Hornecker Ranch Mine, Horntoad Number Six Mine, Hudson Number Two Mine, Hunt Mine, Hunter Lease Mine, Hylite Number Three Mine, Idiots Delight Mine, Ion Exchange Mine, Iowa Soda Products Company Mine, Iron Duke Mine, J Wade Claims, J.J Claims Number Four Mine, Jack Number Nine Mine, Jack Number Two Mine, Jade Prospect, Jay Z Mine, Jent Number Six Mine, Jiggs Number Four Claim, Jim D Number Six Mine, John Jay Mine, John-C Mine, Jonebell Number Ten Mine, Joy Number Eight Mine, Joy Number Four Mine, Joy Number Six Mine, JSJ Number One Mine, K-one Pit, Keeno Number One Mine, Kermac Number One Mine, Kewit-Four Corners Property Mine, King Number Nine Mine, King Solomon Claim, King Solomon Mine, Kinnear Mine, Kirwin Mine, L.J. Bergstein Claims Mine, Lander Area Number One Mine, Lander Area Number Two Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Number Three Mine, Lava Mountain Number One Mine, Levi Mine, Lewiston Area Mine, Linda Number Two Mine, Little Popo Agie River Mine, Little Signor Mine, Little Warm Springs Creek Mine, Lock Mine, Loco Bret A2C, C-2 Number One Mine, Loco C Mine, Loco D Mine, Loco M, L, K Mine, Loco N-1, N-2 Mine, Loco Number One Mine, Loco Pits, Loma Mine Group, Loma Uranium Property Mine, Loma-Day Claims, Lost Creek Claims, Lost Eight Mine, Lucky Mac Mine, Lucky Mac Number Fifteen Mine, Lucky Mac Number Sixteen Mine, Lucky McNoble Mine, Lucky Penny Number One Mine, Lucky Strike Claim, Lucky Strike Mine, Lucky Thirteen Mine, Lux Number Four Mine, M F and K Group Number Fifteen Mine, M F and K Group Number Seven Mine, Macfie Ranch Mine, Mag Number One Mine, Marion Claim, Mary Ellen Mine, Mat Weed Canyon Mine, Maverick Spring Anticline Number Five Mine, Maverick Spring Anticline Number Four Mine, Maverick Spring Anticline Number One Mine, Maverick Spring Anticline Number Three Mine, Maverick Spring Anticline Number Two Mine, Maxwell Claim, MBW Number One Mine, McClain Mine, McGraw Copper Mine, McIntosh Pit, McThomas Number Two Mine, Mead Mine, Mechanic and Emerald Lode, Metterling Prospect, Mexican Creek Mine, Midas Mine, Midvale Irrigation Pit, Miners Delight Mine, Mint Number Two Mine, Missed A Lick Number One Mine, Mohawk Number Two Mine, Mountain Mesa U Pit, Muddy Gap Mine, Muskrat Creek Mine, N H Mine, Nels Number Eight Mine, Nels Number Twenty Mine, Noble Number Seven Mine, Noble Number Thirty Mine, Noble Ranch Mine, North Fork Canyon Number One Mine, North Fork Canyon Number Two Mine, Nose Number One and Butch Number Two Mine, Oil Mountain Number One Mine, Olive Five Claim, Oregon Buttes Area Mine, P C Mine, Pacific Butte Area Mine, Pan Group Mine, Pard Number Four Mine, Pat Number Two Mine, Pay Dirt North Incline Mine, Paydirt Mine, Paydirt Number Four Mine, Paydirt Number Three Mine, Paydirt Number Two Mine, PCH Number Sixteen Mine, Phil Number Eight Mine, Phil Number Four Mine, Phil Number Three Mine, Phil Number Twelve Mine, Phil Number Two Mine, Phillips Number Twenty-five Mine, Phlox Mountain Area Number One Mine, Phlox Mountain Area Number Two Mine, Pinky Number Five Mine, Pioneer Carisso Gold Mine, Pit S-One Mine, Pole Creek Group Mine, Pole Creek Number Two Mine, Popo Agie Number One Mine, Poposia Mine, Prong Horn Number Fourteen Mine, PUC Number Twenty-six Mine, Quien Sabe Mine, R F D Number Three Mine, Rainbow Number One Mine, Ravine Mine, Ray Number Six Mine, Red Canyon Rim Mine, Red Creek Mine, Red Creek Number One Mine, Red Creek Number Three Mine, Red Creek Number Two Mine, Red Hen Number Sixteen Mine, Red Hill Mine, Red Horse Number Three Mine, Red Number One Mine, Red Rock Number One Mine, Red Rock Number Two Mine, Reno Number One Mine, Reserve Mine, Rex Mine, Rim Mine, Rim Number Four Mine, Riverton Acid Plant Mine, Riverton Airport Pit, Riverton Pit, RMCC Number Eight Mine, Robeson Mine, Rock Creek Mine, Rock Creek Placers Mine, Roman Mine, Romur Claims, Rough Number Seventeen Mine, Rox Mine, S E Erickson Pit Number Two, Sage Creek Anticline Mine, Sage Creek Number One Mine, Sage Creek Number Three Mine, Sage Creek Number Two Mine, Sage Hen Creek Mine, Sagebrush A Mine, Sagebrush Mine, Sailboat Number One Mine, Saint Lawrence Ridge Mine, Saint Louis Mines, Sand Creek Mine, Sand Draw Coal Mine, Sand Draw Mine, Sandy Number One Mine, School Section Mine, Schroeder Mine, Seismic Mine, Seismic Number One Mine, Sheep Mountain Number One Mine, Sheep Mountain Operations Mine, Shields Mine, Shinkolobwe Mine, Shoe String Number One Mine, Shoestring Mine, Shooting Star Claim, Shortcut Number One Mine, Signor Mine, Silver Spider Number Two Mine, Sinks Canyon Mine, Sioux and Mary Number One Mine, Skoal Number One Mine, Snoball Mine, Snoball Number Three Mine, Snoball Number Two Mine, South Fork - Sage Creek Mine, South Fork-Willow Creek Number One Mine, South Fork-Willow Creek Number Three Mine, South Fork-Willow Creek Number Two Mine, South of Crater Lake Mine, Southeast Wind River District Mine, Speck Numbers 1-3 Mine, Speedway Pit, Split Rock Area Mine, Split Rock Area Number One Mine, Split Rock Area Number Two Mine, Split Rock Mine, Squaw Creek Mine, Stan Number Nine Mine, Stan Number One Mine, Stan Number Seven Mine, Stan Number Three Mine, Stardust Tungsten Mine, Strubel Number Fourteen-A Mine, Summit Claim Mine, Sun and Sunday Claims, Sun and Sunday Claims, Sun Number Four Mine, Sun Number Three P Sundog Number Two Mine, Sunset Number Five Mine, Sunset Number Seven Mine, Sunset Number Six Mine, Sweet Number Four Mine, Table Mountain Number One Mine, Table Mountain Number Two Mine, Tablerstakes One-B Mine, Tabor Grand Mine, Temple Peak Deposit, Thompson Creek Mine, Thunderbird Number One Mine, Triangle C Pit, Troy Number Thirteen Mine, Twin Creek Number Five Mine, Two C Number One Mine, U Mine, Upetco Mine, Uranium Point Number Nine Mine, Usher Creek Mine, Utah Mine, Veca Mine, Victory Claim, Viola Number One Mine, Warm Spring Mountain Mine, Waverly Claims, Welton Coal Mine, Whippet Number Eight Prospect, Whippet Number One Prospect Mine, Whiskey Mountain Mining Company Number One and Six Mine, Whiskey Mountain Number Two Mine, Whiskey Peak Mining Company Mine, White Number One Mine, Wildgoose Mine, Williams Mine, Williams-Luman Mine, Willie O Mine, Willow Number Fourteen Mine, Wind River Canyon Number One Mine, Wind River Canyon Number Two Mine, Wind River Group Mine, Wind River Indian Reservation Number One Mine, Wind River Mountain Front Number One Mine, Wind River Mountain Front Number Six Mine, Wind River Mountain Front Number Three Mine, Windblown Mine, Wing Number One Mine, WL Marion and LB Curtis Jade Claim, Wycal Mine, Wyoming Central Mine, Wypo Sand and Gravel Pit, Yellowbuck Mine, Zelda Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Alkali Butte Oil Field, Beaver Creek Oil and Gas Field, Big Sand Draw Oil and Gas Field, Bison Basin Oil Field, Circle Ridge Oil Field, Crooks Gap Oil Field, Dallas Oil Field, Derby Dome Oil Field, East Antelope Gas Field, Happy Springs Oil Field, Lander Hudson Oil Field, Maverick Spring Dome Oil Field, Muskrat Oil Field, Northwest Sheldon Dome Oil Field, Pilot Butte Oil Field, Sheep Creek Oil Field, Sheldon Dome Oil Field, Steamboat Butte Oil Field, Winkleman Dome Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Diversion Dam Park, Fort McGraw, Popo Agie Primitive Area, Salt Barrels Park, Tayo Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Block Tower, Castle Rock, Chimney Rock, Chimney Rock, Chimney Rock, Gooseneck Pinnacle, Tie Hack Historical Monument, Watch Tower

  Populated Places     show all on map

Arapahoe, Atlantic City, Bain Place, Bonneville, Boulder Flats, Boysen, Burris, Collins Place, Crowheart, Dubois, DuNoir, Erramouspe Place, Ethete, Fort Washakie, Hudson, Jeffrey City, Johnstown, Kinnear, Kotey Place, Lander, Last Crossing Ford Number 9, Lost Cabin, Lysite, Madden, Midvale, Milford, Miners Delight, Moneta, Morton, Myersville (historical), Pavillion, Riverton, Saint Stephens, Sand Draw, Shoshoni, Snyder Place, South Pass City, Sweetwater Crossing, Sweetwater Station, Willow Creek, Wind River, Wyopo

  Post Offices     show all on map

Diamond G Ranch Post Office (historical), South Pass City Post Office (historical), Vonnie Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Bridger Mountains, Castle Gardens, Edmo Buttes, Freak Mountains, Gas Hills, Granite Mountains, Green Mountains, Kirkland Mountains, Moneta Hills, Owl Creek Mountains, Owl Hills, Sand Hills, Sand Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Fitzpatrick Wilderness, Popo Agie Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alkali Reservoir, Allard Reservoir, Antelope Springs Reservoir, Arapahoe Reservoir, Auer Reservoir, Barber Reservoir, Bargee Reservoir, Barquin Reservoir, Battle Axe Reservoir, Bitterroot Number 1 Reservoir, Blue Reservoir, Bonneville Reservoir, Boysen Reservoir, Brody Reservoir, Bull Lake, Burlington Reservoir, Cameron Spring Reservoir, Camp Creek Reservoir, Canyon Creek Reservoir, Carr Reservoir, Charlies Reservoir, Chimney Rock Reservoir, Christina Lake, Chugwater Reservoir, Cold Spring Reservoir, Cottontail Reservoir, Crooks Creek Reservoir, Daniel F Hudson Reservoir, Day Ore Pad Reservoir, Day South Reservoir, Days Reservoir, Deadman Reservoir, Debatable Reservoir, Deep Pit Reservoir, Del Monte Draw Reservoir, Dinty Moore Reservoir, Dobe Reservoir, Dome Rock Reservoir, Double Butte Reservoir, Double Diamond Number 1 Reservoir, East Horseshoe Reservoir, East Reservoir, Enlargement of Grandy Reservoir, Enlargement of Nielson Reservoir, Enlargement Pearl Reservoir, Enterprise Reservoir, Estella Reservoir, Findlay Lake, Findlay Reservoir, Fort Washakie Underground Reservoir, Fraser Reservoir, Frenchie Reservoir, Frye Lake, Fuller Reservoir, Graham Reservoir, Grandy Reservoir, Grieves Reservoir, Gustin Number 2 Reservoir, Gustin Reservoir, Hadsell Reservoir, Happy Spring Creek, Hart Reservoir, Hay Meadow Reservoir, Haynes Reservoir, Hays Reservoir, Homestead Flat Reservoir, Hopkins Reservoir, Iron Springs Reservoir, Jackson Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Kirk Reservoir, Lake Cameahwait, Lander Valley Reservoir, Leitch Reservoir, Lily Pond, Logan Junction Reservoir, Logan Reservoir, Lost Cabin Reservoir, Lost Creek Reservoir, Love Reservoir, Madden Reservoir, Mahoney Reservoir, McKay Reservoirs, Medicine Springs Reservoir, Middle Cottonwood Reservoir, Middle Reservoir, Muskrat Number 1 Reservoir, Ninemile Reservoir, North Logan Reservoir, Ocean Lake Habitat Reservoir Number 5, Ocla Reservoir, Ocla Reservoir, Okie Reservoir, OSW Reservoir, Pacific Number 1 Reservoir, Pacific Number 2 Reservoir, Pearl Reservoir, Percy Reservoir, Pilot Butte Reservoir, Prarie Reservoir, Rate Reservoir, Ray Lake, Ray Reservoir, Reid Reservoir, Roberts Number 2 Reservoir, Robinson Reservoir, Rock Draw Reservoir, Rock Reservoir, Rongis Reservoir, Rongis Reservoir, Sand Mesa Number 1 Reservoir, Sand Mesa Number 2 Reservoir, Sandstone Reservoir, Sevenmile Reservoir, Seventy-one Reservoir, Sheep Camp Reservoir, Sherlock Reservoir, Shoshone Lake, Signor Reservoir, Silver Creek Reservoir, Snyder Creek Reservoir, Stinking Springs Reservoir, Sucker Reservoir, Trail Lake, Trail Lake, Upper Cottonwood Reservoir, Upper Reservoir, Upper Rock Creek Reservoir, Upper Signor Reservoir, Washakie Reservoir, Washakie Reservoir, Waterworks Number 3 Reservoir, Willow Springs Reservoir, Worten Meadow Reservoir, Worthen Meadow Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Anderson Ridge, Antelope Hills, Antelope Ridge, Arrowhead Ridge, Beaver Divide, Big Ridge, Bighorn Ridge, Blue Ridge, Blue Ridge, Bull Ridge, Campbell Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Circle Ridge, Cottonwood Divide, Del Monte Ridge, Diamond Ridge, Dinwoody Ridge, Dry Creek Ridge, Dry Ridge, Elk Ridge, Elk Ridge, Elkhorn Ridge, Finley Ridge, Horse Ridge, Horse Track Ridge, Indian Ridge, Indian Ridge, Indian Ridge, Lime Ridge, McTurk Ridge, Milky Ridge, Moneta Divide, Muddy Ridge, Noble Ridge, Paradise Ridge, Pavillion Ridge, Peabody Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Sacagawea Ridge, Saint Lawrence Ridge, Signor Ridge, Spring Mountain, Spring Ridge, Stagner Ridge, Telephone Line Ridge, Torrey Rim, Trail Ridge, Trail Ridge, Whiskey Ridge, Windy Ridge, Windy Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Arapahoe Middle School, Arapahoe School, Ashgrove School, Ashgrove School, Bargee School, Borner Garden School, Burris- Crowheart School, Career Center School, Claytor School, Countryman School, Crowheart School, Dubois High School, Dubois Middle School, Dubois School, Fort Washakie Junior High School, Fort Washakie School, Hudson School, Jackson School, Jefferson School, Jeffrey City High School, Jeffrey City Junior High School, Jeffrey City School, Lander Valley High School, Lincoln School, Lower Mill Creek School, Lower Willow Creek School, Madison Creek School, Morton School, Northside School, Riverton High School, Riverton Middle School, Shoshoni Elementary School, Shoshoni High School, Shoshoni Junior High School, Southside School, Split Rock School, Starrett Junior High School, Upper Mill Creek School, Upper Willow Creek School, Westside School, Wind River Day School, Wind River High School, Wind River Middle School, Wind River School, Winkleman Dome School, Wyoming Indian Elementary School, Wyoming Indian High School, Wyoming Indian Junior High School

  Springs     show all on map

Antelope Springs, Arnold Spring, Austin Spring, Bain Spring, Bald Mountain Spring, Barras Springs, Barrel Spring, Bartrand Spring, Bear Spring, Big Diamond Spring, Big Spring, Big Springs, Black Rock Spring, Black Rock Spring, Blue Spring, Box Spring, Box Spring, Brenton Springs, Buck Spring, Cantell Spring, Carlson Spring, Chalk Spring, Charcoal Spring, Chicken Springs, Chicken Springs, Chimney Spring, Chubby Spring, Coal Mine Spring, Cogswell Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Cole Spring, Commissary Spring, Cow Camp Spring, Coyote Springs, Critnan Springs, Deer Spring, Derby Spring, Devils Gap Spring, Diamond Springs, Dickie Springs, Dilabaugh Spring, Drip Spring, East Diamond Springs, Edmund Springs, Elkhorn Springs, Findlay Springs, Finley Spring, Gerton Spring, Granite Spring, Gravel Spring, Gyp Spring, Halls Meadow Spring, Happy Spring, Harvey Spring, Hidden Spring, High Spring, Horse Track Spring, Horsethief Springs, Hot Spring, Immigrant Springs, Indian Trails Spring, Iron Spring, Jackson Spring, Jakeys Fork Spring, Johnny Spring, Keg Spring, Ladysmith Spring, Little Warm Spring, Lower Ladysmith Spring, Lower Mormon Spring, Maverick Spring, McTurk Spring, Mexican Spring, Middle Diamond Spring, Miller Spring, Mitten Springs, Monument Spring, Moone Spring, Mormon Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, O'Brien Spring, Olson Spring, Olson Springs, Omera Spring, Oregon Spring, P B Spring, Pacific Springs, Pasup Spring, Pat Royce Spring, Peralta Spring, Pine Spring, Pipe Spring, Pipe Springs, Puddle Springs, Puzzle Spring, Radium Springs, Red Spring, Saint Marys Spring, Sand Spring, Shearing Pen Spring, Shelly Seeps, Smiley Springs, Stove Spring, Sulphur Bar Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Springs, Tabor Spring, Tar Spring, Tierney Spring, Tin Cup Spring, Trickle Spring, Uncle Tom Spring, Upper Mormon Spring, Wagon Bed Spring, Wagon Tire Spring, Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Washakie Mineral Hot Springs, Water Cress Spring, Weasel Spring, West Diamond Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wild Horse Springs, Willow Springs, Woolery Ranch Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Springs Creek, Atlantic Creek, Bachelor Creek, Badwater Creek, Bain Creek, Baldwin Creek, Baptiste Creek, Bare Ring Slough, Bargee Creek, Barrett Creek, Basco Creek, Basin Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beason Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Bench Creek, Birdseye Creek, Blair Creek, Blucher Creek, Blue Creek, Blue Hole Creek, Bob Creek, Boday Creek, Bonneville Creek, Botts Creek, Boysen Creek, Brent Creek, Bridger Creek, Brooks Lake Creek, Brooks Lake Creek, Buck Creek, Buffalo Creek, Bug Creek, Bull Lake Creek, Bullmoose Creek, Burroughs Creek, Burwell Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Caldwell Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Cartridge Creek, Castle Creek, Cave Creek, Charlie Creek, Cherry Creek, Chimney Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clint Creek, Cold Sulphur Creek, Cole Spring Creek, Conant Creek, Cooper Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Drain, Cougar Creek, Cow Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Critnan Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooks Creek, Crow Creek, Daniel Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Dead Horse Slough, Dead Ox Creek, Deception Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Devils Basin Creek, Devils Creek, Dickie Springs Creek, Dickinson Creek, Dickinson Creek, Dinwoody Creek, Dolus Creek, Double Lake Creek, Downs Fork, Dry Cheyenne Creek, Dry Coyote Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Muddy Creek, Dry Twin Creek, Du Noir Creek, Dugout Creek, Dundee Creek, Dyke Creek, East Alkali Creek, East Arapahoe Creek, East Bridger Creek, East Canyon Creek, East Cottonwood Creek, East Du Noir Creek, East Fork Cottonwood Creek, East Fork Ditch Creek, East Fork Dry Creek, East Fork East Fork Wind River, East Fork Long Creek, East Fork Long Creek, East Fork Lysite Creek, East Fork Marys Creek, East Fork Middle Cottonwood Creek, East Fork Sheep Creek, East Fork Sixmile Creek, East Fork West Bridger Creek, East Fork Wind River, East Sweetwater River, East Torrey Creek, Elderberry Creek, Emerald Creek, Enos Creek, Entigo Creek, Esmond Creek, Fairfield Creek, Fall Creek, Falls Creek, Fiddlers Creek, Fire Creek, First Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Lake Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourth Creek, Frontier Creek, Frozen Lake Creek, Gannett Creek, Gaylord Creek, Geyser Creek, Glacier Creek, Gold Creek, Gold Creek, Granite Creek, Grass Creek, Grasshopper Creek, Grave Creek, Green Creek, Grizzly Creek, Hall Creek, Happy Spring Creek, Harris Slough, Hatchet Creek, Haymaker Creek, Haypress Creek, Heifer Creek, Hidden Creek, High Meadow Creek, Holland Creek, Honeymoon Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Hornecker Creek, Horse Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Ice Slough, Iiams Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Grove Creek, Jack Creek, Jakeys Fork, Jost Creek, Kitten Creek, Klonkike Creek, Ladysmith Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lander Creek, Lankin Creek, Lava Creek, Lean-to Creek, Leeds Creek, Level Meadows Creek, Little Alkali Creek, Little Antelope Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Devils Basin Creek, Little Dickinson Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Horse Creek, Little Norkok Creek, Little Pine Creek, Little Popo Agie River, Little Red Creek, Little Rock Creek, Little Sweetwater River, Little Warm Spring Creek, Little Wind River, Long Creek, Long Creek, Long Slough, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Louis Creek, Lysite Creek, Madison Creek, Magpie Creek, Marys Creek, Mason Creek, McCaskey Drain, McKee Grave Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Mexican Creek, Middle Fork Bull Lake Creek, Middle Fork Long Creek, Middle Fork Sage Creek, Middle Fork Sulphur Creek, Middle Popo Agie River, Milky Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Moccasin Creek, Moon Creek, Moone Creek, Mormon Creek, Moss Creek, Muddy Creek, Muskrat Creek, Nancy Creek, Needle Creek, Norkok Creek, Norkok Meadows Creek, North Fork Bull Lake Creek, North Fork Crooked Creek, North Fork Hall Creek, North Fork Little Wind River, North Fork Sage Creek, North Fork Sulphur Creek, North Fork Willow Creek, North Popo Agie River, O'Brian Creek, Ocean Drain, Oil Springs Creek, Oregon Slough, P B Creek, Paradise Creek, Paradise Creek, Parque Creek, Pass Creek, Pavillion Drain, Pelham Lake Creek, Pelton Creek, Perry N Boday Creek, Pevah Creek, Phillips Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Poison Creek, Pole Creek, Pony Creek, Pool Creek, Popo Agie River, Porcupine Creek, Quaker Creek, Rabbit Creek, Raft Creek, Ranger Creek, Red Bluff Creek, Red Canyon Creek, Red Canyon Creek, Red Creek, Red Creek, Relic Creek, Reservoir Creek, Reservoir Creek, Roaring Fork Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Sage Creek, Sage Hen Creek, Saint Lawrence Creek, Salt Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sawmill Creek, Schoening Creek, Sharps Meadows Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheridan Creek, Shoshone Creek, Shoshone Creek, Shotgun Creek, Silas Creek, Silver Creek, Sioux Creek, Sixmile Creek, Slate Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Lake Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Lake Creek, Snowshoe Creek, Snyder Creek, Soapstone Creek, South Bridger Creek, South Fork Badwater Creek, South Fork Bull Lake Creek, South Fork Burwell Creek, South Fork Hall Creek, South Fork Little Wind River, South Fork Sage Creek, South Fork Saint Lawrence Creek, South Fork Sand Creek, South Fork Silver Creek, South Fork Squaw Creek, South Fork Sulphur Creek, South Fork Warm Spring Creek, South Fork Willow Creek, Spear Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Spruce Creek, Squaw Creek, Stagner Creek, Stambaugh Creek, Stough Creek, Strawberry Creek, Strawberry Creek, Sulphur Creek, Surrell Creek, Tappan Creek, Taylor Creek, Tayo Creek, Tepee Creek, Thompson Creek, Timmoco Creek, Tin Cup Creek, Torrey Creek, Tough Creek, Townsend Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trappers Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Turner Fork, Tweed Creek, Twenty Lakes Creek, Twilight Creek, Twin Creek, Twin Parks Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Washakie Creek, Wasson Creek, Waynes Creek, Weiser Creek, West Alkali Creek, West Arapahoe Creek, West Canyon Creek, West Cottonwood Creek, West Du Noir Creek, West Fork Cottonwood Creek, West Fork Crooks Creek, West Fork Dry Creek, West Fork Long Creek, West Fork Long Creek, West Fork Marys Creek, West Fork Middle Cottonwood Creek, West Fork Sheep Creek, West Fork Sixmile Creek, West Pacific Creek, West Sage Hen Creek, West Torrey Creek, West Willow Creek, Whiskey Creek, Wiggins Fork, Wildcat Creek, Wildcat Creek, Willow Branch, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Alkali Butte, Angel Peak, Arapahoe Butte, Argo Butte, Arrow Mountain, Atlantic Peak, Baily Peak, Bald Mountain, Bare Ring Butte, Bastion Peak, Battrum Mountain, Bayer Mountain, Bear Peak, Bears Ears Mountain, Bears Tooth, Bernard Peak, Big Sandy Mountain, Bighorn Butte, Bills Peak, Birdseye Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Boedeker Butte, Bold Mountain, Boysen Peak, Bragg Mountain, Buffalo Butte, Cathedral Peak, Cathedral Peak, Cedar Butte, Chalk Butte, Coffin Butte, Coffman Butte, Commissary Hill, Continental Peak, Cony Mountain, Copper Mountain, County Peak, Cranner Rock, Crescent Top, Crooks Mountain, Crooks Peak, Crow Mountain, Crow Mountain, Crowheart Butte, Dam Rock, Day Butte, Deadman Hill, Devils Graveyard, Dike Mountain, Dilabaugh Buttes, Dinwoody Peak, Dishpan Butte, Dishpan Butte, Dog Tooth Peak, Dolis Hill, Dollar Mountain, Dolus Hill, Double Butte, Doublet Peak, Douglas Peak, Du Noir Butte, Dunrud Peak, E A Mountain, East Sentinel, Entigo Peak, Europe Peak, Fairfield Hill, Fairfield Hill, Fish Lake Mountain, Flagstone Peak, Fossil Hill, Fourts Horn, Fremont Peak, Fuller Peak, Gannett Peak, Gates Butte, Gibbs Butte, Granite Peak, Great Stone Face, Greer Peak, Halls Mountain, Hat Butte, Haybarn Hill, Heap Steep Peak, Henry Peak, Hobbs Peak, Horse Mountain, Indian Butte, Iron Mountain, Jackson Peak, Jamerman Rock, Jenkins Mountain, Juniper Butte, Kagevah Peak, Knife Point Mountain, Lander Hill, Lankin Dome, Lava Mountain, Limestone Mountain, Little Dome, Little Horse Peak, Lizard Head Peak, Long Butte, Long Creek Mountain, Lookout Butte, Lookout Hill, Lookout Mountain, Lost Wells Butte, Lower Table, Lysite Mountain, Maverick Spring Dome, Mexican Joe Hill, Meyer Lookout, Middle Mountain, Mitchell Peak, Monument Butte, Mount Arter, Mount Baldy, Mount Chauvenet, Mount Chevo, Mount Cross, Mount Febbas, Mount Kent, Mount Koven, Mount Lander, Mount Popo Agie, Mount Quintet, Mount Sacagawea, Mount Shoshone, Mount Warren, Mount Windy, Muddy Monument Peak, Mule Butte, Musembeah Peak, Narrow Hill, Neble Hill, Ninemile Hill, Noon Rocks, Norkok Butte, North Bear Mountain, Oil Mountain, Pabst Peak, Pacific Butte, Pavillion Butte, Payson Peak, Pedestal Peak, Pendergraft Peak, Petroleum Peak, Philsmith Peak, Pilot Butte, Pilot Knob, Pilot Knob, Pingora Peak, Pinnacle Buttes, Pipe Organ, Ramshorn Peak, Red Butte, Red Peak, Rennecker Peak, Roaring Fork Mountain, Roberts Mountain, Rock Creek Mountain, Roundtop Mountain, Saddle Mountain, Saint Marys Peak, Sand Butte, Sand Butte, Sand Mesa, Sandstone Butte, Sarcophagus Butte, Schoettlin Mountain, Sevenmile Hill, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Sheldon Dome, Shotgun Butte, Spider Peak, Spring Mountain, Square Top Mountain, Squaw Butte, Stagner Mountain, Steamboat Butte, Steamboat Rock, Steffen Hill, Stone Mountain, Sublette Peak, Sunbeam Peak, Sweetwater Needles, Table Mountain, Table Mountain, Table Mountain, Table Mountain, Teapot Butte, The Fortress, The Guardian, The Ramshorn, Timber Top, Tin Cup Mountain, Torrey Peak, Tower Peak, Turret Peak, Twin Buttes, Tybo Peak, Upper Table, Valentine Mountain, Valentine Peak, Walt Bailey Peak, Warm Spring Mountain, Water Tank Hill, Weiser Knoll, West Atlantic Peak, West Sage Hen Rocks, West Sentinel, Whiskey Mountain, Whiskey Peak, Wiggins Peak, Wildcat Butte, Winchester Butte, Windy Mountain, Windy Peak, Winkleman Dome, Wittombona Peak, Wolverine Peak, Wood Hill, Wykee Peak, Young Mountain

  Swamps     show all on map

Alkali Bog, Stampede Bog

  Towers     show all on map

KCWC-FM (Riverton), KCWC-TV (Lander), KDLY-FM (Lander), KDLY-FM (Lander), KFNE-TV (Riverton), KGWL-TV (Lander), KOVE-AM (Lander), KTAK-FM (Riverton), KTRZ-FM (Riverton), KVOW-AM (Riverton), Meadow Creek Lookout Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Absaroka Trail, Bear Creek Trail, Bears Ears Trail, Blue Trail, Boundary Trail, Burroughs Creek Trail, C M Trail, Christina Lake Trail, Christina Lake Trail, Cold Spring Trail, Cougar Pass Trail, Devils Hole Trail, Dinwoody Trail, Dry Creek Trail, Du Noir Trail, DuNoir Trail, East Du Noir Trail, East Fork Trail, Farlow Trail, Fish Lake Trail, Frontier Creek Trail, Gaylord Lake Trail, Geyser Creek Trail, Glacier Trail, High Meadow Trail, Ice Lakes Trail, Indian Point Trail, Indian Trail, Ink Wells Trail, Jakeys Fork Trail, Johnson Trail, Kisinger Lakes Trail, Lake of the Woods Trail, Leeds Creek Trail, Little Sweetwater Trail, Lizard Head Trail, Louis Lake Trail, Marston Pass Trail, Middle Fork Trail, Moon Lake Trail, Moss Lake Trail, Ninemile Trail, Oregon Trail, Parque Creek Trail, Pelham Lake Trail, Petes Lake Trail, Pine Creek Trail, Pinnacle Trail, Pinto Park Trail, Ramshorn Trail, Ramshorn Trail, Ross Lake Trail, Sheridan Trail, Shoshone Stock Driveway, Sioux Pass Trail, Smith Lake Trail, South Fork Fish Creek Trail, Squaw Creek Trail, Stough Creek Basin Trail, Sweetwater Trail, Tepee Creek Trail, Twilight Creek Trail, Union Pass Trail, Washakie Trail, Whiskey Mountain Trail, Wiggins Fork Trail, Wolf Trail, Yellow Trail

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Albright Draw, Anesi Draw, Anthony Gulch, Arasta Gulch, Atlantic Canyon, Bain Draw, Ballenger Draw, Baltic Gulch, Basket Gulch, Bear Creek Canyon, Bear Pocket, Beer Garden Gulch, Berlin Draw, Big Atlantic Gulch, Big Diamond Springs Draw, Big Hermit Gulch, Big Sand Draw, Bighorn Draw, Black Canyon, Black Rock Draw, Black Rock Draw, Blue Draw, Blue Gulch, Bobcat Draw, Boiler Draw, Bragg Canyon, Brown Draw, Brown Rock Canyon, Browns Canyon, Brynt Draw, Buckeye Gulch, Buffalo Gulch, Bull Canyon, Burnt Gulch, Burr Gulch, Butler Draw, Button Draw, Byrd Draw, Carr Springs Draw, Carson Draw, Carter Draw, Cedar Draw, Cedar Rim Draw, Chalk Hills Draw, Cherry Creek Canyon, Chimney Gulch, Chimney Rock Gulch, Chittim Gulch, Cleveland Draw, Coal Draw, Coal Draw, Coal Draw, Coal Gulch, Coal Mine Draw, Coal Mine Gulch, Cole Gulch, Corral Draw, Cottonwood Draw, Cottonwood Draw, Cottonwood Draw, Coyote Gulch, Crow Creek Canyon, Crows Nest Gulch, Cutler Gulch, Davis Draw, Day Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Deep Gulch, Del Monte Draw, Derby Springs Draw, Devils Canyon, Diamond Springs Draw, Doughty Draw, East Branch Sand Draw, East Diamond Springs Draw, East Fork Graham Draw, East Fork Horseshoe Draw, East Fork Jenkins Draw, Ega Draw, Elkhorn Draw, Engle Canyon, Ferguson Gulch, Fish Draw, Fivemile Draw, Fivemile Draw, Fog Gulch, Foster Draw, Fraser Draw, Frenchie Draw, Fuller Gulch, Gabel Draw, Gates Draw, Gibbons Draw, Gibbs Draw, Giblin Gulch, Goedicke Draw, Government Draw, Government Meadows Draw, Government Slide Draw, Graham Draw, Greer Draw, Grimmetts Gulch, Halfway Draw, Halls Gulch, Harvey Draw, Hay Gulch, Haynes Draw, Hays Draw, Hidden Pocket, Hidden Valley, Horace Gulch, Horse Draw, Horsethief Gulch, Hudson Draw, Hurley Draw, Irish Gulch, Jenkins Draw, Jewell Canyon, Johnson Draw, Johnstown Draw, Johnstown Valley, Jones Gulch, Jumping-off Draw, Kane Draw, Kanson Draw, Kimbal Draw, Kinnear Valley, Kinney Draw, Kirby Draw, Koehler Draw, Ladysmith Draw, Lake Draw, Lake Pocket, Lame Jack Draw, Lame Jack Gulch, Lamoreaux Draw, Lime Kiln Gulch, Little Atlantic Gulch, Little Hermit Gulch, Little Popo Agie Canyon, Little Sand Draw, Little Sand Draw, Little Warm Spring Canyon, Logan Gulch, Long Gulch, Lyons Valley, Madden Draw, Mahoney Draw, Mason Draw, Maverick Spring Draw, Maxwell Draw, McCullen Gulch, McTurk Draw, Meadow Gulch, Meadow Gulch, Mexican Draw, Mexican Draw, Middle Diamond Springs Draw, Middle Fork Horseshoe Draw, Miners Gulch, Missouri Valley, Mitchell Draw, Moneta Draw, Monument Draw, Monument Draw, Mormon Gulch, Morrison Canyon, Murphy Draw, Murphy Gulch, Ninemile Draw, North Fork Ballenger Draw, North Fork Canyon, North Fork Ocla Draw, Ocla Draw, Ohio Draw, Omara Gulch, Orchard Draw, Oregon Gulch, Paintpot Draw, Palmer Draw, Palmetto Gulch, Paradise Valley, Pease Draw, Placerita Gulch, Poison Draw, Preacher Draw, Prison Farm Draw, Promise Gulch, Puddle Springs Draw, Quakenstead Gulch, Randolph Gulch, Rate Draw, Red Bluff Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Gulch, Red Springs Draw, Reid Draw, Reno Draw, Rifle Range Draw, Riverton Draw, Riverton Valley, Riverview Valley, Robinson Draw, Robinson Gulch, Rocky Canyon, Rocky Draw, Saddle Horse Draw, Sagebrush Draw, Sagwup Draw, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sand Gulch, Sand Gulch, Scott Draw, Sharp Nose Draw, Shearing Pen Draw, Shearing Pen Draw, Sheep Camp Draw, Sheep Canyon, Sheldon Gulch, Shriner Draw, Signor Draw, Silas Canyon, Sinks Canyon, Skull Gulch, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Smith Gulch, Smooth Canyon, Soap Hole Draw, South Fork Ballenger Draw, South Fork Frenchie Draw, South Pocket, Spencer Draw, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Stinking Springs Draw, Tabor Gulch, Teapot Wash, Telephone Draw, Thompson Gulch, Tige Alder Draw, Tonys Gulch, Trail Canyon, Twin Gulch, Wagon Gulch, Walker Draw, Warm Spring Canyon, Water Gulch, Water Rocks Draw, Weasel Draw, Weed Draw, Weiser Draw, West Diamond Springs Draw, West Fork Graham Draw, West Fork Horseshoe Draw, West Fork Jenkins Draw, West Pocket, White Horse Draw, Whitticker Draw, Wickersham Draw, Williams Draw, Willow Springs Draw, Wilson Draw, Wilson Gulch, Winchester Draw, Windmill Draw, Wood Canyon, Wood Road Canyon, Woods Gulch, Yankee Gulch

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Butte Well, Diamond Springs Well, McKenzie Artesian Well, Plunket Oil Wells,

Fremont County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteFremont County White population 30,94130,940  
American IndianFremont County American Indian population 8,4658,464
MixedFremont County Mixed population 1,1091,109
BlackFremont County Black population 329328
AsianFremont County Asian population 205205
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderFremont County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 4141

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