Natrona County, Wyoming Basics:

Natrona County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 78,665
Area: 5340 square miles
County seat: Casper
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 92.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 22.0%
Median household income: $55,786
Persons in poverty: 9.3%
Home ownership rate: 70.0%
Mean travel time to work: 18.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Albany  Campbell  Carbon  Converse  Fremont  Johnson  Washakie  

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Map of the Natrona County area

Our detail map of Natrona County shows the Natrona County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Natrona County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

Casper/Natrona County International Airport, Gas Hills Airstrip, Harford Field Airport, True Heliport, Willow Creek Ranch Airport, Wyoming Medical Center Heliport

  Basins     show all on map

Agate Basin, Beaton Basin, Benton Basin, Bobcat Basin, Ervay Basin, Horseshoe Basin, Little Basin, Martins Cove, Miller Pocket, Ordway Pocket, Savage Pocket, Snider Basin, Vice Pocket, Woodard Basin

  Bends     show all on map

Bates Hole, Bates Hole, Bessemer Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Government Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Bar Nunn Volunteer Fire Department, Casper Fire - Emergency Medical Services Station 1, Casper Fire - Emergency Medical Services Station 2, Casper Fire - Emergency Medical Services Station 3, Casper Fire - Emergency Medical Services Station 5, Casper Fire - Emergency Medical Services Station 6, Casper Mountain Fire Department, Casper Police Department, Edgerton Emergency Services, Elkhorn Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, Evansville Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, Evansville Police Department, Midwest County Sheriff's Office, Midwest Police Department, Mills Police Department, Mills Volunteer Fire Department, Mountain View Regional Hospital, Natrona County Fire Protection District East Station, Natrona County Fire Protection District West Station, Natrona County International Airport Fire Department, Natrona County Sheriff's Office, Salt Creek Emergency Services Midwest Station, Sinclair Casper Refining Company Fire Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol District 2 Division B, Wyoming Medical Center Ambulance Service

  Canals     show all on map

Bishop Lateral, Casper Canal, Johnson Canal, Johnson Ditch, Johnson Lateral, Lone Bear Ditch Number 2, Reynolds Ditch, Schounmaker Ditch, Silver State Ditch Number 1, Turkey Track Ditch, Y Z Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Bishop Point, Woolf Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Freeland Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Midwest Cemetery, Natrona Memorial Gardens

  Census     show all on map

Alcova Census Designated Place, Antelope Hills Census Designated Place, Bessemer Bend Census Designated Place, Brookhurst Census Designated Place, Casper Mountain Census Designated Place, Hartrandt Census Designated Place, Homa Hills Census Designated Place, Meadow Acres Census Designated Place, Mountain View Census Designated Place, Powder River Census Designated Place, Red Butte Census Designated Place, Vista West Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Black Rim, Cottonwood Rim, Devils Slide, Dugway Rim, Gray Wall, Red Wall, Statzer Point

  Crossings     show all on map

Winter Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

9 H 6 Number 2 Dam, A H Cobb Dam, Adams Dam, Agnes Dam, Alcova Dam, Alcova Dam, Alkali Dam, Alva Dam, Annis Dam, Antelope Dam, Bad Water Creek Dam, Baskett Dam, Bates Creek Dam, Bayer Dam, Bear Dam, Bentley Dam, Big Chief Dam, Big Pike Dam, Blue Bank Dam, Branch Dam, Branton Ditch Dam, Bressler Dam, Brewer Dam, Bridge Dam, Bucknum Dam, Burke Dam, C B Richardson Dam, C R C Dam, Cabin Creek Dam, Cardine-Keith Dam, Carroll Number 1 Dam, Carroll Number 2 Dam, Cave Gulch Dam, Charlotte Dam, Colonel Dam, Conley Dam, Consolidated Number 3 Dam, Cook Dam, Cooper Dam, Cow Camp Dam, Crane Dam, Daly Dam, Davidson Dam, Dean Springs Dam, Diversion Dam, Donlin Dam, Dry Hole Dam, Dry Muddy Dam, Duhling Dam, Eagle Canyon Dam, East Fork Wolf Creek Dam, Ellis Dam, Evansville Storage Dam, Fensland Number 2 Dam, Firnekas Dam, Flaherity Dam, Fossil Dam, G K Dam, Gantz Dam, Gothberg Shed Dam, Gray Reef Dam, H C Dam, Hansine Dam, Haygood Dam, Hermine Dam, Horsch Stockwater Dam, Houston Dam, J and J Dam, Jack Dam, Jack Dam, Jack Pot Dam, John Beaton Dam, Johnson Number 1 Dam, Katy Dam, Lamb Lower Dam, Leg Dam, Lester Dam, Lost Dam, Lower Hackett Dam, Lower Salt Creek Dam, Lox Dam, Lucy Dam, Lynx Dam, Mary Steed Dam, Meadow Creek Dam, Metcalf Dam, Midwest Number 12 Dam, Midwest Number 23 Dam, Miller Dam, Neff Dam, Nicholaysen Dam, Nicholaysen Number 2 Dam, Number 1 Dam, O'Brien Dam, Oral Dam, Pathfinder Dam, Pathfinder Dam, Pathfinder Dike Dam, Paul Dam, Pine Ridge Dam, Poison Creek Dam, Poison Spider Dam, Red Bluff Dam, Red Creek Dam, Red Ranch Dam, Reynolds Number 1 Dam, Reynolds Number 2 Dam, Rissler Dam, Rochelle Dam, Rochelle Dam, Rochelle Dam, Rollins Dam, Roseberry Number 1 Dam, Roseberry Number 2 Dam, S C Pryor Number 1 Dam, S P Dam, Sage Creek Dam, Sand Draw Number One Dam, Sand Draw Number Two Dam, Schnoor Dam, School Section Dam, Scott Dam, Shell Creek Dam, Shreiner Dam, Six Mile Dam, Snyder Dam, Soda Lake Dam, South Fork Tributary Dam, South Wall Dam, South Wall Number 3 Dam, Spicer Upper Dam, Suicide Dam, Sutterfield Dam, T E C Dam, Teapot Dam, Three Forks Dam, Upper Hacket Dam, Wagner and Bayer Dam, Wagner Dam, Western States Number 1 Dam, White Rock Dam, Wild Horse Dam, Wyoming Associated Number 17 Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Garden Creek Waterfall

  Flats     show all on map

Brewer Flat, Cactus Flat, Casper Mountain County Park, Fiftymile Flat, Houck Slope, Little Cross Meadows, Little Dry Vee Slope, McKenzie Flat, Okie Pasture, Ralston Flats, Rock Slope, Schrader Flats, Smith Flats, Taylor Slope, The Meadows, West Slope

  Gaps     show all on map

Barlow Gap, Beef Gap, Cedar Gap, Crilly Gap, Devils Gate, Dirty Gap, Hoff Gap, McRae Gap, Rocky Gap, Sioux Pass, Smoky Gap, The Gap, U T Pass, Wolf Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Wyoming Behavioral Institute, Wyoming Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Beulah Belle Lake, Burlington Lake, Christine Lake, Dry Lakes, Greasewood Lake, Hoff Lake, Irish Lake, Jackson Lake, Lester Lake, McClanahan Lake, McLaughlin Lake, Mud Lake, Ninemile Lake, Piaya Lake, Pratt Lakes, Pratts Soda Lakes, Rasmus Lee Lake, Soda Lake, Soda Lake, Steamboat Lake, Suicide Soda Lake, The Dry Lake, Wild Horse Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Allemand Ranch, Amerada Camp, Antelope Springs Ranch, Asbell Homestead Site, Banner Ranch, Baskett Cabin, Bauer Ranch, Beverly Plaza, Bishop Cabin, Blackjack Ranch, Body Ranch, Brooks Camp, Brooks Ranch, Buffalo Creek Ranch, Bug Ranch, Burke Ranch, C R I Ranch, Cadoma, Camp Sacajawea, Camp Wyoba, Carlson Cabin, Carlson Ranch, Casper Boat Club, Casper Country Club, Casper Lions Camp, Cheney Cow Camp, Childers Place (historical), Circle Bar Ranch, Clark Ranch, Clarkson Ranch, Claytor Ranch, Cottonwood Ranch, Crane Ranch, Crescent Ranch, Cross L Ranch, Custard Massacre Site, Davidson Ranch, Dodds Ranch, Double Bar Two Ranch, Eastridge Mall, F-L Ranch, Forgery Ranch, Freeland Community Building, Fry, Gantz Ranch, Garret Ranch, Gas Plant Camp, Greene Place (historical), Harris Ranch, Hat Six Ranch, Hells Half Acre, Hendry Ranch, Hilltop Shopping Center, Hitchcock Homestead, Hogadon Basin Ski Area, Holiday Homestead, Illco, Jack Ellis Camp, Jack Ranch, Jameson Ranch, JE Ranch, Keith Ranch, Lamb Ranch, Larson Cabin, Lee Coffman Ranch, Lichty Cabin, Maple Ranch, Martin Ranch, McClellan Ranch, McFarland Ranch, McGraugh Ranch, Merino, Miles Cabin, Mills Place, Milne Ranch, Milne Ranch, Milne Ranch, Morton Ranch, Mountain Plaza, Nall Ranch, Neff Ranch, North Casper Shopping Center, O'Donnel Ranch, Oil City Ranch, Oilcan Ranch, Old Altman Ranch, Old Goose Egg Ranchhouse, Old Potters Place, Old Tobin Place, Old Webble Ranch, Old Wolton Ruins, One Hundred and Two Ranch, Paradise Valley Country Club, Parsons Ranch, Pearson, Petty Ranch, Phillips Ranch, Pony Express Station, Posvar Ranch, Powder River Corral, Price Place (historical), Rate Sheep Camp, Red Buttes Battle Site, Red Cabin, Red Ranch, Riddle Ranch, Rissler Ranch, Riverside Shopping Center, Rochelle Ranch, Sanford Ranch, Schnoor Ranch, Seven D Ranch, Seven L Ranch, Shepperson Ranch, Sixmile Ranch, Sodium, Spear Ranch, Speas Ranch, Springsteen Ranch, Squaw Creek Ranch, Steinle Ranch, Strawhaker Corral, Strohecker Ranch, Sullivan, Sullivan Ranch, Sun Ranch, Sun Ranch, Sunrise Shopping Center, Sweetwater Pony Express Station (historical), Teapot Ranch, Thirtythree Mile Ranch, Todd Ranch, Trigood Camp, Turkey Track Ranch, Two Bar Camp, Two Bar Ranch, U C Ranch, Vide Homestead, Welby Ranch, Well Riley Ranch, West Poison Spider Camp, Westridge Village Shopping Center, Wight Ranch, Williams Ranch, Willow Creek Pumping Station Number 7, Wyatt Ranch, Young Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Casper Army Air Field (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Airstrike Mine, Alcova Area Mine, Alich Number Nine Claim, AlJob Number Nine Mine, AlJob Number Twelve Mine, Allie Claims, Armenta Mine, B-One Mine, B-Two Pit, Baker Numbers Three-five Mine, Bates Creek Area Number One Mine, Bates Creek Area Number Two Mine, Bates Creek Mine, Beaver Creek Mine, Bengal Mars Number One Mine, Berthaton Claims, Big Red Creek Mine, Blackstone Number Fifty-one Mine, Blackstone Number Five Mine, Blue Hill Deposit, Blue Rock Coal Mine, Boels-Rimrock Pit, Boss Mine, Boundary Overstrip of Federal-American Mine, Boundary Overstrip of Tee Mine Number One, Boundary Overstrip of Tee Mine Number Two, Bountiful Number Nine Mine, Bradshaw Pit, Bridge Number One Mine, Burnt Wagon Draw Mine, Buss D and F Mine, Buss Number Six Mine, Casper Concrete Pit, Casper Mountain Asbestos Deposits, Casper Mountain Mine, Coalbank Hills Mine, D-Eight Pit, Dick Number Five Mine, Dick Number Six Mine, Doc Number Thirteen Mine, Dry Lake Mine, Efell Mine, Gas Hills Operation Mine, Gay Claim, Goat Mountain Area Mine, Goose Egg Number One Mine, Goose Egg Number Two Mine, Green Hill Deposit, Hemingway Number Eight Mine, Hemingway Number Eighteen Mine, Hemingway Number Eleven Mine, Hemingway Number Fifteen Mine, Hemingway Number Five Mine, Hemingway Number Four Mine, Hemingway Number Fourteen Mine, Hemingway Number Nine Mine, Hemingway Number Nineteen Mine, Hemingway Number One Mine, Hemingway Number Seven Mine, Hemingway Number Seventeen Mine, Hemingway Number Six Mine, Hemingway Number Sixteen Mine, Hemingway Number Ten Mine, Hemingway Number Thirteen Mine, Hemingway Number Thirty Mine, Hemingway Number Thirty-one Mine, Hemingway Number Thirty-two Mine, Hemingway Number Three Mine, Hemingway Number Twelve Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty-eight, Hemingway Number Twenty-five Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty-four Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty-nine Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty-one Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty-seven Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty-six Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty-three Mine, Hemingway Number Twenty-two Mine, Hemingway Number Two Mine, Hidebrand Pit, Independence Deposits, Jackneese Number Nine Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Four Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number One Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Three Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Three Mine, Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Two Mine, Kaycee Clay Mine, Kaycee Mine, Kidd Ranch Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Eight Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Eight Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Eighteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Eighteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Eleven Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Eleven Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Fifteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Five Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Five Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Four Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Four Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Fourteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Fourteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Nine Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Nine Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Nineteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Nineteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number One Mine, Kidd Ranch Number One Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Seven Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Seven Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Seventeen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Seventeen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Six Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Six Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Sixteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Sixteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Ten Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Ten Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Thirteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Thirteen Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Thirty Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Thirty-one Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Three Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Three Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twelve Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twelve Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-eight Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-eight Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-five Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-five Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-four Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-four Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-nine Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-nine Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-one Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-one Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-seven Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-seven Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-six Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-six Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-three Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-three Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-two Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Twenty-two Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Two Mine, Kidd Ranch Number Two Mine, Koch Deposit Number Three, Koch Deposit Number Two, Last Chance Mine, Lathrop L-Three Pit, Lee Mine, Mars Number One Mine, Meyers Mine, Midwest-Thoeming and Wakem Mine, Muddy Creek Mine, New York Claim, Niball Number Eleven Mine, Niball Number Twelve Mine, Nine-mile Lake Mine, Omaha Soda Deposit, Pat Number Two Mine, Pay Number Eight Mine, Pay Number Nine Mine, Pay Number Seven Mine, Pay Number Six Mine, Philadelphia Claim, Pit A-Nine, Pit A-Seven and A-Eight, Pit A-Ten, Pit A-Two, Pit B-Two, Pit C-Three, Pit Number Seven, Poison Creek Mine, Poison Spider Mine, Poison Spider Mine, Powder River Mine, Pratt Mine, Pratt Sodium Mine, Ranger Number One Mine, Rani-Rex Mine, Rattlesnake Mountains Mine, Rawlins Draw Mine, Red Ash Mine, Ridge Number One Mine, Rim Rock Ranch Pit, Rl Number One Mine, Rosebud Pit Number Four, Russ Eight Claim, Russ Mine, Russ-Buss Mine, Sagebrush Number Fifteen Mine, Shot Numbers Nine and Ten Mine, Skyline Mine, Smith Creek Deposit, Soap Creek Number One Mine, Soap Creek Number Two Mine, Star Number One Mine, Star Number Seven Mine, Star Number Three Mine, Steele Formation Mine, Sun Ray Pit, Swigart Coal Mine, Tee Claims, Tee Mine, Tee Number Four Mine, Tee Number Three Mine, Tee Number Two Mine, Teton Mine, Tisdale Number Ten Mine, Two Pits, Veca Mine, Vermiculite Sales Corporation Deposit Number One, Verna Bell Claim, Walt Number Three Mine, Wentz Mine, Wilmington and Wilkesbarre Deposits, Windy Kay Number Nine Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Bolton Creek Oil Field, Boone Dome Gas Field, Brooks Ranch Oil Field, Burke Ranch Oil Field, Cole Creek Oil Field, Cole Creek Oil Field, East Salt Creek Oil Field, East Teapot Dome Oil Field, Iron Creek Oil Field, Midway Oil Field, Naval Petroleum Reserve Number 3, North Sage Spring Creek Oil Field, Poison Spider Oil Field, Sage Spring Creek Oil Field, Sage Spring Creek Oil Field Area D, Salt Creek Oil Field, Salt Creek Oil Field, Shannon Pool Oil Field, Sherwood Oil Field, Smoky Gap Oil Field, South Sage Spring Creek Oil Field, Spindle Top Oil Field, Twentymile Hill Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Beartrap Meadow County Park, Eastdale Park, Fort Casper Historical Grounds, Hospital Park, Huber Park, Izaak Walton Park, North Casper Park, Oregon Trail Historical Marker, Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge, Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge, Rotary Park, Washington Park, Westwood Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Devils Monument, French Rocks, Neil Bell Monument, The Reefs

  Populated Places     show all on map

Air Base Acres, Alcova, Alcova Po, Allendale, Antelope Hills, Arminto, Badwater, Bar Nunn, Beck Place, Bessemer (historical), Bessemer Bend, Bishop, Blue Hill (historical), Brookhurst, Bucknum, Camel Hump, Casper, Casper Mountain, Cow Hollow, Crimson Dawn, Eadsville (historical), Edgerton, Evansville, Goose Egg, Hartrandt, Hiland, Homa Hills, Meadow Acres, Midwest, Midwest Heights, Mills, Mountain View, Natrona, Osborne Place, Paradise Valley, Petrie, Powder River, Raderville, Red Butte, Red Buttes Village, Richardson Acres, Salt Creek (historical), Strouds, Swaim Place, Thorndale Acres, Vista West, Waltman

  Post Offices     show all on map

Bishop Post Office (historical), Goose Egg Post Office (historical), Hells Half Acre Post Office (historical), Raderville Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Coalbank Hills, Deer Creek Range, Haystacks, Hells Half Acre, Rattlesnake Hills

  Reservoirs     show all on map

9 H 6 Number 2 Reservoir, A H Cobb Reservoir, Adams Reservoir, Adobe Reservoir, Agnes Reservoir, Alcova Reservoir, Alkali Reservoir, Alkali Reservoir, Alva Reservoir, Annis Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Bad Water Creek Reservoir, Baskett Reservoir, Bates Creek Reservoir, Bayer Reservoir, Bear Reservoir, Beaton Reservoir, Bentley Reservoir, Big Cheif Reservoir, Big Chief Reservoir, Big Jerry Reservoir, Big Pike Reservoir, Big Pike Reservoir, Big V Reservoir, Blue Bank Reservoir, Blue Hill Reservoir, Box C Reservoir, Boyle Reservoir, Branch Reservoir, Branch Reservoir, Branton Ditch Reservoir, Bressler Reservoir, Brewer Reservoir, Bridge Reservoir, Bucknum Reservoir, Burke Reservoir, Burke Reservoir, Burke Reservoir, Burlington Reservoir, C B Richardson Number 1 Reservoir, C R C Reservoir, Cabin Creek Reservoir, Camel Hump Reservoir, Cardine-Keith Reservoir, Carroll Number 1 Reservoir, Carroll Number 2 Reservoir, Casper Reservoir, Cave Gulch Reservoir, Cave Gulch Reservoir, Chalk Hill Reservoirs, Charlotte Reservoir, Childers Reservoir, Chocolate Reservoir, Colonel Reservoir, Conley Reservoir, Consolidated Reservoir Number 3, Cook Reservoir, Cooper Reservoir, Cow Camp Reservoir, Crane Reservoir, Crane Reservoir, Daly Reservoir, Daly Reservoir, Davidson Reservoir, Dead Horse Reservoir, Dean Springs Reservoir, Defelder Reservoir, Donlin Reservoir, Dry Hole Reservoir, Dry Muddy Reservoir, Duhling Reservoir, Eagle Canyon Reservoir, East Fork Wolf Creek Reservoir, Ellis Reservoir, Evansville Storage Reservoir, Fensland Number 2 Reservoir, Firnekas Reservoir, Flaherity Reservoir, Fossil Reservoir, G K Reservoir, Gantz Reservoir, Garrison Reservoir, Gaylord Reservoir, Gothberg Shed Reservoir, Gowin-Kesecker Lake, Gray Reef Reservoir, H C Reservoir, Hansine Reservoir, Haygood Reservoir, Hermine Reservoir, Hiland Reservoir, Horsch Stockwater Reservoir, Houston Reservoir, J and J Reservoir, Jack Post Reservoir, Jack Reservoir, Jack Reservoir, Jackpot Reservoir, John Beaton Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir Number 1, Katy Reservoir, Lady Emma Reservoir, Lamb Lower Reservoir, Leg Reservoir, Lester Reservoir, Little Chief Reservoir, Lost Reservoir, Lower Hackett Creek Reservoir, Lower Hackett Reservoir, Lower Salt Creek Reservoir, Lox Reservoir, Lox Reservoir, Lucy Reservoir, Luten Reservoir, Lynx Reservoir, MacReas Reservoir, Mary Steed Reservoir, McCleary Reservoir, McDonald Reservoir, Meadow Creek Reservoir, Metcalf Reservoir, Midwest Number 12 Reservoir, Midwest Number 23 Reservoir, Miller Reservoir, Neal Reservoir, Neff Reservoir, Neff Reservoir, Nicholaysen Reservoir, Nicholaysen Reservoir Number 2, North Thirtythree Mile Reservoir, Number 1 Reservoir, O'Brien Reservoir, Oral Reservoir, Pathfinder Reservoir, Paul Reservoir, Pine Ridge Reservoir, Pine Tree Reservoir, Poison Creek Reservoir, Poison Spider Reservoir, Red Bluff Reservoir, Red Creek Reservoir, Red Ranch Reservoir, Reynolds Reservoir, Reynolds Reservoir Number 1, Reynolds Reservoir Number 2, Rissler Reservoir, Rochelle Reservoir, Rochelle Reservoir, Rochelle Reservoir, Rock Spring Reservoir, Rollins Reservoir, Roseberry Reservoir Number 1, Roseberry Reservoir Number 2, S C Pryor Number 1 Reservoir, S P Reservoir, Sage Creek Reservoir, Sand Draw Number One Reservoir, Sand Draw Number Two Reservoir, Schnoor Reservoir, Schnoor Reservoir, School Section Reservoir, Scott Reservoir, Shell Creek Reservoir, Sherrod Reservoir, Shreiner Reservoir, Six Mile Reservoir, Snyder Reservoir, Soda Lake, South Fork Tributary Reservoir, South Wall Number 3 Reservoir, South Wall Reservoir, Spicer Upper Reservoir, Steed Reservoir, Suicide Bed Grounds Reservoir, Suicide Reservoir, Sutterfield Reservoir, T E C Reservoir, Teapot Reservoir, Thirtythree Mile Reservoir, Three Buttes Reservoir, Three Forks Reservoir, Three Forks Reservoir, Three T Reservoir, Twin Reservoir, Upper Hacket Reservoir, Wagner and Bayer Reservoir, Wagner Reservoir, Wagner Reservoir, Western States Number 1 Reservoir, White Rock Reservoir, Wild Horse Reservoir, Willow Reservoir, Willow Reservoir, Wolton Reservoir, Wyoming Associated Reservoir Number 17

  Ridges     show all on map

Broken Horn, Cedar Ridge, Cyclone Ridge, Deer Creek-Dry Creek Divide, Emigrant Gap Ridge, Granite Ridge, Hat Six Hogback, Little Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Sentinel Rocks

  Schools     show all on map

Alcova School, Bates Creek School, C R I School, Casper College, Dean Morgan Junior High School, Divide School, East Junior High School, Empire School, Evansville School, Fairdale School, Fort Caspar School, Freeland School, Garfield School, Grant School, JE School, Jefferson School, McKinley School, Midwest High School, Midwest Junior High School, Midwest School, Mills School, North Casper School, Park School, Pineview School, Poison Creek School, Poison Spider School, Powder River School, River Bend School, Roosevelt School, Saint Anthony School, Southridge School, Westwood School, Willard School, Willow Creek School, Wilson School

  Slopes     show all on map

Ryan Hill

  Springs     show all on map

Alcova Hot Springs, Antelope Springs, Asbestos Spring, Bar Spring, Barlow Springs, Barrel Spring, Bear Spring, Big Sulfur Spring, Black Rock Springs, Brasket Spring, Clapp Spring, Cold Spring, Collins Spring, Dean Springs, Goose Egg Spring, Grave Spring, Hackett Spring, Hillcrest Spring, Hot Springs, Indian Spring, Jacques Spring, JE Sulphur Spring, Keg Spring, Lake Spring, Lamoreaux Cabin Springs, Little Cross L Spring, McCain Spring, McKenzie Spring, Miller Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Sage Hen Springs, Sanchez Spring, Sand Springs, Squaw Spring, Sulfur Springs, Swaim Spring, Swede Spring, Turkey Springs, Waltman Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Andys Creek, Arkansas Creek, Austin Creek, Baker Creek, Bates Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Spring Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Bull Cedar Creek, Big Red Creek, Big Willow Creek, Bob Creek, Bobcat Creek, Bolton Creek, Broken Horn Creek, Brush Creek, Cabin Creek, Casper Creek, Castle Creek, Chalk Creek, Chokecherry Creek, Claude Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Fork Muddy Creek, Cloud Creek, Coal Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Camp Creek, Coyote Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork, Dry Fork Badwater Creek, Dry Muddy Creek, E-K Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek, East Fork Bates Creek, East Fork Bear Creek, East Fork Elkhorn Creek, East Fork Horse Ranch Creek, East Fork Sage Hen Creek, East Fork Soldier Creek, East Teapot Creek, Elk Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Fales Creek, First Water Creek, Fish Creek, Frenchie Creek, Garden Creek, Garden Creek, Goose Creek, Government Creek, Grass Creek, Hackett Creek, Henderson Creek, Holin Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Ranch Creek, Indian Creek, Jimmies Creek, Katy Creek, Kerfoot Creek, Landon Creek, Lane Creek, Lawn Creek, Ledge Creek, Little Bull Cedar Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Lost Creek, Little Red Creek, Little Teapot Creek, Little Willow Creek, Lone Bear Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, MacNales Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Fork Buffalo Creek, Middle Fork Casper Creek, Middle Fork Elkhorn Creek, Middle Fork Sage Hen Creek, Muddy Creek, Muddy Creek, Murphy Creek, Negro Creek, Nona Creek, North Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Buffalo Creek, North Fork Casper Creek, North Fork Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Dead Horse Creek, Otter Creek, Peach Creek, Pine Creek, Pitchpine Creek, Poison Spring Creek, Pole Creek, Poodle Dog Creek, Ranch Creek, Red Creek, Red Creek, Sage Creek, Sanchez Creek, Sand Spring Creek, Sawmill Creek, Scott Creek, Seven L Creek, Sheep Creek, Shell Creek, Sherwood Creek, Sixmile Creek, Skeen Creek, Smith Creek, Soap Creek, Soldier Creek, South Fork Buffalo Creek, South Fork Casper Creek, South Fork Castle Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Eagle Creek, South Fork Lone Bear Creek, South Prong Dry Fork Powder River, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Squaw Creek, Stinking Creek, Stinking Water Creek, Stone Cabin Creek, Sweetwater River, Teapot Creek, Three Buttes Creek, Turkey Springs Creek, U T Creek, Wallace Creek, Wash-Out Creek, West Fork, West Fork Bear Creek, West Fork Deer Creek, West Fork Garden Creek, West Fork Meadow Creek, West Fork Soldier Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wolf Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bessemer Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Rock Mountain, Broad Mesa, Campbell Hill, Casper Mountain, Castle Rock, Clarkson Hill, Coal Mountain, Countryman Peak, Cow Spring Butte, Deadman Butte, Fales Rocks, Flat Top, Flat Top Hill, Fort Ridge, Garfield Peak, Goat Mountain, Government Hill, Granite Mountain, Haystack Buttes, Ice Cave Mountain, Independence Rock, Johnson Hill, Limestone Hill, Lone Mountain, Maverick Butte, McIntosh Peak, Moonstone, Muddy Mountain, Needles Eye Butte, Negro Hill, Notches Dome, Oil Mountain, Pathfinder Mountain, Pine Mountain, Pine Mountain, Rattlesnake Hill, Red Buttes, Roughlock Hill, Saddle Rock, Saddle Rock, Sagehen Hill, Savage Peak, Scott Hill, Shirttail Butte, Six Horse Hill, Split Rock, Square Top Butte, Steamboat Rock, Sweetwater Rocks, Sweetwater Rocks, Teapot Rock, The Island Butte, Three Buttes, Twentymile Hill, Twin Buttes, Wild Horse Butte

  Swamps     show all on map

McKenzie Bogs

  Towers     show all on map

KATI-AM (Casper), KCEB-FM (Casper), KCSP-FM (Casper), KFNB-TV (Casper), KGWC-TV (Casper), KMGW-FM (Casper), KQLT-FM (Casper), KRLU-FM (Lost Cabin), KTRS-FM (Casper), KTWO-AM (Casper), KTWO-TV (Casper), KUYO-AM (Evansville), KVOC-AM (Casper)

  Trails     show all on map

Bates Hole Stock Trail, E-k Trail, Okie Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Tunnel Number 2, Tunnel Number 3, Tunnel Number 4, Tunnel Number 5

  Valleys     show all on map

Anderson Draw, Austin Draw, Baerthel Canyon, Barlow Springs Draw, Bayer Draw, Bessemer Narrows, Big Gulch, Big Sulfur Draw, Black Rock Draw, Blue Canyon, Blue Gulch, Bothwell Draw, Brown Draw, Burnt Wagon Draw, Burris Draw, Cave Gulch, Clarks Gulch, Coal Draw, Conley Draw, Coopers Draw, Cow Spring Gulch, Dead Dog Draw, Dean Springs Draw, Eagle Canyon, Eagles Nest Canyon, Eightmile Draw, Elk Creek, Ellis Draw, First Water Draw, Fitzpatrick Draw, Ford Draw, Foster Draw, Fremont Canyon, Garrison Draw, Gillam Draw, Gotheberg Draw, Greasewood Draw, Haystack Draw, Hemingway Draw, Henderson Draw, Hess Draw, Hogback Draw, Hohnen Draw, Holiday Draw, Holman Draw, Holmes Draw, Jack Allen Draw, Jackson Canyon, Joe Begant Draw, Johnson Canyon, Jones Draw, Keg Spring Draw, King Draw, Lone Tree Gulch, Long Canyon, Lost Canyon, McClanahan Draw, McDougal Gulch, McKenzie Draw, McPherson Draw, Meadow Gulch, Mikes Draw, Moonshine Canyon, Mowry Draw, Mud Springs Draw, North Branch Cave Gulch, North Fork Twentymile Draw, North Sherwood Draw, Ohio Draw, Oil Canyon, Okie Draw, Ormsby Draw, Pasture Canyon, Petes Draw, Pickard Draw, Pike Draw, Pino Draw, Powder River Draw, Rainbow Canyon, Reid Canyon, Reid Canyon Draw, Rhobaugh Draw, Rissler Draw, Roberts Draw, S Gulch, Salt Canyon, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sawmill Canyon, Schrader Gulch, Selby Draw, Sensebaugh Canyon, Sixmile Draw, Smith Canyon, Smith Draw, South Branch Cave Gulch, Spring Draw, Statzer Draw, Stone and Timber Draw, Stove Gulch, Tie Bridge Gulch, Toy Canyon, Trout Canyon, Tudor Draw, Twelvemile Draw, Twentymile Draw, Waltman Draw, Webb Draw, Wyatt Draw

  Wells     show all on map

Clark Place Well, Hart Well, Mohawk Well, Seventeenmile Well, Wagner Well,

Natrona County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteNatrona County White population 74,10274,102  
MixedNatrona County Mixed population 1,5731,573
BlackNatrona County Black population 1,2591,258
American IndianNatrona County American Indian population 1,0231,022
AsianNatrona County Asian population 629629
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderNatrona County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 7978

Additional population tables :
State population table
Wyoming population by county