Sheridan County, Wyoming Basics:

Sheridan County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 29,603
Area: 2524 square miles
County seat: Sheridan
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 94.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 25.3%
Median household income: $52,352
Persons in poverty: 8.6%
Home ownership rate: 70.0%
Mean travel time to work: 17.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Big Horn (MT)  Big Horn  Campbell  Johnson  Powder River (MT)  

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Map of the Sheridan County area

Our detail map of Sheridan County shows the Sheridan County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Sheridan County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

Sheridan County Airport, Symons Airport, Xingu Airstrip

  Arches     show all on map

Needles Eye

  Basins     show all on map

Fool Creek Basin, Garden of the Gods, Kettle Basin

  Benches     show all on map

T R Bench

  Buildings     show all on map

Big Horn Volunteer Fire Department, Bighorn National Forest Tongue Ranger District Fire Engine Crew, Burgess Junction Rescue, Clearmont Fire District, Clearmont Fire District, Clearmont Fire District, Clearmont Fire District, Dayton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Rocky Mountain Ambulance, Sheridan Area Rural Fire Protection District, Sheridan County Sheriff's Office, Sheridan Fire and Rescue, Sheridan Police Department, Story Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Tongue River Fire Protection District - Ranchester Volunteer Fire Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol District 4 Division C

  Canals     show all on map

Alliance Ditch, Alliance Lateral, Athorpe Rogers Ditch, Big Goose and Beaver Ditch, Big Goose and Beaver Ditch, Brand Point Ditch, Burn Cleuch Ditch, Church Ditch, Colorado Colony Ditch, Decker Ditch, Ditch Number 9, Dye-Shields Ditch, East Side Ditch, Eureka Ditch, Fivemile Ditch, Frisbie Ditch, Garrard Ditch, Gerdel Ditch, Gladewater Ditch, Grinnell Ditch, Grinnell Livestock Company Ditch, Hanover Ditch, Kendrick Canal, Last Chance Ditch, Last Chance Ditch, Lower Flying E Ditch, Maverick Ditch, Meade Coffeen Ditch, Mikado Ditch, Mock Ditch, Mock Ditch Number 2, Ninemile Ditch, Old Reliable Ditch, Owens Ditch, Oz Ditch, P K Ditch, Park Reservoir Divide Ditch, Peralta Ditch, Peralta Ditch, Prairie Dog Ditch Number 11, Prairie Dog Ditch Number 12, Prairie Dog Ditch Number 13, Prairie Dog Ditch Number 13, Prairie Dog Ditch Number 14, Prairie Dog Kruse Ditch, Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 1, Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 2, Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 3, Red Hill Ditch, Soldier Creek Ditch, South Side Ditch, Sturdevant Ditch, Tongue River Ditch, Tongue River Ditch Number 1, Tschirgi Ditch Number 1, West Wolf Ditch, WJD Ditch, York Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Steamboat Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Arvada Cemetery, Big Horn Cemetery, Monarch Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Arvada Census Designated Place, Big Horn Census Designated Place, Parkman Census Designated Place, Story Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Riley Point, Weston Point

  Dams     show all on map

4 X Dam, Allen Dam, Antwerp Dam, Ashenbach Dam, Auzoui Number 1 Dam, Auzqui Number 2 Dam, Baldwin Dam, Barker Dam, Bear Claw Love Number 1 Dam, Belish Dam, Big Goose Park Dam Number 1, Big Goose Park Dam Number 2 East Dike, Bracket Number 3 Dam, Burgess Number 1 Dam, Burgess Number 2 Dam, Busted Clutch Dam, Cadiz Dam, Colorado Colony Ditch Company Number 2 Dam, Colorado Colony Ditch Company Number 6 Dam, Cooper Dam, Corrals Dam, Cultra Dam, Dana Dam, Dick Number 1 Dam, Dodd Dam, Dome Lake Number 1 Dam, Duncan Dam, Dzendolet Dam, Fordyce Deer Creek Dam, Fordyce Tepee Number 1 Dam, Fryberger Dam, Garrett Dam, Gorman Number 2 Dam, Granger Reservoir Dam, Green Cabin Dam, Green Cabin Number 3 Dam, Griffith Dam, Griffith Dam, Hape Dam, Huntington Dam, J and H Ranch Number 1 Dam, Jerry Johns Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Joe Creek Dam, Kahn and Roberts Dam, Kahn Dam, Kiewit Acme Ditch Number 1 Dam, Kiewit Herb Creek Number 1 Dam, Kiewit Herbs Creek Number 2 Dam, Kiewit Herbs Creek Number 3 Dam, Kiewit Number 1 Dam, Kiewit Number 2 Dam, Kiewit Stockade Creek Number 1 Dam, Landeck Irrigation Dam, Leiter Dam, Little Red Dam, Little Red Number 2 Dam, Mates Dam, Maxwell Dam, Menardi and White Dam, Meredith Dam, Mock Bass Dam, Moncreiffe Dam, Ollie Dam, Owen Brothers Dam, Padlock Number 1 A Five Mile Dam, Paul Number 3 Dam, Pence Dam, Pinhead Dam, Pollard Number 1 Dam, Puffball Dam, Rate and Huson Dam, Republican Dam, Reynolds Number 1 Dam, Reynolds Number 2 Dam, Robert Black Stump Dam, Roberts Dam, Roberts Luman Draw Dam, Robinson Dam, Sawmill Dam, Sheridan Heights Dam, Sibley Lake Dam, Snider Number 1 Town Draw Dam, Snider Number 6 Dam, Turner and Swan Dam, Twin Lakes Number 1 Dam, Twin Lakes Number 2 Dam, Verona Dam, Wagner Dam, Warriner Number 2 Dam, Weller Dam, Wesley Dam, Weston Dam, Whedon Dam, Windy Draw Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Big Goose Park, Broderick Flat, Bull Elk Park, Bull Park, Deer Park, Kinney Wood Park, Long Park, Poverty Flat, Sawmill Flat, Schuler Park, Shutts Flats, Taylor Flat, Walker Prairie

  Gaps     show all on map

Government Gap, Granite Pass, Rock Chuck Pass, West Pass, Woodchuck Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Big Horn Rest Home, Case Golden Age Care Hospital, McKey Boarding Home (historical), Pleasantview Senior Care Hospital, Sheridan Memorial Hospital, Sheridan Veterans Affairs Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Bruce Mountain Lake, Calvin Lake, Coney Lake, Crescent Lake, Dinwiddie Lake, Dome Lake, Duck Pond, Duncan Lake, Graves Lake, Heart Lake, Lake Dunchi, Lake Fontanalis, Lost Lake, Sawmill Lakes, Sibley Lake, Silver Lake, Stull Lakes, Twin Lakes

  Locales     show all on map

Arrowhead Lodge, Bald Mountain City, Bear Claw Ranch, Bear Lodge, Big Corral, Big Goose Campground, Big Goose Ranger Station, Burgess Ranger Station, Burgess Road Overlook, Camp Bethal, Carr Cabin, Dead Swede Campgound, East Fork Campground, East Woodrock Campground, Folly Ranch, Freeze Out Cow Camp, Fuller Ranch, Gallatin Cow Camp, Hairpin Turn, Horseshoe Ranch, I X L Ranch, K Ranch, Kane Cow Camp, Kern Ranch, Little Goose Campground, Meade Creek Ranch, N X Bar Ranch, North Tongue River Campground, Owen Creek Campground, P K Cow Camp, P K Ranch, Padlock Cow Camp, Padlock Ranch, Parkman, Pine Island Picnic Area, Prune Creek Campground, Quartz Creek Cow Camp, Sage Cow Camp, Sand Turn, Seventy-seven Ranch, Sheridan Filtration Plant, Sibley Lake Recreation Area, South Tongue Campground, Tepee Lodge, Thorn Rider Camp, Tie Flume Campground, Tongue Canyon Campground, Tongue River Campground, Twin Buttes Lodge, Twin Lakes Campground, Twin Lakes Picnic Area, University of Wyoming Experiment Station, Wakeley, West Woodrock Campground, Wolfe Cow Camp, Woodrock Guard Station, X X Ranch, Yonkee Cow Camp

  Mines     show all on map

Acme Mine, Acme Number Forty-two Mine, Acme Number One Mine, Acme Number Three Mine, Acme Number Two Mine, Armstrong Mine, Arno Quarry Mine, Arvada Coal Mine, Badger Creek Mine, Bald Mountain Placer Claims, Barbula Turley Mine, Beaver Creek Mine, Betheurem Prospect Mine, Big Horn Mine, Big Horn Mine, Big Horn Mountain Mine, Big Horn Number One Mine, Bighorn Mine, Black Mountain Mine, Buffalo Strip Mine, Carney Mine Number Forty-Four, Carneyville Mine, Conable Prospect Mine, Cooper Claim Mine, Davis Ford Mine, Dietz Mine, Dietz Number Five and Eight Mine, Dietz Number Four Mine, Dietz Number One Mine, Dietz Number Six Mine, Dietz Number Three Mine, Dietz Number Two Mine, Dygert Pit, Evans Mine, Evans Mine, Grubstake Syndicate Mine, Guernsey Stone Quarry, Holmberg Mine, Hotchkiss Number Two Mine, Jacob Lang Prospect Mine, Kirkman Prospect Mine, Kleenburn Coal Tipple Mine, Kool Number Forty-six Mine, Krezelok Mine, Little Falls Claim Mine, Martin Prospect Mine, Masters Mine, Model Mine, Monarch Number Five Mine, Moose Mine, Mosaic Claim Mine, New Acme Mine, New Monarch Mine, Old Monarch Mine, Owl Creek Mine, PSO Number One Mine, Riverside Mine, Roland Mine, Smith Mine, Sweat Mine, Taylor Mine, Taylor Mine, Tongue River Stone Company Mine, Walkers Mine, Welch Mine, Welch Number One North Mine, Welch Number One South Mine, Welch Number Two Mine, Welch Strip Mine, Whitman Mine, Whitney Mine, Wilcox-People Prospect, Wild Horse Mine, Wild Horse Strip Mine, Wyoming Smokeless Mine, Youngs Creek Mine, Zinge Mine, Zowada Pit and Plachet Pit Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Fence Creek Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Bull Elk Park Natural Area, Burgess Picnic Area, Deer Park, Kendrick Park, Sheridan County Big Game Winter Range, Sheridan County Elk Winter Pasture, Sheridan Inn National Historical Landmark, Thorne Ridge Stadium, Wagon Box Battle Monument

  Pillars     show all on map

Bosin Rock, Dome Rock, Lamburger Rock, Preacher Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acme, Arvada, Banner, Beckton, Big Horn, Burgess Junction, Clearmont, Dayton, Dutch (historical), Kendrick, Kleenburn, Leiter, Monarch, Parkman, Ranchester, Sheridan, Story, Ucross, Ulm, Verona, Wolf, Wyarno

  Ranges     show all on map

Badger Hills, Beaver Creek Hills, Powder River Breaks

  Reservoirs     show all on map

4 X Reservoir, Allen Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Antwerp Reservoir, Antwerp Reservoir, Ashenbach Reservoir, Auzqui Number 1 Reservoir, Auzqui Reservoir Number 2, Baldwin Reservoir, Barker Reservoir, Barker Reservoir, Bear Claw Love Number 1 Reservoir, Belish Reservoir, Bill Yates Reservoir, Bracket Number 3 Reservoir, Burgass Reservoir Number 2, Burgess Reservoir Number 1, Burlington Reservoir, Busted Clutch Reservoir, Cadiz Reservoir, Chapek Reservoir Number 1, Chapek Reservoir Number 2, Colorado Colony Ditch Company Reservoir Number 2, Colorado Colony Ditch Company Reservoir Number 6, Cooper Reservoir, Corrals Reservoir, Cultra Reservoir, Dana Reservoir, Dick Reservoir Number 1, Dodd Reservoir, Dome Lake Number 1, Dome Lake Reservoir, Duncan Reservoir, Dzendolet Reservoir, Fivemile Reservoir, Fordyce Deer Creek Reservoir, Fordyce Tepee Number 1 Reservoir, Fryberger Reservoir, Garrett Reservoir, Gorman Reservoir Number 2, Granger Reservoir, Granger Reservoir, Green Cabin Number 3 Reservoir, Green Cabin Reservoir, Griffith Reservoir, Griffith Reservoir, Hanes Reservoir, Hanff Reservoir, Hape Reservoir, Holly Ponds, Hume Ponds, Huntington Reservoir, J and H Ranch Number 1 Reservoir, Jerry Johns Reservoir Number 1, Joe Creek Reservoir, Kahn and Roberts Reservoir, Kahn Reservoir, Keiwit Acme Ditch Reservoir Number 1, Kiewit Herb Creek Reservoir Number 1, Kiewit Herbs Creek Number 2 Reservoir, Kiewit Herbs Creek Reservoir Number 3, Kiewit Reservoir Number 1, Kiewit Reservoir Number 2, Kiewit Stockade Creek Reservoir Number 1, Landeck Irrigation Reservoir, Leiter Reservoir, Little Red Reservoir, Little Red Reservoir Number 2, Mates Reservoir, Maxwell Reservoir, Menardi and White Reservoir, Menardi and White Reservoir, Meredith Reservoir, Mock Bass Reservoir, Moncreiffe Reservoir, Mountain Reservoir, Ollie Reservoir, Owen Brothers Reservoir, Padlock Number 1 A Five Mile Reservoir, Park Reservoir, Park Reservoir, Park Reservoir, Paul Number 3 Reservoir, Pence Reservoir, Pinhead Reservoir, Pitsch Reservoir, Pollard Reservoir Number 1, Puffball Reservoir, Rate and Huson Reservoir, Republican Reservoir, Reynolds Reservoir Number 1, Reynolds Reservoir Number 2, Robert Black Stump Reservoir, Roberts Luman Draw Reservoir, Roberts Reservoir, Robinson Reservoir, Sawmill Reservoir, Sheridan Heights Reservoir, Sibley Lake, Snider Number 1 Town Draw Reservoir, Snider Reservoir Number 6, Steele Reservoir, Turner and Swan Reservoir, Twin Lakes Number 1, Twin Lakes Number 2, Underwood Reservoir Number 2, Verona Reservoir, Wagner Reservoir, Warriner Reservoir, Weller Reservoir, Wesley Reservoir, Weston Reservoir, Weston Reservoir, Whedon Number 1 Reservoir, Windy Draw Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bear Rocks, Burnt Mountain, Crater Ridge, Dry Fork Ridge, Duncum Mountain, Herdrick Ridge, Horse Creek Ridge, Moncreiffe Ridge, Skull Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Arvada School, Arvada-Clearmont High School, Arvada-Clearmont Junior High School, Big Goose School, Big Horn High School, Big Horn Middle School, Big Horn School, Central Junior High School, Clearmont School, Coffeen School, Dutch Creek School, Hanging Woman School, Highland Park School, Linden School, Meade Creek School, Sheridan Junior College, Slack School, Slack School, Story School, Taylor School, Tongue River High School, Tongue River High School, Tongue River Middle School, Tongue River School, Wakeley School, Wolf Creek School, Woodland Park School

  Slopes     show all on map

Cutler Hill

  Springs     show all on map

Barrel Spring, Bear Spring, Crater Spring, Hidden Spring, Red Grade Spring, Red Spring, S R Springs, Whedon Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alden Creek, Amsden Creek, Apple Run, Arkansas Creek, Ash Creek, Babione Creek, Badger Creek, Baker Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Trap Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Goose Creek, Big Remington Creek, Big Willow Creek, Blue Creek, Bonanza Creek, Bonanza Creek, Bruce Creek, Brush Creek, Buck Creek, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Run Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Cabin Creek, Camp Creek, Cave Creek, Claussen Creek, Clear Creek, Columbus Creek, Compartment Creek, Coney Creek, Copper Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Coutant Creek, Coyote Creek, Crater Creek, Cross H Creek, Cub Creek, Cutler Creek, Davis Creek, Deadman Creek, Deer Creek, Diamond Creek, Dow Prong, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork Little Bighorn River, Dry Owen Creek, Dry Twin Creek, Duncum Creek, Dutch Creek, Dutch Creek, Earley Creek, Early Prong West Prong Hanging Woman Creek, East Fork Big Goose Creek, East Fork Davis Creek, East Fork Dow Prong Dutch Creek, East Fork Earley Creek, East Fork East Pass Creek, East Fork Kruse Creek, East Fork Little Tongue River, East Fork Sackett Creek, East Fork Sheep Creek, East Fork South Tongue River, East Fork Taffner Creek, East Fork Thompson Creek, East Twin Creek, East Wolf Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Falls Creek, Fishhook Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fool Creek, Game Creek, Gin Creek, Gloom Creek, Gold Creek, Goose Creek, Graves Creek, Grenell Prong, Half Ounce Creek, Hanes Fork, Hanna Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hidden Tepee Creek, Hidden Water Creek, Hideout Creek, Hill Creek, Hill Prong Badger Creek, Hilman Creek, Horse Creek, Hurlburt Creek, Ice Creek, Indian Creek, Iron Springs Creek, Ivy Creek, Jackson Creek, Jim Creek, Jim Crow Creek, Joe Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Kearny Creek, Kemp Creek, Kruse Creek, Kusel Creek, Lake Creek, Lee Creek, Lick Creek, Line Creek, Little Ash Creek, Little Badger Creek, Little Goose Creek, Little Rapid Creek, Little Remington Creek, Little Tongue River, Little Willow Creek, Little Youngs Creek, Lone Star Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lotspeich Prong Waddle Creek, Mann Creek, Marcum Creek, McCormick Creek, Meade Creek, Middle Fork Arkansas Creek, Middle Fork Badger Creek, Middle Fork Dow Prong Dutch Creek, Middle Fork East Pass Creek, Middle Fork Sheep Creek, Middle Prong Hanging Woman Creek, Middle Prong Wild Horse Creek, Miller Creek, Mills Creek, Mohawk Creek, Negro Creek, Nickle Creek, North Branch Slater Creek, North Buffalo Creek, North Cabin Creek, North Dry Creek, North Fork Earley Creek, North Fork Fence Creek, North Fork North Buffalo Creek, North Fork North Dry Creek, North Fork Waddle Creek, North Fork West Pass Creek, North Prong Arkansas Creek, North Prong Cottonwood Creek, North Prong Deadman Creek, North Prong S R Creek, North Prong Whitmeyer Creek, North Prong Wild Horse Creek, North Tongue River, OK Creek, Owen Creek, Owl Creek, Park Creek, Parken Fork, Parker Prong Badger Creek, Pasture Creek, Piney Creek, Pinhead Creek, Plum Creek, Pole Creek, Pompey Creek, Porcupine Creek, Prairie Creek, Prairie Dog Creek, Prospect Creek, Prune Creek, Pumpkin Creek, Quartz Creek, Randall Prong Waddle Creek, Ranger Creek, Rapid Creek, Red Canyon Creek, Reservoir Creek, Rifle Creek, S R Creek, Sackett Creek, Sand Coulee, Sawmill Creek, Schoolhouse Prong, Sheeley Creek, Sheep Creek, Sibley Creek, Sixmile Creek, Slater Creek, Smith Creek, Snail Creek, Soldier Creek, South Branch Slater Creek, South Dry Creek, South Fork Badger Creek, South Fork Earley Creek, South Fork Fivemile Creek, South Fork Little Tongue River, South Fork North Buffalo Creek, South Fork West Pass Creek, South Prong Cottonwood Creek, South Prong Deadman Creek, South Tongue River, Spotted Horse Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Stockade Creek, Sucker Creek, Swamp Creek, Taffner Creek, Taylor Creek, Tepee Creek, Thompson Creek, Thompson Fork, Tie Creek, Trabing Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Turkey Creek, Wagner Prong Dutch Creek, Wagon Box Creek, Walker Creek, Wallrock Creek, Weltner Prong Waddle Creek, West Branch Little Youngs Creek, West Fork Big Goose Creek, West Fork Davis Creek, West Fork East Pass Creek, West Fork Little Badger Creek, West Fork Little Bighorn River, West Fork Little Goose Creek, West Fork Sheep Creek, West Fork South Tongue River, West Fork Taffner Creek, West Fork Wildcat Creek, West Prong Hanging Woman Creek, West Prong Seventysix Creek, White Creek, Whitetail Creek, Whitmeyer Creek, Wild Horse Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wilderness Creek, Willow Creek, Windy Canyon Creek, Wolf Creek, Woodchuck Creek, Youngs Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Big Mountain, Black Mountain, Blazer Hill, Bruce Mountain, Bulls Eye Point, Columbus Peak, Curlew Hill, Dome Peak, Elephant Foot, Fallen City, Fisher Mountain, Foster Buttes, Freeze Out Point, Grandmas Mountain, Hazel Peak, Horse Hill, Horseshoe Mountain, L Quarter Circle Hills, Leaky Mountain, Little Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Rooster Hill, She-Bear Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Squaw Butte, Swamp Creek Hill, Tincom Butte, Tongue Butte, Twin Buttes, Walker Mountain

  Swamps     show all on map

Larison Swale

  Towers     show all on map

KGK Tower, KLGT-FM (Buffalo), KLWD-FM (Sheridan), KRBQ-TV (Sheridan), KROE-AM (Sheridan), KROE-FM (Sheridan), KSGW-TV (Sheridan), KWYO-AM (Sheridan)

  Trails     show all on map

Bear Gulch Trail, Dry Fork Trail, Dry Fork Trail, Game Creek Trail, Little Horn Trail, Roosevelt Trail, Stockwell Trail, Story Penrose Trail, Tepee Trail, Wolf Creek Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Alder Gulch, Allens Draw, Antelope Draw, Ash Draw, Ash Draw, Ash Draw, Baker Draw, Bar N Draw, Barr Draw, Barr Draw, Bates Draw, Baxter Draw, Bear Gulch, Beatty Gulch, Big Corral Draw, Black Canyon, Black Stump Draw, Bobs Draw, Bourret Draw, Box Canyon, Box Elder Draw, Brug-lusher Draw, Butterfield Draw, Cadiz Draw, Cameron Gulch, Campbell Draw, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Draw, Cemetery Draw, Chaffee Gulch, Chapek Draw, Chapparal Draw, Coal Draw, Coal Mine Draw, Coleman Draw, Cooper Draw, Corner Draw, Cottonwood Draw, Crystal Spring Draw, Currant Draw, Dan Draw, Dans Gulch, Dark Canyon, Darlington Draw, Dawson Draw, Dayton Gulch, Dead Indian Draw, Dead Mans Draw, Deadman Gulch, Demple Draw, Denio Draw, Devoe Draw, Dooley Draw, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Duncan Draw, East Fork Griffith Draw, East Fork Number Two Draw, Elk Draw, Enochs Draw, Eyechaner Draw, Fairbanks Draw, Fawn Draw, Fields Draw, Flat Bottom Draw, Flat Draw, Forbes Draw, Four X Draw, Fowler Draw, Foxhall Draw, Gallatin Draw, Gannon Draw, Garber Draw, Gardner Gulch, Garland Gulch, Gillispie Draw, Grande Gulch, Gray Cabin Draw, Green Draw, Gregg Draw, Griffith Draw, Grouse Draw, Grouse Draw, Grouse Draw, Gwinn Draw, Hamburger Draw, Hamilton Draw, Hamma Draw, Hammel Draw, Hando Draw, Hanff Draw, Hells Half Acre Canyon, Helvey Draw, Heppner Draw, Hickey Draw, Home Draw, Horsley Draw, Hultz Draw, Hunter Draw, Iron Gulch, Jack Bill Draw, Jeffries Draw, Jenkins Draw, Jennings Gulch, Jensen Draw, Joe Draw, John Draw, Johnson Draw, Johnston Draw, Jones Draw, Jones Draw, Jones Draw, Kane Draw, Kettle Gulch, King Draw, Krenzien Draw, Lake Draw, Lanbaugh Number 4 Draw, Lanters Draw, Lewis Draw, Long Draw, Lowe Draw, Luman Draw, Lynn Draw, Magpie Gulch, Maxted Draw, May Draw, Meadow Draw, Mile Draw, Mile Long Draw, Miller Draw, Mock Gulch, Moose Draw, Murphy Gulch, Negro Draw, Nelson Draw, North Coyote Draw, North Fork Cottonwood Draw, North Prong Box Elder Draw, Number 1 Draw, Number Two Draw, Olsen Draw, P K Draw, Parallel Draw, Parker Draw, Parker Draw, Peters Gulch, Prusak Draw, Red Canyon, Red Grade Spring Draw, Redman Draw, Reese Gulch, Rice Draw, Riley Draw, Road Draw, Robb Draw, Robinson Draw, Robling Draw, Rock Draw, Roode Draw, Roundup Draw, Sahara Draw, Sampson Draw, Sand Draw, Sand Draw, Sandy Draw, Sandy Draw, Sawmill Draw, Scott Draw, Sears Draw, Sheep Draw, Sheep Draw, Sheridan Heights Draw, Short Canyon, Shuler Draw, South Airport Draw, South Coyote Draw, South Fork Cottonwood Draw, Spear Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Stanko Draw, Steam Shovel Draw, Stoops Draw, Stout Draw, Swaim Draw, Tanney Draw, Tibbets Gulch, Tiner David Draw, Tiny Draw, Tongue Canyon, Town Draw, Twin Fork Draw, Upton Gulch, Valley Draw, W S Draw, Wagner Draw, Waisner Draw, Wallow Draw, Warriner Draw, Weaver Draw, Weltner Draw, West Fork Griffith Draw, West Fork Weaver Draw, Wheat Draw, Whedon Draw, Whiskey Gulch, Williams Draw, Windmill Draw, Windmill Draw, Wiselka Draw, Wolf Draw, Wyarno Draw, Wymer Draw,

Sheridan County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSheridan County White population 28,27128,270  
American IndianSheridan County American Indian population 414414
MixedSheridan County Mixed population 385384
BlackSheridan County Black population 296296
AsianSheridan County Asian population 207207
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSheridan County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3029

Additional population tables :
State population table
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