Jefferson County, Alabama Basics:

Jefferson County Alabama - Government Site

Population: 658,327
Area: 1111 square miles
County seat: Birmingham
Area code(s) in use: 205
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 87.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 29.3%
Median household income: $45,415
Persons in poverty: 17.0%
Home ownership rate: 65.2%
Mean travel time to work: 23.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bibb  Blount  Cullman  Shelby  St. Clair  Tuscaloosa  Walker  

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Map of the Jefferson County area

Our detail map of Jefferson County shows the Jefferson County, Alabama boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Jefferson County, Alabama

  Airports     show all on map

Bessemer Airport, Birmingham Municipal Airport-North, Birmingham Municipal City Police Airport, Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, Bonham Airport, Burton D Olshan Airport, East End Meml Hospital Airport, Lakeside Airport, Number One Fire Station Airport, Parker Field Airport, Perry Airport, Powell Avenue Airport, Raines Lumber Airport, Riviera Airport, Roto Wing Inc Airport, Simmons Airport, Turkey Creek Airport, University of Alabama Birmingham Airport

  Bars     show all on map

Black Rock Shoals, Fork Shoals, Lily Shoals, Nichols Shoals, Sharit Shoals

  Bends     show all on map

Humber Bend, Leeann Bend, Nancy Ann Bend, Sextons Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Atwood Ferry Bridge, Bryant Bridge, Franklin Ferry Bridge, Hewitt Bridge, Irondale Bridge, Little Shades Creek Bridge, Lovelace Bridge, Maxine Bridge, McKnally Ford Bridge, Patton Creek Bridge, Woodruff Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Adamsville City Hall, Adamsville Fire and Rescue Service, Adamsville Police Department, Adger Volunteer Fire Department, Alabama Hall, Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, Alabama State Troopers Troop C, Argo Fire and Rescue Station 1, Avondale Public Library, Bagley Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Bell Building, Bessemer City Hall, Bessemer City Jail, Bessemer Fire Department Headquarters and Training Facility, Bessemer Fire Department Station 1, Bessemer Fire Department Station 2, Bessemer Fire Department Station 3, Bessemer Fire Department Station 4, Bessemer Fire Department Station 5, Bessemer Public Library, Birmingham City Hall, Birmingham City Jail, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 1, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 10, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 11, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 12, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 13, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 14, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 15, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 16, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 17, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 18, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 19, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 2, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 20, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 21, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 22, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 23, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 24, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 25, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 26, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 27, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 28, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 29, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 3, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 30, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 31, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 32, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 5, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 6, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 7, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 8, Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Station 9, Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham Police Department, Birmingham Police Department, Birmingham Police Department Central Headquarters, Birmingham Police Department East Precinct, Birmingham Police Department North Precinct, Birmingham Police Department South Precinct, Birmingham Police Department West Precinct, Birmingham Police Jail, Birmingham Public Library, Birmingport Fire District Station 1, Birmingport Fire District Station 2, Bluff Park Community Center, Boutwell Auditorium, Brighton City Hall, Brighton Police Department, Brighton Volunteer Fire Department, Brooks Hall, Brookside Fire and Rescue, Brookside Police Department, Brown Hall, Brownville City Hall, C A Kirkendoll Learning Resources Center, Cahaba Pumping Station, Cahaba Valley Fire and EMS Station 184, Campbell Hall, Cane Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Center Point Fire and Rescue Station 1 Headquarters, Center Point Fire and Rescue Station 2, Center Point Fire and Rescue Station 4, Center Point Fire and Rescue Station 5, Concord Fire District Station 1, Concord Fire District Station 2 Headquarters, Concord Fire District Station 3, Corner Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Station 1, Corner Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Station 2, County Line Town Hall, Crumley Chapel Community Center, Donaldson Correctional Facility, Dwight and Lucille Beeson Center for the Healing Arts, Dwight M Beeson Hall, East Lake Branch Birmingham Public Library, Eastern Valley Volunteer Fire Department, F Page Seibert Gymnasium, Fairfield City Hall, Fairfield Fire Department, Fairfield Police Department, Fire Station Number 32, Forestdale Fire District Station 1, Forestdale Fire District Station 2, Frank P Samford Hall, Fultondale City Hall, Fultondale Police Department, Fultondale Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, Gardendale Fire and Rescue, George C Wallace Physical Education Building, Graysville Fire and Rescue Station 1, Graysville Fire and Rescue Station 2, Graysville Police Department, Harwell G Davis Library, Hixson Hall, Homewood City Hall, Homewood Fire and Rescue Station 1, Homewood Fire and Rescue Station 2, Homewood Fire and Rescue Station 3, Homewood Fire and Rescue Station 4, Homewood Public Library, Hoover City Hall, Hoover Fire Department Station 1, Hoover Fire Department Station 2, Hoover Fire Department Station 4, Hoover Fire Department Station 5, Hoover Fire Department Station 6, Hoover Police Department, Hueytown City Hall, Hueytown Fire and Rescue Station 1, Hueytown Fire and Rescue Station 2, Hueytown Fire and Rescue Station 3, Hueytown Police Department, Hueytown Public Library, Huffman Recreation Center, Hulsey Center, Indian Ford Volunteer Fire Department, Irondale City Hall, Irondale Fire Department Station 1, Irondale Fire Department Station 2, Irondale Fire Department Station 3, Irondale Police Department, Jefferson County Courthouse, Jefferson County Criminal Court Building, Jefferson County Jail, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, John D Pittman Hall, John H Buchanan Hall, Kimberly Fire and Rescue, Kimberly Police Department, Kimberly Town Hall, Knox-Windham Gymnasium, Lakeview Opera House (historical), Leeds Civic Center, Leeds Fire and Rescue Station 2, Lena Vail Davis Hall, Leo E Bashinsky Fieldhouse, Leon Kennedy Student Center, Leslie Stephen Wright Fine Arts Center, Linn Hinley Research Library, Lipscomb City Hall, Lipscomb Volunteer Fire Department, Lister Hill Library, Lovelady Center, Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library, Lyric Theater (historical), Mamie Mell Smith Hall, Marshall Conference Center, Maytown Volunteer Fire Department, McAdory Fire and Rescue Station 1, McAdory Fire and Rescue Station 2, McCalla Area Fire District Station 1, McCalla Area Fire District Station 2, McKenzie Hall, Memory L Robinson Hall, Midfield City Hall, Midfield Fire Department, Midfield Police Department, Miller Steam Plant, Minor Heights Fire District, Morris Fire Department, Mortimer Jordan Hall, Mount Olive Fire and Rescue District Station 1, Mount Olive Fire and Rescue District Station 2, Mountain Brook Fire Department Station 1, Mountain Brook Fire Department Station 2, Mountain Brook Fire Department Station 3, Mountain Brook Police Department, Mulga Volunteer Fire Department, Murchison Hall, North Johns Volunteer Fire and Rescue, North Smithfield Manor - Green Leaf Heights Fire District, Norton Student Center, Orlean Bullard Beeson Hall, Palmerdale Fire District, PEMCO Aeroplex Fire Crash Rescue, Pitts Hall, Pleasant Grove City Hall, Pleasant Grove Fire and Rescue Service, Pleasant Grove Police Department, Pleasant Grove Public Library, Ralph W Beeson University Center, Ramsay Hall, Robert I Ingalls Senior Hall, Rocky Ridge Fire District, Rust Research Center, Saint Martins Home for the Aged, Shady Grove Volunteer Fire Department, Sloss Blast Furnaces, Spain-Wallace Building, Stern Library, Sylvan Springs Fire and Rescue, Taggart Hall, Tarrant City Hall, Tarrant City Public Library, Tarrant Fire and Rescue, Tarrant Police Department, Thomas D Russell Hall, Tidwell Hall, Trafford City Hall, Trafford Fire Department, Trafford Police Department, Trussville Fire and Rescue Service Station 1, Trussville Fire and Rescue Service Station 2, Trussville Fire and Rescue Service Station 3, Trussville Police Department, Union Station, United States Steel Corporation Fairfield Works Fire Department, University Center, Vestavia Hills City Hall, Vestavia Hills Civic Center, Vestavia Hills Fire Department Station 1, Vestavia Hills Fire Department Station 2, Vestavia Hills Fire Department Station 3, Vestavia Hills Fire Department Station 4, Vestavia Hills Fire Department Station 5, Vestavia Hills Police Department, Volker Hall, Warrior City Hall, Warrior Fire Department, Warrior Police Department, Warrior River Fire and Rescue Service, Washington Public Library (historical), West Jefferson Town Hall, West Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department, Williams Hall, Woodlawn City Hall, Wylam Fire Station

  Capes     show all on map

Beavers Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adams Cemetery, Adger Cemetery, Atwood Cemetery, Bagley Bend Cemetery, Bass Cemetery, Bass Cemetery, Beth-El Cemetery, Bibb Cemetery, Bivens Chapel Cemetery, Brewer Cemetery, Brighton Cemetery, Bush Cemetery, Cahaba Heights Cemetery, Cain Creek Cemetery, Cardiff Cemetery, Castle Heights Memorial Gardens, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Creel Cemetery, Crooked Creek Cemetery, Crumley Chapel Cemetery, Dug Hill Cemetery, Earltown Cemetery, East Lake Cemetery, Edward Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Emanuel Cemetery, Fairington Cemetery, Forest Crest Cemetery, Forest Hill Cemetery, Fraternal Cemetery, George Cemetery, George Washington Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Glasgow Hill Cemetery, Grace Hill Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Higgins Cemetery, Highland Memorial Gardens, Hodges Cemetery, Hughes Cemetery, Inglenook Cemetery, Jefferson Garden of Memories, Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Joley Cemetery, Knesses Israel Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Lawler Cemetery, Lincoln Cemetery, Linn Cemetery, Linns Crossing Cemetery, Maben Cemetery, Martin Luther King Junior Memorial Cemetery, Mason Cemetery, Massey Cemetery, McCombs Cemetery, McElwain Cemetery, Midway Cemetery, Moncrief Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mount Hebron Cemetery, Mount Nebo Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Mud Creek Cemetery, Narl Cemetery, New Horizon Memorial Gardens, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oakdale Cemetery, Oakland Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery, Pinson Cemetery, Prescott Cemetery, Providence Cemetery, Reed Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Sadlers Cemetery, Saint Michaels Cemetery, Salter Cemetery, Shadowlawn Memorial Park, Shady Grove Cemetery, Sheritt Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Smithson Cemetery, Taylors Chapel Cemetery, Toadvine Cemetery, Trussville Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Grove Cemetery, Union Grove Cemetery, Union Hill Cemetery, Valhalla Cemetery, Valley Creek Cemetery, Village Falls Cemetery, Virginia Mines Cemetery, Walkers Chapel Cemetery, Weaver Cemetery, Wise Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Cahaba Heights Census Designated Place (historical), Chalkville Census Designated Place (historical), Concord Census Designated Place, Edgewater Census Designated Place, Forestdale Census Designated Place, Grayson Valley Census Designated Place, McDonald Chapel Census Designated Place, Minor Census Designated Place, Mount Olive Census Designated Place, Pinson Census Designated Place (historical), Rock Creek Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

The Narrows

  Churches     show all on map

A Hamilton Reid Chapel, Abraham Baptist Church (historical), Abyssinia Baptist Church, Acipco United Methodist Church, Acton Church, Adale Pilgrim Church, Adamsville Assembly of God Church, Adamsville Church of God, Agape Baptist Church, Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Allen Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Antioch Baptist Church (historical), Antioch Baptist Church Number 2, Antioch Church, Apostolic Church of God, Apostolic Faith Assembly, Apostolic Faith Church, Argo Church, Avondale Baptist Church (historical), Avondale Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical), Avondale United Methodist Church, Azbeth Church, Baptist Bible Tabernacle, Bayview Baptist Church, Beechwood Church, Bellevue Baptist Church, Bellview Church, Belview Heights Church of Christ, Berney Points Baptist Church, Berney Points Church of Christ, Bessemer Church of God, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Bethel Church, Bethel Church, Bethel Church, Bethel Church of God, Bethel United Methodist Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bethlehem United Methodist Church, Beulah Baptist Church, Beulah Baptist Church, Beulah Baptist Church (historical), Bible Church, Big Creek Church, Bivens Chapel, Black Creek Church, Blessed Assembly Church of God, Bluff Park United Methodist Church, Bluff Ridge Church, Bluff Ridge Church, Boyles Baptist Church, Boyles United Methodist Church (historical), Bradford Church, Bradford United Methodist Church, Brewster Road Alliance Church, Broad Street Baptist Church, Brookhaven Methodist Church, Brooklane Church, Brookview Wesleyan Church, Brown Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Browns Temple (historical), Brvens Chapel, Bryant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bush Hills Baptist Church (historical), Cahaba Church, Cain Creek Church, Calcedonia Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Church, Calvary Church, Calvary Church, Calvary Church of God, Calvary Free Will Baptist Church, Calvary Temple Assembly of God Church, Canaan Baptist Church Number 2, Canaan Church, Canterbury United Methodist Church, Castle Heights Church, Cathedral of the Cross, Cedar Mount Baptist Church, Center Point Baptist Church, Centercrest Church, Central Baptist Church, Central Church, Central Church of Christ, Central Park Baptist Church, Central Park Presbyterian Church, Central Presbyterian Church (historical), Century Methodist Church, Chalkville Church, Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christian Love Spiritual Church, Christs Episcopal Church (historical), Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God in Christ, Church of the Advent, Church of the Blessed Sacrement, Church of the Holy Cross, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Open Door, Clay Alliance Church, Clay Baptist Church, Clay First Assembly of God Church, Clay Methodist Church, Clayborn Chapel (historical), Clear Springs Baptist Church (historical), Cluster Spring Church, Coalburg Church, Community Full Gospel Church, Community Primitive Baptist Church, Concord Baptist Church, Concord Highland Baptist Church, Corinth Church, Corinthian Baptist Church, Crestway Baptist Church, Crocker Church, Crossroad Church, Crumbley Bethel Baptist Church, Crumley Chapel United Methodist Church, Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, Del Rio Church, Dewey Heights Church, Dixon Memorial Presbyterian Church, Docena Baptist Church, Dogwood Grove Baptist Church, Dolonah Baptist Church, Eagles Nest Church of God in Christ, Earnest United Methodist Church, East Grove Baptist Church, East Lake Church of Christ, East Lake Church of the Christian, East Lake Cumberland Presbyterian Church, East Lake United Methodist Church, East Thomas Baptist Church, Ebenezar Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ebenezer Church, Edgewater Church, Edgewater Methodist Church, Edgewood Presbyterian Church, Eightyfifth Street Baptist Church, Eleventh Avenue Methodist Church, Eleventh Street Christian Church, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Emanuel Tabernacle Church, Enon Baptist Church, Ensley Baptist Church, Ensley Bible Church, Ensley Christian Church, Ensley Church of Christ, Ensley Community Church, Ensley First United Methodist Church, Ensley Highland Presbyterian Church, Ensley Highland United Methodist Church, Ensley Oakland Church (historical), Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Evangel Assembly of God Church, Evangelische-Friedenskirche (historical), Fairfield First Baptist Church (historical), Fairfield First United Methodist Church, Fairfield Highlands Baptist Church, Fairfield Highlands Church of Christ, Fairfield Highlands Presbyterian Church, Fairfield Presbyterian Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Church, Faith Church, Faith Deliverance Overcoming Cathedral of Prayer, Faith Mission Holiness Church of God, Faith Mission Holiness Church of God Number 3, Faith Outreach Center, Fieldstown Church, Fifteenth Street Baptist Church, Fiftieth Street Baptist Church, Fiftyfourth Street Church of God, First Alliance Church of Bessemer, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church (historical), First Baptist Church of Acipco, First Baptist Church of Bessemer, First Baptist Church of Booker Heights, First Baptist Church of Chalkville, First Baptist Church of Ensley, First Baptist Church of Fairfield, First Baptist Church of Fultondale, First Baptist Church of Hoover, First Baptist Church of Hueytown, First Baptist Church of Inglenook, First Baptist Church of Irondale, First Baptist Church of Jonesboro Heights, First Baptist Church of Kingston, First Baptist Church of Midfield, First Baptist Church of Pratt City, First Baptist Church of Sandusky, First Baptist Church of Tarrant, First Baptist Church of Zion City, First Bethel Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Church of Christ Science, First Church of God, First Church of the Nazarene, First Congregational Church (historical), First Cumberland Presbyterian Church (historical), First Ebenezer Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, First Methodist Church, First Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical), First Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical), First Pentecostal Holiness Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church of Bessemer, First Presbyterian Church of Trussville, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church of Bessemer, First United Methodist Church of Hueytown, First United Pentecostal Church, First Wesleyan Methodist Church, Fortyfifth Street Baptist Church, Fortysixth Street Baptist Church, Fountain Heights Baptist Church (historical), Fountain Heights Methodist Church, Fourth Avenue North Baptist Church, Fourth Avenue South Baptist Church, Fourth Street Methodist Church, Fourth Terrace Baptist Church, Freewill Church, Friendly Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Friendship Primitive Baptist Church Number One, Frog Ridge Church, Galilee Baptist Church, Galilee Baptist Church, Gardendale First Assembly of God Church, Gardendale First Baptist Church, Garywood Assembly of God Church, Gate City Baptist Church, Gate City Holiness Church, Giles Memorial Baptist Church (historical), Glen Iris Church, Glenns Chapel, Glenwood Church, Good Hope Church, Good Hope Presbyterian Church, Grace Chapel Assembly of God Church, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Grace United Methodist Church, Grahams Chapel, Grand Old Gospel House, Grant African Methodist Episcopal Chapel, Grant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Grantswood Baptist Church, Grasselli Heights Church of Christ, Grayson Valley Church, Graysville First United Methodist Church, Greater Fourteenth Street Baptist Church, Greater Lily Star Baptist Church, Greater Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, Greater New Antioch Baptist Church, Greater New Bethel Baptist Church, Greater Saint Pauls Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Greater Shiloh Baptist Church, Greater Sixteenth Street Church of God, Green Liberty Baptist Church, Green Springs Baptist Church, Green Valley Baptist Church, Greenleaf Baptist Church, Greens Station Church, Groveland Baptist Church, Guiding Light Church, Gum Springs Church, Hagood Church, Haig Church, Harmony Street Baptist Church, Heritage Primitive Baptist Church, Highlands Methodist Church, Highlandview Church, Hilldale Baptist Church, Hills Christian Methodist Episcopal Chapel, Hillview Baptist Church, Hillview Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, Holy Infant of Prague Catholic Church, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Homewood Church of Christ, Hope Lutheran Church, Hopewell African Methodist Episcopal Church, Hopewell Church, Hopewell Church, Hopewell Church, Hopewell Church (historical), Hueytown Baptist Church, Hueytown Church, Hueytown Church of God, Huffman United Methodist Church, Hughes Chapel, Hunter Street Baptist Church, Independent Methodist Church of Huffman, Independent Methodist Church of Tarrant, Inglenook Cumberland Presbyterian Church (historical), Inglenook First United Methodist Church, Irondale Presbyterian Church, Jackson Street Baptist Church, Jefferson Hughes Church, Jerusalem Baptist Church, Jesus Only Holiness Church, Jones Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Katherwood Baptist Church, Kilgore Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Lake Highland Baptist Church, Lakeside Baptist Church, Lakeside Church of Bessemer, Lakeside Church of Tarrant City, Lakewood Baptist Church, Latter Day Apostolic Church of God, Lawler Baptist Church, Lee Chapel, Leeds Presbyterian Church, Lees Chapel, Liberty Baptist Church, Liberty Bible Church, Liberty Church, Liberty Church, Liberty Church, Lifeline Missionary Baptist Church, Lily Grove Baptist Church, Lily Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Lipscomb Church of God, Lipscomb Church of God On Avenue K, Little Mount Zion Baptist Church (historical), Little Rock Church, Little Souls Saving Church, Little Zion Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic Faith, Lubaco Church, Macedonia Baptist Church, Macedonia Baptist Church (historical), Macedonia Baptist Church (historical), Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church, Mars Hill Church, Martin Memorial United Methodist Church, Masseyline Church, McCalla Baptist Church, McCalla Chapel, McCombs Chapel, McCombs Chapel, McCoy Methodist Church, McDowell Memorial Cumberland Presbyterian Church, McElwain Baptist Church, McNeil Baptist Church, Meadows Chapel Church, Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Metropolitan Community Church, Midway Church, Midway Methodist Church, Mineral Springs Church, Minor First Baptist Church, Miracle Deliverance Temple Church of God in Christ, Miracle Hill Church, Moody Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Temple, Morgan Church, Morning Star Baptist Church, Morning Star Baptist Church (historical), Morning Star United Methodist Church, Morris United Methodist Church, Mount Ararat Baptist Church, Mount Arat Church (historical), Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church (historical), Mount Calvary Baptist Church (historical), Mount Calvary Presbyterian Church, Mount Canana Church, Mount Hebron Baptist Church, Mount Hebron Baptist Church, Mount Hebron Baptist Church, Mount Nebo Baptist Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church, Mount Pinson Presbyterian Church, Mount Pisgah Church, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Mount Vernon Methodist Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church, Mountain Brook Baptist Church, Mountain View Baptist Church, Mud Creek Baptist Church, Mulga Baptist Church, New Bethel Baptist Church, New Bethel Baptist Church, New Bethel Church, New Bethel Church, New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, New Bethlehem Baptist Church, New Community Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church (historical), New Hope Baptist Church (historical), New Hope Church, New Jerusalem Baptist Church, New Jerusalem Church, New Life Independent Church, New Life Mission Church, New Macedonia Baptist Church, New Morning Star Baptist Church, New Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, New Saint Paul Church, New Salem Baptist Church, New Salem Baptist Church, New Salem Primitive Baptist Church, New Shady Grove Church, New Temple Church, New Zion Baptist Church, New Zion Hill Church, Nichols Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, Ninth Street First Baptist Church, Noble Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, North Birmingham Baptist Church, North Birmingham Church of Christ, North Birmingham Church of the Nazarene, North Birmingham Presbyterian Church, North Gardendale Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Grove Church (historical), Oak Grove Freewill Baptist Church, Oak Grove Second Church, Oak Station Church, Oakmont Presbyterian Church, Oakmont United Methodist Church, Old Blue Creek Church, Old Calcedonia Church, Old Fashion Church, Old Five Mile Presbyterian Church, Old Shady Grove Church, Old Ship African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church (historical), Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Oxmoor United Methodist Church, Palmerdale Presbyterian Church, Parkwood Church, Pathway Baptist Church, Payne African Methodist Episcopal Chapel, Peace Baptist Church, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Pentecostal True Holiness Church, Perry Chapel Mission Church, Pettys African Methodist Episcopal Zion Chapel, Pike Avenue Baptist Church, Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Pine Grove Church, Pine Haven Church, Pineywood Church, Pinson United Methodist Church, Plainview Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Grove Church of Christ, Pleasant Grove First Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, Pleasant Valley Church, Porters Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Powderly Baptist Church, Powhatan Church, Pratt City First Baptist Church, Prophetic Church of the Living God, Providence Church, Providence Church, Raimund Heights Baptist Church, Raleigh Avenue Baptist Church, Renewed Hope Ministries, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Republic Baptist Church, Restoration Revival Tabernacle, Rising Star African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Riverside Church, Riverview Church, Rock Creek Baptist Church, Rock Creek Church, Rocky Ridge First Baptist Church, Rocky Ridge Mission, Roebuck Plaza United Methodist Church, Rushing Spring Church, Saint Aloysius Convent, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Saint Barnabas Catholic Church, Saint Bede's Anglican Church, Saint Bedes Anglican Church, Saint Catherine of Siena Immaculate Heart Catholic Church, Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Saint George Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Saint James Baptist Church, Saint James Independent Methodist Church, Saint James Methodist Church, Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Saint Johns African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Saint Johns Baptist Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical), Saint Johns United Methodist Church, Saint Josephs Baptist Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church (historical), Saint Josephs Retreat, Saint Luke African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Saint Luke Church, Saint Lukes Church, Saint Margarets Catholic Church, Saint Marks African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Marks Catholic Church, Saint Marks Episcopal Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, Saint Marys Episcopal Church, Saint Matthew African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Matthew Baptist Church, Saint Matthew's Traditional Episcopal Church, Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Catholic Church, Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Church, Saint Paul Spiritual Church, Saint Paul United Methodist Church, Saint Pauls Cathedral, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical), Saint Peter Primitive Baptist Church, Saint Peters Catholic Church, Saint Stanislaus Catholic Church, Saint Theresa Catholic Church, Salem Baptist Church, Sandusky Alliance Church, Sandusky United Methodist Church, Sardis Church, Sardis Church, Sardis Church, Sayre Church, Sayre United Methodist Church, Second Avenue Baptist Church, Second Presbyterian Church (historical), Seventh Street Baptist Church, Seventyseventh Street Church of Christ, Seventysixth Street Presbyterian Church, Shades Mountain Bible Church, Shades Mountain Church of Christ, Shades Mountain Independent Church, Shady Grove Baptist Church, Shady Grove Church, Shady Grove Church, Shady Grove Church, Shady Grove Church, Shady Grove Church, Shady Grove Methodist Church, Sharon Baptist Church, Sharon Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Shiloh Baptist Church (historical), Shoal Creek Church (historical), Short Creek Church, Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Sixth Avenue Baptist Church (historical), Sixth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Sixtyseventh Street United Methodist Church (historical), Smithville Baptist Church, Snowtown Church, South Highland Baptist Church, South Highland Presbyterian Church, South Side Colored Methodist Church (historical), South Woodlawn Church of Christ, Southside Baptist Church, Spiritual House of Prayer, Springfield Church, Star Light Baptist Church, Stockham Memorial Methodist Church, Sulphur Springs Church, Sun Valley Church of the Brethren, Sunnyside Church, Tarrant Church of Christ, Tarrant Church of the Nazarene, Tarrant City Church of God, Tarrant First United Methodist Church, Tarrant Rock Methodist Church, Taylors Chapel United Methodist Church, Temple Baptist Church, Temple Beth-el, Temple Emanu-el, Temple Emanuel (historical), Temple Hill Church, Third Presbyterian Church, Thirtyfifth Avenue Baptist Church, Thomas Baptist Church, Thomas Presbyterian Church (historical), Thompson Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Tidwell Church, Toadvine Church, Touching Jesus Independent Church, Trafford Baptist Church, Trafford Church of God, Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Independent Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, Truelove Church, Twentyeighth Street Church of God, Twentyfifth Avenue Baptist Church, Twentyfirst Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church South (historical), Twentyfirst Street Baptist Church, Twentyfourth Street Church of Christ, Union Baptist Church, Union Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Union Church, Union Grove Methodist Church, Union Hill Church, Union Hill Church (historical), Unity Church, Valley Creek Church, Valley Creek Church, Valley United Methodist Church, Valley View Church, Vann Valley Assembly of God Church, Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church, Village Falls Methodist Church, Village Springs Church, Vine Street Presbyterian Church, Vinesville Baptist Church, Walker Chapel United Methodist Church, Walker Memorial Methodist Church, Watts Union Church, West Concord Church, West End Baptist Church, West End Cumberland Presbyterian Church, West End Gospel Tabernacle, West End Methodist Church, West Grove Church, West Highlands Church, West Jefferson Baptist Church, West Side Baptist Church, Westdale Baptist Church, Westminister Presbyterian Church, Williams Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Williamsburg Church, Williamsburg Church (historical), Willing Workers Prayer Bank Church, Wilson Chapel Baptist Church, Woodlawn Baptist Church, Woodlawn Deliverance Temple, Woodlawn Presbyterian Church, Woodlawn United Methodist Church, Wooten Chapel, Wylam Baptist Church, Wylam Presbyterian Church, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Zion Hope Baptist Church (historical), Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Methodist Church (historical)

  Crossings     show all on map

Akron Ford, Atwood Ferry (historical), Birons Ford, Brake Ferry (historical), Butlers Ferry (historical), Cook Ford (historical), Dodd Ford, Doss Ferry (historical), Double Branch Ford, Flat Bank Ford, Glaze Ferry (historical), Glover Ferry (historical), Howtons Ferry (historical), Interchange 104, Interchange 106, Interchange 112, Interchange 113, Interchange 115, Interchange 118, Interchange 119A, Interchange 119B, Interchange 120, Interchange 121, Interchange 123, Interchange 124, Interchange 125A, Interchange 125B, Interchange 126A, Interchange 126B, Interchange 128, Interchange 129, Interchange 130, Interchange 130, Interchange 131, Interchange 132, Interchange 132, Interchange 133, Interchange 133, Interchange 134, Interchange 135, Interchange 136, Interchange 137, Interchange 140, Interchange 141, Interchange 148, Interchange 250, Interchange 252, Interchange 254, Interchange 256, Interchange 258, Interchange 259A, Interchange 259B, Interchange 260, Interchange 261, Interchange 262A, Interchange 262B, Interchange 263, Interchange 266, Interchange 267, Interchange 271, Interchange 272, Interchange 275, Interchange 280, Interchange 281, Interchange 282, Island Ford, Jasper Ford, Jones Ford, Littleton Ferry (historical), Loller Ferry (historical), Long Shoal Ford, Macknally Ford, McCarty Ford, McCartys Ferry (historical), McComb Ford, Patton Ferry (historical), Poole Ford, Short Ferry (historical), Starvacre Ford, Taylor Ferry (historical), Thomas Ford, Williams Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Acton Lake Dam, B Mountain Lake Dam, Baylor Lake Dam, Bayview Lake Dam, Bessie Mines - Number 3 Impoundment Dam, Birmingham Water Service Lake Dam, Black Diamond Lake Dam, Blue Creek Lake Dam, Blue Creek Mine Number 3-Impoundment Number 1 Dam, Blue Creek Mine Number 3-Impoundment Number Z Dam, Boyles Gap Lake Dam, Cahaba Lake Dam, Cahaba River Lake Dam, Camp Cosby Dam, Camp Cosby Lake Number 2 Dam, Center Point Lake Dam, Chetopa Mine - Impoundment Number 2, Coleman Lakes Number 1 Dam, Concord Mines Lake Dam, Cumberland Dam, Drummond Lake Dam, East Lake Park Dam, East Thomas Gardens Dam, Echo Lake Dam, Ellis Lake Dam, Flat Creek Lake Dam, Flat Top Mine - Number 1 Impoundment Dam, Guytons Lake Dam, Hallmark Lake Dam, Hilldale Farm Lake Dam, Hopewell Lake, Hubbards Lake Dam, Indian Gap Lake Dam, Indian Valley Camp Lake Dam, J M Roberts Pond Dam, Jefferson Memorial Gardens Dam, Johnsons Lake Dam, Kimbrell Lake Dam, Lake George Dam, Lake Griffin Dam, Lake in the Woods Dam, Lake Jules Dam, Lake Martin Dam, Lake Sueann Dam, Lake View Dam, Little Cahaba Creek Lake Dam, Lock Number Thirteen (historical), Lock Number Twelve (historical), Maxine Tailings Pond Dam, McCalla Lake Dam, Miller Steam Plant Ash Pond Dam, New Found Creek Lake Dam, Norman Fountain Dam, North Highlands Lake Dam, Oak Grove Mine Lake Dam, Osborne Lake Dam, Patton Creek Dam, Pine Ridge Club Dam, Pine Tree Country Club Dam, Queenstown Lake Number 1 Dam, Queenstown Lake Number 2 Dam, Quickhaven Lake Dam, Rex Lake Dam, Riggins Pond Dam, Rock Mountain Lake Dam, Sayre Impoundment Number 1 Dam, Serene Lake Number 1 Dam, Serene Lake Number 7 Dam, Slurry Impoundment - Johns Washer Dam, Sulphur Springs Dam, T C I Lake Dam, Tannehill Valley Lake Dam, Thornton Lake Dam, Turkey Creek Lake Dam, Vestavia Lake Dam, Wild Acres Lake Dam, Windsong Lake Dam, Woodhaven Lake Dam, Zamora Lake Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Village Falls

  Forests     show all on map

United States Reservation - Flat Top Experimental Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Ben Vines Gap, Boyles Gap, Brock Gap, Clear Branch Gap, Cow Gap, Cunningham Gap, Dean Gap, Enon Gap, Graces Gap, Jackson Gap, Lawless Gap, Mimms Gap, Moore Gap, Morrow Gap, O'Bar Gap, Owens Gap, Readers Gap, Red Gap, Red Mountain Gap, Sadler Gap, Spring Gap, Sweeny Gap, Tarrant Gap, The Narrows, The Narrows, The Narrows, Thompson Gap, Walker Gap, Ware Gap, Weems Gap, Wrenn Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Baptist Medical Center Princeton, Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Boshell Diabetes Center, Bradford Clinic, Bradford Health Services Warrior Residential Treatment Center, Brookwood Medical Center, Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital, Children's Hospital of Alabama Main Campus, Children's Hospital of Alabama South, Community Hospital, Cooper Green Mercy Hospital, East End Memorial Hospital (historical), HealthSouth Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital, Highland Baptist Hospital, Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services, Home of Mercy (historical), Kirklin Clinic at University of Alabama Birmingham, Longview General Hospital, Metro West Hospital (historical), Noland Long Term Hospital of Birmingham, Physicians Carraway Medical Center, Remada Medical Center, Russell Ambulatory Center, Saint Vincent's Hospital Birmingham, Saint Vincent's Hospital East, Select Specialty Hospital Birmingham, Smolian Psychiatric Clinic, Spain Rehabilitation Center Hospital, Sparks Center, Trinity Medical Center, UAB Health System Medical West Hospital, University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, University of Alabama Birmingham Highlands, University of Alabama Medical Center, Wallace Tumor Institute, Woolfe Family Practice Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Knowles Island

  Lakes     show all on map

B Mountain Lake, Batson Lake, Blue Lake, Cahaba Lake, Griffin Lakes, Hubbards Lake, Ketona Lakes, Martin Lake, Silver Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Acipco Shopping Center, Airport Industrial Park, Alabama State Fairgrounds, Alice Furnace (historical), Altadena Country Club, Altadena Square Shopping Center, Apache (historical), Arcadia (historical), Argo Station (historical), Arlington Historic House and Gardens, Aubrey (historical), Baileys Quarters (historical), Banner (historical), Baylor (historical), Bellview Plaza West Shopping Center, Bessemer Furnace (historical), Bessemer Municipal Golf Course, Bessemer Plaza Shopping Center, Bibby (historical), Big Shoals Camp, Bill Gross Camp, Bills Landing, Birmingham Country Club, Birmingham International Raceway, Birmingham Terminal Station, Blackburn Mill (historical), Bluff Creek Camp, Bluff Park Shopping Center, Bluff Park Village Shopping Center, Boswell Golf Course, Boyds Landing, Brake (historical), Brocks (historical), Brookwood Country Club, Brookwood Village Shopping Center, Burchfield Store, Burneys Camp, Burstall (historical), Cahaba Filter Plant, Cahaba Heights Plaza Shopping Center, Cahaba Mall Shopping Center, Cahaba Valley Country Club, Camp Aldredge, Camp Andrews, Camp Blossom Hill, Camp Coleman, Camp Crosby, Camp Hill (historical), Camp Munger, Camp Nawaka, Camp Oliver, Camp Tanglewood, Canterbury Crossroads (historical), Center Point Plaza Shopping Center, Center Point Shopping Center, Century Plaza Shopping Center (historical), Chase Lake Country Club, Cleveland (historical), Clevengers Marina, Clicks Mill (historical), Cobbs Square Shopping Center, Coles Mill (historical), Columbiana Crossing Shopping Center, Community Camp (historical), Connellsville (historical), Connellsville Junction (historical), Cooper Green Golf Course, Covington (historical), Crosshaven Plaza Shopping Center, Davis (historical), Davis Camp, Desoto (historical), Divide Station, Dunns Camp, Eagle Mills (historical), East Thomas Yards, East Town Plaza Shopping Center, Eastwood Mall Shopping Center (historical), Eastwood Shopping Plaza, Edgewood, Elliott Yard, Emerald Valley Resort, Ernest Norris Yards, Eureka Furnace (historical), Fair Haven Campsite, Fair Park Drive-In (historical), Farmers Market, Fedora (historical), Festival Shopping Center, Five Points West Shopping Center, Forest (historical), Forest (historical), Forest Square Shopping Center, Forestdale Plaza Shopping Center, Forestdale Square Shopping Center, Frawley (historical), Fred Vines Camp, Fultondale Plaza Shopping Center, Gardner (historical), Gary (historical), Gilcrest Shopping Center, Glen Iris Campground, Glendale Farms, Glenns Mill (historical), Golbro Shopping Center, Graces (historical), Grahams Mill (historical), Grants Mill Station Shopping Center, Grayson Valley Country Club, Green Isle Country Club, Green Springs Shopping Center, Green Valley Golf Course, Greens Station, Grimestown (historical), Ground Hog (historical), Hagoods Store (historical), Halls Tank (historical), Hammakers Mill (historical), Hanbys Mill (historical), Henderson Camp, Henderson Furnace (historical), Henry Ellen, Hillcrest Country Club, Hoover Business Park, Hoover Mall Shopping Center, Hoover Square Shopping Center, Hoover Village Shopping Center, Howton Camp, Hugh Siding (historical), Indian Valley Camp, Indio (historical), Irondale Plaza Shopping Center, Jackie Watson Redstone Camp, Jefferson County Farm, Jefferson County Sewage Disposal Plant, Jugtown (historical), Kings Marina Camp, Kirtley Marine Camp, Lacy Buke Furnace (historical), Lakeview (historical), Leaning Oak Golf Course (historical), Leeds Mineral Well, Light House Camp, Lindbergh (historical), Lisbon (historical), Loehmann Village Shopping Center, Lorna Plaza Shopping Center, Lorna Village Shopping Center, Louisville and Nashville Railroad Station, Lovers Leap, Magella (historical), Market Square Shopping Center, McCalla Station (historical), McDonald Hollow Landfill, McDonalds Mill (historical), McNaths, Meadow Run Country Club, Midfield Park Shopping Center, Midfield Plaza Shopping Center, Mills Spring (historical), Mineral Park Municipal Golf Course (historical), Montrose (historical), Mounds (historical), Mountain Brook Country Club, Mountain Brook Swim and Tennis Club, Murray (historical), Nebo (historical), New Castle Community House, Nolanville (historical), Old Irondale Furnace (historical), Orono (historical), Overton Village Shopping Center, Oxmoor Industrial Park, Park South Shopping Center, Park West Shopping Center, Parkville (historical), Parkway East Huffman Shopping Center, Partridge Sanitary Landfill, Pattons Mill (historical), Pauline Fletcher Camp, Penney Point Lodge Camp, Percy Vines Camp, Pine Tree Country Club, Pineywoods Camp, Pinson Valley Shopping Center, Posey Mill (historical), Prichette (historical), Quail Ridge Country Club, Queensbury Shopping Center, Queenstown Industrial Park, Razburg (historical), Readers (historical), Red Gap, Red Mountain Plaza Shopping Center, Redding (historical), Refuge (historical), Rice (historical), Rickwood Field, Rilma (historical), River Square Plaza Shopping Center, Riverchase Galleria Shopping Center, Riverchase Promenade Shopping Center, Riverchase Square Shopping Center, Riverdale Landing Camp, Riverview Camp, Riverwood Lodge, Robertstown Furnace (historical), Rocky Ridge Plaza Shopping Center, Rocky Ridge Square Shopping Center, Roebuck Municipal Golf Course, Roebuck Plaza Shopping Center, Roebuck Shopping City Shopping Center, Sargon (historical), Satterfield Camp, Scrap (historical), Shades Mountain Plaza Shopping Center, Shades Valley Sewage Treatment Plant, Shannon (historical), Showboat Camp, Smith Mill (historical), Smiths Mill (historical), Smythe (historical), Sparks Gap, Spring (historical), Stagg (historical), Stockton (historical), Stumptown (historical), Tarrant Shopping Center, Taylor Ferry Camp, Terry Walker Country Club, The Centre of Riverchase Shopping Center, The Elbow (historical), The Galleries at Riverchase Shopping Center, The Magic Place Shopping Center, The Plaza of Rivechase Shopping Center, The Shops at Oak Park Shopping Center, The Village on Green Springs Shopping Center, The Village on Lorna Shopping Center, Todds Mall Shopping Center, Turkey Creek Landfill, Turpin, Tuxedo (historical), Twin Lakes Country Club, University of Alabama at Birmingham Arena, Valley Green Shopping Center, Vestavia Country Club, Vestavia Mall Shopping Center, Vestavia Plaza Shopping Center, Vestavia Shopping Center, Village Creek Sewage Treatment Plant, Village East Shopping Center, Village Green Shopping Center, Village Hills Shopping Center, Vines Camp, Vineville (historical), Waldrops Mill (historical), Walker Chapel Plaza Shopping Center, Weaver Mill (historical), Weibel Square Shopping Center, Wellington Industrial Park, West Blossburg (historical), West Lake Mall Shopping Center, West Lakes (historical), West Town Plaza Shopping Center, West Valley Plaza Shopping Center, Western Hills Mall Shopping Center, Wetona (historical), Wileys Mill (historical), Wilkes (historical), Winters Camp, Woodfield Square Shopping Center, Woodward Country Club, Woodward Industrial Park, Yacht Club Camp, Yeargins Camp, Yellow Creek Camp

  Military     show all on map

Birmingham Army Air Field (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Adger Mine, Adger Mine, Alabama Mine, Alfretta Mines, Alfretta Number 1 Mine, Alfretta Number 2 Mine, Alsop Drift Mine, Apachee Slope Mine, Arcadia Mine, Armstrong Mine, Arnold Mine, Arnold Pit Mine, Bagley Bend North Mine, Bailey Mine, Banner Mines, Banner New Mine, Banner Shaft Mine, Barrell Mine, Bayview Mine, Beltona Mine, Beltona Mine, Beltona New Tipple Drift Mine, Bessemer Quarry, Bessie Mine, Bibby Slope Mine, Big Ten Mine, Birmingport Mine, Black Creek Number 1 Mine, Black Creek Number 2 Mine, Black Creek Number 3 Mine, Black Mine, Blackcat Mine, Blacree Slope Mine, Blossburg A Mine, Blossburg East Mine, Blossburg East Mine, Blossburg Mine, Blossburg Mine, Blown Mine, Blue Creek Mine, Blue Creek Number 3 Mine, Bradford Slope Mine, Brake Mine, Bray Mine, Brazil Mine, Brickyard Mine, Brookside Mine, Buck Mine, Buckeye Mine, Burgin Slope Mine, Buttler Mine, Calaway Slope Mine, Capricorn Mine, Cardiff Drift Mine, Carl Mine, Carr-Ellis Number 3 Mine, Case Rock Mine, Case Rock Number 11 Mine, Cely Ann Mine Number 2, Chetopa Mine, Chickasaw Mine, Childers Mine, Clark Mine, Clift Mines, Coal Creek Mine, Coalburg A Mine, Coalburg Mine, Coaldale Brickyard Mine, Coalmont Number 4 Mine, Concord Mine, Connellsville Mine, Cooks Mine, Coreta Mine, Cosmo Mine, Cripple Creek Mine, Crocker Drift Mine, Dads Hill Number 2 Mine, Dads Hill Slope Mine, Daisy City Mine, Desha Mine, Dixiana Mine, Docena Slope Mine, Dolcito Quarry, Dolomite Mine, Dolomite Number 1 Slope Mine, Dolomite Number 2 Mine, Dolonah Quarry, Duckett Mine, Duke Mine, Duncan Mine, Dunlaps Slope Mine, Dunn Mine, Durant Mines, Eades Slope Mine, Early Mine, Edgewater Mine, Edgewater Shaft Mine, Eldorda Number 2 Mine, Elvesta Drift Mine, Erskine Mine, Eulamo Drift Mine, Eureka Mines, Ewin Mine, Farrais Number 2 Mine, Fidelity Mine, Flat Top Mine, Flat Top Mine, Fourway Number 2 Mine, Franklin Mine, Franklin Mine, Frierson Mine, Getmore Number 2 Mine, Gilmore Mine, Gitmore Mines, Glass Number 1 Drift Mine, Goode Mines, Graves Mine, Graves Mines, Greenwood Mine, Gurley Creek Mine, Gurley Creek Mine, Hamilton Mine, Hamilton Mine, Hanby Coalbed Mine, Hanby Mine, Hathcock Mine, Henry Ellen Mine, Higginbotham Mine, Higginbotham Mine, Higginbotham Number 7 Mine, Hillhouse Drift Mine, Hillman Mine, Hobo Mine, Hoene Drift Mine, Hogland Drift Mine, Holt Number 1 Slope Mine, Hubbard Mine, Indio Mine, Jagger Mine, Jefferson Mines, Jerkwater Mine, Jett Drift Mine, Jett Mine, Jones Mine, Ketona Quarry (historical), Kilgore Mine, Kimberly Number 2 Slope Mine, Kimberly Number 3 Slope Mine, Kincaid Mine, Klondike Mine, Knob Mine, Knob Mine, Knob Mine Number 2, Knox Mine, Kosmo Mines, Labuco Drift Mine, Langley Mine, Langley Number 3 Mine, Legal Mine, Lewisburg Mine, Lewisburg Mine, Lindbergh Mine, Lindbergh Mine, Lindbergh Number 6 Mine, Little Casino Mine, Littleton Mine, Lollar Mine, Majestic Mine, Maple Mine, Margaret Number 11 Mine, Mary Lee Mines, Mary Lee Number 4 Mine, Masel Mine, Massey Mine, Maxine Mine, McArdle Mine, McBreers Slope Mine, McConnell Mine, McGenis Mine, Melcher Mine, Melcher Number 11 Mine, Milner Mine, Morris Mines, Morris North Mine, Morrow Mine, Morrow Mines, Moss Shaft Mine, Munkus Slope Mine, Murray Mine, Murray Number 4 Mine, Nason Mine, Needmore Mine, New Castle Number 4 Mine, New Castle Number 6 Mine, New Found Mines, New Rock Slope Mine, North Johns Mine, Oak Grove Mine, Oak Grove Mine, Old Butler Number 12 Mine, Orono Mine, Oswayo Number 3 Mine, Osways Mine, Overton Mine, Overton Number 1 Slope Mine, Pacobo Mine, Palos Number 2 Mine, Palos Number 3 Mine, Parker Mine, Parkwood Mine, Pharris Mine, Pierson Mine, Pinckney Number 4 Mine, Pinkney Mine, Pinkney Number 1 Mine, Pinkney Number 3 Mine, Pinson Mine, Pit Twenty Mine, Pit Twentyfive Mine, Pit Twentytwo Mine, Pool Mine, Porter Number 2 Mine, Potter Mine, Powhattan Mine, Praco Mine, Praco Mine, Praco Mine Number 7, Pratt Mines, Pritchett Number 1 Drift Mine, Pump Station Mine, Ratliffe Mine, Red Diamond Mine, Redding Mines, Reids Mine, Renshaw Mine, Republic Mine, Riley Slope Mine, Rilma Mine, Riverside Mine, Riverside Mine, Roberts Wagon Mine, Rock Slope Mine, Rock Slope Number 4 Mine, Rosebud Mine, Ruffner Mines, Ryan Mine, Sams Hollow Mine, Sandstone Mine, Sandusky Mine, Sayre Mine, Sayre Mine, Sayre Mine, Sayreton Number 2 Mine, Shannon Mine, Short Creek Mine, Short Creek Mine, Short Creek Number 1 Mine, Short Creek Number 2 Mine, Short Creek Number 4 Mine, Skaggs Slope Mine, Skeleton Creek Mine, Skeleton Mine, Sleoca Mine, Sloss Mine, Sloss Mines, Sloss Quarry, Sloss Quarry, Smith Mines, Smiths Mines, Snake Mine, South Number 1 Mine, Spencer Quarry, Spruell Drift Mine, Stockton Drift Mine, Sumter Mine, Tennessee Mine, Thomas Mine, Thompson Mine, Thompson Mine, Thompson Mine, Tidmore Mine, Trimble Hill Mine, Tucker Mine, Tunnel Mine, Vann Quarry, Virginia Mine, Walmore Mine, Warner Mine, Warrior Mine, Warrior Shaft Mine, Washington Mine, Watt Mine, Weller Number 1 Mine, Weller Number 2 Mine, West Blossburg Mine, Wheeling Slope Mine, Williams Coal Bed Mine, Wolf Den Hollow Drift Mine, Woodruff Mill Mine, Woodward Mines, Worthington Ore Mines, Wylam Mine, Wylam Number 4 Mine, Yolande Mine Number 2, Zeigler Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Adamsville Park, Altamont Park, Anderson Place Historic District, Automotive Historic District, Avondale Mills Park, Avondale Park, Barker Park, Beachwood Park, Caldwell Park, Center Point Community Park, Central Park, Chestnut Hill Historic District, Clayton Park, Crestline Park, Cullom Street-Twelfth Street South Historic District, Downey Park, Downtown Birmingham Historic District, Downtown Birmingham Retail and Theatre Historic District, Duke Park, East Lake Park, East Thomas Park, Eldorado Park, Ellard Park, Ensley Park, Exchange Park, F Page Seibert Stadium, Fairfield City Park, Fairview Park, Five Points South Historic District, Fountain Heights Park, Fourth Avenue Historic District, Georgetown Lake Park, Glen Iris Park, Glen Iris Park Historic District, Greenacres Park, Hanover Park, Harrison Park, Highland Avenue Historic District, Highlands Park, Honeysuckle Hills Park, Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, Hoover Sports Park Central, Hoover Sports Park East, Hoover Sports Park West, Inglenook Park, Ingram Park, Irondale Municipal Park, J D Young Field, Jimmy Morgan Zoo, John Bensko Park, Joseph Riley Smith Historic District, Lakeview Park (historical), Lane Park, Lassiter Mountain Raceway Park, Lawson Stadium, Leeds City Park, Legion Field, Lowery Park, Lynn Park, MacAlpin Park, Maclin Park, Magnolia Park, Marconi Park, McLendon Park, Morris Avenue-First Avenue North Historic District, North Birmingham Park, Norwood Park, Overton Park, Phelan Park, Phelan Park Historic District, Pratt City Carline Historic District, Red Mountain Suburbs Historic District, Rhodes Park, Riverchase Sports Park, Roebuck Recreation Center, Roosevelt Park, Roy W Johnson Junior Baseball Field, Ruffner Mountain Nature Center, Rushton Park, Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, Smithfield Historic District, Smiths Park (historical), Snitz Snider Memorial Stadium, Stockham Park, Tannehill State Park, Thomas Historic District, Tom Bradford Park, Tuxedo Park, Underwood Park, Vulcan Park, Wahouma Park, Ward Park, Watercress Darter National Wildlife Refuge, Wildcat Stadium, Willowwood Park, Woodcrest Park, Woodlawn Commercial Historic District, Woodrow Wilson Park, Woodward Park, Wylam Park, Zamora Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Sunset Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Abington Green, Acipcoville, Acton, Adamsville, Adger, Airport Highlands, Alden, Alliance, Altadena Forest Estates, Altadena Ridge Estates, Altamont Park, Alton, Anns Trailer Court, Arbor Crossing, Argo, Arrowhead, Asbury Park, Autumn Chase, Avalon Park, Avon Park, Avondale, Ayres, Ayres Estates, Bagley, Bagley Meadows, Barnisdale Forest, Bartonville, Battleground, Bay View, Beacon Hills, Bel Air, Belle Haven, Belle Terre, Beltona, Belwood, Bendale, Bentley Hills, Berkley Hills, Berney Points, Bessemer, Bessemer Gardens, Bessemer Homestead, Bessemer Junction, Bessemer Trailer Park, Bessie, Bessie Junction, Beverly Station, Biltmore Estates, Birmingham, Biscayne Highlands, Black Creek, Black Creek, Black Diamond, Blossburg, Blue Creek, Blue Creek Junction, Blue Ridge Estates, Bluff Park, Bluff Ridge Subdivision, Bon-Air, Booker Heights, Boyles Highlands, Bradford, Breakstone Village, Brents Cross Roads, Brentwood Hills, Briarcliff Estates, Brickyard Junction, Bridlewood Forest Estates, Brighton, Broadmoor, Brookhurst, Brooklane Place, Brookmont, Brookside, Brookview, Brownville, Bryan Estates, Buena Vista Highlands, Bullard Shoals (historical), Bush, Cahaba Cliffs, Cahaba Cove, Cahaba Crest, Cahaba Heights, Cahaba Hills, Cahaba Landing, Cahaba Oaks, Cahaba Village, Camden Place, Camelot Woods, Candlewood Lakes, Cane Creek, Cardiff, Carriage Hills, Cedar Crest, Cedar Grove (historical), Cedarbrook Forest, Center Point, Center Point Gardens, Centercrest, Centerwood Estates, Central Highlands, Central Park Highlands, Chalkville, Chapel Hill, Cherokee Bend, Cherokee Brook Estates, Cherokee Estates, Cherokee Forest, Cherry Brook Estates, Chestnut Ridge, Chetopa, Chimney Hills, Chinn, Circle Heights, Clay, Cloverdale, Cloverdale, Coalburg, Coaldale, Collins, Columbus, Concord, Confederate Estates, Corner, Cottage Hill, Cotton Ridge, Country Club Highlands, Country Estates, Country Haven, Country Ridge Estates, Countryside Estates, Countrywood Highlands, Coventry, Crescent Heights, Crest, Crest Estates, Crestline Gardens, Crestline Heights, Crestline Park, Crestview Estates, Crestview Hills, Crews Mobile Home Park, Crockard Junction, Crocker Junction, Crossgate, Crosston, Crumley Chapel, Cullom Place, Cunningham (historical), Daisey City, Daisey City Trailer Park, Danville, Derby Downs Estates, Docena, Dogtown, Dogwood Estates, Dolly Ridge Estates, Dolomite, Dolonar, Dolonar Junction, Douglasville, Driftwood, Dunbarton Oaks, Duncan, Eagle Ridge, East Birmingham, East Boyles, East Brighton, East Haven, East Irondale, East Lake, East Thomas, East Thomas Gardens, East Trussville (historical), Eastbrook Manor, Eastern Valley, Eastpointe, Eastwood, Eastwood Mobile Home Plaza, Echo Hills, Eden Ridge, Edgemont, Edgemont Park, Edgemoor Estates, Edgewater, Edgewater Junction, Edgewood, Elyton, English Village, Ensley, Ensley Highlands, Ensley Junction, Euclid Estates, Exum, Ezra, Fairfield, Fairfield, Fairfield Highlands, Fairfield Village, Falls Junction, Fernwood Estates, Fieldstown, Fitzgerald Estates, Five Points East, Five Points South, Flat Creek, Flat Top, Flint Hill, Forest Acres, Forest Hills, Forest Park, Forest Ridge Estates, Forest View Estates, Forestdale, Forestdale by the Brook, Forestdale Mobile Home Park, Fountain Heights, Fox Trace, Frances Heights, Franklin Gardens, Frenchtown, Fulton Springs, Fultondale, Fultondale Estates, Gable Cove, Gardendale, Garywood, Gate City, Genery, Gentilly Forest, Germania, Gilmore, Glasgow, Glen Hills, Glen Iris, Glen Oaks, Glencoe, Glendale, Glenview, Godwin Estates, Gordon Heights, Grants Mill, Grasselli, Graymont, Grays Gardens, Grayson Valley, Graysons Addition, Graysville, Graysville Heights, Green Acres, Green View Estates, Greenleas Heights, Greenwood, Grove Park, Hampton Place, Harlem Heights, Harriman Park, Havenview, Hayes Highland, Heatherwood, Hickory Grove, Hickory Ridge Estates, Hickory Ridge Estates, Hidden Ridge, High Point, Highland Crest, Highland Forest, Highland Park, Highland Residence Park, Hillcrest Estates, Hillman, Hillman Gardens, Hillman Park, Hilltop, Hillview, Hoagtown, Hobson, Holiday Gardens, Holiday Park Estates, Hollywood, Homewood, Hooper City, Hoover, Hopewell, Hopkins, Hudson Gardens, Hudson Grove, Hueytown, Hueytown Crest, Huffman, Huffman Gardens, Humoro, Hunters Hill, Huntington Park, Huntington Park, Hyde Park, Imperial Forest, Industrial City, Ingle Terrace, Inglenook, Innsbrooke, Interurban Heights, Inverness Point, Irondale, Ishkooda, Ivanhoe, Ivy Chase, Ivy Glenn, Jefferson Hills, Jefferson Park, Jet, Johns, Jones Valley, Jonesboro, Kenwood, Ketona, Kilgore, Killough Springs, Kimberly, Kingston, Kingsway Terrace, Labuco, Laceys Chapel, Lake Drive Estates, Lake Highlands, Lake Shore Estates, Lakeview Estates, Lakeview Estates, Lakeview Park, Lakewood, Lakewood Estate, Lakewood Hills, Larkwood, Laurel Estates, Lawsontown, Leeds, Lewisburg, Liberty Highlands, Linn Crossing, Linton, Lipscomb, Little Italy, Little Shoal, Littleton, Loch Haven, Lochridge, Lola City, Longbrook Estates, Longleaf, Longview Estates, Longview Mobile Home Park, Loveless Park, Lovick, Lowetown, Lynn Acres, Madison, Magnolia Courts, Magnolia Heights, Majestic, Maplewood, Marks Village, Mars Hill, Martins, Martinwood Estates, Mason City, Masseyline, Maxine, Mayfair, Maytown, McAdory, McCalla, McCombs, McDonald Chapel, Meadowview Estates, Meadwood Heights, Media, Merrywood, Midfield, Midway, Mill Creek Estates, Mill Run, Millbrook Estates, Mineral Springs, Minniesville, Minor, Mobile Junction, Monmouth, Montclair, Monte D'Oro, Monte-Sano, Montreat, Moore Corner, Morgan, Morningside, Morris, Moss Rock, Mount Olive, Mountain Branch Estates, Mountain Brook, Mountain Brook Village, Mountain Forest, Mountain Oaks, Mountain Park, Mountain Woods Park, Mountaindale, Mud Creek, Mulga, Mulga Mine, Muscoda, Near Acres Estates, Nelson Heights, New Castle, New Hill, New Town, New Village, Norris Junction, North Birmingham, North Highlands, North Johns, North Lake Park, Northgate Trailer Park, Norwood, Nottingham, Oak Crossing, Oak Forest, Oak Grove, Oak Grove Estates, Oak Hills, Oak Lawn, Oak Park, Oak Ridge Park, Oakhurst, Oakville, Oakwood, Oakwood, Old Jonesboro, Old Leeds Forest, Overbrook Estates, Overton, Overton Manor, Owenton, Oxmoor, Palmerdale, Palmerdale Trailer Park, Palos, Panorama, Paragon Estates, Park Courts, Park Place, Park Place, Parker Heights, Parker Hudson Estates, Parkwood, Parkwood Hills, Partridge Crossroads, Patton Chapel, Pauls Hill, Pawnee Heights, Penfield Heights, Petes Crossroads, Phillips Estates, Phoenixville, Pine Crest, Pine Knoll Vista, Pineland Park, Pineview, Pinkney City, Pinson, Plain View, Plantation Point, Plaza Mobile Home Park, Pleasant Acres, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Grove Estates, Pleasant Hill, Polo Trace, Port Birmingham, Porter, Powderly, Powderly Hills, Powhatan, Praco, Pratt City, Providence, Queenstown, Raimund, Red Hill Heights, Red Wine, Redmont Park, Regent Forest Estates, Republic, Rice, Richmond Place, Ridgecrest, Ridgewood, Riverside Estates, Robbins Crossroads, Robinwood, Rock Creek, Rock Ridge, Rockdale, Rocky Bridge, Rocky Ridge, Rocky Ridge Manor, Roddams Trailer Park, Roebuck, Roebuck Crest Estates, Roebuck Forest, Roebuck Gardens, Roebuck Park, Roebuck Plaza, Roebuck Springs, Roebuck Terrace, Rolling Hills, Rolling Ridge, Roosevelt, Roosevelt-Cairo Village, Roper, Rose Hill, Rosedale, Rosemont, Ruffner, Russell Heights, Russet Woods, Rutledge Springs, Saddlebrook, Saddlewood, Sagewood, Sandusky, Sayre, Sayreton, Scarlet Town, Scott City, Scott Crest Subdivision, Self Creek, Seloca, Shades Acres, Shades Cliff, Shades Run, Shades View Estates, Shady Acres Estates, Shady Acres Trailer Park, Shady Brook, Shady Brook Estates, Shady Brook Mobile Home Park, Shady Grove, Shadyside, Shadywood, Shadywood, Shannon, Sherman Heights, Sherman Oaks, Sherwood Hills, Short Creek, Sky Ranch, Skyview, Sloss, Smith Highlands, Smithfield, Smithson, Snowtown, South Highlands, South Vestavia Hills, Southern Acres, Southridge, Southwood, Spaulding, Spring Garden, Spring Lake Estates, Springdale, Springdale, Springdale, Stonebrook Park, Stonehedge, Stoneridge, Sueann, Summit Farm, Sumter, Sun Valley, Sunnyside, Sunrise East, Sunset Mountain, Surrey Hill, Sylvan Springs, Tangle Creek, Tanglewood, Tannehill Valley Estates, Tarpley, Tarrant, Tarrant Garden Estates, Tarrant Heights, The Drifttracks, Thermal (historical), Thomas, Thomas Acres, Thornhill, Timber Ridge, Timbercrest, Toadvine, Trafford, Trotwood Park, Trussville, Trussville Manor, Tutwiler Farm, Tuxedo Heights, Twin Bridge, Union Grove, Upper Coalburg, Valhalla, Valley Creek, Valley Crest Estates, Vanderbilt, Vanns, Verdue Knolls, Vesclub Estates, Vestavia Forest, Vestavia Hills, Vestavia Hills Estates, Vestavia Lake, Vestbrook Trace, Vesthaven Estates, Vestridge, Vestwood Hills, Village Creek, Village Creek Junction, Village Springs, Vineland Park, Vines Mill, Virginia, Von Dale, Vulcan, Vulcan City, Wahouma, Walker Chapel, Walnut Grove, Ware, Warrior, Washington Heights, Watkins Glen, Watson, Weems, Weller, Wellington Park, Wenonah, West End, West Ensley, West Fairfield, West Highlands, West Jefferson, West Lake Highlands, West Ridge, West Sayre, Westbrook Trace, Westchester Estates, Westfield, Westwood, Westwood Garden Estates, Westwood Trailer Court, Wheeling Crossroad, Whispering Oaks, White Oaks, Wilderness Garden, Wilkes, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Willow Grove Estates, Windover, Windsor Highlands, Wine Ridge, Winetka, Wisteria Commons, Woodaire Estates, Woodcrest, Woodlawn, Woodlawn Heights, Woodmeadows, Woodmont, Woodward, Woodward, Woodward Estates, Woodward Junction, Wylam, Zion City, Zion Heights

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adger Post Office, Birmingham Post Office, Cedar Grove Post Office (historical), Clay Post Office, Dixiana Post Office, Fairfield Post Office, Greenville Post Office (historical), Kimberly Post Office, Palmerdale Post Office, Shannon Post Office, Trafford Post Office, Warrior Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Shades Mountain

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Altadena Lake, Alton Lake, Atchisons Lake, Baylor Lake, Bayview Lake, Bentley Lake, Bessie Mines Number 3 Impoundment, Big Griffin Lake, Birmingham Reservoir, Blue Creek Mine Number 3 - Impoundment, Blue Creek Mine Number 3 - Impoundment, Boyles Gap Lake, Canoe Creek Lake, Center Point Lake, Chetopa Mine - Impoundment Number 2, Circle Three Lakes, City of Birmingham - Roebuck Plaza Lake, Coleman Lakes, Concord Mine Lake, Drummond Lake, East Lake, East Thomas Gardens Lake, Echo Lake, Edwards Lake, Ellis Lake, Elmore Lake, Flat Creek Lake, Flat Top Mine Number 1 Impoundment, Guytons Lake, Hall Lake, Hallmark Lake, Hidden Valley Lake, Higginbothams Lake, Hilldale Farm Lake, Holcomb Lake, Horst Pond, Indian Gap Lake, Indian Valley Camp Lake, J M Roberts Pond, Johnsons Lake, Jug Hollow Lake, Lake George, Lake Helen, Lake in the Woods, Lake Jules, Lake Sueann, Lake View Estates Lakes, Liles Lake, Little Griffin Lake, McKelveys Lakes, Miller Steam Plant Ash Pond, Miller Steam Plant Water Storagep, Mountain Lake, Newfound Creek Lake, Norman Fountain Lake, North Lake, Oak Grove Mine Lake, Old Camp Cosby Lake, Osborne Lake, Overton Lake, Owens Pond, Palmers Lake, Paradise Lake, Pawnee Reservoir, Pine Ridge Lake, Pine Tree Country Club Lake, Pine View Lake, Queenstown Lake, Quickhaven Lake, Rex Lake, Riggins Pond, Rock Lakes, Sayre Impoundment Number 1, Serene Lake Number 1, Serene Lake Number 7, Shadow Lake, Shadow Lake, Slurry Impoundment - Johns Washer, Spring Lake, Tailings Pond Number 2, Tannehill Valley Lake, Thornton Lake, Vestavia Lake, Wanderland Lake, West Jefferson Reservoir, Wild Acres Lake, Wilson Lake, Windsong Lake, Woodhaven Lake, Zamora Lake, Zamora Park Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Bagley Ridge, Bald Ridge, Bee Ridge, Bluff Ridge, Brown Ridge, Chinquapir Ridge, Dolly Ridge, Enon Ridge, Flat Ridge, Flint Ridge, Glasgow Ridge, Grassy Ridge, Gravel Ridge, Jones Ridge, Mill Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pumpkin Ridge, Red Mountain, Red Ridge, Rocky Ridge, Rocky Row, Sand Ridge, Sandstone Ridge, Shades Mountain, Shell Ridge, Tucker Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

A G Gaston Building, A G Gaston Junior High School, Abrams High School, Adamsville Elementary School, Adamsville High School, Addison Elementary School, Adger School (historical), Advent Episcopal Day School, Alabama Industrial School for Boys, Alabama School of Fine Arts, Alabama State Training School, Alden Elementary School, Allen School (historical), Alliance Elementary School, Alton Elementary School (historical), Arlington Elementary School (historical), Arthur School, Arthur Shores Fine Arts Building, Avondale Elementary School, Avondale School (historical), Bagley Junior High School, Baker School, Baker School (historical), Banks High School (historical), Barrett Elementary School, Bayview Elementary School, Beeson Divinity School, Bell School, Berry High School, Bessemer State Technical College, Bessie Elementary School (historical), Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham University School, Blessed Sacrament School, Bluff Park Elementary School, Boyles Public School (historical), Bradford Junior High School, Braggs Junior High School, Brakeworth Junior Academy, Brighton Elementary School, Brighton Elementary School (historical), Brighton High School, Brighton Junior High School, Brooke Hill School, Brookside Elementary School, Brookside High School, Brookville School, Brookwood Forest School, Brown Elementary School, Bryan School, Burchfield Store High School (historical), Bush School Number 2, Butler Elementary School, Butterfield Junior High School, Cahaba Heights Elementary School, Calloway Elementary School, Cameron Elementary School, Cane Creek Elementary School, Carver High School, Center Point Elementary School, Center Street Elementary School, Central Park Elementary School, Chalkville Campus Alabama Department of Youth Services, Chalkville Elementary School, Cherokee Bend Elementary School, Christian Elementary School, Clarendon Middle School, Clay Elementary School, Clay School (historical), Colley Elementary School, Comer Elementary School, Concord Elementary School, Corner Elementary School, Corner High School, Cornerstone School, Councill Elementary School, Crumley Chapel Elementary School, Cunningham School, Curry Elementary School (historical), Daniel Payne Middle School, Davis Elementary School, Davis Middle School, Docena Elementary School (historical), Dolomite Elementary School, Dudley Elementary School, Dunbar High School, Dupuy School, Eagan Elementary School, East Lake Elementary School, Edgewater Elementary School, Edgewater Junior High School, Edgewater School (historical), Edgewood Elementary School, Elyton Elementary School (historical), Englewood Grammar School, Ensley High School (historical), Erwin High School, Ethel H Hall Health Professions Building, Eureka School, Fairfield High School, Fairmont Elementary School, Fairview Elementary School (historical), Faith School, Finley Avenue Elementary School, Five Points Elementary School, Forest Hills Elementary School, Fultondale Elementary School, Fultondale High School, Gardendale Commercial School, Gardendale Elementary School, Gardendale High School, Gary-Ensley Elementary School, Gate City Elementary School, Gibson Elementary School, Glen Iris Elementary School, Glenn Vocational High School, Going School, Gorgas Elementary School, Grantswood Community School, Graymont Elementary School (historical), Graysville Junior High School, Green Acres Elementary School, Green Valley Elementary School, Greenwood Elementary School, Greenwood Junior High School, Gresham Junior High School, Gwin School, Hall-Kent Elementary School, Hard Elementary School, Hayes High School (historical), Hemphill Elementary School, Henley School, Hewitt Elementary School, Hewitt School, Hewitt-Trussville High School, Hewitt-Trussville Junior High School, Hill Elementary School, Hillview Elementary School, Holman Elementary School, Holy Family Elementary School, Holy Family High School, Homewood Junior High School, Homewood Senior High School, Hopewell Elementary School, Howard Building, Hudson Elementary School, Hueytown Elementary School, Hueytown High School, Huffman High School, Huffman Middle School, Irondale Elementary School, Irondale Junior High School, Ishkooda Elementary School (historical), Jack M Dabbs Area Vocational Center, Jackson Olin School, Jefferson Christian Academy, Jefferson State Community College - Jefferson Campus, Jess Lanier High School, John Carroll High School, Johns Elementary School (historical), Johnson Elementary School, Jones Valley High School, Jonesboro Elementary School, Kennedy Middle School, Ketona Junior High School, Kimberly Elementary School, Kingston Elementary School (historical), Laceys Chapel Elementary School (historical), Lakeview Elementary School, Lane Elementary School, Lane School (historical), Lauderdale College (historical), Lawson State Community College, Leeds Elementary School, Leeds High School, Lewis Elementary School, Lewisburg Junior High School, Lincoln Elementary School (historical), Lipscomb Junior High School, Maben Elementary School (historical), Majestic High School, Martin School, Maxine Elementary School (historical), McAdory Elementary School, McAdory High School, McArthur Elementary School (historical), McDonald Chapel Elementary School, McElwain Magnet Elementary School (historical), McNeil Junior High School, Midfield Elementary School, Midfield Senior High School, Miles College North Campus, Miles Memorial College, Mineral Springs Elementary School (historical), Minor High School, Minor School, Montgomery School (historical), Moore Elementary School, Morgan School (historical), Morris Elementary School, Mortimer Jordan High School, Moton High School, Mount Hebron School (historical), Mount Olive Elementary School, Mount Olive Junior High School, Mountain Brook Elementary School, Mountain Brook High School, Mulga Elementary School, Mulga Elementary School (historical), Muscoda Junior High School, Muscoda School, New Bethel Elementary School, New Castle Elementary School (historical), North Birmingham Elementary School, North Roebuck Elementary School, Norwood Elementary School, Oak Grove School, Old Jonesboro Elementary School (historical), Oliver Elementary School (historical), Our Lady of Sorrows School, Overton Elementary School, Oxmoor Elementary School, Palmerdale Elementary School, Parker High School, Patterson Elementary School, Pattons Chapel Elementary School, Paul Hayne School (historical), Phillips High School (historical), Pinkney City Elementary School, Pinson Community School, Pinson Elementary School, Pinson Valley High School, Pipe Shop Elementary School (historical), Pittman High School, Pittman Junior High School, Pizitz Middle School, Pleasant Grove Elementary School, Pleasant Grove High School, Pleasant Hill Academy (historical), Porter Elementary School (historical), Powderly Elementary School, Powell Elementary School (historical), Praco School (historical), Pratt City School, Price Elementary School, Princeton Elementary School, Putnam Elementary School, Raimund Elementary School, Raimund Elementary School (historical), Ramsay High School, Ravine Elementary School, Red Ore Elementary School, Riggins Elementary School (historical), Riley Elementary School (historical), Robert E Lee Middle School, Roberts Town Elementary School, Robinson Elementary School, Robinson Elementary School, Rockett School, Rocky Ridge Elementary School, Roebuck Plaza Elementary School, Rogers Area Vocational School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Rosedale High School (historical), Rudd Junior High School, Rutledge Junior High School, Saint Aloysius School, Saint Anthony School, Saint Barnabas School, Saint Francis of Assisi School, Saint Francis Xavier School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Margarets School, Saint Marks School (historical), Saint Marys School, Saint Pauls Parochial School (historical), Saint Thomas Home on the Hill School, Samford University, Sandusky Elementary School, Sandusky School, Sardis School, Sayre Junior High School, Scott Elementary School (historical), Sears Elementary School, Shades Mountain Elementary School, Shades Valley Elementary School, Shades Valley High School, Shades-Cahaba Elementary School, Shannon Elementary School, Sherman Heights School, Shields Elementary School, Simmons Middle School, Slater School (historical), Smith Middle School, Snow Roberts School, South East Lake Middle School, South Highland School, Southeastern Bible College, Spaulding Elementary School (historical), Stonewall Jackson School, Sylvan Springs Elementary School (historical), Tarrant City Elementary School, Tarrant City High School, Tarrant City Middle School, Thomas Elementary School (historical), Trafford Elementary School, Trussville Elementary School (historical), Tuggle Elementary School, Ullman High School (historical), University of Alabama at Birmingham, Vance Elementary School, Vestavia Elementary School, Vestavia Hills High School, Vestavia School (historical), Veterans Vocational School, Victor School (historical), Virginia Mines Elementary School (historical), Virginia Mines Elementary School (historical), W Fred Horn High Tech Building, Walton School, Warrior Elementary School, Warrior High School, Warrior Middle School, Warrior School (historical), Washington Elementary School (historical), Wenonah Elementary School, Wenonah High School, West Center Street Elementary School, West End High School (historical), West Highlands Elementary School, West Jefferson High School, Western High School, Westfield High School, Westfield Number 1 School (historical), Westfield Number 2 School (historical), Whatley Elementary School, Wilkerson Elementary School, Wilkes Elementary School, Wilson Elementary School, Woodlawn High School, Woodward Elementary School (historical), Wright School, Wylam Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Avondale Spring, Barrell Spring, Brown Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Caldwell Spring, Creep Spring, Dickey Spring, Edwards Lake Spring, Glen Spring, Hales Spring, Halls Spring, Hawkins Spring, Hicks Spring, Holly Spring, Killough Spring, Leeds Mineral Spring, Moores Spring, Neaves Spring, Penny Spring, Prince Spring, Reid Spring, Robinwood Spring, Rowan Spring, Shugart Springs, Tarrant Spring

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Abeg Creek, Abes Creek, Allen Brook, Barton Branch, Bear Branch, Beaver Creek, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Indian Creek, Black Branch, Black Creek, Black Creek, Black Creek, Black Creek, Black Creek, Black Creek, Black Creek, Blue Creek, Bob George Branch, Brewer Creek, Brushy Branch, Burke Branch, Burnt Bridge Branch, Burton Branch, Camp Branch, Camp Branch, Campbell Creek, Cane Creek, Cane Creek, Cane Creek, Cane Creek, Canoe Branch, Cantrell Branch, Cedar Creek, Chicken House Creek, Clear Branch, Clear Branch, Coal Branch, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Cold Branch, Corbet Branch, Cow Branch, Cox Spring Branch, Crooked Creek, Cunningham Creek, Dick Gut Branch, Dillashaw Branch, Dolly Brook, Double Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Falls Creek, Fields Branch, Fishtrap Branch, Fivemile Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flat Creek, Fleming Branch, Fox Creek, Fuller Creek, Gin Branch, Glaze Creek, Griffin Brook, Gumsuck Branch, Gurley Creek, Gutters Branch, Halfway Branch, Halls Creek, Hogpen Branch, Huckleberry Branch, Huckleberry Branch, Hurricane Branch, Hurricane Creek, Jess Branch, Joe Branch, Johnson Branch, Jordan Spring Branch, Kitty Branch, Knox Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Little Blue Creek, Little Cahaba Creek, Little Cahaba River, Little Creek, Little Lick Creek, Little Shades Creek, Little Shades Creek, Little Shoal Creek, Locust Fork, Lost Branch, Lost Creek, Lye Branch, McCombs Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Moore Brook, Moulton Branch, Mud Creek, Mulga Creek, Nabors Branch, Nellie Branch, Newfound Creek, North Creek, O'Bar Branch, Obes Creek, Opossum Creek, Panther Branch, Pinchgut Creek, Prescott Creek, Prudes Creek, Raccoon Branch, Rice Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rocky Brook, Roscoe Spring Branch, Sanders Creek, Scout Creek, Second Creek, Sectionline Creek, Self Creek, Sextons Branch, Shephard Branch, Sherret Branch, Shoal Creek, Short Creek, Simmons Branch, Skelton Creek, Sleepy Hollow Branch, Spring Branch, Stanley Branch, Stinking Creek, Stinking Creek, Suck Branch, Tan Troff Branch, Tantrough Branch, Tarrant Spring Branch, Thomas Creek, Trouble Creek, Turkey Branch, Turkey Creek, Valley Creek, Venison Branch, Village Creek, Ward Creek, Watkins Brook, Whites Creek, Wildcat Branch, Willowstump Branch, Wolf Branch, Woods Creek, Works Branch

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Bee Mountain, Betty Hill, Black Oak Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Butler Mountain, Cat Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Cely Ann Mountain, Clarke Mountain, Crocker Hill, Crocker Mountain, Easterwood Mountain, Foster Mountain, Greathouse Mountain, Hall Mountain, Hayes Mountain, Irish Hill, Keeler Mountain, Lassiter Mountain, Little Sand Mountain, Little Shades Mountain, Little Valley Mountain, McAshan Mountain, Meridian Knob, Meridian Mountain, Miles Mountain, Muscoda Mountain, Pilot Knob, Potato Hill, Praytor Mountain, Rock Mountain, Sloan Mountain, Talladega Hill, Village Mountain, West Red Mountain, West Rock Mountain, Yellow Bird Mountain, York Mountain

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Crawford Lookout Tower, Providence Lookout Tower, W237-FM (Birmingham), W237-FM (Homewood), W253-FM (Birmingham), W276-FM (Center Point), W68A-TV (Mountain Brook), WAPI-AM (Birmingham), WAPI-FM (Birmingham), WATV-AM (Birmingham), WBHM-FM (Birmingham), WBIQ-TV (Birmingham), WBMG-TV (Birmingham), WBRC-TV (Birmingham), WBUL-AM (Birmingham), WCRT-AM (Birmingham), WCRT-AM (Vestavia Hills), WDJC-FM (Birmingham), WENN-AM (Birmingham), WENN-FM (Birmingham), WERC-AM (Birmingham), WGIB-FM (Birmingham), Wharton Lookout Tower, WJLD-AM (Fairfield), WJSR-FM (Birmingham), WKXX-FM (Birmingham), WLPH-AM (Irondale), WQEZ-FM (Birmingham), WRKK-FM (Birmingham), WSGN-AM (Birmingham), WSMQ-AM (Bessemer), WTTO-TV (Homewood), WVOK-AM (Birmingham), WVOK-AM (Midfield), WVOK-AM (Midfield), WVSU-FM (Birmingham), WVTM-TV (Birmingham), WYDE-AM (Birmingham), WZZK-FM (Birmingham)

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Jefferson Tunnel, Roper Tunnel

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Al Hollow, Clayton Cove, Coon Hollow, Cougar Hollow, Drip Spring Hollow, Goolsby Hollow, Granny Harris Hollow, Grindstone Hollow, Hanty Hollow, Happy Hollow, Harden Hollow, Jacob Hollow, Jones Valley, Jones Valley, Jones Valley, Linney Hollow, MacDonald Hollow, Morris Hollow, Opossum Valley, Poplar Spring, Poplar Spring Hollow, Red Hollow, Redbud Hollow, Rockhouse Hollow, Sand Hollow, Sand Valley, Shades Valley, Sleepy Hollow, Starkey Hollow, Sweeney Hollow, Vann Valley, Waxtree Hollow,

Jefferson County, Alabama Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteJefferson County White population 357,472357,471  
BlackJefferson County Black population 280,447280,447
AsianJefferson County Asian population 9,8759,874
MixedJefferson County Mixed population 7,2427,241
American IndianJefferson County American Indian population 2,6332,633
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderJefferson County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 658658

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