Teller County, Colorado Basics:

Teller County Colorado - Government Site

Population: 23,379
Area: 557 square miles
County seat: Cripple Creek
Area code(s) in use: 719
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 94.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 30.6%
Median household income: $57,970
Persons in poverty: 8.2%
Home ownership rate: 83.7%
Mean travel time to work: 31.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Douglas  El Paso  Fremont  Jefferson  Park  

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Map of the Teller County area

Our detail map of Teller County shows the Teller County, Colorado boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Teller County, Colorado

  Airports     show all on map

D B Smith Memorial Heliport, Langstaff-Brown Emergency Center Heliport, Northfield Heliport

  Buildings     show all on map

Clemet Cabin, Cripple Creek City Fire and Emergency Services, Cripple Creek Police Department, Divide Fire Protection District Rainbow Valley Station, Divide Fire Protection District Shoemaker Station, Florissant Fire and Rescue Station 1, Florissant Fire and Rescue Station 2, Florissant Fire and Rescue Station 3, Four Mile Emergency Services, Four Mile Fire Protection District Station 1, Four Mile Fire Protection District Station 2, Mountain Communities Fire Protection District Station 1 Turkey Rock, Mountain Communities Fire Protection District Station 3 Lutheran Valley, Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District Station 1, Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District Station 2, Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District Station 3, Penrose Mountain Urgent Care Woodland Park, Southwest Teller County Emergency Medical Services, Teller County Detention Facility, Teller County Hospital - Cripple Creek Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, Teller County Sheriff's Office, Ute Pass Regional Ambulance Station 1, Victor Fire Department, Victor Police Department, Woodland Park Police Department

  Canals     show all on map

Sunset Pond, Wheeler Ditch 1

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Divide Cemetery, Florissant Cemetery, Fourmile Cemetery, Mount Pisgah Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Divide Census Designated Place, Florissant Census Designated Place, Goldfield Census Designated Place, Midland Census Designated Place

  Dams     show all on map

Altman Dam, Beltz Number 2 Dam, Bison Park Dam, Boehmer Dam, Burgess Number 1 Dam, Burgess Number 2 Dam, Cripple Creek Number 2 Dam, Cripple Creek Number 3 Dam, Elk Lake Number 1 Dam, H H Moore Divide Dam, Hoder Recreation Dam, Jordan Number 1 Dam, Magnuson Number 1 Dam, Manitou Park Dam, Mason Dam, McReynolds Dam, Mount Baldy Dam, Mount Pisgah Dam, North Catamount Dam, Penrose-Rosemont Dam, Pringtime Dam, Rule Creek Dam, Shadow Lake Dam, Skaguay Dam, South Catamount Dam, Sudholt Number 1 Dam, Victor Number 2 Dam, Wilson Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Antelope Park, Bull Park, Deer Park, Duffield Meadows, Elk Park, Frosty Park, High Park, Horsethief Park

  Forests     show all on map

Black Forest, Manitou Experimental Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Hoosier Pass, Ute Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Penrose Urgent Care at Cripple Creek, Pikes Peak Regional Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Dead Lake, Moonlight Pond, Starlight Pond, Sunrise Pond, Ute Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Altitude Ranch, Arrowhead Ranch, Aspen Valley Ranch, B Lazy M Ranch, Bearing Tree, Bentleon Ranch, Bessie-Helen Ranch, Big Turkey Campground, Broadmoor Lodge, Broken Wheel Ranch, Clark Ranch, Clyde, Clyde Campground, Colorado Campground, Colorado Ranch, Columbia Ranch, Crescent Ranch, Crystal Peak Ranch, Custer Cabins, Elk Ranch, Fountain Creek Land Utilization Project Co. Two, Fountain Creek Utilization Project Co. Two, Geer North Ranch, Geer Ranch, Glen Cove, Glen Cove Picnic Area, Golden Bell Guest Ranch, Halfway Picnic Area, Hammer Ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch, Horn Ranch, Hy-Brook Ranch, Lazy W J Ranch, Lone Ranger Ranch, Lost Valley Ranch, Manitou Experimental Forest Headquarters, Manitou Park Grange, Manitou Picnic Area, N Snare Ranch, Nelson Camp, Old Phantom Creek Ranger Station, Painted Rocks Campground, Paradise Ranch, Pecks Camp, Pike Community Picnic Area, Pikes Peak Ski Area, Pinewood Ranch, Red Rocks Campground, Rideout Ranch, Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp, Sanborn Western Camp, Signal Rock Ranch, Silver Springs Ranch, Silver Spur Ranch, Sky High Girl Scout Camp, Skyway Ranch, South Meadows Campground, Tenderfoot Ski Area, The Crags Campground, Thunderbird Camp, Trail Creek Campground, Transmission Line and Blue River Pipe Line, Turkey Rock Ranch, Valley Park Ranch, W Snare Ranch, Wildhorn Ranch, Witcher Ranch, Wolf Ranch, Woodland Park Filtration Plant, Woodland Park Ranger Station, Worden Ranch, Wye Campground

  Mines     show all on map

Abe Lincoln Mine, Ada Bell Number One Mine, Aileen Mine, Air Line Mine, Ajax Mine, Aladdins Lamp Mine, Alamo Mine, Albany Mine, Alice Mine, Allstead Shaft Mine, Alsa R Tunnel Mine, Ana Belle Mine, Anaconda Tunnel Mine, Anchoria Leland Mine, Andrews Mine, Anna J Mine, Anna Lee Mine, Anona Mine, Apex Mine, Arapahoe Mine, Arcadia Mine, Arvilla Incline Mine, Atlanta Mine, Atlanta Mine, August Flower Mine, Australia Mine, Baby McKee Mine, Banner Mine, Barrack Mine, Bartlett Mine, Battle Mountain Tunnel Mine, Beacon Mine, Bell Number Two Mine, Ben Harrison Mine, Ben Hur Mine, Benny Mine, Bent Mine, Berg Mine, Bertha B Mine, Bessie Mine, Bickford Mine, Big Banta Mine, Birch Mine, Bird Mine, Black Bell Mine, Black Cloud Mine, Black Diamond Mine, Black Jack Mine, Blanche Mine, Blue Bell Mine, Blue Bird Mine, Blue Flag Mine, Blue Jay Mine, Bonanza King Mine, Bonnie Neil Mine, Boss Mine, Boyd Mine, Brockel Bank Mine, Brown Mine, Buchanan Mine, Buena Vista Mine, Bull Hill Mine, Burke Mines, Burns Mine, C K and N Mine, C O D Mine, Caley Mine, Callie Mine, Cameron Mine, Campbell Mine, Carbonate Queen Mine, Carpenter Mine, Carper Mine, Casey Mine, Chance of Ninety-four Mine, Chicago Tunnel Mine, Chicken Hawk Mine, Chief Mine, Christmas Mine, Christy Tunnel Mine, Clara Mine, Claude Shaft Mine, Clements Mine, Climax Mine, Clyde Mine, Cobb Mine, Colorado Boss Mine, Colorado City Mine, Columbine Tunnel Mine, Comanche Group Mine, Comet Mine, Commonwealth Mine, Conejos Mine, Contact Mine, Conundrum Mine, Cooper Mine, Coriolanus Mine, Corral Mine, Crawford Shaft Mine, Cresson Mine, Cripple Creek District Mine, Cripple Creek Gold Hill Tunnel Mine, Crown Point Shaft Mine, Crozier-Sellers Mine, Cummings Mine, Dahl Mine, Damon Mine, Dante Mine, Darnell Mine, Dead Horse Mine, Dead Pine Mine, Deadwood Mine, Deerhorn Mine, Delmonico Mine, Dexter Mine, Dillion Mine, Doctor Jackpot Mine, Doctor Mine, Dolly Varden Mine, Dooley Group Mine, Dripp Mine, Ducy Mine, Dustin and Whitney Mine, E B Tunnel Mine, Eagles Mine, East Victor Mine, Eclipse Mine, El Paso Mine, Elkton Mine, Ella Mine, Ellithorp Mine, Emma L Mine, Emma Mine, Empire Mine, Enterprise Group Mine, Eureka Tunnel Mine, Evans Gold Mine, Excelsior Mine, Fairview Mine, Fauntleroy Mine, Favorite Mine, FCC Mine, Fern Mine, Findley Mine, Fish Shaft Mine, Fitch Mine, Florence Mine, Flying Cloud Mine, Fondy Mine, Forest Queen Mine, Fountain Valley Mine, Four Queens Mine, Fox Mine, Frankenberg Mine, Fredberg Shaft Mine, Fresno Mine, Fry Mine, Garfield Grouse Mine, Garrison Mine, Garstin Mine, Gedney Titanium Mine, Geneva Mine, Gettysburg Shaft Mine, Gilbert Mine, Gleason Mine, Glorieta Mine, Glove Hill Mine, Gold Bond Mine, Gold Bug Mine, Gold Coin Mine, Gold Crater Mine, Gold Dollar Mine, Gold Hill Tunnel Mine, Gold King Mine, Gold Knob Mine, Gold Pass Mine, Gold Section Mine, Gold Sovereign Mine, Gold Standard Group Mine, Golden Circle Mine, Golden Cycle Mine, Golden Gate Mine, Golden Globe Mine, Golden Wedge Mine, Goldfield Mine, Good Will Tunnel Mine, Grace Greenwood Mine, Granite Mine, Grant Carlson Mine, Grant Mine, Great View Mine, Gregory Mine, Greve and Copeland Mine, Grouse Mine, Guyot Mine, Half Moon Mine, Haney Shaft Mine, Hanna Britt Mine, Happy Year Mine, Hardwood Mine, Harrington Mine, Harrison Mine, Hart Mine, Harwood Mine, Hastings Mine, Hawkeye Mine, Hawkins Mine, Heims Mine, Henry Adney Mine, Hestain Mine, Hibernia Mine, High Mine, Hilda May Number One Claim Mine, Himes Mine, Hit and Miss Mine, Hitchcock Mine, Hobo Tunnel Mine, Homestake Mine, Hooper Mine, Hoosier Mine, Hoskins Mine, Howard Mine, Hull City Mine, Hummer Mine, Husted Mine, I C Morse Mine, Ida Bell Mine, Ida May Mine, Index Mine, Ingham Mine, Irish Molly Mine, Isabella Mine, Ithaca Tunnel Mine, Jackrabbit Number Two Mine, Jefferson Mine, Jenkins Mine, Jennie Sample Mine, Jerry Johnson Mine, Joe Dandy Mine, Joseph Mine, Josie B Shaft Mine, Julia Mine, Julie E Mine, Kalamazoo Mine, Katinka Mine, Keener Shaft Mine, Keith Mine, Keith Mine, Kellum Mine, Kelly Shaft Mine, Kentucky Belle Mine, Keystone Shaft Mine, King Mine, King Solomon Mine, Kittie Lane Mine, Kitty M Mine, Kolb Shaft Mine, La Bella Mine, Last Dollar Mine, Last Effort Mine, Le Brun Mine, Lee Mine, Lexington Mine, Lillie Mine, Little Blanche Mine, Little Clara Mine, Little Fauntleroy Mine, Little Giant Mine, Little Joe Mine, Little Mary Mine, Little Maud Mine, Little May Mine, Little Nell Mine, Llewellyn Mine, Logan Mine, Lonaconing Mine, Londonderry Mine, Los Angeles Mine, Lost Anna Mine, Lovett Mine, Lowell Mine, Lucky Corner Mine, Lucky Gus Mine, Lucky Tunnel Mine, Lyons Mine, Mabel M Mine, Mackey Mine, Mackin Mine, Maggie Mine, Maid of Orleans Mine, Maloney Mine, Margaret Mine, Mary Alice Mine, Mary Ann Mine, Mary Cashen Mine, Mary McKinney Mine, Mary Nevin Mine, Maryland Mine, Masterpiece Tunnel Mine, Mattie D Mine, Maud Mine, Maude Helena Mine, May B Mine, Mayflower Tunnel Mine, McDade Mine, McGinnes Mine, McKinney Mine, McKinnie Shaft Mine, McLeod Mine, Mercer Mine, Midget Mine, Midway Mine, Millen Tunnel Mine, Miller Mine, Minnehaha Mine, Minnie Belle Mine, Mint Mine, Mitchell Mine, Modoc Mine, Moffatt Tunnel Mine, Mohican Mine, Mollie Gibson Mine, Mollie Kathleen Mine, Monte Cristo Mine, Montrose Mine, Monument Mine, Moon Anchor Mine, Moose Mine, Morning Glory Mine, Morning Star Mine, Mother Dwyer Mine, Mountain Beauty Mine, Mulvaney Shaft Mine, Murphy Mine, Narcissus Mine, Necessity Mine, Nellie V Mine, New Chesapeake Mine, New Haven Incline Mine, New Moon Mine, New York Tunnel Mine, New Zealand Mine, Newell Mine, Nicholls Mine, Nickel Shaft Mine, Night Hawk Mine, North Cascade Mine, North Trachyte Mine, Nugget Mine, Number Eleven Mine, Oak Mine, Ogilvie Mine, Old Gold Mine, Ophelia Tunnel Mine, Ophir Tunnel Mine, Orpha May Mine, Orphan Mine, Par Value Mine, Parker and Gardner Mine, Parker Grouse Number Two Mine, Patti Rosa Mine, Pauper Mine, Peachy Mine, Peggy Mine, Perkins Mine, Pharmacist Mine, Pikes Peak Mine, Pinnacle Mine, Pinto Mine, Plymouth Rock Mine, Pointer Mine, Poorman Mine, Porcupine Mine, Porter Mine, Portland Mine, Portland Number Three Mine, Portland Number Two Mine, Pride Mine, Prince Albert Mine, Princess Mine, Procter Mine, Proper Mine, Protection Mine, Puckett Mine, Pueblo Mine, Puritan Mine, Raaler Mine, Ramona Mine, Rattler Mine, Raven Mine, Raven Tunnel Mine, Rawson Mine, Red Bird Mine, Red Umbrella Mine, Rice Mine, Rigi Mine, Riley Mine, Rising Sun Mine, Rittenhouse Mine, Rose Maud Mine, Ross Mine, Round Top Mine, Rowell Mine, Ruby Mine, Russell Mine, Rustler Incline Mine, Ryan Mine, Saint Thomas Mine, Sally Mine, Sangre de Cristo Mine, Santa Rita Mine, Saunders Mine, School Section Mine, Scott Mine, Sedan Mine, Sexton Mine, Sharp Shaft Mine, Sherman Mine, Shurtloff Number Two Mine, Silver Tip Mine, Simmons Mine, Sims Mine, Sitting Bull Mine, Smith Riley Mine, Smuggler Mine, Snowflake Mine, Sol Cain Mine, Solomon Mine, South Burns Mine, South Park Mine, Specimen Mine, Stafford Mine, Star of Bethlehem Mine, State Mine, Stewart Mine, Stratton Independence Mine, Strong Mine, Sunset Tunnel Mine, Sunshine Mine, Swanson Mine, Sweepstakes Mine, Tarbet Mine, Tateman Mine, Teddy Nolan Shaft Mine, Tenderfoot Hill Mine, Teutonic Mine, Thatcher Mine, Theobald Mine, Theresa Mine, Thomas and Gaffney Mine, Thome Shaft Mine, Thompson Mine, Tipton Shaft Mine, Tompkins Mine, Trachyte Mine, Tracie Group Mine, Trail Mine, Trilby Mine, Triumph Mine, Uintah Tunnel Mine, Uncle Sam Mine, V M Tunnel Mine, Vandenburg Mine, Victor Mine, Vindicator Mine, Virginia M Mine, War Eagle Mine, Watt Mine, Wautauga Mine, Whalen Mine, Whim Mine, Whip Mine, Whisper Mine, White Elephant Lode Mine, White Shaft Mine, Whitford Tunnel Mine, Wild Horse Mine, Wilkinson Mine, Williams Mine, Winchester Mine, Wisconsin Mine, Wood Mine, Worthing and Moon Mine, Wrockloff Mine, Wykoff Mine, Youie Mine, Zenobia Mine, Zoe Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area, Cathedral Park, Cripple Creek Historic District, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, High Park, Lower Beaver Park, Manitou Park Recreation Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Dog Head, Dome Rock, Sheep Rock, The Crags

  Populated Places     show all on map

Altman (historical), Anaconda (historical), Beacon Hill, Cameron (historical), Cripple Creek, Crystola, Divide, Elkton, Fairview, Florissant, Gillett (historical), Goldfield, Green Mountain Falls, Hollywood, Independence (historical), Marigold, Midland, Midway, Mound City (historical), Rosemont, Seven Lakes (historical), Stratton, Victor, Woodland Park

  Post Offices     show all on map

Divide Post Office, Tamarac Post Office, Woodland Park Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Beltz Number 2 Reservoir, Bison Park Reservoir, Bison Reservoir, Burgess Reservoir Number 1, Burgess Reservoir Number 2, Coulson Lake, Cripple Creek Number 2 Reservoir, Cripple Creek Reservoir Number 3, Crystal Creek Reservoir, Elk Lake Number 1, H H Moore Divide Reservoir, Hoder Recreation Reservoir, Joe Wilson Recreation Reservoir, Jordan Number 1 Reservoir, Magnuson Reservoir Number 1, Manitou Park Lake, Mason Reservoir, McReynolds Reservoir, Mount Baldy Reservoir, North Catamount Reservoir, Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir, Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir, Pringtime Reservoir, Rule Creek Reservoir, Shadow Lake Reservoir, Skaguay Reservoir, Skagway Reservoir, South Catamount Reservoir, Stratton Reservoir, Sudholt Reservoir Number 1, Victor Reservoir Number 2, Wrights Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Red Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Bethel School, Bethel School (historical), Columbine Elementary School, Cresson Elementary School, Cripple Creek Victor Junior - Senior High School, Gateway Elementary School, Summit Elementary School, Woodland Park High School, Woodland Park Middle School

  Springs     show all on map

Bull Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Barnard Creek, Bison Creek, Blue Springs Creek, Cascade Creek, Cripple Creek, Crystal Creek, Crystola Creek, Dry Creek, East Fork Turkey Creek, East Fork West Beaver Creek, Fourmile Creek, Glen Cove Creek, Gold Run, Gould Creek, Grape Creek, Grassy Creek, Hay Creek, Little Creek, Little Turkey Creek, Manchester Creek, Middle Beaver Creek, Mule Creek, North Catamount Creek, North Fork Millsap Creek, North Fork Wilson Creek, Oil Creek, Phantom Creek, Rule Creek, Severy Creek, South Catamount Creek, South Fork Wilson Creek, West Beaver Creek, West Fork Turkey Creek, West Fork West Beaver Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Almagre Mountain, Beacon Hill, Beasley Hills, Big Bull Mountain, Black Mountain, Booger Red Hill, Brind Mountain, Carbonate Hill, Cedar Mountain, Copper Mountain, Cow Mountain, Crystal Peak, Globe Hill, Granite Hills, Green Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Guyot Hill, Hackett Mountain, Ironclad Hill, Knights Peak, Little Pisgah Peak, Lookout Point, Mineral Hill, Mitre Peak, Mount Big Chief, Mount Deception, Mount Pisgah, Mount Rosa, Raspberry Mountain, Red Mountain, Rhyolite Mountain, Rosebud Hill, Sentinel Point, Sheep Mountain, Signal Butte, Signal Hill, Soldier Mountain, Squaw Mountain, Straub Mountain, Trachyte Knob, Tracy Hill, Turkey Rock, Twin Rocks

  Swamps     show all on map

Moffet Meadow

  Trails     show all on map

Phantom Creek Trail, Rule Creek Trail, Rule Ridge Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Carlton Tunnel, Roosevelt Tunnel, Saint John Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Aregua Gulch, Box Canyon, Buchannon Gulch, Carlin Gulch, College Gulch, Crazy Gulch, Davis Gulch, Dead Ox Gulch, Douglas Gulch, Hopkins Gulch, Hotel Gulch, Johns Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Hungry Gulch, Lovell Gulch, Loy Gulch, Metberry Gulch, Mill Gulch, North Fork Davis Gulch, Northrup Gulch, Orchette Gulch, Phantom Canyon, Pony Gulch, Poverty Gulch, Putney Gulch, Quinlan Gulch, Rattlesnake Gulch, Redner Gulch, Rupp Gulch, Ryan Gulch, South Fork Davis Gulch, South Johns Gulch, Spruce Gulch, Squaw Gulch, Stone Gulch, Talcott Gulch, White Gulch, White Spruce Gulch, Willow Gulch,

Teller County, Colorado Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteTeller County White population 22,23322,233  
MixedTeller County Mixed population 514514
American IndianTeller County American Indian population 257257
AsianTeller County Asian population 210210
BlackTeller County Black population 140140
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderTeller County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2323

Additional population tables :
State population table
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