Shoshone County, Idaho Basics:

Shoshone County Idaho - Government Site

Population: 12,704
Area: 2630 square miles
County seat: Wallace
Area code(s) in use: 208
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 84.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.7%
Median household income: $38,273
Persons in poverty: 17.2%
Home ownership rate: 68.6%
Mean travel time to work: 18.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Benewah  Bonner  Clearwater  Kootenai  Latah  Mineral (MT)  Sanders (MT)  

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Map of the Shoshone County area

Our detail map of Shoshone County shows the Shoshone County, Idaho boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Shoshone County, Idaho

  Airports     show all on map

Magee Airport, Shoshone County Airport, Stocking Meadows Airport, Wallace Ranger Station Heliport

  Basins     show all on map

Debbitt Basin, Sisters Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Deadmans Eddy

  Bends     show all on map

Devils Elbow, Devils Elbow, Freeman Eddy

  Buildings     show all on map

Idaho Department of Lands Cataldo Fire Protection District Station, Kellogg Police Station, Mullan Volunteer Fire Department, Prichard / Murray Volunteer Fire Department, Prichard / Murray Volunteer Fire Department, Saint Joe Emergency Medical Services Unit 2, Saint Joe Valley Fire District, Shoshone County Fire District 1, Shoshone County Fire District 1, Shoshone County Fire Protection District 2 Kellogg Station, Shoshone County Fire Protection District 2 Pinehurst Station, Shoshone County Fire Protection District 2 Sunnyside Station, Shoshone County Fire Protection District 3, Shoshone County Sheriff's Office, Wallace Police Department

  Capes     show all on map

Fuzzy Peak, Martin Peak, Nugget Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Greenwood Cemetery, Heller Grave, Miners Union Cemetery, Murray Cemetery, Shoshone Memorial Gardens, United Cemetery

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bernier Point, Castle Rock, Cathedral Rocks, Eagle Cliff, Maple Cliff, Orphan Point, Packsack Point, Stoney Point

  Dams     show all on map

Bunker Hill Tailings Number One Dam, Bunker Hill Tailings Number Three Dam, Bunker Hill Tailings Number Two Dam, Day Mine Tailings Dam, Galena Mill Number One-Upper Dam, Galena Mill Number Three-Lower Dam, Galena Mill Number Two-Middle Dam, Hobo Creek Splash Dam, Lucky Friday Number One Dam, Lucky Friday Number Three Dam, Marble Creek Splash Dam, Osborn Tailings Dam, Star Tailings Number Five Dam, Star Tailings Number Four Dam, Star Tailings Number One Dam, Star Tailings Number Six Dam, Star Tailings Number Three Dam, Star Tailings Number Two Dam, Sunshine Tailings Number One Dam, Sunshine Tailings Number Two Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Fern Falls, Rambiker Falls, Shadow Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Bathtub Meadows, Big Hank Meadow, Big Meadows, Big Meadows, Brebner Flat, Bronson Meadows, Bumblebee Meadow, Chamberlain Meadows, Daveggio Meadows, Fortune Meadows, Fortynine Meadows, Kit Price Prairie, Mica Meadows, Pine Flat, Snowbird Meadows, Spokane Meadows

  Forests     show all on map

Coeur d'Alene National Forest, Floodwood State Forest, Saint Joe National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Avery Creek Nocelly Gulch Saddle, Avery Saddle, Bishop Saddle, Black Canyon Saddle, Breezy Saddle, Brown Creek Saddle, Bullion Pass, Cooper Pass, Davies Pass, Dobson Pass, Eighty Day Saddle, Flat Creek Saddle, Freezeout Saddle, Glidden Pass, Haystack Saddle, Hobo Pass, Hoodoo Pass, Jordan Saddle, Kellogg Saddle, Kings Pass, Laverne Saddle, Lookout Pass, Moon Pass, Moon Saddle, Mullan Pass, Porcupine Pass, Saint Paul Pass, Skull Saddle, Slate Creek Saddle, Stull Saddle, Tamarack Saddle, Taylor Saddle, Thompson Pass, Twin Creek Saddle, White Creek Saddle

  Hospitals     show all on map

Shoshone Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Bacon Lake, Berel Lake, Big Pool, Big Talk Lake, Blue Lake, Cedar Lake, Copper Lake, Crag Lake, Crater Lake, Crow Lake, Devils Lake, Dismal Lake, Elsie Lake, Fawn Lake, Fish Lake, Forage Lake, Frog Lake, Gnat Lake, Gold Lake, Grizzley Lake, Halo Lake, Heart Lake, Heather Lake, Hero Lake, Larkins Lake, Little Lost Lake, Lone Lake, Long Pool, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Glidden Lake, Lower Stevens Lake, Mallard Lake, Mud Lake, No-see-um Lake, Northbound Lake, Noseeum Lake, Revett Lake, Saint Joe Lake, Seed lake, Silver Lake, Skyland Lake, Steamboat Lake, Swimming Bear Lake, Theriault Lake, Tin lake, Twin Lakes, Upper Glidden Lake, Upper Stevens Lake, Urquhart Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Avery Creek Picnic Area, Avery Guard Station, Avery Ranger Station, Babins Junction, Beaver Creek Campground, Beaver Station, Beaver Work Center, Berlin Flats, Big Creek Cabin, Big Creek Campground, Big Hank Campground, Blue Heaven Cabin, Bradley Siding, Broken Leg Forest Cabin, Bumblebee Campground, Calder Work Center, Camp Forty, Camp Forty-Four, Camp Three, Cascade Point Lookout Station, CCC Campground, Cedar Creek Campground, Chicadee Cabin, Clarkia Work Center, Conrad Crossing Campground, Devils Elbow Campground, Donkey Recreation Site, Duthie, Elk Prairie, Elkhorn (historical), Erickson Ranch, Fly Flat Campground, Forest Cabin, Freezeout Camp, Goat Mountain, Gold Creek Campground, Haunted Cabin, Hawkseye Camp, Heller Creek Recreation Site, Huckleberry Flat Campground, Independence Campground, Jack Waite Forks, Jims Spur, Jordan Camp, Kellogg Golf Club, Kit Price Campground, Lemonade Peak Lookout, Lindroos Hill Recreation Site (historical), Lintz Campground (historical), Little Guard Peak Lookout, Little North Fork Campground, Littlefield, Lookout Pass Ski Area, Mammouth Springs Campground, Marble Creek Campground, McGee Ranger Station, Merry Creek Access Area, Mix Cabin, Mullan Hatchery, Packsaddle Campground, Pine Point Lookout, Raven, Red Ives Ranger Station, Rock City Cabin (historical), Roundtop Guard Station, Roundtop Work Center, Senator Creek Campground, Shont, Shoshone Camp Work Center, Shoshone Country Club, Shoshone Creek Guard Station, Shoshone Forest Camp, Shoshone Park Recreation Area, Silverhorn Ski Area, Simmons Lookout, Sissons Campground, Slate Creek Cabin, Slate Creek Recreation Site, Spruce Tree Campground, Spyglass Peak Lookout, Stanley Ranch, Steamboat Camp, Steamboat Rock, Sullivan, Sunshine Mine Disaster Memorial, Surveyors Ridge Lookout, Telichpah Campground, Tin Can Flat Campground, Trail Creek Work Center, Trappers Cabin, Ts'e'ltm Rock, Turner Flat Campground, Twin Creek Campground, Ward Cabin

  Mines     show all on map

Alhambra Mine, Alice Mine, Amy-Matchless Mine, Antimony Mine, Argentine Mine (historical), Beacon Light Mines, Bobby Anderson Mine, Bullion Mine, Bunker Hill Mine, California Mine, Carbonate Hill Mine, Clearwater Mine, Copper King Mine, Crescent Mine, Custer Mine, Elmo Mine, Franklin Mine, Frisco Mine, Galena Mine, General Mine, Gold Hunter Mine, Gold Nugget Mine, Golden Chest Mine, Granite Mine, Hansey Mines, Hecla Mine, Hercules Mine, Interstate Mine, Jack Waite Mine (historical), Last Chance Mine, Lucky Calumet Mine, Lucky Friday Mine, Lucky Swede Mine (historical), Mastodon Mine, Miller Mine (historical), Mineral Mountain Mine, Monarch Mine, Monitor Mine (historical), Monitor Mines (historical), Morning Mine, Morning Mine 4, Morning Mine 5, National Mine, Nellie Mine, Old North Star Mine, Page Mine, Polaris Mine, Reindeer Queen Mine, S Bridge, Saint Joe Quartz Mine, Silver Summit Mine, Silvertip Mine, Sixteen-to-One Mine, Snowstorm Mine, Snowstorm Mines, Standard Mammoth Mine, Star Mine, Sumner Mine, Sunset Mine, Sunshine Mine, Tiger-Poorman Mine, Wonder Mine, Wonderful Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Gene Day Park, Hobo Botanical Area, Mallard Larkins Pioneer Park, Saint Joe Wild and Scenic River, Shoshone Park, Upper Fishook Research Natural Area, West Shoshone Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Spion Kop Rock, Steamboat Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adair, Avery, Black Bear, Blackcloud, Bogle, Borax (historical), Bradley, Bullion (historical), Bunn, Burke, Calder, Carbon Center, Carbonate (historical), Cataldo, Clarkia, Cornwall, Delta, Dorsey (historical), Eagle, Elizabeth Park, Elk Creek, Emerald Creek, Enaville, Erlmo, Ethelton, Falcon, Ferguson, Frisco, Gem, Gentry, Golconda, Gold Creek, Herrick, Horsecamp, Hoyt, Keeler, Kellogg, Kingston, Kyle (historical), Larson, Linfor, Mace, Marble Creek, Masonia (historical), McCarthy, McDonalds, Mullan, Murray, Nelson (historical), Nuckols, Olsons, Osburn, Page, Pearson, Pine Creek, Pinehurst, Pocono, Pottsville (historical), Prichard, Roland, Silverton, Smelter Heights, Smelterville, Steamboat (historical), Steamboat Rocks, Stetson, Stull, Sunset (historical), Sweeney, Tammany, Thiard, Wallace, Wardner, Webb, Woodland Park

  Ranges     show all on map

Little Goat Mountains, Shoshone Range, St. Joe Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Snow Peak Wildlife Management Area

  Ridges     show all on map

Allen Ridge, Blackwell Hump, Blue Star Ridge, Bluff Divide, Bobby Anderson Ridge, Bobtail Ridge, Boulder Divide, Browns Ridge, Cedar Mountain, Cemetery Ridge, Character Ridge, Coeur d'Alene Saint Joe Divide, Copper Ridge, Corrigan Ridge, Crooked Ridge, Dam Ridge, Elbow Ridge, Freezeout Ridge, Gold Ridge, Graham Ridge, Grice Ridge, Grizzly Ridge, Hoodoo Ridge, Junction Ridge, Kingston Ridge, Leg Bone Ridge, Lightning Ridge, Lost Creek Ridge, Maude Ridge, Montana Ridge, Montgomery Ridge, Monumental Buttes, Nugget Ridge, Pinnacle Ridge, Point Siam, Prospector Ridge, Quartz Ridge, Saint Joe Divide, Shell Ridge, South Fork Ridge, Stewart Creek Ridge, Surveyors Ridge, Three Sisters, Tylers Ridge, Uranus Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Avery Elementary - Junior High School, Calder Elementary-Junior High School, Elk Creek School, John Mullan Elementary School, Kellogg High School, Kellogg Middle School, Mullan Junior-Senior High School, Osburn Elementary School, Pinehurst Elementary School, Shoshone Opportunity School, Silver Hills Junior High School, Silver Valley Christian Academy, Silver Valley High School, Sunnyside Elementary School, Wallace Intermediate School, Wallace Senior High School

  Slopes     show all on map

The Incline

  Springs     show all on map

Bear Spring, Bed Springs, Bishop Spring, Bitterroot Springs, Bloom Spring, Drexall Spring, Freezeout Spring, Freezeout Spring, Hemlock Spring, Hoodoo Spring, Jordan Springs, Jug Spring, Lockensuit Spring, McDonald Spring, Montana Springs, Pineapple Spring, Red Ives Spring, Summit Springs, White Rock Springs

  Streams     show all on map

34 Creek, Aconite Creek, Adair Creek, Adams Creek, Agatha Creek, Alden Creek, Alder Creek, Allen Creek, Allen Creek, Alpine Creek, Ames Creek, Annis Creek, Anthony Creek, Aqua Creek, Argentine Creek, Ascent Creek, Ash Creek, Ashenfelter Creek, Aspen Creek, Autumn Creek, Avery Creek, Avery Creek, Bacon Creek, Bad Bear Creek, Bad Luck Creek, Badger Creek, Barren Creek, Barrymore Creek, Basin Creek, Bathtub Creek, Bean Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Skull Creek, Bear Spring Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Bechtel Creek, Bedrock Creek, Beetle Creek, Bennett Creek, Bennett Creek, Berge Creek, Bernier Creek, Betty Creek, Big Bob Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Dick Creek, Big Hank Creek, Binney Creek, Bird Creek, Birthday Creek, Black Prince Creek, Blackburn Creek, Blackcloud Creek, Blackie Creek, Blackjack Creek, Blacktail Creek, Blair Creek, Blue Eagle Creek, Blue Grouse Creek, Bluebells Creek, Bluebird Creek, Bluff Creek, Bluff Creek, Bobtail Creek, Bonehead Creek, Bootleg Creek, Boston Brook, Bostonian Creek, Bottle Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boundary Creek, Boundary Creek, Braun Creek, Brett Creek, Bridge Creek, Broadaxe Creek, Broken Leg Creek, Brown Creek, Bruce Creek, Bruin Creek, Brush Creek, Brushy Creek, Buck Creek, Buckskin Creek, Bull Creek, Bullet Creek, Bullion Creek, Bumblebee Creek, Burnt Creek, Burnt Fork, Burton Creek, Bussel Creek, Butte Creek, Buzzard Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cache Creek, Cairn Creek, Cairn Creek, Calamity Creek, Caledonia Creek, California Creek, Calipeen Creek, Callahan Creek, Calusa Creek, Cameron Creek, Camp Creek, Can Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Carbon Creek, Cardinal Creek, Caribou Creek, Cascade Creek, Cascade Creek, Casper Creek, Cat Creek, Cat Spur Creek, Cataract Creek, Cataract Creek, Cathedral Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Champion Creek, Charley Creek, Childs Creek, Chute Creek, Chute Creek, Chute Creek, Cinnabar Creek, Cinnamon Creek, Clark Creek, Clay Creek, Clear Creek, Clee Creek, Cliff Creek, Clinton Creek, Coal Creek, Cobbler Creek, Coddington Creek, Coffin Creek, Color Creek, Colorado Creek, Columbus Creek, Comfy Creek, Cook Creek, Cool Water Creek, Copper Creek, Corbett Creek, Cornwall Creek, Corvus Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, County Creek, Coyote Creek, Craddock Creek, Cranberry Creek, Creaky Creek, Cub Creek, Culdesac Creek, Dahlman Creek, Dam Creek, Dam Creek, Dave Ingram Creek, Daveggio Creek, Davies Creek, Davy Creek, Debbs Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Delaney Creek, Delate Creek, Dennis Creek, Dent Creek, Denver Creek, Devil Creek, Devils Club Creek, Dewey Creek, Dill Creek, Dip Creek, Dismal Creek, Dolly Creek, Donaldson Creek, Donkey Creek, Dot Creek, Douglas Creek, Downey Creek, Dresser Creek, Drexall Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dudley Creek, Dump Creek, Dunce Creek, Duplex Creek, Durham Creek, Dutch Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek, Early Creek, East Alden Creek, East Fork Big Creek, East Fork Big Creek, East Fork Bluff Creek, East Fork Brush Creek, East Fork Cedar Creek, East Fork Downey Creek, East Fork Eagle Creek, East Fork Elk Creek, East Fork Fishhook Creek, East Fork Gold Creek, East Fork Graham Creek, East Fork Lost Creek, East Fork Mica Creek, East Fork Ninemile Creek, East Fork Pine Creek, East Fork Steamboat Creek, East Fork Twin Creek, East Fork Twomile Creek, East Fork Willow Creek, Eighty Day Creek, Elevator Creek, Elf Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Emerson Creek, Emery Creek, Engstrom Creek, Entente Creek, Estes Creek, Evans Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Falls Creek, Falls Creek, Falls Creek, Falls Creek, Fearn Creek, Felder Creek, Ferguson Creek, Ferguson Creek, Filer Creek, First Creek, Fisher Creek, Fishhook Creek, Flag Creek, Flat Creek, Flemming Creek, Flewsie Creek, Float Creek, Floodwood Creek, Flume Creek, Fly Creek, Foehl Creek, Foolhen Creek, Forage Creek, Forage Creek, Forks Creek, Francis Creek, Frazier Creek, Freezeout Creek, Fritz Creek, Fume Creek, Fuzzy Creek, Game Creek, Gilbert Creek, Glen Creek, Glover Creek, Goat Creek, Goat Creek, Gold Center Creek, Gold Creek, Gold Creek, Gold Creek, Gold Run, Gorsuch Creek, Graham Creek, Gramp Creek, Graves Creek, Graves Creek, Green Creek, Greenie Creek, Griffin Creek, Grizzly Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Guard Creek, Gypo Creek, Haggerty Creek, Halifax Creek, Hall Creek, Halm Creek, Halsey Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hammond Creek, Hardpan Creek, Hart Creek, Harvey Creek, Harvey Creek, Hat Creek, Hatton Creek, Haystack Creek, Hearse Creek, Hell Creek, Heller Creek, Hemlock Creek, Hemlock Creek, Hemlock Spring Creek, Highland Creek, Hill Creek, Hilo Creek, Hobo Creek, Homestead Creek, Homestead Creek, Hopkins Creek, Horsecamp Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Hoyt Creek, Hugus Creek, Hull Creek, Hulliman Creek, Hump Creek, Hunter Creek, Imp Creek, Independence Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Ink Creek, Italian Creek, Jack Creek, Jack Creek, Jackass Creek, Jackass Creek, Jordan Creek, Jumbo Creek, Junction Creek, June Creek, Jungle Creek, Jupiter Creek, Keller Creek, Kelley Creek, Kelly Creek, Kelly Creek, Kitten Creek, Kuykedahl Creek, Kyle Creek, Lake Creek, Langlois Creek, Lansdale Creek, Larch Creek, Larkins Creek, Last Creek, Lick Creek, Lightning Creek, Lindsey Creek, Line Creek, Lines Creek, Lion Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Bumblebee Creek, Little Canyon Creek, Little Daveggio Creek, Little East Fork Steamboat Creek, Little Elk Creek, Little Grizzly Creek, Little Haystack Creek, Little Lost Fork, Little Lost Lake Creek, Little North Fork Coeur d'Alene River, Little North Fork South Fork Coeur d'Alene River, Little Pine Creek, Loading Creek, Log Creek, Lone Creek, Long Liz Creek, Long Slim Creek, Long Tom Creek, Loop Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Fork, Lost Lake Creek, Lumberjack Creek, Lund Creek, Mac Creek, Magee Creek, Malamute Creek, Malin Creek, Manhattan Creek, Mann Creek, Mann Creek, Marble Creek, Marion Creek, Marsh Creek, Marten Creek, Martin Creek, Martin Creek, Mazie Creek, McGuire Creek, McPhee Creek, McRae Creek, Meadow Creek, Medicine Creek, Mercury Creek, Mercury Creek, Merry Creek, Mica Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Big Creek, Middle Fork Pine Creek, Middle Fork Saint Maries River, Midget Creek, Miles Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Milo Creek, Mineral Creek, Miners Creek, Mink Creek, Minor Creek, Mirror Creek, Montana Creek, Montgomery Creek, Moon Creek, Moon Creek, Moose Creek, Morgan Creek, Morris Creek, Mosquito Creek, Mosquito Creek, Moss Creek, Motor Creek, Mowat Creek, Mowich Creek, Mozier Creek, Mud Cabin Creek, Mulligan Creek, Murray Creek, My Creek, Myrtle Creek, Nabob Creek, Needle Creek, Nelson Creek, Nelson Creek, Neversweat Creek, Niagara Creek, Niagara Creek, Ninemile Creek, North Creek, North Fork Avery Creek, North Fork Bean Creek, North Fork Callis Creek, North Fork Coeur d'Alene River, North Fork Eagle Creek, North Fork Glover Creek, North Fork Haystack Creek, North Fork Saint Joe River, North Fork Simmons Creek, North Grizzly Creek, Northbound Creek, Norton Creek, November Creek, Nowhere Creek, Nugget Creek, O'Donnell Creek, October Creek, Old Man Creek, Olentange Creek, Olson Creek, Omaha Creek, Opposite Creek, Outlaw Creek, Owl Creek, Pablo Creek, Packsaddle Creek, Papoose Creek, Park Creek, Pass Creek, Pen Creek, Periwinkle Creek, Pete Coll Creek, Pierce Creek, Pierson Creek, Pinchot Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Flat Creek, Pipe Creek, Pitchfork Creek, Placer Creek, Placer Creek, Placer Creek, Plant Creek, Plant Creek, Plover Creek, Pocono Creek, Polar Creek, Pole Creek, Pond Creek, Porcupine Creek, Powder Creek, Prado Creek, President Creek, Pretty Creek, Prichard Creek, Prospect Creek, Prospector Creek, Quartz Creek, Railroad Creek, Rampike Creek, Ramsey Creek, Red Cloud Creek, Red Cross Creek, Red Ives Creek, Red Raven Creek, Red Top Creek, Riley Creek, Riley Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rocket Creek, Rocky Run, Rogers Creek, Rookie Creek, Rougin Creek, Rover Creek, Ruby Creek, Rutledge Creek, Ryan Creek, Rye Creek, Saint Joe Creek, Sawtooth Creek, Scaler Creek, Scat Creek, Scott Creek, Second Creek, Senator Creek, Sentinel Creek, Setzer Creek, Shady Creek, Shearer Creek, Sheep Run Creek, Sherlock Creek, Sho Creek, Shoepack Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Shoshone Creek, Siamese Creek, Silent Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Simmons Creek, Sissons Creek, Sisters Creek, Siwash Creek, Ski Creek, Skookum Creek, Slate Creek, Slide Creek, Sluice Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Creek, Snowbird Creek, Snowshoe Creek, South Fork Cabin Creek, South Fork Coeur d'Alene River, South Fork Falls Creek, Spion Kop Creek, Spotted Louis Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Spruce Creek, Stack Creek, Stansbury Creek, Staples Creek, Steamboat Creek, Steep Creek, Steep Creek, Steep Creek, Stetson Creek, Stevens Creek, Stevens Creek, Stony Creek, Storm Creek, Stubtoe Creek, Studer Creek, Stull Creek, Summit Creek, Svee Creek, Swift Creek, Swing Creek, Taft Creek, Tangle Creek, Tank Creek, Teddy Creek, Telichpah Creek, Tent Creek, Tent Creek, Tento Creek, Tepee Creek, Theriault Creek, Third Creek, Thomas Creek, Three Lakes Creek, Timber Creek, Timber Creek, Timber Creek, Tin Can Creek, Tinear Creek, Titley Creek, Toboggan Creek, Toles Creek, Tourist Creek, Tourist Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Tributary Creek, Trident Creek, Triple Creek, Trouble Creek, Tsuga Creek, Tumbledown Creek, Turkey Creek, Turner Creek, Twin Creek, Twin Spring Creek, Twin Springs Creek, Two Bit Creek, Twomile Creek, Uhlman Creek, Ulm Creek, Uranus Creek, Valitons Creek, Van Hoosier Creek, Venus Creek, Wahoo Creek, Walo Creek, Wampus Creek, Ward Creek, Washout Creek, Wasset Creek, Wawa Creek, Webfoot Creek, Wendle Creek, West Bear Creek, West Elk Creek, West Fork Big Creek, West Fork Big Creek, West Fork Bluff Creek, West Fork Downey Creek, West Fork Eagle Creek, West Fork Elk Creek, West Fork Elk Creek, West Fork Fishhook Creek, West Fork Floodwood Creek, West Fork Hobo Creek, West Fork Merry Creek, West Fork Mica Creek, West Fork Montana Creek, West Fork Montgomery Creek, West Fork Moon Creek, West Fork Placer Creek, West Fork Prichard Creek, West Fork Saint Maries River, West Fork Slate Creek, West Fork Steamboat Creek, West Fork Tepee Creek, West Fork Twin Creek, West Fork Willow Creek, Whistling Creek, White Creek, White Gravel Creek, White Rock Creek, Whitetail Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Wilson Creek, Windfall Creek, Windy Creek, Winton Creek, Wisdom Creek, Wonderful Creek, Wood Creek, Wren Creek, Y Creek, Yankee Bar Creek, Yellow Dog Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Adams Peak, Allen Point, Ally Point, Amethyst Peak, Angle Point, Anthony Peak, Arid Peak, Attention Peak, Avery Hill, Bacon Peak, Bad Bear Peak, Bad Tom Mountain, Badger Mountain, Bald Mountain, Barren Hill, Bathtub Mountain, Bear Skull, Beaver Peak, Beaver Peak, Bechtel Butte, Beetle Hump, Benchmark Hill, Bennett Peak, Bennett Point, Berge Peak, Big Dick Point, Billy Goat Hill, Binocular Peak, Black Jack Peak, Black Peak, Black Peak, Blackdome Peak, Bloom Peak, Bluebird Point, Bluff Point, Bobtail Peak, Bogus Point, Bonehead Hill, Bottle Point, Boundary Peak, Breezy Point, Bridge Point, Brush Hill, Buck Point, Bumblebee Peak, Burke Summit, Burnt Hill, Bussel Peak, Buzzard Roost, Cabin Peak, Calder Point, Camelback Mountain, Cameron Hill, Canyon Peak, Capital Hill, Cascade Peak, Cascade Point, Castle Rock, Cataldo Mountain, Cathedral Peak, Cedar Butte, Cedar Mountain, Champion Point, Character Peak, Clarkia Peak, Club Point, Coddington Peak, Collins Peak, Conrad Peak, Copper Point, Cornwall Point, Cougar Peak Loookout, Coyote Butte, Craddock Peak, Crag Peak, Crater Peak, Crescendo Peak, Crittenden Peak, Crystal Peak, Custer Peak, Dago Peak, Daugherty Hill, Daveggio Knob, Dennis Knob, Devil Peak, Devils Pulpit, Divide Peak, Dominion Peak, Dominion Point, Dons Mountain, Downey Peak, Drive Point, Drummond Peak, Drumond Peak, Duncecap Rock, Dunn Peak, Eagle Point, East Butte, East Cathedral Peak, East Elk Peak, East Grouse Peak, East Sister Peak, Eighty Peak, Eightyseven Mile Peak, Elsie Peak, Evergreen Mountain, Fishhook Peak, Five Lakes Butte, Flash Peak, Flatiron Knobs, Flattop Mountain, Flemming Point, Fly Peak, Foolhen Mountain, Forage Mountain, Fortune Point, Fubar Peak, Fulkerson Peak, Getaway Point, Gibson Point, Gnat Point, Gold Crown Peak, Gold Hill, Goose Peak, Gospel Hill, Graham Mountain, Grandfather Mountain, Grandmother Mountain, Granite Peak, Granite Peak, Grassy Mountain, Graves Peak, Grays Peak, Griffith Peak, Grizzly Mountain, Grouse Peak, Guard Peak, Halfway Hill, Halfway Peak, Hamilton Mountain, Hammond Point, Hardpan Point, Haystack Mountain, Haystack Peak, Heart Peak, Hill 36, Hilo Peak, Hobo Hill, Homestead Hump, Hoodoo Peak, Horseshoe Peak, Hoyt Mountain, Huckleberry Mountain, Hulliman Peak, Hunters Peak, Idaho Point, Illinois Peak, Indian Dip, Indian Peak, Jacksons Knob, Johns Mountain, Joker Peak, Jug Rock, Junction Peak, Kellogg Peak, Kelly Pinnacle, Kings Point, Lamb Peak, Landmark Peak, Larch Mountain, Larkins Peak, Lemonade Peak, Lick Creek Point, Linfor Hill, Little Baldy, Little Guard Peak, Little Haystack, Little Joe Mountain, Little Sentinel Peak, Little Sister Peak, Long Hike Peak, Long Hike Rock, Long Liz Point, Lookout Mountain, Lost Peak, Lower Shoepack Point, Magee Peak, Malamute Point, Malin Point, Mallard Peak, Maple Peak, Marble Mountain, Marcus Cook Peak, Marks Butte, Mastodon Mountain, Maternity Hill, McDonald Peak, McLeod Hill, Middle Sister Peak, Midget Peak, Miller Peak, Mirror Peak, Montana Peak, Montana Point, Moon Peak, Moses Butte, Mosquito Peak, Mount Chenoweth, Mount Pulaski, Mozier Peak, Mulligan Hump, Murray Peak, N P Hill, Needle Peak, Nelson Peak, Neversweat Peak, North Butte, North Siwash, North Snow Peak, Nugget Hill, Otter Peak, Outlaw Point, Papoose Mountain, Peggy Peak, Pegleg Mountain, Pierson Peak, Pinchot Butte, Pine Point, Pineapple Peak, Placer Peak, Pocono Hill, Point Eightyone, Point Henry, Polaris Peak, Pole Mountain, Pond Peak, Pony Peak, Prichard Peak, Prince Peak, Prospect Mountain, Quarles Peak, Red Ives Peak, Renfro Peak, Rocky Run Point, Roland, Roland Summit, Roland Summit, Round Top, Roundtop Mountain, Ruby Point, Runt Mountain, Sawtooth Peak, Sentinel Peak, Shale Point, Sheep Butte, Shefoot Mountain, Sherlock Peak, Shoepack Point, Shoshone Peak, Silver Hill, Simmons Peak, Siwash Peak, Slate Peak, Snow Peak, Snowstorm Peak, South Butte, Sparta Peak, Spion Kop, Spooky Butte, Spotted Louis Point, Spotwean Peak, Spyglass Peak, Steamboat Peak, Stevens Peak, Stony Butte, Storm Mountain, Striped Peak, Stubtoe Peak, Suburban Peak, Sunset Peak, Surveyors Peak, Swan Peak, Tanglefoot Point, Taylor Peak, Telephone Booth Hill, Tepee Peak, Tepee Summit, Thomas Hill, Thor Mountain, Tiger Peak, Timber Peak, Tin Can Hill, Trego Point, Triangle Peak, Trimmed Tree Hill, Trout Point, Turkey Point, Turner Peak, Twodot Peak, Uranus Peak, Vanderbilt Hill, Walo Point, Ward Peak, Wardner Peak, Washout Point, Wasset Peak, West Elk Peak, West Grouse Peak, West Sister Peak, West Willow Peak, Whistling Peak, White Peak, White Rock, Whitetail Peak, Whitetail Peak, Widow Mountain, Windfall Peak, Windy Peak, Wisdom Peak, Wonderful Peak, Yankee Peak

  Swamps     show all on map

Pinchot Marsh

  Towers     show all on map

Freezeout Lookout Tower, KWAL-AM (Wallace)

  Trails     show all on map

Ally Point Trail, Arid Ridge Trail, Bad Tom Trail, Blacktail Creek Trail, Boundary Peak Trail, Cedar Mountain Trail, Coeur d'Alene River National Recreation Trail, Dunn Peak Trail (historical), Ermine Ridge Trail, Evolution Trail, Fearn Creek Trail, Holmes Trail, Independence Creek National Recreation Trail, Jackass Trail, Kyle Creek Trail, Larch Mountain Trail, Magee-Bear Trail, Nelson Peak Trail, Old Montana Trail (historical), Prince Peak Trail, Ridge Trail, Rock City Pond Peak Trail, Slate Divide Trail, Slate-Dunn Peak Trail, Spyglass Miners Trail, Trego Point Trail (historical), Upper Slate Creek Trail, West Fork Slate Divide Trail, Wonderful Trail

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Saint Paul Pass Tunnel

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Accident Gulch, Alder Gulch, Ally Gulch, Amy Gulch, Angle Gulch, Axe Gulch, Barton Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bedrock Gulch, Bell Gulch, Berlin Gulch, Black Canyon, Bonanza Gulch, Browns Gulch, Buckskin Gulch, Butte Gulch, Caldwell Gulch, California Gulch, Carpenter Gulch, Carrol Gulch, Cascade Gulch, Cataldo Gulch, Cement Gulch, Character Gulch, Clark Gulch, Cleveland Gulch, Coddington Gulch, Coon Gulch, Cougar Gulch, Cougar Gulch, Cranky Gulch, Dago Peak Gulch, Daisy Gulch, Daisy Gulch, Daisy Gulch, Daly Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Deadwood Gulch, Deceitful Gulch, Deer Lick Gulch, Devils Gorge, Dexter Gulch, Dobson Gulch, Donkey Draw, Dream Gulch, Drew Gulch, Dry Butte Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Duncan Gulch, East Fork Alder Gulch, East Fork Cougar Gulch, East Fork Rosebud Gulch, Elbow Gulch, Experimental Draw, Fancy Gulch, Fir Gulch, Flora Gulch, Fortynine Gulch, French Gulch, French Gulch, Gentle Annie Gulch, George Gulch, Gilson Draw, Goat Gulch, Gold Hunter Gulch, Gold Run, Gorge Gulch, Government Gulch, Grader Gulch, Granite Gulch, Grouse Gulch, Grubstake Gulch, Hamilton Gulch, Hauck Gulch, Hazendorf Gulch, Heim Gulch, Hells Gulch, Holmes Gulch, Hord Gulch, Horn Gulch, Hultman Gulch, Humboldt Gulch, Humboldt Gulch, Hunt Gulch, Hurricane Gulch, Hutchins Gulch, Idaho Gulch, Idaho Gulch, Italian Gulch, Jewell Gulch, Jitney Gulch, Jo Gulch, Johns Draw, Keystone Gulch, Kid Gulch, Klondike Gulch, Klondike Gulch, Lake Gulch, Lightner Draw, Line Gulch, Little Terror Gulch, Log Gulch, Lucky Swede Gulch, Lynch Gulch, Mack Gulch, Matchless Gulch, McComber Gulch, McFarren Gulch, McKinley Gulch, McLaren Gulch, McPhee Gulch, Meyer Gulch, Military Gulch, Missoula Gulch, Missouri Gulch, Monarch Gulch, Monday Gulch, Moonshine Gulch, Moore Gulch, Niagara Gulch, No Name Gulch, Nocelly Gulch, Nuckois Gulch, O'Brien Gulch, O'Neill Gulch, Offset Gulch, Olson Gulch, Ophir Gulch, Oregon Gulch, Paragon Gulch, Paymaster Gulch, Pennsylvania Gulch, Perry Gulch, Pete Draw, Pioneer Gulch, Placer Gulch, Polaris Gulch, Pony Gulch, Poorman Gulch, Potosi Gulch, Prospect Gulch, Prospect Gulch, Rabbit Gulch, Ratail Gulch, Raven Gulch, Red Oak Gulch, Reeder Gulch, Revenue Gulch, Rock Gulch, Rocky Draw, Rosebud Gulch, Ross Gulch, Ross Gulch, Roundhouse Gulch, Ruby Gulch, Ruddy Gulch, Saw Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Scott Gulch, Shehee Gulch, Shields Gulch, Shirttail Gulch, Simmons Draw, Skookum Canyon, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Sonora Gulch, Sourdough Gulch, South Fork Hells Gulch, Spring Gulch, Sullivan Gulch, Sunday Gulch, Sweeney Gulch, Swinnerton Gulch, Terror Gulch, Tiger Gulch, Trego Gulch, Trickle Gulch, Trowbridge Gulch, Trowel Gulch, Tucker Gulch, Ucelly Gulch, Unknown Gulch, Urquhart Gulch, Vendetta Gulch, Watson Gulch, Weir Gulch, Wesp Gulch, West Fork Cougar Gulch, West Fork McFarren Gulch, Weyer Gulch, Weyer Gulch, White Rock Gulch

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Cedar Grove, Hobo Cedar Grove,

Shoshone County, Idaho Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteShoshone County White population 12,13212,132  
MixedShoshone County Mixed population 241241
American IndianShoshone County American Indian population 203203
AsianShoshone County Asian population 6463
BlackShoshone County Black population 3838
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderShoshone County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1312

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