St. Mary's County, Maryland Basics:

St. Mary's County Maryland - Government Site

Population: 108,993
Area: 357 square miles
County seat: Leonardtown
Area code(s) in use: 301
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 90.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 28.4%
Median household income: $85,032
Persons in poverty: 7.1%
Home ownership rate: 72.8%
Mean travel time to work: 29.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Calvert  Charles  

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Map of the St. Mary's County area

Our detail map of St. Mary's County shows the St. Mary's County, Maryland boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in St. Mary's County, Maryland

  Airports     show all on map

Bonham Airport, Cherry Field Airport, Clements Airport, Deerfield Airport, Hampton Airport, Park Hall-Lexington Park Airport, Patuxent River Naval Air Station (Trapnell Field), Piney Point Airport, Recompense Farm Airport, St Mary's County Regional Airport, Webster Naval Outlying Field, West St Mary's Airport, Wingfield Airport

  Bars     show all on map

Blue Sow, Cannons Old Field Bar, Coade Bar, Elm Bar, Heron Island Bar, Herring Run Bar, James Creek Bar, Keys Bar, Long Bar, Mill Point Bar, Mouth of River Bar, Old Roots Bar, Piney Point Bar, Pond Point Bar, Waterloo Point Bar, White Point Bar, White Point Bar, Yellow Bank, Yellow Bank Point Bar

  Bays     show all on map

Avenue Branch, Back Creek, Bankhead Cove, Barnes Cove, Bettys Cove, Biscoe Creek, Blake Creek, Bramleigh Creek, Breton Bay, Budds Creek, Bushwood Cove, Calvert Bay, Calvert Creek, Chaptico Bay, Chicken Cock Creek, Church Cove, Cornfield Harbor, Cremona Creek, Cuckold Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Dukeharts Creek, Fodder House Cove, Forrest Landing Cove, Fox Harbor, Harper Creek, Harry James Creek, Haulover Inlet, Hayden Cove, Herring Creek, Indiantown Cove, Island Creek, Jutland Creek, Lewis Creek, Little Kingston Creek, Long Neck Creek, Lord Baltimores Bay, Lucas Cove, Malone Bay, Martin Cove, McKay Cove, Milburn Creek, Miley Creek, Mill Creek, Molls Cove, Nats Creek, Northern Prong Saint Jerome Creek, Oakland Cove, Pawpaw Hollow, Pearson Creek, Piney Point Creek, Point Lookout Creek, Potter Creek, Price Cove, Rowley Bay, Saint Catherine Sound, Saint Celments Bay, Saint Clarence Creek, Saint Clements Bay, Saint George Creek, Saint Jerome Creek, Sam Abell Cove, Smith Creek, Southern Prong Saint Jerome Creek, Spring Cove, Spring Creek, Tall Timbers Cove, Tanner Creek, Tarkill Cove, Taylor Cove, Taylor Cove, Town Creek, Trent Hall Creek, Washington Creek, Wreck Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Lane Beach, Piney Point Beach, Port Sunlight Beach, Saint George Island Beach, Saint Jerome Beach, Sandyland Beach

  Bends     show all on map

Horseshoe Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Saint George Island Bridge, Thomas Johnson Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Alumni Lodge, Aurine B Morsell House, Bay District Volunteer Fire Department Company 3, Bay District Volunteer Fire Department Company 9, Bernard C Trueschler House, Bushwood Lodge (historical), Bushwood Manor House (historical), Calvert Residence Hall, Caroline Residence Hall, Cobb House, Dameron House, Daugherty-Palmer Commons, Dorchester Residence Hall, Eleanor Diggs Harrington House, Esperanza House (historical), Ettonhead Manor House (historical), Fenwick Inn (historical), Fenwick Manor House (historical), Fords Enclosure (historical), Geneva Boone House, Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Company 7, Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad, Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad Company 79, Homer L Dodge House, Kirk House, Leigh House, Leonardtown Town Hall, Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department Company 1, Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad, Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad Company 19, Lexington Park Branch Library, Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Company 38, Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Company 39, Luckton Landing, Lundeberg Seamanship School, Margaret Brent Hall, Margaret Wing Dodge House, Maryland State Police Barrack T Leonardtown, Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department Company 2, Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department Company 22, Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad, Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad Company 29, Montgomery Fine Arts Center, Newton Manor House, Patuxent River Fire and Emergency Services Patuxent Naval Air Test Center, Point Lookout Prison (historical), Prince George Residence Hall, Queen Anne Residence Hall, Resurrection Manor House (historical), Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Company 4, Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad, Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad Company 49, Saint Clements Island-Potomac River Museum, Saint Mary's College of Maryland Office of Public Safety, Saint Mary's County Detention Center, Saint Mary's County Library - Charlotte Hall Branch, Saint Mary's County Library - Leonardtown Branch, Saint Mary's County Sheriff's Office, Saint Marys County Courthouse, Sandgates, Schaefer Hall, Second District Volunteer Company and Rescue Squad 6, Second District Volunteer Fire Department and Volunteer Rescue Squad Company 6, Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department Company 5, Seventh District Volunteer Rescue Squad, Seventh District Volunteer Rescue Squad Company 59, Smith Creek House, Somerset Gymnasium, Sotterley Mansion, Student Pavilion, Teddy Turner Sailing Center, The Edward T Lewis Quadrangle, The Villa, Townhouse Crescent, Turkey Neck House (historical), Turner Sailing Center, Valentine Hall

  Capes     show all on map

Albright Point, Ball Point, Bankhead Point, Bedlam Neck, Billiard Point, Biscoe Point, Bluff Point, Bramleigh Point, Buzzard Point, Buzzard Point, Buzzard Point, Canoe Neck, Captain Point, Cedar Point, Cedar Point, Cedar Point, Chancellor Point, Chaptico Point, Cherryfield Point, Church Point, Clem Point, Coade Point, Cohouck Point, Coltons Point, Coombs Point, Cornfield Point, Cornish Point, Deep Point, Deep Point, Deep Point, Dennis Point, Dodson Point, Edmund Point, Fishers Point, Fishing Point, Fort Point, Fox Point, Fresh Pond Neck, Goose Point, Graveyard Point, Gray Point, Guest Point, Half Pone Point, Hayden Point, Hodgson Point, Hog Point, Horseshoe Point, Huggins Point, Indigo Point, Josh Point, Jutland Neck, Kaywood Point, Kitts Point, Lawson Point, Long Neck, Long Point, Long Point, Long Point, Lovers Point, Luckton Point, Marsh Point, Martin Point, Mattney Point, Medleys Neck, Mills Point, Morgan Point, Morris Point, Mulberry Point, Myrtle Point, Newtown Neck, Orchard Point, Otter Point, Oyster Point, Pagan Point, Pawpaw Point, Payne Point, Piney Point, Point Look-In, Point Lookout, Point No Point, Point Patience, Pon Point, Portobello Point, Priests Point, Protestant Point, Rose Croft Point, Russell Point, Russell Point, Sage Point, Saint Inigoes Neck, Saint Jerome Neck, Saint Jerome Point, Sheehan Point, Shipping Point, Shipping Point, Short Point, Smith Point, Smith Point, Sotterley Point, Split Point, Straits Point, Streams End Point, Tarkill Point, Taylor Point, Thomas Point, Thorns Point, Tick Neck, Tolton Point, Town Point, Trent Hall Point, Turkey Neck, Walnut Point, Warehouse Point, Waterloo Point, White Point, Whites Neck, Whites Neck Point, Windmill Point, Yellow Bank

  Cemeteries     show all on map

All Faith Cemetery, All Saints Cemetery, Charles Memorial Gardens, Christ Church Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, Evergreen Memorial Gardens, Galilee Cemetery, Holy Face Cemetery, John Wesley Cemetery, Joy Chapel Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, New Saint Aloysius Cemetery, Old Saint Aloysius Cemetery, Old Saint Josephs Cemetery, Our Ladys Chapel Cemetery, Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery, Queen of Peace Cemetery, Saint Andrews Cemetery, Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery, Saint Georges Cemetery, Saint Georges Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Michael Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

California Census Designated Place, Charlotte Hall Census Designated Place, Golden Beach Census Designated Place, Lexington Park Census Designated Place, Mechanicsville Census Designated Place, Piney Point Census Designated Place, Saint George Island Census Designated Place, Tall Timbers Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Dukeharts Channel

  Churches     show all on map

All Faith Episcopal Church, All Saints Church, Anglican Chapel (historical), Bethel Church, Bethesda United Methodist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Church, Christ Church, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of the Ascension, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Ebenezer Church, Ebenezer Church (historical), First Church of Christ Scientist, First Pentecostal Church, Friendship Church, Galilee Church, Gate of Heaven Church, Gerard Chapel (historical), Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church, Hollywood Baptist Church, Hollywood Church of the Nazarene, Hollywood United Methodist Church, Holy Angels Church, Holy Face Church, Holy Family Catholic Church (historical), Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, John Wesley Church, Joy Chapel Methodist Church (historical), Leonardtown Baptist Church, Lexington Park Baptist Church, Living Word Community Church, Mount Calvary Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion United Methodist Church, Our Lady of the Wayside Church, Our Ladys Chapel, Park Hall True Holiness Church, Patuxent Baptist Church, Patuxent Presbyterian Church, Patuxent River Assembly of God, Patuxent Seventh Day Adventist Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Sacred Heart Church, Saint Agnes Chapel (historical), Saint Aloysius Church, Saint Andrews Church, Saint Cecelias Catholic Church, Saint Francis Xavier Church, Saint George Island United Methodist Church, Saint Georges Church, Saint Georges Church, Saint Inigoes Church, Saint Johns Roman Catholic Church, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Saint Luke Church, Saint Lukes Church, Saint Marys Abbey, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Michael Church, Saint Nicholas Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls United Methodist Church, Saint Peter Church, Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Saysf Church, Stauffer Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Zion Church, Zion Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Poseys Bluff, Wailes Bluff, Yellows Banks

  Dams     show all on map

Ledford Farm Pond Dam, Pond Number 3 Dam, Pond Number Three Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Carthagena Flats

  Harbors     show all on map

Chesapeake Bay Basin, East Patuxent Basin, Saint George Harbor, West Patuxent Basin

  Hospitals     show all on map

Ethel Chance Hall, Hammond General Hospital (historical), MedStar Saint Mary's Hospital, Saint Marys Nursing Home, Shanti Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Bullock Island, Heron Island (historical), Jimmy Island, Saint Catherine Island, Saint Clements Island, Saint George Island, Saint Margaret Island, Tippity Wichity Island, Treasure Island, White Point Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Biscoe Pond, Carroll Pond, Cherryfield Pond, Esperanza Pond, Filbert Pond, Fresh Pond, Fresh Pond, Goose Creek, Green Holly Pond, Hall Pond, Hollis Lake, Lake Conoy, Lane Pond, Langley Hollow, Norris Pond, Page Pond, Peters Pond, Tippitt Pond, Wherritts Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Abells Wharf, Athletic Stadium, Bachelors Hope, Bacons Wharf, Bards Field, Barton Hall, Basford Manor, Bayside Wharf, Biscoe, Blackstone Marina, Blairs Purchase, Bloomfield, Bloomsbury, Bradburn, Breton Bay Country Club, Bretons Bay, Brim Farm, Briscoe Wharf, Broommes Wharf, Burlington, Calverts Rest, Camp Brown, Camp Calvert, Camp Cherry Fields, Camp Maria, Camp Merryelande, Cape Saint Marys Marina, Carthagena (historical), Cashners Wharf (historical), Cedar Point Lighthouse, Chancellors Point (historical), Chaptico Wharf, Charlotte Hall Shopping Center, Charlotte Hall Water Treatment Plant, Cherryfields, Clayton Marina, Clockers Fancy, Cobb Point Bar Lighthouse, Cobrums Wharf, Combs Creek Marina, Cornfield Harbor, Cross Manor, Cuthberts Fortune (historical), De La Brooke, Deep Falls (historical), Dennis Point Marina, Depford, Drurys Marina, Elizabeth Hill, Ellenborough, Enfield, Esperanza Shopping Center, Faith Ridge Farm, Felicity (historical), Fenwick Free, Fog Hall, Forest Wharf, Forrest Hall, Fosters Neck, Fox Harbor, Friendly Hall, Glen Mary, Grason Landing, Green Springs, Greenbrier, Halfheads Folly, Harpers Corners, Hatchs Thicket, Herring Creek, Hopewell, Horse Range (historical), Howard Wharf (historical), Howleys Manor, Inclsey Manor, Johnny Landing, Jubilee Farm, Kingston, Leonardtown Square Shopping Center, Leonardtown Wastewater Treatment Plant, Leonardtown Wharf, Little Hackley, Loretano, Maiden Bower, Maryland International Raceway, Massom, Mattapany Plantation, Matthews Folly, McKays Plaza Shopping Center, Mill Point (historical), Miller Wharf, Millison Plaza Shopping Center, Millstone Landing, Mulberry Fields, Neales Hill, Neals Lott, Newtown Neck Proving Ground (historical), Notley Hall, Nuns Oak, Nuthalls Folly, Oakland, Ocean Hall, Old Wharf Landing, Park Hall, Parson Home, Penerine, Pine Landing, Piney Point Lighthouse, Placid Harbor Yacht Club, Point Lookout Camp (historical), Point Lookout Lighthouse, Point No Point Light, Portneys Oversight, Potomac Speedway, Potomac View, Reeder Wharf, River View, Rosedale, Russell Landing, Saint Clements Island Lighthouse (historical), Saint Cuthbert Wharf, Saint Elizabeths Manor, Saint Inigoes, Saint Jeromes Manor, Saint Josephs Manor (historical), Saint Marys County Government Center, Saint Marys Industrial Park, Saint Marys Square Shopping Center, Saint Michaels Manor, Saint Richards Manor, Saint Winifreds (historical), Salisbury Plains, San Souci Plaza Shopping Center, Savona, Scotterley Wharf, Smithwood (historical), Snow Hill Manor, Sothorons Desire (historical), Sotterley Wharf (historical), South Hampton (historical), Spaldings Comfort, Spencers Wharf, Stones Wharf, Temerity, Temple Bar, The Glebe, The Plains (historical), Townhouse Green, Trent Hall, Trent Hall Wharf, Trumans Hope (historical), Tulip Monument, West Saint Marys Manor, Westbury Manor, Westfield, Weston, White Marsh (historical), Wicomico Shores Country Club, Wildewood Mall Shopping Center, Wildewood Shopping Center, Willow Glen, Woodlawn, Woodpecker (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Fort of Saint Marys (historical), Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Piney Point Naval Outer Landing Field (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Cecils Mill Historic District, Chancellors Point Natural History Area, Charlotte Hall Historic District, Confederate Monument, Father White Memorial, Fifth District Park, First District Community Park, Garden of Remembrance, George B Cecil Memorial Park, Greenwell State Park, Hollywood Park, Indian Village Archeological Park, James W Henderson Park, Jarboesville Park, Laurel Grove Park, Leonardtown Park, Nicolet Park, Point Lookout Fort Monument, Point Lookout State Park, Saint Andrew Park, Saint Clement Shores Park, Saint Clements Island Historic District, Saint Marys City Historic Park, Saint Marys River State Park, Seventh District Community Park, The Elms Wildlife Management Area, Three Notch Park, Town Creek Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Stone Cross

  Populated Places     show all on map

Abell, Acquaskac (historical), Acquintanacsuak (historical), Airedele, Ancient Oaks, Andover Estates, Avenue, Barbers Quarter, Barefoot Acres, Bates Acres, Bay Forest, Beachville, Beans Landing, Beauvue, Belvedere Woodland, Benedict Smiths, Beverly Estates, Big Oak, Birch Hanger, Birch Manor, Blakistone, Bluestone Estates, Bluff Woods, Breezy Knolls, Breton Beach, Breton Woods, Britton, Budds Creek, Bull Run, Burning Oaks, Burnt Mill, Bushwood, Bushwood Wharf, Buzzard Point, Cal Acres, California, Callaway, Calloway Landing, Carthagena Creek, Cedar Cove, Cedar Landing, Cellar Hill, Chaptico, Charlotte Hall, Chickasaw Run, Chingville, Clarks Landing, Clements, Clover Dale Acres, Coffee Hill, Collingwood, Colony Square, Coltons Point, Compton, Cooney Neck Estate, Country Lakes, Cremona, Dameron, Delle Bourne, Denby Hill, Discovery, Drayden, Drumcliff, Dukes Retreat, Dutchmans Cove, Dynard, Elms Beach, Esperanza Farm, Essex South, Evergreen Park, Fenwick Manor, Flowers of the Forest, Forest Park, Forrest Hall Estates, Foxwell Point, Friendly Pines, Gillens Grove, Golden Beach, Gravelly Hills, Great Mills, Green Acres, Greens Rest Manor, Greenview Knolls, Gum Landing, Hays Beach, Helen, Helen Estates, Helen Farmettes, Hermanville, Herring Creek, Herring Creek Estates, Hidden River, Hills Trailer Park, Hillville, Holly Acres, Holly Gaf Acres, Holly Haven, Holly Oaks, Hollywood, Hollywood Shores, Horse Landing, Huntersville, Hunting Neck Woods, Hurry, Indian River Estates, Indiantown, Jonestown, King-Kennedy Estates, Kingston Manor, Kitty Acres, Knolland, Laceys Venture, Land-O-Lakes, Lane Beach, Lanedon, Laurel Grove, Laurel Run, Leachburg, Leonardtown, Lexington Park, Locke Hill Estates, Longview Beach, Lord Calvert Mobile Home Park, Loveville, Loveville Acres, Lower Brambley (historical), Macocanico (historical), Maddox, Maple Run, Maryland Manor, Mattapanient (historical), McKay Beach, Mechanicsville, Melody Acres, Middle Earth, Milestown, Mill Cove Manor, Mill Point Shores, Monanauk (historical), Morganza, Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Point, National Mobile Home Park, Newmarket, Newtown (historical), North Indian Creek Estates, North Town Creek Manor, Oakley, Oaks, Oakville, Oraville, Palmers, Park Hall Estates, Park Pines, Patuxent Knolls, Patuxent Park, Pawpaw Hollow, Peacock Manor, Pearson (historical), Pinemore, Piney Point, Piney Point Shores, Pocatamough (historical), Ponderosa Estates, Portneys Overlook, Portobello, Potomac Shores, Queen Tree Landing, Quiet Acres, Red Hill, Redgate, Redgate, Ridge, Ridgewood, River Springs, Riverwood Farms, Rodo Beach, Rolling Acres, Rosecroft, Rustic Hills, Saint Andrews Estates, Saint Catherine, Saint Clement Shores, Saint George Beach, Saint George Island, Saint George Park, Saint Inigoes Shores, Saint James, Saint Jerome Shores, Saint Jeromes Landing, Saint Jeromes Town (historical), Saint Margarets Grove, Saint Marys Beach, Saint Marys City, Saint Marys River Estates, Saint Peters Key, Sandgates, Sandyland Beach, Scotch Point, Scotland, Scotland Beach, Shady Dale, Shamrock Glen Estates, Sherlock Mobile Home Estates, Society Hill, Sotterley, Southampton, Southgate, Spencers Wharf, Spring Ridge, Spring Valley, Stoney Run, Suburban Estates, Suburban Mobile Estates, Summerseat, Summerseat Village, Sunrise Acres, Susquehanna (historical), Tall Timbers, Tenn Wood Acres, Thompson Corner, Tintop Hill, Tolson, Town Creek, Town Creek Farm, Town Creek Manor, Underwood (historical), Upper Brambley (historical), Upper Jutland, Valley Lee, Wasapokent (historical), Wasmacus (historical), Waterloo, West Saint Marys, White Point Beach, Wicomico Shores, Widow Woods, Wilderness, Wildewood, Wildwood, Willow Brook Estates, Winterseat, Wood-N-Dale Estates, Woodland Acres, Wynne, Yellow Bank

  Post Offices     show all on map

Abell Post Office, Abells Wharf Post Office (historical), Airedele Post Office (historical), Avenue Post Office, Bayside Post Office (historical), Beachville Post Office (historical), Beauvue Post Office (historical), Blakistone Post Office (historical), Bluestone Post Office (historical), Britton Post Office (historical), Budds Creek Post Office (historical), Bushwood Post Office, California Post Office, Callaway Post Office, Chaptico Post Office, Charlotte Hall Post Office, Chingville Post Office (historical), Clark Post Office (historical), Clements Post Office, Coltons Point Post Office, Compton Post Office, Cornfield Harbor Post Office (historical), Dameron Post Office, Drayden Post Office, Drumcliff Post Office (historical), Dynard Post Office (historical), Emory Post Office (historical), Fenwicks Tavern Post Office (historical), Fishing Point Post Office (historical), Forest Wharf Post Office (historical), Great Mills Post Office, Helen Post Office, Hermanville Post Office (historical), Hollywood Post Office, Huntersville Post Office (historical), Hurry Post Office (historical), Jones Wharf Post Office (historical), Laurel Grove Post Office (historical), Leonardtown Post Office, Lexington Park Post Office, Loveville Post Office, Maddox Post Office, Mechanicsville Post Office, Milestown Post Office (historical), Morganza Post Office, Mount Olive Post Office (historical), Oak Springs Post Office (historical), Oakley Post Office (historical), Oakville Post Office (historical), Oraville Post Office (historical), Palmers Post Office (historical), Park Hall Post Office, Pearson Post Office (historical), Piney Point Post Office, Point Lookout Post Office (historical), Portobello Post Office (historical), Redgate Post Office (historical), Ridge Post Office, River Springs Post Office (historical), Saint George Island Post Office (historical), Saint Inigoes Post Office, Saint Marys City Post Office, Sandgates Post Office (historical), Sassafras and Oak Post Office (historical), Scotland Beach Post Office (historical), Scotland Post Office, Sotterly Post Office (historical), Spencers Wharf Post Office (historical), Summerseat Post Office (historical), Tall Timbers Post Office, Three Notch Post Office (historical), Tolson Post Office (historical), Town Creek Post Office (historical), Valley Lee Post Office, Wynne Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Evitts Pond, Ledford Farm Pond, Pond Number Three, Saint Marys Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Abell School, Banneker School, Bay Montessori, Bayside School (historical), Bethune Elementary School, Brent High School, Budds Creek School, Budds Creek School, Carver School, Charles County Community College at Saint Marys, Charlotte Hall Military Academy (historical), Charlotte Hall School, Chopticon High School, Clements School (historical), Clover Hill Mennonite School, College of Southern Maryland - Leonardtown Campus, Dr James A Forrest Career and Technology Center, Dynard Elementary School, Esperanza School, Father White School, Felix Johnson Education Center, Fenwick School, Frank Knox School, Friendship Mennonite School, Friendship School (historical), Glebe School (historical), Gospel Light Baptist Academy, Gravely Knoll School (historical), Great Mills High School, Green Holly School, Greenview Knolls Elementary School, Greenview Knolls School, Hickory Hill School (historical), Hollywood School, Hollywood United Methodist Church Preschool, Holy Angels School, Leonard Hall School, Leonardtown Elementary School, Leonardtown High School, Leonardtown Middle School, Leonardtown Public School (historical), Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary School, Lexington Park Baptist Preschool, Lexington Park Christian School, Lexington Park Elementary School, Little Flower School, Loveville Mennonite School, Loveville Special Education Center, Maryland Springs School (historical), Mechanicsville Elementary School, Mechanicsville Mennonite School, Milestone School, Mother Catherine Spalding Elementary School, Oaks School (historical), Oakville Elementary School, Park Hall School, Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education, Piney Point School, Ridge School, Ryken High School, Sacred Heart Novitiate, Sacred Heart Parochial School, Saint Alphonsus School (historical), Saint Georges Island School (historical), Saint Johns School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Mary Development Center, Saint Mary's College Alternative Learning Center, Saint Mary's County Evening High School, Saint Mary's County Home and Hospital, Saint Marys Academy, Saint Marys College, Saint Marys County Technical Center, Saint Michael's School, Saint Peter Claver Catholic School, Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, Spring Ridge School, Starmaker Learning Center, Sunnyside School (historical), The Creative Beginnings School, Town Creek School, Victory Baptist Academy, White Marsh Elementary School, White Marsh School, Woodburn Hill Amish School, Woodside Amish School

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Creek, Back Creek, Bassfold Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Belvedere Creek, Big Duke Creek, Broad Run, Brooks Run, Broom Creek, Bull Run, Burnt Mill Creek, Burroughs Run, Calloway Creek, Canoe Neck Creek, Carthagena Creek, Cat Creek, Cecil Creek, Cedar Point Creek, Chaptico Creek, Chaptico Run, Cherry Cove Creek, Church Creek, Coatigan Run, Coffee Hill Run, Cole Creek, Combs Creek, Cooper Creek, Craney Creek, Dynard Run, Eastern Branch, Fisherman Creek, Flood Creek, Forrest Hall Branch, Glebe Branch, Glebe Run, Gravely Run, Greenhill Run, Greens Rest Run, Hayden Run, Hickory Landing Creek, Hillton Run, Hog Neck Creek, Horse Landing Creek, Indiantown Run, Inigoes Creek, Jarboesville Run, Johns Creek, Killpeck Creek, Kingston Creek, Lacy Run, Lane Creek, Lennie Creek, Little Duke Creek, Locks Swamp Creek, Locust Run, Lows Run, Luckton Run, Manahowic Creek, McIntosh Run, Medleys Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miski Run, Moll Dyers Run, Mud Creek, Nelson Run, Nelsons Run, Patuxent River, Penbrook Run, Persimmon Creek, Pine Hill Run, Poplar Hill Creek, Potomac River, Pustey Creek, Reaves Creek, Redman Branch, Rich Neck Creek, Roslin Creek, Saint Clements Creek, Saint Inigoes Creek, Saint Marys River, Saint Nicholas Creek, Saint Patrick Creek, Saint Thomas Creek, Saint Williams Creek, Schoolhouse Branch, Second Creek, Snow Hill Branch, Spring Brook, Tarleton Branch, Tenneson Creek, Thompson Creek, Tom Swamp Run, Tomakokin Creek, Town Run, Turkey Neck Creek, Warehouse Run, Western Branch Saint Marys River, Wheatley Creek, Whites Neck Creek, Woodland Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Blue Gull Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Church Swamp, Frog Marshes, Wise Marsh

  Towers     show all on map

WKIK-AM (Leonardtown), WMDM-FM (Lexington Park), WPTX-AM (Lexington Park), WQMR-FM (Mechanicsville),

St. Mary's County, Maryland Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSt. Mary's County White population 86,64986,649  
BlackSt. Mary's County Black population 15,58615,585
MixedSt. Mary's County Mixed population 3,2703,269
AsianSt. Mary's County Asian population 2,9432,942
American IndianSt. Mary's County American Indian population 436435
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSt. Mary's County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 109108

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