Newaygo County, Michigan Basics:

Newaygo County Michigan - Government Site

Population: 47,954
Area: 813 square miles
County seat: White Cloud
Area code(s) in use: 231
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 85.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.2%
Median household income: $43,180
Persons in poverty: 18.3%
Home ownership rate: 83.9%
Mean travel time to work: 28.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Kent  Lake  Mason  Mecosta  Montcalm  Muskegon  Oceana  Osceola  

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Map of the Newaygo County area

Our detail map of Newaygo County shows the Newaygo County, Michigan boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Newaygo County, Michigan

  Airports     show all on map

Bellamy Landing Strip, Bolthouse Landing Strip, Fremont Municipal Airport, Grant Airport, Howe Airport, Newaygo Airport, White Cloud Airport

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Anderson Flats Public Access

  Buildings     show all on map

Alumni Building, Arts and Sciences Commons, Ashland - Grant Volunteer Fire District, Automotive Center, Big Prairie Township Fire Department, Bishop Hall, Bond Hall, Brophy Hall, Business Building, Carlisle Hall, Clark Hall, Cramer Hall, Creative Arts Center, Croton Township Fire Department, East Campus Apartments, Everett Township Hall, Ewigleben Sports Complex, Flite Library, Fremont Area District Library, Fremont City Hall, Fremont Fire Department, Fremont Police Department, General Services Building, Granger Center, Grant Police Department, Grant Public Library, Hallisy Hall, Heavy Equipment Technology, Helen Ferris Hall, Henderson Hall, Hesperia Community Library, Hesperia Police Department, Instructional Resource Center, Johnson Hall, Knollcrest Commons, Life Emergency Medical Services Croton Station, Life Emergency Medical Services Fremont Station, Life Emergency Medical Services White Cloud Station, Life Emergency Medical Station Grant Station, Lilley Township Fire Department, Masselink Hall, McKessey House, McNerney Hall, Merrill Hall, Miller Hall, Music Building, National Elastomer Center, Newaygo Carnegie Library, Newaygo County Historical Museum, Newaygo County Sheriff's Office, Newaygo Fire District, Newaygo Police Department, Pharmacy Building, Pickell Hall, Power House, Prakken Building, Puterbaugh Hall, Rankin Student Center, Science Building, Sherman Township Hall, South Campus Apartments, South Commons, Southwest Commons, Southwest Heating Plant, Starr Building, Student Recreational Center, Swan Building, Taggart Hall, Timme Center for Student Services, Travis Hall, Vandercook Hall, Victor F Spathelf Center, Ward Hall, West Building, West Campus Apartments, West Commons, White Cloud City Hall, White Cloud Community Library, White Cloud District Rangers Office, White Cloud Fire Department, White Cloud Police Department, Williams Auditorium

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Blue Lake Drain, Carlson Drain, Christenson Drain, Costen Drain, Dunning Drain, Gilbert Drain, Hansen Drain, Holmes Drain, John Beem Drain, Koopman Drain, Korlaar Drain, Ludke Drain, Lynn Drain, Moses Drain, Plaiser Drain, Poll Drain, Robinson Drain, Siems Drain, Skipperville Drain, Veenboer Drain, Wheeler Drain

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Amish Cemetery, Ashland Cemetery, Barton Township Cemetery, Big Prairie-Everett Cemetery, Bridgeton Cemetery, Bull Cemetery, Christian Plains Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Crandall Cemetery, Croton Cemetery, Curtice Cemetery, Danish Cemetery, Dayton Center Cemetery, East Hesperia Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Goodwell Cemetery, Gulp Cemetery, Hillers Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Huber Cemetery, Hungerford Cemetery, Indian Cemetery, Lawrence Farm Cemetery (historical), Lilley Cemetery, Lincoln Cemetery, Lincoln Township Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Merrill Township Cemetery, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Newago County Poor Farm Cemetery, Newaygo City Cemetery, North Ensley Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Parkview Cemetery, Prairie Cemetery, Prospect Hill Cemetery, Reeman Cemetery, Saint John Cemetery, Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Saint Marks Cemetery, Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Saint Michaels Cemetery, Sherman Township Cemetery, Shippy Cemetery, Shoggwabno Groves Cemetery, Troy Cemetery, Volney Cemetery, Whipple Cemetery, Wilde Cemetery, Woodville Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Aetna Calvary Church, All Saints Catholic Church, Ashland Center Church of Christ, Assembly of God Church, Believers Bible Chapel, Big Prairie Community Church, Bills Lake Baptist Church, Bitely Community Church, Body of Christ Lutheran Church, Bridgeton Church, Brooks Lake Chapel, Christ Lutheran Church, Christian Life Fellowship, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Church of the Living Christ, Community Church, Community Fellowship Church, Country Bible Church, Croton Community Church, Danish Church, Dayton Center Wesleyan Church, East Denver Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Bible Church, Faith Temple, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Woodland, First Christian Reformed Church, First Congregational Church, First Reformed Church, Fremont Christian Church, Fremont Church of Christ, Fremont Church of the Nazarene, Fremont United Methodist Church, Fremont Wesleyan Church, Grace Bible Church, Grace Community Church, Grant Assembly of God Church, Grant Church, Grant Reformed Church, Grant United Church of Christ, Grant Wesleyan Church, Harvest Baptist Church, Hatfield Church, Hesperia Baptist Church, Hesperia United Methodist Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Lady of Guadalupe Mission, Lighthouse Community Church, Living Hope Lutheran Fellowship, New Community Church of Newaygo, Newaygo United Methodist Church, Northland Church of Christ, Norwich Church, Pine Grove Chapel, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Reeman Christian Reformed Church, Resurrection Life Church, Rice Lake Church, River Valley Community Church, Saint Bartholomew Church, Saint John's Episcopal Church, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Michael Church of Brunswick, Second Christian Reformed Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Baptist Church, South Ensley Church, South Ensley United Methodist Church, Trinity Christian Reformed Church, Union Tabernacle, United Church of Christ, Victory Fellowship Church, Volney Bible Church, Wayside Church, White Cloud Church, White Cloud Church, White Cloud Church of God, White Cloud Church of God in Christ, White Cloud United Methodist Church, Woodville Community Church

  Dams     show all on map

Croton Dam, Hardy Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Birkam Health Center, Continu-Care-Gerber Memorial Hospital, Family Health Care Clinic, Family Health Center, Gerber Memorial Health Services, Grant Medical Center, Hesperia Medical Center, Main Street Internal Medicine Clinic, Newaygo Medical Care Facility, Pine Medical Group, Pine Medical Group, White Cloud Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Troque Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Abeys Lake, Ackland Lake, Alley Lake, Amaung Lake, Atodd Lake, Baldwin Lake, Baptist Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Bass Lake, Benton Lake, Berger Pond, Biddleman Marsh, Bills Lake, Bisel Lake, Bitely Lake, Black Lake, Blackberry Lake, Blacksmith Lake, Blanch Lake, Blood Lake, Bluegill Lake, Bolen Lake, Brant Lake, Brooks Lake, Brush Lake, Bub Lake, Burris Lake, Butler Lake, Butterfield Lake, Carey Lake, Clarks Lake, Cole Lake, Condon Lake, Conover Lake, Cook Lake, Cope Lake, Crepin Lake, Crofoot Lake, Crystal Lake, Cucumber Lake, Diamond Lake, Dollar Lake, Dutch Lake, East Lake, Eaves Lake, Egg Lake, Emerald Lake, Englewright Lake, Evans Lake, Faupell Lake, First Lake, Flanders Lake, Ford Lake, Fourth Lake, Fremont Lake, Frey Lake, Fry Lake, Grandpa Lakes, Greening Lake, Gustafson Marsh, Halverson Lake, Harwell Lake, Hesperia Pond, Hess Lake, Highbank Lake, Houseman Lake, Hoyt Lake, Hungerford Lake, Indian Lake, Isaac Lake, Island Lake, John Ford Lake, June Lake, Kemperman Lake, Kempf Lake, Kenosha Lake, Kimball Lake, Kimes Lake, Kinney Lake, Kirchner Lake, Knowles Lake, Lake of the Woods, Lake White Cloud, Lamoreaux Lake, Lamoreaux Lake, Leaf Lake, Lee Lake, Lilley Lake, Little Lake, Little Lake Placid, Little Martin Lake, Little Mud Lake, Little Robinson Lake, Loda Lake, Loon Lake, Lorden Lake, Lost Lake, Maple Lake, Martin Lake, Mast Lake, McGann Lake, Merrill Lake, Middle Lake, Mill Lake, Minnie Lake, Moon Lake, Moonbeam Lake, Moore Lake, Mountain Lake, Mowby Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mudget Lake, Murphy Lake, Musketeep Lake, Mystery Lake, Nichols Lake, North Lake, Otterman Lake, Oxford Lake, Pearl Lake, Pearson Lake, Peck Lake, Perch Lake, Peterson Lake, Pettibone Lake, Pettit Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pickerel Lake, Railroad Lake, Ransom Lake, Richmond Lake, Robinson Lake, Rollway Lake, Round Lake, Ryerson Lake, Sand Lake, Savage Lake, Sawkaw Lake, Schultz Lake, Second Lake, Shelley Lake, Sis Lake, Sisson Lake, Skipperville Lake, Somers Lake, South Lake, Sylvan Lake, Third Lake, Toft Lake, Toman Lake, Toogood Lake, Tourcotte Lake, Triple Lakes, Trout Lake, Truckey Lake, Tucker Lake, Turnbull Lake, Twinwood Lake, Utley Lake, Walkup Lake, Webinguaw Lake, Whipple Lake, Winnepesaug Lake, Woodland Lake, Woodrail Lake, Woods Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Alderson Station (historical), Ashland Station, Benton Lake Recreation Area, Biteley Station (historical), Briar Hill Golf Course, Brigadoon Golf Club, Broham Station, Camp Echo, Camp Tocanja, Chinook Campground, Croton Township Campground, Dickinson Station (historical), Drew Siding, Fields Station (historical), Fremont Station (historical), Grant Station, Henry Camp, High Rollway Public Access, Highbank Lake Recreation Area, Hungerford Station (historical), Intimidator Golf Course, Jackson Corners, Jewell Station (historical), Lake Park Campground, Leisure Time RV Park, Lilley Station, Lumberton Station (historical), Mystery Creek Campground, Newaygo County Fairgrounds, Newaygo Recreation Area, Newaygo State Park Rustic Campground, Newaygo Station, Nichols Lake Recreation Site, Northwood Golf Course, Ottawa Boy Scott Camp, Pettibone Park Campground, Pickerel Lakeside Campground and Cottages, Pilgrim's Run Golf Club, Pine Avenue Public Access, Ramona Station, Ramshorn on the Lakes Golf Course, Reeman Station (historical), Salmon Run Campground, Sandy Beach Campground, Smitty's Hideaway and Campground, Summer Breeze Par Three Golf Course, Timbers Edge Campground, Trumbull Corners, Village Green Golf Club, Walkers Corners, White Cloud City Campground, White Cloud Station, White River Roughing Area Campground, Woodville Station (historical), Wooster Station (historical)

  Oilfields     show all on map

Huber Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Alley Lake Park, Arboretum Park, Baptist Lake Township Park, Barton Township Park, Big Bend Township Park, Big Prairie Township Park, Breezy Knoll Park, Croton Township Park, Diamond Lake County Park, EH Henning County Park, Flowing Well Park, Fremont Lake Park, Hardy Dam County Park, Harold T Rice Park, High Rollway Park, Kimble County Park, Kimble County Park, Loda Lake Recreation Site, Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary, Mena Creek Waterfowl Area, Millpond Park, Minnie Lake Park, MK Conklin Park, Newaygo County Sports Park, Newaygo Experimental Forest, Newaygo State Park, Pettibone Lake Park, Sandy Beach County Park, Shaw Park, Sheridan Park, Top Taggart Field, Veterans Memorial Park, West Intramural Fields, White Cloud State Park, WJ Branstrom Park, Zeigler Roadside Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Aetna, Alleyton (historical), Ashland, Ashland Center, Big Bend, Big Prairie, Bishop, Bitely, Bridgeton, Brohman, Brookhaven Estates Mobile Home Park, Brookside, Country View Estates Mobile Home Park, Croton, Croton Heights, Dayton Center, Ensley Center, Four Seasons Trailer Park, Fremont, Grant, Hawkins, Hill's Mobile Home Park, Huber, Jugville, Lake Forest Mobile Home Park, Lilley, McLean, Meadowview Village Mobile Home Park, Newaygo, Oxbow, Oxbow Park, Ramona, Reeman, Riverview, Sitka, Sun, Sun, Tift Corner, Troy, Volney, Walgamor Corners, White Cloud, Wierenga's Hess Lake Mobile Home Park, Woodland Park, Woodville, Wooster

  Post Offices     show all on map

Aetna Post Office (historical), Alderson Post Office (historical), Alleyton Post Office (historical), Ashland Post Office (historical), Barton Post Office (historical), Beaver Post Office (historical), Big Prairie Post Office (historical), Bishop Post Office (historical), Bitely Post Office, Breckenridge Post Office (historical), Bridgeton Post Office (historical), Brohman Post Office, Brookings Post Office (historical), Brooks Post Office (historical), Brookside Post Office (historical), Brunswick Post Office, Cole Creek Post Office (historical), Cook's Station Post Office (historical), Croton Post Office (historical), Denver Post Office (historical), Dickinson Post Office (historical), Fields Post Office (historical), Fremont Post Office, Goodwell Post Office (historical), Grant Post Office, Grove Post Office (historical), Hawkins Post Office (historical), Holmdale Post Office (historical), Home Post Office (historical), Huber Post Office (historical), Hungerford Post Office (historical), Jenson Post Office (historical), Jericho Post Office (historical), Jewell Post Office (historical), Keno Post Office (historical), Kirk Post Office (historical), Lake Post Office (historical), Lilley Post Office (historical), Lumberton Post Office (historical), McLane Post Office (historical), McLeans Post Office (historical), Mineral Spring Post Office (historical), Mitchell's Prairie Post Office (historical), Newaygo Post Office, Palmerville Post Office (historical), Parks Post Office (historical), Plumville Post Office (historical), Ponama Post Office, Reeman Post Office (historical), Shaw Post Office (historical), Sitka Post Office (historical), Stiles Post Office (historical), Sun Post Office (historical), Volney Post Office (historical), West Troy Post Office (historical), White Cloud Post Office, Willcox Post Office (historical), Woodville Post Office (historical), Wooster Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Croton Dam Pond, Hardy Dam Pond

  Schools     show all on map

Applegarth School, Baptist Lake School, Big Jackson School, Bigelow School, Brookside School, Butler School, Cedar Street School, Christian Junior High School, Davenport School, Davis School, Denver School, Dickenson School, Donahue School, Doud School, Dusty Brooks School, Faith Christian School, Flowing Well School, Fremont High School, Fremont Middle School, Frey School, Garfield Center School, Graham School, Grant Elementary School, Grant High School, Grant Middle School, Grant School, Hesperia High School, Hillman School, Jack D Jones Elementary School, Jibson School, Kempf School, Kimball Lake School, Lambson School, Little Jackson School, Lorden School, McLean School, Newaygo County Baptist Academy, Newaygo County Vocational School, Newaygo High School, Newaygo Middle School, North School, Norway Hall School, Oak Grove School, Packard School, Palmer School, Pangbron School, Pathfinder Elementary School, Patterson School, Pine Grove Christian School, Pine Street School, Pineview School, Pleasant Valley School, Providence Christian High School, Ramona Post Office (historical), Riverside School, Root Town School, Saint Michael School, Saint Michaels School, Salem School, Schenck School, Shaw School, South Garfield School, Spring Valley School, Stone School, Tyndall School, Upper Elementary School, Van Korlaar School, Velma Matson Upper Elementary School, Vera Wilsie School, Volney School, Walker School, Waterman School, Waters School, Wheat School, White Cloud High School, White Cloud Middle School, Windealt School

  Streams     show all on map

Bear Creek, Betts Creek, Bigelow Creek, Black Creek, Bowman Drain, Brayden Creek, Brooks Creek, Brooks Creek, Butler Creek, Cedar Creek, Cold Creek, Coonskin Creek, Cow Creek, Dragoo Creek, Dry Run, East Branch Heald Creek, Ewing Creek, First Cole Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flinton Creek, Fourmile Creek, Freeman Creek, Graham Creek, Greenwood Creek, James Creek, Linn Creek, Little Muskegon River, Maple River, Martin Creek, McDuffee Creek, Mena Creek, Minnie Creek, Mullen Creek, Pease Creek, Penoyer Creek, Ransom Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Robinson Creek, Ryan Creek, Sand Creek, Second Cole Creek, South Mitchell Creek, Tank Creek, Thumser Creek, Triple Lakes Creek, West Branch Heald Creek, West Michigan Creek, Whipple Creek, Williams Creek, Winnepesaug Creek, Woody Creek, Wrights Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Skidder Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Anderson Bayou, Anderson Bayou, Devils Lake, Dudgean Swamp, Harness Marsh, Oxford Swamp, Schumaker Bayou, Schumaker Bayou, Section Eight Lake, Section Five Lake

  Towers     show all on map

Beaver Lookout Tower, Croton Lookout Tower, Gibbs Lookout Tower, Newaygo Lakes Lookout Tower, Star Lake Lookout Tower, WAAQ-FM (Big Rapids), WBLV-FM (Twin Lake), WSHN-AM (Fremont), WSHN-FM (Fremont), WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids)

  Trails     show all on map

Cedar Creek Cycle Trail, Honeymoon Lake Snowmobile Trail, Hungerford Cross Country Ski Trail, Newaygo County Snowmobile Trail,

Newaygo County, Michigan Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteNewaygo County White population 46,08446,083  
MixedNewaygo County Mixed population 671671
BlackNewaygo County Black population 527527
American IndianNewaygo County American Indian population 432431
AsianNewaygo County Asian population 192191
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderNewaygo County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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