Crawford County, Missouri Basics:

Crawford County Missouri - Government Site

Population: 24,807
Area: 743 square miles
County seat: Steelville
Area code(s) in use: 573
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 77.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 12.0%
Median household income: $35,794
Persons in poverty: 19.0%
Home ownership rate: 75.5%
Mean travel time to work: 29.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Dent  Franklin  Gasconade  Iron  Phelps  Washington  

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Map of the Crawford County area

Our detail map of Crawford County shows the Crawford County, Missouri boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Crawford County, Missouri

  Airports     show all on map

Cuba Municipal Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Brush Prairie, Eastern Ozarks, Parsons Prairie, Pond Prairie, Simpsons Prairie

  Basins     show all on map

Harper Hole

  Bridges     show all on map

Campbell Bridge, Hog Trough Bridge, Sappington Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Argo, Birch Pond, Bourbon Fire Protection District, Bourbon Police Department, Clintons Mills, Crawford County Sheriff's Office, Cuba Police Department, Cuba Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Cuba Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Drycreek, Elm Grove, Elm Tree, Holberts, Iron Ridge, Jacobston, Kolano, Leasburg Volunteer Fire Department, Lone Cedar, Maramec, Seitz, Spring Mills, Steelville City Marshal, Steelville Fire Protection District Station 1, Steelville Fire Protection District Station 2, Steelville Fire Protection District Station 3, Sullivan Police Department, Vieman (historical), Weber, Whitsett

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Anderson Cemetery, Attebery-Fort Cemetery, Aunt Pop Cemetery, Avery Cemetery, Bacon Cemetery, Barnes Cemetery, Boone Creek Cemetery, Bourbon Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Carr Cemetery, Cherry Valley Cemetery, Coleman Cemetery, Coleman Cemetery, Cook Cemetery, Courtois Cemetery, Delcour Cemetery, Dillard Cemetery, Dillard Cemetery, Dobkins Cemetery, Dodkin Cemetery, Dohammer Cemetery, Earney Cemetery, Eaton Cemetery, Eaton Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Fairclough Cemetery, Finney Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Garrett Cemetery, Gerth Cemetery, Gibbs Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gorman Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Griffith Cemetery, Haack Cemetery, Haffer Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Hardy Cemetery, Harrison Cemetery, Heron Cemetery, Hibler Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hodges Cemetery, Keener Cemetery, Kinder Cemetery, Lea Cemetery, Licklider Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, McIntire Cemetery, McNickle Cemetery, McWilliams Cemetery, Morrison Cemetery, Moultray Cemetery, Mount Cemetery, New Home Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Pinnell Cemetery, Pyatt Cemetery, Record Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Rock Cemetery, Sanders Cemetery, Schweider Cemetery, Shepherd of the Hills Cemetery, Skaggs Cemetery, Steelville Cemetery, Taff Cemetery, Turnbough Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Wesco Cemetery, Wilkinson Cemetery, Woodlock Cemetery, Zenser Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Bakers Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church South, Barnicle Church, Berryman Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Bethel Presbyterian Church, Bethesda Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Blue Spring Church, Boone Creek Baptist Church (historical), Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Canaan Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Carr Church, Center Point Church, Center Post Church, Coffee Church, Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cooks Station Baptist Church (historical), Courtois Church (historical), Crooked Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Crossroads Church, Czar Church, Ecclesia Church, Ernest A Smith Methodist Church, Eureka Baptist Church, Fairclough Episcopal Church (historical), Fairview Church, Forest Hill Baptist Church, Fox Theater Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church, Huzzah Church, Jake Prairie Chapel, Lick Creek Church, Lookout Church, Maple Grove Missionary Baptist Church (historical), Midland Church, Mount Calvary Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Pisgah Church (historical), Mount Pleasant Baptist Church (historical), New Home Church (historical), Pentecostal Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Point Church, Pleasant Ridge Church, Prairie Methodist Church, Providence Methodist Episcopal Church, Pyatt Hollow Church (historical), Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Francis Catholic Church, Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sellers Church, Smith Presbyterian Chapel, Straightway Church, Union Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church, United Church, Whispering Winds Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Indian Rock Bluff, Red Bluff

  Dams     show all on map

Alexander Lake Dam, Asher Lake Dam, Ballard Lake Section 13 Dam, Ballard Lake Section 14 Dam, Baumstark Lake Dam, Brummet Lake Dam, Budget Buster Dam, Carden Lake Dam, Cardin Lake Dam, Castanis Lake Dam, City Park Lake Dam, Cobines Folly Dam, Cuba Fish Farm Dam, Durbin Lake Dam, Eickhoff Lake Dam, Elders Lake Dam, Field Lake Dam, Ford Lake Dam, Forester Lake Dam, Frerichs Lake Section 4 Dam, Frerichs Section 22 Lake Dam, Frumar Lake Dam, Geize Lake Dam, Gould Lake Dam, Haladale Lake Dam, Hartnett Lake Dam, Hedrick Lake Dam, Helmering Farms Dam, Holiday Lake Dam, Holifield Lake Dam, Holmstrom North Lake Dam, Holmstrom South Lake Dam, Hubbman Lake Dam, Indian Hills Dam, J Bristow Lake Dam, Jellystone Park Dam, Kamler Lake Dam, Keeney Lake Dam, Kemp Lake Dam, Klontz Lake Dam, Kozlowski Lake Dam, Krekder Lake Dam, Lake Vera Dam, Lerwick Lake Dam, Matthews Lake Dam, Mononame 133 Dam, Mononame 352 Dam, Mononame 852 Dam, Neill Lake Dam, Nolie Lake North Dam, Nolie Lake South Dam, Number 410 Dam, Number 717 Dam, Number 718 Dam, Number 845 Dam, Number 846 Dam, Number 860 Dam, Opossum Hollow Dam, Ploch Lake Dam, R Haas and Heck A Dam, Ramstein Lake Dam, Rutz Lake Dam, Seidl Lake Dam, Setzer Dam, Skinner-Sorth-Koch-Kreider Lake Dam, Smith Lake Dam, Stubblefield Lake Dam, Sutter Lake Dam, Thunder Valley Farm Dam, Walker North Lake Dam, Walker South Lake Dam, Weisel Lake Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Simms Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

The Narrows

  Hospitals     show all on map

Missouri Baptist Hospital of Sullivan

  Lakes     show all on map

Blue Hole, Blue Hole, Bluff Lake, Brandel Lake, Duck Lake, Echo Valley Lake, Horse Hole, Lost Lake, Von Hoffman Lake

  Levees     show all on map

High Bank

  Locales     show all on map

Allen Ford, Barsbyshell Crossing, Boyd Ford, Burgess Ford, Camp Mihaska, Canal, Cedar Grove School, County Ford, Cow Ford, Crabtree Ford, Crabtree Ford, Craven, Cresswells Mill, Crooked Lookout (historical), Davis Ford, Davisville Campground, Dowler Gristmill (historical), Eagle Hurst Ranch Resort, Earney Mill, Elma, Eugenia, Faulkner, Fishermans Dude Ranch, Fleming Ford, Garrett Ford, Goltra Ford, Griffith, Halberts, Hamilton Ford, Hardy Ford, Harper Ford, Harrison Ford, Harrison-Reeves Bloomery, Highway, Hitch, Holinshead Ford, Hughes Ford, Indian Camp Ford, Iron Ford (historical), Kinseys Station, Landtown, Lower Matlock Ford, McAtie Mill, McInnis Ford, Midland Blast Furnace, Mound Ridge Camp, Moutray Ford, Oak Grove School (historical), Ozark Gospel Center (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Red Bluff Campground, Riverside Mill, Riverview Public Access Area, Roswell, Sanders Ford, Scotia School (historical), Sellers School (historical), Service School (historical), Slowenski School (historical), Slowensky Ford, Sorrell Ford, Sounders Mill, Thicketty Ford, Upper Matlock Ford, Valley View (historical), Valley View Roadside Park, Vivian, Von Hoffman Lake (historical), Waller Ford, Westover School (historical), Wisdoms Mill, Woodlock Gristmill, Zion School (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Anderson and Clark Iron Mine (historical), Anderson Iron Bank, Arthur Iron Bank (historical), Benton Creek Mine, Bleeding Hill Copper Mines, Bleeding Hill Iron Bank, Blue Mountain Mine, Bonito Iron Mine, Bowers Iron Mine, Buffum Iron Mine, C C Cook Iron Bank, Carson Iron Banks, Carter Lead Mine, Cherry Valley Number One Iron Bank, Cherry Valley Number Two Iron Bank, Clapps Iron Mine, Clark and Halbert Iron Mine, Clark Iron Mine, Clarke Lead Mines, Cole Lead Diggings, Copper Hill Mine, Craig Iron Bank, Darby Lead Mine, Deffebach Iron Mine, Dorey Iron Bank, Dry Creek Iron Bank, Eaton Lead Mine, Evans Lead Mine, Ferguson Iron Bank, Fort Lead Diggings, Greens Hill Lead Mine, Griffith Iron Mine, Halbert Lead Digging, Haney Iron Mine, Harman Lead Mines, Hart Iron Mine, Hibler Iron Bank, Hibler Lead Diggings, Hiblers Lead Diggings, Hinch Copper Mine, Hinch Hill Iron Mine, Hinchs Lead Diggings, Hobo Iron and Sulphur Mines, Iron Ridge Number One Iron Bank, Iron Ridge Number Two Iron Bank, Isabella Iron Bank, Isgreeg Lead Mine, Isgrigs Lead Diggings, J.P. Card and Companys Iron Bank, Jones Iron Mine, Key and Anderson Iron Mine, Key Iron Bank, Kings Mountain Lead Mines, Knox Iron Bank, Knox Number Two Iron Mine, Lea and Marsh Iron Bank, Lockhart Lead Mine, Luke Bluff Lead Mine, Marsh Iron Mine, Matthews Lead Mine, McGarvey Iron Mine, McGary Iron Mine, McLaughlin Iron Bank, Midland Mine, Mineral Hill Lead Mines, Montres Lead Diggings, Mountain Iron Mine, N.G. Clark and Companys Iron Bank, N.G. Clark Number One Iron Bank, N.G. Clark Number Two Iron Bank, New York Iron Bank, Old Christy Mine, Old Copper Hill Iron Bank, Pease Iron MIne, Peetz Iron Bank, Pinnel Iron Mine, Preston Iron Mine, Railroad Iron Mine, Railroad Lead Diggings, Ransom Lead Diggings, Red Hill Lead Diggings, Rees Iron Mine, Reuben Smith Iron Bank, Rich Hill Lead Diggings, Rives Copper Mine, Romine Lead Mine, Rovald Iron Mine, Rowden Iron Bank, Rutledge Lead Diggings, S.L. and L.R. Iron Bank, Sappington Lead Mines, Scotia Number One Iron Bank, Scotia Number Two Iron Bank, Seay and Marsh Iron Mine, Seay Iron Mine, Senator Bucklands Iron Bank, Simpsons Lead Mine, Soulard Lead Mine, Stanford Lead Mine, Steelville Iron Mine, Steelville Number One Iron Bank, Steelville Number two Iron Bank, Sullivan and Bridell Iron Mine, Sullivan Lead Mine, Taylor Iron Mine, Thompson Iron Mine, Trask and Garrisons Lead Diggings, Usury Lead Mine, Varris and Arnold Mine, Varris Iron Mine, Vaughn Iron Bank, Watros Iron Bank, Weins Lead Diggings, Wheelings Lead Mines and Furnace, Wilkerson Iron Bank, Williams Lead Mine, Winds Lead Mine, Zane Iron Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Birds Nest Beach Park, Crooked Creek Conservation Area, Dillard Mill State Historic Site, Gibbs State Wildlife Area, Huzzah Conservation Area, Iroquois Park, Onondaga Cave State Park, Richter State Wildlife Area, Riverview Roadside Park, Woodson K Woods State Memorial Wildlife Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adamsville, Amanda, Argo, Avery (historical), Berryman, Birds Nest, Bourbon, Boyd, Butler Pond, Butts, Cedar Ford, Center Post, Cherry Valley, Cherryville, Coffeyton, Cook Station, Crossroads, Cuba, Czar, Davisville, Delhi, Dillard, Elaver, Fanning, Four Points, Fox Springs, Goltra, Harrison Mills, Hinch, Hofflins, Huzzah, Idlewild, Iron Center, Jake Prairie, Kent, Keysville, Klein Ford, Lead Branch Junction, Leasburg, Limberlost, MacKenzie, Midland, Oak Hill, Patsy, Saint Cloud, Sankey (historical), Scotia, Scott Ford, Service, Steelville, Thousand Oaks, Vilander, Wesco, West Sullivan, Westover, Wildwoods

  Post Offices     show all on map

Norman Post Office, Oby Post Office, Priest Post Office, Restful Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alexander Lake, Ballard Lake Section 13, Ballard Lake Section 14, Baumstark Lake, Boo-Boos Lake, Brummet Lake, Carden Lake, Cardin Lake, Castanis Lake, City Park Lake, Crote Mac Lake, Cuba Fish Farm Lake, Durbin Lake, Eickhoff Lake, Elders Lake, Field Lake, Ford Lake, Forester Lake, Fred Weber Lake, Frerichs Lake Section 22, Frerichs Lake Section 4, Frumar Lake, Geize Lake, Glory Lake, Gould Lake, Hartnett Lake, Hedrick Lake, Helmering Farms Lake, Holiday Lake, Holifield Lake, Holmstrom North Lake, Holmstrom South Lake, Hubbman Lake, Indian Lake, J Bristow Lake, Kamler Lake, Keeney Lake, Kemp Lake, Klontz Lake, Kozlowski Lake, Krekder Lake, Lake Vera, Lerwick Lake, Matthews Lake, Neill Lake, Nolie Lake North, Nolie Lake South, Pine Lake, Ploch Lake, Ramstein Lake, Rutz Lake, Seidl Lake, Skinner-Sorth-Koch-Kreider Lake, Smith Lake, Sprinkles Bass Hole, Stubblefield Lake, Sutter Lake, Thunder Valley Farm Lake, Walker North Lake, Walker South Lake, Weisel Lake, Westover Fisheries

  Ridges     show all on map

Burly Ridge, Lower Narrows, Upper Narrows

  Schools     show all on map

Bailey School, Benkey School (historical), Benton School (historical), Berryman School (historical), Big Bend School, Black Jack School (historical), Blue Spring School, Butts School (historical), Carr School, Center Point School, Cherry Valley School (historical), Coffee School, Coleman School (historical), Cook Station School (historical), Czar School (historical), Daniels School, Delhi School (historical), Dillard School (historical), Dowler Mill School, Earl School, Eaton School, Fairview School (historical), Fanning School, Farrar School (historical), Forest Hill School, Gibbs School (historical), Henry Eaton School, High Point School, Highland School, Hinch School (historical), Houston School, Huzzah School (historical), Iron Center School, Iron Ridge School, Jacks Prairie School, Keysville School (historical), Liberty School, Lick Creek School, Lincoln School (historical), Long Ridge School, Lookout School (historical), Lower Viburnum School, Maple Shade School, Matlock School, Midland School, Mound School (historical), Mudtown School, New Rock School, Nixon School, Oak Grove School, Oak Hill School, Oak Ridge School (historical), Oak Shade School, Park View School, Peaceful Bend School, Pleasant Hill School, Pleasant Ridge School, Pleasant Valley School, Pleasant View School (historical), Riverside School, Roanoke School, Rock School, Seminary School, Smith School, Steelville R-3 High School, Stringtown School (historical), Sullivan School, Sunnyside School, Taylor School, Threemile School, Valley School, Valley Side School, Viburnum School, Vine Hill School, Wesco School, Woolsey School (historical), Yeary School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Anderson Spring, Beaver Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Blue Springs, Blunt Spring, Cathedral Spring, Collins Spring, Cress Spring, Evans Spring, Fishing Spring, Flowing Well, Gibbs Spring, Hickman Spring, Indian Springs, James Spring, Lenox Spring, Little Spring, Long Spring, McCormick Spring, McDade Spring, McKee Spring, Onondaga Spring, Osage Spring, Pabst Spring, Richart Spring, Rise and Fall Spring, Rock Spring, Saranac Spring, Sig Bass Spring, Tanyard Spring, Twin Spring, Westover Spring, Woodlock Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Bass Branch, Beaver Creek, Benton Creek, Bessen River, Billys Branch, Black Jack Creek, Blairs Creek, Blue Springs Creek, Bobs Creek, Bouse Creek, Brazil Creek, Carter Creek, Cherry Valley Creek, Courtois Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Creek, Crows Creek, Dans Branch, Doss Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Fork, Dugan Branch, East Branch Shoal Creek, Essmans Creek, Greens Creek, Hamilton Creek, Harman Creek, Harrisons Mill Creek, Hinch Branch, Hobo Branch, Huzzah Creek, Hyde Branch, Indian Creek, James Branch, Jones Branch, Kallambah Branch, Kelly Branch, Lay Branch, Lick Creek, Little Branch, Little Shoal Creek, Lyman Creek, McDade Branch, Middle Fork Shoal Creek, Mill Rock Creek, Opossum Creek, Pine Branch, Pleasant Valley Creek, Possum Trot Creek, Prairie Creek, Pruett Creek, Rock Branch, Rocky Branch, Scott Branch, Shoal Creek, Souder Creek, South Rock Branch, Spring Branch, Stater Creek, Stinett Branch, Taff Branch, West Branch Threemile Creek, West Fork Benton Creek, Whites Creek, Whittenburg Creek, Yadkin Creek, Yankee Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Knob, Camels Hump, Craig Hill, Crooked Hill, Crow Hill, Dillard Hill, Fair View Hill, Fort Hill, Ghost Hill, Gobblers Knob, Gormley Hill, Green Hill, Harper Hill, Hedley Knob, Hicks Hill, High Top Hill, Kings Mineral Mountain, Lea Hill, Lead Mountain, Liberty Hill, Lost Mountain, Mineral Hill, Mount Nebo, Pinnell Hill, Scotia Hill, Scott Hill, Shoal Creek Hill, Stinett Knob, Sullivan Hill

  Towers     show all on map

Czar Lookout Tower, KBCC-AM (Cuba), Keysville Lookout Tower, KNSX-FM (Steelville), KTUI-AM (Sullivan), KTUI-FM (Sullivan), Westover Lookout Tower

  Valleys     show all on map

Allen Hollow, Avery Hollow, Baker Hollow, Bates Hollow, Beefsteak Hollow, Bill Hollow, Bills Hollow, Blairs Valley, Bowman Hollow, Brummett Hollow, Buzzard Hollow, Cabin Hollow, Canaan Hollow, Chandler Hollow, Coleman Hollow, Counts Hollow, County Road Hollow, Davisville Hollow, Dunlap Hollow, Earl Hollow, Fishtrap Hollow, Fort Diggings Hollow, Goforth Hollow, Grant Hollow, Happy Hollow, Hard Scrabble Hollow, Harman Valley, Henpeck Hollow, Keener Hollow, Key Hollow, Lime Kiln Hollow, Luton Hollow, Marys Hollow, Mats Valley, McAlister Hollow, Miller Hollow, Mineca Hollow, Mint Valley, Nanny Hollow, Negro Wool Hollow, North Koffer Hollow, Opossum Hollow, Pinnell Hollow, Poker Hollow, Pump Hollow, Pyatt Hollow, Rail Hollow, Red Bluff Hollow, Rock Spring Hollow, Rudder Hollow, Shake Rag Hollow, Sinkhole Hollow, South Koffer Hollow, Spring Hollow, Sugartree Hollow, Todd Hollow, Todd Hollow, Tom Hollow, Wildcat Hollow, Wolf Den Hollow, Wolf Hollow, Yawberry Hollow,

Crawford County, Missouri Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCrawford County White population 24,18724,186  
MixedCrawford County Mixed population 298297
American IndianCrawford County American Indian population 124124
AsianCrawford County Asian population 9999
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCrawford County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2524

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