St. Louis County, Missouri Basics:

St. Louis County Missouri - Government Site

Population: 1,000,473
Area: 508 square miles
County seat: Clayton
Area code(s) in use: 314 636
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 91.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 39.8%
Median household income: $58,485
Persons in poverty: 10.5%
Home ownership rate: 71.4%
Mean travel time to work: 23.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
City of St. Louis  Franklin  Jefferson  Madison (IL)  Monroe (IL)  St. Charles  St. Clair (IL)  

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Map of the St. Louis County area

Our detail map of St. Louis County shows the St. Louis County, Missouri boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in St. Louis County, Missouri

  Airports     show all on map

Arrowhead Airport (historical), Creve Coeur Airport, DePaul Health Center Heliport, Fabick Heliport, Fritschle Field (historical), Hermann I Heliport, Hermann II Heliport, Highway Patrol Troop C Headquarters Heliport, Holiday Inn Westport Heliport, Lambert-St Louis International Airport, Missouri Baptist Hospital Heliport, Saint Johns Mercy Medical Center Heliport, Saint Marys Heliport, Spirit of St Louis Airport, Steubs Field (historical), Weiss Airport (historical)

  Areas     show all on map

Common Field of Saint Ferdinand (historical), Sinks

  Bends     show all on map

Columbia Bottom, Howard Bend, Rebel Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Bellefontaine Bridge, Daniel Boone Bridge, Electric Bridge, Jefferson Barracks Bridge, Lewis Bridge, Wabash Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

131st Fighter Wing Fire Protection, 231st Civil Engineering Flight - Missouri Air Guard, Affton Fire Protection District Station 1 Headquarters, Affton Fire Protection District Station 2, Affton Fire Protection District Station 3, Affton Police Department, Anheuser-Bush Academic Center, Anheuser-Bush Ecology and Conservation Complex, Anheuser-Bush Hall, Ann W Olin Womens Building, Ballwin Police Department, Barnes Library, Barretts Station (historical), Barrys Tavern, Beaumont House, Beaumont Pavillion, Beckville (historical), Bel Ridge Police Department, Bella Villa Police Department, Bellefontaine Police Department, Bellerive Hall, Benton Hall, Berdell Hills Police Department, Berkeley Police Department, Beverly Hills Police Department, Bissell (historical), Black Jack Fire Protection District Station 1, Black Jack Fire Protection District Station 2, Black Jack Fire Protection District Station 3 Headquarters, Blanche M Touhill Performing Arts Center, Blewett Hall, Bobring (historical), Boeing Fire Services, Bonhomme (historical), Brauer Hall, Breckenridge Hills Police Department, Brentwood Fire Department, Brentwood Police Department, Bridgeton Police Department, Brohm Hall, Brookings Hall, Brown Hall, Bryan Hall, Buenger Hall, Busch Hall, Busch Laboratory, Castello (historical), Cedar Grove (historical), Central (historical), Central County Emergency Dispatch, Charlack Police Department, Chesterfield City Police Department, Childrens World Learning Center at Baumgarten, Church (historical), City of Berkeley Fire Department Station 1, City of Berkeley Fire Department Station 2, City of Clayton Fire Department, City of Crestwood Department of Fire Services, City of Frontenac Fire Department, City of Jennings Fire Department, City of Saint Louis Fire Department District 8 South Fire Station, City of Saint Louis Fire Department District 8 West Fire Station, City of Shrewsbury Fire Department, Clark Hall, Clay Mansion (historical), Clayton Police Department, Community Fire Protection District Ambulance House 2, Community Fire Protection District Station 1, Community Fire Protection District Station 2 Headquarters, Community Fire Protection District Station 3, Compton Hall, Concordia Historical Institute, Cool Valley Police Department, Country Club Hills Police Department, Craemer Hall, Crestwood Police Department, Creve Coeur Fire Department Administration Center, Creve Coeur Fire Protection District Station 1, Creve Coeur Fire Protection District Station 2, Creve Coeur Police Department, Crow Hall, Cupples Number 1 Hall, Cupples Number 2 Hall, Dale Williams Fine Arts Center, Danforth House, Dauten House, Dellwood Police Department, Des Lee Technology and Learning Center, Des Peres Department of Public Safety, Duchesne Residence Hall, Dunham Student Activity Center, Dunker Hall, Dwyer (historical), Eads Hall, Edison Theatre, Edmundson Police Department, Eldon E Pederson Fieldhouse, Eliot Hall, Ellisville Police Department, Emmanuel Episcopal Church Nursery School, Eureka Fire Protection District House 1 Headquarters, Eureka Fire Protection District House 2, Eureka Fire Protection District Training Center, Fenton Fire District Station 1 Headquarters, Fenton Fire District Station 2, Fenton Fire District Station 3, Fenton Fire District Station 4, Fenton Police Department, Ferguson Fire Department Station 1, Ferguson Fire Department Station 2, Ferguson Police Department, Florissant Police Department, Florissant Valley Fire Protection District Station 1, Florissant Valley Fire Protection District Station 2, Florissant Valley Fire Protection District Station 3, Francis Gymnasium, Fritz Hall, Gander Hall Administration Building, Gardenville (historical), Gaylord Music Library, Givens Hall, Glendale City City Hall, Glendale Fire Department, Goldfarb Hall, Graebner Hall, Graham Hall, Grants Log Cabin, Greater Saint Louis County Fire Academy, Gregg House, Guenther Hall, Hanley Hills Police Department, Happy Go Lucky Child Care Center, Harbison Hall, Harbison House, Hazelwood Fire Department Station 1, Hazelwood Fire Department Station 2 Headquarters, Hazelwood Police Department, Hillsdale Police Department, Hillside (historical), Hitzeman House, Hurd Hall, J C Penney Building Conference Center, January Hall, Jennings Police Department, Jolley Hall, Jung-Kellogg Library, Kathy J Weinman Advocacy Center, Kelpe (historical), Kinloch Fire Protection District, Kinloch Police Department, Kirkwood Fire Department Station 1, Kirkwood Fire Department Station 2, Kirkwood Fire Department Station 3, Kirkwood Police Department, Kirkwood Police Department, Koberg Dining Hall, Koenig House, L Fuerbringer Hall Library, Lackland (historical), Ladue Fire Department Station 1, Ladue Fire Department Station 2, Ladue Police Department, Lakeshire Police Department, Lange Hall, Lee House, Lemay Fire Protection District, Lien House, Liggett House, Loeber Hall, Lopata Hall, Louderman Hall, Lucas Hall, Lucy and Stanley Lopata House, Mallinckrodt Student Center, Manchester City Police Department, Maplewood City Community Policing, Maplewood Fire Department, Maplewood Police Department, Marilliac Hall Optometry Clinic, Mark Twain Athletic and Fitness Center, Maryland Heights Police Department, McCarthy House, McDonnell Hall, McMillian Hall, McMillian Laboratory, McNalley House, Medaille Hall, Mehlville Fire Protection District Station 1, Mehlville Fire Protection District Station 2, Mehlville Fire Protection District Station 3, Mehlville Fire Protection District Station 4, Mehlville Fire Protection District Station 5 Headquarters, Mehlville Fire Protection District Station 6, Mehlville Fire Protection District Station 7, Metro - North Fire Protection District, Metro West Fire Protection District Station 1, Metro West Fire Protection District Station 2, Metro West Fire Protection District Station 3 Headquarters, Metro West Fire Protection District Station 4, Metro West Fire Protection District Station 5, Mezger Hall, Mid County Fire Protection District of Saint Louis County, Millbrook Building, Millennium Student Center, Missouri Department of Conservation Forestry Saint Louis Regional Field Fire Office Rockwoods, Missouri Eastern Correctional Center, Mokeville (historical), Moline Acres Police Department, Monarch Fire Protection District Station 1, Monarch Fire Protection District Station 2, Monarch Fire Protection District Station 3, Monarch Fire Protection District Station 4, Monarch Fire Protection District Station 5, Monsanto Child Care Center, Monsanto Laboratory, Mount Olive House (historical), Mouton Residence Hall, Mudd House, Muncy Gymnasium, Museum of Transport, Museum of Western Jesuit Missions, Musicks Ferry Inn (historical), Myers House, Nathan Dardick House, Nemerov House, New Alsace (historical), Normandie Hall, Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District, Northwood's Police Department, Nursery (historical), O Fuerbringer Hall, O'Neill (historical), Oak Hall, Olin Library, Olivette Fire Department, Olivette Police Department, Overland Police Department, Pagedale Police Department, Park House, Pattonville Fire Protection District Station 1, Pattonville Fire Protection District Station 2, Pattonville Fire Protection District Station 3 Headquarters, Pillsbury-Huff Resident Hall, Pine Lawn Police Department, Piper Hall, Planet Child Care Center of Oakville, Poro (historical), Presbyterian Church in America Historical Center, Price (historical), Pritzlaff Hall, Progress (historical), Protestant Orphans Home (historical), Provincial House Honors College, Rebstock Hall, Reid Hall of Liberal Arts, Richmond Heights Fire Department, Richmond Heights Police Department, Ridgley Hall, Riverview Fire Protection District Station 1, Riverview Fire Protection District Station 2, Riverview Police Department, Robertson Fire Protection District Station 1, Robertson Fire Protection District Station 2, Rock Hill Fire Department, Rosa (historical), Rubelmann House, Ruegg (historical), Rutledge House, Ryan Hall, Saenger Hall, Saint Agnes Home, Saint Ann Police Department, Saint Augustine-Wellston Center, Saint Francis Orphan Asylum (historical), Saint George Police Department, Saint John Police Department, Saint Josephs Hall, Saint Louis County Library, Saint Louis County Library Thornhill Branch, Saint Louis County Police Department, Saint Louis County Sheriff's Office, Saint Louis Mercantile Library, Schaller Hall, Seton Hall, Sever Institute of Technology, Shanedling House, Shepley House, Shores Switch (historical), Shrewsbury Police Department, Sieck Hall, Simon Athletic Center, Simon Hall, Skinker (historical), Southwest Hall, Spanish Lake Fire Protection District Station 1, Spanish Lake Fire Protection District Station 2, Stadler Hall, Stoeckhardt Hall, Stratman (historical), Studt (historical), Sunset Hills Police Department, Sutter (historical), Sutter Social Services Center, The Maryland Heights Fire Protection District Station 1 Headquarters, The Maryland Heights Fire Protection District Station 2, The University City Fire Department Station 2, Thomas H Elliot House, Thomas Jefferson Library, Thomas S Field Academic Hall, Throop Parking Facility, Tietjens Hall, Town and Country Police Department, Umrath Hall, Umrath House, United States Army Records Center, University City Early Learning Center, University City Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, University City Police Department, Uplands Park Police Department, Urbauer Hall, Ursula Cotta Hall, Valley Park Fire District Station 1, Valley Park Fire District Station 2 Headquarters, Valley Park Police Department, Velda City Police Department, Victory Christian Complex, Villa Building, Village House, Village of Calverton Park Police Department, Vinita Park Police Department, Walton House (historical), Waltonham (historical), Warson Woods Police Department, Wartberg Dining Hall, Washington Observatory, Webster Groves Fire Department, Webster Groves Police Department, Wellston Police Department, Werner Auditorium, West County Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection District Headquarters, West County Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection District Station 2, West County Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection District Station 3, West Overland Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection District, West Saint Louis (historical), Wheeler House, Whitaker Hall for Biomedical Engineering, White Haven, Whittemore House, William L Clay Center for Molecular Electronics, Wilson Hall, Winner (historical), Wohl Student Center, Woods Hall, Woodson Terrace Police Department, Wydown House, Wyneken Hall

  Capes     show all on map

Wilson Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Allen Cemetery, B'nai Amoona Cemetery, Bates Cemetery, Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Brouster Cemetery, Chinese Cemetery, Cold Water Cemetery, Coleman Cemetery, Conway Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Eddy Cemetery, Everwine Cemetery, Father Dickson Cemetery, Fee Fee Cemetery, Frieden Cemetery, German Evangelical Zions Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Harugari Cemetery, Hiram Park Cemetery, Inks Cemetery, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Lake Charles Cemetery, Lakewood Park Cemetery, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, McClure Cemetery, Memorial Park Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Sinai Cemetery, New Bethlehem Cemetery, New Mount Sinai Cemetery, New Saint Johns Cemetery, New Saint Marcus Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oakdale Cemetery, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Our Redeemer Cemetery, Park Lawn Cemetery, Peterson Cemetery, Ranken Cemetery, Resurrection Cemetery, Rock Hill Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saint Ferdinands Cemetery (historical), Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Evangelical United Church of Christ Cemetery, Saint Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery, Saint Lucas Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Monica Cemetery, Saint Paul Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Peters Cemetery, Sappington Grave Yard, Smith Sturdy Cemetery, Sunset Burial Park, Trinity Cemetery, Tyler Cemetery, United Hebrew Cemetery, Valhalla Cemetery, Walnut Plains Cemetery, Washington Park Cemetery, Wesleyan Cemetery, Zion Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Affton Census Designated Place, Castle Point Census Designated Place, Concord Census Designated Place, Glasgow Village Census Designated Place, Lemay Census Designated Place, Mehlville Census Designated Place, Oakville Census Designated Place, Old Jamestown Census Designated Place, Sappington Census Designated Place, Spanish Lake Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Affton Presbyterian Church, Agape Christian Center, Agape Seventh Day Adventist Church, Aish Hatorah Saint Louis Center of Jewish Studies, All Souls Catholic Church, All Souls Church (historical), Annunziata Catholic Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Apostolic Faith Church, Apostolic Pentecostal Church, Assembly of God South Side Church, Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, Bahai Faith Information Center, Baptist Church of the Holy Communion, Bayless Baptist Church, Believers Chapel Bible Church, Believers Temple Word Fellowship, Bellefontaine Church, Bellefontaine Neighbors Baptist Church, Berea Lutheran Church, Berkley Heights Church, Bermuda Bible Hall, Bethany Baptist Church, Bethany Baptist Church of the Deaf, Bethany Lutheran Church, Bethany New Life Missionary Baptist Church, Bethany-Peace United Church of Christ, Bethel Church, Bethel Community Church, Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bethel Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church, Bethesda Church (historical), Bethesda Evangelical Church, Bethesda Lutheran Church, Bethesda Temple Bible Institute, Bethesda Temple Church, Bible Baptist Church, Bible Chapel, Bible Way Baptist Church, Bismarck Heights Lutheran Church (historical), Black Jack Lutheran Church, Blackwell Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Blessed Hope Bible Church, Blessed John XXIII Center, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church, Bonhomme Church, Bracy Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Brentwood Bible Church, Brentwood Congregational United Church of Christ, Brotherly Love Christian Assembly, Butler Hill Church, Calvary Church, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Calvary Tabernacle, Calvary United Church of Christ, Calvary West Missionary Baptist Church, Canaan Baptist Church, Carmelite Monastery, Cathedral at the Crossroads, Cathedral of Praise Christian Development Center, Center for Spiritual Living, Central German Lutheran Church (historical), Central Presbyterian Church, Chapel of Saint Timothy and Saint Titus, Chapel of the Cross, Christ Church (historical), Christ Community Church, Christ Community United Methodist Church, Christ Holiness Temple United Holy Church, Christ Love Divine Missionary Baptist Church, Christ Lutheran Church of Webster Groves, Christ Memorial Baptist Church, Christ Memorial Church, Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, Christ the King Church, Christ the King Covenant Church, Christian Faith Center, Christian Family Church, Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, Christus Evangelical Church (historical), Church of Christ of Affton, Church of Christ of Kirkwood, Church of Christ of Lemay, Church of Christ of the Midwest, Church of God, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Church of Oakville, Church of Saint Ferdinand, Church of the Advent, Church of the Annunziata, Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Church of the Covenant (historical), Church of the Living God, Church of the Living God Temple Number 1, Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Church of the Nazarene North County, Church of the Nazarene of Webster Groves, Church of the Open Door, Church of the Open Word, Church of the Reformation Lutheran Church, Church of the Sacred Heart, Clayton Community Church, Clayton United Methodist Church, Coleman Wright Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Communion Church Ministry, Community Christ Fellowship Church, Community Covenant Church, Community of Christ Church, Concord Church (historical), Concordia Church (historical), Concordia Lutheran Church (historical), Concordia Lutheran Church of Kirkwood, Convent of Sisters of Saint Joseph (historical), Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint Mary and Saint Abraam, Corinthian Church, Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church, Corpus Christi Church (historical), Covenant Presbyterian Church, Craig Road Baptist Church, Cross of Christ Church, Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship Church, Crusade Baptist Temple, Delmar Baptist Church, Des Peres Baptist Church, Destiny Church of Saint Louis, Devine Fellowship Heights Church, Devotional Baptist Church, Dickerson Memorial Community Church, Divine Science Federation International, Doctor Fry Memorial Church (historical), Douglas Memorial Church of God in Christ, Dwight McDaniels Ministerial Center, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist Church, Ecclesia of Christ Church, Eckankar Saint Louis Center, Eden Theological Seminary, El Bethel Baptist Church, Eliot Unitarian Chapel of Kirkwood, Emanuel Church (historical), Emmanuel Church (historical), Emmanuels Church of Central (historical), Emmaus Bible Chapel, Episcopal Church of Saint Michael and Saint George, Evangelical Full Gospel Assembly Church, Evangelical Temple, Evangelical United Church of Christ, Faith and Des Peres Presbyterian Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Church, Faith Church, Fee Fee Church (historical), Ferguson Christian Church, Ferguson Church of the Nazarene, Ferguson United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Affton, First Baptist Church of Crestwood, First Baptist Church of Lemay, First Baptist Church of Maplewood, First Baptist Church of Meacham Park, First Baptist Church of Northwoods, First Baptist Church of Oakville, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist of Creve Coeur, First Church of Christ Scientist of Kirkwood, First Church of Christ Scientist of Overland, First Church of God, First Church of God of Richmond Heights, First Church of Religious Science, First Congregational Church of Saint Louis, First Congregational Church of Webster Groves, First Presbyterian Church of Ferguson, First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, First Presbyterian Church of Saint Louis, First Unity Church of Saint Louis, Forever Living Church of God, Fountain Temple Church of God in Christ, Foursquare Church, Franciscan Sisters of Mary Convent, Frieden Lutheran Church, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Garden Baptist Church, Gateway Christian Church, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Glendale Lutheran Church, Glendale Memorial Baptist Church, Glendale Presbyterian Church, God First Church, Gods Grace Church, Good Church of Saint Louis, Good News Baptist Church, Gospel Assembly Church, Gospel Temple Church of God in Christ, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Church, Grace Church of God in Christ, Grace Episcopal Church, Grace Lutheran Church of Pagedale, GracePoint of Webster Church, Great Commission Church of God, Greater Grace Church, Greater Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, Greater Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church, Greentree Community Church, Gumbo Church, Haggerty Memorial Church (historical), Hamilton Christian Church, Harrison Avenue Baptist Church, Harvest Church of Saint Louis, Heartland Baptist Church, Holy Angels Church, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Holy Ghost Church (historical), Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Holy Redeemer Church (historical), Holy Rosary Church, Holy Trinity Church of Christ, Hope Church, Hope Church, Hope Presbyterian Church, Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, House of Deliverance Pentecostal Church, Huttig Chapel, Immacolata Catholic Church, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Maplewood, Immaculate Conception Church (historical), Immanuel Church (historical), Immanuel United Church of Christ, Indian Seminary (historical), Jennings Church, Jubilee Church, Kingdom Hall, Kinloch Church of God, Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church, Kirkwood Road Christian Church, Kirkwood Seventh Day Adventist Church, Kirkwood United Church of Christ, Kirkwood United Methodist Church, Korean Methodist Church of Saint Louis, Korean Presbyterian Church in Saint Louis, Ladue Chapel, Lemay Church of God, Lewis Chapel (historical), Liberty Full Gospel Church, Liberty Missionary Baptist Church, Lighthouse Apostolic Ministries of God Church, Little Flower Catholic Church, Lively Hope Church of God, Living Word Apostolic Church, Living Word Church, Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens, Maplewood Baptist Church, Maplewood Christian Church, Maplewood Pentecostal Church of God, Maplewood United Methodist Church, Maranatha Baptist Church, Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mary Mother of the Church Parish Hall, Mattese Church, Mehlville, Memorial Chapel, Memorial Tabernacle Baptist Church, Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, Miracle Temple Church of God and Christ, Missouri District Church of the Nazarene, Mizpah Presbyterian Church (historical), Monastery of Saint Clare, Monument of Faith Church of God in Christ, Most Precious Blood Catholic Church, Mount Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Calvary Lutheran Church of Brentwood, Mount Calvary Warriors Church, Mount Carmel Church, Mount Gideon Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Moriah Church of Christ, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion United Methodist Church, Murchison Tabernacle Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Music Church, Nararene Baptist Church, Nazareth Convent, New Beginning Missionary Baptist Church, New Beginnngs Apostolic Church, New Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, New Good Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Horizon Seventh Day Christian Church, New Jamestown Road Baptist Church, New Jerusalem Church of God, New Testament Apostolic Church, Normandy United Methodist Church, North Hills Church of Christ, North Hills United Methodist Church, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Northside Family Worship Center, Northside Fellowship Assembly of God Church, Northside Seventh Day Adventist Church Complex, Notre Dame Convent, Notre Dame de Lourdes Church, Oak Hill Baptist Church, Oasis of Love Fellowship Church, Old Community Baptist Church, Old Orchard Presbyterian Church, Olive Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, One Way Missionary Baptist Church, Open Door Baptist Church, Our Lady of Loretto Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Church (historical), Our Lady of Presentation Church, Our Lady of Providence Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Presentation Church, Overland Baptist Church, Overland Christian Church, Overland Church of Christ, Parkway Baptist Church, Parkway United Church of Christ, Peace Church, Peace Church, Pentecost Church of Jesus Christ, Peoples Community Christian Church, Pilgrim Congregational Church (historical), Pillsbury Chapel, Pine Lawn Glen Echo Baptist Church, Praise Fellowship Assembly of God Church, Praise Tabernacle, Presbyterian Church of Overland, Primera Iglesia Bautista en Hanley Road, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church of Crestwood, Prince of Peace United Church of Christ, Priory of Saint Mary, Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church, Pure Gospel Temple, Queen of All Saints Church, Real Life Church, Redeemer of the World, Redemption Center Church of God in Christ, Restoration Temple Church of God in Christ, Richmond Heights Presbyterian Church, Riverview Gardens Baptist Church, Rock Bethel Church (historical), Rock Hill Baptist Church, Rock Hill South Webster Presbyterian Church, Rooftop Community Church, Roseview Church of God in Christ, Sacred Heart Church (historical), Saint Aloysius Church (historical), Saint Andrew Kim Korean Church, Saint Andrews Church, Saint Andrews Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Ann of Normandy Catholic Church, Saint Anns Church (historical), Saint Anslem Church, Saint Anthonys Church (historical), Saint Bernadette Catholic Church, Saint Bonaventura Church (historical), Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church (historical), Saint Catherine of Sienna Church, Saint Clement Church, Saint Francis Convent, Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Saint George Catholic Church, Saint George Church (historical), Saint Jacobi Church, Saint James Lutheran Church, Saint Jeromes Catholic Church, Saint John and James Catholic Church, Saint John Bosco Church, Saint John the Theologian Serbian Orthodox Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Evangelical Church (historical), Saint Joseph Convent, Saint Joseph Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Josephs Church (historical), Saint Josephs Convent of Mercy, Saint Jude Church, Saint Louis Assembly Hall of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Saint Louis Bible Way Church, Saint Louis Christian Center, Saint Louis Church of Christ, Saint Louis Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, Saint Louise de Marillac Church (historical), Saint Lucas United Church of Christ, Saint Lukas Church, Saint Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church, Saint Luke the Evangelist Church (historical), Saint Lukes Orthodox Catholic Mission, Saint Lukes United Methodist Church, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque Church, Saint Mark Catholic Church, Saint Marks Church (historical), Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church, Saint Mary Magdalens Church (historical), Saint Marys Church (historical), Saint Matthews Church (historical), Saint Matthews Episcopal Church, Saint Matthias Catholic Church, Saint Michaels Church, Saint Monica Catholic Church, Saint Monicas Church (historical), Saint Paul Church, Saint Paul Evangelical Church, Saint Paul the Apostle Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church (historical), Saint Pauls Evangelical Church (historical), Saint Peters Catholic Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Lutheran Church, Saint Philips United Church of Christ, Saint Richards Catholic Church, Saint Ritas Church, Saint Simon the Apostle Church, Saint Stephens Church, Saint Stephens Church (historical), Saint Stephens Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas Church, Saint Timothys Catholic Church, Saint Vincent de Paul Church (historical), Saints John and James Church (historical), Salem Church (historical), Salem Lutheran Church, Salem Methodist Church, Salem United Methodist Church in Ladue, Samuel United Church of Christ, Samuels Church, San Francisco Temple, Second Baptist Church of Greater Saint Louis, Seven Holy Founders Church, Seven Holy Founders Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church of Southside, Shepherds Center of Webster and Kirkwood, Sherwood Baptist Church, Sisters of Loretto Church, Sisters of Loretto Convent, Sisters of Mercy Church, Sisters of Mercy Convent, Solid Rock Church, South Country Church, South County Bible Church, South County Christian Center, South County Church of the Nazarene, South Side Church of God, South Side General Baptist Church, South Telegraph Church, Southern Mission Missionary Baptist Church, Southminster Presbyterian Church, Southside Church, Spiritual Pathways Center, Stephan Memorial United Methodist Church, Tabernacle of Faith and Deliverance, Temple Israel, The Cenacle Retreat, The Temple Non-Denominational Church, The Village Church of Saint Louis, Total Praise and Worship Center, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Lutheran Church in Kirkwood, Trinity Presbyterian Church, True Gospel Church of God, True Vine Baptist Church, Twin Rivers Worship Center, Ukrainian Catholic Church, Union Church, United Christian Community Church, United Church of Christ of Maplewood, Unity Baptist Church, Unity Church of Peace, Unity Lutheran Church of Bel-Nor, Unity United Methodist Church, Universal Church of Jesus Christ, University City Bible Chapel, University United Methodist Church, Victory Fellowship Church, Villa Gesu Convent, Village Lutheran Church in Ladue, Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church, Vineyard Church, Wagner Avenue Church of Christ, Webster Grove Baptist Church, Webster Groves Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Webster Groves Church of the Nazarene, Webster Groves Presbyterian Church, Webster Hills United Methodist Church, Wellston Church of the Nazarene, West Overland Bible Church, Westport Community Church, Word Christian Fellowship Church, Word of Faith Foursquare Church, Zen Center of Missouri, Zion Church, Zion Church, Zion Church (historical), Zion Lutheran Church of Ferguson, Zion Travelers Missionary Baptist Church, Zion United Methodist Church, Zions Church (historical)

  Crossings     show all on map

Browns Ferry (historical), Chauvins Ferry (historical), Interchange 10A and 10B, Interchange 12A and 12B, Interchange 13, Interchange 14, Interchange 16A and 16B, Interchange 17, Interchange 193, Interchange 195, Interchange 196A and 196B, Interchange 197, Interchange 199, Interchange 1B and 1C, Interchange 1C, Interchange 1D, Interchange 1E, Interchange 1F, Interchange 2, Interchange 2, Interchange 2, Interchange 200, Interchange 201A, Interchange 20A and 20B, Interchange 21, Interchange 23, Interchange 231, Interchange 232, Interchange 234, Interchange 235A and 235B, Interchange 235C, Interchange 236, Interchange 238, Interchange 238B, Interchange 238C, Interchange 239, Interchange 240A and 240B, Interchange 241A, Interchange 241B, Interchange 242A and 242B, Interchange 25, Interchange 25A and 25B, Interchange 26, Interchange 261, Interchange 264, Interchange 265, Interchange 266, Interchange 269, Interchange 26A, Interchange 26B, Interchange 27, Interchange 27, Interchange 272, Interchange 274, Interchange 275, Interchange 276, Interchange 277A, Interchange 277B, Interchange 278, Interchange 279, Interchange 28, Interchange 280, Interchange 283, Interchange 28A and 28B, Interchange 28C, Interchange 29, Interchange 3, Interchange 3, Interchange 30, Interchange 30B, Interchange 31A, Interchange 31A and 31B, Interchange 31B, Interchange 32, Interchange 32A and 32B, Interchange 32C, Interchange 33, Interchange 33A and 33B, Interchange 33C, Interchange 3A and 3B, Interchange 4, Interchange 5, Interchange 5A and 5B, Interchange 6, Interchange 7, Interchange 7A and 7B and 7C, Interchange 8, Interchange 8, Interchange 9, Interchange 9A, Interchange 9C, Interchange237, Lemay Ferry (historical), Loverings Ferry (historical), Lower Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Arrowhead Estates Lower Dam, Arrowhead Estates Upper Dam, Bee Tree Lake Dam, Branneky Lake Dam, Claymont Woods Lake Dam, General American Life Insurance Lake Dam, Goessling Dam, Guilford Lake Dam, Holts Lake Dam, Hunter Dam, Kehrs Mill Trail East Lake Dam, Kehrs Mill Trail Lower Lake Dam, Kehrs Mill Trails Subdivision Lake C Dam, Kehrs Mill Trails Upper Lake Dam, Kleins Lake Dam, Lake Lasalle Dam, Lake Post Commons Dam, Lake Sherwood Dam, Lone Elk Lower Dam, Lone Elk-Upper Dam, Med Lake Dam, Mertz Lake Dam, Pheasant Run Lake Dam, Raewood Lake Dam, Stacy Park Reservoir Dam, Sturmfels Lake Dam, Top Notch Lake Dam, W G Fienup Lake Dam, Wakefield Farm Lake Dam, Westgate Lake Dam

  Guts     show all on map

Car of Commerce Chute

  Hospitals     show all on map

All Saints Special Care Hospital, Barnes - Jewish West County Hospital, Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital, Christian Hospital Northeast, Christian Hospital Northeast, Des Peres Hospital, Dubuis Hospital of Saint Louis, Hawthorne Childrens Psychiatric Hospital, Kindred Hospital, Koch Hospital (historical), Missouri Baptist Health Care Center at Sunset Hills, Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Mount Saint Rose Hospital, Old Normandy Hospital (historical), Ranken Jordan Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Saint Anthony's Medical Center, Saint John's Mercy Medical Center, Saint John's Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital, Saint Johns Mercy Medical Center, Saint Louis Developmental Disabilities Treatment Center, Saint Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Jefferson Barracks Division, Saint Luke's Hospital, Saint Vincent Sanitarium, Shriners Hospital for Children, South County Habilitation Center, SSM Depaul Health Center, SSM Rehabilitation Institute, SSM Saint Joseph Hospital of Kirkwood, SSM Saint Mary's Health Center, Stone Treatment Center, West County Sports Fitness and Rehabilitiation Center

  Islands     show all on map

Bryan Island, Charbonier Island (historical), Green Island (historical), Jane Downing Island, Pelican Island, Wilsons Island (historical)

  Lakes     show all on map

Creve Coeur Lake, Lake Gumbo (historical), Lard Pond, Laughlin Lake (historical), Spanish Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Airway Centre Shopping Center, Alderney (historical), Algonquin Country Club, Annadale (historical), Arrowhead Golf Course, Ballwin Plaza Danny Boy, Ballwin Plaza Shopping Center, Beaverpond, Bel-Acres Shopping Center, Belle-Parke Plaza, Bellerive Country Club, Bennett Hills Shopping Center, Berkeley Shopping Center, Bogey Golf Club, Breckenridge Hills Shopping Center, Brentwood Plaza, Brentwood Square Shopping Center, Bridgeton Landfill, Bridgeton Oaks Shopping Center, Bridgewood Plaza Shopping Center, Browns Place (historical), Butler Hill Plaza, Butler Hill Village Shopping Center, Cahn Station (historical), Carrollton Shopping Center, Castillon Plaza, Castillons Arcade Plaza, Catalans Ford (historical), Catholic Protectorate (historical), Centaur Lime Company, Central City Shopping Center, Central City South, Central City South Shopping Center, Central Plaza Shopping Center, Chapman (historical), Chelsea (historical), Cherry Hill Country Club, Chesleys Station (historical), Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield Plaza Shopping Center, Chippewa Plaza Shopping Center, City of Saint Louis Bellefontaine Farm, Clarks Station (historical), Clarkson Plaza, Clayburn (historical), Claymont Shopping Center, Clayton Village Shopping Center, Clocktower Shopping Center, Coleman (historical), College View Hill (historical), Colonial Square Shopping Center, Concord Plaza, Continental (historical), Crestview Shopping Center, Crestwood Plaza, Creve Coeur Golf Club, Creve Coeur Plaza, Creve Coeur Plaza Shopping Center, Cross Keys Shopping Center, Crossing of Hall Ferry Shopping Center, Crystal Lake Country Club, Cypress Village Shopping Center, Deer Creek Center Shopping Center, Del Crest Plaza Shopping Center, Dellwood Shopping Center, Des Peres Square, Dickens Plaza, Dierbergs Marketplace Shopping Center, Dorsett Square Shopping Center, Dorsett Village Shopping Center, Dozier (historical), Drake (historical), Duchense Hills Shopping Center, Eden Station (historical), Edgebrook Station (historical), Eighty-o-one Manchester Center, Elmwood Park (historical), Emerson (historical), Eureka Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant, Eureka Towne Center Shopping Center, Fair Lawn Station (historical), Fairview Station (historical), Famous (historical), Fanita (historical), Fenton Crossing Plaza Shopping Center, Fenton Park Mall, Fenton Plaza, Ferguson Square Shopping Center, Florissant Meadows Shopping Center, Florissant Oaks Shopping Center, Forest Grove (historical), Forest Hills Country Club, Forum Center, Four Seasons Shopping Center, Frostwood Shopping Center, Gardenia Place (historical), General Grant Shopping Center, Glen Echo Country Club, Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility, Graham (historical), Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Plant, Grandpas Center Shopping Center, Grandview Plaza Shopping Center, Grants (historical), Grants Farm, Grasso Plaza, Greenbriar Country Club, Greentree Center Shopping Center, Gregg (historical), Grimsley Station (historical), Hazelwood Showcase Plaza Shopping Center, Heartland Plaza, Highland View (historical), Hillcrest Country Club, Hillside Village Shopping Center, Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center, Hoffmeister Heights (historical), Hollywood Station (historical), Howells Ferry Landing (historical), Hunters Ford (historical), Huntley (historical), Hunts Mill (historical), Hunts Switch (historical), Jamestown Mall, Keith (historical), Keller Plaza Shopping Center, Kendall (historical), Kendrick Plaza Shopping Center, Kings Station (historical), Kirkwood Commons Shopping Center, Kroenung (historical), Laclede Junction (historical), Ladue Crossing Shopping Center, Ladue Shopping Center, Ladue West Shopping Center, Lahoma (historical), Lakeside Golf Club, Lamment Center Shopping Center, Lamp and Lantern Shopping Center, Le Chateau Village, Le May (historical), Lewis and Clark Center, Lewis and Clark Center Shopping Center, Lime Kilns (historical), Lindbergh Plaza Shopping Center, Loehmanns Plaza, Log Cabin Country Club, MacKenzie Point Shopping Center, Maple Hills Shopping Center, Maple Tree Shopping Center, Marion Heights Plaza, Marshall Heights (historical), Marshalls Plaza Shopping Center, Marvin Camp Grounds (historical), Mason Woods Village, Mason Woods Village Shopping Center, Mattiese Shopping Center, Meadowbrook Country Club, Mentor (historical), Meramec Station (historical), Milton Station (historical), Monarch Station, Nadowesia (historical), Nationalway Shopping Center, Normandie Golf Club, Normandy Grove Station (historical), Normandy Shopping Center, North Hills Shopping Center, North Oaks Plaza Shopping Center, Northland Golf Club, Northland Shopping Center, Northwest Plaza Shopping Center, Northwest Shopping Center, Norwood Hills Country Club, Oak Ridge (historical), Oakville Shopping Center, Olcott Station (historical), Old Warson Country Club, Olive Arcade Plaza Shopping Center, Olivette Center Shopping Center, Olympic Oaks Village Shopping Center, Onyx Oak Ridge Landfill, Orchard Bend Shopping Center, Paddock Forest Shopping Center, Paddock Hills Shopping Center, Peerless Park Landfill, Pelham Station (historical), Penmar (historical), Plaza at de Paul Shopping Center, Plaza de Paul Shopping Center, Plaza Frontenac, Plaza Madrid Shopping Center, Port Royal (historical), Quinette (historical), Rhodes Plaza Shopping Center, Richmond Shopping Center, Ridge Farm Station (historical), Ritz Center, River Roads Mall Shopping Center, Rockland Switch (historical), Ronnies Plaza, Saint Ann Golf Club, Saint Ann Plaza Shopping Center, Saint James (historical), Saint John Plaza, Saint Louis City Waterworks, Saint Louis Country Club, Saint Louis Galleria, Saint Louis Mills Shopping Center, Saint Paul (historical), Saint Stephens (historical), Saint Vincent (historical), Schnucks Des Peres Center Shopping Center, Schnucks Shopping Center, Scudder (historical), Shofield Place (historical), Sierra Vista Plaza Shopping Center, South County Center, South County Plaza Shopping Center, South Lakeview Plaza, South Oaks Plaza Shopping Center, Southmoor Golf Course, Springwood Plaza Shopping Center, Stevens (historical), Stockey (historical), Strollway Shopping Center, Studts Heights (historical), Sunset Hill Country Club, Sunset Plaza, Sutton Place, Sutton Place Shopping Center, Sutton Station (historical), Taylor Field, Telegraph Plaza Shopping Center, The Barn at Lucerne Shopping Center, The Lamp and Lantern Village, The Lamp and Lantern Village Shopping Center, The Plaza at Sunset Hills Shopping Center, The Promenade at Brentwood Shopping Center, The Shoppes at Sunset Hills, Thomas Station (historical), Twin Lakes Country Club, Union Plaza, Uniondale (historical), Van Studiford Station (historical), Villa Del Cresta Shopping Center, Village Shopping Center, Village Square, Village Square Shopping Center, Von Schrader (historical), Voteau Ford (historical), Walnut Plains Camp Grounds (historical), Warson Woods Center Shopping Center, Watson Plaza Shopping Center, Watsonia (historical), West Ashby Station (historical), West County Center, West Par Golf Course, West Port Plaza, West Walnut Manor (historical), Westborough Country Club, Westfield Shoppingtown of South County Shopping Center, Westgate Centre Shopping Center, Westwood Country Club, Wildwood Station (historical), Wilkinson (historical), Woodbine Center Shopping Center, Woodcrest Plaza, Woodland (historical), Woods Mill Center, Yorkshire Village Shopping Center

  Military     show all on map

Fort Bellefontaine (historical), Fort Charles the Prince (historical), National Guard Target Range (historical), Naval Air Station Saint Louis (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Antire Valley County Park, Appletree Park, Babler State Park, Bangert Park, Bee Tree County Park, Berne Park, Black Forest County Park, Blackburn Park, Bohrer County Park, Bowles Plaza, Bridgeton Commons (historical), Brookings Quadrangle, Buder Park, Bushyhead Track, Carondelet Commons (historical), Castlewood State Park, Cliff Cave County Park, Clydesdale County Park, Conway Park, Creve Coeur County Park, Deer Creek Park, Dundee Park, Elizabeth Danforth Butterfly Garden, Fogerty Park, Francis Field, Gentry County Park, Greensfelder County Park, Heman Park, Houdershell Park, Jefferson Barracks County Park, Jeske Park, Kelly Baseball Field, Kiel Park, Kock Park, Larimore Road Park, Lone Elk County Park, Love Park, Luther Statue, McDonnell County Park, Ohlendorf County Park, Queeny County Park, R-9 County Park, Ramona Park (historical), Rockwoods Range, Rockwoods Reservation, Rodes Park, Royal Forest Park, Ruth Park, Saint Ann Park, Saint Ferdinand Commons (historical), Shaw Park, Six Flags Over Mid-America, Spring Park (historical), Stacy Park, Suson Park, Sylvan Springs County Park, Ted Drewes Tennis Courts, Tiemeyer Park, Tilles Park, Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site, Union Road County Park, Vinita County Park, West End Park, West Tyson County Park, White Birch Park, Wot Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acme Heights, Affton, Affton Heights, Allenton, Altheim, Arbor Terrace, Ascalon, Ashland (historical), Ballas, Ballwin, Barretts, Bel-Nor, Bel-Ridge, Bella Villa, Bellefontaine, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Bellemont, Bellerive, Belmont Heights (historical), Ben Avis Park, Benbush, Benoist (historical), Berdell Hills, Berkeley, Beverly Hills, Bismarck Heights, Black Jack, Bonfils, Breckenridge Hills, Brentwood, Bridgeton, Bridgeton Terrace, Broscherts Addition, Brousan (historical), Bunkum (historical), Calverton Park, Camp Wyman, Carson Heights, Carsonville (historical), Castle Point, Castlewood, Cedar Bluff, Centaur, Chaminade (historical), Champ, Charlack, Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Clayton, Clayton Heights, Cliff Cave, Columbia (historical), Columbus Park, Concord, Cool Valley, Country Club Hills, Country Life Acres, Crescent, Crestwood, Creve Coeur, Cross Keys, Crystal Lake Park, Damonville (historical), De Hodiamont, Deer Creek Village (historical), Dellwood, Des Peres, Diamond Park, Earth City, Edgewood, Edmundson, Elleard (historical), Ellendale Home Place, Ellisville, Etherton (historical), Eureka, Fairmount Park, Fenton, Ferguson, Fern Glen, Fernridge, Flordell Hills, Floria Place, Florissant, Forest Park Heights, Fort Bellefontaine, Fox Creek, Frontenac, Georgetown (historical), Glaizeaubiche (historical), Glasgow Village, Glen Echo Park, Glen Park, Glencoe, Glendale, Goodfellow Terrace, Grantwood, Grantwood Village, Green Park, Greendale, Greenwood, Grover, Gumbo, Hanley Hills, Hazelwood, Hillsboro (historical), Hillsdale, Hine, Hollow, Huntleigh, Ivory, Jamestown, Jedburgh, Jeff Vander Lou, Jefferson Barracks, Jennings, Jennings Heights, Kenwood, Keyes Summit, Kinloch, Kirkwood, Koch (historical), La Charbonniere (historical), Ladue, Lake, Lake Junction, Lakeshire, Larimore, Lemay, Lincoln Beach, Loehr, Lohmeyer Heights, Longwood, Lyndhurst Station, Mackenzie, Maddenville, Malcolm, Manchester, Maple Lawn, Maplewood, Marlborough, Mary Ridge, Maryland Heights, Mattese, McNight Village (historical), Meacham Park, Mehlville, Melrose, Minke, Moline Acres, Monarch, Morschels, Mountain Ridge, Musicks Ferry, Natural Bridge Junction, Normandy, Normandy Heights, Normandy Park, Northwoods, Norwood Court, Oak Grove (historical), Oakland, Oakville, Olivette, Orrville, Osage Hills, Overland, Ozark View, Pagedale, Pasadena Hills, Pasadena Park, Pattersons Settlement (historical), Pattonville, Peerless Park, Pettys Hill, Pine Lawn, Point (historical), Pond, Prospect Hill, Ramona Heights, Ranken, Richmond Heights, Riverview, Robertson, Rock Hill, Rosedale, Saint Andrew (historical), Saint Ann, Saint George, Saint Johns, Sands (historical), Sappington, Schuermann Heights, Selma, Sherman, Shoveltown, Shrewsbury, South Carondelet (historical), Southside (historical), Spanish Lake, Stein Heights (historical), Stevens, Stringtown (historical), Sunset Hills, Sycamore Hills, Times Beach (historical), Town and Country, Tuxedo, Tuxedo Park, Twin Oaks, Tyson, University City, Uplands Park, Valley Park, Velda Village, Velda Village Hills, Vigus, Vinita Park, Vinita Terrace, Warson Woods, Webster Groves, Wellston, West Clayton (historical), West Ellendale, Westwood, Wheaton, White House, Wilbur Park, Wildwood, Winchester, Windsor Springs, Woodhine Heights, Woodson Terrace, Woodstock, Yeatman

  Post Offices     show all on map

Ballwin Post Office, Bartold Post Office (historical), Berkeley Post Office, Bridgeton Post Office, Carr Post Office, Charles J Coyle Post Office, Clayton Post Office, Crestwood Plaza Post Office, Creve Coeur Post Office, Des Peres Post Office, Fenton Post Office, Ferguson Post Office, Florissant Post Office, Glencoe Post Office, Grover Post Office, Hazlewood Post Office, Jennings Post Office, Kirkwood Post Office, Koch Post Office (historical), MacKenzie Pointe Post Office, Manchester Meadows Post Office, Maplewood Post Office, North County Post Office, Olivette Post Office, Richmond Heights Post Office, Sappington Post Office, South County Post Office, Timothy M Gaffney Post Office, Town and Country Post Office, University City Post Office, Valley Park Post Office, Vitilas Reid Post Office, West County Post Office, Windom Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Crescent Hills

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Arrowhead Estates Lower Lake, Butler Lakes, Charles Fessen Lake, Fienup Lake, Hunter Lake, Lake of the Woods, Lake Sherwood, Lone Elk Reservoir, Number 126 Reservoir, Paul Goessling Lake, Ramona Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Abiding School, Ackerman School School, Affton High School, Airport Elementary School, Allenton School, Alt School, Armstrong Elementary School, Arrowpoint Elementary School, Ashley School (historical), Assumption School, Attucks School (historical), Avery School (historical), Babler Elementary School, Bani Amoona School, Barretts Elementary School, Barrington Elementary School, Bayless Elementary School, Bayless Junior High School, Bayless School, Bayless Senior High School, Beasley School, Bel-Nor Ridge Elementary School, Bel-Nor School (historical), Bellefontaine School, Bellerive Elementary School, Berkeley Middle School, Berkeley School, Bermuda Elementary School, Bernard School, Bierbaum Elementary School, Blackberry Lone School, Blades School, Blevins Elementary School, Boder School, Bonfils School, Bowles Elementary School, Brentwood High School, Brentwood Middle School, Briar Crest Elementary School, Bridges Program School, Bridgeway Elementary School, Bristol Primary School, Bristol School, Brittany Woods School, Brown School (historical), Bruns School House (historical), Buder Elementary School, Burroughs School, Center for Creative Learning School, Central Christian School, Central Elementary School, Central High School, Central Middle School, Central School, Chaminade School, Chesterfield Elementary School, Chesterfield School, Christian Brothers College, Clark Elementary School, Clark School, Claymont Elementary School, Clayton High School, Cold Water Elementary School, Coldwater School, Commons Lane Elementary School, Concord Elementary School, Concordia School, Concordia Seminary, Conway School, Cool Valley Elementary School, Country Day School, Craig Elementary School, Crestview Middle School, Cross Keys Middle School, Danforth Elementary School, Daniel Boone School, Delmar Harvard Elementary School, Dewey School (historical), Douglass High School, Draville School, Du Bois School (historical), Dunbar School, Eden Seminary, Eden Seminary (historical), Edgar Road Elementary School, Edgar Road School, Elm Grove School, Eureka Elementary School, Eureka High School, Evans School (historical), F P Tillman Elementary School, Fernridge School, Flynn School, Fontbonne University, Forder Elementary School, Forder School (historical), Fordyce House, Freedom School, Gamble School (historical), Garfield School (historical), Garrett School, Geggie Elementary School, George R Robinson Elementary School, Gibson School, Glasgow Elementary School, Glenridge School, Goodal School, Grant School (historical), Green Pines Elementary School, Green Trails Elementary School, Griffith Elementary School, Griffiths School (historical), Hageman School (historical), Halls Ferry Elementary School, Hamilton School, Hamsher High School, Hancock Place Elementary School, Hancock Place Middle School, Hancock Senior High School, Hanna Woods Elementary School, Harrison School, Hartman College, Hawthorne School, Hazelwood Central High School, Hazelwood East High School, Hazelwood West High School, Hazelwood West Middle School, Henry Elementary School, Hibler School (historical), Highcroft Ridge Elementary School, Highland Elementary School, Hiram Neuwoehner School, Hixson Middle School, Hoech Middle School, Holman Elementary School, Holman Middle School, Holy Redeemer Catholic School, Horneker School (historical), Hough School, Hudson Elementary School, Hyatt Valley School, Immacolata Catholic School, Immanuel School, Iveland School (historical), Jackson Park School, Jamestown Elementary School, Jana Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson School, John M Vogt High School (historical), Julia Goldstein Early Child School, Junction School (historical), Jury Elementary School, Keeven Elementary School, Kehrs Mill Elementary School, Kennerly Elementary School, Kenrick Seminary, Keysor School, Kirby Middle School, Kirkwood Early Child Center, Kirkwood Senior High School, Kirkwood United Methodist Church Preschool, Kratz Elementary School, La Salle Institute, Ladue Middle School, Lake School (historical), Larkin Williams School (historical), Lawson Elementary School, Lee Hamilton Elementary School, Lincoln School, Lincoln School (historical), Lincoln School (historical), Little Flower Catholic School, Litzsinger School, Lockwood School, Locust Grove School (historical), Long Elementary School, Lucas Crossing Elementary Complex School, Lusher Elementary School, Maline School, Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School, Margaret Buerkle Middle School, Marillac Seminary, Mark Twain School, Marvin School, Mary Institute, Maryhurst School, Maryville University of Saint Louis, Mason Ridge School, McCluer North High School, McCluer South-Berkeley High School, McCurdy Elementary School, McKelvey Elementary School, McKenzie School (historical), McKinley School (historical), McKnight School, McNair Elementary School, Mehlville High School, Meramec Community College, Meramec Elementary School, Meramec School, Meramec School, Mercy High School, Mesnier Primary School, Missouri Baptist College - Saint Louis, Moline Elementary School, Moline School (historical), Moore School (historical), Morgan Selvidge Middle School, Mount Calvary School, Mount Olive School (historical), Mount Pleasant School, MRH Early Childhood Center, MRH Elementary School, MRH Middle School, Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School, Nipher Middle School, Normandy High School, Normandy Junior High School, North Glendale School, North High School, North Kirkwood Middle School, Northview School, Oak Grove School, Oak Ridge School (historical), Oakville Elementary School, Oakville High School, Oakville Junior High School, Oakville School, Our Lady of Fatima School, Pacific School (historical), Parker Road Elementary School, Pattonville Heights Middle School, Pea Ridge School, Peace School, Penn School (historical), Pershing School, Pierremont Elementary School, Pitman School, Point Elementary School, Point School, Pond Elementary School, Porter School (historical), Price School (historical), Prigge School (historical), Principia College, Queen of All Saints School, R G Central Middle School, Ralph M Captain Elementary School, Ranken School (historical), Reavis School, Richmond High School, Ritenour High School, Ritenour Middle School, River Bend Elementary School, Riverview Gardens Early Childhood Education Center, Riverview Gardens School (historical), Robert Drummond Elementary School, Robert H Sperreng Middle School, Robinwood Elementary School, Rockwood Center Early Child Education Center, Rockwood Summit Senior High School, Rockwood Valley Middle School, Rogers Elementary School, Rogers Middle School, Roosevelt School (historical), Rosary High School, Rosary School, Ross Elementary School, Rott School, Russell Elementary School, Ruwwe School (historical), Sacred Heart School, Saint Aloysius School, Saint Andrew School, Saint Clements School, Saint Francis of Assisi School, Saint Johns School, Saint Josephs Convent of Mercy, Saint Louis Community College of Florissant Valley, Saint Louis Preparatory Seminary, Saint Louis State Training School, Saint Margarite Mary School, Saint Mark Catholic School, Saint Michaels School, Saint Pauls School, Saint Stanislaus Seminary, Saint Timothys Catholic School, Salem Lutheran School, Salem School (historical), Samuel Church Pre-Kindergarten School, Sappington Elementary School, Scudder School, Shenandoah Valley Elementary School, Sisters of Notre Dame School, Smith School (historical), Sorrento Springs Elementary School, South County Technical School, South High School, Southwest Middle School, Spoede Elementary School, Spoede School, Stanton Elementary School, Steger Sixth Grade Center, Sulphur Springs School (historical), Sutton School (historical), Taylor School, Thomas Jefferson School, Tillman School, Townsend Elementary School, Traditional School, Trautwein Elementary School, Troutwein School, Turner School, Turner School, Twillman School, University City Senior High School, University of Missouri Saint Louis Campus, Ursuline Academy, Uthoff Valley Elementary School, Valley Park Elementary School, Valley Park Middle School, Valley Park Senior High School, Valley School, Vandover School, Vernon School, Victory Christian School, Villa Duchesne School, Village Lutheran Church in Ladue Preschool, Visitation Academy, Vogt Elementary School, Vossenkemper School, W W Keysor Elementary School, Walker Elementary School, Walnut Grove Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Washington Middle School, Washington Park School, Washington School, Washington School, Washington School, Washington University, Washington University Tyson Research Center, Watkins High School, Watson Christian School, Weber School, Webster College, Webster Groves High School, Wedgwood Elementary School, West High School, West Middle School, West Walnut Manor School (historical), Wild Horse Elementary School, Wildwood Middle School, Wilkinson Early Childhood Center, Willow Brook Elementary School, Woerther Elementary School, Wohlwend Elementary School, Wohlwend School, Word Academy Child Development Center, Wren Hollow Elementary School, Wright School, Wyland Elementary School, Zion Lutheran School, Zion School

  Springs     show all on map

Babler Spring, Crystal Spring, Dripping Spring, Lewis Spring, Pettys Spring, Sinking Spring, Sontags Spring, Yellow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Antire Creek, Bates Branch, Bete Creek, Black Creek, Bonhomme Creek, Brush Creek, Burroughs Creek, Carr Creek, Carsonville Creek, Caulks Creek, Center Creek, Claychester Creek, Claytonia Creek, Clear Creek, Clifty Creek, Coldwater Creek, Cotter Creek, Cowmire Creek, Creve Coeur Creek, Denny Creek, Deschamps Creek, Dielmann Creek, Engelholm Creek, Fee Fee Creek, Fenton Creek, Fernridge Creek, Fishpot Creek, Flat Creek, Flatrock Creek, Fordyce Fork, Fountain Creek, Fox Creek, Gingras Creek, Glaize Creek, Grand Glaize Creek, Gravois Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hampton Branch, Hiblers Creek, Keifer Creek, Little Antire Creek, Little Fox Creek, Louiselle Creek, Magnolia Creek, Martigney Creek, Mattese Creek, Mill Creek, Monsanto - Sunswept Creek, Pebble Creek, Pillman Creek, Rock Hill Creek, Rodes Creek, Rosenfelder Creek, Shady Grove Creek, Smith Creek, Smizer Creek, South Branch Claychester Creek, Spring Branch, Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek, Twomile Creek, Warson Woods Creek, West Branch Caulks Creek, Wildflower Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Williams Creek, Windrush Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Hill, Darby Hill, Lost Hill, Normandy Hill, Topper Hill, Yellow Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Marais des Liards (historical), Wilson Island

  Towers     show all on map

KCFV-FM (Ferguson), KDNL-TV (St Louis), KETC-TV (St Louis), KEZK-FM (St Louis), KFUO-AM (Clayton), KFUO-FM (Clayton), KFUO-FM (Clayton), KHTR-FM (St Louis), KIRL-AM (St Charles), KMJM-FM (St Louis), KMOV-TV (St Louis), KOMR-FM (St Louis), KPLR-TV (St Louis), KRJY-FM (St Louis), KRSH-FM (Overland), KSD-FM (Saint Louis), KSDK-TV (St Louis), KSHE-FM (Crestwood), KSHE-FM (Crestwood), KSIV-AM (Clayton), KTVI-TV (St Louis), KWMU-FM (St Louis), KWUR-FM (Clayton), KYKY-FM (St Louis), KYMC-FM (Ballwin), Luther Tower, WILFM-FM (St Louis), WKBQ-FM (Granite City), WMRY-FM (East Saint Louis), WXJO-FM (Bethalto) (historical)

  Valleys     show all on map

Camp Hollow, Coon Hollow, Mincke Hollow, Pinhook Hollow, Possum Hollow, Rabbit Hollow, Rock Hollow, Spencer Harris Hollow, Tyson Hollow,

St. Louis County, Missouri Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSt. Louis County White population 705,333705,333  
BlackSt. Louis County Black population 236,112236,111
AsianSt. Louis County Asian population 38,01838,017
MixedSt. Louis County Mixed population 18,00918,008
American IndianSt. Louis County American Indian population 2,0012,000
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSt. Louis County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1,0001,000

Additional population tables :
State population table
Missouri population by county