Carter County, Montana Basics:

Carter County Montana - Government Site

Population: 1,172
Area: 3341 square miles
County seat: Ekalaka
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 92.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.7%
Median household income: $38,750
Persons in poverty: 14.1%
Home ownership rate: 76.1%
Mean travel time to work: 13.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Butte (SD)  Crook (WY)  Custer  Fallon  Harding (SD)  Powder River  

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Map of the Carter County area

Our detail map of Carter County shows the Carter County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Carter County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Castleberry Airport, Ekalaka Airport, Gardner Airport, Laird Ranch Airport, Lanning Ranch Airport, Morgan Ranche Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Blocker Field, Medicine Rocks

  Bends     show all on map

Burnt Bend, Harring Bend, Johnson Bend, Petes Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Alzada Volunteer Fire Control, Bell Tower Hall, Carter County Courthouse, Carter County Museum, Carter County Sheriff's Office, Dahl Memorial Health Care Ambulance, Ekalaka Police Department, Ekalaka Public Library, Ekalaka Volunteer Fire Department, Ridgeway Hall

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alzada Cemetery, Boyes Cemetery, Capitol Cemetery, Capitol Church Cemetery, Elgin Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Ridge Cemetery, Russell Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Alzada Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Alzada Baptist Church, Alzada Congregational Church, Alzada Mission, Belltower Church, Belltower Seventh Day Adventist Church, Church of Christ Congregational, Community Church (historical), Ekalaka Gospel Tabernacle, First Baptist Church, Hope Baptist Church, Little Missouri Lutheran Church, Medicine Rocks Church, Ridge Church, Saint Ann Church, Saint Joan of Arc Church, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical)

  Cliffs     show all on map

Rock Wall

  Dams     show all on map

Ace of Diamonds Dam, Aces Wild Dam, Aldrich Dam, Apache Dam, Arbuckle Dam, Arbuckle Number 1 Dam, Arbuckle Number 2 Dam, Baby Willow Dam, Black Wolfe Number 2 Dam, Black Wolff Number 3 Dam, Blackfoot Dam, Blackford Number 3 Dam, Blackford Number 5 Dam, Brownfield Dam, Bum Lamb Dam, Burch Dam, Cheyenne Detention Dam, Clem-Reid Number 1 Dam, Cline Number 2 Dam, Cline Number 3 Dam, Cochran Dam, Cockran Grazing Number 1 Dam, Cockran Grazing Number 2 Dam, Cockran Grazing Number 3 Dam, Cockran Grazing Number 4 Dam, Cockran Grazing Number 5 Dam, Cold Springs Dam, Courtney Herefords Number 3 Dam, Ding Dong Dam, Dye Number 1 Dam, Dye Number 2 Dam, Earl Krietel Number 3 Dam, Earl Krietel Number 4 Dam, Ed Rath Number 1 Dam, Edward Lanning Number 1 Dam, Edward Lanning Number 2 Dam, Ernest Wallstein Dam, Fly Swatter Number 1 Dam, Fruit Dam, Gardner Number 1 Dam, Gardner Number 2 Dam, Gerald Craft Number 1 Dam, Gerald Craft Number 2 Dam, Gerald Craft Number 3 Dam, Gerald Craft Number 5 Dam, Gerald Craft Number 6 Dam, German Number 2 Dam, German Number 3 Dam, German Number 9 Dam, Gros Ventre Dam, Grumpy Dam, Gussie Number 2 Dam, Gussie Number 3 Dam, Hanley Dam, Harkin Dam, Helen B Dam, Helen B Dent Dam, Homer Number 1 Dam, Hubbard Number 1 Dam, Instant Tang Dam, J Oliver Number 1 Dam, Jack of Diamonds Dam, Jack of Hearts Dam, Jack of Spades Dam, Jackrabbit Dam, Jardee Dam, Jello Dam, Jerk Number 2 Dam, Johnston and Son Ranch Number 4 Dam, K and L McDowell Number 3 Dam, K and L McDowell Number 5 Dam, K and L McDowell Number 7 Dam, King of Diamonds Dam, Kool-Aid Dam, Korneman Dam, L Cline Number 1 Dam, La Ze Number 1 Dam, Larry Pilster Number 2 Dam, Lemon Hart Dam, Little Boy Blue Dam, Lone Tree Reservoir Dam, Long Dam, Lost Calf Detention Dam, Lostcalf Dam, Major Number 1 Dam, Mallett Number 2 Dam, Marys Lamb Dam, McKnight Number 1 Dam, McKnight Number 2 Dam, Mowbray Number 3 Dam, Navaho Dam, Nies Dam, Nikodyn Dam, Nuhn Number 2 Dam, Nuhn Number 3 Dam, Oliver Number 2 Dam, One D-4 Ranch Dam, Padden Number 2 Dam, Penny Dam, Pete Dam, Phillippi Number 1 Dam, Pilister Diversion Dam, Pilister Number 1 Dam, Pilister Number 2 Dam, Prairiedog Dam, Price Number 1 Dam, Queen of Hearts Dam, R Owen Number 1 Dam, R Owen Number 2 Dam, Riley Number 1 Dam, Ringling Number 1 Dam, Rolph Number 1 Dam, Rosecraze Dam, Set Inc Number 1 Dam, Setine Dam, Sidney Reservoir Dam, Sneezie Dam, Snow White Dam, Soda Creek Dam, Square Butte Reservoir Dam, Tauck Number 3 Dam, Tauck Reservoir Number 4 Dam, The Pinta Dam, Traucks Dam, Two D-4 Ranch Dam, Ute Dam, Velvet Dam, Walker Dam, Wallenstein Dam, West Lindsey Reservoir Dam, Whitetail Dam, Whitetail Detention Dam, Wyotana Ranch Number 4 Dam, Wyotana Ranch Number 5 Dam, Zelzo Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Beaver Flats

  Forests     show all on map

Custer National Forest - Sioux Division

  Gaps     show all on map

Trenk Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Dahl Dental Clinic, Dahl Memorial Healthcare Hospital, Dahl Memorial Hospital (historical), Dahl Memorial Nursing Home

  Islands     show all on map

The Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Soda Lakes

  Locales     show all on map

Box Elder Crossing (historical), Camp Needmore, Carter County Fairgrounds, Cline Camper Court, Ekalaka Park Campground, Fruit Ranch, Laird Ranch, Lantis Spring Campground, Macnab Campground, McClary Ranger Station, Medicine Rocks Campground, Nuhn Ranch, Old CCC Camp, Peters Ranch, Piniele, Sykes Corner, Wickham Gulch Campground, Willow Creek (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Camp Devin (historical), Ekalaka Mini-Mutes Radar Site, Hammond Mini-Mutes Radar Site, Haycreek Mini-Mute Radar Site

  Mines     show all on map

A58-36-12 Mine, A58-36-13 Mine, A58-36-15 Mine, A58-36-2 Mine, A58-36-3 Mine, A58-36-9 Mine, B58-25-4 Mine, B58-26-1 Mine, B58-26-4 Mine, B58-27-1 Mine, B58-33-2 Mine, B58-34-1, B58-34-2, B58-34-4 Mine, B58-34-6 Mine, B59-26-1 Mine, B59-26-2 Mine, B59-26-3 Mine, B59-35-2 Mine, X58-27-4 Mine, X58-33-3 Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Ekalaka City Park, Ekalaka Historical Marker, Medicine Rocks State Park, Opechee Park, Perso Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock, Chimney Rock, Stack Rocks

  Populated Places     show all on map

Albion, Alzada, Beaver Flats (historical), Belltower, Boyes, Capitol, Chalk Buttes (historical), Chausse (historical), Curtis (historical), Ekalaka, Elgin (historical), Hammond, Midland (historical), Mill Iron, Pershing (historical), Prairie Dale (historical), Ridge, Ridgeway

  Post Offices     show all on map

Albion Post Office (historical), Alzada Post Office, Arp Post Office (historical), Batzel Post Office (historical), Belltower Post Office (historical), Boyes Post Office, Capitol Post Office (historical), Chalk Buttes Post Office (historical), Chausse Post Office (historical), Climax Post Office (historical), Ekalaka Post Office, Elgin Post Office (historical), Ericson Post Office (historical), Excie Post Office (historical), Fivemile Post Office (historical), Gilman Ranch Post Office (historical), Gladys Post Office (historical), Glenrock Post Office (historical), Hammond Post Office, Hawks Home Post Office (historical), Lance Post Office (historical), Midland Post Office (historical), Mill Iron Post Office (historical), Piniele Post Office (historical), Red Root Post Office (historical), Rema Post Office (historical), Rhoades Post Office (historical), Ridge Post Office (historical), Ridgway Post Office (historical), Staats Post Office (historical), Sykes Post Office (historical), Teedee Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Butcher Hills, Chalk Buttes, Ekalaka Hills, Flattops, Humbolt Hills, Long Pines, Taylor Hills

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Abel Reservoir, Apache Reservoir, Bar C Reservoir, Blackfoot Reservoir, Brewer Reservoir, Bucholtz Reservoir, Burditt Reservoir, Cherokee Reservoir, Cheyenne Reservoir, Cochran Reservoir, Dead Horse Reservoir, Devils Canyon Reservoir, Dewdrop Reservoir, Dugout Reservoir, E-B Reservoir, Etta Reservoir, Evans Reservoir, Flat Reservoir, Gergen Reservoir, Gravel Pit Reservoir, Gros Ventre Reservoir, Herman Reservoir, Horse Killer Reservoir, J Oliver Reservoir, Jay Reservoir, L O Reservoir, L/W Reservoir, Lampkin Gulch Reservoir, Lindsey Reservoir, Little Britches Reservoir, Lone Tree Reservoir Number One, Lone Tree Reservoir Number Two, Long Reservoir, Maverick Reservoir, Mobray Reservoir Number 2, Mobray Reservoir Number 3, Navaho Reservoir, Pendleton Reservoir, Pentecost Reservoir, Phillippi Reservoir, Pot Hole Reservoir, Schmidt Reservoir, Section 21 Reservoir, Sioux Reservoir, Summers Reservoir, Trenk Reservoir, Ute Reservoir, V-Bar-S Reservoir, West Lindsey Reservoir, West Plum Creek Reservoir, Wichiup Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Belltower Divide, Dead Boy Divide, Rustler Divide

  Schools     show all on map

Albion School, Alzada School, Askin School (historical), Belltower School (historical), Big Hill School (historical), Boxelder School (historical), Boyes School (historical), Bradshaw School (historical), Brence School (historical), Brownfield School (historical), Capitol School (historical), Carter County High School, Carter School (historical), Central School (historical), Chalk Buttes School (historical), Chimney Rock School (historical), Climax School (historical), Cline School (historical), Coal Creek School, Cornigh School (historical), Cross School (historical), Crosser School (historical), Crow Creek School (historical), Dry Creek School (historical), East Side School (historical), Ekalaka School, Elgin School (historical), Elkhorn School (historical), Ericson School (historical), Ewalt School (historical), Fallon County School (historical), Foster School (historical), Gilman School (historical), Glenrock School (historical), Grandview School (historical), Griffin School (historical), Hammond School, Hawks Home School, Hay Creek School (historical), Head of Beaver School (historical), Horse Creek School (historical), Johnston School, Knipfer School (historical), Lakeside School (historical), Lambert School (historical), Leigh School (historical), Lone Tree School (historical), Long Pine School (historical), Lower Tie Creek School (historical), Marty School (historical), McCarey School (historical), McNary School (historical), Midland School (historical), O'Fallon Creek School (historical), Opechee Park School (historical), Osgood School (historical), Owens School (historical), Peabody School (historical), Pershing School (historical), Peterson School (historical), Pine Hill School (historical), Pineview School (historical), Piniele School (historical), Plainview School (historical), Rema School (historical), Ridge School, Ridgway School (historical), Rifle Pits Divide School (historical), Sand Butte School (historical), Schofield School (historical), Sherwin School (historical), Spring Creek School (historical), Sweeny School (historical), Sykes School (historical), Tee Dee School (historical), Tie Creek School (historical), Townsend School (historical), Twelve Mile School (historical), Upper Tie Creek School (historical), Wilson School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

03N58E31CDD_01 Spring, 08S55E29CD__01 Spring, Abrogast Spring, Alstrom Spring, Arpan Spring, Aspen Spring, Ballinger Spring, Benneys Spring, Big Noise Spring, Big Tree Spring, Bill Spring, Birch Spring, Bronco Sam Spring, Brown Jug Spring, Burditt Spring, Capitol Rock Spring, Carter Spring, Church Spring, Coal Bank Spring, Craft Spring, Crase Spring, Curley Spring, Devils Canyon Spring Number 1, Devils Canyon Spring Number 2, Division Spring, Double F Spring Number 1, Double F Spring Number 2, Dugan Draw Spring, Elmer Spring, Flasted Spring, Foster Spring, Gergen Spring, Grasshopper Spring, Halbert Spring, Hart Spring, Hatch Spring, Hidden Spring, Hoag Spring, Icebox Spring, Iron Spring, Jack Spring, Johns Spring, Kinsey Spring, Lambert Spring, Lantis Spring, Last Chance Spring, Little Noise Spring, Livingstone Spring, Lost Farm Spring Number 1, Lost Farm Spring Number 2, Martin Spring, Maverick Spring Number 1, Maverick Spring Number 2, McClary Spring Number 1, Michael Spring, Mobray Spring Number 1, Mobray Spring Number 2, Mud Spring, Murphy Spring, N F Spring, Neece Spring, North Slope Spring, Old Mill Spring, Oliver Springs, Patton Spring, Patton Spring Number 2, Pendleton Spring, Pete Spring, Picnic Spring, Red Bluff Spring, Red Hill Spring, Reynolds Spring, Russell Spring, Russell Spring, Rustler Canyon Spring, Sawdust Spring, Sawmill Spring, Section 3 Spring, Selway Spring, Shady Spring, Sinrud Spring, Slick Creek Spring, South Carter Spring, Spring Canyon Spring, Stagville Spring, Stormy Spring, Sugarbowl Spring, Thompson Spring, Twentytwo Spring, V Bar M Spring, Ward Spring Number 1, Ward Spring Number 2, Wear Spring, White Rock Spring, Wickham Spring Number 1, Wickham Spring Number 2, Willow Spring, Wood Gulch Spring, X/X Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Creek, Alkali Creek, Antelope Creek, Arkansas Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Bickerdyke Creek, Big Groat Creek, Big Ramme Creek, Blacktail Creek, Blowout Creek, Board Corral Creek, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Creek, Bull Creek, Cabin Creek, Cactus Creek, Cady Creek, Camp Creek, Catamount Creek, Chito Creek, Claim Creek, Clear Fork, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Collins Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Coyote Creek, Davis Creek, Dead Boy Creek, Deadman Creek, Deep Creek, Devils Canyon Creek, Dry Creek, Dugan Creek, Dugout Creek, Duncan Creek, Dutchman Creek, East Fork L O Creek, East Fork O'Fallon Creek, East Fork T L Creek, Easter Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Enerson Creek, Enerson Creek, Ewalt Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flag Creek, Flasted Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Fortyeight Mile Creek, Gergen Creek, Greasewood Creek, Groat Creek, H S Creek, H Seven Creek, Hackberry Creek, Hadigan Creek, Hagen Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hanley Creek, Harmon Creek, Hawk Creek, Hawksnest Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Heggen Creek, Holben Creek, Honeycomb Creek, Horse Creek, Humbolt Creek, Ikey Creek, Keith Creek, L O Creek, Lily Creek, Line Camp Creek, Little Groat Creek, Little Ramme Creek, Lome Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, McCarty Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Whitetail Creek, Middle Fork Willow Creek, Middle Slick Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Munro Creek, Muskrat Creek, Ninemile Creek, North Butte Creek, North Cottonwood Creek, North Creek, North Fork Beaver Dam Creek, North Fork Corral Creek, North Fork Dead Boy Creek, North Fork Dry Creek, North Fork Plum Creek, North Fork Whitetail Creek, North Fork Willow Creek, North Soda Creek, North Tie Creek, Park Creek, Plum Creek, Prairie Dog Creek, Ranch Creek, Roburge Creek, Roburge Creek, Russell Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, School Section Creek, School Section Creek, Schultz Creek, Scott Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Sheep Camp Creek, Sheep Camp Creek, Sherril Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Skull Creek, Skunk Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, Soda Creek, South Beaver Dam Creek, South Butte Creek, South Cottonwood Creek, South Creek, South Dry Creek, South Fork Corral Creek, South Fork Dry Creek, South Fork Whitetail Creek, South Fork Willow Creek, South Spring Creek, Speelmon Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Steep Creek, T L Creek, Terrell Creek, Thompson Creek, Thompson Creek, Thompson Creek, Tie Creek, Trail Creek, Trough Creek, Twelvemile Creek, West Fork Boxelder Creek, West Fork Hanley Creek, West Fork T L Creek, Whitetail Creek, Whitetail Creek, Willow Creek, Wolf Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Belcher Mountain, Belltower Butte, Big Hill, Black Point, Blue Mud Hills, Capitol Rock, Chimney Rock, Coal Creek Hill, Coal Creek Hill, Dead Horse Point, Dutchmans Hill, Finger Buttes, Flasted Hill, Grassy Butte, Greasy Hill, Hackett Butte, Haystack Butte, Indian Butte, Mud Butte, Newberry Knob, Pine Hill, Piney Butte, Pocochichee Butte, Potato Buttes, Potato Buttes, Red Hill, Roosevelt Rock, Saddle Butte, Saddle Butte, Sheep Mountain, Stone Lady Rock, Stormy Butte, Three Peaks, Timber Hill, Tip Top Butte, Twin Buttes, W L Butte, West Butte, Wilder Butte, Wolf Point

  Towers     show all on map

Tri Point Tower

  Valleys     show all on map

Aldrich Draw, Ash Draw, Big Tree Draw, Blacktail Draw, Carr Draw, Carter Gulch, Cedar Canyon, Cheesman Draw, Dead Horse Draw, Devils Canyon, Dugan Draw, Ewalt Draw, Flasted Draw, Foster Draw, Fresh Water Draw, Gomer Draw, Halbert Gulch, Hay Draw, Hay Draw, Heggen Draw, Hehn Draw, Horsetrack Draw, Keltner Draw, Knudson Draw, Kuster Canyon, Lampkin Gulch, Long Draw, Maverick Gulch, Nelson Draw, Nelson Washout, Pentecost Draw, Plum Thicket Draw, Quaking Aspen Draw, Reynolds Draw, Rustler Canyon, Short Draw, Soft Water Draw, Spring Canyon, Stagville Draw, Torgerson Draw, W L Draw, Weller Draw, Whiskey Gulch, Whitcomb Draw, Wood Gulch, York Draw, Zimmerman Draw

  Wells     show all on map

01N56E15BACA01 Well, 01N56E24BDDA01 Well, 01N56E31CCC_01 Well, 01N56E32DCC_01 Well, 01N57E02DDD_01 Well, 01N57E12ACBB01 Well, 01N57E18DAA_01 Well, 01N57E19AABB01 Well, 01N57E19CDB_01 Well, 01N57E35ADDA01 Well, 01N58E06ADDC01 Well, 01N58E14BBAA01 Well, 01N58E18BACD01 Well, 01N58E35CB__01 Well, 01N59E05BAC_01 Well, 01N59E33BDDD01 Well, 01N60E02BDCA01 Well, 01N60E19DBDA01 Well, 01N60E22CAB_01 Well, 01N60E34CDDD01 Well, 01N61E01ABBD01 Well, 01N61E08BCDA01 Well, 01N61E29ADAB01 Well, 01N61E32BDBD01 Well, 01S55E02DAAB01 Well, 01S55E11BBC_01 Well, 01S55E17DAA_01 Well, 01S55E27CBA_01 Well, 01S55E29DBBA01 Well, 01S56E09CDC_01 Well, 01S56E15BAC_01 Well, 01S56E17AADC01 Well, 01S56E30DDBA01 Well, 01S56E33DCC_01 Well, 01S56E36CBCB01 Well, 01S57E16AC__01 Well, 01S57E17BCB_01 Well, 01S57E17CDA_01 Well, 01S57E19BBAA01 Well, 01S57E24DAA_01 Well, 01S57E26AAB_01 Well, 01S57E26ADCA01 Well, 01S57E32DCC_01 Well, 01S57E34BAD_01 Well, 01S57E34BDD_01 Well, 01S57E34BDD_02 Well, 01S58E03BCDA01 Well, 01S58E04CCCA01 Well, 01S58E06CAC_01 Well, 01S58E09ABB_01 Well, 01S58E09ABB_01 Well, 01S58E11BDC_01 Well, 01S58E18ADD_01 Well, 01S58E18ADD_01 Well, 01S59E03CC__01 Well, 01S59E06DABA01 Well, 01S60E04CDDB01 Well, 01S60E08ACBC01 Well, 01S61E03ABAB01 Well, 01S61E20CAAA01 Well, 01S62E06DCAC01 Well, 02N55E34DCC_01 Well, 02N55E35CAB_01 Well, 02N56E04DCBC01 Well, 02N56E09ACB_01 Well, 02N56E11BAC_01 Well, 02N56E15BADC01 Well, 02N56E27DAA_01 Well, 02N56E28DDD_01 Well, 02N57E15ABAC01 Well, 02N57E19BBC_01 Well, 02N58E06BCDC01 Well, 02N58E09CCCC01 Well, 02N58E19BAAD01 Well, 02N58E20DAA_01 Well, 02N58E20DAA_01 Well, 02N58E20DAD_01 Well, 02N58E20DAD_01 Well, 02N58E29DCC_01 Well, 02N58E32BAD_01 Well, 02N58E32BAD_01 Well, 02N58E32BAD_02 Well, 02N58E32BBA_01 Well, 02N58E32BBD_01 Well, 02N58E32BDB_01 Well, 02N59E19BDBA01 Well, 02N60E17BCDC01 Well, 02N61E06AABD01 Well, 02N61E20AABB01 Well, 02N61E29BDDA01 Well, 02S55E12C___01 Well, 02S56E01BCC_01 Well, 02S56E13BDDC01 Well, 02S56E20ADD_01 Well, 02S56E23DAD_01 Well, 02S56E28ABAA01 Well, 02S57E04ABBB01 Well, 02S57E07BDCC01 Well, 02S60E11CBAD01 Well, 02S60E28A___01 Well, 02S62E08DDDD01 Well, 03N55E02CC__01 Well, 03N55E23AAAA01 Well, 03N56E02DDCA01 Well, 03N56E10BDCA01 Well, 03N56E22AD__01 Well, 03N56E22DDAC01 Well, 03N56E33DC__01 Well, 03N57E02AAAD01 Well, 03N57E06DCCD01 Well, 03N57E13DDD_01 Well, 03N57E25CAAB01 Well, 03N57E30AAAC01 Well, 03N58E05AAA_01 Well, 03N58E05AAA_01 Well, 03N58E07DAA_01 Well, 03N58E12BDCB01 Well, 03N58E29CCBA01 Well, 03N58E33BADD01 Well, 03N59E20BCCB01 Well, 03S55E07DAB_01 Well, 03S56E04CBAC01 Well, 03S56E22BCCC01 Well, 03S58E02DC__01 Well, 03S60E11AB__01 Well, 03S60E24CDDC01 Well, 03S61E24CDBD01 Well, 03S62E22ABAA01 Well, 04N55E04DAA_01 Well, 04N55E25ACD_01 Well, 04N55E25ACD_02 Well, 04N55E34BACD01 Well, 04N56E08ABB_01 Well, 04N56E09DBDB01 Well, 04N56E10ACC_01 Well, 04N56E14CCCB01 Well, 04N56E16CAD_01 Well, 04N56E23CC__01 Well, 04N56E25DDCC01 Well, 04N56E32BCDC01 Well, 04N57E04CCC_01 Well, 04N57E14DAB_01 Well, 04N57E15ABDA01 Well, 04N57E22BDDD01 Well, 04N57E24BDCB01 Well, 04N57E24CAA_01 Well, 04N58E08BACD01 Well, 04N58E17CCCB01 Well, 04N58E18CC__01 Well, 04N58E30ADAD01 Well, 04N58E30ADD_01 Well, 04N58E32DADB01 Well, 04S59E09AACD01 Well, 04S60E08DDAD01 Well, 04S60E22CDDB01 Well, 04S61E03CACC01 Well, 04S61E14BDDD01 Well, 04S62E27CBDC01 Well, 04S62E34DC__01 Well, 05S55E07ACC_01 Well, 05S55E07CDCC01 Well, 05S57E31AB__01 Well, 05S58E08DBCC01 Well, 05S58E17BAAB01 Well, 05S61E20DCC_01 Well, 05S61E20DC__01 Well, 05S62E09BBDD01 Well, 06S55E05ADCA01 Well, 06S55E06CDA_01 Well, 06S55E07ABC_01 Well, 06S55E09ABCC01 Well, 06S55E15BACA01 Well, 06S55E18BC__01 Well, 06S55E20CAAD01 Well, 06S55E23AADD01 Well, 06S55E25BBBB01 Well, 06S55E25CDDB01 Well, 06S55E31ACDC01 Well, 06S55E31BC__01 Well, 06S55E31CCAC01 Well, 06S55E31CCC_01 Well, 06S55E31CCDB01 Well, 06S56E30DD__01 Well, 06S62E21ACAB01 Well, 07S55E01ADD_01 Well, 07S55E02ABDC01 Well, 07S55E04DCBC01 Well, 07S55E05BB__01 Well, 07S55E07DDAA01 Well, 07S55E08AB__01 Well, 07S55E11BDCA01 Well, 07S55E14BB__01 Well, 07S55E30ABBA01 Well, 07S55E32BDDD01 Well, 07S55E33CAA_01 Well, 07S58E20CAA_01 Well, 07S59E03AB__01 Well, 07S61E01DCAB01 Well, 07S61E10CDDA01 Well, 07S62E06BCBD01 Well, 08S55E01AD__01 Well, 08S55E02DDDB01 Well, 08S55E04CDAC01 Well, 08S55E10CB__01 Well, 08S55E31AA__01 Well, 08S56E14BAAA01 Well, 08S56E14CACA01 Well, 08S57E24CABC01 Well, 08S58E29BBBA01 Well, 08S60E15CABD01 Well, 08S61E13DDDA01 Well, 08S62E19DCDD01 Well, 09S55E19AAAB01 Well, 09S59E15ADCC01 Well, 09S61E31CCCC01 Well, 09S62E08CDCD01 Well, 09S62E23DA__01 Well, Arledge Well, Byrne Well, Carter Well, Catron Well, Gundlach Well, Kennedy Well, Latham Well, Lower Snow Creek Well, Milo Well, North Harkins Well, Old Snow Creek Well, Peabody Well, Pendleton Well, Plum Creek Well, Smith Well, South Harkins Well, Stieg Well, Tarter Well, Wood Gulch Well,

Carter County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCarter County White population 1,1521,152  
American IndianCarter County American Indian population 1211
MixedCarter County Mixed population 65
AsianCarter County Asian population 11
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCarter County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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