Grant County, Oregon Basics:

Grant County Oregon - Government Site

Population: 7,317
Area: 4529 square miles
County seat: Canyon City
Area code(s) in use: 541
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 88.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.5%
Median household income: $34,337
Persons in poverty: 15.7%
Home ownership rate: 70.1%
Mean travel time to work: 18.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Baker  Crook  Harney  Malheur  Morrow  Umatilla  Union  Wheeler  

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Map of the Grant County area

Our detail map of Grant County shows the Grant County, Oregon boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Grant County, Oregon

  Airports     show all on map

Cerny Airport, Grant County Regional Airport/Ogilvie Field, Hi Country No 2 Airport, Inshallah International Airport, Land's Inn Ranch Airport, Miranda's Skyranch Airport, Monument Municipal Airport, Oxbow Ranch Airport, Ponderosa Ranch Airport, Seneca Emergency Airstrip, Wiley Creek Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Tex Creek Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Bridge Creek Meadow, Bull Prairie, French Diggings, Widows Creek Burn

  Arroyos     show all on map

Cline Draw

  Bars     show all on map

Dixson Bar, Horseshoe Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Bear Valley, Big Basin, Big Riner Basin, Bologna Basin, Butler Basin, Canyon City Municipal Watershed, Corral Basin, Cottonwood Basin, Cunningham Cove, Dead Horse Basin, Dollar Basin, Fox Valley, Guyon Basin, Hole in the Ground, Hole-in-the Ground, Linder Basin, Little Riner Basin, Lone Pine Basin, Long Creek Municipal Watershed, McIntire Basin, McNulty Basin, Morris Basin, Mount Ruth Cove, Patterson Basin, South Fork Basin, The Hole, Timber Basin, Turner Basin, Turtle Cove, Vanata Basin, Wildcat Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Prairie City Bench

  Bends     show all on map

Big Bend, Big Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Coles Bridge, Goose Rock Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Blue Mountain Ranger Station, Blue Mountain Work Center, Canyon City Hall, Canyon City Public Works Department Office, Canyon City Volunteer Fire Department, Dayville City Hall, Dayville Fire Department, Dayville Library, Dayville Public Works Department Office, Department of Motor Vehicles John Day, DeWitt Museum, Forks Guard Station, Fremont Powerhouse, Granite City Office, Granite Roadmaster Office, Grant County Health Office and Family Planning Clinic, Grant County Historical Museum, Grant County Jail, Grant County Library, Grant County Ranch and Rodeo Museum, Grant County Sheriff's Office, Grant County Trial and Justice Courthouse, John Day City Hall, John Day Fire Department, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Cant Ranch Museum, John Day Police Department, John Day Public Works Department Main Office, Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site, Keeney Camp Guard Station, Long Creek City Hall, Long Creek Fire Department, Long Creek Public Works Department Office, Malheur National Forest Blue Mountain Ranger District, Malheur National Forest Headquarters, Monument City Hall, Monument Public Works Department Office, Mount Vernon City Hall, Mount Vernon Fire Department, Mount Vernon Public Works Department Office, Museum of Horse Drawn Vehicles, National Park Service John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Ranger Station, Ok Truck Barn, Oregon State Police Department John Day, Peavy Cabin, Prairie City Depot, Prairie City Fire Department, Prairie City Police Department, Prairie City Public Works Department Office, Prairie City Ranger Station, Prairie City Town Hall, Raddue Guard Station, Ritter Grange (historical), Seneca City Hall, Seneca Public Works Department Office, Seneca Volunteer Fire Department, Thomas Condon Paleontology Center

  Canals     show all on map

Blue Mountain Ditch, Byron Ditch, Cummings Ditch, Eddington Ditch, Enterprise Ditch, Laycock Long Ditch, Lemons Ditch, Luce Ditch, Murray Ditch, Owens Ditch, Panama Ditch, Placer Ditch, Ringsmeyer Ditch, Southworth Ditch, Stewart Ditch, The Mill Ditch, Throop Ditch, Trowbridge Ditch, West Side Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Bone Point, Dustin Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Aldrich Grave, Boot Hill Cemetery, Canyon City Cemetery, Dayville Cemetery, Dickerson Ranch Cemetery, Fletcher Cemetery, Fox Valley Cemetery, Galena Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Hankins Cemetery, Ingle Cemetery, Izee Cemetery, Long Creek Cemetery, McHaley Cemetery, Monument Cemetery, Moon Creek Cemetery, Prairie City Cemetery, Rest Lawn Cemetery, Ritter Cemetery, Saint Andrews Cemetery, Silvies Cemetery, Southworth Cemetery, Willow Creek Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Saint Katherine Catholic Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Coyote Bluff, Emergency Point, Goose Rock, Shivers Rim

  Dams     show all on map

Bates Dam, Bennett Dam, Buffalo Dam, Bull Prairie Dam, Canyon Creek Meadows Dam, Dam Number Three, Flowers Dam, Griffin Creek Dam, John Day River Dam, Lake Pons Dam, Neal Dam, Officers Dam, Olive Lake Dam, Oxbow Ranch Dam, Scheckels Dam, Sproul Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Meadow Brooks Falls, Slide Falls, South Fork Falls, Strawberry Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Alkali Flats, Bear Creek Meadow, Bear Flat, Bear Meadow, Bear Paw Meadow, Beaver Meadows, Belshaw Meadows, Beymer Flat, Big Flat, Bjerkson Flat, Bridge Creek Meadow, Buckhorn Meadow, Bull Prairie, Buttermilk Flat, Cabell Meadow, Camp Flat, Canyon Creek Meadow, China Meadow, Cinnabar Flat, Clark Meadow, Cougar Meadow, Cow Camp Meadows, Coxie Meadow, Coyote Meadow, Crane Flats, Crane Flats, Crane Prairie, Crawfish Meadow, Crawford Meadow, Crooked Creek Meadows, Deadman Flat, Deer Creek Flats, Desolation Meadows, Dixie Meadows, Dry Meadow, Duff Meadows, Elder Flat, Elk Grove, Five Hundred Flat, Flag Prairie, Flood Meadow, Geary Meadow, Gem Meadow, Gibbs Meadow, Gilman Flat, Gold Center Meadow, Grasshopper Flat, Grizzly Flats, Happy Prairie, Harper Meadow, Haystack Meadows, Hell Fire Flat, Holding Pasture, Howard Meadow, Howard Meadows, Hunter Meadow, Jack Cabin Meadow, Japanese Meadow, John Young Meadows, Jonas Flat, Keeney Meadow, Keeney Meadows, Kelsay Meadows, Knox Meadow, Litch Meadow, Little Bear Creek Meadow, Little Meadows, Little Squaw Meadow, Lobelia Meadow, Long Meadow, Lost Dog Flat, Lost Horse Meadow, Lost Meadow, Lost Meadow, Macy Meadow, Mahoney Meadows, McCalpine Meadow, McGarr Meadows, Merit Meadows, Miller Flat, Miller Flat, Moon Meadow, Morrow Meadow, Mud Flat, Murray Flat, Myrtle Park Meadows, North Fork Meadow, Olmstead Meadow, Onion Flats, Onion Gulch Meadow, Petre Meadows, Phipps Meadow, Pie Meadow, Pizer Meadow, Powell Meadow, Putney Meadows, Reynolds Meadow, Riley Creek Meadow, Rocky Flat, Round Meadows, Rudio Meadows, Sage Hen Flat, San Lou Flat, Sawmill Flat, Shoestring Glade, Shumway Meadow, Smith Meadows, Squatter Flat, Squaw Meadow, Squaw Meadow, Star Glade, Summit Prairie, Sunflower Flat, Sunflower Flats, Sunshine Flat, Taylor Flat, Trout Meadows, Turner Meadow, Vester Creek Meadows, Wassen Meadows, Wendling Glade, Whisky Flat, Wilson Prairie, Wolf Creek Meadow, Wymer Flat, Wymer Meadow

  Forests     show all on map

Canyon Creek Research Natural Area, Malheur National Forest, Whitman National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Beech Creek Summit, Butch Foster Saddle, Chilkoot Pass, Cunningham Saddle, Dixie Summit, Fourmile Gap, Gand Saddle, Johnson Saddle, Long Creek Mountain Summit, Lost Lake Saddle, Low Gap, Meadow Brook Summit, Nip and Tuck Pass, Packsaddle Gap, Ritter Butte Summit, Twomile Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Blue Mountain Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Balance Lake, Baldy Lake, Canyon Meadows Lake, Carpenter Pond, Crawfish Lake, Frog Lake, Gilson Pond, Gordon Lakes, Halls Lake, High Lake, Jumpoff Joe Lake, Little Mud Lake, Little Slide Lake, Little Strawberry Lake, Lost Lake, Magone Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Olive Lake, Rush Pond, Slide Lake, Stewart Lake, Strawberry Lake, Tamarack Swamp, The Potholes, Twin Ponds

  Locales     show all on map

A Coombs Ranch, Alamo, Austin Junction, B Standbro Ranch, Basin Camp, Battle Creek Camp, Battle Creek Guard Station, Bear Camp, Bear Camp (historical), Bear Valley Work Center, Beech Creek Forest Camp, Ben Camp, Benson Ranch, Bernard Mill, Big Creek Recreation Site, Big Meadow Camp, Biggs Ranch, Billy Fields Recreation Site, Bingham Camp, Black Canyon Ranch, Black Ranch, Blue Springs Summit Sno-Park, Blue Spruce Camp, Boundary Creek Forest Service Station, Bradley Ranch, Brisbois Ranch, Brown Ranch (historical), Buck Cabin, Buckhorn Meadow Recreation Site, Buckhorn Meadow Trailhead, Bull Prairie Campground Boat Ramp, Bull Prairie Guard Station (historical), Bull Prairie Recreation Site, Bush Mill, Bush Ranch, C H Jackson Ranch, Cabbage Patch Camp, Camp Faraway, Camp Simms, Canyon Meadows, Canyon Meadows Recreation Site, Canyon Mountain Recreation Site (historical), Canyon Mountain Trailhead, Carey Ranch (historical), Carter Park Safety Rest Area, Carter Ranch, Case Place, Cash Camp (historical), Cheatem Holler Camp, Clark Ranch, Clemens Ranch, Cliffs Camp, Cold Spring Camp, Cold Spring Camp, Comer (historical), Corrigal Spring Campground, Cottonwood Camp, Cottonwood Recreation Site, Cougar Camp, Cove Spring Work Center (historical), Cow Camp, Crane Creek Campground, Crane Flats Forest Service Station, Crane Prairie Guard Station, Crescent Recreation Site, Crockett Knob Lookout, Dale Ranger Station (historical), Dale Work Center, Davenport Cabin (historical), Davis Ranch, Dayville Sewage Treatment, Deer Creek Guard Station, Deerhorn Campground, Delles Creek Camp, Delore Place, Desolation Butte Lookout, Desolation Guard Station, Dexter Ranch, Dixie (historical), Dixie Recreation Site, Dixie Ski Bowl Recreation Site, Drinkwater Ranch, Dry Creek Butte, Dry Soda Lookout, Dunlap Cabin, Eagle Rock, East Fork Canyon Creek Trailhead, Elk Creek Recreation Site, Elkhorn Cow Camp, Ellingson Mill, Erickson Mill, Fall Mountain Fire Lookout, Flag Prairie Cow Camp, Flagtail Cow Camp, Flagtail Mountain Fire Lookout, Flat Camp, Fletcher Ranch, Four Corners, Fox Camp, Fox Mill, Frazier Point Fire Lookout, Frazier Recreation Site, French Cabin, French Lane (historical), George Hinton Ranch, Glascock Ranch, Gold Center, Grant (historical), Grant County Fairgrounds, Grant County Fairgrounds Outdoor Arena, Grindstone Camp, H Coombs Ranch, H Coombs Ranch, H H Trowbridge Ranch, H Officer Ranch, H Ricco Ranch, Hankins Ranch, Harris Ranch, Head O'Boulder Camp, Headquarters Camp, Herburger Cabin, Hi Yu Guard Station, High Lake Rim Recreation Site, High Lake Rim Trailhead, Holiday Ranch, Holliday Ranch, Holliday Ranch, Hopper Ranch, Hotel de Bum Camp, Howard Meadow Camp, Howard Ranch, Howard Ranch, Howell (historical), Huckleberry Camp, Humphrey Ranch, Hyde Ranch, I Standbro Ranch, Indian Springs Campground, J Bar L Ranch, J M Ranch, Jenkins Cabin, Joaquin Miller Recreation Site, Joaquin Miller Trailhead, John Day Sanitary Landfill, John Day Sewage Treatment Plant, Johnson Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Jumpoff Joe Camp, Keeney Camp (historical), Keerins Ranch, Kimberling Cabin (historical), Kimberly Ranch, Knapp Ranch, Koehler Ranch, Koehler Ranch, Kuhl Ranch, L S Ranch, Lake Creek Guard Station, Lake Creek Organization Camp, Last Camp, Lawton (historical), LC Mountain Translator Site, Ledgerwood (historical), Lemon Cabin, Lemon Cabin, Lemons Ranch, Little Crane Recreation Site, Little Malheur River Recreation Site, Lockhart Crossing, Log Table Camp, Logdell, Lon Krise Cabin, Long Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility, Looney Spring Campground, Lost Cabin, Lost Camp, Lost Creek Camp, Lovlett Corral, Lowe Ranch, Lower Camp Creek Recreation Site, Lower Cougar Camp, Lower End Camp (historical), Lower Howard Camp, Magone Lake Recreation Area Boat Launch, Magone Lake Recreation Site, Malheur Ford, Malheur Ford Camp (historical), Malheur River Trailhead, Mascall Ranch, McNaughton Spring Recreation Site, Meadow Camp, Middle Fork John Day River Rest Area, Middle Fork Recreation Site, Miller Ranch, Miller Ranch, Miners Cabin, Monument Mountain Lookout, Moores Crossing, Morgan Ranch, Mosier Camp, Mount Vernon Hot Springs Resort, Mount Vernon Sewage Treatment Lagoons, Mountain Rest, Mountain Rest, Munjar Place (historical), Murderers Creek Forest Service Station, Murderers Creek Ranch, Murray Recreation Site, Mutton Camp, Nans Rock, Negro Cabin, Newtons (historical), Ninety-Six Ranch, North Fork Cow Camp, North Fork John Day Recreation Site, North Fork Malheur Recreation Site, O'Rorke Ranch, Officer Ranch, Old Humbolt Diggings, Old Kennedy Cabin (historical), Old Watkins Cabin (historical), Olive Lake Boat Launch, Olive Lake Camp, Olive Lake Recreation Site, Oliver Ranch, Oliver Ranch, Oliver Ranch, Oliver Ranch, Oliver Rock, Oregon Gulch Camp, Oregon Mine Camp, Oregon Mine Recreation Site, Oriental Creek Recreation Site, Ott Cow Camp, Oxbow Ranch, P W Hyde Ranch, Parish Cabin Recreation Site, Peavy Cabin Recreation Site, Peep Creek Camp (historical), Phillips Ranch, Pine Creek Recreation Site, Pine Creek Trailhead, Pine Tree Campground, Pismire Camp, Porcupine Camp, Pothole Camp, Prairie City Forest Service Depot, Prairie City Wastewater Treatment Lagoons, Prairie Diggings, Prairie Wood Products Cogen 1 Biomass Facility, Ranger Station Camp (historical), Ranger Station Camp (historical), Ray Cole Campground, Ray Ranch, Ricco Ranch, Rickman Ranch, Roads End Camp, Roads End Trailhead, Robertson Ranch, Robinson Homestead, Rock Spring Camp, Rock Springs Campground, Rockpile Ranch, Rudio Mountain Lookout, Saddle Camp, Saddle Camp, Saddle Camp, Seneca Cow Camp, Seneca Substation, Seneca Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, Separation Corrals Camp, Silver Spring Camp, Silvies Landing, Silvies Valley Ranch, Sky Line Camp, Skyline Trailhead, Slide Creek Recreation Site, Smith Ranch, Snowshoe Camp, Snowshoe Trailhead, Southworth Ranch, Sponge Creek Camp, Sproul Ranch, Starr Bowl Winter Sports Area, Starr Recreation Site, Stewart Cabin, Stewarts Crossing, Strawberry Lake Camp, Strawberry Recreation Site, Sullens Cow Camp, Summit Camp, Summit Prairie Truck Barns (historical), Sundstrom Place (historical), Sunshine Guard Station, Tamarack Camp, Tamarack Camp (historical), Tamarack Spring Camp, Telephone Spring Camp, Todd Creek Camp, Toll Bridge Recreation Site, Top, Top School, Trout Farm Recreation Site, Trowbridge Ranch, Upper Cougar Camp, Upper Howard Camp, Vance Creek Safety Rest Area (historical), Velvin Ranch, Waterbury Mill, Weaver Cabin, Weberg Ranch, Welch Creek Recreation Site, West Myrtle Butte Fire Lookout, West Myrtle Butte Forest Service Facility, White Pine (historical), Wickiup Campground (historical), Wickiup Recreation Site, Williams Ranch, Winegar Ranch, Yokum Corrals Camp

  Military     show all on map

Camp Lincoln (historical), Camp Logan (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Ajax Mine, Alamo Mine, Baby McKee Mine, Belcher Mine, Ben Harrison Mine, Big Elk Mine, Big Four Mine, Big Nugget Mine, Bimetallic Mine, Black Butte Mine, Blackjack Mine, Blue Bucket Mine, Blue Mountain Mine, Blue Ribbon Mine, Bluebird Mine, Bluebird Mine, Boston Tunnel, Boulder Group Mine, Buckhorn Mine, Buffalo Mine, Butcher Boy Mine, Butler Mine, Cap Martin Mine, Celebration Mine, Chambers Mine, China Diggings, Cinnabar Mine, Cohoe Mine, Continental Mine, Copperopolis Mine, Cougar Mine, Cougar Ridge Mine, Cox Tunnels, Dixie Meadows Mine, Dixie Trail Mine, Donaldson Mine, Dry Camp Mine, Elk Heaven Mine, Eureka Mine, Fox Mine, Gem Mine, Gold Bug Mine, Gold Bug-Grizzly Mine, Golden Gate Mine, Golden West Mine, Grand Central Mine, Gray Eagle Mine, Great Northern Mine, Griffith Placer, Gutridge Mine, Haggard Mine, Humboldt Mine, Humpback Mine, Ibex Mine, Independence Mine, Iron King Mine, Ivy May Mine, IXL Mine, Jay Bird Mine, John Long Placer Mine, Keeney Mine, Keystone Mine, Klopp Placer Mine, Labellevue Mine, Last Chance Mine, Lead Lode Mine, Lightning Creek Placers, Little Blue Mine, Little Doe Mine, Loa Mae Mine, Lost Buck Mine, Magnolia Mine, Marks-Thompson Mine, Marysville Placer, May Queen Mine, Miller Mountain Mine, Mine Creek Placer Mine, Mineral Wonder Mine, Molly Gibson Mine, Monumental Mine, Mormon Boy Mine, Morning Mine, Morris Mine, New Mine, New York Mine, Ophir Mine, Ophir Mine, Oregon Mine, Orofino Mine, Owl Mine, Poor Boy Mine, Portland Mine, Potato Patch Mine, PYX Mine, Quebec Mine, Rabbit Mine, Ray Mine, Red Bird Mine, Red Boy Mine, Red Mountain Mine, Reed Mine, Rob Roy Mine, Roba Brothers Mine, Roba Westfall Mine, Royal White Mine, Ruby Creek Mines, Scandia Tunnel, Shatt Mine, Silvers Mine, Skinner Mine, Smuggler Mine, Stalter Mine, Standard Mine, Standard Mine, Stithum Mine, Strasburg Mine, Tabor Diggings, Tempest Mine, Tencent Placer Mine, Thornburg Placer Mine, Tiger Mine, Tillicum Mine, Uncle Sam Mine, Van Anda Mine, Ward Mine, Welch Creek Mine, Wray Mine, Yellowstone Mine, York and Rannels Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Cedar Grove Botanical Area, Clyde Holliday State Park, Depot Park Recreation Site, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Kam Wah Chung State Park, Vinegar Hill-Indian Rock Scenic Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Arch Rock, Big Rock, Bottle Rock, Cathedral Rock, Eagle Rock, Ingle Rock, Sheep Rock, Squaw Rock, Starvation Rock, Table Rock, Three Rocks

  Populated Places     show all on map

Austin, Bates, Beech Creek, Cabell City, Canyon City, Caverhill (historical), Courtrock, Dale, Dayville, Fox, Galena, Granite, Hamilton, Izee, John Day, Kimberly, Long Creek, Monument, Mount Vernon, Porterville (historical), Prairie City, Range, Ritter, Robinsonville, Seneca, Silvies, Susanville, Three Forks

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alamo Post Office (historical), Austin Post Office (historical), Baldy Post Office (historical), Basin Post Office (historical), Bates Post Office, Beech Creek Post Office (historical), Blanton Post Office (historical), Budd Post Office (historical), Canyon City Post Office, Cardwell Post Office (historical), Caverhill Post Office (historical), Comer Post Office (historical), Cottonwood Post Office (historical), Courtrock Post Office (historical), Dale Post Office, Dayville Post Office, Diffin Post Office (historical), Duncanville Post Office (historical), Elstow Post Office (historical), Fisks Post Office (historical), Fox Post Office, Galena Post Office (historical), Granite Post Office (historical), Grant Post Office (historical), Hamilton Post Office (historical), Homer Post Office (historical), Horton Post Office (historical), Izee Post Office (historical), John Day Post Office, Kilbride Post Office (historical), Kimberly Post Office, Lawton Post Office (historical), Logdell Post Office (historical), Long Creek Post Office, Margaret Post Office (historical), Monument Post Office, Mount Vernon Post Office, Penola Post Office (historical), Prairie City Post Office, Range Post Office (historical), Rann Post Office (historical), Redboy Post Office (historical), Ritter Post Office, Robinsonville Post Office (historical), Scoubes Post Office (historical), Seneca Post Office, Silvies Post Office (historical), Stewart Post Office (historical), Susanville Post Office (historical), Top Post Office (historical), Trester Post Office (historical), White Pine Post Office (historical), Yeoville Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Aldrich Mountains, Greenhorn Mountains, Strawberry Range

  Reserves     show all on map

North Fork John Day Wilderness, Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Art Reservoir, Bates Pond, Battle Creek Mountain Reservoir, Beaver Reservoir, Big Mowich Reservoir, Breaks Reservoir, Bronco Reservoir, Buffalo Lake, Bull Prairie Lake, Bull Run Reservoir, Burned Tree Reservoir, Canyon City Reservoir, Cayuse Reservoir, Chalk Reservoir, Chappel Gulch Reservoir, Congleton Creek Reservoir, Connor Creek Reservoir, Coyote Reservoir, Davis Creek Reservoir, Dead Horse Reservoir, Division Reservoir, Dry Gulch Reservoir, Dual Reservoir, Dutch Oven Reservoir, Elk Reservoir, Forks Reservoir, Fort Reservoir, Greenwater Reservoir, Guernsey Pond, H S Johnson Reservoir, Happy Reservoir, Hard Scrabble Reservoir, Herburger Pond, Hines Log Pond, Hobnail Reservoir, JB Reservoir, Kelsey Reservoir, Klink Reservoir, Long Creek Reservoir, Lost Creek Reservoir, Lost Dog Reservoir, Lost Indian Reservoir, Middle Bronco Reservoir, Mud Flat Reservoir, Nash Reservoir, North Corner Reservoir, Officers Reservoir, Palmer Reservoir, Patterson Pond, Pewee Creek Reservoir, Pinchot Lake, Porcipine Reservoir, Powder Spring Reservoir, Prairie City Reservoir, Pronghorn Reservoir, Rex Reservoir, Rickman Reservoir, Ringsmeyer Reservoir, Rock Pit Reservoir, Roosevelt Lake, San Juan Log Ponds, Scheckels Reservoir (historical), Sedge Reservoir, Sedge Two Reservoir, Seven Sixty Reservoir, Sixtynine Reservoir, Skagway Reservoir, Slate Reservoir, South Wind Creek Reservoir, Sproul Reservoir, Stanbro Reservoir, Stump Creek Reservoir, Thicket Reservoir, Thomas Cavender Reservoir, TJW Reservoir, Turnpike Reservoir, Upper Bronco Reservoir, Viewpoint Reservoir, Waller Reservoir Number Four, Waller Reservoir Number Four, Waller Reservoir Number One, Waller Reservoir Number Three, Waller Reservoir Number Two, Wigwam Reservoir, Wildhorse Falls Reservoir, Wildhorse Reservoir, WPA Reservoir, Yokum Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bear Skull Rims, Big Ridge, Blue Ridge, Case Ridge, Chrome Ridge, Cougar Ridge, Devils Backbone, Gilbert Ridge, Happy Jack Ridge, Hardscrabble Ridge, Kimport Ridge, Long Point, Potamus Ridge, Rabbit Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Robertson Ridge, Sharp Ridge, Sheep Ridge, Sloans Ridge, Starr Ridge, Trail Ridge, Wall Creek Ridge, Wind Rock, Windy Ridge, Yellow Jacket Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Blue Mountain Alternative High School, Courtrock School (historical), Dayville School, Grant Union High School, Humbolt Elementary School, Indian Creek School (historical), Long Creek School, Luce-Belshaw School (historical), Marysville School (historical), Monument School, Moon Creek School (historical), Mount Vernon Middle School, Mountain View School (historical), Prairie City School, Range School (historical), Ritter School (historical), Round Basin School (historical), Seneca Elementary School, Threemile School (historical), Valley View Seventh Day Adventist Christian School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

A and M Spring, Alarm Clock Spring, Alder Spring, Alder Spring, Alder Spring, Alder Spring, Allen Spring, Alsup Spring, Altnow Spring, Anchor Spring, Anderson Spring, Aspen Spring, B S Spring, Balance Spring, Barnett Spring, Barrel Spring, Basket Spring, Bathtub Spring, Bear Flat Springs, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Wallow Spring, Bear Wallow Spring, Bell Spring, Belsham Spring, Benson Spring, Betum Spring, Big Burn Spring, Big Canyon Spring, Big Dipper Spring, Big Glade Spring, Big Pine Springs, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Springs, Big Springs, Big Springs, Big Weasel Springs, Big Willow Spring, Bill Pete Spring, Bingham Spring, Birch Spring, Birch Springs, Blowfly Spring, Blue Mountain Hot Springs, Blue Pot Spring, Blue Ridge Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Bologna Spring, Bonde Spring, Boundary Spring, Box Spring, Bracket Spring, Brad Spring, Brown Spring, Brush Spring, Bubbling Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Trough Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Bull Creek Spring, Bull Prairie Spring, Bull Run Spring, Bull Spring, Bumblebee Spring, Burke Spring, Burnt Corral Springs, Butterfly Spring, Cabbage Patch Spring, Cabin Spring, Cabin Spring, Calo Spring, Camp Noxage Spring, Camp Spring, Canteeno Spring, Cap Box Spring, Carson Spring, Carson Spring, Case Spring, CCC Spring, Chamber Spring, Chapman Spring, Che Spring, Cherry Spring, Chicken Springs, China Hat Spring, Chris Borg Spring, Chrome Spring, Clark Spring, Clark Spring, Clark Springs, Coalpit Springs, Coe Spring, Coffeepot Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Conner Spring, Conroy Spring, Corrigal Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cove Spring, Crawford Meadow Spring, Crazy Spring, Crockett Spring, Crowbar Spring, Crowley Spring, Cruiser Spring, D M Spring, Dago Spring, Dalton Springs, Daniels Spring, Davidson Spring, Davis Creek Springs, Davis Spring, Dead Horse Spring, Dead Horse Spring, Deadman Spring, Dean Spring, Deep Spring, Deer Spring, Del Spring, Denny Spring, Devils Garden Spring, Diamond Dot Spring, Dishpan Spring, Dixie Spring, Dolly Spring, Donaldson Spring, Dry Corner Spring, Dry Spring, Duprat Spring, Dutton Spring, Elk Spring, Elk Wallow Spring, Elkhorn Spring, Elliot Spring, Engineers Springs (historical), ERA Spring, Eureka Spring, Ewing Spring, Faiman Spring, Fall Mountain Spring, Farley Spring, Fawn Spring, Federal Spring, Fern Spring, Ferris Spring, Fine Spring, Fir Spring, Fir Tree Spring, Flat Creek Spring, Fort Basin Springs, Foster Spring, Four Bar Spring, Fourmile Springs, Frankie and Johnny Spring, Frankies Cabin Spring, Frazier Spring, Frenchy Spring, Frys Camp Spring, Funny Bug Basin Spring, Gib Spring, Gibb Spring, Gilbert Ridge Spring, Gilman Spring, Glass Mountain Spring, Gleason Spring, Gold Center Spring, Goose Spring, Grassy Spring, Gribble Spring, Grouse Spring, Gunther Cabin Springs, Guyon Spring, H J Spring, H S Johnson Dam, Hacheney Spring, Hagney Spring, Handy Spring, Happy Jack Spring, Hardy Spring, Hattie Spring, Hawk Spring (historical), Hawkins Spring, Haystack Spring, HCB Spring, Head O'Boulder Spring, Henshaw Spring, Herberger Spring, Herman Spring, Hi Yu Spring, Hidden Spring, Hinton Spring, Hobble Spring, Hoffman Spring, Hogan Spring, Hole-in-the-Ground Spring, Holloway Spring, Hopper Spring, Hoppy Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horseshoe Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Springs, House Creek Spring, Huckleberry Spring, Huckleberry Spring, Hunter Spring, Hunters Cabin Spring, Hunters Spring, Indian Springs, Italian Spring, Ives Spring, Jacks Spring, John S Spring, Johnny Kirk Spring, Johnson Springs, Joice Spring, Jones Spring, Junction Springs, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Kate Spring, Keeney Camp Spring, Keeton Spring, Keller Spring, Kelsay Spring, Kelsey Spring, Kent Spring, Kingbolt Spring, Kirkwood Spring, Kline Spring, Kooney Spring, L and H Spring, Lake Camp Spring, Lantern Spring, Last Cabin Spring, Lava Spring, Laycock Spring, Leacy Spring, Leather Spring, Lemcke Spring, Levi Spring, Lick Spring, Lick Spring, Lick Spring, Lightning Spring, Little Rock Spring, Little Squaw Spring, Little Weasel Spring, Long Gulch Springs, Lookout Spring, Looney Spring, Loperfido Spring, Lost Camp Spring, Lost Spring, Lost Spring, Maggot Spring, Magpie Spring, Mahogany Spring, Mahogany Spring, Maiden Spring, Marksbury Spring, Mason Spring, McAllister Spring, McArthur Spring, McArthur Spring, McKenzie Spring, McMullen Spring, McMullen Spring, McNaughton Spring, Merit Meadows Spring, Merrill Springs, Meteer Spring, Miller Flat Spring, Mitchell Spring, Modesty Spring, Moonshine Spring, Mote Spring, Mount Vernon Hot Springs, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Mule Pasture Spring, Mulkey Spring (historical), Mutiny Spring, Myrtle Spring, Mystery Spring, Ninety Six Spring, Number One Spring, O'Rouick Spring, Oasis Spring, Officer Spring, Officer Springs, Ogilvie Spring, Old Road Camp Spring, Overholt Spring, Owen Spring, Oxbow Spring, Packsaddle Spring, Palmer Spring, Parker Spring, Pheasant Spring, Phillips Spring, Pierpont Spring, Pine Ridge Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Tree Spring, Pine Tree Spring, Pine Tree Spring, Plute Spring, Pogue Spring, Poison Spring, Pole Spring, Pole Spring, Porcupine Spring, Powell Hot Springs, Putnam Spring, Quaking Aspen Spring, Raddue Spring, Randall Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Hill Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rimrock Spring, Ritter Hot Springs, Road Camp Spring, Road Creek Spring, Roads End Spring, Roaring Spring, Roaring Spring, Robinson Spring, Rock Creek Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Springs, Rocky Flat Spring, Roop Spring, Root Spring, Round Spring, S B Spring, S S Spring, S-2 Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Sand Spring, Santa Claus Spring, Schlupe Spring, Schoolhouse Hill Spring, Schurtz Spring, Scotty Spring, Scribners Spring, Section Corner Spring, Seven D Bar Spring, Seven Sixty Spring, Shaw Spring, Sheep Corral Springs, Shields Spring, Shrier Spring, Sidehill Spring, Simonetti Spring, Skid Seep, Skookum Spring, Skunk Cabbage Spring, Sky Scraper Spring, Smoky Spring, Snapp Spring, Snow Mountain Spring, Snow Spring, Snowshoe Spring, Soda Smith Spring, Soda Spring, Softwater Spring, Soup Spring, Soup Spring, South Prong Troughs, Sproul Spring, Stark Spring, Starr Spring, Station Spring, Station Spring, Steagall Spring, Steamboat Spring, Stevens Spring, Stewart Spring, Strawberry Spring, Strip Spring, Stump Spring, Sugarloaf Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Sunflower Spring, Sunrise Spring, Sunset Spring, Sunshine Spring, Sunshine Springs, Suplee Hot Spring, Suplee Spring, Sweek Spring, Tamarack Spring, Tamarack Spring, Tamarack Spring, Tamarack Spring, Tamarack Spring, Telephone Spring, Telephone Spring, The Lakes Lookout Spring, Thirty-Thirty Spring, Thirty-Thirty Spring, Thorn Spring, Thorn Spring, Three Cabin Spring, Three Spring, Thursday Spring, Timothy Spring, Tin Cup Spring, Tipton Spring, Tommy Cork Spring, Tone Spring, Tonto Spring, Tony Spring, Trail Spring, Trail Spring, Trout Farm Spring, Tub Spring, Tureman Spring, Tureman Spring, Turner Spring, Twin Spring, Twin Spring, Twin Springs, Van Aspen Spring, Voight Spring, Wade Spring, Walden Springs, Wallow Spring, West Myrtle Spring, Westfall Spring, White House Spring, Whitewater Spring, Whitney Spring, Wickiser Spring, Wickiup Spring, Wickiup Spring, Wigwam Spring, Wildcat Spring, Wildcat Spring, Wildhorse Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Springs, Windfall Spring, Winegar Spring, Wood Camp Spring, Yearling Spring, Yellowjacket Spring

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Abbott Creek, Alder Brook, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Aldrich Creek, Alkali Creek, Allen Creek, Allen Creek, Alsup Creek, Anderson Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Armstrong Creek, Aspen Creek, Backout Creek, Bacon Creek, Badger Creek, Badger Creek, Balance Creek, Baldy Creek, Bark Cabin Creek, Barnes Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Battle Creek, Battle Creek, Bay Steer Creek, Beagle Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Beck Creek, Beech Creek, Beeman Creek, Belshaw Creek, Bennett Creek, Berry Creek, Big Boulder Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Rock Creek, Big Wall Creek, Big Willow Spring Creek, Bingville Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Bismark Creek, Black Canyon Creek, Black Canyon Creek, Black Mountain Creek, Black Pine Creek, Blackeye Creek, Blue Creek, Bly Creek, Boag Creek, Board Creek, Board Creek, Bone Creek, Bosonberg Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boundary Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Brisbois Creek, Brookling Creek, Brown Creek, Bruin Creek, Brush Creek, Brushy Creek, Buck Cabin Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Creek, Buckaroo Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Run Creek, Bull Run Creek, Bullrun Creek, Bully Creek, Bunton Creek, Burnt Corral Creek, Burntcabin Creek, Burton Creek, Butte Creek, Buttermilk Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Call Creek, Cameron Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Canteen Creek, Canyon Creek, Caps Creek, Capsuttle Creek, Caribou Creek, Castle Creek, Cat Creek, Channel Creek, Charlie Creek, Charlie Mack Creek, Clark Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Cliff Creek, Coal Pit Creek, Cochran Creek, Cohoe Creek, Cold Creek, Comer Creek, Congleton Creek, Conner Creek, Conroy Creek, Cooley Creek, Corner Creek, Corner Creek, Corral Basin Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Coxie Creek, Coyote Creek, Crane Creek, Crane Creek, Crane Creek, Crawfish Creek, Crawford Creek, Crazy Creek, Crazy Creek, Crescent Creek, Cress Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Creek, Cummings Creek, Cunningham Creek, Dads Creek, Dairy Creek, Damon Creek, Damon Creek, Dans Creek, Dans Creek, Dark Canyon Creek, Davis Creek, Davis Creek, Davis Creek, Davis Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Dead Injun Creek, Deadwood Creek, Deadwood Creek, Dean Creek, Deardorff Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deerhorn Creek, Delles Creek, Desolation Creek, Dewey Creek, Dick Creek, Dipping Vat Creek, Dipping Vat Creek, Dissel Creek, Ditch Creek, Ditch Creek, Dixie Creek, Dobson Creek, Dog Creek, Dollar Basin Creek, Donaldson Creek, Donivan Creek, Dry Cabin Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Duncan Creek, Dry Fork Clear Creek, Dry Pine Creek, Dry Prong, Dry Soda Creek, Dugout Creek, Dugout Creek, Duncan Creek, Dunning Creek, Dunston Creek, Dustin Creek, Dyke Creek, Eagle Creek, East Brookling Creek, East Creek, East Fork Beech Creek, East Fork Big Creek, East Fork Boundary Creek, East Fork Brisbois Creek, East Fork Canyon Creek, East Fork Clear Creek, East Fork Cottonwood Creek, East Fork Cottonwood Creek, East Fork Coyote Creek, East Fork Deer Creek, East Fork Dry Creek, East Fork Granite Boulder Creek, East Fork Indian Creek, East Fork Indian Creek, East Fork Luce Creek, East Fork Meadow Brook, East Fork Mine Creek, East Fork of North Fork Desolation Creek, East Fork Sunshine Creek, East Fork Warrens Creek, East Scotty Creek, East Ten Cent Creek, East Windfall Creek, Easy Creek, Eddington Creek, Eightmile Creek, Elk Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Elliot Creek, Ennis Creek, Everett Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fawn Creek, Fern Creek, Ferris Creek, Fields Creek, First Creek, Fish Creek, Fisher Creek, Fisk Creek, Flag Creek, Flagtail Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Fly Creek, Fort Creek, Forty Day Creek, Fossil Creek, Fox Creek, Franks Creek, Frazier Creek, Frazier Creek, Frazier Creek, Freeman Creek, Gander Creek, Geary Creek, Gibbs Creek, Gilmore Creek, Gilson Creek, Glade Creek, Goen Creek, Gold Creek, Gold Creek, Gordon Creek, Gorge Creek, Graham Creek, Granite Boulder Creek, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Grapefruit Creek, Grasshopper Creek, Grassy Butte Creek, Graves Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grub Creek, Gus Creek, Gutridge Creek, Gwyn Creek, Hadson Creek, Halfway Creek, Hall Creek, Hall Creek, Hanscombe Creek, Happy Jack Creek, Harper Creek, Harrington Creek, Harry Creek, Hattie Creek, Hawkins Creek, Hay Creek, Hells Canyon Creek, Hinton Creek, Hodson Creek, Hog Creek, Hog Creek, Hog Creek, Holmes Creek, Honeymoon Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, House Creek, Howard Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Hunter Creek, Huss Creek, Ice Creek, Idaho Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Ingle Creek, Ingram Creek, Iron Spring Creek, Isham Creek, Jack Andy Creek, Jack Creek, Jackass Creek, Jackass Creek, Jeff Davis Creek, Jenkins Creek, Jimmy Creek, Jinks Creek, Johnnie Creek, Johnny Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Jonas Creek, Jonas Creek, Jordan Creek, Jugow Creek, Jump Creek, Junction Creek, Jungle Creek, Junkens Creek, Kate Creek, Keating Creek, Keeney Creek, Keller Creek, Kelsay Creek, Kingsley Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lamb Creek, Larch Creek, Larch Creek, Last Chance Creek, Last Creek, Laycock Creek, Laycock Creek, Left Fork Scotty Creek, Lemon Creek, Lemon Creek, Lewis Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lightning Creek, Limber Creek, Lime Creek, Line Creek, Little Baldy Creek, Little Basin Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Beech Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little Bridge Creek, Little Butte Creek, Little Crane Creek, Little Dog Creek, Little Fir Creek, Little Frazier Creek, Little Indian Creek, Little Indian Creek, Little Kelsay Creek, Little Logan Creek, Little Phipps Creek, Little Pine Creek, Little Rattlesnake Creek, Little Scotty Creek, Little Snowshoe Creek, Little Squaw Creek, Little Trail Creek, Little Wall Creek, Little Wilson Creek, Lonesome Creek, Long Creek, Long Meadow Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Fawn Creek, Lost Fork, Lovlett Creek, Lower Gap Creek, Luce Creek, Luce Creek, Lunch Creek, Magic Lantern Creek, Magill Creek, Magpie Creek, Mallory Creek, Marks Creek, Martin Creek, Martin Creek, McCarty Creek, McClellan Creek, McClellan Creek, McCoy Creek, McCoy Creek, McHaley Creek, McKinney Creek, McKinney Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Fork Big Creek, Merrill Creek, Middle Fork Canyon Creek, Middle Fork John Day River, Middle Fork Pass Creek, Middle Fork Sunshine Creek, Middle Trail Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Flat Creek, Mine Creek, Miner Creek, Miners Creek, Monkey Creek, Monkey Run, Moon Creek, Moonshine Creek, Morgan Creek, Morning Creek, Morris Creek, Mosquito Creek, Mothers Creek, Mud Springs Creek, Murderers Creek, Murdock Creek, Murphy Creek, Murray Creek, Myrtle Creek, Negro Creek, Newell Creek, Nipple Creek, No Name Creek, North Fork Bridge Creek, North Fork Deardorff Creek, North Fork Deer Creek, North Fork Desolation Creek, North Fork Elk Creek, North Fork Elk Creek, North Fork John Day River, North Fork Pass Creek, North Fork Ruby Creek, North Fork Summit Creek, North Fork Wall Creek, North Fork Wind Creek, North Reynolds Creek, North Scotty Creek, North Trail Creek, Norton Fork, Officer Creek, Olive Creek, Oliver Creek, Olmstead Creek, Onion Creek, Onion Creek, Orange Creek, Oregon Mine Creek, Oriental Creek, Otter Creek, Overholt Creek, Overholt Creek, Paine Creek, Papoose Creek, Paradise Creek, Park Creek, Parker Creek, Pass Creek, Pasture Creek, Paul Creek, Payten Creek, Pearson Creek, Peavy Creek, Peep Creek, Pepper Creek, Percival Creek, Pewee Creek, Phipps Creek, Picnic Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Pizer Creek, Poison Creek, Poison Creek, Poker Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Porcipine Creek, Porky Creek, Porter Creek, Potamus Creek, Rabbit Creek, Ragged Creek, Rail Creek, Rail Creek, Rail Creek, Rainbow Creek, Ran Creek, Raspberry Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Raw Dog Creek, Reynolds Creek, Rhodabush Creek, Rice Creek, Riley Creek, Road Creek, Roberts Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rockingchair Creek, Rose Creek, Rosebud Creek, Round Creek, Ruby Creek, Ruby Creek, Rudio Creek, Rush Creek, Ryder Creek, Salmon Creek, Sand Creek, Santa Claus Stream, Savage Creek, Schoolcraft Creek, Scott Creek, Scotty Creek, Scotty Creek, Second Creek, Shaw Creek, Shaw Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Shirttail Creek, Shirttail Creek, Shoberg Creek, Silver Creek, Simpson Creek, Sixmile Creek, Skagway Creek, Skin Skin Creek, Skinner Creek, Skookum Creek, Skull Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Slip Up Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Creek, Smoky Creek, Smoky Creek, Snake Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Creek, Snowshoe Creek, Snowshoe Creek, South Fork Antelope Creek, South Fork Beaver Creek, South Fork Big Wall Creek, South Fork Boulder Creek, South Fork Deardorff Creek, South Fork Deer Creek, South Fork Desolation Creek, South Fork Eddington Creek, South Fork Elk Creek, South Fork John Day River, South Fork Long Creek, South Fork Meadow Creek, South Fork Murderers Creek, South Fork Ruby Creek, South Fork Vance Creek, South Fork Wind Creek, South Prong Black Canyon Creek, South Scotty Creek, South Trail Creek, Sponge Creek, Spoon Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Standard Creek, Starr Creek, Starveout Creek, Station Creek, Steep Creek, Stewart Creek, Stink Creek, Stockdale Creek, Stonewall Creek, Stony Creek, Straight Creek, Strawberry Creek, Stussi Creek, Sugar Creek, Sulphur Creek, Sulphur Creek, Sulphur Creek, Summit Creek, Summit Creek, Sunflower Creek, Sunshine Creek, Susie Creek, Swamp Creek, Swamp Creek, Swamp Creek, Swick Creek, Tamarack Creek, Tamarack Creek, Tamarack Creek, Tamarack Creek, Tamarack Creek, Ten Cent Creek, Tennessee Creek, Tex Creek, Third Creek, Thompson Creek, Thompson Creek, Thorn Creek, Thorn Creek, Thorpe Creek, Three Trough Creek, Threemile Creek, Tincup Creek, Tinker Creek, Todd Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trout Creek, Tunnel Creek, Twelvemile Creek, Twin Stoves Creek, Two Cabin Creek, Umatilla Creek, Utley Creek, Van Aspen Creek, Vanata Creek, Vance Creek, Venator Creek, Vester Creek, Vincent Creek, Vinegar Creek, Wall Creek, Wall Creek, Warm Springs Branch, Warm Springs Creek, Warrens Creek, Welch Creek, West Dry Creek, West Fork Boundary Creek, West Fork Bridge Creek, West Fork Brisbois Creek, West Fork Clear Creek, West Fork Cochran Creek, West Fork Deer Creek, West Fork Dry Creek, West Fork Granite Boulder Creek, West Fork Grub Creek, West Fork Indian Creek, West Fork Lick Creek, West Fork Little Bear Creek, West Fork Little Indian Creek, West Fork Meadow Brook, West Fork of North Fork Desolation Creek, West Fork Pine Creek, West Fork Pine Creek, West Fork Ruby Creek, West Fork Warrens Creek, West Fork Wickiup Creek, West Fork Wolf Creek, West Ten Cent Creek, Wet Creek, Whisky Creek, White Creek, White Creek, Wickiser Slough, Wickiup Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wickiup Creek, Widows Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wiley Creek, Wiley Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Spring Creek, Wilson Creek, Wilson Creek, Wind Creek, Windfall Creek, Windlass Creek, Winom Creek, Wolsey Creek, Wray Creek, Wymer Creek, Youngs Creek

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Alamo Hill, Aldrich Mountain, Alsup Mountain, Angell Peak, Ant Hill, Badger Butte, Bald Hill, Baldy Mountain, Baldy Mountain, Barber Pole Butte, Battle Creek Mountain, Ben Harrison Peak, Big Baldy, Big Rock, Bingham Point, Black Butte, Black Butte, Black Butte, Black Butte, Blackhorse Butte, Boulder Butte, Briley Mountain, Buck Mountain, Canyon Mountain, Charlie Smith Butte, Chattanooga Mountain, Chicken Hill, China Cap, China Peak, Cinnabar Mountain, Coal Pit Mountain, Conger Mountain, Cougar Mountain, Cougar Rock, Courthouse Rock, Coyote Butte, Crockett Knob, Dead Horse Mountain, Dead Pine, Desolation Butte, Dixie Butte, Donivan Mountain, Dons Butte, Eagle Peak, Eagle Rock, Eagle Rock, Elk Mountain, Fall Mountain, Fields Peak, First Peak, Flagtail Mountain, Franklin Mountain, Frazier Point, Frenchy Butte, Funny Butte, Gibson Hill, Glass Mountain, Gold Hill, Gordon Butte, Graham Mountain, Grassy Butte, Graylock Butte, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Groundhog Knoll, Grouse Knob, Grouse Mountain, Hall Hill, Hamilton Mountain, Hanscombe Mountain, Harrison Mountain, Horse Mountain, Horseshoe Butte, Huckleberry Butte, Indian Creek Butte, Indian Rock, Indian Spring Butte, Ingle Mountain, Jack of Clubs, Jackass Mountain, Johnny Cake Mountain, Jonas Mountain, Jump-off Joe Mountain, Jumpoff Joe Peak, Kahler Butte, Keeney Point, Kelsay Butte, Knox Mountain, Lake Butte, Lees Peak, Little Aldrich Mountain, Little Baldy, Little Black Butte, Little Canyon Mountain, Little Funny Butte, Little Mowich Mountain, Little Tamarack Mountain, Long Creek Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Lost Boy Butte, Mahogany Mountain, McClellan Mountain, Middle Mountain, Miller Mountain, Monument Mountain, Moon Mountain, Morgan Mountain, Mount Ireland, Mount Ruth, Mount Vernon, Murphy Mountain, Myrtle Butte, Neal Butte, Negro Knob, Nipple Butte, Olive Butte, Oxbow Butte, Parasol Butte, Pine Creek Mountain, Pitt Butte, Pleasant Hill, Pogue Point, Prairie Hill, Psyche Butte, Putney Mountain, Quebec Hill, Rabbit Butte, Rabbit Ears, Ragged Rocks, Rail Creek Butte, Rebel Hill, Red Hill, Riley Creek Butte, Riley Mountain, Ritter Butte, Round Mountain, Round Top, Rudio Mountain, Sand Mountain, Schoolhouse Hill, Second Peak, Shake Table, Sheep Creek Butte, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Rock, Sheep Rock, Sheep Rock, Silver Butte, Slickear Mountain, Slide Mountain, Snow Mountain, Spud Mountain, Spur Butte, Steet Mountain, Strawberry Mountain, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Mountain, Summit Meadow, Summit Rock, Sunken Mountain, Sunrise Butte, Suplee Butte, Sweat Point, Table Mountain, Table Rock, Tamarack Mountain, Ten Cent Butte, The Cockscomb, The Lakes Lookout, Thorn Creek Butte, Thorn Spring Butte, Timber Mountain, Trout Meadows Butte, Turner Mountain, Twin Buttes, Twin Buttes, Vinegar Hill, West Myrtle Butte, White Butte, Wild Horse Butte, Wildcat Point, Willow Creek Butte, Windy Point, Windy Point, Windy Point, Winom Butte, Wolf Mountain, Wolfinger Butte, Youngs Butte

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Mud Lake, Upper Reservoir

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Antelope Lookout Tower, Dixie Butte Fire Lookout Tower, FLCR Translator Tower, Indian Rock Lookout Tower, KJDY-AM, Tamarack Lookout Tower

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Basin Creek Trail, Battle Creek Trail, Bear Camp Trail (historical), Beeman Junkens Trail (historical), Berry Creek Trail, Big Boulder Trail, Big Creek Trail, Blackwell Trail, Buck Cabin Trail, Buckhorn Meadows Trail, Bull Prairie Trail, Cabin Creek Trail, Canyon Creek Trail, Canyon Mountain Trail, Chinaman Trail, Cold Spring Trail, Corral Creek Trail, Cougar Creek Trail, Davis Creek Trail, Davis Trail (historical), Dry Cabin Creek Trail, Dry Duncan Creek Trail, East Fork Canyon Trail, Farley Spring Trail, Fawn Spring Trail, Glade Creek Trail, Golars Goat Trail, Grouse Spring Trail (historical), High Trail, Indian Creek Trail, Indian Rock Trail, Indian Trail, Joaquin Miller Trail, Jumpoff Joe Trail, Kelsay Butte Trail, Knob Trail, Lake Creek Trail, Lake Creek Trail, Lick Creek Trail (historical), Little Baldy Trail (historical), Lost Camp Trail, Lost Indian Trail, Lost Lake Trail, Martin Creek Trail, Meadow Creek Driveway Trail, Meadow Fork Trail, Mud Lake Trail, Negro Knob Trail (historical), Old Desolation Driveway Trail, Onion Creek Trail, Paradise Trail, Payten Trail, Peep Creek Trail (historical), Pine Creek Trail, Princess Trail, Ragged Rocks Trail (historical), Rail Creek Trail, Reynolds Creek Trail, Roberts Creek Trail (historical), Silver Butte Trail, Silver Hill Trail, Skyline Trail, Slide Basin Trail, Snowshoe Creek Trail, South Prong Trail, Spruce Log Trail, Strawberry Basin Trail, Sulphur Creek Trail, Sunset Trail, Table Mountain Cutoff Trail, Table Mountain Trail, Trough Creek Trail (historical), Trout Meadows Trail, Twin Springs Trail, Wagner Gulch Trail, Wall Creek Trail (historical), Welch Creek Trail

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Alamo Gulch, Alder Gulch, Alder Gulch, Aldrich Gulch, Anderson Gulch, Angel Gulch, Antelope Valley, Axe Gulch, Badley Gulch, Baker City Gulch, Baldwin Gulch, Barnard Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Big Bend, Big Canyon, Big Canyon, Big Gordon Gulch, Big Gulch, Bill Brown Cove, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Rock Canyon, Blackhorse Draw, Blue Gulch, Blue Gulch, Board Gulch, Bogg Canyon, Bogue Gulch, Boneyard Canyon, Briley Canyon, Brisbois Gulch, Buck Gulch, Buck Gulch, Buck Gulch, Buck Gulch, Bull Canyon, Bullock Gulch, Bum Canyon, Burn Canyon, Byars Gulch, Byram Gulch, Cat Canyon, Chappel Gulch, Cherry Gulch, Chickenhouse Gulch, Chimney Gulch, China Gulch, Chipman Gulch, Cold Spring Canyon, Cole Canyon, Cole Canyon, Congo Gulch, Corey Gulch, Corral Gulch, Corral Gulch, Cottonwood Draw, Cottonwood Gulch, Cougar Gulch, Cougar Gulch, Cow Canyon, Cow Gulch, Coyote Canyon, Coyote Gulch, Crawford Gulch, Cross Hollow, Cupper Canyon, Cyclone Canyon, Dale Canyon, Dark Canyon, Davis Gulch, Dead Cow Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Deep Canyon, Deep Canyon, Deep Gulch, Deer Gulch, Deer Gulch, Deer Gulch, Devils Gulch, Diamond Dot Gulch, Doe Canyon, Doghouse Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Soda Gulch, Duncan Hollow, East Bologna Canyon, East Fork Boneyard Canyon, East Fork Corral Gulch, East Gulch, Elbow Gulch, Ella Gulch, Escondia Gulch, Eureka Gulch, Faulkner Gulch, First Gulch, Fisk Gulch, Fitzwater Gulch, Flowers Gulch, Frosty Gulch, Gibson Gulch, Gilman Canyon, Graveyard Gulch, Graveyard Gulch, Gray Gulch, Greenspring Draw, Grouse Canyon, Hack Hollow, Hanson Canyon, Happy Canyon, Harer Canyon, Harper Gulch, Honeymoon Canyon, Howard Canyon, Hunt Gulch, Irish Gulch, Irvin Canyon, Ives Gulch, Jackson Gulch, Jones Canyon, Jones Canyon, Kennedy Gulch, Keystone Gulch, Lake Camp Gulch, Lee Gulch, Logan Valley, Long Glade, Long Gulch, Long Hollow, Long Hollow, Long Tom Gulch, Lost Boy Gulch, Lost Canyon, Lost Dog Gulch, Lucas Gulch, Mail Canyon, McCarty Gulch, McWillis Gulch, Merrill Canyon, Moonshine Alley, Morse Gulch, Mosquito Gulch, Mossy Gulch, Mulligan Stew Canyon, Murphy Canyon, Negro Gulch, Nevada Gulch, Onion Gulch, Onion Gulch, Oregon Gulch, Orofino Gulch, Packsaddle Canyon, Painters Gulch, Paradise Canyon, Perry Wilson Canyon, Picture Gorge, Pine Hollow, Pine Hollow, Placedor Gulch, Placer Gulch, Plant Canyon, Pole Canyon, Pole Gulch, Portuguese Canyon, Price Canyon, Profane Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Rail Canyon, Rail Gulch, Rains Canyon, Rapp Gulch, Rattlesnake Canyon, Reade Canyon, Red Gulch, Red Gulch, Riverside Gulch, Road Gulch, Road Gulch, Rock Gulch, Ross Gulch, Rough Canyon, Sagehen Gulch, Sandy Hollow, Schoolhouse Gulch, Schoolhouse Gulch, Shaw Gulch, Sheep Gulch, Sheep Gulch, Sheep Gulch, Sheepshed Canyon, Shop Gulch, Sixteen Gulch, Slate Gulch, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Slickear Canyon, Sloan Gulch, Smith Canyon, Smokers Canyon, Snake Den, Sock Hollow, Soda Gulch, Soda Gulch, Soda Valley, Soldier Gulch, Spring Canyon, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Hollow, Star Gulch, Steet Canyon, Still Gulch, Stone Gulch, Stone Gulch, Sugarloaf Gulch, Sulphur Gulch, Sulphur Gulch, Swamp Gulch, Sweek Canyon, Swickey Canyon, Tamarack Canyon, Telephone Gulch, Tennessee Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Three Cent Gulch, Tin Wagon Canyon, Tongue Gulch, Town Gulch, Troff Canyon, Troutman Gulch, Twomile Canyon, Wagner Gulch, Wagon Road Gulch, Walker Gulch, Walt Brown Gulch, War Canyon, Water Gulch, Waterlog Gulch, Waterspout Draw, Waterspout Gulch, Waterspout Gulch, Watson Gulch, West Bologna Canyon, West Fork East Gulch, Whiskey Gulch, Wildcat Gulch, Windy Canyon, Winegar Gulch, Wrightman Canyon, Wylie Gulch

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Seneca Well,

Grant County, Oregon Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteGrant County White population 6,9736,973  
MixedGrant County Mixed population 176175
American IndianGrant County American Indian population 102102
AsianGrant County Asian population 2929
BlackGrant County Black population 2221
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderGrant County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 77

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State population table
Oregon population by county