Harney County, Oregon Basics:

Harney County Oregon - Government Site

Population: 7,228
Area: 10133 square miles
County seat: Burns
Area code(s) in use: 541
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 89.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 15.7%
Median household income: $39,674
Persons in poverty: 19.1%
Home ownership rate: 64.2%
Mean travel time to work: 13.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Crook  Deschutes  Grant  Humboldt (NV)  Lake  Malheur  Washoe (NV)  

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Map of the Harney County area

Our detail map of Harney County shows the Harney County, Oregon boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Harney County, Oregon

  Airports     show all on map

Arnold Airstrip, Barton Lake Ranch Airport, Burns Municipal Airport, Davis Airstrip, El Rancho Airport, Hawks Valley Airstrip, Hines Airstrip, Kissack/Reynolds Airport, Reed Landing Strip, Roaring Springs Ranch Airport, Wagontire Airport, Whitehorse Ranch Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Devils Garden, Five Draws, Machine Meadows

  Arroyos     show all on map

Dracatos Draw

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Swale, Big Basin, Big Basin, Brushy Valley, Burnt Basin, Catlow Valley, Clover Swale, Connolly Basin, Cow Creek Sink, Diamond Valley, Dust Bowl, Dutch Oven, East Basin, Fields Basin, Grassy Basin, Griffin Basin, Harney Basin, Harney Valley, Hawks Valley, Henry Basin, Hole in the Ground, Hole in the Ground, Hole in the Ground, Keg Springs Valley, Little Stinkingwater Basin, Long Hollow, McDade Cache, Mickey Basin, Monument Basin, Mule Creek Basin, Mule Springs Valley, Mustang Basin, Pine Knoll Basin, Pine Spring Basin, Reeds Basin, Robbers Roost, Rock Creek Sinks, Rocky Basin, Ryegrass Valley, Sage Hen Valley, Sand Hollow, Sherman Field, Stinkingwater Basin, Sunset Valley, Texaco Basin, The Basin, The Potholes, Van Horn Basin, Whitehorse Valley, Willow Basin, Willow Creek Pockets

  Benches     show all on map

Beaver Tables, Long Island, Rock Island

  Buildings     show all on map

Allison Guard Station, Allison Ranger Station, Bureau of Land Management Burns Field Office, Bureau of Land Management District Office Burns, Burns City Hall, Burns Fire Department, Burns Municipal Court, Burns Police Department, Department of Motor Vehicles Burns, Drewsey Grange, Emigrant Creek Ranger Station, Harney County Courthouse, Harney County Health Department, Harney County Historical Museum, Harney County Library, Harney County Road Department, Harney County Sheriff's Office, Hines City Hall, Hines Fire Department, Hines Municipal Court, Hines Police Department, Hines Public Works Department, Oregon Youth Authority - Eastern Oregon Youth Correctional Facility, Poison Creek Grange (historical)

  Canals     show all on map

Altnow Ditch, Ausmus Canal, Big Red S Canal, Bridge Creek Canal, Browns Feed Canal, Buena Vista Canal, Bull Ditch, Busse Canal, Butte Ditch, Cables Ditch, Center Canal, Cleveland Ditch, Cory Ditch, Danforth Ditch, Diamond Canal, Diamond Drain, Drewsey Reclamation Company Ditch, East Grain Camp Canal, East Side Canal, Feed Canal, Fister Ditch, Goulden Canal, H V I Company Ditch, Highline Ditch, Holloway Ditch, Johnson Ditch, Krumbo Canal, Kueny Ditch, Miller Ditch, Poujade Ditch, Rineman Ditch, Robbins Ditch, Saint Clair Canal, Sheep L Ditch, Sitz Ditch, Skunk Farm Canal, South Diamond Canal, Stallard Ditch, Stockwater Ditch, Stubblefield Canal, Upper Hanley Canal, Warm Springs Canal, Willams Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Big Fish Fin, Rock Creek Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Andrews Cemetery, Burns Cemetery, Burns Paiute Cemetery, Denio Cemetery, Drewsey Cemetery, Harney Cemetery, Muller Cemetery, Paiute Cemetery II, Rock Creek Cemetery, Saddle Butte Cemetery, Silver Creek Cemetery, Smyth Cemetery, Sunset Valley Cemetery, Windy Point Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Crane Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Black Rim, Catlow Rim, Coyote Rim, Craft Point, Dry Valley Rim, Fish Fin Rim, Horseshoe Rim, Howard Point, Mahogany Rim, Orejana Rim, Palomino Rim, Pelican Point, Riddle Rim, Smoky Hollow Rim, Three Story Rim, Tule Springs Rims

  Craters     show all on map

Diamond Craters

  Crossings     show all on map

Bradeen Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

A E Brown Dam, Alder Creek Dam, Altnow Dam, Arntz Dam, Beede North Dam, Beede South Dam, Black Rim Dam, Busse Dam, Campbell Dam, Chickahominy Creek Dam, Clemens Dam, Cottonwood Dam, Delintment Lake Dam, Dunn Dam, Erenos Dam, Fay Canyon Dam, Fivemile Dam, Fred Riddles Dam, Grain Camp Dam, Guano Canyon Dam, H L Dam, Huget Dam, Hunter Reservoir Dam, Jones Dam, Kern Brothers Dam, Krumbo Dam, Mahon Dam, Miller Dam, Moon Dam, Mortimer Canyon Dam, Oregon End Dam, Oriana Dam, Oron Thompson Dam, Oscar Dam Number 4429, Page Dam, Paiute Dam, Poer Dam, Radio Springs Dam, Riley Dam, Rock Creek Dam, Rock Quarry Canyon Dam, Silver Creek Dam, Sitz Dam, Skull Creek Dam, Smyth Dam, Sod House Dam, Stallard Dam, Stinkingwater Dam, Swamp Creek Dam, Sweek Dam, Threemile Dam, Twelvemile Dam, Van Derveer Dam, Weed Lake Dam, Zoglmann Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Adobe Flat, Alder Creek Meadow, Ancient Lake, Antelope Lake, Badger Flat, Balls Lake, Basque Flat, Big Red S Field, Boone Prairie, Brown Flat, Brush Lake, Brushy Lake, Buck Pasture, Buckskin Lake, Buena Vista Lake, Burnt Flat, Burnt Mountain Meadows, Butcher Flat, Button Flat, Buzzard Lake, Cabin Meadow, Call Meadow, Chicken Flat, China Lake, Corporation Lake, Cougar Flat, Coyote Flat, Coyote Lake, Craddock Meadows, Crow Flat, Deadmans Bedground, Deep Canyon Lake, Deep Lake, Desert Field, Desert Meadow, Devine Flat, Dobie Flat, Double O Flat, Downs Lake, Dry Lake, Duffy Prairie, Duhaime Flat, Evening Lake, Fifteen Cent Lake, Fisher Flat, Five Cent Lake, Fivemile Lake, Flybee Lake, Flynn Lake, Foster Flat, Gravelly Flat, Green Flat, Green Lake, Haines Lake, Hawksy Walksy, Haystack Meadow, Hog Flat, Hole in the Ground, Indian Garden, Iron Mountain Flat, Jackknife Flat, Jackman Park, Jerrys Lake, Jones and Ausmus Flat, Junction Lake, Juniper Bed Grounds, Kimball Flat, Krueger Field, La Voy Lakes, Lamb Lake, Leary Lake, Lehman Meadow, Linahan Lake, Little Links Lake, Little Red S Fields, Little Ridge Lake, Little Sage Hen Flat, Lone Tree Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Goose Egg Lake, Mapes Flat, Marshall Lake, Marter Lake, Marys Lake, Matties Ark, McBain Flat, Meadow Flat, Meadow Lake, Miranda Flat, Moon Hill Lakebed, Moon Lake, Mosquito Flat, Mud Flat, Mud Flat, Munsey Lake, Neals Lake, Negro Flat, North Sheep Lake, Oard Flat, Old Jims Lake, Old Jims Open, Orejana Flat, Paddle Meadows, Papoose Lake, Peanut Lake, Penland Meadow, Perry Meadows, Potts Field, Poujade Field, Prentis Lake, Propeller Meadows, Raz Lewis Flat, Red Bank Lakes, Red Flat, Rincon Flat, Ritterbusch Flat, Rock Camp Lake, Round Butte Lake, Ryegrass Flat, Sage Hen Flat, Sage Hen Flats, Sagebrush Flat, Sagebrush Flat, Sallys Flat, Sandy Flat, Savoy Lake, Sawtooth Meadows, Shurtz Field, Silver Lake, Slickey Lake, Smith Flat, South Lake, Spring Valley Meadow, Spring Valley meadow, Squaw Flat, Squaw Flat, Stergen Meadows, Sullivan Meadows, Sunflower Flat, Ten Cent Meadows, Trail Flat, Tucke Flat, Tucke Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Tyler Lake, Upper Ryegrass Flat, Van Zandt Meadows, Weed Lake Flat, Wheatgrass Lake, Whiskey Flat, White Sage Flat, Whorehouse Meadow, Wildhorse Lake, Williams Field, Willow Creek Flats, Wolter Lake, Yellowjacket Field, Yellowstone Lake

  Gaps     show all on map

Altnow Gap, Big Sand Gap, Buckaroo Pass, Buckwilder Pass, Crane Creek Gap, Domingo Pass, Drinkwater Pass, East Pass, Little Sand Gap, Little Windy Pass, Long Hollow Summit, Malheur Gap, Oleachea Pass, Sand Gap, Sand Gap, Stinkingwater Pass, The Narrows, Upton Pass, Windy Pass

  Guts     show all on map

Black Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Harney District Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Cole Island, Graves Island, Pelican Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Albert Lake, Alvord Lake, Angie Potholes, Antelope Lake, Antelope Waterhole, Baca Lake, Barney Waterhole, Barneys Butte Waterhole, Batts Camp Lake, Bennett Lake, Blowhole Lake, Borax Lake, Boyce Waterhole, Bradley Lake, Cabin Waterhole, Camel Lake, Cecil Lake, Cecil Reservoir, Chain Lake, Collins Lake, Comegys Lake, Cote Lake, Cream Lake, Deadbull Waterhole, Deep Hole, Delintment Lake, Derrick Lake, Dollar Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Lake Waterhole, Durbin Waterhole, Dusenberry Lake, Dutch Waterhole, East Chain Lake, Empty Lake Well, Fish Lake, Floater Waterhole, Foster Lake, Frank Schmidt Lake, Frazier Lake, Garrison Lake, Garry Lake Waterhole, Glenns Hole, Grassy Lake, Gravel Waterhole, Ham Brown Lake, Ham Waterhole, Harney Lake, Hay Lake, Heath Lake, Hole in Ground, Hole in the Ground, Hole in the Ground, Hole in the Ground Lake, Homestead Hole, Honeymoon Lake, Horn Waterhole, Howell Lake, Hughet Lake, Irish Lake, Juniper Lake, Kegler Lake, Kerns Waterhole, Lake in the Brush, Lakebed Waterhole, Large Lake, Lily Lake, Links Lake, Little Lake, Little Walls Lake, Little Wildhorse Lake, Lone Rabbit Water Hole, Lost Lake, Lunch Lake, Malheur Lake, Malheur Slough, Mann Lake, McDonald Waterhole, Middle Lake Waterhole, Monahan Lake, Moss Waterhole, Mud Lake, Obiaque Water Hole, Open Valley Waterhole Number Three, Palomino Lake, Pate Lake, Rastus Waterhole, Red Waterhole, Rehart Lake, Rincon Lake, Road Lake, Road Lake, Rock Lake, Rocky Butte Waterhole, Ryegrass Lake, Ryegrass Reservoir, Shallow Lake, Sheep Lake, Shroder Waterhole, Sitz Lake, Snip Waterhole, South Chain Lake, South Fork Waterhole, South Lake Waterhole, Spencers Waterhole, Squaw Lake, Stallion Waterhole, Stinking Lake, Surveyors Lake, Taylor Lake, Ten Cent Lake, Three Lakes, Top of the Hill Waterhole, Trap Hole, Tudor Lake, Tumtum Lake, Twin Road Waterhole, Umbrite Lake, Upper Goose Egg Lake, V Lake, Vickers Lake, Walls Lake, Washpan Lake Waterhole, Weaver Lake, West Chain Lake, West Field Lake, West Keg Springs Waterhole, West Weed Lake Butte Waterhole, White Lake, Wildhorse Lake, Windmill Pond, Woodroad Waterhole, Woods Lake, Yellowstone Waterhole

  Locales     show all on map

Acty Cow Camp, Adrian Place, Alberson (historical), Alberson Station (historical), Albritton (historical), Alkali Flat Corrals, Allison Ranch, Altnow Ranch, Alvin Baker Ranch, Alvord Ranch, Anderson (historical), Anderson Cabin, Anderson Ranch, Anderson Ranch, Anderson Valley Ranch, Anderson Valley Ranch, Association Corral (historical), Augustine Gilbert Place, Azley Acton Cow Camp, B F Smith Ranch, Bacon Camp, Baker Corral, Baker Ranch, Bald Headed Camp, Barton Ranch, Bass Haines Place, Bear Tree Guard Station (historical), Beckley, Beckley Ranch, Bell A Ranch, Bennett Cabin, Berdugo, Berger Ranch, Beshell Grade, Bill Griffin Ranch, Bill Taber Cabin, Black Ranch, Blair Ranch, Blitzen, Blitzen Crossing Campground, BLM Field Camp, BLM Field Camp, Blue Bucket Cow Camp, Blue Creek Work Center, Borax Works, Bossuot Cabin, Boy Scout Cabin, Boyce Ranch, Brenton Cabin, Brezniak Ranch, Buchanan Ranch, Buchanan Springs Safety Rest Area, Buck Spring Campground, Buck Spring Guard Station (historical), Buena Vista Patrol Station, Bugman Ranch, Burns Sewer Treatment Plant, Buttes Ranch, Calderwood Place, Calderwood Ranch, Caldwell Ranch, Call Meadow Forest Service Facility, Calon Ranch, Campbell Ranch, Campbell Ranch, Carl Smith Ranch, Carlson Ranch, Carter Homestead, Catherson Cabin, Catlow, Catlow Place, Cawlfield Ranch, Chet Curry Ranch, Chickahominy Reservoir, Circle Bar, Circle Bar Ranch, Clark Place, Clayton Ranch, Clemens Place, Colony Ranch, Comegys Cabin, Coon Town (historical), Corbett Cabin, Cote Grade, Cow Camp, Cow Camp, Cowan Ranch, Coyote Gap Corral, Craddock Ranch, Cronin Ranch, Cross Ranch, Crow Flat Guard Station, Crows Nest Ranch, Cullen Cabin, Culp Ranch, D Hammond Place, Davies Place (historical), Davies Ranch, Delintment Lake Boat Ramp, Delintment Lake Recreation Site, Denis Cabin, Deppy Ranch, Dickenson Ranch, Dietrich Ranch, Dixon Ranch, Doe Camp, Doe Spring Guard Station, Doman Ranch, Donnelly Camp, Double O Station, Drewsey Rodeo Ground, Dunn Ranch, Dunn Ranch, East Mann Lake Boat Access, Egan Cabin, Emigrant Recreation Site, Falls Recreation Site, Ferry Grade, Finke Ranch, Fish Lake Campground, Fitchett Place, Foot of the Trail Corral, Fort Harney Historical Monument, Fred Wicker Place, George Clark Ranch, George Riley Ranch, Girand Homestead, Glen Brown Place, Government Corral, Grain Camp, Grant Place, Groff Ranch, Grove Place, H and Y Cabin, H J Baker Ranch, H L Ranch, Haines Cabin, Hamilton Place (historical), Hamilton Ranch, Hamilton Ranch, Hamilton Ranch, Hannah Myers Ranch, Hardesty Ranch, Harney County Fairgrounds, Harold Otley Place, Harry Arnold Ranch, Hart Ranch, Hart Ranch, Hayes Ranch, Headquarters Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Hemmy Cabin, Hi Desert Ski Area (historical), Hilbert Ranch, Hills Ranch, Hines Sewer Treatment Plant, Home Creek Ranch, Horseshoe Corral, Howard Anderson Place, Howard Ranch, Huffman Camp, Hughes Ranch, Hunter Cabin (historical), Hunter Ranch, Idlewild Recreation Site, Island Ranch, Iven Stephens Homestead, J Miller Place, Jack Bear Cabin, Jack Fine Place, Jack Miller Ranch, Jackman Park Campground, Jameson Ranch, Joel Sword Ranch, Jones Ranch, Jones Ranch, Juniper Grade, Juniper Hill Ranch, Juniper Lake Ranch, Juniper Park Ranch, Kellogg Ranch, Keuny Cabin (historical), Koontz Homestead, Krumbo Reservoir Boat Ramp, Kueny Ranch, Kundert Place, Lamb Ranch, Lauserica Camp, Loma, Long Cabin, Lowe Mill, Lower Bacon Camp, Lower Crossing, Lower Roux Place, Lower Thissel Place, Lucas Cabin, Lucky Star Mine, M Glenn Place, M S Davies Ranch, Madarieta Cabin, Mann Lake Cabin, Mann Lake Ranch, Mary Oard Homestead, Mayes Cabin, Mayes Cabin, McDade Ranch, McDaniels Cabin, McGee Ranch, McGee Ranch, McLean Cabin, Mclean Cabin, McLean Place, Mickey Cabin (historical), Middle Warm Springs Reservoir Boat Ramp, Miller Brothers Ranch, Miller Place, Miller Ranch, Mogul Mine, Moon Ranch, Moon Reservoir Recreation Site Boat Ramp, Morgan Ranch, Mustang Jail, Mutton Camp, Natural Corral, Nelson Ranch, Newton Cabin, Northern Great Basin Experimental Range Station Headquarters, O'Conner Homestead, O'Toole Ranch, Obiaque Place, Old Cushman Ranch, Old Dole Smith Homestead, Old Egli Place, Old Graham Homestead, Old Horton Mill, Old McKinney Mill (historical), Old Peterson Ranch, Old Pony Express Station (historical), Old Tyler Place, Oleachea Place (historical), Opie Arena Rodeo, Oregon Agricultural Experimental Station, Oregon End Ranch, Otley Ranch, Outerkirk Ranch, Outerkirk Ranch, Owens Ranch, P Ranch, Page Springs Recreation Site, Patterson Cabin, Peabody Homestead, Penland Ranch, Percy West Cabin, Pete French Round Barn State Heritage Site, Pete Miller Ranch, Peterson Ranch, Pickett Corrals, Pine Creek Cow Camp, Pine Creek Ranch, Poe Place, Poison Creek (historical), Poor Farm, Poujade Ranch, Purdy Ranch, Purdy Ranch, R F Smith Ranch, Rainbow Campground, Ramsey Ranch, Reallis Homestead, Redess, Reed Ranch, Renwick Ranch, Reynolds Ranch, Riddle Mountain Lookout, Riddle Ranch, Riddle Ranch, Rieckens Corner, Riley Huff Place, Roaring Springs Ranch, Rock Creek Ranch, Rodeo (historical), Roschene Place (historical), Roux Place (historical), Sage Hen Safety Rest Area, Saunders Place, Sawmill Creek Camp, Schmidt Ranch, Scotts Cache (historical), Serrano Point Ranch, Shelley Corral, Shelly Ranch, Sherburn Ranch, Sherman Ranch, Silvey Ranch, Silvies Valley Ranch, Skull Creek Ranch, Slim Dupree Place, Smyth Cabin, Smyth Ranch, Sod House Ranch, Sodhouse (historical), Stallard Ranch, Starbuck Homestead, Starr Homestead (historical), Steens Mountain School, Stergen Cabin, Stewart Homestead, Sugarloaf Mountain Fire Lookout, Sullivan Corral, Summit (historical), Sylvester Place, Temple Ranch, The Homestead, The Hunters Cabin, Thissel Ranch, Thompson Ranch, Thompson Ranch, Thousand Springs Ranch, Threemile Ranch, Tiller Cabin, Tom Jenkins Cabin, Tom Jenkins Ranch, Tommies Homestead, Trout Creek Ranch, Tucke Place, Turner Cabin, Turner Ranch, Upper Crossing, Upper Sherman Ranch (historical), Upper Silver Creek Ranch, Upton Cabin, Van Guard Station, Venator Ranch, W H Jones Ranch, Wade Ranch, Ward Place, Warren Stephens Homestead, Weaver Place, West Mann Lake Boat Access, Whitehorse Ranch, Whiting Ranch, Wilbur Ranch, Williams Ranch (historical), Witzel Patrol Station, Witzel Ranch, Witzel Ranch, Y Y Ranch, Yellowjacket Recreation Site

  Military     show all on map

Adobe Camp (historical), Burns Air Force Station (historical), Camp Alvord (historical), Camp C F Smith (historical), Camp Currey (historical), Camp Wright (historical), Fort Harney (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Alexander Mine, China Cap Mine, Idol City Mines, Kriska Mine, Rabbit Hole Mine, Western Quartz Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Devine Monument, Frenchglen Hotel State Park, Great Basin Historical Marker, Hines City Park, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Pueblo Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area, Triangle City Park, Washington City Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Chimney Rock, Rock Island

  Plains     show all on map

Alvord Desert, Beede Desert, La Voy Tables

  Populated Places     show all on map

Andrews, Buchanan, Burns, Crane, Diamond, Drewsey, Dunnean, Fields, Frenchglen, Frost Mill, Harney, Hines, Indian Village, Lawen, Narrows, New Princeton, Princeton (historical), Riley, Suntex, Trout Creek, Van, Venator, Voltage, Wagontire

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alberson Post Office (historical), Alvord Post Office (historical), Anderson Post Office (historical), Andrews Post Office (historical), Beckley Post Office (historical), Berdugo Post Office (historical), Blitzen Post Office (historical), Blitzen Post Office (historical), Buchanan Post Office (historical), Burns Post Office, Catlow Post Office (historical), Colia Post Office (historical), Crane Post Office, Del Norte Post Office (historical), Denio Post Office (historical), Diamond Post Office, Drewsey Post Office, Egli Post Office (historical), Evergreen Post Office (historical), Fields Post Office, Frenchglen Post Office, Happy Post Office (historical), Harney Post Office (historical), Harriman Post Office (historical), Henney Post Office (historical), Hiddensprings Post Office (historical), Hines Post Office, Idol Post Office (historical), Kennedy Post Office (historical), La Mu Post Office (historical), Lawen Post Office, Loma Post Office (historical), Lonesomehurst Post Office (historical), Mule Post Office (historical), Narrows Post Office (historical), Oakley Post Office (historical), Oroville Post Office (historical), Princeton Post Office, Rest Post Office (historical), Riley Post Office, Saddlebutte Post Office (historical), Sageview Post Office (historical), Shirk Post Office (historical), Smith Post Office (historical), Suntex Post Office (historical), Thelake Post Office (historical), Tiara Post Office (historical), Van Post Office (historical), Venator Post Office (historical), Voltage Post Office (historical), Wagontire Post Office (historical), Waverly Post Office (historical), White Horse Post Office (historical), Windy Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Crowcamp Hills, Pueblo Mountains, Sand Hills, Trout Creek Mountains, White Horse Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Steens Mountain Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alder Creek Reservoir, Alex Spring Reservoir, Altnow Gap Reservoir, Altnow Reservoir, Angle Reservoir, Antelope Guzzler, Antelope Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Antelope Spring Road Reservoir, Armstrong Canyon Reservoir, Arntz Reservoir, Aspen Reservoir, Aspen Reservoir, Bacon Camp Lake Waterhole, Bacon Camp Waterhole, Badger Draw Reservoir, Bailey Waterhole, Baker Reservoir, Bald Mountain Reservoir, Bango Reservoir, Bar S Reservoir, Barren Valley Reservoir, Barton Lake, Basco Spring Reservoir, Basin Reservoir, Basin Reservoir, Basin Reservoir, Bay Stud Reservoir, Beaverdam Reservoir, Bed Ground Reservoir, Bed Rock Waterhole, Bench Top Waterhole, Bend in the Creek Spring Reservoir, Bend Reservoir, Bentonite Reservoir, Big Basin Reservoir, Big Boulder Reservoir, Big Reservoir, Big Spring Reservoir, Big Tank, Billfold Waterhole, Bingo Reservoir, Bird Fence Reservoir Number One, Bird Fence Reservoir Number Two, Bird Waterhole, Black Rim Reservoir, Blair Canyon Reservoir, Bobcat Reservoir, Bourbon Waterhole, Box Canyon Reservoir, Box Spring Reservoir, Brandts Waterhole, Bridge Creek Reservoir Number One, Bridge Creek Reservoir Number Two, Bridge Waterhole, Brink Reservoir, Broadgate Waterhole, Browns Horse Corral Waterhole, Browns Reservoir, Browns Reservoir, Buck Spring Reservoir, Buckskin Reservoir Number 2, Buckskin Reservoir Number 3, Buckskin Reservoir Number Four, Buffalo Reservoir, Bunch Grass Reservoir, Bunchgrass Reservoir, Butch Reservoir, Butte Creek Reservoir, C 7 Reservoir, Cabin Waterhole, Camas Reservoir, Campbell Reservoir, Campbell Reservoir, Carey Reservoir, Carry Reservoir, Carter Reservoir, Carvix Reservoir, CCC Reservoir, Central Reservoir Number One, Central Reservoir Number Two, Chalk Canyon Reservoir, Charlie Creek Reservoir, Cheatgrass Reservoir, Cherry Spring Reservoir, Chickahominy Reservoir, China Hill Reservoir, Chrome Reservoir, Chukar Guzzler, Clear Waterhole, Clemens Spring Reservoir, Cogans Waterhole, Colt Waterhole, Common Bedground Waterhole, Company Trough, Company Trough, Con Drum Reservoir, Con Reservoir, Cone Reservoir, Corcoran Reservoir, Cottonwood Reservoir, Cow Creek Road Reservoir, Cox Butte Reservoir, Cox Grove Lake, Coyote Hole Reservoir, Coyote Reservoir, Crane Creek Reservoir, Crowcamp Reservoir, Crystal Reservoir, Cullens Reservoir, Cyclone Reservoir, Dead End Reservoir, Dead Mule Reservoir, Deadhorse Pass Reservoir, Deer Camp Reservoir, Del Witzel Reservoir, Dewdrop Reservoir, Dicks Reservoir, Dip Spring Reservoir, Dirt Reservoir, Divide Reservoir, Dixon Waterhole, Dooley Bedground Reservoir, Dracatos Reservoir, Drift Fence Waterhole, Drinkwater Reservoir Number Two, Dropoff Waterhole, Drum Reservoir, Dry Creek Reservoir, Dry Dam Reservoir, Dry Gulch Reservoir, Dry Lake Reservoir, Dry Lake Reservoir, Dry Lake Waterhole, Dry Mountain Reservoir, Duck Creek Reservoir, Dunn Reservoir, East Fork Reservoir, East Gulch Waterhole, East Horton Basin Reservoir, East Pass Reservoir, East Rim Reservoir, East Square Mountain Reservoir, East Table Mountain Reservoir, Egan Cabin Waterhole, Egli Waterhole, Eightmile Reservoir, Eleven Horse Reservoir, Emigrant Reservoir, End of the Trail Reservoir, End Reservoir, Erenos Reservoir, Fay Canyon Reservoir, Fields Basin Seep Reservoir, Five Corners Reservoir, Flyspeck Waterhole, Four Deer Reservoir, Frazier Field Reservoir, Frazier Lake Waterhole, Fred Riddles Reservoir, Funnel Canyon Reservoir, Gamble Reservoir, Gaston Reservoir, Gil Thompson Reservoir, Goose Egg Reservoir, Grassy Butte Reservoir, Gravelly Flat Reservoir, Green Flat Reservoir, Green Reservoir, Griffen Waterhole, Griffin Creek Reservoir, Griffith Spring Reservoir, Guano Reservoir, Gunther Reservoir, H L Reservoir, Halfway Reservoir, Halfway Reservoir, Halfway Reservoir, Hartman Reservoir, Headwater Reservoir, Hidden Reservoir, Hines Mill Pond, Hole Waterhole, Holmes Reservoir Number Two, Holmes Spring Reservoir Number One, Horse Creek Reservoir, Horse Haven Reservoir, Horse Spring Reservoir, Horsehead Reservoir, Horseshoe Reservoir, Horseshoe Reservoir, Horton Mill Reservoir, Hunter Ranch Reservoir, Hunters Reservoir, Hutton Waterhole, Indian Brave Reservoir, Indian Reservoir, Island Reservoir, Jack Creek Reservoir, Jenkins Reservoir, Jerrys Homestead Reservoir, Jewell Reservoir, Jims Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Juniper Reservoir, Juniper Spring Creek Reservoir, Juniper Spring Reservoir, Juniper Spring Reservoir, Keg Springs Reservoir, Keg Springs Rimrock Reservoir, Kern Reservoir, Kings Hole Reservoir, Kit Canyon Waterhole, Knob Reservoir, Knob Spring Reservoir, Knox Pond, Knox Spring Reservoir, Krumbo Mountain Reservoir, Krumbo Reservoir, Kundert Reservoir, Lake Bed Waterhole, Lake Waterhole, Lakehole in the Ground Waterhole, Larkspur Reservoir, Larraneta Reservoir, Larrys Reservoir, Lazy Man Reservoir, Leehmann Reservoir, Little Antelope Reservoir, Little Jack Creek Reservoir, Little Juniper Reservoir, Little Mud Creek Reservoir, Little Rattlesnake Reservoir, Little Salt Reservoir, Little Tank, Lone Duck Reservoir, Lone Jack Waterhole, Lone Tree Reservoir, Lonely Reservoir, Lonely Reservoir, Long Canyon Reservoir, Long Hollow Reservoir, Lookout Butte Reservoir, Lost Lake Waterhole, Lost Reservoir, Louies Draw Reservoir, Lower Antelope Reservoir, Lower Bedground Waterhole, Lower Borax Lake Reservoir, Lower Butler Reservoir, Lower Buttes Reservoir, Lower Herlihy Reservoir, Lower Jones Canyon Reservoir, Lower Road Reservoir, Lower Walker Reservoir, Lower Willow Creek Waterhole, Lucky Reservoir, Lynch Gulch Waterhole, Macs Reservoir, Mahogany Reservoir, Mahogany Reservoir, Mahon Creek Reservoir, Mahon Reservoir, Mammoth Waterhole, Manoeuver Road Reservoir, Mark Reservoir, McCarty Cabin Waterhole, McDade Reservoir, Meadow Flat Reservoir, Middle Box Canyon Reservoir, Middle Butler Reservoir, Middle Fork Reservoir, Middle Herlihy Reservoir, Middle Reservoir, Middle Reservoir, Middle Walker Reservoir, Military Reservoir, Mill Reservoir, Miller Reservoir, Monument Reservoir, Monument Reservoir, Monument Reservoir, Moon Hill Reservoir, Moon Reservoir, Mortimer Canyon Reservoir, Mud Pot Waterhole, Mud Spring Reservoir, Mule Spring Reservoir, Mule Waterhole, Mulehole Waterhole, Mustang Waterhole, New Hole Reservoir, New Road Reservoir, No Name Reservoir, North Beede Reservoir, North Creek Reservoir, North Desert Waterhole Number Eleven, North Desert Waterhole Number Nineteen, North Desert Waterhole Number Thirty-Two, North Gap Waterhole, North Loggerhead Reservoir, North Quail Creek Reservoir, North Sheep Mountain Reservoir, North Table Mountain Reservoir, North Wilson Reservoir, O'Keefe Reservoir, O'Keefe Reservoir, On the Rim Waterhold, On Top Waterhole, One O'Clock Lake, Oreana Reservoir, Oreana Waterhole, Oregon End Reservoir, Orejana Basin Waterhole, Orejana Waterhole, Oriana Reservoir, Oron Thompson Reservoir, Oscar Reservoir Number 4429, Paiute Reservoir, Palomino Rim Reservoir, Panel Spring Reservoir, Peters Waterhole, Pickett Spring Reservoir, Pine Spring Canyon Reservoir, Plateau Reservoir, Poer Reservoir, Pollock Draw Reservoir, Pollock Reservoir, Potato Hill Reservoir, Powerline Reservoir, Prospectors Reservoir, Pueblo Reservoir, Quail Creek Reservoir, Quarry Reservoir, Radio Springs Reservoir, Rattlesnake Reservoir, Rector Reservoir, Red Hen Reservoir, Red Mountain Reservoir, Red Mountain Reservoir, Reeds Basin Reservoir, Rehab Reservoir, Riley Reservoir, Rim Rock Reservoir, Rimrock Reservoir, Rimrock Waterhole, Roadside Reservoir, Rock Bottom Reservoir, Rock Creek Reservoir, Rock Creek Reservoir, Rock Hill Reservoir, Rock Knoll Reservoir, Rock Reservoir, Rocky Draw Reservoir, Rocky Gorge Reservoir, Rocky Hole Reservoir, Rocky Reservoir, Rocky Road Reservoir, Rough Creek Reservoir, Round Mountain Reservoir, Roux Spring Reservoir, Ryegrass Reservoir, Sage Hen Hill Reservoir, Sagehen Reservoir, Sandy Bed Reservoir, Sawmill Number One Reservoir, Sawmill Number Two Reservoir, Second Lake Reservoir, Section Nineteen Reservoir, Settlement Reservoir, Sheep Mountain Reservoir, Shelby Reservoir, Shingle Reservoir, Shoeffer Reservoir, Shorty Reservoir, Shroder Reservoir, Sidehill Reservoir, Silver Reservoir, Sitz Reservoir, Sixmile Lake, Skull Creek Reservoir, Skull Creek Reservoir, Small Guzzler, Smith Reservoir, Smoke Out Canyon Reservoir, Smyth Reservoir, Snow Storm Reservoir, Solomon Canyon Reservoir, South Beede Reservoir, South Creek Reservoir, South Fork Reservoir, South Indian Reservoir, South Willow Reservoir, Speck Waterhole, Split Tree Reservoir, Spring Canyon Reservoir, Squaw Creek Reservoir, Stallard Reservoir, State Game Reservoir Number Eleven, Steer Ridge Reservoir, Stewart Reservoir Number 1, Stewart Reservoir Number 2, Stinkingwater Reservoir Number Three, Stinkingwater Reservoir Number Two, Stoney Spring Reservoir, Stormy Reservoir, Stovepipe Reservoir, Stray Dog Reservoir, Stud Horse Reservoir, Surprise Lake Reservoir, Swamp Creek Reservoir, Swede Reservoir, Tamarack Reservoir, Teddy Spring Reservoir, Temple Reservoir, Terry Reservoir, Thomas Spring Reservoir, Thompson Reservoir, Three Forks Waterhole, Three Lakes Waterhole, Three Pines Reservoir, Threemile Reservoir, Tombstone Reservoir, Tooney Waterhole, Tuck Reservoir, Twin Reservoir, Twin Reservoir, Twin Reservoirs, Twin Spring Reservoir, Two Fork Reservoir, Umbrella Pine Reservoir, Unit Nine Pond, Unit Reservoir, Upper Butler Reservoir, Upper Canal Reservoir, Upper Hawkins Reservoir, Upper Herlihy Reservoir, Upper Jack Creek Reservoir, Upper Jones Canyon Reservoir, Upper Rock Quarry Canyon Reservoir, Upper Walker Reservoir, Upper West Fork Reservoir, Upton Mountain Reservoir Number One, Upton Mountain Reservoir Number Two, Van Derveer Reservoir, Venator Reservoir, Wagon Reservoir, Walls Lake Reservoir, Walters Lake Waterhole, Warm Springs Reservoir, Washboard Reservoir, Weed Lake, West Bacon Waterhole, West Bassout Reservoir, West Batts Camp Lake, West Butte Reservoir, West Draw Waterhole, West Fork Reservoir, West Table Mountain Reservoir, West Willow Creek Reservoir, Wheatgrass Reservoir, Whiskey Canyon Spring Reservoir, Whiskey Creek Reservoir, Whiskey Creek Reservoir Number Two, Wildhorse Lake Reservoir, Williams Reservoir, Willow Reservoir, Windless Reservoir, Witzel Reservoir, Wood Camp Reservoir, Yellow Spot Reservoir, Yellowjacket Lake, Zoglmann Reservoir

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Anderson Mountain, Black Butte Ridge, Buena Vista Butte, Bulger Ridge, Buzzard Ridge, Center Ridge, Chapin Table, Corporation Rim, Corral Ridge, Crane Creek Mountains, Devine Ridge, Egli Ridge, Elliott Ridge, Eusabio Ridge, Gravel Ridge, Gravel Ridges, Howard Ridge, Juniper Ridge, Juniper Ridge, Juniper Ridge, Krumbo Mountain, Krumbo Ridge, Little Riddle Mountain, Mahogany Point, Mahogany Ridge, Mahogany Ridge, McCoy Ridge, Mud Ridge, Nicoll Ridge, P Hill, Post Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Point, Riddle Mountain, Stinkingwater Mountains, Sundown Ridge, The V, Tin Can Ridge, Wrights Point

  Schools     show all on map

Andrews School (historical), Burns High School, Crane Elementary School, Crane Union High School, Diamond Elementary School, Double O Elementary School, Drewsey Elementary School, Fields Elementary School, Filmore School (historical), Frenchglen Elementary School, Henry L Slater Elementary School, Hines Middle School, Lincoln Junior High School (historical), Malheur Field Station, Pine Creek Elementary School, Red Point School (historical), Sod House School (historical), Suntex Elementary School, Trout Creek School (historical), Virginia Valley School (historical), Washington School (historical)

  Slopes     show all on map

Echart Grade, Neals Hill, Palomino Grade, Savage Grade

  Springs     show all on map

Abraham Spring, Acton Spring, Acty Spring, Adams Spring, Alder Creek Spring, Alder Spring, Alder Spring, Alder Spring, Alkali Spring, Alkali Spring, Allen Spring, Allison Spring, Altnow Spring, Alvord Hot Springs, Amos Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Spring, Antelope Springs, Antelope Springs, Antler Seep, Arrowhead Spring, Aspen Spring, Babes Canyon Spring, Baker Spring, Baker Spring, Barnyard Spring, Barrel Springs, Basco Spring, Basco Spring, Basque Spring, Bathtub Spring, Bear Dog Spring, Bear Tree Spring, Bear Wallow Spring, Bear Wallow Spring, Beaver Dam Spring, Beaver Rock Spring, Bedrock Spring, Bellows Spring, Belzar Spring, Ben Brown Spring, Big Howard Spring, Big Pipe Spring, Big Sage Hen Spring, Big Sand Gap Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Springs, Big Springs, Big Trees Spring, Bill Gordon Spring, Bingham Spring, Bixby Spring, Black Rock Spring, Black Snag Spring, Black Spring, Blinn Spring, Blue Creek Spring, Blue Jay Spring, Bob Bennett Spring, Bog Spring, Bohemian Spring, Bootleg Spring, Borderline Spring, Boulder Spring, Boulder Spring, Brandon Spring, Bread Spring, Broken Pipe Spring, Bronco Spring, Buchanan Springs, Buck Spring, Buckaroo Spring, Buckboard Spring, Buckbrush Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Buckskin Spring, Buena Vista Spring, Bulger Spring, Bull Gulch Spring, Bullseye Spring, Burks Spring, Burnt Car Spring, Burnt Mountain Spring, Burnt Spring, Burro Spring, Buskirk Spring, Button Flat Spring, Buzzard Spring, Cabin Spring, Camp Currey Spring, Carey Spring, Carlon Spring, Catlow Spring, Charles Kuhl Springs, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Spring, Chesmore Spring, Chicken Spring, Coal Pit Spring, Cochran Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Company Spring, Company Springs, Connolly Basin Spring, Cook Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cougar Spring, Courtwrights Spring, Cow Hollow Spring, Coyote Spring, Craddock Spring, Craft Spring, Crane Spring, Crippled Horse Spring, Crystal Spring, Crystal Spring, Culvert Spring, Curry Spring, D L Spring, Davies Spring, Davis Spring, Dead Cow Spring, Dead Mule Spring, Deadhorse Spring, Deadwood Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Spring, Demeris Spring, Desert Bog Spring, Devine Flat Springs, Devine Ridge Spring, Diamond J Spring, Dietrich Spring, Dip Spring, Dipping Vat Spring, Dipping Vat Spring, Dixon Spring, DK Spring, Dobson Spring, Doe Spring, Dons Spring, Doorbell Spring, Double O Cold Spring, Driveway Spring, Dry Creek Spring, Dry Creek Spring, Dry Well Spring, Dug Spring, Dustbox Spring, Dwayne Spring, East Corral Spring, East Road Gulch Spring, East Road Springs, East Weed Lake Butte Waterhole, Elk Spring, Elk Wallow Spring, Elliott Spring, F L Spring, Fawn Spring, Finke Spring, Fir Tree Spring, Fivemile Spring, Flying W Spring, Forseer Spring, Forty-five Spring, Fortynine Spring, Foss Spring, Foster Spring, Foundation Spring, Fourth of July Spring, Frazier Spring, French Spring, Freshwater Spring, Frog Spring, Gabe Spring, Gabe Spring, Garrett Basin Spring, Gay Spring, Gilchrist Spring, Goodwater Spring, Government Spring, Granite Spring, Granite Spring, Grasshopper Spring, Gravel Spring, Grey Spring, Gully Spring, Gunther Spring, Halfway Spring, Harney Road Spring, Harpham Spring, Harrison Spring, Harry Arnold Spring, Hawthorne Springs, Helens Spring, Hibbard Spring, Hidden Seep, Hidden Spring, Highland Spring, Highway Lake Waterhole, Hiway Spring Number One, Hixon Brandon Spring, Hog Flat Spring, Hog Wallow Spring, Holdout Spring, Hole in Rocks, Hollenbeck Spring, Holmes Spring, Holmes Spring Number One, Hornbeck Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horsehead Spring, Horsehead Spring, Horseshoe Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Hughet Spring, Hunter Camp Seep, Hunter Spring, Ideal Spring, Indian Grade Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Irving Spring, Ithema Spring, Izee Spring, J L Spring, J T Spring, Jackknife Spring, Jackson Spring, Jake Green Spring, Jessie Spring, Jimmy McCuen Spring, Joe Huff Spring, John Cabin Spring, Johnson Spring, Jones Spring, Jordan Spring, Jordan Spring, Jumbo Spring, Jungle Spring, Juniper Flat Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, Juniper Spring, K B Spring, Keg Springs, Kendall Spring, Kid Flat Spring, King Spring, King Spring, Knox Spring, Krueger Spring, Krumbo Springs, Krumbo Springs, L C Spring, L N Spring, Lake Spring, Landing Creek Spring, Larsen Spring, Lee Morris Spring, Lems Spring, Leppy Springs, Lethas Spring, Lick Spring, Link Bar Spring, Link Spring, Little Bear Spring, Little Briches Spring, Little Cole Spring, Little Emigrant Spring, Little Howard Spring, Little Mud Spring, Little Sage Hen Spring, Little Table Seep, Loco Spring, Log Pipe Spring, Loggan Springs, Loggerhead Spring, Lone Mountain Spring, Lone Pine Spring, Long Spring, Lost Guard Spring, Lost Spring, Lost Spring, Lost Spring, Lost Spring, Louie Hughes Spring, Lower Sizemore Spring, Luig Spring, Lumsden Spring, Lynch Spring, Mahogany Spring, Mahogany Spring, Maitland Spring, Mapes Springs, Marking Corral Spring, Marshall Spring, Maude Oakerman Spring, McBain Flat Spring, McDade Springs, McDonald Spring, McEwen Spring, McEwen Spring, Mickey Springs, Mike Acton Spring, Mike Robinson Spring, Miler Spring, Milk Spring, Mill Spring, Miller and Jackson Spring, Miller Spring, Miller Spring, Miller Spring, Millpond Hot Spring, Moco Spring, Moffitt Spring, Morgan Spring, Mosier Spring, Mountain Ash Springs, Mountain Spring, Mowich Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Muddy Spring, Muddy Water Spring, Mudhole Spring, Mule Spring, Mule Spring Road Waterhole, Mullen Spring, Muller Basin Spring, Mustang Spring, Neal Spring, Negro Springs, Newton Spring, Nichols Spring, No Name Spring, North Desert Waterhole, North Highland Spring, North Spring, O'Keefe Spring, O'Keefe Springs, O'Toole Spring, Oard Spring, Oliver Spring, Open Valley Waterhole, P and P Spring, Packsaddle Spring, Page Springs, Pardee Spring, Parker Spring, Parker Springs, Patterson Spring, Peabody Spring, Pearl Wise Springs, Pedro Spring, Pendleton Spring, Perkins Spring, Petersen Spring, Pick Spring, Pigeon Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Tree Spring, Pinkie Spring, Pinto Spring, Pipe Clamp Spring, Plumber Spring, Poison Springs, Pole Camp Spring, Pole Patch Springs, Pond Spring, Ponderosa Spring, Pool Spring, Porcupine Spring, Poteet Spring, Powerline Spring, Professor Spring, Public Waterhole, R D Spring, R K Spring, R T Spring, Ragged Rock Spring, Rainbow Spring, Ralphs Spring, Ramsey Spring, Ranger Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rawhide Spring, Rector Spring, Red Lick Spring, Red Mountain Spring, Red Spring, Red Trough Spring, Reed Spring, Renfro Springs, Rice Spring, Rifle Spring, RIL Spring, Riley Spring, Riley Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rimrock Spring, Rincon Spring, Rincon Springs, Rinfroe Springs, Riverside Spring, Roach Creek Spring, Road Spring, Roadland Warm Springs, Roadside Spring, Roadside Spring, Roaring Spring, Roaring Springs, Robertson Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rocking Bar Spring, Rocky Spring, Roper Spring, Rose Brier Spring, Rosebriar Spring, Ross Dollarhide Springs, Ross Spring, Round Meadow Spring, Roux Spring, Ruby Springs, Ryegrass Spring, Sagadore Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sage Hen Spring, Sage Spring, Sagehen Spring, Sailor Jack Spring, Sallys Flat Spring, Salt Canyon Spring, Salt Springs, Sand Spring, Sawtooth Spring, Schoolmam Spring, Scotts Cache Spring, Scrub Bull Spring, Seep Spring, Seep Spring, Serrano Spring, Seven Up Spring, Sheep Camp Spring, Sheep Corral Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Spring, Shellrock Spring, Shepherd Spring, Sherman Spring, Shipley Spring, Short Spring, Shott Spring, Siamese Spring, Sidehill Spring, Silver Spring, Skidoo Spring, Skookum Spring, Skookum Spring, Smith Spring, Smith Spring, Soda Spring, Sodhouse Spring, Soldier Spring, Soldier Spring, Sorrel Spring, Sourdough Spring, South Corral Spring, Southside Spring, Spear F Spring, Spring Creek Spring, Squaw Creek Spring, Squaw Flat Spring, Squaw Spring, State Game Waterhole, State Line Spring, Step Spring, Stewart Spring, Still Spring, Stinking Spring, Stockade Springs, Stony Spring, Strawberry Spring, Strode Springs, Sugarloaf Spring, Sulphur Springs, Summit Spring, Summit Spring, Summit Springs, Summit Springs, Sunrise Spring, Sunrise Waterhole, Sunshine Spring, Surprise Spring, Swain Prairie Spring, Swale Springs, T-6 Spring, Tats Spring, Taylor Spring, Teepee Spring, Telephone Spring, Temple Spring, Temple Spring, The Troughs, Theimer Spring, Thompson Spring, Thompson Spring, Thorn Spring, Thornburg Spring, Thousand Springs, Three E Spring, Three J Spring, Three Springs, Three-Seven Spring, Tin Can Spring, Tin Can Spring, Tip Top Spring, Tombstone Spring, Tommys Spring, Toms Waterhole, Trape Springs, Triple Springs, Tule Spring, Tule Springs, Twin Spring, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Springs, Two Dot Spring, Two-Bit Spring, Upper Crowsfoot Spring, Upper Hollenbeck Spring, Upper Paul Creek Spring, Upper Ryegrass Spring, Upper Sizemore Spring, Van Gulch Spring, Vol Spring, W B J Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Waterhole Spring, Weatherly Spring, Weaver Spring, Webb Spring, Weburg Spring, Wheeler Spring, Whiskey Spring, Whistle Spring, Whiting Spring, Whitts Cache Spring, Wickiup Spring, Widow B Spring, Widow Spring, Williams Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Springs, Wilson Spring, Witzel Spring, XI Spring, Yellowjacket Spring

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Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alkali Creek, Allison Creek, Alvord Creek, Andrews Creek, Ankle Creek, Antelope Creek, Antelope Creek, Arizona Creek, Basque Creek, Bear Canyon Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Bellows Creek, Big Alvord Creek, Big Bridge Creek, Big Fir Creek, Big Indian Creek, Big Pasture Creek, Big Rock Creek, Big Stick Creek, Big Swamp Creek, Big Tank Creek, Big Trout Creek, Birch Creek, Black Canyon Creek, Blue Creek, Bluebucket Creek, Boat Ford Slough, Bobcat Creek, Bone Creek, Booners Creek, Boulder Creek, Box Canyon Creek, Bridge Creek, Brophy Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Spring Creek, Buckboard Creek, Buena Vista Creek, Burnt Cabin Creek, Burnt Mountain Creek, Burro Creek, Buster Creek, Butte Creek, Buzzard Creek, Calamity Creek, Calf Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Carlson Creek, Castle Rock Creek, Catlow Creek, Catterson Creek, Chapman Slough, Charlie Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Chickahominy Creek, Clarks Creek, Claw Creek, Clear Creek, Coal Mine Creek, Coffee Creek, Coffeepot Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Spring Creek, Coleman Creek, Colony Creek, Copper Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cote Slough, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cow Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Crane Creek, Crane Cut Creek, Crater Creek, Cricket Creek, Crickett Creek, Crow Creek, Crowcamp Creek, Crowsfoot Creek, Cucamonga Creek, Currier Creek, Curry Gordon Creek, Curtis Creek, Dairy Creek, Deadhorse Creek, Deadman Creek, Deadwood Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Delintment Creek, Denio Creek, Deppy Creek, Dingle Creek, Dip Creek, Dipping Vat Creek, Dodson Creek, Dog Creek, Donner und Blitzen River, Drake Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Krumbo Creek, Dry Mud Creek, Dry Well Creek, Duck Creek, Dugout Creek, East Branch Wildhorse Creek, East Cow Creek, East Creek, East Creek, East Fork Big Trout Creek, East Fork Blue Creek, East Fork Rattlesnake Creek, East Fork Silvies River, East Fork Wolf Creek, East Willow Creek, Echart Creek, Egypt Creek, Embree Slough, Emigrant Creek, Fall Creek, Fawn Creek, Fence Creek, Fields Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Five Draws Creek, Fivemile Slough, Foley Creek, Foley Slough, Foundation Creek, French Creek, Frog Creek, Fuqua Creek, Gabe Creek, Gorman Creek, Gould Creek, Griffin Creek, Griffin Creek, Grove Creek, Guano Slough, Gunbarrel Creek, Gunther Creek, H L Creek, Hay Creek, Hog Creek, Home Creek, Horse Creek, Horton Creek, Hot Springs Slough, House Creek, Hughet Creek, Hughet Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Spring Creek, Jackass Creek, Jacks Creek, Jackson Creek, Jim Creek, Jones Creek, Juniper Creek, Juniper Creek, Juniper Creek, Kiger Creek, Krumbo Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lambing Creek, Landing Creek, Latigo Creek, Lee Creek, Lewis Creek, Little Alvord Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Blitzen River, Little Bridge Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Crane Creek, Little Emigrant Creek, Little Fir Creek, Little Fish Creek, Little Indian Creek, Little Kiger Creek, Little Malheur River, Little McCoy Creek, Little Muddy Creek, Little Pine Creek, Little Rock Creek, Little Sage Hen Creek, Little Skull Creek, Little Stinkingwater Creek, Little Stonehouse Creek, Little Stonehouse Creek, Little Tank Creek, Little Trout Creek, Little Wildhorse Creek, Little Willow Creek, Little Willow Creek, Little Wolf Creek, Long Hollow Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Guard Creek, Magpie Creek, Mahon Creek, Mahon Creek, Malheur Slough (historical), Mann Creek, Marshall Creek, McBride Creek, McCoy Creek, McGee Slough, McMullen Creek, McRae Slough, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Rattlesnake Creek, Middle Fork Trout Creek, Middle Fork Wolf Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miranda Creek, Modesto Creek, Morris Creek, Mosquito Creek, Mountain Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Muddy Creek, Mule Creek, Mutton Creek, Myrtle Creek, Newell Creek, Newman Slough, Nicoll Creek, Ninemile Slough, North Fork Deadwood Creek, North Fork Trout Creek, North Fork Willow Creek, North Quail Creek, Oliver Creek, Oreana Creek, Oriana Creek, Otis Creek, Parker Creek, Pass Creek, Paul Creek, Pike Creek, Pine Creek, Pine Creek, Poison Creek, Poison Creek, Poison Creek Slough, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Prater Creek, Pueblo Slough, Quail Creek, Rail Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Red Mountain Creek, Riddle Creek, Roach Creek, Road Canyon Creek, Roaring Springs Creek, Robinson Creek, Rock Cabin Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rosebriar Creek, Rough Canyon Creek, Rough Creek, Ruh Creek, Ryegrass Creek, Saddlehorse Creek, Sage Hen Creek, Sage Hen Creek, Sand Creek, Savage Slough, Sawmill Creek, Sawtooth Creek, Scharff Cabin Creek, Schurtz Creek, Scott Corral Creek, Scoubes Creek, Sesena Creek, Shepherd Creek, Short Creek, Silver Creek, Silvies River, Simmons Slough, Sixmile Creek, Skookum Creek, Skull Creek, Skull Creek, Slickear Creek, Smokeout Creek, Smyth Creek, Snow Creek, Soldier Creek, South Ankle Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Jackass Creek, South Fork Trout Creek, South Fork Willow Creek, South Trail Creek, South Warm Springs Creek, Spring Canyon Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Valley Creek, Square Mountain Creek, Square Well Slough, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Stancliffe Creek, Standcliff Creek, Still Spring Creek, Stinger Creek, Stinkingwater Creek, Stockade Creek, Stone Corral Creek, Stonehouse Creek, Stonehouse Creek, Stonehouse Creek, Stony Creek, Stormy Draw, Strawberry Creek, Sullivan Creek, Summit Creek, Swamp Creek, Swamp Creek, Tamarack Creek, Thousand Springs Creek, Threemile Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Tuffy Creek, Tureman Creek, Van Horn Creek, Virginia Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Webb Spring Creek, West Fork Big Pasture Creek, West Fork Deadwood Creek, West Fork Duck Creek, West Fork Hay Creek, West Fork Pine Creek, West Fork Rattlesnake Creek, West Fork Silvies River, West Myrtle Creek, West Willow Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whistle Creek, Whitehorse Creek, Whiting Slough, Wickiup Creek, Wilder Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Spring Brook, Willow Spring Creek, Wilson Creek, Wilson Creek, Wilson Creek, Winnemucca Creek, Wolf Creek, Yank Creek, Yellowjacket Creek, Ysassio Creek

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Acty Mountain, Alec Butte, Alvord Peak, Ant Hill, Antelope Mountain, Arrowhead Butte, Bald Butte, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Barneys Butte, Bartlett Mountain, Basque Hills, Battle Mountain, Battleground Buttes, Bear Canyon Butte, Beatys Butte, Big Hill, Big Mowich Mountain, Black Butte, Black Cap, Black Point, Black Rock, Blackie Butte, Buck Butte, Buck Mountain, Buckskin Mountain, Burns Butte, Burnt Mountain, Burnt Mountain, Burnt Mountain, Butler Hill, Calamity Butte, Capps Mountain, Carey Tables, Carson Point, Cat Rock, Catlow Peak, China Hill, Coffin Butte, Coleman Mountain, Cougar Mountain, Cox Butte, Coyote Butte, Crane Butte, Crowcamp Mountain, Davison Butte, Devine Rock, Dog Mountain, Donnelly Butte, Drewsey Table, Dry Mountain, Elephant Butte, Emigrant Butte, Flagstaff Butte, Freeman Butte, Gobblers Knob, Goose Egg Butte, Grassy Butte, Green Butte, Hald Butte, Hat Butte, Hatt Butte, Hawks Mountain, Home Creek Butte, Horsehead Mountain, House Butte, Howluk Butte, Indian Creek Butte, Iron Mountain, Jack Mountain, Jackass Butte, Jackass Mountain, Kegler Butte, King Mountain, Krumbo Butte, Ladycomb Peak, Laton Point, Little Black Rock, Little Juniper Mountain, Little Steamboat Point, Lone Juniper, Lone Mountain, Long Mountain, Lookout Butte, Magpie Table, Mahogany Butte, Mahogany Mountain, Merlie Butte, Merlie Table, Mickey Butte, Moffit Table, Moon Hill, Mount Tom, Mule Tit, Oakerman Butte, Oregon End Table, Otis Mountain, Paiute Butte, Palomino Buttes, Potter Peak, Pueblo Mountain, Rattlesnake Butte, Rattlesnake Butte, Red Hill, Red Hills, Red Lookout Butte, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Riley Butte, Rocky Butte, Round Butte, Round Mountains, Saddle Butte, Saddle Butte, Sage Hen Hill, Sagehen Summit, Sand Hill, Serrano Point, Sheep Mountain, Shields Butte, Shirks Lookout, Skull Creek Butte, Snake Den Butte, Spine Cob Butte, Square Mountain, Steamboat Point, Steens Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Table Mountain, Table Mountain, Telephone Butte, The Butte, The Peaks, Thompson Mountain, Three Buttes, Twin Buttes, Upton Mountain, Utley Butte, Wagontire Mountain, Warm Springs Butte, Weed Lake Butte, West Hill, Whiskey Mountain, Whisky Hill, Whitehorse Butte, Willow Butte, Wilson Butte, Windy Point, Windy Point

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Diamond Swamp, Potters Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

Calamity Butte Lookout Tower, King Mountain Lookout, KRNS-AM

  Trails     show all on map

Beaverdam Trail, Call Meadow Trail, Rattlesnake Trail, The Beef Trail, Utley Creek Trail, Yellowjacket Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Als Canyon, Alvord Valley, Anderson Valley, Angie Canyon, Armstrong Canyon, Augustine Canyon, Babes Canyon, Bacon Camp Draw, Badger Canyon, Badger Draw, Barber Canyon, Barren Valley, Big Gulch, Big Spring Draw, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Blair Canyon, Blitzen Valley, Bone Canyon, Boone Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Brown Canyon, Brush Canyon, Buckhorn Canyon, Buzzard Canyon, Byrd Canyon, Carlson Canyon, Cave Gulch, Chalk Canyon, Chalk Gulch, Cold Spring Canyon, Coon Canyon, Cove Canyon, Cow Canyon, Cow Canyon, Cow Creek Valley, Cow Hollow, Coyote Gap, Currey Canyon, Davis Gulch, Dead Mule Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deer Cave Canyon, Denio Basin, Devils Canyon, Devine Canyon, Dick Miller Canyon, Drewsey Valley, Dry Gulch, Dry Valley, Dudes Canyon, East Canyon, East Road Gulch, Egli Canyon, Egypt Canyon, Elbow Canyon, Elliott Canyon, Fay Canyon, Fenwick Canyon, Finke Draw, Fir Gulch, Funnel Canyon, Gibbons Mill Canyon, Gold Gulch, Gradon Canyon, Greenley Gulch, Gumboot Canyon, Happy Camp, Happy Valley, Heifer Canyon, Hoghouse Canyon, Hole in the Ground, Holmes Canyon, Horton Canyon, Howard Valley, Hughet Valley, Jones Canyon, Juniper Canyon, Kiger Gorge, Kit Canyon, Kueny Canyon, Lambing Canyon, Little Draw, Little Tank Canyon, Little Valley, Loco Canyon, Loggerhead Canyon, Long Hollow, Long Hollow, Louies Draw, Lynch Gulch, Lynch Gulch, Macs Draw, Marking Corral Canyon, Middle Canyon, Mill Gulch, Miller Canyon, Mineral Canyon, Mortimer Canyon, Open Draw, Open Valley, Orejana Canyon, Otis Valley, Pearl Wise Canyon, Pic Swale, Pine Spring Canyon, Pole Canyon, Pollock Draw, Prentis Draw, Pueblo Valley, Rawhide Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Canyon, Road Gulch, Roaring Springs Canyon, Robertson Draw, Robinson Valley, Rock Camp Draw, Rock Quarry Canyon, Rocky Draw, Rose Brier Canyon, Rosebriar Canyon, Rosewood Gulch, Rough Canyon, Saddle Draw, Salt Canyon, Sand Hollow, Scab Gulch, Scotts Canyon, Silver Creek Valley, Silvies Canyon, Silvies Valley, Skookum Canyon, Smoke Out Canyon, Solomon Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Draw, Stonehouse Canyon, The Dipper, The Lambing Ground, Theimer Canyon, Threemile Canyon, Tombstone Canyon, Tudor Canyon, Turpin Canyon, V Canyon, Van Gulch, Varien Canyon, Virginia Valley, Wagon Draw, Walls Lake Canyon, Warm Springs Valley, Waterhole Canyon, Webb Canyon, Wildhorse Canyon, Wildhorse Valley, Williams Canyon, Winslow Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

Alvord Well Number Four, Alvord Well Number One, Alvord Well Number Three, Alvord Well Number Two, Antelope Well, AP Well, Baker Well, Barton Lake Well, Basque Flat Well, Basque Hills Well, Beckley Well, Big Basin Well, Black Point Well, Brandon Well, Burns City Wells, Calderwood Desert Well, Clemens Well, Clemens Well, Coyote Meadows Well, Crane Wells, Davis Well, Davis Well, Dry Well, Early Pass Well, Egypt Well, Elliott Well, Fitchett Well, Gus Well, Hog Wallow Well, Hotchkiss Well, Howes Well, Hughet Well, Jones Well, Little Alvord Well, Little Butte Well, Little Juniper Well, Mann Lake Well, Mann Lake Well Number Two, McBurney Well, McLean Well, Merrick Well, Middle Willow Creek Well, Old Elliott Well, Oregon End Well, Paul Well, Piersol Well, Pipeline Well, Pollock Draw Well, Pollock Well, Pon Well, Pueblo Well, Riddle Mountain Well, Ruby Springs Well, Sand Hills Well, Sand Hollow Well, Scmidt Well, Skinner Well, Smith Wells, Smyth Wells, South Rincon Reseeding Well, South Sand Hills Well, Square Well, Swan Lake Artesian Well, Thompson Well, Thompson Well, Tiller Well, Uncle Tom Well, Voltage Well, Walls Lake Well, Weed Lake Butte Waterhole, Well Number Five, Well Number Four, Well Number Seven, Well Number Six, Well Number Three, Well Number Two, White Sage Well, Willow Creek Well, Witzel Well, Yellow Spot Well Dry

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Big Pines,

Harney County, Oregon Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteHarney County White population 6,7006,700  
American IndianHarney County American Indian population 253252
MixedHarney County Mixed population 210209
AsianHarney County Asian population 3636
BlackHarney County Black population 2928
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderHarney County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Oregon population by county