Linn County, Oregon Basics:

Linn County Oregon - Government Site

Population: 118,407
Area: 2290 square miles
County seat: Albany
Area code(s) in use: 541 503
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 88.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.1%
Median household income: $47,129
Persons in poverty: 16.7%
Home ownership rate: 66.7%
Mean travel time to work: 22.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Benton  Deschutes  Jefferson  Lane  Marion  Polk  

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Map of the Linn County area

Our detail map of Linn County shows the Linn County, Oregon boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Linn County, Oregon

  Airports     show all on map

Albany Municipal Airport, Commons Airport, Cubehole Airport, Daniels Field Airport, Davidson Ranch Airstrip, Davis Airport, Gillette Field Airport, Grells Airport, Holiday Airport, Horn Airport, Inspiration Airport, J & J Airport, Jacks Heliport, Jim's Airstrip, Kingston Airpark, Kleinschmidt Airport, Knox's Private Airstrip, Lafferty Field Airport, Langmack Field, Lebanon Community Hospital Heliport, Lebanon State Airport, Lone Oaks Ranch Airport, Miller Airstrip, MT Hope Airport, Pioneer Villa Airstrip, Propst Airport, Pugh Landing Strip, Roppair Airport, Santiam Junction State Airport, Tallman Airport, The Green Trees Ranch Airport, Waynes Air Service Airport, Wooldridge Agstrip, Wrights Airfield

  Areas     show all on map

Wildcat Mountain Research Area

  Basins     show all on map

Bingham Basin, Eight Lakes Basin, Hunts Cove

  Bends     show all on map

Harpers Bend, Harrisburg Bend, Sam Daws Bend, Snag Boat Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Barr Bridge, Claypool Bridge, Crawfordsville Bridge, Garland Bridge, Greens Bridge, Hannah Bridge, Hufford Bridge, Jordan Bridge, Larwood Bridge, Matlock Bridge, McKercher Bridge, Sanderson Bridge, Schimanek Bridge, Shindler Bridge, Short Bridge, Weddle Covered Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Albany City Hall, Albany Civic Theatre, Albany Downtown Carnegie Library, Albany Fire Department Station 1, Albany Fire Department Station 2, Albany Fire Department Station 3, Albany Main Public Library, Albany Municipal Court, Albany Police Department, Albany Public Works Administration Office, American Red Cross Mid - Valley District Office, Brownsville City Hall, Brownsville Community Library, Brownsville Municipal Court, Brownsville Public Works Department Office, Brownsville Rural Fire District 61, Cascadia Ranger Station (historical), Charity Grange Hall, Department of Motor Vehicles Albany, Department of Motor Vehicles Lebanon, Detroit Ranger Station, Good Samaritan Albany General Hospital Blood Bank, Good Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital Blood Bank, Halsey - Shedd Rural Fire Protection District Station 51, Halsey City Hall, Halsey Municipal Court, Halsey Public Works Department Office, Harrisburg City Hall, Harrisburg City Library, Harrisburg Fire and Rescue Station 41, Harrisburg Justice Center Harrisburg Municipal Court, Harrisburg Public Works, Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District Millersburg, Lebanon City Hall, Lebanon Fire District Station 31, Lebanon Fire District Station 32, Lebanon Fire District Station 33, Lebanon Maintenance Operations, Lebanon Police Department, Lebanon Public Library, Linn - Benton Juvenile Detention Center, Linn County Courthouse, Linn County Department of Health Services Office, Linn County Jail, Linn County Justice Center Municipal Court, Linn County Justice Court Harrisburg Justice Center, Linn County Justice Court Lebanon, Linn County Justice Court Sweet Home, Linn County Law Library, Linn County Sheriff's Office, Linn County Sheriff's Office Harrisburg Substation, Linn County Sheriff's Office Lebanon Substation, Linn County Sheriff's Office Mill City Substation, Linn County Sheriff's Office Scio Substation, Lyons City Hall, Lyons Public Library, Lyons Rural Fire Protection District Station 1, Lyons Rural Fire Protection District Station 2, Mill City Fire Department, Mill City Library, Mill City Municipal Court, Mill City Public Works Department Office, Mill City Town Hall, Millersburg City Hall, Morning Star Grange Hall, Oakville Station 54, Oregon State Police Department Albany, Oregon Youth Authority - Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility, Oregon Youth Authority - Young Women's Transition Program, Peoria Station 53, Richardson Gap Grange Hall, Riverside Hall, Riverview Community Hall, Russell Trip Performance Center, Scio City Hall, Scio Municipal Court, Scio Public Library, Scio Public Works Department Office, Scio Rural Fire Protection District Station 90, Scio Rural Fire Protection District Station 91, Scio Rural Fire Protection District Station 92, Scio Rural Fire Protection District Station 93, Shedd Station 52, Sodaville City Hall, Sweet Home City Hall, Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District Station 21, Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District Station 22, Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District Station 23, Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District Station 24, Sweet Home Library, Sweet Home Municipal Court, Sweet Home Police Department, Sweet Home Public Works Department Office, Tangent City Hall, Tangent Rural Fire Department, Venetian Theatre, Waterloo City Hall, Willamette National Forest Sweet Home Ranger District

  Canals     show all on map

Albany Santiam Canal, Brownsville Ditch, Lacomb Irrigation Canal, Lebanon Santiam Canal, Peters Ditch, Sodom Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Bloody Point, Green Peter Peninsula

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alford Cemetery, Allphin Cemetery, Ames Cemetery, Bellinger Cemetery, Berlin Cemetery, Bilyeu Cemetery, Blan Cemetery, Brattain Cemetery, Brownsville Pioneer Cemetery, Bunker Hill Cemetery, Central Cemetery, Claypool Cemetery, Crawfordsville Union Cemetery, Dodge Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Franklin Butte Cemetery, Gaines Cemetery, Gilliland Cemetery, Halsey Pioneer Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Houston Cemetery, Humphrey Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, James Cemetery, John Shelton Cemetery, John Swallow Grave, Jordan Catholic Cemetery, Klum Cemetery, Knox Butte Cemetery, Lacomb Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Linn Memorial Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Miller - Coon Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Oakville Cemetery, Orleans Cemetery, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Cemetery, Pietrock Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Pleasant Butte Baptist Cemetery, Providence Cemetery, Pugh Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Sand Ridge Cemetery, Simison - Hale Cemetery, Spring Family Cemetery, Timber-Linn Memorial Park, Twin Oaks Memorial Gardens, Waverly Memorial Cemetery, West Point Cemetery, Whitcomb Island Cemetery, Wigle Cemetery, Wiley Cemetery, Wisner Cemetery, Workman Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Cascadia Census Designated Place, Crabtree Census Designated Place, Crawfordsville Census Designated Place, Holley Census Designated Place, Lacomb Census Designated Place, Peoria Census Designated Place, Shedd Census Designated Place, South Lebanon Census Designated Place, West Scio Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

East Channel South Santiam River

  Churches     show all on map

Berlin Union Church, Brownsville Mennonite Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Church of God Seventh Day, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Evergreen Mennonite Church, Family Worship Center, First Christian Church, Harrisburg Christian Church, Lebanon Evangelical Church, Lebanon Foursquare Church, Oakview Community Church of God, Sweet Home Evangelical Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Blowout Cliff, Palisades, The Cliff

  Craters     show all on map

Belknap Crater, Little Nash Crater, Nash Crater

  Dams     show all on map

Brownsville Dam, Carmen Diversion Dam, Foster Dam, Green Peter Dam, Helms Dam, Lebanon Dam, Ornoname 5 Dam, Ornoname 7 Dam, Smith Dam, Sodom Dam, Thompson Dam, Trail Bridge Dam, Upper Bennett Dam, Western Veneer and Plywood Dam, Willamette National Lumber Company Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Cascade Falls, Gatch Falls, Gooch Falls, Koosah Falls, Lower Soda Falls, Marion Falls, McNabb Falls, Moose Creek Falls, Painter Falls, Rainbow Falls, Sahalie Falls, Tamolitch Falls, Upper Soda Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Bruno Meadows, Bryant Lake Bed, Duffy Prairie, Dundon Flat, Gordon Meadows, Grizzly Flat, Indian Prairie, Little Meadows, Lost Prairie, Marion Flats, Smith Prairie, The Parks, Tombstone Prairie, Wolf Meadow

  Forests     show all on map

Santiam State Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bear Pass, Beard Saddle, Minto Pass, Red Heifer Pass, Richardson Gap, Santiam Pass, Tombstone Pass

  Glaciers     show all on map

Milk Creek Glacier

  Guts     show all on map

Cole Slough, Marks Slough, Wright Slough

  Harbors     show all on map

Edgewater RV Resort and Marina, Lewis Creek County Park Marina, Sportsman Club Private Marina, Sunnyside County Park Marina

  Hospitals     show all on map

Langmack Hospital, Samaritan Albany General Hospital, Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Centennial Island, Hoacum Island, Horseshoe Island, Lower Kiger Island, Morgan Island, Norwood Island, Truax Island, Whitcomb Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Alford Pond, Alforja Lake, Alice Lake, Bear Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lakes, Berthelson Pond, Big Lake, Billy Lake, Bingham Lake, Blue Lake, Bowerman Lake, Bruno Lakes, Calvins Pond, Cheadle Lake, Chiquito Lake, Cincha Lake, Clarks Pond, Clear Lake, Cleo Lake, Colorado Lake, Cougar Lake, Coyote Lake, Crabtree Lake, Craig Lake, Crescent Lake, Daly Lake, Davis Lake, Don Lake, Donaca Lake, Dry Lake, Duffy Lake, Ernests Pond, Fay Lake, Fennell Lake, Fir Lake, First Lake, Fish Lake, Fisher Island Pond, Fourth Lake, Gordon Lakes, Green Peak Lake, Grenet Lake, Hanks Lake, Heart Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hunts Lake, Indian Prairie Lake, Jenny Lake, Jo Jo Lake, Jorn Lake, Kuitan Lake, Lackner Pond, Lake Ann, Lake of the Woods, Lard Lake, Latigo Lake, Lava Lake, Little Bowerman Lake, Little Cincha Lake, Little Duffy Lake, Lizard Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Berley Lake, Lula Lake, Lutton Pond, Maddys Pond, Marion Lake, Maude Lake, Maxwell Lake, Melis Lake, Midget Lake, Monty Lake, Moose Lake, Mowich Lake, Mud Puppy Lake, Nan-Scott Lake, North Dixie Lake, O A Lake, Pamelia Lake, Papoose Lake, Parish Lake, Patjens Lakes, Peasley Lake, Pika Lake, Pine Ridge Lake, Pinet Lake, Presley Lake, Prill Lake, Rainbow Lake, Ralphs Lake, Red Butte Lake, Riggs Lake, Robinson Lake, Sad Lake, Santiam Lake, Second Lake, Shale Lake, South Dixie Lake, Spring Branch, Swallow Lake, Swan Lakes, Temple Lake, Teto Lake, Third Lake, Timber-Linn Lake, Toms Lake, Toni Lake, Train Lake, Tule Lake, Turpentine Lake, Twin Lakes, Upper Berley Lake, Warner Lake, Washington Ponds, Waverly Lake, Whiskey Lake, Widgeon Lake, Willamette Log Pond, Wilson Lake

  Lava     show all on map

Underwater Forest

  Locales     show all on map

Albany - Millersberg Water Reclamation Facility, Albany C and E Depot (historical), Albany Lumber and Supply (historical), Albany Lumber Company (historical), Albany Transit Station, Albany Transit System Park and Ride, Albany Transit System Park and Ride, Albany Water Treatment Plant, Albany Yard, Alford, American, American, Ames Creek Boat Ramp, Andrew Wiley Park Boat Ramp, Antique Apple Orchard, Ballins Mill (historical), Balm (historical), Bauman Lumber Company, Bellplain (historical), Benjo Milling Company (historical), Big Lake Campground Boat Ramp, Big Lake Recreation Site, Big Lake West Recreation Site, Big Meadows Horse Camp, Boise Cascade Plywood, Bowers (historical), Bowman City Park Boat Ramp, Brewster (historical), Brownsville Sewage Treatment Facility, Brownsville Wastewater Treatment Facility, Bryant (historical), Buell Miller County Park Boat Ramp, Bussard (historical), C and E Crossing (historical), Calahan (historical), Calkins County Park Boat Ramp, Camp Marion, Camp Morrison, Camp Pioneer, Camp Tadmor, Camp Twenty-six, Cartney, Clear Lake Recreation Site, Clear Lake Resort, Clear Lake Resort Boat Ramp, Coffin Mountain Lookout, Cold Water Cove Recreation Site, Coldwater Cove United States Forest Service Boat Ramp, Colorado Lake (historical), Conser (historical), Cool Camp, Coover (historical), Cougar Camp, Cove Creek Campground Boat Ramp, Cove Creek Recreation Site, Coxs Crossing (historical), Crabtree Guard Station, Cranor (historical), Crest (historical), Crocus (historical), Dever (historical), Diamond Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant, Dollar (historical), Ehlen-Van Waters and Rogers, End of Track (historical), End of Track (historical), Faybell (historical), Fayetteville, Fernview Recreation Site, Fir Ridge Holstein Farm, Fish Lake Recreation Site, Fish Lake Remount Depot, Flapper Springs Guard Station, Folk (historical), Forbes (historical), Freeway Lakes County Park Freeway Lake 2 Boat Ramp, Freeway Lakes County Park Middle Freeway Lake Boat Ramp, Freres Lumber, Froman (historical), Fry, G and G Lumber Company (historical), Gaines (historical), Gas Heat (historical), Gates Guard Station, Gedney Creek County Park Boat Ramp, Gilkey (historical), Gill's Landing City Boat Ramp, Glasser (historical), Goltra (historical), Gourley Dairy, Gray (historical), Greens Bridge Boat Ramp, Griggs, Hallawell, Halsey Sewage Treatment Facility, Hammond Camp, Harrisburg Lagoon Treatment Plant, Harrisburg Landing City Boat Ramp, Harrisburg Substation, Hoodoo Ski Bowl, Hoodoo Ski Bowl Snow-Park, Hoover Campground Boat Ramp, Hoover Group Camp, House Rock Recreation Site, Ice Cap Creek Campground Unimproved Boat Launch, Ice Cap Creek Recreation Site, Idanha Municipal Water Treatment Plant, Ingraham Spur (historical), Irvinville (historical), J H Baxter Company (historical), Jack Shelter, John Neal Memorial County Park Boat Ramp, Jordan Guard Station, Kell Lumber Company (historical), Kelley Timber Products (historical), Kenshaws-Bauman Sales Incorporated (historical), Kimmel City Park Boat Ramp, King Camp, Kiphart (historical), Knox Butte (historical), Koosah Falls Recreation Site, Lakes End Recreation Site, Leander (historical), Lebanon Lumber Company (historical), Lebanon OE Connection (historical), Lebanon OE Siding (historical), Lebanon Substation, Lebanon Wastewater Treatment Plant, Leffler (historical), Lewis Creek County Park Boat Access, Linn (historical), Linn County Fairgrounds, Linn Shuttle Park and Ride, Linnore (historical), Lone Star, Long Bow Group Camp, Long Pass, Lost Lake Campground (historical), Lost Lake Campground Unimproved Boat Launch, Lost Prairie Recreation Site, Lowson (historical), Lyons - Mehama County Park Boat Ramp, M B Christianson (historical), Marion Forks Forest Service Station, Marion Forks Recreation Site, Marion Lake Guard Station, Maxwell (historical), McCartney County Park Boat Ramp, McDowell Creek Camp, McDowell Creek Evangelical Church Camp, McQuade Creek Shelter, Menears Bend Campground, Mid Plywood Incorporated (historical), Mill City Sewage System, Miller, Mitchell, Mountain Home, Munkers (historical), Munson (historical), Narrows, Nixon (historical), North Santiam (historical), Nye (historical), O E Crossing, Oak Grove Safety Rest Area, Oakville (historical), Olallie Recreation Site, Oregon Department of Transportation Park and Ride, Oregon Jamboree Outdoor Amphitheatre, Oregon State University Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University Experimental Farm, Orleans, Pacific Northwest Moulding Company (historical), Page, Payne (historical), Peoria County Park Boat Ramp, Pioneer Villa Sewage Treatment Lagoon, Pirtle Station (historical), Plainview, Potter, Potter (historical), Presbyterian Organization Site, Priceboro (historical), Quartzville, Quartzville Guard Station, Ray Benson Sno-Park, Remington (historical), Renner (historical), River Bend County Park Raft Access, River Spur (historical), Riverside Recreation Site, Roaring River State Fish Hatchery, Roberts (historical), Rock Hill, Rowland (historical), Ryan (historical), Sahalie Falls Recreation Site, Sanderson Bridge Boat Ramp, Santiam Junction, Santiam Sno-Park, Scio Junction (historical), Scio Sewage Treatment Facility, Seventh Day Adventist Organization Camp, Shedd Camp Shelter, Smith Reservoir Boat Ramp, Snow Peak Camp, South Santiam (historical), South Shore Campground Boat Ramp, Southshore Campground, SP Connection Albany, Spicer, Stahlbush Island Farms, Stanwood (historical), Stayton Bridge County Boat Ramp, Stayton Bridge County Park Boat Ramp, Sunnyside County Park Boat Ramp, Sweet Home Municipal Water Treatment Plant Facility, Sweet Home Outdoor Events Center, Sweet Home Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tallman (historical), Tangent Sewage Treatment Facility, Texaco Refining and Marketing, Thistle Creek County Park Boat Ramp, Thomas (historical), Thomas Cairn, Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site, Timber Incorporated Spur (historical), Timber Owners Incorporated (historical), Tolstoj Sokol Lodge, Tombstone Prairie Campground, Trail Bridge Recreation Site, Trailbridge Campground Boat Ramp, Trollinger (historical), Troost Dairy, Trout Creek Recreation Site, Tulsa, Twin Buttes (historical), Verdure, Virgil (historical), Volbeda Dairy, Washburn (historical), Waterloo County Park Claude Cox Addition Lower Boat Ramp, Waterloo County Park Upper Boat Ramp, Weatbery (historical), Weldwood, Went (historical), Wentworth (historical), Weyerhaeuser Albany Biomass Facility, Whitcomb Creek County Park Boat Ramp, Willamette Industries Wastewater Treatment Plant, Willamette Speedway and Outdoor Karts Speedway, Williams (historical), Woodraffe, Yellowstone Guard Station, Yukwah Recreation Site

  Mines     show all on map

Albany Mine, Cinderella Mine (historical), North Star Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Andrew Wiley Park, Ashbrook Park, Big Springs Campground (historical), Booth Park, Bowers Rocks State Park, Brownsville State Wayside (historical), Bryant Park, Buell-Miller County Park, Burkhart Park, Calkins Park, Cascadia State Park, Century Park, Christopher Columbus Park, DeArmond Park, Dogwood Recreation Site, Draper Park, Freeway Lakes County Park, Gedney Creek County Park, Gills Landing, Had Irvine Park, Halsey Memorial Park, Halsey Veterans Memorial Park, Jaycee Park, John Neal Memorial County Park, Larwaood Wayside County Park, Lewis Creek County Park, Lyons Mehama County Park, Mazama Creek Campground (historical), McCartney County Park, McClun Wayside County Park, McDowell Creek County Park, McKercher County Park, Memorial Park, Northside Park, Osage Park, Peoria County Park, Ralston Park, River Bend County Park, River Park, Roaring River County Park, Sodaville Springs Park, Strawberry Hill Park, Sunnyside County Park, Sunrise Park, Sweet Home City park, Takena Park, Thistle Creek County Park, Thompson's Mills State Park, Waterloo County Park, Weldwood Park, Whitcomb Creek County Park, Whitewater Campground (historical), Willamette Memorial Park, Yellowbottom Recreation Site

  Pillars     show all on map

Chimney Rock, Cougar Rock, High Rock, Horse Rock, Independence Rock, Knob Rock, Lost Dog Rock, Pipe Rock, Rooster Rock, Slate Rock, Tom Rock, Wolf Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Albany, Anidem (historical), Berlin, Brownsville, Bryant City (historical), Burlington (historical), Calapooia, Cascadia, Central (historical), Crabtree, Crawfordsville, Crowfoot, Dotyville (historical), Draperville, Evansville (historical), Fairview, Fords Mill, Foster, Fox Valley, Greenville, Halsey, Harrisburg, Holley, Jordan, Kingston, Lacomb, Lebanon, Liberty, Lyons, Marion Forks, Mill City, Millersburg, New Idanha, Peoria, Riverside, Santiam Terrace, Scio, Shedd, Shelburn, Sodaville, South Lebanon, Sweet Home, Tangent, Union Point (historical), Upper Soda, Waterloo, West Scio, Whitaker

  Post Offices     show all on map

Abberdeen Post Office (historical), Albany Post Office, Anidem Post Office (historical), Berlin Post Office (historical), Boston Mills Post Office (historical), Brownsville Post Office, Burlington Post Office (historical), Cascadia Post Office, Central Post Office (historical), Crabtree Post Office, Crawfordsville Post Office, Diamond Hill Post Office (historical), Diamond Post Office (historical), Dotyville Post Office (historical), Foster Post Office, Fox Valley Post Office (historical), Garrison Post Office (historical), Grass Ridge Post Office (historical), Halsey Post Office, Harrisburg Post Office, Henness Post Office (historical), Holley Post Office (historical), Jordan Post Office (historical), Kingston Post Office (historical), Lacomb Post Office (historical), Larwood Post Office (historical), Lat Shaws Mill Post Office (historical), Lebanon Post Office, Liverpool Post Office (historical), Lowersoda Post Office (historical), Mealey Post Office (historical), Mill City Post Office, Millers Post Office (historical), Mount Pleasant Post Office (historical), Muddy Station Post Office (historical), Munkers Post Office (historical), Newbern Post Office (historical), Oakville Post Office (historical), Palos Post Office (historical), Peoria Post Office (historical), Pine Post Office (historical), Plainview Post Office (historical), Rachel Post Office (historical), Redne Post Office (historical), Rosa Post Office (historical), Rowland Post Office (historical), Santiam Post Office (historical), Santyam Forks Post Office (historical), Scio Post Office, Shedd Post Office, Shelburn Post Office (historical), Soda Springs Post Office (historical), Soda Stone Post Office (historical), Sodaville Post Office (historical), Spicer Post Office (historical), Sweet Home Post Office, Syracuse Post Office (historical), Tallman Post Office (historical), Tangent Post Office, Thomas Post Office (historical), Thurston Post Office (historical), Union Point Post Office (historical), Waterloo Post Office (historical), Whitcomb Post Office (historical)

  Reserves     show all on map

Menagerie Wilderness, Middle Santiam Wilderness, Mount Jefferson Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bentz Ponds, Browns Reservoir, Carmen Reservoir, Davenport Pond, Detroit Lake, Dozler Reservoir, Durlam Reservoir, Folsom Pond, Foster Lake, Freres Log Ponds, Green Peter Lake, Hafco Reservoir, Helms Reservoir, Hills Pond, Hoerauf Reservoir, Howell Pond, Idanha Log Pond, Jazel Reservoir, Johnson Lake, Johnson Reservoir, Kearns Reservoir, Kirkpatrick Reservoir, Kreilich Reservoir, Larson Ponds, Little Reservoir, Lyons Log Pond, Mystery Hills Reservoir, Peck Reservoir, Permaneer Log Pond, Pilkens reservoir, Piper Reservoir, Renound Reservoir, Rickmans Pond, Rogers Mountain Ranch Reservoir, Schneider Log Pond, Smith Reservoir, Snow Peak Log Pond, Tadmor Lake, Taylor Lake, Taylor Reservoir, Tollgate Reservoir, Trail Bridge Reservoir, Walker Reservoir, Watters Reservoir, Western Log Pond, Western Veneer and Plywood Log Pond, Wilkes Reservoir, Willamette National Lumber Company Reservoir, Ziebart Reservoir, Zurfluhs Ponds

  Ridges     show all on map

Bingham Ridge, Browder Ridge, Bunchgrass Ridge, Coopers Ridge, Cougar Ridge, Galena Ridge, Green Mountain Ridge, Hogback Ridge, Huss Ridge, Kinney Ridge, Lizard Ridge, Marks Ridge, Moose Ridge, Owl Ridge, Pine Ridge, Woodpecker Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Albany Christian School, Albany Learning Center Community Service, Albany Options School, Berlin School (historical), Beulahland School (historical), Calapooia Middle School, Cascades School, Cascadia School (historical), Centennial Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Central Linn Elementary School, Central Linn High School, Central Valley Junior Academy, Clover Ridge Elementary School, Courtney Creek School (historical), Crabtree School (historical), Crawfordsville Elementary School, Denny School (historical), Dever School (historical), Dixie School (historical), East Berlin School (historical), East Linn Christian Academy, Fairview Christian School, Fairview School (historical), Foster Elementary School, Gates Elementary School, Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Gore School (historical), Grand Prairie School (historical), Green Acres School, Green Mountain School (historical), Griggs School (historical), Hamilton Creek School, Harris Community School, Harrisburg Elementary School, Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg Middle School, Hawthorne Elementary School, Holley Elementary School, Hulburt School (historical), Knox Butte School (historical), Lacomb School, Lafayette Elementary School, Lake Creek School (historical), Lakeview School (historical), Lebanon High School, Liberty Elementary School, Liberty School (historical), Linn - Benton Community College, Linn-Benton Community College (historical), Lourdes School, Madison School (historical), Maple School (historical), McDowell Creek School (historical), McFarland School (historical), Memorial Middle School, Mid Valley Learning Center, Mill City Middle School, Millersburg School (historical), North Albany Elementary School, North Albany Middle School, Oak Creek School (historical), Oak Elementary School, Oak Heights Elementary School, Oakville School (historical), Oregon Connections Academy, Over the Top School (historical), Periwinkle Elementary School, Pioneer School, Plainview School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Price School (historical), Queen Anne Elementary School (historical), Riverside High School, Riverside School (historical), Riverview School, Saint Edwards School (historical), Saint Marys Catholic School, Sand Ridge Charter School, Sand Ridge School (historical), Santiam High School, Santiam School (historical), Scio High School, Scio Middle School, Seven Oak Middle School, Seventh Day Adventist School (historical), South Albany High School, South Shore Elementary School, Sunnyside School (historical), Sunrise Elementary School, Sweet Home Charter School, Sweet Home High School, Sweet Home Junior High School, Takena Elementary School, Tangent Elementary School, Tennessee Middle School (historical), Waterville School (historical), Waverly Elementary School, West Albany High School, Wyatt Elementary School (historical)

  Slopes     show all on map

Leffler Grade

  Springs     show all on map

Big Spring, Coldwater Spring, Flapper Springs, Great Spring, Hodges Spring, Icecap Spring, Noble Spring, Sodaville Mineral Springs, Whisky Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Ames Creek, Anderson Creek, Avery Creek, Bachelor Creek, Bald Barney Creek, Bald Peter Creek, Barrell Creek, Beabe Creek, Bear Branch, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Lake Creek, Beard Creek, Beaver Creek, Beverly Creek, Bickmore Creek, Big Alder Creek, Bigbee Creek, Bigs Creek, Billy Creek, Bilyeu Creek, Bishop Creek, Black Creek, Blowout Creek, Blue Creek, Blue Creek, Bobby Creek, Bonnie Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boundary Creek, Box Canyon Creek, Bradshaw Creek, Browder Creek, Bruler Creek, Bruno Creek, Brush Creek, Brush Creek, Buck Creek, Bucksnort Creek, Budworm Creek, Bugaboo Creek, Bunchgrass Creek, Burbank Creek, Burgen Creek, Burkhart Creek, Burmester Creek, Burnside Creek, Butte Creek, Butte Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cadenza Creek, Calapooia River, Camous Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Canal Creek, Canyon Creek, Carmen Creek, Carpenter Creek, Carrie Fork, Carter Creek, Cave Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Channel Creek, Chimney Creek, Chitlam Creek, Church Creek, Cliff Creek, Coal Creek, Cochran Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Spring Creek, Coley Creek, Conroy Creek, Cook Creek, Coon Creek, Corset Creek, Cotton Creek, Cougar Creek, County Creek, Courtney Creek, Cow Creek, Cox Creek, Crabtree Creek, Craft Creek, Crash Creek, Crazy Creek, Crescent Creek, Criminal Creek, Crooks Creek, Cruiser Creek, Cub Creek, Cul de Sac Creek, Cumley Creek, Curtis Slough, Danny Creek, Dead River, Deadman Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, DeFord Creek, Divide Creek, Dobbin Creek, Donaca Creek, Dorgan Creek, Downing Creek, Dry Muddy Creek, East Fork Keeney Creek, East Fork Whitcomb Creek, East Rock Creek, Echo Creek, Edison Creek, Egg Creek, Eight Lakes Creek, Eighteen Creek, Elbow Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Ella Creek, Ethel Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Falls Creek, Farmers Creek, Fawn Creek, First Creek, Fish Lake Creek, Fitt Creek, Flimflam Creek, Flunky Creek, Four Bit Creek, Fox Creek, Freezeout Creek, Fritz Creek, Fry Creek, Gabriel Creek, Galena Creek, Gate Creek, Gedney Creek, Gold Creek, Green Creek, Green Creek, Green Creek, Green Mountain Creek, Green Peter Creek, Gregg Creek, Grizzly Creek, Hackleman Creek, Hall Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hands Creek, Harter Creek, Hawkins Creek, Heater Creek, Hensley Creek, Holman Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Horn Creek, Horse Pasture Creek, Hortense Creek, Hunter Creek, Hunts Creek, Husky Creek, Husted Creek, Ice Cap Creek, Ikenick Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Prairie Creek, Ivy Creek, Jack Creek, Jack Creek, Jackson Creek, Johnny Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnston Slough, Jordan Creek, Jude Creek, K Creek, Keeney Creek, Keith Creek, King Creek, Kink Creek, Kinney Creek, Knob Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lakeview Slough, Lamb Creek, Latiwi Creek, Lawhead Creek, Lewis Creek, Little Bottom Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little Creek, Little Meadows Creek, Little Muddy Creek, Little Oak Creek, Little Rock Creek, Little Wiley Creek, Little Willamette River, Log Creek, Logan Slough, Loon Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Lake Creek, Lunch Creek, Lynx Creek, M and M Creek, Mad Creek, Madill Creek, Manis Creek, Mann Creek, Manzanita Creek, Maple Creek, Marion Creek, Marys Creek, Maude Creek, McCarthy Slough, McDowell Creek, McKinley Creek, McQuade Creek, Middle Santiam River, Milk Creek, Milky Fork, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Minniece Creek, Mint Creek, Minto Creek, Misery Creek, Mist Creek, Moe Creek, Moon Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Morgan Creek, Mouse Creek, Muddy Creek, Murder Creek, Nan Creek, No Man Creek, Noble Creek, North Fork Buck Creek, North Fork Calapooia River, North Fork Cook Creek, North Fork Park Creek, North Santiam River, Novak Slough, Oak Creek, Oak Creek, Olallie Creek, Onehorse Slough, Orchard Creek, Owl Creek, Owl Creek, Owl Creek, Pamelia Creek, Panther Creek, Park Creek, Parkett Creek, Payne Creek, Peck Creek, Periwinkle Creek, Pierce Creek, Pierce Creek, Plainview Creek, Pondertex Creek, Potts Creek, Pugh Creek, Putnam Creek, Puzzle Creek, Pyramid Creek, Quartzville Creek, Queen Creek, Quentin Creek, Rainbow Creek, Ralston Creek, Ram Creek, Red Creek, Roaring Creek, Roaring River, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rooster Creek, Rumbaugh Creek, Sauers Creek, Savage Creek, Sawyer Creek, Scar Creek, Scott Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Seventeen Creek, Sharon Creek, Shedd Slough, Sheep Creek, Shot Pouch Creek, Silver Creek, Single Creek, Sixes Creek, Slate Creek, Slide Creek, Slipout Creek, Small Creek, Smallman Creek, Smith River, Snake Creek, Snow Creek, Soda Creek, Soda Fork, South Fork Beaver Creek, South Fork Buck Creek, South Fork Crabtree Creek, South Fork McDowell Creek, South Fork Neal Creek, South Fork Park Creek, South Fork Scott Creek, South Pyramid Creek, South Roaring River, South Santiam River, Spoon Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Stewart Creek, Storm Creek, Straight Creek, Strait Creek, Stud Horse Creek, Sucker Slough, Swamp Creek, Swede Creek, Sweeney Creek, Sweet Home Creek, Sweetwater Creek, Tally Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylor Creek, Third Slough, Thistle Creek, Thomas Creek, Thomas Fork, Three Creek, Toad Creek, Toll Creek, Tom Creek, Tommy Creek, Trapper Creek, Trask Creek, Treadwell Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Truax Creek, Tub Run, Turnridge Creek, Turpentine Creek, Twelve Creek, Twin Falls Creek, Two Girls Creek, United States Creek, Vail Creek, Walker Creek, Walton Slough, Warren Creek, Washout Creek, West Brush Creek, West Fork Ella Creek, West Fork Keeney Creek, West Fork McQuade Creek, West Fork Quartzville Creek, West Fork Rock Creek, Wet Horse Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whitcomb Creek, White Creek, White Rock Creek, Whiterock Creek, Whitewater Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wildwood Creek, Wiley Creek, Willis Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Woodpecker Creek, Yellowbottom Creek, Yellowstone Creek

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Bachelor Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Peter, Binegar Butte, Bond Butte, Buck Mountain, Buck Mountain, Bunchgrass Mountain, Bunker Hill, Carpenter Mountain, Cassnor Park, Cathedral Rocks, Cedar Butte, Chandler Mountain, Chimney Peak, Coffin Mountain, Cone Peak, Crabtree Mountain, Crescent Hill, Crescent Mountain, Cub Point, Diamond Hill, Doe Mountain, Duffy Butte, Echo Mountain, Farmers Butte, Fisher Point, Franklin Butte, Galena Mountain, Goat Peak, Gobblers Knob, Gold Peak, Gordan Peak, Green Butte, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Green Peak, Green Peter, Greenhorn Hill, Grizzly Peak, Hale Butte, Harry Mountain, Harter Mountain, Hayrick Butte, High Deck, Hogg Rock, Hoodoo Butte, Hungry Hill, Indian Head, Iron Mountain, Jumpoff Joe Mountain, Keel Mountain, Knox Butte, Latiwi Mountain, Lizard Point, Lone Pine Butte, Lucky Butte, Marion Mountain, Marion Peak, Maxwell Butte, Minniece Point, Minto Mountain, Monument Peak, Moose Mountain, Moss Butte, Mount Bruno, Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington, North Butte, North Cinder Peak, North Peak, Peterson Butte, Pinnacle Peak, Porcupine Peak, Potato Hill, Potato Hill, Powell Hills, Prospect Mountain, Quentin Knob, Red Butte, Red Heifer Mountain, Ridgeway Butte, Robe Hill, Rock Hill, Rockpile Mountain, Rocky Top, Rogers Mountain, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Saddle Butte, Saddle Mountain, Sand Mountain, Scar Mountain, Scott Mountain, Scravel Hill, Shot Pouch Butte, Snake Hill, Snow Peak, Soapgrass Mountain, South Cinder Peak, South Peak, South Pyramid, Swamp Mountain, Swamp Peak, Three Pyramids, Tidbits Mountain, Tom Mount, Trappers Butte, Turpentine Peak, Twin Buttes, Twin Buttes, Two Girls, Ward Butte, Washburn Butte, West Point Hill, Whisky Butte, White Bull Mountain, Wildcat Mountain, Woodpecker Hill, Yellowstone Mountain

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Beaver Marsh, Big Meadows, Twin Meadows

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Green Mountain Lookout Tower, KFIR-AM, KGAL - AM, KIQY-FM, KNTL-FM, KRKT - AM, KWIL- AM

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Anderson Ridge Trail, Bachelor Mountain Trail, Bingham Ridge Trail, Blue Lake Trail, Browder Ridge Trail, Bruno Meadows Trail, Chimney Peak Trail, Coffin Mountain Trail, Cool Camp Trail, Crabtree Lake Trail, Crescent Mountain Trail, Deer Butte Trail, Duffy Lake Trail, Gold Hill Trail (historical), Gordan Peak Trail, Lava Trail, Little Belknap Trail, Marion Lake Trail, Maxwell Trail, Minniece Point Trail, Minto Pass Trail, North Loop Trail, Pamelia Lake Trail, Patjens Lakes Trail, Pine Ridge Trail, Pocket Way, Pyramid Trail, Scar Mountain Trail, Smith Prairie Trail, Snow Peak Mill City Trail, South Loop Cut Off, South Loop Trail, Straight Creek Cat Trail, Swallow Lake Trail, Swamp Peak Trail, Thirsty Camp Trail, Three Creek Trail, Turpentine Peak Trail, Volcano Trail, Woodpecker Trail

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Burgen Hollow, Devils Den, Dinwiddie Valley, Dry Gulch, East Fork Packers Gulch, Edison Gulch, Fools Canyon, Fox Valley, Golden Valley, Hidden Valley, Jordan Valley, Lower Pleasant Valley, Packers Gulch, Pleasant Valley, South Fork Packers Gulch,

Linn County, Oregon Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLinn County White population 110,829110,828  
MixedLinn County Mixed population 3,5523,552
American IndianLinn County American Indian population 1,7761,776
AsianLinn County Asian population 1,3021,302
BlackLinn County Black population 710710
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLinn County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 237236

Additional population tables :
State population table
Oregon population by county