Campbell County, Wyoming Basics:

Campbell County Wyoming - Government Site

Population: 47,882
Area: 4803 square miles
County seat: Gillette
Area code(s) in use: 307
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 91.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 18.2%
Median household income: $77,090
Persons in poverty: 6.7%
Home ownership rate: 76.2%
Mean travel time to work: 19.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Converse  Crook  Johnson  Natrona  Powder River (MT)  Sheridan  Weston  

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Map of the Campbell County area

Our detail map of Campbell County shows the Campbell County, Wyoming boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Campbell County, Wyoming

  Airports     show all on map

Gillette-Campbell County Airport, Iberlin Ranch Airport Nr 1, Iberlin Ranch Airport Nr 2, Little Buffalo Ranch Airport, Madsen Airport, Ohman Ranch Airport, Reynolds Airport, Thrush Ranch Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Cattail Pit, Tammy Pit, Watson Basin

  Bridges     show all on map

Bridge Dam

  Buildings     show all on map

Campbell County Emergency Medical Services, Campbell County Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Campbell County Fire Department Station 10 Nicholson's Little Farms, Campbell County Fire Department Station 11 Sleepy Hollow, Campbell County Fire Department Station 12 Rozet, Campbell County Fire Department Station 13 Freedom Hills, Campbell County Fire Department Station 2, Campbell County Fire Department Station 3 Fishing Lake, Campbell County Fire Department Station 4, Campbell County Fire Department Station 7 Fox Park, Campbell County Fire Department Station 9 Wright, Campbell County Fire Department Training Center, Campbell County Sheriff's Office Gillette, Campbell County Sheriff's Office Wright, Cordero Rojo Mining Company Mine Emergency Response Team, Gillette - Campbell County Airport Fire Department, Gillette Police Department, Thunder Basin Coal Company - Black Thunder Mine Fire Department, Thunder Basin Coal Company - Coal Creek Mine Fire Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol District 4 Division L

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Kintz Cemetery, Mount Pisgah Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Antelope Valley-Crestview Census Designated Place, Sleepy Hollow Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Bethlehem Church, Rockypoint Church, Saint Francis Church, Wildwood Christian Retreat

  Cliffs     show all on map

The Jumpoff

  Dams     show all on map

Amos Dam, Artesian Dam, Barney Number 2 Dam, Bates Dam, Baumfalk Dam, Boyken Number 2 Dam, Broken Jaw Dam, Brown Dam, Buffalo Wallow Dam, Bunker Butte Dam, C White Number 1 Dam, Caballo Dam, Caballo Dam, Carson Dam, Charlie Dam, Chokecherry Dam, Cook Dam, Daly Dam, Davis Dam, Deaver Number 1 Dam, Deer Creek Dam, Donna Dam, Dresher Dam, Durham Dam, Eaton Dam, Echetah Dam, Edgerton Dam, Endgate Dam, F C R Detention Dam, Fitzgerald Dam, Flat Dam, Ford Number 1 Dam, Fortification Dam, Fox Farm Dam, Gary Dam, Gates Dam, Gibbon Number 1 Dam, Gillete Fishing Lake Dam, Gillette Dam, Greenough Dam, Gregersen Dam, Gupton Dam, Haight Dam, Hauber 9-108-1 Dam, Hill Dam, Hoe Creek Dam, Innes Dam, J D Dam, Jack Dam, Jackson Dam, Jackson Dam, Jiggs Dam, Keuhne Dam, Koch Dam, Lee Mankin Dam, Lone Tree Dam, Marlon Dam, Mary Dam, McConnell Number 1 Dam, Middaugh Dam, Mill Iron Cross Dam, Mitch Dam, Mitch Number 2 Dam, Myrtle Dam, Nelson Dam, Nettie Dam, Norfolk Dam, North Trail Dam, Okeson Dam, P R Dam, Parks Dam, Parks Number 1 Dam, Patra Number 2 Dam, Patra Number 3 Dam, Pearson Dam, Pedersen Dam, Pippin Dam, Plum Tree Dam, Ponch Dam, Raw Hide Dam, Rawhide Dam, Rawhide Mine Main Dam, Reno 9-240-1 Dam, Reno Dam, Reno Number 1 Dam, Riveburgh Dam, Rix Dam, Rocky Gulch Dam, Rourke Number 1 Dam, Sawmill Dam, Schlautman Dam, Scott Dam, Scott Storage Dam, Shober Number 1 Dam, Snyder Homestead Dam, Stone Number 1 Dam, Stone Number 2 Dam, Stuart Dam, Suranyi Dam, Sylvester Dam, Tanner Number 1 Dam, Teckla Number 1 Dam, Teckla Number Fs 9 298 4 Dam, Thunder Basin Number 10 Dam, Tibbs Dam, Tony Dam, Truman Dam, Valarie Dam, Vaugh Dam, Vern Dam, Warren Dam, White Number 2 Dam, Wilks Dam, Worth Dam, Wyodak Ash Pond Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Antelope Flat, Reno Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

The Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Campbell County Memorial Hospital, Pioneer Manor Nursing and Convalescent Home

  Lakes     show all on map

Burlington Lake, Dead Horse Lake, Ditto Lake, Garner Lake, Gumbo Lake, Hansen Lakes, Hay Lakes, Rochelle Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Auld Ranch, Barlow Ranch, Belle Pumping Station, Boardman Ranch, Boller Ranch, Bowden Ranch, Bozarth Ranch, Bridle Bit Ranch, Brown Ranch, Camblin Ranch, Camel Plaza Shopping Center, Christensen North Ranch, Christensen Ranch, Cosner Ranch, Cow Creek Ranch, Dickinson Ranch, Dillinger Ranch, Durham Ranch, Edwards Ranch, Edwards Ranch, EMS Ranch, Fort Steele (historical), Four Corners, G-M Clubhouse, Gilbertz Ranch, Gilkie Ranch, Gillette Country Club, Gleason Ranch, Gopher Pumping Station, Greasewood Ranch, H Schlautmann Ranch, Hardin Ranch, Hauber Ranch, Hay Pumping Station, Heald Ranch, Hilight (historical), Holiday Plaza Shopping Center, Howell Ranch, Innes Ranch, Jacobs Ranch, Jordan Ranch, Kennedy Ranch, Lariat, Lauby Ranch, Lee Wright Ranch, Lindsey Ranch, Little Buffalo Ranch, Mackey Ranch, Marquiss Ranch, Mile High Ranch, Minturn, Napier Ranch, Niles Ranch, Ninemile Ranch, Norfolk Ranch, Ohman Ranch, Old Well Pit, Open A Ranch, Oriva, Osborn Ranch, Otis Wright Ranch, Patterson Ranch, Pfister Ranch, Pickrel Ranch, Pine Tree, Pine Tree Ranch, Powder Basin Center, Pumpkin Butte Ranch, Rassback Ranch, Ray Ranch, Red Spring, Reno Junction, Reno Ranch, Rolling Pin Ranch, Ruby Ranch, Saunders Ranch, Sievers Ranch, Sioux Ranch, Small Ranch, Southern Drive Industrial Park, Springen Ranch, Stuart Ranch, T 7 Ranch, Taylor Cow Camp, Taylor Ranch, Thunder Basin Work Center, Trail Creek Ranch, Underwood Ranch, Van Buggenem Ranch, Van Gordan Ranch, W Schlautmann Ranch, Wagonhammer Ranch, Wagstaff Ranch, White Ranch, Wildinson Ranch, Willard Ranch, Wormwood Ranch, Wright Ranch, Wyoming State Maintenance Center

  Mines     show all on map

Bar None Number Forty Claim, Barker Mine, Bashawn Mine, Baumfalk Mine, Belle Fourche Mine, Betty Number Twelve Mine, Black Star Mine, Black Thunder Mine, Blue Star Number One Mine, Buckskin Mine, Burkhardt Pit, Camp Number One Claim, Campbin and West Mine, Christensen Brothers Ranch Mine, Clovis Point Mine, Clyde Potter Quarry, Collins Draw Mine, Cummings Mine, Dale Creek Mine, Discovery Roll Mine, Ditto Mine, Dome Butte Mine, Echeta Mine, Elmore Mine, Eureka Strip Mine, Eveland Mine, Fillbrink Fee Land Mine, Geis Scoria Pit Number One, Harris Pit, Hawley Numbers One-thirty-two Claims, Hines Pit, Hornet Pit, Jacob Ranch Mine, Jake Three and One Mine, Jeanette Mine, Jeanette Number One Mine, Keils Mine, Kerr McGee Mine, Kerr-McGee Ed Claims Mine, Kerr-McGee Jim Claim Mine, Kerr-McGee School Lease Mine, Key Mine, KM Number One Mine, Little Star Mine, Locality Number Seventy Mine, Lucky Eight Mine, Martin Mine, Mary Mine, Moore Ranch Mine, Moyer Mine, North Rawhide Mine, Orr Claims Mine, Paula Number One Mine, Peerless Mine, Potter Pit, Queen Number Two Mine, Quigley and Gall Claims, Quigley and Gall Colorado Number One Mine, Rawhide Mine, Reno Creek Project Mine, Shepherd Pit, Simmons Number Two Mine, Sod House Pit, Syl Del Mine, Three Fork Canyon Area Number One Mine, Three Fork Canyon Area Number Two Mine, Thurderbird Mine, Turnercrest Mine, U.S. Forest Service Number One Mine, U.S. Forest Service Number Three Mine, U.S. Forest Service Number Two Mine, Underwood Mine Number One, Underwood Mine Number Two, Utah Mine, Van Eugenum Number One Mine, Van Eugenum Number Two Mine, Vines Mine, White Mule Mine, Wildcat Creek Mine, Wright Pit, Wyo Roc Mine, Wyodak Strip Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Barber Creek Oil Field, Basin Oil Field, Big Hand Oil Field, Bishop Ranch Oil Field, Breen Oil Field, Chan Southeast Oil Field, Collums Oil Field, Dead Horse Creek Oil Field, Dillinger Ranch Oil Field, Duvall Ranch Oil Field, Gas Draw Oil Field, Halverson Oil Field, Hilight Gas Plant, Hilight Oil and Gas Field, Hilight Oil and Gas Field, Kingsbury Oil Field, Kitty Oil and Gas Field, M-O Oil Field, Pickrel Ranch Oil Field, Pleasant Valley Oil Field, Raven Creek Oil Field, Recluse Oil Field, Reel Oil Field, Rockypoint Oil Field, Rozet Oil Field, Sandbar West Oil Field, Springen Ranch Oil Field, Stewart Ranch Oil Field, Throne Oil Field, Ute Oil Field, White Tail Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Dalbey Memorial Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Wags Pinnacle

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adon, Antelope Valley, Collins Heights, Crestview, Croton, Echeta, Gillette, High View Mobile Home Park, Pleasantdale, Recluse, Rockypoint, Rozet, Savageton, Sleepy Hollow, Spotted Horse, Sunburst, Teckla, Turnercrest, Weston, Wildcat, Willamette Mobile Home Park, Wright, Wyodak

  Post Offices     show all on map

Peckenpaugh Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Cow Creek Breaks, Deer Creek Breaks, Duck Creek Breaks, Duck Creek Breaks, Little Mitchell Creek Breaks, Mitchell Creek Breaks, Prairie Dog Hills, Pumpkin Buttes, Red Hills

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alan Reservoir, Allee Reservoir, Amos Reservoir, Arno Spring Reservoir, Artesian Upper Reservoir, Barney Number 2 Reservoir, Bates Reservoir, Baumfalk Reservoir, Baumfalk Reservoir, Beaver Creek Reservoir, Bennor Reservoir, Black Reservoir, Bogie Reservoir, Bonnie Reservoir, Boyken Number 2 Reservoir, Broken Jaw Reservoir, Brower Reservoir, Brown Reservoir, Buck Reservoir, Bunker Butte Reservoir, Butte Reservoir, C White Number 1 Reservoir, Caballo Reservoir, Cabin Canyon Reservoir, California Reservoir, Carson Reservoir, Channey Reservoir, Charlie Reservoir, Charlie Reservoir, Cherry Reservoir, Chicago Reservoir, Cliff White Reservoir, Coal Mine Reservoir, Coat Mine Reservoir, Cook Reservoir, Corner Reservoir, Coyote Reservoir, Daly Reservoir, Davis Reservoir, Davis Reservoir, Dayton Reservoir, Dead Horse Reservoir, Dead Horse Reservoir Number 2, Deaver Number 1 Reservoir, Denton Reservoir, Dogtown Reservoir, Donna Reservoir, Donna Reservoir, Double Tanks, Dresher Reservoir, Drum Reservoir, Durham Reservoir, Dutch Reservoir, East Side Reservoir, Eaton Reservoir, Echetah Reservoir, Edgerton Reservoir, Edgerton Reservoir, Endgate Reservoir, Enyard Reservoir, F C R Detention Reservoir, Fischer Reservoir, Fitzgerald Reservoir, Flat Reservoir, Fletcher Reservoir, Force Reservoir, Ford Reservoir Number 1, Fortification Reservoir, Four-4 Line Camp Reservoir, Fox Farm Reservoir, Gary Reservoir, Gates Reservoir, Gibbons Number 1 Reservoir, Gillette Fishing Lake, Gillette Reservoir, Greenough Reservoir, Gregersen Reservoir, Grover Reservoir, Gupton Reservoir, Haight Reservoir, Haire Reservoir, Hart Reservoir, Hauber Reservoir, Hawk Point Reservoir, Hill Reservoir, Hill Reservoir, Hill Reservoir, Hoe Creek Reservoir, Horse Creek Reservoir, Innes Reservoir, Isenberger Reservoir, J D Reservoir, Jack Reservoir, Jackson Reservoir, Jackson Reservoir, Janice Reservoir, Jiggs Reservoir, Jiggs Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Karen Reservoir, Kelly Reservoir, Keuhne Reservoir, Kirby Reservoir, Knob Reservoir, Knowland Reservoir, Koch Reservoir, Lake Bed Reservoir, Laskie Reservoir, Lee Mankin Reservoir, Les Reservoir, Little Reservoir, Little Thunder Reservoir, Little Wild Horse Reservoir, Lone Tree Reservoir, Lower Threemile Reservoir, Mankin Reservoir, Margaret Sarah Reservoir, Marlon Reservoir, Marquiss Reservoir, Mary Alice Reservoir, Mary Reservoir, Mary Reservoir, McConnell Number 1 Reservoir, Middaugh Reservoir, Mill Iron Cross Reservoir, Mitch Number 2 Reservoir, Mitch Reservoir, Morgan Reservoir, Moser Reservoir, Mrytle Reservoir, Myrtle Reservoir, Nelson Reservoir, Nettie Reservoir, Norfolk Reservoir, Norfolk Reservoir, North School Section Reservoir, North Trail Reservoir, Oiler Reservoir, Okeson Reservoir, Oluf Reservoir, P R Reservoir, Parks Number 1 Reservoir, Parks Reservoir, Patra Number 2 Reservoir, Patra Number 3 Reservoir, Pedersen Reservoir, Pipe Reservoir, Piper Reservoir, Pippin Reservoir, Plum Tree Reservoir, Ponch Reservoir, Pumpkin Creek Reservoir, Punkie Reservoir, Raccoon Reservoir, Raw Hide Reservoir, Rawhide Mine Main Reservoir, Rawhide Reservoir, Red Top Reservoir, Red Top Reservoir, Reno 9-240-1 Reservoir, Reno Number 1 Reservoir, Reno Reservoir, Reno Reservoir, Rivenburgh Reservoir, Rock Butte Number 2 Reservoir, Rocky Gulch Reservoir, Rocky Reservoir, Romaker Reservoir, Rourke Number 1 Reservoir, Rourke Reservoir, Sager Reservoir, Sand Rock Reservoir, Sawmill Reservoir, Scaper Reservoir, Schlautan Reservoir, School Reservoir, Scott Reservoir, Scott Storage Reservoir, Shaffer Reservoir, Shober Number 1 Reservoir, Sibyl Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Snyder Homestead Reservoir, South Reservoir, South Reservoir, Spath Reservoir, Stone Number 1 Reservoir, Stone Number 2 Reservoir, Stuart Reservoir, Suranyi Reservoir, Tanner Number 1 Reservoir, Teckla Number 1 Reservoir, Teckla Number Fs 9 298 4 Reservoir, Tharp Reservoir, The Robb Reservoir, Threemile Creek Reservoir, Thunder Basin Number 10 Reservoir, Tibbs Reservoir, Tisdale Stock Reservoir, Tony Reservoir, Truman Reservoir, Upper Bushnell Reservoir, Upper Reservoir, Valarie Reservoir, Vaugh Reservoir, Warren Reservoir, West Pearson Reservoir, White Number 2 Reservoir, Wilks Reservoir, Williams Reservoir, Williams Reservoir, Worth Reservoir, Wyodak Ash Pond Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Chicken Creek Divide, Cow Creek Wall, Eightyfive Divide, H A Divide

  Schools     show all on map

Alcott School, Bundy School, Cactus School, Cottonwood School, Highway School, Hillcrest School, Little Powder Middle School, Little Powder River School, Little Powder School, Mondle School, North Side School, North Star School, Rawhide School, Recluse Elementary School, Recluse Middle School, Rozet School, Schlautmann School, Taylor School, Wright High School, Wright Junior High School

  Slopes     show all on map

Bowman Hill

  Springs     show all on map

Baker Spring, Double Tanks Spring, Emigrant Spring, Grant Spring, H A Spring, Halsted Spring, Hansen Spring, Hoe Spring, Houston Spring, Lone Cedar Spring, M W Spring, Maycock Spring, Moyer Springs, Nagle Spring, Pine Tree Spring, Red Hill Spring, Red Spring, Rock Spring, Six Half Circle Spring, Taylor Spring, Twentymile Spring, Von Burg Spring, Y Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alkali Creek, All Night Creek, Antelope Butte Creek, Antelope Creek, Armstrong Prong Bitter Creek, Bell Creek, Big R W Creek, Billie Creek, Black Butte Creek, Bluegate Creek, Bone Pile Creek, Boxelder Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Creek, Bull Creek, Caballo Creek, Calf Creek, Camp Creek, Chalk Prong, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Cookstove Prong Olmstead Creek, Coon Track Creek, Corder Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cripple Creek, Crooked Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Trail Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Donkey Creek, Dry Fork Little Powder River, Dry Fork Little Thunder Creek, Dry Fork Spring Creek, Dry Trail Creek, Dry Willow Creek, Duck Creek, Duck Nest Creek, East Fork Coal Creek, East Fork Duck Creek, East Fork Hay Creek, East Fork Piney Creek, East Fork Wild Horse Creek, East Prong Deer Creek, Eightyfive Creek, Elk Creek, Fence Creek, Flat Creek, Four Horse Creek, Fourmile Creek, Gold Mine Creek, Gray Creek, Greasewood Creek, H A Creek, Hattie Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hoe Creek, Holmes Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Jamison Prong Wildcat Creek, Jay Creek, Kingsbury Creek, Kintz Creek, L X Bar Creek, Line Creek, Little Bates Creek, Little Buck Creek, Little Mitchell Creek, Little Pasture Creek, Little Piney Creek, Little Porcupine Creek, Little R W Creek, Little Rawhide Creek, Little Wild Horse Creek, Logan Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Prong, Long Creek, Mexican Springs, Middle Fork Coal Creek, Middle Prong Dead Horse Creek, Middle Prong Pumpkin Creek, Middle Prong Wild Horse Creek, Mitchell Creek, Mud Spring Creek, Newel Prong, Nine T Bar Creek, North Bates Creek, North Beaver Creek, North Buck Creek, North Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Duck Creek, North Fork Elk Creek, North Fork Hay Creek, North Fork Hay Creek, North Fork Olmstead Creek, North Fork Wildcat Creek, North Fourmile Creek, North Porcupine Creek, North Prong Dead Horse Creek, North Prong Little Thunder Creek, North Prong Pumpkin Creek, North Prong Wild Horse Creek, North Prong Willow Creek, North Twin Creek, Number 1 Creek, Nut Creek, Olmstead Creek, Piney Creek, Prairie Creek, Provant Creek, Quarter Circle Prong Bitter Creek, Raccoon Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Raven Creek, Rawhide Creek, Red Prong, Reservoir Creek, Road Creek, Road Creek, Road Prong, Rose Creek, Rough Creek, Rough Creek, Russel Creek, SA Creek, Sand Rock Creek, Sawmill Creek, School Creek, Seventeenmile Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, South All Night Creek, South Bar Creek, South Buck Creek, South Fork, South Fork Duck Creek, South Fork Jay Creek, South Fork Ninemile Creek, South Fork Olmstead Creek, South Fork West Fork Miller Creek, South Prong Barber Creek, South Prong Caballo Creek, South Prong Pumpkin Creek, South Prong Spotted Horse Creek, South Prong Wild Horse Creek, South Squaw Creek, South Twin Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Stonepile Creek, T-7 Prong, Thompson Creek, Threemile Creek, Timber Creek, Tisdale Creek, Trail Creek, Trussler Creek, Twentymile Creek, Ward Creek, Well Creek, West Bacon Creek, West Fork Beckwith Creek, West Fork Coal Creek, West Fork Cottonwood Creek, West Fork Deer Creek, West Fork Duck Creek, West Fork Hay Creek, West Fork South Prong Spotted Horse Creek, West Prong Spring Creek, White Tail Creek, Whitetail Creek, Wild Horse Creek, Wild Horse Creek, Wildcat Creek, Williams Creek, Windmill Creek, Yellow Hammer Creek, Z V Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Antelope Butte, Appel Butte, Black Butte, Black Butte, Chalk Hills, Chimney Hill, Cradle Butte, Crenshaw Hill, Dome Butte, Eagle Rock, Four Points, Franey Rock, Gray Butte, Green Hill, Horse Creek Butte, Indian Butte, Indian Tree Hill, Little Black Butte, Mitten Butte, Mount Logan, Neil Butte, Nipple Butte, North Butte, North Middle Butte, Pine Tree Peak, Pistol Point, Rattlesnake Butte, Rawhide Butte, Rochelle Hills, Rochelle Hills, Rocky Butte, Rocky Butte, Rocky Butte, Rocky Hill, Rocky Point, Saddle Horse Butte, Sassick Butte, Schoolhouse Butte, Sharp Butte, South Butte, South Middle Butte, Squaw Butte, T A Buttes, The Rockpile, Twenty-one Mile Butte, Twentymile Butte, Two Top, Wagonhammer Butte, White Tail Butte, Wild Horse Slope, Wreath Hill, Yellow Hammer Buttes

  Towers     show all on map

KAML-FM (Gillette), KGWY-FM (Gillette), KIML-AM (Gillette)

  Valleys     show all on map

Amos Draw, Anderson Draw, Anderson Draw, Antelope Draw, Artesian Draw, Ash Draw, Barker Draw, Batz Draw, Bear Gulch, Bekebrede Draw, Bennor Draw, Big Coulee Draw, Big Draw, Black Bill Draw, Black Butte Draw, Black Draw, Blackbird Draw, Bogie Draw, Bons Draw, Boruff Draw, Boss Draw, Box Draw, Box Draw, Box Elder Draw, Box Elder Draw, Bridge Draw, Bright Spring Draw, Brower Draw, Buck Draw, Bull Draw, Burning Coal Draw, Butte Draw, Butte Draw, Caballo Draw, Cabin Canyon, Cactus Flat Draw, Canoy Draw, Cantley Draw, Carr Draw, Carter Draw, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Draw, Cedar Draw, Cedar Draw, Cedar Draw, Cedar Draw, Charlie Draw, Chicken Creek Draw, Clabaugh Draw, Clark Draw, Coal Mine Draw, Coal Mine Draw, Coal Mine Draw, Collins Draw, Collins Draw, Cottonwood Draw, Cousins Draw, Cow Draw, Coyote Draw, Coyote Draw, Cresswell Draw, Cromack Draw, Cutler Draw, Daley Draw, Davis Draw, Dead Calf Draw, Dead Horse Draw, Deadman Draw, Deen Draw, Demott Draw, Docking Pen Draw, Dootey Draw, Double Tanks Draw, Dry Draw, Dry Gulch, Dugout Draw, Dugout Draw, Durky Draw, Eaton S S Draw, Enyard Draw, Erickson Draw, Fats Draw, Felix Draw, Fischer Draw, Fitch Draw, Flat Draw, Flat Draw, Fletcher Canyon, Force Draw, Fortin Draw, Garden Draw, Gas Draw, Gene Draw, Gibbon Draw, Gilbert Draw, Gold Mine Draw, Government Draw, Grover Draw, Haire Draw, Hamm Draw, Hansen Draw, Harper Draw, Hart Draw, Hartzog Draw, Hawk Point Draw, Hay Draw, Heald Draw, Heidt Draw, Hells Canyon Draw, Hensley Draw, Heydecker Draw, Highline Draw, Hill Draw, Homestead Draw, Homestead Draw, Homestead Draw, Howell Draw, Ivy Draw, Janice Draw, Jeffers Draw, Jiggs Draw, John Draw, Johnnie Draw, Johnson Draw, June Draw, K Bar Draw, Karen Draw, Kaufman Draw, Kicken Draw, Kline Draw, L S Draw, Lake Bed Draw, Lake Draw, Larey Draw, Lee Draw, Les Draw, Line Draw, Linn Draw, Little Cedar Draw, Little Draw, Lone Tree Draw, Long Draw, Lynde Draw, Mankin Draw, Margarets Draw, Maycock Draw, McKim Draw, McLaughlin Draw, Mexican Draw, Mizer Draw, Montgomery Draw, Mooney Draw, Morgan Draw, Moser Draw, Mule Herder Draw, Mumma Draw, Murphy Draw, Negro Joe Draw, New Deal Draw, Nicholson Draw, Noah Draw, North Divide Draw, North Draw, North Draw, North Fork Okeson Draw, North Side Draw, North Windmill Draw, Northwest Draw, Oiler Draw, Okeson Draw, Old Well Draw, Oliver Draw, Oliver Draw, Olson Draw, Oluf Draw, Palmer Draw, Paul Draw, Pearson Draw, Pearson Draw, Persson Draw, Pine Tree Draw, Pine Tree Draw, Pinette Draw, Pitch Draw, Plum Creek Draw, Post Draw, Prairie Dog Draw, Preston Draw, Punkie Draw, Rattlesnake Draw, Rattlesnake Draw, Red Top Draw, Red Top Draw, Reis Draw, Road Draw, Road Draw, Rocky Butte Gulch, Romaker Draw, Rooster Canyon, Rosie Draw, Rough Draw, Rucker Draw, Ruff Draw, Russell Draw, S S Draw, Sage Draw, Sand Draw, Sand Rock Draw, Sawmill Draw, School Section Draw, School Section Draw, Schoolhouse Draw, Scotty Draw, Shearing Pen Draw, Shipley Draw, Short Draw, Simmons Draw, Snell Canyon, Soft Water Draw, Soft Water Draw, Sorenson Draw, Soukup Draw, South Draw, South Draw, South Windmill Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Spring Draw, Square Rock Draw, Stone Draw, Store Draw, Swartz Draw, T D Southwest Draw, Taylor Draw, Thielen Draw, Thompson Draw, Timber Draw, Tree Draw, Truman Draw, Tuttle Draw, Upper Bushnell Draw, Upper Draw, Von Burg Draw, Washout Draw, Water Gap Draw, Waterhole Draw, Well Draw, West Davis Draw, Wheat Draw, White Rock Draw, Williams Draw, Windmill Draw, Winter Draw, Wolf Draw, Worley Draw, Yerger Draw, Zoe Draw

  Wells     show all on map

Lokker Well, North Twin Well, Soda Well, Staley Well,

Campbell County, Wyoming Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCampbell County White population 45,63245,631  
MixedCampbell County Mixed population 814813
American IndianCampbell County American Indian population 718718
BlackCampbell County Black population 431430
AsianCampbell County Asian population 287287
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCampbell County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 4847

Additional population tables :
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