Aiken County, South Carolina Basics:

Aiken County South Carolina - Government Site

Population: 163,299
Area: 1071 square miles
County seat: Aiken
Area code(s) in use: 803
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 84.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 23.9%
Median household income: $44,399
Persons in poverty: 18.9%
Home ownership rate: 73.2%
Mean travel time to work: 25.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Aiken County area

Our detail map of Aiken County shows the Aiken County, South Carolina boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Aiken County, South Carolina

  Airports     show all on map

Aiken Municipal Airport, Harman Airport, House Movers Field Airport, Perry International Airport, Savannah River Plant Heliport, Twin Lakes Airport, Wexford Landing Airport

  Bridges     show all on map

Cooks Bridge, Davis Bridge, Hicks Bridge, Keadle Bridge, Merritt Bridge, Minors Bridge, Pine Log Bridge, Rayflin Bridge, Sand Bar Ferry Bridge, Sand Dam Bridge, Steedman Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Aiken City Hall, Aiken County Courthouse, Aiken County Jail, Aiken County Library, Aiken Public Safety Fire Station 1, Aiken Public Safety Fire Station 2, Aiken Public Safety Fire Station 3, Aiken Public Safety Fire Station 4, Aiken Public Safety Fire Station 5, Aiken Rescue, Aiken Youth Center, Bath Fire Department Headquarters, Bath Fire Department Station 2, Beach Island Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Beech Island Volunteer Fire Department, Beech Island Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Belvedere Fire Department, Belvedere Volunteer Fire Department, Capital City Ambulance, Center Fire Department, Clearwater Fire Department, Couchton Fire Department Headquarters, Couchton Fire Department Station 2, Eureka Fire Department, Graniteville - Vaucluse - Warrenville Fire Department Headquarters, Graniteville - Vaucluse - Warrenville Fire Department Station 2, Graniteville - Vaucluse - Warrenville Fire Department Station 3, Hollow Creek Fire Department, Jackson Fire Department, Jackson First Alert Rescue Squad, Jackson Police Department, Langley Volunteer Fire Department, Monetta Volunteer Fire Department, Montmorenci Fire Department, New Ellenton Fire Department, New Ellenton Police Department, New Holland Volunteer Fire Department, North Augusta Fire Department Headquarters, North Augusta Fire Department Station 2, North Augusta Police Department, Pump House Number 1, Pump House Number 3, Regional Ambulance Service, Riverside Ambulance Service, Sage Mill Station Fire Department, Salley Police Department, Salley Volunteer Fire Department, Sandy Ridge Fire Department, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Savannah River Laboratory, Silver Bluff Fire Department, Silver Bluff Fire Department, South Carolina Highway Patrol Troop 7 Post C, Southstar Ambulance Service, Wagener Fire Department, Wagener Police Department, Weeks Recreation Center, Windsor Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

Eagle Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Aiken Memorial Cemetery, Asbill Cemetery, Bath Cemetery, Berry Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Busbee Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Cedar Branch Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Courtney Cemetery, Cullum Cemetery, Cumbee Cemetery, Darien Cemetery, Dorch Cemetery, Easter Branch Cemetery, Fairfield Cemetery, Fields Cemetery, First Baptist Cemetery, Ford Cemetery, Galphin Cemetery, Glover Cemetery, Glover Cemetery, Goss Cemetery, Graniteville Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Hammond Cemetery, Hammond Cemetery, Hankinson Cemetery, Hartley Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Kneece Cemetery, Millbrook Cemetery, Montmorenci Cemetery, Mount Harris Cemetery, Mount Pisgah Cemetery, Needham Brown Cemetery, New Langley Cemetery, Nicholson Cemetery, Old Langley Cemetery, Pineview Memorial Gardens, Plunkett Cemetery, Plunkett Cemetery, Saint Marks Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Thaddeus Cemetery, Sand Hill Gardens, Sanders Cemetery, Sawyer Cemetery, Scott Cemetery, Scott Cemetery, Seigler Cemetery, Seigler Cemetery, Seigler Cemetery, Spring Cemetery, Sunset Hill Cemetery, Sunset Memory Gardens, Timmerman Cemetery, Tyler Cemetery, Weeks Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Willis Cemetery, Wrights Cemetery, Zubly Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Belvedere Census Designated Place, Clearwater Census Designated Place, Gloverville Census Designated Place, Graniteville Census Designated Place, Langley Census Designated Place, Warrenville Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Adath Yeshurum Synagogue, Aiken Seventh Day Adventist Church, Airport Church, All Saints Anglican Church, All Saints Church, Ashley Grove Baptist Church, Ashley Grove Church, Assembly of the Lord Church, Barretts Church (historical), Bath First Baptist Church, Bath United Methodist Church, Baughmanville Church, Bean Pond Church, Bear Pond Church (historical), Beaverdam Baptist Church, Beech Island Baptist Church, Bel-Clear Heights Church, Bel-Ridge Baptist Church, Bell Grove Baptist Church, Belvedere United Methodist Church, Bethcar Church, Bethel Baptist Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Beulah Grove Church, Caledonia Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Capers Chapel, Carpentersville Baptist Church, Cedar Branch Church, Cedar Branch Church (historical), Cedar Creek Church (historical), Cedar Creek Church (historical), Cedar Grove Church (historical), Central Church, Chalk Hill Church, Chapman Branch Church, Chime Bell Baptist Church, China Spring Church (historical), Chinquapin Church, Clearwater Branch Church, Clearwater First Baptist Church, Clinton Church, Coleman Thankful Church, Corinth Baptist Church, Corinth Church, Couchton Baptist Church, Cumberland Church, Darien Baptist Church, Dead River Church (historical), Earl Church, Edisto Church, Eureka Church, Fair Branch Church, Fair Hill Church (historical), Fairfield Church, Fairfield Church (historical), Fairview Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Belvedere, First Baptist Church of Burnettown, First Baptist Church of North Augusta, First Baptist Church of Vaucluse, First Baptist Church of Windsor, First Christian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Providence Baptist Church, Foreman Memorial Baptist Church, Four Mile Baptist Church, Friendship African Baptist Church, Friendship Church, Friendship Memorial Baptist Church, Galilee Baptist Church, Georges Church (historical), Glover Grove Baptist Church, Gloverville Pentecostal Holiness Church, God in Christ Pentecostal Church, Good Hope Church, Grace Presbyterian Church, Grace United Methodist Church, Graniteville First Baptist Church, Green Pond Baptist Church, Hammond Grove Church, Hayden Baptist Church, Hayden Church (historical), Hazel Grove Baptist Church, Highland Pines Baptist Church, Hillcrest Church, Hollow Creek Baptist Church, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Howlandville Baptist Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Immanuel Presbyterian Church (historical), Indian Grove Church, Jacksonville Baptist Church, Jerusalem Baptist Church, Jordan Baptist Church, Kathwood Church (historical), Kedron Baptist Church, Langley Baptist Church, Langley Pentecostal Holiness Church, Langley United Methodist Church, Lebanon Church (historical), Levels Baptist Church, Little Horse Creek Baptist Church, Lockett Chapel, Macedonia Church, Magnolia Church, Marion Street Baptist Church, Matlock Baptist Church, Mealing Grove Baptist Church, Memorial Baptist Church, Merritts Bridge Church, Millbrook Baptist Church, Mims Grove Church, Mission Church (historical), Monetta Church, Montmorenci Baptist Church, Mount Anna Baptist Church, Mount Beulah Baptist Church, Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mount Ebal Baptist Church, Mount Enon Church (historical), Mount Figuration Church, Mount Harris Memorial Baptist Church, Mount Hill Memorial Baptist Church, Mount Moriah Church, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Mount Sinai Baptist Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, New Holland Church, New Mount Hermon Church, North Aiken Baptist Church, North Augusta Baptist Church, North Augusta Church of Christ, Oak Grove Church, Oakwood Baptist Church, Ocean Grove Church, Old Fashion Church, Old Rosemary Baptist Church, Old Storm Branch Baptist Church, Old Zion Hill Church, Parks Church, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Pentrcostal Holiness Church, Pine Forest Baptist Church, Pine Grove Baptist Church, Pine Grove Church, Pineview Church, Piney Heights Church, Providence Church, Randall Branch Baptist Church, Redds Branch Baptist Church, Revival Center, Ridge Hill Church, Ridgeview Baptist Church, Rock Hill Church, Rockville Church, Rocky Grove Baptist Church, Rocky Springs Church, Rosa Hill Church, Round Branch Church (historical), Saint Angela Convent, Saint Augustine Episcopal Church (historical), Saint Bartholomews Church, Saint Catherines Church, Saint Gerards Catholic Church, Saint Gerards Catholic Mission (historical), Saint James Lutheran Church, Saint James Lutheran Church, Saint John Baptist Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church (historical), Saint Johns Church (historical), Saint Johns United Methodist Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Paul United Methodist Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Saint Phillip Baptist Church, Saint Thaddeus Church, Sanctified Church, Sanctified Church, Second Baptist Church, Seivern Church, Shaws Fork Baptist Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Shiloh Church (historical), Shirley Branch Church (historical), Silver Bluff Baptist Church, Smyrna Church, South Aiken Baptist Church, Southside Church, Spring Branch Baptist Church, Spring Church (historical), Springfield Memorial Baptist Church, Stiefeltown Baptist Church, Summer Grove Church, Sunset Memorial Church, Susan Union Church, Sweetwater Baptist Church, Tabernacle Church, Talatha Baptist Church, Talatha Church (historical), The Runs Baptist Church, The Tabernacle, Thomas Grove Church, Town Creek Baptist Church, Treadway Church (historical), Trinity United Methodist Church, Triple Crown Community Church, Union Baptist Church, Union Branch Church, Union Church, Union Church (historical), Vaucluse Church (historical), Warrenville Church of God, Warrenville First Baptist Church, Warrenville United Methodist Church, Wayside Church, Welcome Traveler Church, Wesley Chapel, Wesley Church, Wesley Church, White Pond Church, Woodridge Baptist Church, Young Storm Branch Baptist Church, Young Zion Hill Church, Zion Branch Church, Zion Fair Baptist Church, Zion Fair Church (historical), Zion Field Baptist Church, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Zion Hill Baptist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Lower Silver Bluff, Sand Bar Ferry Bluff, Silver Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Campbellton Ferry (historical), Demaries Ferry (historical), Interchange 11, Interchange 18, Interchange 22, Interchange 29, Interchange 33, Interchange 5, Interchange One, Sand Bar Ferry (historical), Silver Bluff Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Able-Corbitt Pond Dam D-2048, Burgess Lake Dam D-2025, Camp Gravatt Pond Dam D-0820, Capers Mill Pond Dam D-0672, Clearwater Lake Dam, Cooks Pond Dam D-0806, Edisto Plant Basin Dam D-2147, Hartley Pond D-2035 Dam, Holmes Long Branch Dam D-2047, Holmes Pond Dam D-2026, Johnson Lake Dam D-0709, Johnsons Lake Dam D-2039, Kneeces Mill Pond Dam D-0740, Laurel Lake Dam D-2023, Mixon Lake Dam D-2053, Raymond H Anderson Dam D-0800, Reid Lake Dam D-2009, Savannah River Plant Pond Number 25-288-F D-3156 Dam, Scotts Pond Dam D-2146, Smiths Lake Dam D-2024, South Carolina Noname 02001 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02002 D-0710 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02003 D-1992 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02004 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02005 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02006 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02007 D-1993 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02009 D-0823 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02010 D-1994 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02012 D-1996 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02013 D-1997 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02014 D-2030 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02015 D-1998 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02016 D-0696 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02017 D-1999 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02018 D-2000 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02019 D-2034 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02020 D-2001 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02021 D-2033 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02023 D-2003 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02025 D-0724 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02026 D-2004 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02027 D-2052 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02028 D-0722 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02030 D-2051 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02032 D-2005 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02034 D-2128 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02035 D-2129 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02036 D-2006 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02037 D-2028 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02039 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02040 D-0706 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02042 D-2037 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02044 D-0827 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02045 D-0808 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02046 D-0821 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02047 D-2008 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02050 D-2143 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02051 D-2010 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02052 D-2011 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02053 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02054 D-2012 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02058 D-0755 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02059 D-0728 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02060 D-2013 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02061 D-2014 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02063 D-2015 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02064 D-2144 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02068 D-2016 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02070 D-2017 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02071 D-2165 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02072 D-2130 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02077 D-2018 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02079 D-2139 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02082 D-2019 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02083 D-2020 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02084 D-2040 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02085 D-0729 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02086 D-2131 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02087 D-2041 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02088 D-2042 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02090 D-2032 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02092 D-2043 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02093 D-2044 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02094 D-2164 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02097 D-2029 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02098 D-2140 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02099 D-0825 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02101 D-2132 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02103 D-0824 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02104 D-0833 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02105 D-0726 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02108 D-2045 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02109 D-2031 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02110 D-2133 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02111 D-2049 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02112 D-2134 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02113 D-2142 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02114 D-2135 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02116 D-2136 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02118 D-2046 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02123 D-2141 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02126 D-0826 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02133 D-2002 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02134 D-2021 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02141 D-0693 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02142 D-2145 Dam, South Carolina Noname 02143 D-0727 Dam, South Carolina Noname Dam 02038, Suhrer Lake Dam D-2137, Upper Pond Dam D-2027, Webbs Pond Dam D-2038, Whitehead Pond Dam D-2036, Wildwood Lake Dam D-0708, Williamson Lake Dam D-2050, Wood Valley Dam D-2138

  Guts     show all on map

Hardens Dead River

  Hospitals     show all on map

Aiken Community Hospital, Aiken Health Center, Aiken Regional Medical Center, Ambulatory Surgical Center of Aiken, Carolina Ambulatory Surgery Center

  Islands     show all on map

Bailey Point, Beech Island, Sandy Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Ascauga Lake, Bent Lake, Bridge Creek Pond, Cedar Pond, Clarkes Lake, Coleman Lake, Coleman Pond, Cullums Pond, Gantts Pond, Herndon Pond, Horseshoe Lake, House Lake, Island Lake, Johnson Millpond, Kathwood Lakes, Kimball Pond, Lake Johnsons, Lake Josephine, Mathis Lake, McElmurray Pond, Readys Pond, Richardsons Lake, Riley Pond, Robinson Pond, Strobles Pond, Three Corner Pond, Wasteway Pond, White Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Aiken Mile Track, Aiken Sewage Disposal, Aiken Waterworks, Aiken Waterworks, Belvedere Shopping Center, Bonnett Mill (historical), Breckenridge Village Shopping Center, Camp NeKia, Cassels Fire Tower, Centre South Shopping Center, Craig Sawmill (historical), Edgewood Square Shopping Center, Fox Mill (historical), Harriman Polo Field, Hawthorne Fire Tower, Heritage Shopping Center, Highland Park Country Club, Hitchcock Plaza Shopping Center, Hounds Lake Country Club, Jumping Branch Farm, Kalmia Plaza Shopping Center, Levingsworths Mill (historical), Livingstons Mill (historical), Martintown Plaza Shopping Center, Masonic Shopping Center, McKinneys Mill (historical), Midland Country Club, Mitchell Shopping Center, Murray Store (historical), New Ellenton Country Club, North Augusta Golf Club, North Augusta Industrial Park, North Augusta Plaza Shopping Center, Northside Plaza Shopping Center, Palmetto Golf Club, Pine Log Community House, Post Polo Ranch, Powderhouse Polo Field, Ranzas Mill (historical), Rich Plaza Shopping Center, Sand Bar Ferry Landing, Savannah River Forest Station, Silver Bluff Plantation (historical), Silver Bluff Shopping Center, Substation Number 1, Substation Number 2, The Market Place Shopping Center, Trinity Poultry Farm, Village at Whiskey Shopping Center, Walling Poultry Farm, Webb Mill (historical), Whitney Polo Field

  Military     show all on map

Aiken Air Force Station (historical), Aiken Army Air Field (historical), Fort Galphin (historical), Fort Moore (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Aiken State Park, Aiken Wayside Park, Edenfield Park, Georgia Avenue-Butler Avenue Historic District, Gregg Park, Gregg Park, Hopeland Gardens, Janet Harrison High Pond Heritage Preserve, John Harley Park, Lions Park, Mealing Park, Redcliffe State Park, Virginia Acres Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Aiken, Aiken Estates, Aiken Heights, Ansley Park, Apia (historical), Ascaga Heights, Audubon Homes, Augusta View Heights, Bahama Heights, Balltown, Barclay Estates, Barclay Park, Barefoot, Bath, Baynham (historical), Beech Island, Belclear, Belvedere, Berlin, Big Cone Ridge, Bonnie Glen, Bonniview Estates, Bradleyville, Briarcliff, Brierfield, Brigham Woods, Brogden, Brookgreen, Brookhaven Estates, Browns Hill, Burnettown, Bush (historical), Camp Gravatt, Camp Long, Camp Rawls, Cardinal Park, Carolina Heights, Carolina Terrace, Chaffee (historical), Chukker Creek, Clearwater, College Acres, Conger Woods, Couchton, Country Place, Coventry, Cowden, Crestdale, Crestland, Croft, Crosland Park, Deerwood, Dogwood Manor, Dry Branch, Dunbarton Oaks, Earle (historical), Edgefield Heights, Elmwood Park, Eureka, Fairview Gardens, Forest Heights, Forrest Park, Foxchase, Foxtown, Gatewood, Gem Lake Estates, Gloverville, Graniteville, Grays Landing, Greenfield, Gregg Park, Hamburg, Hammond Hills, Hankinson, Hawthorne (historical), Heatherwood, Heathwood Park, Hidden Haven, Hillview, Hollow Creek, Horse Creek, Huntcliff, Hunters Glen, Jackson, Jacksonville, Johnson Crossroads, Johnstown, Jones Crossroads, Kalmia Hills, Kalmia Landing, Kathwood, Kitchings Mill, Lakewood, Lakewood, Langley, Langley Villa, Laurel Lakes, Lynnhurst, Lynns Ranchettes, Lynwood, Madison, Martintowne, Mealing Heights, Merritts Bridge (historical), Midland Valley, Millbrook Estates, Milledgeville (historical), Mixville, Monetta, Monticello Estates, Montmorenci, Mount Beulah, New Ellenton, New Holland, New Holland Crossroads, Nicholson Village, North Augusta, Oak Grove, Oak Hill, Oakwood, Pembrook, Perry, Pine and Oak Woods, Pine Valley, Pinecrest, Pinecrest, Pinehurst, Pineview Acres, Pineview Estates, Pinewood Plantation, Plunket (historical), Quail Hollow, Rainbow Falls, Rennie (historical), Ridgecrest, Ridgecrest, Robinwood Estates, Rose Hill, Roseland, Russell Hill, Salley, Sandlewood, Savanna Town (historical), Savannah Terrace, Schultz Hill, Seiglers Crossroads, Seivern, Shannon, Shiloh Heights, Silver Bluff Estates, Six Points, Smithfield, Southwood, Spiderweb, Spring Branch (historical), Springdale, Stiefeltown, Stone Gap, Storm Branch Park, Summer Hill, Summerfields, Sunny Brook, Sunset Heights, Sweetwater, Talatha, Talatha Farms, The Colony, Twiggs, Vaucluse, Virginia Acres, Wagener, Ward Hills, Warrenville, Wellington, Westcliff, Westwood, White Pond, Willow Springs Park, Windsor, Windtree, Wood Valley, Woodlawn, Woodridge

  Post Offices     show all on map

Aiken Post Office, Jackson Post Office, New Ellenton Post Office, North Augusta Post Office, Salley Post Office

  Rapidss     show all on map

Possum Eddy

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Able-Corbitt Pond, Aiken State Park Lake, Amelia Lake, Anderson Lake, Anderson Millpond, Antique Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Arrowhead Lakes, Baileys Pond, Bakers Lake, Barrs Ponds, Bartons Pond (historical), Baughmans Mill Pond, Baughmans Pond, Bonnetts Mill Pond (historical), Bonnie Lake, Boyd Pond, Bragdens Pond, Briggs Pond, Brodies Pond, Brogmans Pond, Burdens Deep Pond, Burgess Lake, Camp Gravatt Pond, Camp Long Lake, Capers Mill Pond, Carter Pond, Catos Pond, Caughman Lake, Cedar Lake, Cedar Lake, Celmurray Pond, Chalk Hill Millpond, Chapman Pond, Clearwater Lake, Cofer Pond, Collums Mill Pond Dam, Collums Millpond, Collums Pond, Cooks Pond, Cooks Pond, Cooks Pond, Cooks Pond, Cooks Pond, Corbett Lake, Crystal Lake, Dibbles Pond, Dicks Pond, Du Bose Pond, E Reservoir, Ebbs Lake, Edisto Lake, Edisto Plant Settling Basin Hube, Eggleston Lake, Etheredge Pond, Flat Rock Pond, Flat Rock/Bridge Creek Ponds, Garner Pond Number One, Garvin Lower Pond, Garvins Millpond, Garvins Pond, Garvins Pond, Gem Lake, Georges Pond, Givens Pond (historical), Goodyear Pond, Graniteville Pond Two, Gunters Millpond, Hallmans Pond, Hartley Pond, Herndon Pond, Hitchcock Mill Pond (historical), Holley Lake, Holmes Long Branch Pond, Holmes Pond, Horse Creek Pond, Hounds Lake, Howards Pond, Huttos Pond, Huttos Pond, Johnson Lake, Johnsons Lake, Johnsons Mill Pond, Johnsons Pond, Johnsons Pond, Johnsons Pond, Jones Pond, Jones Pond, Jones Pond, Kennedy Pond, Kimberly Clark Waste Water Basin, Kirklands Pond, Kneeces Mill Pond, Kneeces Pond, Lake Florence, Lake Florence, Lake Maxine, Langley Pond, Laughlin Pond, Laughlin Upper Pond, Laurel Lake, Lower McElmurray Lake, Miller Pond, Millers Pond, Mixon Lake, Morris Lake, Morris Pond, Neeses Lake, Neeses Pond, Nobles Lake, Oak Ridge Hunting Preserve Pond, Outing Lake, Poole Pond, Rawls Millpond, Rawls Pond, Reid Lake, Reynolds Pond, Reynolds Pond, Sanders Pond, Sawyers Pond, Scotts Lake, Scotts Pond, Seivern Lake, Shealey Pond, Simons Lake, Skinface Pond, Smiths Lake, Snipes Pond, Sudlow Lake, Suhrer Lake, Swartz Pond, Swints Lake, Tarrant Mill Pond, Tarrants Millpond, Tylers Pond, Upper Pond, Vaucluse Pond, Webb Millpond, Webbs Pond, Whitehead Pond, Wildwood Lake, Williams Lake, Williams Pond, Williamson Lake, Willow Wicks Lake, Wilson Pond, Wood Valley Lake, Wrights Millpond, Wyer Pond, Yonce Millpond

  Schools     show all on map

A L Corbett Middle School, Aiken County Educational Center, Aiken County Technical College, Aiken County Vocational School, Aiken Day School, Aiken Elementary School, Aiken High School, Aiken Junior High School (historical), Aiken Preparatory School, Ashley Grove School (historical), Ball Town School (historical), Bass Grove School (historical), Bath Elementary School, Bath Special School, Beech Island Academy (historical), Belvedere Elementary School, Berlin School, Berlin School (historical), Bethcar School (historical), Bethcar School (historical), Bettis Academy, Beulah Grove School (historical), Bloomsdale School (historical), Bodie School (historical), Breezy Hill School, Bridge Creek School (historical), Brinkley Academy School (historical), Burcalo School (historical), Burnettown Elementary School, Byrd School, Caledonia School (historical), Capers School (historical), Cedar Creek School (historical), Cedar Grove School, Cedar Lake School (historical), Center School, Central School (historical), China Springs School (historical), Chinquapin School (historical), Clearwater Elementary School, Clearwater School (historical), Cyril B Busbee Elementary School, Dead River School (historical), Downer School, Earle School (historical), East Aiken Elementary School, Edisto School (historical), Eustis Park School, Fairview School (historical), Floyd School (historical), Fountain Academy (historical), Freedman School, Freedman Vocational School, Freetown School (historical), Friendship School, Georges School (historical), Gloverville Elementary School, Good Hope School (historical), Greendale School, Greendale School (historical), Gum Ford School (historical), Gum Pond School (historical), Gum Ridge School, Gum Ridge School (historical), Haden School (historical), Hammond Hill School, Hankinson School (historical), Hawthorne School (historical), Hayden School (historical), Hazel Grove School (historical), Hickory Grove School (historical), Hildridge Branch School (historical), J D Lever School, Jackson Elementary School, Jackson Middle School, Jacksonville School (historical), Jefferson School, Jerusalem Branch School, Jerusalem School (historical), Joyce Branch School (historical), Kalmia Hills School, Kathwood School (historical), Kennedy Junior High School, Kenny Branch School, Kitchins Mill School (historical), Langley-Bath-Clearwater High School, Laurens Street Elementary School, Leavelle-McCampbell Middle School, Lebanon School (historical), Lightwood Knot School (historical), Marsuella School (historical), McLaurin School (historical), Mead Hall School, Midland Valley High School, Millbrook School, Monetta School, Monetta School (historical), Mossy School (historical), Mount Beulah School (historical), Mount Ebal School (historical), Mount Figuration School (historical), Mount Zion School (historical), North Aiken School, North Augusta Academy (historical), North Augusta Elementary School, North Augusta Grade School (historical), North Augusta High School, North Augusta Middle School, Oak Grove School (historical), Oakwood School (historical), Oakwood-Windsor Elementary School, Ocean Grove School (historical), Ocean Grove School (historical), Okanola School, Peters School (historical), Phillips School (historical), Pine Crest School, Pine Forest School (historical), Pine Grove School (historical), Pine Knox Junior High School, Pinecrest Elementary School, Piney Grove School (historical), Plato School (historical), Pleasantdale School (historical), Red Hill School, Redds Branch School (historical), Ridge Spring-Monetta High School, Rocksville School (historical), Rosa Hill School (historical), Rosa Hill School (historical), Rosemary School (historical), Rosy Hill School (historical), Round Top School (historical), Saint Angela Academy, Saint Gerard School, Saint Lukes School (historical), Saint Marys Help of Christians School, Saint Phillips School (historical), Schofield High School, Seivern School (historical), Shaw Fork School (historical), Shaws Fork School (historical), Shiloh School (historical), Silver Bluff High School, Sleepy Hollow School, Smythes School (historical), Snowville School, South Aiken High School, Spiderweb School (historical), Spring Branch School (historical), Storm Branch Academy (historical), Summerfield Elementary School, Summerfield Elementary School Annex, Talatha School (historical), Talatha-Hawthorne School, Thomas Grove School (historical), Triune School, Union Academy (historical), Union Hill School, University of South Carolina, University of South Carolina at Aiken, Vaucluse Elementary School, Vaucluse School (historical), W G Langley Public School (historical), Wagener-Salley High School, Warrenville Elementary School, Windsor Elementary School, Windsor School (historical), Wolfpit School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Nail Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Abrams Branch, Badger Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Island Creek, Beaver Branch, Beaverdam Branch, Beaverdam Branch, Berryhill Gut, Beulah Fork, Big Branch, Big Branch, Boggy Branch, Boggy Branch, Boggy Gut, Bradley Mill Branch, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Brogdon Branch, Bulls Branch, Burcalo Creek, Buzzard Branch, Camp Branch, Cedar Branch, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Chalk Hill Creek, Chavous Creek, Clarks Mill Creek, Clearwater Branch, Curry Branch, Curry Branch, Dairy Branch, Dead River, Dry Branch, Easter Branch, Fox Creek, Franklin Branch, Giddy Swamp Creek, Good Spring Branch, Goose Platter Creek, Gopher Branch, Gully Creek, Hall Branch, Hightower Creek, Hollow Creek, Hollow Creek, Holston Branch, Horse Creek, Horsepen Creek, Hunter Branch, Island Creek, Jackson Branch, Johnson Fork, Jordan Creek, Joyce Branch, Jumping Gut Creek, Juniper Creek, Kalop Branch, Kines Fork, Little Branch, Little Horse Creek, Little Horse Creek, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Lotts Creek, Marrow Bone Swamp Creek, Mason Branch, McTier Creek, Melton Branch, Mile Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Mims Branch, Muddy Branch, Musterfield Branch, Neal Creek, Pine Creek, Pitman Branch, Pole Branch, Pond Branch, Poplar Branch, Pretty Run Creek, Purvis Branch, Rambo Branch, Red Hill Branch, Redds Branch, Reedy Fork, Ritter Branch, Rocky Springs Creek, Sage Mill Branch, Sand River, Sandy Branch, Shaw Creek, Smith Branch, Spring Branch, Storm Branch, Tims Branch, Tinker Creek, Toms Branch, Town Creek, Turner Branch, Upper Three Runs, Wildcat Branch

  Towers     show all on map

Graniteville Fire Tower, WAAW-FM (Williston), WAAW-FM (Williston), Wagener Fire Tower, WAJY-FM (New Ellenton), WCNA-FM (Clearwater), WGUS-AM (North Augusta), WKRU-AM (Burnettown), WKXC-AM (Aiken), WKZK-AM (North Augusta), WLJK-FM (Aiken), WRXR-AM (Aiken)

  Valleys     show all on map

Graymare Hollow, Hickory Hollow, Wise Hollow,

Aiken County, South Carolina Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteAiken County White population 117,249117,248  
BlackAiken County Black population 40,66140,661
MixedAiken County Mixed population 2,9392,939
AsianAiken County Asian population 1,4701,469
American IndianAiken County American Indian population 816816
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderAiken County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 163163

Additional population tables :
State population table
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